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"One of the best dreams I've ever had."

Saturn didn't get any real Sonic games exclusive for it's system, but Sonic team managed to give us another great gaming experience and a reason to get a Saturn. Nights into Dreams is still one of the best games out there.

Nights Into Dreams is about two children who keeps dreaming dreams, and each dream is a new stage. Nights is the main character which is a purple clown that is in both children dreams. for the first time I played Nights I thought that this all looked weird and that there was a reason why the Saturn never was able to compete with the Playstation. But it only took me 3 minutes to totally love this game. Flying around in many different childish dreams is something magical that is very hard to explain in words.

The story in this game is nothing worth to try to tell. I have cleared all the stages in this game and I don't see any type of story at all. But this game would be much worse if Sonic team tried to give it any story, because it would then be very confusing to try to understand why Nights keeps visiting in dreams and collect his orbs. It's after all not always the story that makes a game a excellent game.

The graphic on the other hand could have been better if you look at the graphic today, but back then it was nice graphic if it looked like Nights. The backgrounds are still one of he best I have evr seen in any type of game, and the only thing that looks really ugly is the two children.

The music in the other hand is just nothing that will stay in your head forever, but it really helps to you to understand that you are in a dream, take the forest stage for example. You won't hear water running from a waterfall, but cheerful music just to tell you that it's a happy place you are in right now.

The control is something that's still one of the best a game have ever had. The Saturn even got a special analog control just for this game. It's almost impossible to make all the type of different tricks you can do with a regular gamepad. It's also possible to fly very fast but then Nights will be very hard to control and maybe miss something important.

The gameplay in this game is very unique. For example you never walk or run but always fly. You mission is to collect 20 blue orbs in every stage and bring them to a ugly alien that will give you a coloured ball that you shall bring to the goal. Each stage have 4 different parts so you have to do this four times in every stage before you will get to the boss. These bosses can be very tricky the first times to beat because you are fighting against the time. If a boss hits you than it will cost you five seconds, and that can very well be enough for you to lose against the boss.

The challenge in this game is not the hardest but it's not easy either. I gave this game a 9 of 10 because it's extremely fun to play. I always wants to try to beat my old score at all the stages, this game isn't the best game I have ever played, it's not even the best for the Saturn, but it's still a classic. I hope that Sonic team can make a good sequel.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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