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"Sonic has got a partner to face Mario and Link"

The Sonic team just made the big times when making another character for the Sonic team called Nights.Nights is the second best character for Sega even today.This was maybe this most popular Sega Saturn game ever made.I can't understand that Sonic team never a Nights game for Dreamcast.Sega is weird and lazy.There are some people today that do love Nights and hoping that it will come out on a system like Playstation 2 ''hope not'',Gamecube ''hope so'',and XBOX ''don't mind''.Lets start:

Gameplay:10/10:All you have to do is just fly in 3D style all the way.You beat up stuff and save the world.The game can be weird.Well think a boy or a girl flying in a beautiful land.Still,video games are like that.You also have to collect stuff to go to other levels.Only if Nights was a little longer.But hey you can't beat this.Thank god this was not a RPG game.That was a good battle for Mario 64. Sony can't make this.

Graphics:10/10:This is the best part.This is what Sonic team does best.The graphics are beautiful.It looks like Dreamcast to me.The characters are one of the best looking characters I have ever seen in years.Levels designs are Saturn style all the way.I wish I lived there with all of the statues and that beautiful grass.My dream world in a Sega Saturn.

Controls:10/10:The controls are very simple.All you do is go up,down,left,and right.It's a smooth,relaxing time not taping buttons on a controller like a nut.You don't have to worry about anything.I think they have a special controller just for Nights.I'm not that certain.I did not get that controller so I really don't know.The game could be better but I don't know how that could have happen because it's that good anyway with out it.

Sound/Music:9/10:I love the music and sound in Nights.Boy did Sonic team do a good job in this or what.There's not much sound from a character or anything and the music is one of a kind.Not the best but still good and relaxing to listen to.

Bottom Line:10/10:This is maybe besides Panzer Dragoon Saga maybe the best game on Sega Saturn.Sonic has now have a other friend to fight Nintendo and PlayStation but they lost because they NEVER put Nights on Dreamcast.Dreamcast could still be popular if they put Nights on their.Hopefully this will put it on Gamecube.Nights will be one of my favorite Saturn games of all time.Let's pray for the ten star rated game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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