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"An instand sega saturn classic."

This is one of the best games made by Sonic Team for the Sega Saturn. It's a game were you fly on a preset course over a full 3d world, going threw rings, collecting crytals, and stars. You must collect 20 blue crystals to destroy the ieda (or something like that) . After you do 4 different Mares you fight the Nightmare. Some are pretty hard others easy. The game is very fun. This game has everything you need for a great game, gameplay, replay, sound and graphics.. well actually sound and graphics aren't needed but they are nice touches!

Graphics: 9.8
The graphics are perfect, everything is greatly detailed. The 3d worlds are HUGE! And there is no texture warping. Also amazingly high polygon counts!!!! The only thing that keeps it from a ten is there is noticable draw-in, but that's ok. The the soft museum level really shows saturns power, the ground just bends under your feet, but blockyness at all. all I have to say is ''wow.''

Sound: 9.5
The sound is great! The wierd music in the begining and the tunes that fit great for the levels. The alarm clock, and other sound effects are just perfect. Best sound I've heard in a while for a game... My only complaint is that that dreams dreams dreams song is really annoying.

Gameplay: 9.8
The gameplay is really good with the 3d analog controller. There is tricks to do, rings to go threw, items to collect, and bosses to beat. The 3d worlds are huge and ton of places to explore. The flying is done in 2d but that just makes it better, other wise the game would be impossible. In every level your goal is to go and collect as many blue orbs (i don't remember they're names) and bring them to the ieda (I think that's the name...), after you get 20 orbs in it, you must return to the ''nights holding place''. During this you try to get rings and stars to improve your score.. oh and by the way, just because you finished collecting the orbs, doesn't mean you have to finish, you can continue going around getting points, but you really should get back before time runs out or you lose all your points.. (not a good thing)

Replay Value: 9.5
There is 8 levels in all, you must beat the game with at least a C rating and that is pretty difficult. After that you can go for better times and grades. There is also a 2 player mode after you beat the fourth level, which is pretty good but not great, helps though. The main thing that makes you keep going back is to get a better score then what you got last.. striving for those ''A'''s... lol.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/26/01, Updated 03/06/01

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