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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chakan

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Unofficial Legend of Oasis FAQ Version 1.5 (06/04/02)
    Written/Compiled by Chakan (see credits more info)
    (c)1999 and beyond
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Changes Made/To Be Made
    III. Spirits
    IV. General Tips
    V. Items & Objects
    VI. Magic Weapons
    VII. Walkthrough
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    IX. Secrets
    X. Game Shark Codes
    XI. Credits
    I. Introduction
     Legend of Oasis is an Action/RPG for the Sega Saturn. It is an
    excellent sequel to Beyond Oasis for the Sega Genesis. In LoO you
    play as Leon, the young man who is destined to become the next
    Spirit King. You'll find up to seven spirits (see "IV. Secrets") in
    your quest to banish Agito, a really evil guy who is really evil,
    from Oasis forever.
     The ULoOF (Unofficial Legend of Oasis FAQ) is, or soon will be,
    your complete guide to everything about this game. Any comments,
    suggestions, etc should be e-mailed to sedatedhatred@hotmail.com .
    II. Changes Made/To Be Made
    Version 1.5 (6/04/02)
    -Contact information updated.
    -Some corrections concerning Balu.
    -Plan on playing through the game from scratch within the next
    month. Will work on FAQ as I advance. Sorry for making everyone
    wait so long for a proper, full source of information, but life
    seems to always get in the way of these things. Anyway, I'm back
    on the job. Visit my site often for more updates!
    Version 1.4 (5/28/01)
    -I am not dead, this faq will be completed eventually!
    -Minor changes.
    -Next (worthwhile) update to come sometime soon.
    Version 1.3 (9/28/99)
    -Added Items & Objects section.
    -Added Magic Weapons section.
    -Added more information in the Spirits section.
    -Added some information in the General Tips section.
    -Added a question to the Frequently Asked Questions section.
    Version 1.2 (9/22/99)
    -Added Spirits section.
    -Added General Tips section.
    -Added Frequently Asked Questions section.
    Version 1.1 (9/21/99)
    -Added mini walkthrough.
    Version 1.0 (9/20/99)
    -None yet.
    *Changes To Be Made
    -A boss strategy section (for those having trouble with the
    bosses and not the levels).
    -A listing of important item locations (weapons, scrolls, etc).
    -More Game Shark codes (like a code to adjust Rank, etc).
    -How to find Balu (the 7th spirit).
    -A new layout! Hey, it's going on 3 years. :)
    -And Much More...
    III. Spirits
     You are the Spirit King. Because of your Golden armlet, you
    are able to the spirits of Oasis. You do this by aiming at
    certain objects and pressing A to release the Spirit Ball.
    The following is a brief guide to all of the spirits.
    -Dytto - The Water Spirit
     Dytto's special ability is healing. With her, you can heal
    yourself, the other human inhabitants of Oasis, and even
    dying plants. She'll automatically heal you if your life
    is low. Dytto can be summoned from water. If you run across
    an ice spire, you need to have Efreet melt it before you
    can summon Dytto.
    -Efreet - The Fire Spirit
     Efreet's most important ability is basically just setting
    things on fire (like candles or trees). He's also very
    protective of Leon and will automatically attack any
    nearby enemies. Efreet can be summoned from fire and
    bomb explosions.
    -Bawu - The Earth Spirit
     Bawu will eat just about anything. He'll swallow enemies
    or bite open cracks in the ground to reveal hidden items.
    He is sessile and cannot move unless you call him to you.
    Bawu can be summoned from any plant (trees, bushes, etc)
    besides Thorn.
    -Brass - The Spirit of Metal
     Brass can destroy all of the various crystals you find in
    the game, revealing hidden items or clearing your path.
    Brass can be summoned from metallic objects.
    -Shade - The Spirit of Darkness
     Shade can help you see certain things you normally
    wouldn't. You can also use him to destroy the Thorns you
    find in the game. Shade can be summoned from shadows,
    reflective objects, graves, and the undead.
    -Airl - The Air Spirit
     Airl can break open iron boxes and even help you reach
    high areas. You can summon Airl from air-related and
    electricity-related objects. If you need Airl and there's
    a water fountain close by, bomb the fountain and it'll turn
    into vapor for a short time.
    -Balu - ?
     Balu is the secret seventh spirit. He WAS meant to be in
    the game, the Debug Mode Game Shark code proves that. I
    have yet to obtain him, but I believe he is the spirit of
    Life. It's quite possible that the programming team just
    didn't have the time to fully include him in the full game.
    An associate of mine in Sega lovin' reconned that he
    couldn't think of what you'd summon Balu from, even if you
    did obtain him. After all... isn't everything used already?
    IV. General Tips
    -You can summon the spirits from a lot of different objects. If
    you're stuck in the game, then experiment with your surroundings.
    -It is best to strike your foes with a series of blows (that
    rhymes, so remember it, dammit). It's better to equip a Small
    Sword and hit toward, away, toward + B next to an opponent (keep
    hitting B afterwards) than it is to strike a single blow with
    a stronger Large Sword.
    -Soldiers, generally, are able to block some of your attacks and
    can even be smart enough to strike just after you finish your
    attack. Finish them quickly and avoid the groups.
    -If you're stuck in a room, try killing all of the enemies.
    Sometimes a chest will fall from the sky or that steel door
    will open.
    -It is a better idea to fight only one enemy at a time. If you
    encounter a group, move away and weed them out one by one. If
    they stick on you or just kick your @$$, then summon a spirit
    and use its strongest attack.
    -Rank increases after you heal yourself a good bit. For a
    lower rank at the end of the game, complete the game with
    healing yourself as less as possible, wether through food,
    circles, or Dytto.
    -Use Shade to pull those bars with chains attatched to them,
    like the one in the entrance to Aquaria...
    -Save often.
    V. Items & Objects
     Here's a quick overview of some of the various items and
    objects you come across in the game.
    -Food (meat, cheese, etc)
     These heal your life.
    -Bad Food (mushrooms that look like brains)
     These take away some life.
    -Fruits (apples, grapes, etc)
     These regain your spirit power.
    -Bags (with a symbol)
     These refill some of your bomb stock.
     There are six(maybe seven?) different jewels, each for a
    different spirit. They increase your Spirits powers. Once you
    have four of a certain jewel, the corresponding spirit can
    enchant it's corresponding weapon (not as confusing as it
     These scrolls allow you to enchant your weapons. Once you
    obtain one, you must find it's corresponding Orb of Enchantment
    or have the respective spirit enchant it(which it can do once you
    have four of the spirit's jewel). The more scrolls you have, the
    more number of times you can use the enchanted weapon. Use the
    following chart to tell what color each scroll is and what
    Spirit it is aligned with, as well as what weapon needs to
    be equipped.
    SPIRIT      COLOR      MAGIC WEAPON              EQUIP
    Airl        Pink       Wind Rod                  Rod
    Bawu        Green      Sword of Destruction      Large Sword
    Brass       Tan        Iron Arrows               Bow
    Dytto       Blue       Holy Rod                  Rod
    Efreet      Red        Flame Sword               Large Sword
    Shade       Black      Dark Arrows               Bow
    VI. Magic Weapons
     You can enchant a weapon by two methods. The first thing you
    have to have for both of them is that weapon's respective
    scroll(see "Items & Objects" for more information).
     Once you have a scroll ready along with it's weapon, you need
    to walk through an Orb of Enchantment the same color. That's
    one method, the other is to increase the respective spirit's
    level to 4 with 4 Jewels. Once that spirit is at level four,
    it can enchant your weapon (after being summoned) by pressing
    X once.
     Once enchanted, the weapon will change color, you'll be
    surrounded by energy, and a number will appear next to it's
    picture. The number indicates how many times you can use the
    weapon before it becomes normal.
     The following are short descriptions of the magic weapons.
    -Air Rod
     Your rod will move certain objects and blow pots, rats, balls, keys,
    and other things. Experiment.
    -Dark Arrows
     Same effect as Shade on enemies.
    -Flame Sword
     You'll be able to cut down dead trees and kill some monsters in
    one hit (try it out on the undead).
    -Iron Arrows
     The iron arrows can fly right through metal objects. Great for
    hitting switches that are blocked by metal pillars.
    -Holy Rod
     The holy rod can free the souls of the undead. It can also cause
    buds to turn into spring plants. Use it on skeletons to
    re-animate them for clues and other stuff. Experiment.
    -Sword of Destruction
     Your sword can now destroy rocks, rock pillars, break iron pots,
    and other stuff. If you dash toward rock pillars and hit attack,
    it'll only take one use of the sword of destruction to break it
    down. If you have the level 3 large sword, then you can use
    the Sword of Destruction enchantment to break orange rocks.
    VII. Walkthrough
     I've written a short walkthrough to allow you to get the hang
    of the game. It covers up until you head to the Fire Shrine.
    I decided not to write a full walkthrough not because I'm lazy,
    but because it'd take the fun out of the game.
     You start the game in Aquaria. You talk to Ordan and he explains
    that you must go to the Water Shrine beneath the city to befriend
    Dytto, the spirit of water. Leave the house.
     Besides chatting with the townsfolk, there isn't much to do in
    Aquaria right now. Save at the "Circle of Records" in the
    southern part of town if you want and then descend down into the
    Water Shrine.
    =-=Water Shrine
     Walk left and hit the switch to open the steel door. Continue up
    and right and you'll notice a boulder on the landing above a set
    of steps. Push the boulder north, jump onto it, then jump up to
    the next level in the room. You'll notice a rock pole (which you
    can't do anything with right now, but remember its location) and
    a switch. If you hit the switch, you can activate the floating
    platform to get to the Giant Ginger. Whoopee. Ignore them for
    not and head southeast down the staircase.
     Walk your way left and up to find a sign that says "Look out
    above!!" Now 4 Cave Rats will fall to the ground. Kill them all
    to have a chest full of cheese drop from the sky. "Puzzles" like
    this (where you have to kill everything) appear throughout the
     There's no real reason to fight the Rats to your left, so just
    head south and jump into the water. Proceed left and up past
    the Rats. You'll find a chest with a Giant Ginger. Travel to your
    right and a little south until you see the pot and poles. Push
    the pot to the lower level and hop onto the poles to reach the
    Short Bow. Use the pot to climb back up to the higher level
    and head right.
     Defeat the soldier to open the steel door. Grab the food in the
    chest if you need to. Head south and you'll see and switch on an
    elevated platform to your left. Either fire a 'high-flying arrow'
    by pressing away and B or jump kick it to activate it. The
    floating platforms will now start moving. Jump onto them from the
    landing you just came down from. Ride the platforms around the
    room to the different landings. Strike the bushes to uncover the
    things hidden behind them. Hit the switch you find to open the
    steel door.
     Head right (take note of the crystal and the rock) and face
    towards the flames blocking the switch (or you can head back to
    the left to hit the other switch, but who cares). Fire an arrow
    toward the switch to activate it. The steel door opens and the
    flames calm themselves, and you can now grab the health potion
    that is just to the right of the switch.
     A big, fat red guy will talk to you shortly and leave. Head up,
    use the purple "Circle of Magic" to make sure you are fully
    healed. Head a little bit north to the statue of Reharl. You'll
    recieve the command to aim the Spirit Ball towards the statue.
    Do so. Now talk to Reharl's statue. After your short talk,
    head up to save and then approach the steel door (which opens
    automatically) leading to...
     B O S S : Maneek
     This fight isn't hard at all, really. Equip the short sword,
    hold B and press toward, away, toward and release B when
    close to Maneek. After a couple of blows, Maneek will be
     Head back to meet Dyttoe, the Water Spirit. She's now at your
    disposal anytime you aim the Spirit Ball at water.
     Once you're back in the room with the Reharl statue, save and
    head down to the left. Summon Dytto, crouch (Right Shift) and
    press A while facing the short foutain. It'll freeze and you
    can jump onto it to be able to jump onto the higher level. Head
    north and you'll find that you're blocked by a wall. Damn.
     Head back down and stand toward the center of the room. Equip
    the bow and uncover the bushes to your right by aim some
    high-flying arrows at them. You'll discover a switch. Send an
    arrow its way. A floating platform will appear. Use it to
    reach the higher level.
     Run north to find a Scroll of Sound. Head back down with the
    bow equiped and walk through the Orb of Enchantment. Your bow
    is now enchanted and the arrows can pass through even metal!
     Head back over to the left side of the room to where the wall
    was blocking your path. Fly an enchanted arrow through the
    wall to activate the switch. The wall will sink. In the chest
    you'll find a second Scroll of Sound.
     Head back down, heal, save, and walk through the orb again.
    Walk south and your path will be blocked by flames. Use
    Dytto's bubbles (A) to extinguish them. Proceed back through
    the Shrine. You can avoid the Fire Balls completely by just
    putting out the flames that block your path. Return to the
     Speak to Ordan and he'll tell you to book it to the Fire
    Shrine, which is located northeast of Aquaria. There you'll
    meet Efreet, the Spirit of Fire. Leave Ordans house.
     Now you can finally do some more interesting stuff with
    the townsfolk. Use Dytto's healing ability (double tap A)
    to heal the man in the southwestern house. He speaks of a
    strange tower in the northwest. The man in the northeast
    house talks of a cave with a jewel box that he couldn't
    enter because he's too fat. By the way, Dytto can heal
    dying plants too. Not important now, but it will be later.
    That done (or not), save and head northeast to the
    Fire Shrine.
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
     I haven't received any questions yet, so I've just included a couple
    of questions I know I had. If you have a question about the game,
    then e-mail me at sedatedhatred@hotmail.com . Also e-mail if you
    have any suggestions as to what to put here.
    Q:What the hell is this about the 'jewel box' cave? Where is it
    and how do I enter it?
    A:The jewel box cave is just one screen south of Aquaria. Summon
    Bawu and move over to the crack in the ground by the sign that
    says "Observe the rats." Now call Bawu over to you and he'll
    reveal two Tiny Thymes. Eat these and run over to the cave the
    rats are coming out of. Crouch and walk right into it. 
     Inside, defeat all of the rats for a helpful item.
    Q:What do I do with that bar next to the fountain in the entrance
    to Aquaria? Or any other bars for that fact.
    A:Summon Shade, face the bar, and press A once. He'll pull the
    bar and whatever will happen. At the entrance to Aquaria, a
    portal will be revealed.
    Q:How do I get past the huge iron ball guarding the entrance to
    the Coloseum?
    A:Well, there's at least two ways of getting past it. The first is
    to have Bawu eat it by pressing A. The second is to get right up
    on it toward it's middle and hit to the right. It'll move. Just
    push it over to the right.
    IX. Secrets
    1)There is supposed to be a seventh spirit (as the manual even points
    out in it's tips section). His name is Balu. I have yet to find him
    but I have some ideas of where he would/could be located. The manual
    hints that "You have heard that dead men tell no tales. This is not
    true. You just have to know how to ask."
    To this date, no one has found a way to fetch Balu from normal
    2)There are a number of options that open up after you beat the game.
    Again, I have yet to complete the game and will have this information
    3)There evidently is a Debug Mode. I don't know if you can access it
    after the game or what, but you definitely can if you have a Game
    Shark! Just enter the Shark code 16088724 0100, start the game and
    use the following button combinations to activate a bunch of
    L+Start	Pauses the game and allows you to scroll entire area map.
    L+A	Spirit Select. More info later.
    L+B	View text from the game. Contains spoilers as well as those
    	hints you didn't take note of.
    L+C	Jump to almost any platform.
    L+X	Warp to different locations in Oasis.
    L+Y	Activate Slow Mode.
    L+Z	Pulls up an item menu. Choose any item and it'll appear
    	next to you.
    4)You can play the game with two players! While this is subject to
    many bugs and stuff, it still is pretty cool. While playing, press Z
    then hold L then hold X. Release both buttons and a clone should appear. 
    5)To replay any boss just go to the spirit room and extinguish the
    flames on both sides of the spirit box. (mburns156@aol.com)
    X. Game Shark Codes
     Here you'll find all of the codes I've found to have a worthwile
    effect on the game. I'm still trying to figure out codes to obtain
    all of the spirits (even Balu) and adjust your rank. I discovered
    these myself and would appreciate any credit if you use them.
    Thank you.
    Infinite Life                              16088da2 0ff0
    Infinite Magic                             16088da6 0fff
    Infinite Keys + Bombs                      16088710 0f0f
    Debug Mode (see "IV. Secrets")             16088724 0100
    All Crystals @ Level 9                     16088718 0909
    			                   1608871a 0909
    			                   1608871c 0909
    All Scrolls @ Level 9                      16088712 0909
                                               16088714 0909
                                               16088716 0909
    All Weapons @ Level 3                      1608871e 0303
                                               16088720 0303
                                               16088722 0303
    Adjust Kill Number(swith "?" with a value) 16088726 ????
    XI. Credits
     The Unofficial Legend of Oasis FAQ was written by
    Chakan. Version 1.0 was released on September 20th, 1999.
    For contact info, see the end of this FAQ. You may use this FAQ
    on your website as long as it appears in its entirety. Email me if
    you'd like to me to note that the FAQ can be found at your site.
     If you decide to use it for a purpose that you'll make money
    off of, then you better contact me first. I do not like the idea
    of other people making money off of my work.
     Legend of Oasis is (c) Sega 1996. Developed by Anciet.
     Special Thanks to:
    -For bringing us an excellent Action/RPG to the Saturn.
    *Heidi Colvin
    -For purchasing LoO for me.
    *Brandon Osborn
    -For introducing me to the first Oasis game.
    -For the replay bosses trick.
    *Kenneth N. Miller slim@systorm.com
    -For the handy LO FAQ/Walkthrough, it was helpful in writting mine.
    *Jimmi Woltz
    -For all the free caffeine.
    -For bringing up a good point concerning Balu.
     If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Email me
    at sedatedhatred@hotmail.com . My Sega-Fans website (full of various
    things and the first stop to find the latest version of this FAQ)
    is located at http://www.classicgaming.com/saturn .
    =-=End of FAQ=-=

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