Review by Space Ace

"Yuji Naka's Masterpiece!"

Graphics: 7 - Decent 3D graphics on a system made for 2D. The graphics really aren't the point here, but they are nice and colorful and some stages are still beautiful.

Sound/Music: 8 - A nice soundtrack worth listening to on the side. One amazing feature of the game was depending on the Nightopians mood the soundtrack would change accordingly. I have never seen anything like this in a game since.

Gameplay: 10+ - Maybe the best playing game Sega ever made! I can't stress that fact enough. The fun factor in this game has yet to be topped. The analog controller is the only way to play this game don't even think about using the regular controller! This game was and is an all new style of game kinda like a stunt/trick/racing game in some ways with a kind of a simulation game in regards to the A-Life system.

Challenge: N/A - Beating this game isn't hard, and you did get different endings depending on which character you used and what your overall grade was.

Replay: 10+ - I think I've played more of this game than any other in my 20 years of gaming! The super fast play mixed with the best scoring system around insure insanity replay value. My scores in this game haven't been able to be improved on by me in years yet I still play it. It's got so much to do and find I don't think I'll stop playing it until the sequel comes out.

Overall: 10+ - Best game ever on the Saturn! One of my top 5 favorite games of all time. This is Yuji Nakas masterpiece! This game shows that originality is still super important in the gaming industry and that play really is the most important thing. Yuji really needs to hurry up and start working on the sequel!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/00, Updated 09/19/00

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