"Possibly the greatest Saturn game."


This game I must admit was probably the most popular game for the Sega Saturn console. I'm not sure as to why it was so outrageously popular. I guess this is really just the sort of game anyone can enjoy. I still play it to this day. Now on with the review.

Story 10/10

What makes the story so great is it is not like any other story for any other game. The story is kind of about these two children dreaming about this crazy character that can fly through the air at amazingly high speeds going through loops, so he can gain points in order to progress. The reason I gave the story a ten out of ten is because I guess it's not like any other story I have ever seen before.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is very good. It's very easy to control the character as he walks or flies, especially seeing's how they give you the special controller when you buy this game. This game's difficulty if off the top. It can be frustrating from times to times. I found it very annoying, because it was so difficult at times. What you have to do is fly through the air trying to get through as many loops as you can, but through the levels there will also be monsters trying to stop you. After you complete each level to the minimum standards set, then you will have a boss fight. There is two people you have to complete, though. You have to complete the little boy's dreams, and also the little girl's. So the gameplay's perfect in just about every singly way you can think of, in my opinion any way.

Graphics/Sounds 10/10

The graphics are the best out of all the games for the Sega Saturn. They are very well detailed, especially during FMV sequences. You will feel this game come alive with it's excellent show of graphics. The sounds were also very good. They made the sounds very good for when you were doing certain things. So the graphics and sound get a ten out of ten.

Playtime/Replayability 7/10

The only thing that's not perfect about the game. I guess it's because it's not like a game where you do the same thing over and over that's met to be fun. Such as a wrestling game or something like that. After you beat the game you know how it ends so it won't be that much of a shock seeing it for the second time. I would have to say this game would take you about seven teen hours to complete the game.

Buy or Rent

I strongly suggest that you buy this game if you can actually find it anywhere. I don't think you could find this anywhere to rent anymore. Some good places to look for this game are flea markets, convention centers, places that carry old video games, or any place around you that specialize in Sega Saturn games.

Final Recommendation

I suggest anyone-doesn't have to be a fan of this genre of game-go get this game. Everyone I know that has played it has loved it, and I know that you will too. If you are fortunate enough to find this anywhere buy it as soon as you can, because Sega Saturn games are generally hard to find anywhere. I have it still, and I play it almost every single day.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/12/03

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