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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A crappy @ss Game...stay away

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay in Nba jam Extreme is similar to that of the other Nba Jam/Hangime Titles with the Addition of an Extreme button, which is just like Hyper turbo. Just like in the Other games you can choose from all of the Nba Team current to 1997 and choose from 6 players from each Nba team, usually the teams Starting line up and a Sub. You choose 2 peaople per team and play some 2 on 2 in a fully 3D polygonal court, and the action is viewed from a ¾ overhead view, which in my opinion is a bad idea. Controls include A Pass/Steal button, on offense it is a pass button which passes the ball to your teammate whom you now control once he takes possesion of the ball, and on Defense it acts as a Steal button to help you steal the ball, it used while holding down the Turbo button You Knock the crap outta the person with the ball and take it from them, which I think was the most fun part of the whole nba jam series, No fouls.Next we have the Shoot/Rebound button which shots the ball when youre on Offense, nuff said, And when youre on Defense it acts as a Rebound button making you rebound the ball. If used with with the Turbo button on Offense the Shoot Button causes tour character to do a slam dunk while youre up close to the basket, and if you use it while on defense your character is more aggresive in the rebounding area. The Turbo button is as you guessed it a button that makes you move faster, in conjunction with the turbo button is a Turbo meter, when the turbo meter runs out you have to let go of the turbo button, and let the meter recharge. When you hold the turbo button while hitting the pass/steal or shoot/rebound button you get faster, or different moves, such as the slam dunk, or the knockdown. Lastly we have the Extreme button, basically the extre button is a turbo button XL if you hold the Extreme button down your turbo meter drains faster, and if you hit pass/steal or shoot/rebound while the extreme button is held down you do a Extreme knockdown, which sends your opponent flying across the court, or a Super high flying hit your head on the rafters dunk.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ahh Crap dont make me talk about how Whoreible the audio and the graphics were….ok you weaseled it outta me. The sound in this game was absolutely horrendous. The announcer kept saying the same generic phrases over and over, the Voices were all garbled, the effects were cheesy, arrrgh it just plain sucked. The music in this game brings to mind nba jam on the sega genesis, youd think they could have Cd quality music since it is running off of a cd but the music sounded like bad Midi, I mean its horrible. Dont get me started on the Graphics, I know its the saturn and its not a 3D powerhouse but I coulda done better than that with a pen and some paper, the polygonal players, reminded me of stick men, with huge heads. The polygons on everything but the court were very jagged, and those explosions on the character select screen were very lame.

STORY: Play basketball.

REPLAY: Little to no Replay value, if you like playing bad games, by yourself or with your friends then by all means go get this now.

BUY OR RENT: I dont recommend either in fact if you see anyone with this game immediately Smack the hell out of then take the cd and put it in the microwave for 5 seconds and watch the fireworks. I would have done the same thing but it wasnt my game so…

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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