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Reviewed: 11/15/01 | Updated: 11/15/01

The most lastable 32-Bit Game!

To me the Saturn is the most underrated console ever, it plays host to literally dozens of true classic video games (Fighters Mega Mix, Panzer Dragoon Saga etc.), and none of the games on the Saturn emphasise that point more than Nights. Which is in my opinion the finest moment of Sonic Team, and that's including all the Sonic and Phantasy Star games. So without further ado, I will get on to exactly why I like this game so damn much...

Gameplay : 95%
The first thing you will notice when you play Night's is that it is unlike pretty much any game you'll have ever played before. It is incredibly original and imaginative in style and design, and that is something that cannot be said for about 90% of the games on the Saturn and Playstation. The game is basically you playing as Nights, and you fly through various levels trying to make ''Links''. What are ''Links''? Well in each level there are various things to collect and a few enemies to kill and rings to fly through. Doing all these things (and more) will create a certain number of ''Link''. And the incentive is to try and get the biggest link that you can by linking all the rings you fly through and objects you collect together. Because the bigger links you get, the more points you get. And Nights is all about getting the Highest Score you can, the incentive to complete it isn't to get some flashy 10 minute ending (although there are endings in the game), the incentive, like most old 16-Bit games, is to get the highest score you can. I know that me and my brother both played this for hours trying to top each other's highest score's on the various levels in the game. Its incredibly addictive in that respect.

Longevity : 96%
The best thing about Night's for me is the longevity. Because I played this game more often and for a longer time than any other game of recent times, be it for the N64, Playstation, Saturn or DreamCast, none of those machines have a game that I have concentrated harder on than Nights. And its what I talked about earlier. Trying to beat your and other players highest scores, and because its so different and original, its a joy to play it as much as you can and try and get the biggest score. Had it just been another platform game, then maybe you wouldn't have wanted to play it so much and wouldn't have cared about getting the highest score so much, but because of the genuine originality and the feeling that you are playing something special and different, you do want to continue with it.

Graphics : 95%
Remember, the above graphics score is judged on how good it was at the time, obviously there will be many PSX, DC, N64 and PS2 games, and games on the Saturn itself that have surpassed this, but this is just a score for how good the game was for back in 1996 when it was released. And at the time it was up there with Virtua Fighter 2 and Panzer Dragoon 2 as one of the Saturn's best looking games. With pretty high polygon counts for the time, but more importantly than that, bright and colourful worlds and top quality animation. Not to mention the fact that it all moves at a smooth and fast pace. It was graphically fabulous for the time. And like VF2 and Panzer, probably as good or maybe even better than the best PSX games of the time. In capable hands you could get some graphically incredible results out of the Saturn, look at this, VF2, Panzer 2, Panzer Saga and Sonic R and Burning Rangers for possibly the best examples.

Overall : 10/10
Nights is a truly classic game. Its got the whole package. The gameplay and longevity are still incredible today, as is the incredible innovation. The graphics were great for the time and it remained as one of the top 10 best looking Saturn games. And the music, like the gameplay, will forever be classic. Here's my advice for anyone reading this, go and buy a Saturn with this and Fighters Mega Mix, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon Saga and you won't need another game for a year!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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