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"I can only imagine..."

I know I give a lot of games perfect scores, and one could probably say I need to be more critical of what I play. But honestly, I don't judge a game on it's graphics unless they are really bad, and the same goes with sound and control, another reason is I am not good at judging what hardware is capable of, so if I did try to ramble about something other than frame rate, I would just look stupid :). I go by how much fun I have while I am playing a game. I can safely say that this game is tons of fun, and very good looking too. Oh, and if you were wondering what my synopsis meant, let me explain. Originally the game came with an analog controller, which meant perfect control. I however didn't get the controller with the game, and I can only imagine how much better the game would be with an analog stick...

Like I said earlier, I am not the best at comparing hardware capability to onscreen graphics, all I know is that nights looks fantastic. While there are some flaws, like draw in(I think this is the word I am looking for, let's just say the whole of the ground isn't always showing), the sheer beauty of the backgrounds make up for any other problems.

Beautifully made music. I usually never have problems with music in video games, unless it doesn't fit the game itself. Even though I really don't like Rap and Rock, I'll put up with them in a Tony Hawk game, because it fits. The music in nights can be soothing, or cause your heart to beat a little faster. And since it does both of these when needed, I say the sound is perfect.

This is always the section that really counts, and the gameplay in nights is great. You fly through the level grabbing these blue crystal ball things and put them in this monster thing to get a crystal. You repeat this four times per level, and then you proceed to a boss. The part I like best about the game is how it feels like you are actually flying through the levels. And since the game grades you on your score, this will always drive you to come back and get the best one you can.

All I can really say to sum this review up is this, if you have a Saturn, you need to get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/13/04

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