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    FAQ by MStelzer

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    Subject: Legend of Oasis - FAQ (Scrolls, spirits, empowerment)
    From: mstelzer@sdcc13.ucsd.edu (Matthew Stelzer)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
    This is a great game. Lots of TOUGH puzzles, and great graphics and
    sound, plus tons of hidden items.  However, they did possibly the
    worst instruction book ever.  After some more playing I've managed
    to figure out the ambiguities of the game. 
    OK, as you know there are six spirits.  You get them by defeating
    boss monster.  There are also six types of gems.  Each type adds to
    the power of one elemental.  Think of them as level-ups for the
    That's the easy part, next comes scrolls, weapon, and empowerment
    (the seemingly non-functional X button).
    There are four weapons.  It appears that each one can gain levels by
    finding more powerful weapons (such as a level 2 short sword).  Then
    there are scrolls, which are used to empower weapons.  The short
    sword cannot be empowered.  This leaves three weapons.  Each has two
    types of scroll.  That make six scrolls, one for each spirit.  In
    this way, each of the three weapons can be empowered by two spirits,
    as explained in the book.  Here's how:
    First you need a scroll (or more than one).  If you have a scroll
    for a weapon, walk across a spirit ball (they are rare) while
    equipped with that weapon.  You will start glowing with the weapon's
    new power.  Now for each scroll you have, you get three shots of
    that special power, not including up-close shots.  For example, in
    the earth labrynth you find a scroll for the rod, and there is a
    spirit ball nearby, you walk across it, and you get three shots
    which, as the game says, can raise the dead, and more (it does do
    more, but you'll have to read my other spoiler post).
    However, if you have three scrolls or more of the same type, you can
    use the spirit which controls that scroll to empower the weapon
    without a spirit ball.  For example, Dytto the water spirit controls
    the Rod Enchantment scrolls, so they are used by her to empower the
    rod.  First summon Dytto (shoot water with the A button).  Next, if
    you have three or more blue Rod scrolls, press X.  This uses a big
    chunk of magic, but you will now how nine or more shots with the
    rod.  You can disperse the spirit without losing your shots.  This
    is a very necessary technique once you figure out what else the rod
    can do.
    Empowering the weapons lets you do the following:  shoot arrows
    through metal, cut stone, cut dead or fossilized trees, raise the
    dead, and more...  Basically, this adds many new facets to the
    exploration of dungeons and solving of puzzles.
    Also, the Elementals can be used without empowering weapons.
    Besides the obvious offensive moves, they perform other functions.
    Bawu is slow, but if you stand on a crack, and call him over to you
    (A, A) he will dig his over, then chew at the crack revealing nice
    items.  Use Dytto to put out fire, or freeze fountains.  Use Efreet
    to melt ice.
    I hope this makes things more clear when playing the game, while not
    revealing too much.  I hope someone puts this in a REAL faq soon.
    Also, I believe that most of the fun and long playtime from this
    game comes from the hard-to-solve puzzles, suc as the Earth
    Labrynth.  If you get stuck, try to resist the urge to jump on the
    net and find the secrets, it will make the game more enjoyable.  It
    took me MONTHS to finish Legend of Zelda when I was a kid because I
    had no help, and that made it one of the best games I had played.
    Matt Stelzer
    Matt Stelzer

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