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    Dr. Doom by ELittles

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    Dr.Doom Faq Version 1.0
    By Everett Littles 
    Table of Contents
    I. Version History
    	A) Version 1.0
    II. Abbreviation Legend
    III.  How to choose Dr.Doom
    	A) Playstation
    	B) Saturn
    IV.  Dr.Doom Moves List
    V.   Combos List
    VI.  Appendix
    VII.  Credits
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0
    	This is the first Dr.Doom for Marvel Super Heroes.  I decided to write it
    because of the release of Marvel Super Heroes for the Playstation and the Saturn
    and because both version allow you to play Dr.Doom previosly unplayable in the
    arcade version of the game released in the States.  As you read it you might
    notice that it looks somewhat like James Chen's Marvel Faq.  That is because it
    is designed to be a supplement to that faq.  The number of combos are limited and 
    hopefully will be increased as I get more time to mess with the
    game and as combos get submitted by Dr.Doom players.  Credit will be given
    to the contributors, as expected
    II. Abbreviation Legend
    	For those of you who are familiar with James Chen Marvel Super Heroes Combo Faq,
    the abbreviations will be nothing new.  If not, I will briefly explain the ones I will be 
    J = Jumping (done as you are jumping in on your opponent)
    C = Crouching
    S = Standing
    SJ = Moves done during Super Jump
    XX = Cancellation of the previous move
    OTG = Moves that start an Off The Ground combo
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forward ( The typical fireball motion)
    QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards (Hurricane Kick Motion)
    HCF = Half Circle Forward
    HCB = Half Circle Backwards
    Ground Magic: Chain Combos
    Jump Magic:  Air combo sequence
    Launchers:  Hit opponent into the air to start an air combo
    Strikes:  Moves that knock you opponent back
    Knockdowns:  Knockdown the opponent
    For more in depth explanation of these and other abbreviations check out the James Chen's Faq
    at  ftp://brawl.mindlink.net/pub/msh/MSH_Combo_FAQ.txt
    III. How to Choose Dr.Doom
    	A) Playstation
    	Beat the game with any character then save or load a saved game in which you have
    already beaten the game, next goto the select screen and do 
    (Down,Down+hold, while holding down press short kick & hold then
    forward kick & hold then roundhouse kick & hold Captain America. will change to Dr.Doom
    	B) Saturn
    	I don't have the code for this yet.  Will someone please submit it to me.  Thanks.
    IV.  Dr.Doom Moves List
    Doom Blast: OCF+Punch (Can be done in the air)
    Photon Shock: HCB+Punch (Can be done in the air)
    Molecular Shield: HCB+Kick
    Photon Array: QCF+ All Punches (super requires 1 level of energy)(Can be done in the air)
    V.   Combos List
    Ground Magic: Punch to Kick (2)
    Jump Magic: SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong/Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse
    Launchers: S.Forward(after second hit)/C.Fierce
    Strikes: S.Fierce
    Knockdowns: C.Roundhouse
    I will list combos in three sections classified by difficulty Basic, Intermediate, Expert
    1) S.Short -> S.Forward
    2) S.Short -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce
    These are all variations of the same combo
    1) S.Short -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Fierce Doom Blast 
    2) S.Short -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Fierce Photon Shock
    3) S.Short -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Photon Array
    4) S.Short -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Molecular Shield (I'm not sure if this is a true combo or if you have catch you
    opponent sleeping)
    5) S.Forward -> SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong/Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse 
    6) S.Forward -> SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong/Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse XX Doom Blast (done in the air)
    7) S.Forward -> SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong/Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse XX Photon Shock/Photon Array (done in the air)
    	Doctor Doom's Marvelous Combo
    1) J.Jab -> J.Short -> S.Forward -> SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong XX Photon Array
    	(Fall with opponent)
       C.Short(OTG) -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Photon Array/Photon Shock
    (Combo will recieve a better explanation in the appendix)
    VI.  Appendix
    Doctor Doom's Marvelous Combo
    This combo is pretty straightforward but there are some grey areas that need further explaination.
    You want to do this one in the corner for the best results.
    Part 1
    J.Jab -> J.Short -> S.Forward ->
    First jump in with a quick jab and then a short.  Right after the jumping short Dr.Doom should be on the ground.
    >From here you use Doom's S.Forward to begin the launcher and part 2
    Part 2
    SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong XX Photon Array
    Now you are in the air and you begin the air magic series as usual.
    SJ Jab then SJ Short then SJ Strong.  You want to use the SJ Strong in this combo not the Forward
    the forward will connect but will give you the wrong results.  Once you connect with the
    SJ.Strong quickly cancel it into a Photon Array.  If you have timed it right you will be RIGHT next to your
    opponent after the SJ.Strong and in perfect position for the Photon Array.  You will know that you've done
    this part right because your opponent gets pummled by basically the entire Photon Array and you are going down with
    with opponent at almost the exact same rate.  Your ready for part 3
    Part 3
    C.Short(OTG) -> S.Forward XX S.Fierce XX Photon Array/Photon Shock
    Now this is by far the hardest part of the combo to time and as far as I know
    it WILL NOT WORK if you are not in the corner deep by this point in time.
    Perform a crouching short then quickly do a standing forward cancelling it into a
    standing fierce and then quickly cancelling it into a Photon Array or a Photon Shock.
    As I said before the Crouching short is the hardest part of the combo and it is even
    harder against smaller people.  To begin, start out on a big opponent such as
    Juggernaut, Hulk, or Thanos.
    The thing about this combo that makes it absolutely marvelous is that if you can
    get the crouching short off then you can do the standing forward to launch your opponent
    in the air again and repeat part 2 until you are out of Super energy.  I have only done it
    twice and I think that it could be done more than that but I still have trouble getting
    the crouching short to connect consistently.
    VII.   Credits
    Thanks to James Chen for the best Marvel faq out there:
    Thanks to the Cal Poly SLO arcade guys
    and of course to everyone on alt.games.sf2
    Any questions, comments, or combo submissions can be directed towards
    Everett Littles (Protoman)IRC

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