Review by Princess Lynaly

"Took the place of Sonic on the Saturn."

I didn't have tons of games for my Saturn since I only bought the good ones (^_^) but the good ones where VERY GOOD, so don't flame me, fellow Saturn owners!

This game was the flagship title for the machine. It was to go against Mario 64, and Crash Bandicoot. How good is it? Well out of the three, I liked it the most! It was quite a fun and interesting game and found myself playing it quite a bit until I finally did all you could do. If you can find it, get it! Now where's a sequel Sega?


The Saturn was a 2D specialist. That being said, this 3D game does suffer a bit. There are no translucent effects and the pixellization and aliasing is pretty bad at times. It is also in a low resolution but I expect it's the same as most PSX games. On the up side, things are quite colorful and the 2D aspects, like the backgrounds, look fantastic. It's a wierd mix of low and high points, but the game ends up looking pretty good. The videos are full of particles though and that's because the Saturn used a less than stellar video decoder. I don't remember any slowdown but it's been a while since I played extensively.


The music in this game is great and I love it. Like all Saturn games, the sound is slightly muffled but nothing so bad that you would particularly notice. The sound effects are great and fit perfectly. This game is top notch on sound for the Saturn.


It came with a 3D pad, not too much unlike the DC controller. With either that, or the normal pad, the game controls great but I feel it was a gimmick to capitalize on the N64 controller. This game plays the same with or without the analog stick and I didn't ever find comfort in that round thing. For the game, everything is sharp and responsive so you can pull off the tricks, no prob. Great control.


I honestly don't remember the story and it hasn't been long since I played it. What does that tell you? ~_^ The game is more fun than it's plot!


On the surface it's pretty easy. When you dig in to find all it has to offer, then you will be met with some serious challenge! Try to get the best grade you can!


One of those gems in the dirt heap that is known as the US Saturn game library. I personally enjoyed it a lot and might play it again, and rewrite this review to be more stringent since I am going on memory and just a brief replay of the first level.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/14/01, Updated 04/07/02

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