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"After 7 years, there is no comparison."

Before I begin my review I would like to express what a wonderful game this is and how I fell upon it.
EARLY 2003
Well I was playing Sonic Adventure I fell upon a pinball game based on the theme of a game called NiGHTS. And so I was intruiged. I looked it up here on GameFaqs and saw that it was received very well. I was very interested in its ''Dream world'' theme. So after all was through I decided to buy it over Ebay.
Now the week I waited for it to come was absolute torture. All I could do was sit and wait by the window. 4 days later I saw the truck come rolling down the street. I raced out to it and almost damn kissed the mailman! I grabbed the package from his hand and flew inside like a bullet. I popped in the disk and wellah! I felt as I had died and gone to heaven.
When I started playing I noticed how amazing the game looked. The polygonal models looked great! And the backrounds as I call ''Dreamscapes'' were filled with lush colors and were very dream like. And remember folks, this was about 7 years ago! All I can say is WOW.
The game play is absolutely perfect. The basis of each level is to fly around in each dream and collect 20 blue orbs. Then to bring them to the Ideya Capture and overload, and destroy it. This is repeated 4 times and then you fight a boss in which you have to exploit some weakness and defeat it as quick as possible to recieve bonus up to x2. Very fun.
STORY 9/10
This story is classic. The dreamworld ''NiGHTopia'' is under control by an evil ruler by the name of Wizeman.
In the real world two children Claris, and Elliot fail at their tasks and they go home to sleep not knowing the fate of the world is in their hands. A NiGHTopian comes and pleads for help. In their dreams they are helped my one of
Wizemans minions, NiGHTS. The story really isn't focused on much and is only showed by a CG.
Although there isn't much to unlock, this game does not get old, and will have you trying to beat your high scores constanly.
In my opinion this game is the best game ever and you cannot die complete without playing this game. If you don't have it, but it immediately.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/21/03, Updated 05/21/03

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