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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

Trippy and strange, yet awe-inspiring!!

NiGHTS into dreams is one of the weirdest, otherworldly games ever to be a total avant-garde work of brilliance. When I was waiting to get this game as a birthday present a few years before, I was obsessed with one thing- What was NiGHTS supposed to be? Male or female? After receiving the game (which i had already fallen in love with after playing demonstrations around Toys r'Us) and figuring out how to make progress in the game, I was left with more questions than answers. What is NiGHTS saying when it gets hit or runs out of time? Are they speaking English in the extremely rare moments when they utter something? And why does Elliot rarely smile? These mysteries actually somehow made the game more interesting.

This is the story-two different kids, Claris and Elliot, are having trouble reaching their goals of (respectively)auditioning for a chance to sing at the dedication of a building (or something like that), and defeating a team of stronger guys in basketball. After their initial failures, they go to sleep at night and dream that the dreamworld of Nightopia is under siege by a powerful, evil wiseman who is stealing people's dream energy with the aid of his underlings. If Wiseman obtains enough dream energy, he can enter the real world and take over with nothing on Earth to stand in his way, so Elliot and Claris are asked to help because they possess the red dream energy of Bravery, the rarest of the five energies and the only one that cannot be stolen by Wiseman.(try saying all THAT in one breath!)They can use the power of the dream energy to (temporarily) set free NiGHTS, an imprisoned former henchman of Wiseman who is the only one not in his power. NiGHTS can then retrieve the stolen dream energy using its ability to fly, defeat Wiseman and his henchmen who hide out in Nightmares using its ability to attack by drilling and looping, and possibly bring together Claris and Elliot on some path of destiny.

Wow! That's a very inventive storyline. It gets a 10 no problem.

Control-Flying in this game is so free,and the control is so responsive (especially with the analog 3-D control pad), it makes the game all the more enjoyable. You can even do aerial acrobatics with the L+R triggers. Another 10 here.

Music & Sounds-Some of the best in gaming history. The music even gets better depending on how you do in the game, even for the ending theme if you're super successful in the game, which is good because the original is sung by kids who do a painfully bad job. A 9.8 for music since the kid singers shouldn't have been handed microphones.

Graphics-The best on Sega Saturn, so a 8.9.

Fun factor-This is the maker or the breaker category. For supplying hours and hours & hours + hours of flying time-attack fun,NiGHTS receives a 9.5 here.

The Big C's verdict:A masterpiece,nothing less.

best feature-The greatest game music ever...
worst feature-...except the kiddy version of the theme song. I swear a version with adults is accessible somehow, and IT is truly great.

This review is now over. Have a nice day and God bless.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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