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    Boss Codes by DSchneider

    Updated: 10/01/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Dark Schneider <ggrant@osf1.gmu.edu>
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2
    Subject: MSH Boss code...
    Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 00:00:19 -0400
    La la... yes, the bosses can be used in MSH. Since I haven't seen anyone
    post it, I figured I might as well.
    Must have beaten the game and have it saved in memory....
    Then, at Arcade Mode:
    To access Dr. Doom:
    Press down once, then press down and hold it, then press A and hold it,
    B and hold it, and C and hold it. Must be done quickly. (It took me
    about 5 tries to get the hang of it... now it's automatic)
    To access Thanos:
    Press Up once, then press up and hold it, then press Z and hold it, Y
    and hold it, and X and hold it. Must be done quickly.
    (M) denotes can be done in mid-air
    Move Lists:
    Dr. Doom - 	Photon Beam (M)- QCF, P 
    		Photon Shock(M)- QCB, P
    		Nebular Shield - QCB, K
    	Infinity: Photon Array(M)- QCF, 2P 
    Launcher: Standing Forward (2 hits)
    Note: Photon Array can be used in an air-combo.
    (i.e. Standing 5, 1,4,2, Photon Array... (gotta get the height right,
    Thanos -   	(That Stupid Dash move)     	- QCF, P
    		Bubble Move (temporary stun)	- QCF, K
    	Infinity(s): Reality - B, D, DB, 2P
    		     Time    - B, D, DB, 2K
    	(haven't been able to find the rest)
    Launcher: Low Strong 
    I can't find those other supers to save my life!! 
    Oh well... if someone's already posted this, ignore it... HOWEVER.
    Dark Schneider, editor at High Voltage
    "Jiminy, thinks Johnny..." - Ep.#419, The Rebel Set, MST3k
    "Evil is what I am. Death is what I bring." - Gouki, SPF2x
    "Well hello, Mr. Fancypants..." - Ash, AoD

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