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    Counter Offensive/Battle of Midway Guide by Sheepy99

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    Pacific Theater of Operations II for Super Nintendo
    In-depth Strategy Guide for:
    Counter Offensive 05/27/42(Campaign) & Battle of Midway 06/04/42(Scenario)
    Copyright (Version 1.0) 3/20/01
    First release of In-depth guide
    Created by Tim "Sheepy99" Maurer
    Contact Info: Sheepy99@Yahoo.com
    See my FAQ on Gamefaqs.com for PTO II for overall game info.
    I. Intro
    II. Map
    III. Allied Bases
    IV. Allied Ships
    V. Planes
    VI. Technology
    VII. Strategies
    VIIa Midway
    VIIb Counter Offensive
    VII. Midway vs Counter Offensive
    IX. Conclusion
    I. Introduction
    It had been six months since the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor; dragging the
    United States into World War II. During the attack of Pearl Harbor the Pacific
    Fleet was at anchor in the harbor. The Japanese attack had sunk 4 battleships
    and damaged many others. While the United States began to rebuild Japan began
    its rain of terror against the pacific nations. Japan took the American Bases
    in the Philippines, Guam, and Wake Island. The British lost Singapore and Hong
    Kong. The Dutch lost the oil rich East Indies. And China was fighting a
    never-ending war with the Japan.
    Admiral Yamamoto's (commander of the Japanese Imperial Navy and Mastermind on
    the attack of Pearl Harbor) plan had gone almost exactly as expected. The
    United States would spend the next 6 months rebuilding while Japan could secure
    the oil rich colonize of Holland and Britain. Without oil Japan would have come
    to a screeching halt. Yamamoto realized that the industrial power of America
    was huge and it wouldn't be long before the US would begin their Counter
    Offensive. Unfortunately for Japan, Yamamoto's two-prong plan hadn't achieved
    the results they wanted. The original plan had called to sink the Fleet of
    Battleships and Carriers. Then to conquer the oil rich colonize of Europe and
    eventually take out the islands of Wake, Midway and Hawaii which would force
    the United States to negotiate for Peace and Japan would keep it's providences.
    But on the Dec 7th 1941 (day of the attack on Pearl Harbor) The Carriers were
    absent and escaped destruction.
    With early victories against the United States and Britain, Japan got over
    confident. On April 18, 1942 James Doolittle and his 16 B-25 Bombers took off
    from USS Hornet and bombed Tokyo, Japan. The raid did little damage but made
    the Japanese realize America was a threat once again. Yamamoto assembled a task
    force of 4 carriers and assorted battleships and escorts and decided to attack
    Back at Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Admiral Nimitz and his staff had just decoded "The
    Purple Code"(the Japanese secret messages sent to their bases around the
    pacific) The Japanese plan was too lure the American forces away by attacking
    Attu In Alaska so the United States fleet would head toward Alaska, then the
    Japanese would launch their main forces against Midway and take the Island by
    surprise. Nimitz sent the Hornet, Enterprise, and the Yorktown (still damaged
    from the "Battle of the Coral Sea") to defend Midway. On June 3, 1942 Planes
    from the 3 carriers attacked the Japanese fleet and sank 3 of the 4 carriers.
    The Carrier that got away was able to launch planes and sink the Yorktown.  The
    US forces found and sank the fourth carrier of the Japanese fleet ending the
    battle of Midway. In the end America lost one Destroyer and one Carrier. Japan
    lost 4 carriers and called off the attack on Midway. Never again would Japan
    enjoy the success it had before Midway.
    II. Map
    If you look at the large map under the "Asset" Command you will see a lot of
    red blinking dots and few blue ones. The Japanese used the time America was
    rebuilding to take a lot of oil and ore rich bases. Take this time to notice
    your supply lines from America to Australia. If you lose any of the bases along
    the route, your oil and ore supplies will fall sharply, since your supply ships
    wont be able to get supplies from Australia to America. Take the time to see
    where your marines, supplies, ore, and oil bases are in the pacific.
    If you're playing just the Midway scenario, then skip this section.
    III. Allied Bases
    Some of the bases in this campaign aren't under the US Control but you can
    control some of them anyway (Just the bases controlled by the Marines). The
    Bases under allied control are:
    Attu (Alaskan Islands)
    Dutch Harbor (Alaskan Islands)
    Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
    Midway (Hawaii Island Chain)
    Palmyra (below Hawaii)
    Fiji (below Palmyra)
    E. Santo (Near Fiji)
    Auckland (New Zealand)
    Australia East Coast (Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney)
    Darwin (North Australia)
    Port Moresby (SE Tip of New Guinea)
    Guadalcanal (next to Port Moresby)
    USA (almost all the costal cities are bases)
    Panama (Panama Canal)
    India (Most of Indias large cities are bases)
    Colombo (Island below India (Sri Lanka))
    IV. Allied Ships
    CV: Carrier
    BB: Battleship
     C: Cruiser
    DD: Destroyer
    If you play the Midway scenario it's important to bring as many ships to Midway
    as possible. This section will show the player where the ships are when the
    Midway Scenario and Counter Offensive begins.
    The US Ships in reserve:
    CV  1 (Wasp)
    BB  3 (Tennessee, Colorado, Maryland)
     C 8 (Indianapolis, S. Francisco, Marblehead, Phoenix, Boise, Honolulu, Helena,
    DD 14 (MacDonaugh, Dale, Porter, Mahan, Drayton, Lamson, Craven, Lang, Stack,
    Sterett,        Benson, Livermore, Grayson, Aaron Ward)
    Ships in Service
    CV  6   (Saratoga (Los Angeles) Yorktown, Enterprise, and Hornet(Pearl Harbor)
    2                     British Carriers in Colombo)
    BB 13   (New Mexico, Mississippi, Idaho (Pearl Harbor) N. Carolina, Washington,
    S. Dakota           (New Orleans) 7 British Battleships in Colombo)
     C 33   (Includes US, Australian, and British Cruisers)
    DD 40   (Includes US, Australian, and British Destroyers)
    V. Planes
    Six months after Pearl Harbor, America had weak airplanes. If you want better
    airplanes you need to invest money at the end of the month conference. Armnt
    are Guns, Bombs, and Torpedoes.
    US Naval Planes   Pwr    Rng  Armnt
    F2A Buffalo        3      4   Guns
    F4F Wildcat        4      4   Guns
    SBD Dauntless      2      4   Guns/Bombs
    TBD Devastator     1      1   Guns/Bombs/Torps.
    TBF Avenger        2      5   Guns/Bombs/Torps.
    OS2U Kingfisher           3   Scout
    UK Naval Planes
    Fairy Fulmar       2      3   Guns
    Fairy Swordfish    1      4   Guns/Bombs/Torps.
    Once the British planes get exploded you cant get anymore so you out of luck.
    VI. Technology
    In this part of the war all the United States has is the Anti-Air Radar and the
    Sea-born Radar. When these 2 radar are equipped to navy ships, Navy ships will
    have a higher anti-air attack against Japanese planes and an easier time to
    search for Japanese ships. Of course if you want more and better technology you
    need to invest money at the end of the month conference. Most of the ships in
    the game don't have either radar installed. It's important to install the
    Sea-born radar on atleast one ship in each fleet. This can be done in the Move
    Phase at a base with a dry dock.
    If you play as the Japanese you have the highly accurate Oxygen Torpedo (this
    thing has a near 100% hit rate against US Navy Ships) and the Anti-Air Radar.
    Oxygen Torpedoes are automatically on every Japanese ship that can fire
    Torpedoes (including planes).
    VII. Strategies
    This part is broken down into 2 subsections.
    VIIa. Midway
    The Midway Scenario is divided into 3 victory conditions that you can achieve.
    I will rate the challenge of these Scenarios.
    Japanese Victory Conditions
    1) Occupy Midway & Attu by June 18, 1942 (Easy)
    2) Sink 3 or more Aircraft carriers by June 18, 1942 (Medium)
    3) Sink an Aircraft Carrier and occupy Midway by June 18, 1942 (Easy to Medium)
    Obviously the Japanese have the advantage going in to this Scenario. The reason
    that 2 and 3 aren't as easy as 1, is because the US controlled AI doesn't
    always show up with Carriers. Infact sometimes it will attack targets that have
    nothing to do with the scenario at all.
    US Victory Conditions
    1) Sink 4 or more Carriers or 6 or more Battleships by June 18, 1942 (Easy to
    2) Sink 20 or more warships by June 18 1942  (Easy)
    3) Hold Midway Base and occupy Wake by June 18 1942 (Hard)
    1 is quite hard sometimes because sinking 4 carriers is a whole lot easier then
    sinking 6 battleships with your weak forces. Infact I often only sink 3
    carriers because that's all the AI sends while making me look for battleships
    and sending in my planes, only to get shot down because my planes are all full
    of green pilots.
    3 is almost next to impossible, infact you have to get your ships out of
    Reserve and bring in the Saratoga out of Los Angeles to even attempt this. You
    wont have time to equip any radars to any of your ships since you cant let
    Midway fall and any ships you send will often get chewed up by the large amount
    of forces sent in by the AI (of course none of those ships are Carriers,
    I will explain some general tips for the US forces since the Japanese have such
    a huge advantage at Midway (which is why it's so amazing that Japan lost 4
    carriers when this battle actually took place)
    * Bring out all your ships out of Reserve. 3 Battleships will defiantly help
    you in this battle. The Japanese aren't afraid to use them, so neither should
    you. You have 6 BB's total at Pearl Harbor.
    * Get the Carrier Saratoga and have it go immediately to Hawaii. The Wasp and
    Saratoga will help boost you Carrier forces at Midway.
    * Assign an Admiral to be in charge of the Midway Air force. Just like on Ships
    Admirals in charge of the air force will let you know if there are fleets
    * Be aware of the weather. If your Carrier forces are in a storm or fog, they
    can't launch planes to attack enemy fleets. so use select in the zoomed in map
    to see what the weather conditions are. Midway will more then likely lose its
    Air force from the attacking forces. So do as much damage as you can with them.
    * Move as many forces as possible to Midway. As soon as one unit gets blown up
    recruit and send in more Marines. Midway must stay in your hands.
    * Don't worry about Attu. Attu is a distraction and not worthy of sending any
    forces after. Besides it was the original Japanese plan to have the US forces
    go after Attu while the Japanese Fleet surrounded them and take over Midway.
    * Have most of your Submarines get closer to Midway. Most of the enemy fleets
    will sneak through the net of Subs so move the subs closer to Midway to make
    the net smaller. Your subs are still weak so don't attack with them, just use
    them for searching for fleets.
    * Use Fighter planes to take out the enemy transports. Troops invading Midway
    will be in transports. If a squadron of fighters attack transports, one
    transport will sink and take out 25% of the enemies landing force. Don't forget
    every fleets that gets attacked from the air cant attack Midway for that turn.
    So even if you have nothing but fighters left, keep attacking that fleet of
    battleships, so they can't attack.
    * Stay away from Fleet vs Fleet Battles. Japanese Ships are veterans of
    battling (from all those colonize they just conquered) already and the US still
    has a lot of Green ships. Also the Japanese have the highly accurate Oxygen
    Torpedo. I would only battle if had battleships in my fleet. And even then I
    would only attack a fleet of 2 Enemy battleships or Carriers.
    * Don't build fleets with carriers and battleships. Battleships are too slow
    and will slow down your whole fleet. Build Carrier fleets with Cruisers and
    Destroyers. Or Battleship fleets with Cruisers and Destroyers.
    * Take manual control of all your fleets. The AI is too stupid to figure out
    what to attack and it's always in some storm so it can't attack.
    * Play the Counter Offensive Campaign first. Counter Offensive is a very good
    way to get familiar with the game. Infact Battle of Midway is probably going to
    accrue during this Campaign anyway (just probably not on June 3rd 1942)
    VIIb. Counter Offensive
    This is my favorite part of the game. This was the period of time (Midway -
    Surrender of Japan) that the Japanese and United States were almost equal in
    terms of Ships and Weapons.
    If you play as the United States, you have an up hill battle waiting for you.
    If the United States had lost the battle of Midway, they would have eventually
    lost Hawaii and been force to ask for peace. The Japanese Plan was to build an
    "Iron Curtain" Of Islands around the outer Perimeter of their Pacific Empire
    and cut off the supplies from Australia. But Because the US hasn't really made
    up their losses yet. The US forces can't afford to lose any more carriers.
    So you need a plan of attack. It would be unwise to go attacking Islands at
    random. Study the large map under Assets. Your first priority should be to
    protect your supply routes. I usually keep a few forces around the most
    tempting targets, like Midway and Palmyra.
    Play as the United States is more or less a waiting game. You can't afford any
    more losses. So your strategy for the first few months is to build up forces,
    industry, and technology. To invest money into Industry and technology you need
    to allot money during the monthly conference into Technology. One of your first
    new weapons will be the cryptograph. This little device allows you to see the
    enemy missions under Mil Ops.
    I have developed a guide on what you need to accomplish and when.
    **************** First few turns ****************
    *deploy Mines at Seattle for Subs
    *deploy Mines at Colombo for Subs
    *equip all carriers and battleships with anti-air and sea-born radar at bases
    with dry docks.
    *bring all carriers and battleships out of dry-dock
    *repair Yorktown (since battle of Midway more then likely wont be on June 3 so
    you have time to fix it)
    *arrange all fleet formations to provide maximum protection to bbs and cvs
    *build a fleet of 8 destroyers to patrol around Pearl Harbor for subs
    *Move your marines out of the United States to areas that need them
    *Move all ships in North America to Pearl Harbor
    *Fix up the Australian and British Fleets and have them patrol around their
    *Patrol all air forces (including those on carriers)
    *Assign Admirals to Fleets and Air forces
    *Assign 8 squadrons of Planes (20 max per Squadron) to Midway
    **************** First Monthly Conference ****************
    * make defending your bases a Goal at the conference
    * secure funds for technology and the navy
    * secure oil for the navy
    * keep GNP high
    * at the production window, focus on building Carriers and Planes
    * place spies at Kure, Tokyo, and a base that is close to Midway
    **************** 1 - 2 Months into the game ****************
    * Prepare for a Midway size battle. At some point the computer AI will decided
    to send most of it's forces after a target. Sometimes it's Attu, sometimes it's
    Colombo and sometimes it's Midway. Forget Attu, since it's not important enough
    to even bother defending.
    * Deploy Subs around Midway
    * spy reports in Kure and Tokyo will sometimes tell you that an enemy fleet is
    heading for "___". Send Carriers there immediately
    **************** 3 - 4 Months into the game ****************
    * Hopefully you won the Midway sized battle. The goal was to take out the
    Japanese Carrier forces. If you haven't had a Midway type of Battle yet, keep
    preparing for one.
    * If your industry is high your first Carriers should be coming out pretty
    soon. Find a few DD's and CL and CA to put in your new Carrier fleet.
    * Equip any new Technology to your ships
    * Plan for your first target to attack, usually Gilbert Island or Marshall
    Island. These are lightly defending and should be fairly easy to attack. They
    are a good jumping off point and they move your front lines up.
    * Send 1 carrier force to Australia if you can afford to.
    * Send a few Marine forces to Australia if you can afford to.
    **************** Payback Time ****************
    You should attempt attacking these targets if you have more then 5 carriers and
    more then 8 battleships. Your Industry and Technology should be high enough
    that Corsairs are on your carriers.
    * Your goal for this section should be to secure as many targets with the least
    amount of casualties as possible. So attacking Tokyo Japan Head is out.
    * You should focus on breaking down the Japanese supply lines by attacking
    those bases that are rich in resources like, New Guinea, East Indies and
    * Stay away from Rabaul, Rabaul (island of New Britain, Next to Port Moresby)
    has a wicked air force that has a rather large attack range. You either have to
    knock it out with carriers or stay away from it all together. Don't get to
    close or you can kiss you ships goodbye.
    * Stay away from Truk, Truk is almost like Rabaul except that instead of Planes
    it has a huge amount of ground forces. It's best just to avoid Truk too.
    **************** General Tips ****************
    * Weather is a double edge sword. if a base like Rabaul is under a storm, you
    can bring your battleships right up to it without fear of being attacked. Of
    course the same is true for you too (especially Midway) so try to keep a few
    carriers near bases that could get pounded by the enemy and this tactic.
    * What out enemy bases next to each other. The Japanese planes have a very
    large range of action and 2 enemy air forces have been know to obliterate 1
    fleet. Don't get to close to that other base or you wont have a fleet anymore.
    * Flamethrowers are our friend. When you developed the tech enough to get
    flamethrowers. Watch your ground forces effectiveness jump way up. Infact you
    can conquer the Island of New Guinea just by flame thrower alone, and save your
    ships for a better target.
    *Scorched Earth Tactics still work. I once had the whole Japanese Navy after
    Midway (that was my Midway size battle) and I figured that I wasn't going to be
    able to keep midway so I let the Japanese have it... After I moved all my
    ships, People, and Material out of there leaving the conquering Japanese
    nothing for their navy. Infact 4 days later I took the base back and I found
    that the Japanese even refueled the empty gas reserves their. So I actually
    gain fuel.
    * Send Spies to bases that are the most used by the Japanese. That's why you
    send Spies to Tokyo and Kure, Sure they may get caught but The Japanese don't
    tend to invest much money in spy tactics so your spies wont get caught a lot.
    And you usually find out where each fleet passing through is going. So you can
    prepare for them when they get there.
    * Use Subs as spies. Subs really shouldn't be used for battling. They have
    lousy torpedoes so they wouldn't be very effective against Cruisers and
    Destroyers. Once in a blue moon they might hit a Carrier or Battleship, but
    don't count on it.
    *Age of the Airplane. With the airplane the days of the Battleship were
    numbered. Japan figured this out after Midway. Japan designed ships to be heavy
    hitters against other ships. But the Japanese ships lacked Anti-Aircraft
    weapons and where sitting ducks to trained airmen. After you invest the
    technology you can develop really nasty planes to fight the Japanese. So don't
    bother building too many more Battleships and instead invest your money in
    Carriers and Airplanes.
    * Stay away from Japanese Destroyers. The Japanese Destroyers had the Oxygen
    torpedo and could sink a battleship in 4 shots. That's is way too many and if
    your in a Fleet vs Fleet Battle focus on either using your Battleships to sink
    the Destroyers or use your own destroyers to block the area a enemy ship has a
    chance of launching torpedos at you.
    * Advance Mode . Just because it says Advanced doesn't mean it's harder. It
    just means more things can happen. In advanced mode you can customize your
    country and the enemy. During battle your ships can sustain different kinds of
    damage (Bridge Bombed, Ruder damaged, armory flooded, ship on fire, torpedo
    tubes damaged, etc)
    * Fire on board, I have found an interesting trick. If your battling either
    planes vs fleet or fleet vs fleet (even sub vs fleet) and its the last turn and
    you inflict a shot that causes an enemy ship to catch fire, there is a chance
    that the enemy ship could sink because they cant put the fire out. I once shot
    a battleship with a sub (the battleship was brand new too :) ) my torpedo hit
    the armor of the ship and caused a fire. The battle was over and I see a
    message from the computer that the battleship sunk. I looked in the Info menu
    under ships sunk and there was the battleship with the damage sustained from
    the sub.
    Hiei (Kongo Class) 8 6
    A ship usually sinks when one side becomes 0
    VIII. Midway vs Counter Offensive
    So which is more fun to play? I think they both are. Midway tries to depict
    what really happened during that famous battle. If you want a long drone out
    Chess game then play the Counter Offensive Campaign. If you want a battle to
    end all battles play the Midway Scenario. Either way they are both fun
    IX. Conclusions
    This is my favorite part of PTO (this and the Day of Infamy). If you play as
    the United States you really have to work hard to win either of these parts of
    the game. The Japanese have a huge advantage until the end. So this game really
    comes down to who has the best tactics. I hope other game companies continue to
    make fun and exciting games like Koei does.
    I would like to thank Gamefaqs.com for putting this up and to KC0AYG for
    finding some of this stuff out long, long ago.
    This In-depth Guide on Midway and Counter Offensive is COPYRIGHTED Material. No
    Part of this guide maybe charged for $$$, altered, or changed without the
    expressed written consent of the Author "Sheepy99". This is intended to be a
    free guide on Gamefaqs.com

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