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"One of the first big steps on the road to 3D graphics was in this game."

Nights is one of the best games ever made, by far the best Sega Saturn game ever made at very least. It was truely more then just memorable and, without a dought, had the number 1 graphics, in it's class, when it first hit the markets.

Gameplay: 10/10
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Do you wanna try? In this game you can. With the specail controller designed for this game you don't really care if you win or loose, you just enjoy the moment. You can do some prity good tricks and although newer games on better systems might give you a better idea of what it's like to fly, at the time, this game was in a league all of it's own in terms of how fun it was and how enjoyable the gameplay was. After-all, if you have a Sega saturn, after all this time of technology improving, this game is still a must have.

Graphics: 10/10
If you bought this game now you wouldn't know that the graphics are out of date! These graphics were truely 3D and created the standerd for graphic making today. Not only the fact that it was 3D graphics but the fact that it was realistic 3D graphics made this game more then noteworthy. And making it seem like the characters are flying is no easy task ... at very least at the time ... but this game still easily managed to make it appear that the character was infact flying. This game was truely a big step on the road to 3D graphics.

Re-playability 8/10
The game is re-playable. With two seperate scenarios after you beat the game once, you can beat it again with all new bosses, levels and fun. And you can even play against another human oppointant after you've done enough in the game. Re-playability is truely not the highlight of this remarkable game but defently a very strong point of this game.

Control: 9/10
On a regular saturn controller, how is the control? Decent at best. On the specail controller designed for the Nights game? Excellent. The specail controller is great and revolutionized the controller of today with new ideas and possiblities. Yet another amazing feature of this game.

Sound: 7/10
I'm personly not too big on sound and the sounds of this game won't stay with me forever like some of it's other qualities. Never-the-less the music and sound effects on this game were well timed and make a great addition to support everything else that's good about this game.

Specail Features: 9/10
Besides the specail controller which I have already mentioned serval times, there were alot of extra ''hidden stuff'' in the game as well. It's hard to get into them without a spoiler so I won't even try, but trust me, there are some great hidden features in this game. Another great thing that falls under the catigory of specail features is the Top 10 list like feature. You see, whenever you complete a level you are given a score. The score will be put into your Top 10 list of scores for that level (provided the score is good enough to be in there) this allows you to see how you've been doing and try and beat your records or maybe records of others that somehow got into the Top 10 list.

Overall: 9/10
Overall this is a great game a possibly one of the best games ever made. This game, unlike games from the Final Fantasy series, never really got the credit it deserved for the many milestones it made. If you have a Sega Saturn you should not hessitate for a second to buy this game as I think you'll find it's a great game, still one of the best games out there despite fierce competitors.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/20/00, Updated 07/20/00

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