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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Edge AoM

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    A word about this FAQ
    This FAQ was originally only to be published on my website, the Temple of Sestren. After mucho
    praise from Panzer fans however, I decided to publish it on Gamefaqs...with CJayC's permission
    of course :)
    It took me a full 10 minutes to fully convert the FAQ into the right format (it was originally
    3 RTF files, with tabs...) and I hope it was worth it. Enjoy.
    Disclaimer and copyright
    I am not affiliated with SEGA, Team Andromeda or even Smilebit in any way.
    This FAQ is copyright Arc'engal (Edge AoM) 2002/2003. This FAQ may be used for private
    use. However, this FAQ is not for public display. Printing it in a magazine, then claiming it
    as your own is NOT on, and is NOT legal. I WILL find you out, little man.
    The following websites may use this FAQ:
    This FAQ is NOT to go on any other site without my permission. If you wish to use this FAQ,
    please e-mail Metallix@ntlworld.com with info on your site and why you want to use my FAQ. If
    I say no, then you can't use it. Simple. For more information about copyright, please visit
    Gamefaqs "Help" section.
    Thanks to:
    -Everyone at the Excavation Camp board for filling me in on bits I had missed out, especially:
    Atolm Rider
    SenorKaffee and his band of mutant squirrels (inside joke)
    -SEGA for producing the game
    -Team Andromeda for making the game
    -gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ
    Panzer Dragoon Saga FAQ
    Written by Arc'engal copyright 2002/2003
    Hi, I'm Arc'engal (aka Edge AoM). I decided to write this FAQ because I feel Panzer Saga is
    a great game, and it should therefore have a great FAQ available. This FAQ is different from
    most. In this guide, I am going to tell you how to get EVERYTHING in PDS. 100% complete. I'll
    also give you FOOLPROOF ways of finding, and dealing with, every monster, for the treasured
    "excellent" grade with them all. Lets get on with it!
    Start: Pauses game. In battle, this brings up the battle screen. Elsewhere, it brings up a
    screen where you can use items, change your dragon's class, or analyse Enemy Data.
    With Edge, On foot.
    D-pad up: Moves Edge forward (up screen in camp)
    D-pad down: Makes Edge turn around (down screen in camp)
    D-pad right/left: Turns Edge right/left (or walk right/left in relation to camera in camp)
    B button (held down): Makes Edge run instead of walk.
    L/R triggers: makes Edge run at an angle, rotates camera. (except in camp)
    A,C button: Brings up "sight" to "lock on" and investigate things or talk to people.
    With Dragon, outside of battle:
    B button (held down): Makes Dragon fly forward.
    B button held down with L button held down: Makes Dragon fly backward (slowly)
    D pad right/left: Makes dragon turn right/left.
    D pad up/down: Gain/lose altitude.
    A,C button: Brings up "sight", be it to break, access or enter something.
    L button: Freezes flying speed guage, allowing you to release B button
    (you must have the Kuo Pollen item to activate this feature).
    R button: Allows your dragon to perform a roll.
    If you have the Villatuya fruit from the Forest of Zoah, this move allows you to fly
    at the 4th flying speed.
    Y Button: Brings up area map (if one exists)
    Z Button: Brings up navigator. This allows you to enable a line on your radar towards the #
    destination of your choice, provided you have entered/accessed it before.
    D-pad right/left + R: Do a 180 degree turn.
    With Dragon, in battle:
    Z button: skips enemy intro (removes enemy name and screen borders instantly,
    allowing fight to start, unless a cut scene takes place before the fight).
    A Button: Enables Edge's gun:
    D-pad left/right: Change target (unless Tri-burst attachment is enabled).
    A button: fire
    B button: Cancel shot.
    B button: Fires Dragon's lasers.
    (no additional controls for Dragon lasers)
    C: Brings up battle menu:
    D-pad up/down: Moves cursor.
    A/C Button: Selects option
    B button: Closes menu/ returns to previous menu.
    D-pad left/right- Position Dragon in 90 degree moves around Enemy.
    Battle System:
    When you encounter an enemy, you'll see a small attack gauge at the bottom of the screen,
    composing of three bars. These fill up over time (quite quickly actually) and when a certain
    amount of bars are filled, you can perform certain moves. Any action though drains the gauge
    of the minimum amount of bars it requires. Heres a list.
    With ONE bar charged you can:-
    -use Edge's gun to attack enemies
    -use the Dragon's lasers to attack enemies
    -use an item to heal, attack, or upgrade
    -use a healing berserk (Heal, Heal-Maxis, Genesis, Recover, DOES NOT include Healing Wing)
    -configure Edge's gun attachment (see later section)
    -change your dragon's stats.
    With TWO bars charged you can do all of the above plus:-
    -use offensive and defensive berserk attacks
    With THREE bars charged you can do all of the above plus:-
    -use your dragon's skill (Valiant Wing or above)
    -use the full-guage class (upgrade) berserk that is relevant to your dragon's class
    (Valiant Wing or above)
    If you want to, you can chain attacks together. To do this, perform your first move, then
    hold down the button of your next move. For example, to chain a berserk into a laser shot,
    do this:
    -Acquire three bars on your attack guage (berserk requires two, laser requires one)
    -Open the battle menu, go to the Berserk List, choose your berserk attack.
    -As soon as the animation begins, hold down B.
    -When the animation is finished, as long as you are holding down B, you will use your lasers.
    You can chain up to 4 attacks this way. (Attack class counterattack, three normal laser moves).
    Attacks, except berserks, are set at a particular amount of damage. This amount can be raised
    in the typical RPG system of gaining levels. By defeating enemies, you will receive a certain
    amount of experience points. Gain enough of these and your dragon will gain a level, increasing
    it's health points, berserk points, and attack powers. Your dragon will also undergo
    *Model Changes*, where it's appearance changes and it also gets a small boost in all it's
    ratings. Model Changes also allow your dragon to fire more lasers in and out of battle.
    Your non-berserk attacks will do more damage if they hit the enemy's **weakpoint** (in some
    cases, thats the only way to do any damage!). A weakpoint is shown by a red and white crosshair,
    with the word "weak" below it. The first creature you encounter in PDS with a weak point is the
    first boss, the Baldor Queen. You'll see what I mean when you get there, because it is so
    Berserk attacks do NOT do extra damage to weak points. The same berserk does the same damage
    to every enemy, no matter where or how you strike (with some exceptions). Berserk's will be
    explained in detail later on.
    Some enemies have a resistance to certain attacks, meaning you must use the other normal attack
    for maximum effectiveness. To see if an enemy has a resistance or not, highlight the enemy with
    the snipe scope used during Edge's gun attack. If the enemy has a resistance, Anti-laser or
    Anti-shot will be displayed instead of the normal sight.
    An enemy with resistance will either:
    -Repel the attack completely, i.e. take no damage (example: The Gigra in it's defensive or final
    form will repel laser attacks).
    -Take less damage than most creatures (example: The lumid/Nanyd queen takes less damage from
    lasers than normal lumids/Nanyds.)
    -Absorb the attack, restoring it's health (This only applies to the Lucichs and Mutant Hoppers
    that live in the Underground ruins of Uru).
    Some enemies do not display resistance, but are completely invunerable, or EXTREMELY well armored
    from certain points. Example: Punishers are strong from the back, they take minimal damage.
    The Arachnoth boss repels some attacks from the front with it's strong shell. Again, Berserk
    attacks are not normally affected by this trait, usually.
    Note that the game tutorial tells you that very little damage will be done from a side attack.
    This is complete nonsense, and should be ignored.
    Above and to the left of your attack guage is the radar. The radar shows where you are in
    relation to the enemy, and how dangerous the area is. During this guide, the radar will be
    shown like this:
    Safe: (areas)
    Not Safe: (areas)
    Dangerous: (areas)
    Unusable: (areas) (note that this only occurs on a very rare basis)
    Safe areas are the GREEN portions of the Radar. In a green area, there is no chance of you
    being attacked.
    Areas which are Not Safe are shown as CLEAR sections of the Radar. In a clear area, there
    is a chance of an attack, but it will not be very powerful.
    Dangerous areas are RED. Stay out of them as much as you can, for they are where the enemy
    can direct it's strongest attacks. Unfortunately, weak points are often found in these areas.
    A RED area may also be an area where the enemy can launch an *abnormal status* attack. (see
    later on)
    Unusable areas are GREY. You can't move into these areas because of obstructions,
    such as cliffs, walls, or another part of the battleship you are fighting.
    Typical tactics, then, are to stay out of the red areas and in the green/clear areas. Use
    positioning to help you do this. Use the d-pad to move around the enemy or enemies in 90 degree
    movements, staying away from the red areas (unless thats where the *weakpoint* is). Beware: some
    areas can change in the middle of a fight, and some attacks will change direction so they fire
    at a different area. Some attacks can even cover everywhere around the enemy.
    Abnormal status attacks are rare, but deadly. If you get hit by one, your dragon receives an
    ailment which causes it a lot of problems. Here's a list of the status ailments, and the item
    that cures them. Note that "Recover" (the item) will cure any ailment.
    Condition                       Problem                                 Cure
    Stop                            Dragon can't move, but can attack       Free Action
    Stun                            Dragon can't shoot lasers or berserks   Revive
    Pain                            Enemy attacks do more damage            Anaesthetic
    Slow                            Gauge charges slower                    Restore Speed
    Bind                            Only one bar charges on gauge           Unbind
    POISON                          Dragon loses HP rapidly while in battle Antidote
    [Dragon Class]
    Now we are getting somewhere. This is the most complicated part of the combat system. Once you
    have defeated the Gigra boss in disc 1, your dragon undergoes it's first model change, from Basic
    Wing to Valiant Wing. This enables the "Type Select" system, and gives you 5 new berserks:
    Healing Wing, Assault Wing, Berserker Wing, Swift Wing and Protection Wing.
    These berserks are unique in that they require no Berserk points (BP). All they require is that
    your attack gauge has 3 full bars. They are also unique in that your dragon must be a certain
    type to use each one. Confused yet? =)
    Go to the "pause" screen and open the second option down. You'll open up a screen showing your
    dragon, and 4 bars that look like this:
    ATT ----------------100
    DEF ---------------- 100
    SPT ---------------- 100
    At the start of the game, you can't change these bars, because your dragon is only just awake.
    Once it's reached the Valiant Wing model, you can change these bars to prioritise the dragon's
    strengths. So, you could have something like this:
    ATT ------------------ 200
    In this example, your dragon's laser power and speed have been upgraded. For this to happen
    though, it's armor, and therefore defensive power, and Berserk capabilities must be lowered.
    Here's a brief guide to each attribute:
    ATT (Attack):
    Raising this rating raises your dragon's laser power, but reduces it's berserk powers. If the
    attack rating is over 150 and is the highest rating you have, your dragon is "attack class". For
    the Valiant Wing, it's nose will get longer.
    DEF (Defense):
    Raising this rating increases your dragon's armor, and therefore reduces the amount of damage it
    takes from enemy attacks. It has the unfortunate effect of reducing the speed of your dragon
    during battle, and has a minimal effect on the attack guage's filling speed. If the defense
    rating is over 150 and is the highest rating, your dragon is "Defense class". It will also look
    bigger and bolder than usual.
    SPT (Spiritual):
    Raising this rating reduces the amount of BP needed to perform a berserk technique, and increases
    the power of your berserk techniques. Unfortunately, your laser power decreases. If this rating
    is over 150 and is the highest rating, your dragon is "Spiritual class". Normally, these dragon's
    will look mysterious, and will change colour slightly.
    AGL (Agility):
    Raising this rating increases the speed at which your dragon moves around the enemy during a
    fight, and has a minimal effect on the speed of the attack guage filling up. For your dragon to
    be faster, it must be streamlined (in layman's terms that means it has to be as thin and
    aerodynamic as possible) and this means losing armor, therefore taking more damage from enemy
    attacks. If this rating is the highest you have, and it's over 150, your dragon is
    "Agility class". It will look thin, fast, and in many cases menacing.
    NRL (normal):
    This occurs when no rating is over 150. The dragon will look normal, or very similar to the way
    it was when it last changed model.
    Each class of Dragon has a skill and is able to use a particular full-gauge berserk when it has
    three bars in it's attack gauge. The following table shows the possiblities.
    Class                   Skill                     Berserk
    ATT                     Counterattack             Assault Wing
    DEF                     Increased Armor           Protection Wing
    SPT                     BP is slowly restored     Berserker Wing
    AGL                     Abnormal Status cancelled Swift Wing
    NRL                     HP is slowly restored     Healing Wing
    [Berserk Attacks]
    There are a grand total of 30 berserk moves in the game. Most are learned by gaining experience
    and levels. The EXTRA class berserks must be accessed by either collecting them, or by another
    kinda-secret way...
    Here is a list of the names, effects, BP used and number of gauge bars you need for each and
    every berserk in the game. I am writing this from memory so there may be some inaccuracy with
    BP used and levels achieved.
    Attack Class Berserks:
    (These cause the most damage to the enemy or target close to you, then slightly decreasing
    damage to subsequent enemies.)
    *Chain Laser*
    Around 16-24 BP, two gauges full
    Description: A single laser attacks all the enemies/targets on screen.
    Once your dragon reaches Level 3, it will learn this attack. It's a no-frills move, inflicting
     quite a good bit of damage. After Disc 1 is finished though, it becomes a bit redundant, as
    you'll have more powerful berserks, and the enemies will shrug the chain laser off.
    Rating: **
    *Laser Storm*
    Around 30BP,two gauges full
    Description: Lasers fall from the sky onto each enemy or target.
    About level 12, your dragon learns this. It's more powerful than the Chain laser, and is more
    impressive visually. Try using this against Nanyd or Lumid swarms, or a fleet of Punishers,
    for a real light show!
    *Prism Laser*
    Around 40-57BP, two gauges full
    Description: Pretty similar to the Chain Laser, only more colorful.
    Come the late 20's, your dragon learns the Prism Laser. It's pretty much the same as the
    Chain Laser visually, but a whole new world in terms of damage. Best used on enemies such
    as Enforcers.
    Rating: ***
    *Lightning Storm*
    60-90BP roughly,two gauges full
    Description: A bolt of forked lightning fires from your dragon and hurts all enemies.
    You get this berserk in the mid 30's level wise. It's a powerful weapon, and eyecatching.
    But unfortunately, it's BP is too much for the damage it inflicts. Best not used. Atolm uses
    it though.
    *Berserker Rage*
    190-240BP(!), two guages full
    Description: Countless Arrows of Light. 100 lasers fire from your dragon at everything on
    the screen.
    Late 40s. This is the most awesome attack, visually, in the entire game. 100 lasers of power
    around your normal lasers at level 5 fire towards your opponents, inflicting between 1000-2800
    damage. Panzer Dragoon Zwei fans will enjoy this move. Atolm can Berserker Rage too, but he
    only fires 50 lasers.
    Rating: *****
    Spritual Class Berserks:
    (These inflict the same amount of damage to all enemies on screen.)
    *Holy Sphere*
    20-30 BP, two gauges full
    Description: One large fiery explosion.
    This is the staple berserk attack. Many enemies throughout the entire game fall to this,
    despite getting it at level 5. It's effect can be equalled with a *Blast Chip* item, but the
    Holy Sphere's damage can be made greater than a chip by increasing spirituality.
    Rating: ****
    *Cleansing Wave*
    Around 30BP, two gauges full
    Description: Three green shockwaves fly across the battlefield.
    Boooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg. This berserk is good enough on damage, but
    the animation is boring as hell. It also takes a good bit more BP than a Holy Sphere for a
    little bit more damage. Best avoided, although it is useful until you get Judgment Day.
    Barely.You get it at level 14 or so.
    Rating: **
    *Judgment Day*
    65BP odds I think, two gauges full.
    Description: Two explosions, kinda like doing two Holy Spheres at once.
    Judgment Day is awesome. It is basically two Holy Spheres at once, but does more damage than
    two seperate Holy Spheres. It's effect is matched by a *Dual Blast Chip*, but again it's damage
    can be more. You'll need this later on for some more troublesome enemies, although the next one
    is better. You can use JD when you reach level 29 or so.
    Rating: ***
    Loadsa BP, about 80-101, two gauges full
    Description: Three explosions.
    Armageddon, named after the battle between Good and Evil to occur at the end of the world,
    is an AWESOME berserk. This thing inflicts 486 damage at 200 SPR, meaning it will wipe out some
    of the toughest and most armored enemies in the game, including dual Enforcers, Warships,
    Battlecruisers and Kolba. It doesn't involve Bruce Willis, but does involve lots of pain for
    medium BP. Great Stuff. Earned in the early 40's, level wise, but can be replicated late on by
    a *tri-blast chip*.
    Rating: *****
    *Dragon Phoenix*
    (shudders at amount of BP) 250-300BP,two gauges full.
    Description: Summons the Dragon Phoenix, an angel of fire.
    This is without a doubt the most BP you'll ever use at one time, but the effect is worth it.
    Calling on the Phoenix should only be done when you need serious damage FAST. Although it is an
    awesome visual effect, this attack should under NO circumstances be used with 200 ATT. It does
    too little damage for too much BP. In Spiritual mode, it's basically a smart bomb that
    exterminates EVERYTHING. Try it against Lumids or against the mighty Grig Orig. You must see it
    at least once, once you get it around level 50.
    Rating: *****
    Defence Class Berserks:
    (Healing and Shields basically)
    20BP I think,one gauge.
    Description: It does exactly what it says on the tin.
    This restores some HP to your dragon. It's the first berserk you get, so don't expect too much
    later on in the game. Early on though, it's alright, and you can even use it outside of battle.
    Some elixirs may have a better effect though.
    Rating: ***
    *Vengeance Orbs*
    40-60BP,two gauges
    Description: 6 or 7 orbs circle your dragon. They absorb the first enemy attack that hits you,
    then uses it's power against the enemy.
    This is the most important berserk in the game and you get it at level 13 or so. If this berserk
    didn't exist, the game would be at least 30% harder. This absorbs attacks, only to return the
    damage to it's sender (with two exceptions). It throws back a greater share of damage depending
    on spirituality. Absorbing such awesome attacks as Atolm's Lightning Storm, and the Imperial
    Cannon of Grig Orig is probably the best part of the game, satisfaction wise. It also doubles as
    a one-time shield, so you can stop the worst attacks hitting you. All at 50BP average. Amazing.
    Rating: ****** (even though it's out of 5)
    60BP roughly,one gauge
    Description: Heals more HP than Heal.
    No frills. Use it, get HP back, keep fighting. Level 26 or so. Is bettered by an Elixir Maxis
    90-120BP,two gauges
    Description: A time limited shield against all effects of enemy attacks, including status
    changes and damage. This works with all attacks except one of Sestren's, and the "Status Clear"
    move. It doesn't return damage like the vengeance orbs, but it lasts for multiple attacks. I
    think you get it at around level 32, but you can use shields in Disc 1 if you find Shield Chips,
    which replicate the berserk, but don't seem to last as long.
    130-odd BP,one gauge
    Description: Restores all lost HP.
    Another Biblical phrase. Genesis means beginning, and this move restores your HP to the way it
    was before you took any damage, i.e. full. Amazing later on, when you can restore around 3000 HP
    with it. Don't use it for small amounts of restoration, that's just dumb. You get it around the
    same time as the Berserker Rage.
    Rating: ****
    Agility Class Berserks:
    (A mixed bag)
    *Phantom Slashers*
    Around 30BP,two gauges
    Description: 5 blades of wind fly at the enemies.
    You get this at Level 4. It is great early on, and especially for some imperial foes (Gunships),
    but other berserks overtake it after a while. It's great for small battles against few enemies,
    but not for large ones against many enemies.
    4-6BP,two gauges
    Description: A bright light shines, and you escape from the battle you are in.
    Around level 12, you get this ability. Don't use it. It stops you getting as many exp points
    as you can, and limits your dragon's power. It also doesn't always work, as you can't use it
    against bosses or "chain fights". If your HP is low, you can restore it with elixirs or healing
    spells with one gauge. No need to use this at all.
    Rating: ZERO
    *Wraith Slashers*
    50BP I think,two gauges
    Description: An upgrade of the Phantom Slashers. It shoots more blades, but the blades inflict
    less damage.
    An upgrade that really limits the use of the Phantom Slashers. In fact you'll never need to use
    them again. You get in the late 20's, and it's great for larger enemies.
    Rating: ****
    60BP,one gauge
    Description: Restores normal status if you've been inflicted with an abnormal one.
    Good stuff. Means you won't ever need any items to counter afflictions. Or does it? No. Because
    you can't use this if you're "stunned", meaning it's not all encompassing. But, nevertheless,
    it's effective. Follow this guide and you won't need it though, especially in the part of the
    game around level 30 when you get it.
    Rating: ***
    110BP (roughly),two gauges
    Description: Phantom style blades with Wraith Style numbers.
    Also called "Blade Storm", Onslaught is the best value for BP you get in this game. It does
    well over 2000 damage, for around 110BP, provided of course that you are a spiritual class
    dragon. Once you get this, use it often.
    Rating: *****
    Full Gauge Class Berserks
    (And now for something completely different)
    *Healing Wing*
    0BP,three gauges,normal class dragon required
    Description: Restores HP.
    Although this is a powerful healing spell, and later on in the game is as effective as Genesis,
    having to be a normal dragon is a bummer. Better tactics for restoring HP include using Elixirs
    or using other healing spells. A cheap alternative to the norm, but only best used if you get a
    nice little "preparing" fight.
    Rating: ***
    *Assault Wing*
    0BP,three gauges, attack class dragon required
    Description: Increases laser power. Also adds a nice "lightning" effect around lasers fired
    This is good. For the price of three gauges, your laser attacks can be powered up by around 50%
    extra. The only problem is that *Power Chips* found from Disc 3 onwards require only one gauge,
    don't require an attack class dragon and have the same effect. The Assault wing is best used
    after firing up a *Speed Chip* while in Attack Class, then firing up Assault Wing when you've
    got three gauges. Also ineffective in small battles, best suited for bosses and rares.
    Rating: ***
     *Berserker Wing*
    0BP,three gauges,spiritual class dragon required
    Description: Restores around 200 BP.
    Sorry. Not good enough. Although this allows BP to be replenished, there are many other, faster,
    ways of doing so. Examples: Berserk leech/vampire gun attachments, Spiritual Skill, Berserk
    items. Best avoided.
    Rating: *
    *Swift Wing*
    0BP, three gauges,Agility class dragon required
    Description: Increases the speed at which your attack gauge fills.
    Awesome. The faster your gauge fills up the better. This means you can get more attacks in a
    shorter time, typically a third more. The only problem is *Speed Chips* only require one gauge,
    don't require an agility class dragon and have the same effect. Deja Vu. *Speed Chips* are also
    more available than most other chips, leaving this spell with limited use. Swift Wing is still
    good though. Like Assault Wing, it's best suited to those bosses and rares.
    Rating: ***
    *Protection Wing*
    0BP,three gauges,Defense Class Dragon required
    Description: Increases armor, decreasing damage taken.
    *Armor chips* perform the same function as this berserk, but for once there is an advantage to
    having the Defense class requirement. If your dragon uses Protection Wing and a *Speed Chip*, it
    can amass three gauges again and make use of the defense class skill: increased armor while
    three gauges are full. Useful against those nasty "You can't avoid me hahahahaha" attacks,
    such as Atolm's Lightning Storm, but Shields are better.
    Rating: ****
    Extra Class Berserks
    (Remember, you have to FIND extra class berserks, your dragon cannot learn them on his own.)
    *Energy Prism*
    Around 30BP,2 gauges full
    Description: A multicolored laser flies through the air before attacking a single enemy.
    Described in-game as "unstable".
    The Energy Prism is the "Poker game" of Berserks. Using it is a gamble, as the damage it
    inflicts is different every time. Once, I saw it do 1000+ damage, but another time it did 4.
    An easy way to see how much damage it will do is to watch how long it takes for the laser to
    hit the enemy. The more time it takes, the stronger the laser will be, typically. Best used
    against bosses, because it only attacks a single foe, usually the closest. Shouldn't be used
    in a pinch either.
    Found at Valley:
    Once you have beaten the first Baldor queen, Edge will point out an underwater cave. Enter
    the cave to find 3 items, one of which is the Energy Prism.
    Rating: ***
    *Plasma Vortex*
    Around 70BP,2 gauges full
    Description: A whirlwind of Energy is fired at a single opponent.
    This berserk is just plain awesome. Even with 200 ATT, this inflicts 720 damage, a huge amount
    for a berserk found so early in the game. With a high spiritual rating, it will do a lot more
    damage. Like the Energy Prism though, the Plasma Vortex only attacks a single enemy, making it
    best for boss fights. I personally like to use the Plasma Vortex as a finishing move, kinda like
    the lightning-sword in the old "Power Rangers" programme.
    Found at Uru:
    Once you have defeated the mid-boss and activated the second ruin in the South, two new doors
    will open in the central cave. Enter the one opposite the save device and fly along until you
    find two items and a switch. Access the switch, and head back to where you entered the cave. Fly
    into the other door that didn't open before and fly along it. The switch activated a door within
    this area that didn't open before, and there are three items for you to collect, one of which is
    the Plasma Vortex.
    Rating: ****
    *Hunting Scythe*
    Around 80BP,2 gauges full
    Description: A scythe of energy flies around the area inflicting damage to all the targets or
    enemies in sight.
    The hunting scythe is a good berserk to use if you're up against multiple enemies, particularly
    Imperial foes, but by the time you get it, you'll probably have a stronger berserk such as
    Armageddon to use instead. Pity, as the camera angle follows the scythe as it flies around the
    Found at the Underground Ruins of Uru:
    Once you have paid a visit to the Prototype-D chamber, and pulled the switch to fill the two
    water tanks, go back up to B2F. Fly back in the direction where the Prototype-D chamber was,
    but take the left branch as you near it. Fly over the water and break open the target to obtain
    the Hunting Scythe.
    *Plasma Swarm*
    Around 90BP,2 gauges full
    Description: Plasma blasts out of your dragon and attacks as many enemies as it can.
    The Plasma Swarm is a good berserk, inflicting over 1000 damage with high spirituality. But
    (and there's always a but) you don't get it until very late on in the game, when you're almost
    finished it in fact. It would have been better if you got it earlier on, but by the time you get
    it you have a lot of better berserks to choose from. Sad.
    Found at the Garil Desert:
    Once you have a full laser rank meter, go to the Garil Desert and lock onto the ship in the Worm
    Nest section. The ship was covering a passage that leads to an item: The Plasma Swarm.
    Rating: ***
    *Astral Phantoms*
    Around 60BP, 2 gauges full
    -Please see the corrections and additions supplement at the end of this guide for the Astral
    Phantoms information and advice-
    [Gun attachments]
    Don't worry, I'll start the adventure guide soon. One last section needs to be written,
    explaining the gun attachments. And here it is. Note that Attachments with an F in their
    section can be found for free.
    *Mauler*                                                Normal Cost: 3000 Dyne
    Increases Gun firepower by 20%
    Found at: Garil Desert, Caravan, Zoah, Seeker's Stronghold.     F
    *High Vulcan*                                           Normal Cost: 5000 Dyne
    Increases Gun firepower by 50%
    Found at: Caravan,Zoah,Seeker's Stronghold.
    *Pulveriser*                                            Normal Cost: 30000 Dyne
    Doubles Gun firepower
    Found at Seeker's Stronghold.
    (Do not buy this. It spoils the game immensely, and makes your dragon useless apart from flying
    on it)
    *Tri-Burst*                                             Normal Cost: 6000 Dyne
    Enables you to shoot three targets at once (the closest ones),doing slightly less damage
    to each target than a normal shot
    Found at Caravan,Zoah,Underground Ruins of Uru,Seeker's Stronghold.      F
    *Sniper*						Normal Cost: 12000 Dyne
    Inflicts great damage on any weak point, normal damage otherwise,some homing ability
    Found at Caravan, Zoah, Seeker's Stronghold.
    *Assassin*						Normal Cost: 20000 Dyne
    Increases Gun firepower by 90%, converges all firepower into single shot.
    Found at Seeker's Stronghold.						F
    (Pretty useless if the enemy is moving, you'll miss 90% of the time)
    *Berserk Leech*						Normal Cost: 6000 Dyne
    Adds to BP every time a shot does damage.
    Found at Caravan, Zoah, Seeker's Stronghold.
    *Berserk Vampire*					Normal Cost: 20000 Dyne
    Similar to Berserk Leech, only far more effective.
    Found at Caravan, Tower, Seeker's Stronghold.				F
    [DISC 1]
    After the very long FMV intro and the name entry screen,then even more FMV, you'll find
    yourself in an underground cavern. I got stuck here, would you believe? It's quite simple
    really. Go to the two pyramid like structures at the left side of the area and press A to
    "lock on" to them. You have to do it close up. In one, you'll find a shell plate. In the
    other, you'll find a gun and an "Elevator key". Walk over to the two structures at the back
    of the stage and "lock on" to them while near to unlock them. Walk to the area behind them and
    choose to "Ride the Elevator".
    [Above the Excavation]
    OK, you've got a dragon. This stage is really a chance for you to practise flying him without
    the threat of monsters. Use the controls listed above to fly to the other side of the excavation.
    There are two paths in this area. The right one holds a map ruin (that gives you a complete map
    of the area), a pyramid target (like the ones you saw underground), and several boxes hanging
    from ropes. If you lock onto these boxes you'll notice you can't break them, only access them.
    Repeatedly access them though, and the boxes fall off the rope, sometimes giving you an item,
    other times rewarding you with a flock of birds. You'll find a lot of sellable items here,
    including the most useless, Gara, a collection of rocks. =P
    Fly to the end of the area and enter the shaft using the lock on.
    [Excavation Site]
    Another walking bit. There are a couple of items hidden in the boxes: A dinys chip, worth
    10 Dyne, and some Stolarium. They are found in the box nearest the walled up mine, and the
    brown box right beside your captain. Captain!? Lock onto him for another FMV piece.
    Now your quest really begins! A tutorial will come up telling you about the combat system.
    Don't take all it's advice, some of it is rubbish. Read above for an indepth guide. Note that,
    at the moment, you can't change your dragon's class.
    When you've finished with the tutorial, turn around using the 180 degree turn (d-pad left/right
    + R trigger) and break the pyramid target that was behind you. It contains a *Telepathy Shard*.
    [A word about the Telepathy Shard]
    Telepathy Shards are the only non-usable in combat item that is worth anything. Notice the
    scope at the top right of the flying screen. Most of the time, it will be blue. When you have
    a small chance of encountering enemies though, it will turn yellow. When there is a large chance
    of encountering enemies, it will turn red, and possibly flash as well. If you don't have a
    telepathy shard, however, this won't happen. This increased awareness of enemy movement is
    near-enough vital for finding the "Rare" enemies that don't show up unless you are in a certain
    place. Always have at least one Telepathy Shard, no matter how much they sell for.
    Fly forward, locking onto any mining carts you see. Note that Edge describes them as "Imperial
    pieces of crap". Keep flying forward and if you see a mine entrance like the one at the end of
    the first flying section, enter it. Why? Because there's an item inside. After you leave the
    second mineshaft however, you'll be interrupted for the first time. It will likely be a flock
    of Pattergo. Check the monster list later in this section to find out their tactics.
    Continue flying North until you see a fan. Lock on to it, and you'll see a green circle. That
    circle shows that you need that high a laser rank to break the target. At the moment, your laser
    rank is zero. Outside of battle you can fire 1 laser, in battle, 4. When your laser rank
    increases, both numbers go up by one. The only way to increase your laser rank is to undergo
    a model change, which occurs every so often throughout the game.
    Keep flying north, locking on to Mine carts, and eventually you'll be blown away by a large
    collection of fans. Whoever designed this wasn't a rocket scientist though, it blows you in
    the direction of the switch to turn the fans off! It's inside the first mine shaft you see
    when you fly in that direction. Turn it off, then fly back to find the fans switched off. Fly
    through the mine shaft on the other side to find Canyon Deep Gulch.
    This area is a no brainer. Just keep flying north, fighting off enemies as you go. At the
    point with the first waterfall, you'll meet your first boss, the Baldor Queen. Kill her, then
    look behind the waterfall for a passage containing 3 pyramid targets. Fly out the way you came
    in and fly over the waterfall to find more items. Eventually you'll meet another Baldor Queen,
    and you'll see a final waterfall. Fly into this waterfall's cave, then save your game on the
    ancient device located inside. Now you're ready to face the boss.
    [Valley Enemies]
    Safe: 		Left,Right,Behind
    Dangerous: 	Front
    Tactics: Stay to the side or behind the pattergo and use your lasers to attack. You need to
    do this fight without moving, and within two shots to get an excellent rating. If you enter
    the fight in front of the pattergo, move before they attack you with the "green orb" attack.
    Safe:		Left,Right,Behind
    Dangerous:	Front
    Tactics: Occasionally you'll meet a Pattergen with a flock of Pattergo. Pattergen don't
    attack you, they just heal themselves or any of the damaged Pattergo. They heal Pattergo first
    before themselves, so use lasers to damage all 4 enemies, then while the Pattergen is healing
    the Pattergo, use your gun on the Pattergen. This should kill it, and you can use lasers on the
    Pattergo to finish them off. Again, make sure you don't fall in front of the Pattergo, to avoid
    their attack.
    Safe:		Behind
    Not Safe:	Left
    Dangerous:	Front
    (Note that from now on, I'll refer to this scope as "Traditional", because many enemies in the
    game use it.)
    Tactics: In the first part of the valley you'll only encounter a Baldor by itself. In Canyon
    Deep Gulch though, you'll find two of them at a time. 9 times out 10 you'll be in front of them
    at the start of the fight. Move quickly to the side to avoid their "Terrible Bite" attack, but
    you'll get hit by the "Spinal Arrows" attack. No problem. Move behind them, and they'll move
    behind you. Keep moving behind them until you have at least two gauges charged, then when they
    move behind you next, move to either side and fire your lasers, making sure they all attack the
    one Baldor. If you're lucky, it will die and you'll only have to one to face. Just keep attacking
    from the side to make sure that all your attack hits the one target. You need to do this without
    being hurt for an excellent, so keep at it.
    *Urchins, Magneta and Geleta*
    Safe: Varies
    Not Safe: Varies
    Dangerous: Varies
    Tactics: Geleta Urchins are no problem on their own. Charge up the gauge, then when an urchin
    is facing you (and you can see his weakpoint) use your laser if he's the closest one, or your
    gun if he's further away. Move into a green area, repeat.
    Magneta Urchins are harder. Once you inflict any damage on them, they get really ticked off
    and can use their "Magna Spines" attack, which inflicts more than 100 damage (and you've only
    got about 400hp!). Make the Magneta your primary target, and always go the weakpoint.
    Baldor Queen
    Mutated, Mid-Boss
    Safe: Front,Back
    Not Safe: Left/Right
    Tactics: The first boss you face is the Baldor Queen. You'll be able to charge up two gauges
    (and therefore attack twice) before she uses her "Vile Brood" technique. This summons lots of
    Baldor, so you now need to stay out of the red area or their "Terrible Bite" attack will hurt
    you BAD. Move around to the other side of the Baldor Queen, and use lasers on her weakpoint
    before the Baldor switch sides and join you. Don't worry about taking out any Baldor, they're
    basically to shield the Baldor Queen's weakpoint. Just aim for the Queen and take the victory.
    Part 1
    Safe: Varies
    Dangerous: Varies
    Part 2
    Dangerous: ALL
    Tactics: Your first real test. The Arachnoth is a tough costumer, with some strong attacks,
    but follow this guide and you can't go wrong. Note that, due to the large cliff face, there
    re only three areas you can move into.
    Part 1:
    The Arachnoth changes the ways it faces until it faces you, then it attacks you if you hang
    around too long. The secret is to get to one side and wait for it to face you, then move around
    the other side and attack it's back, where it's weakpoint is. You have to be fairly quick with
    this. If you dilly dally around for too long, the Arachnoth forgets that it can only attack up
    front and uses it's tentacles to attack you whereever you are flying. Get the Arachnoth's energy
    bar down to the yellow section to change it's attack pattern.
    Part 2: The Arachnoth is now very,very ticked. Moving around it's back to attack it's weakpoint
    isn't wise, it will turn around before you can fire,every time, so this makes the tactic useless
    and besides, the more positioning you do the less chance you have of that Excellent rank. Move
    to the "front" of the Radar (opposite the grey area) to make the Arachnoth do it's charge attack.
    That does 82 damage, so you may want to heal up, if you didn't heal up before you entered this
    fight. If you don't move to the "front" the Arachnoth does it's "Devour" attack instead, which
    hurts a lot, but doesn't help you beat it at all. The "Charge" attack causes the Arachnoth to
    smash it's head against a wall, which wasn't too smart because it is now unconsious. Attack it's
    weakpoint with lasers until it gets up, and charges again. It doesn't learn, because it knocks
    itself out again. Keep attacking the weakpoint with lasers until the Arachnoth bites the dust.
    [Cainus Village/Camp]
    After another massive FMV sequence, you'll find yourself in camp. Your dragon will recover any
    lost HP or BP. At this point you can go up to your dragon and give him a name. I recommend
    Spirit (after the horse in the new film) or Pandora, but call it what you want. Giving it a name
    makes it happy.
    Now, go and talk to Gash, the guy you rescued from the Arachnoth. He'll ask you if he can come
    with you across the desert to meet up with another "seeker". You get a yes/no option box. You
    don't have any choice in the matter; selecting "no" means he just pushes harder, and uses the
    same statement repeatedly. Select "yes", then ask him about "crossing the Garil Desert". Once he
    has finished talking, save your game by locking onto the tent at close range, then cross the
    blue line around the camp to be given the option to leave.Do so.
    [Garil Desert]
    Worm Lair:
    This first section seems easy enough, but you soon met up with the monsters and believe me, they
    are tougher than they were in the valley. Gash gives you some helpful advice with most of them
    though, which comes in very handy.
    There's a little secret here. There are three arches just north of where you start. Fly through
    them (not over them) to make a Giant Worm open up a secret passage. At the end of the passage is
    a pyramid target, with 3 shield chips inside. These come in very handy.
    Leave the passage, then go towards where all the other giant worms are. You'll see some mounds
    that, from time to time, let off purple smoke. Lock onto it, and you'll soon see what it is.
    Afterwards, a worm burrows another tunnel for you, which takes you to the second section.
    Green Oasis:
    Simple as hell. Go to the Oasis at the centre of the level and you'll get a cut scene. Lock onto
    the ruin you see after the cutscene, and it will start to glow. Look around the area for some
    blue plant things, and there will be another ruin there. Lock onto it to break it, and unblock
    the Oasis, allowing you access to the third and final section.
    Again, there's a secret here. Listen for a worm. You'll see one stuck in a sand whirlpool
    thing. Lock onto it, and you'll free it. Then, it's mother will open up another passage for you.
    This one is SERIOUS paydirt, there's a Mauler gun attachment at the end of it. This increases
    your gun firepower by 20%! Now leave the area, but remember to get the other pyramids above
    ground first.
    Blue Ruins:
    The Final Section of the Desert. Look for more blue plants. Start "access"ing them, and
    eventually one will drop a red item. Lock onto it to pick it up. That's the Kuo Pollen (named
    after Jason Kuo of Sega Enterprises) which allows you to press L and fly at a continous speed.
    You don't need to hold down B anymore.
    Fly through the alley-like rocks to find a large plain. Dotted around are two statues, as well
    as lots of Pyramid targets. Get all the items, and break both statues to open up the doorway
    out of the Desert. Now get ready for a serious fight.
    [Garil Desert Enemies]
    *Nanyd Swarm*
    Mutated, Common
    Scope: Traditional
    Tactics: Gash points out that the red one is the Queen Nanyd. Note that the Queen is partially
    resistant to lasers. Stay in the green, use lasers to blast through some Nanyds, then use Edge's
    gun to kill the Queen. The rest of the Nanyds fly off when the queen is dead.
    *Stryder Pack*
    Safe: Front,Left,Right
    Dangerous: Behind
    Tactics: Stay at the side and charge up some gauges. After a while the pack will move in front of
    you, so blast them with lasers.
    *Stryder Scavengers*
    (A collection of Nanyds and Stryders)
    Not Safe: Left/Right
    Dangerous: Behind,Front
    Note: This is the "Dragon" scope configuration, so thats what this will be called from now on.
    Tactics: There is no area to charge up gauges without being attacked, so you need some serious
    firepower,fast. Stay at the side and take a Swarm attack, then use Holy Sphere to take
    EVERYTHING out in one shot.
    Safe: Varies
    Not Safe: Varies
    Tactics:Bloody weird looking things these.You're safe as long as none of them are facing you,
    so get to a safe area. Use your mauler gun attachment (you'll have it by now) on their
    weakpoints, or use lasers if the weakpoint is close enough. If you hit one but don't kill it,
    then it'll turn and face you, so be ready to move.
    Scope: Traditional
    Pludgers are always accompanied by Nanyds. The Pludgers weakpoint is at it's back, so fly around
    and use your gun on it. You may get swarmed by the Nanyds, but it doesn't matter. DO NOT attack
    the Pludger from any other direction. If you do, it counterattacks, and this thing can hurt you
    Not Safe: ALL
    Dangerous: ALL
    Tactics: I know the above looks weird but obviously not at the same time! =)
    The secret to beating the Lathum is to find it's pink weakpoint. It's under one of the targets
    on the Lathum. Circle around the Lathum and use your lasers until you find the weakpoint. Each
    side you use lasers on goes dangerous after you fire though, so pray you find the weakpoint
    fast. If it all goes red and you still haven't found the weakpoint, then fire up a shield chip
    (that you got before you fought this thing) and use chain laser to find it. The Lathum's
    Scalding Breath hurts, so make sure you use those chips, but keep one in reserve, don't use them
    all. Once you find the weakpoint, use the gun to fire directly at it, until it's dead.
    Mutated, Boss
    This is a long and complicated boss, so I'll forget the scope for now.
    When you first enter the cave to exit the desert, you'll meet a Gigralyph. It's harmless
    (it doesn't attack you) so shoot at it. On the third shot though, it will start chirping and
    you'll see something BIG moving towards you. Keep shooting the Gigralyph until the Gigra
    surfaces. Then keep up the assault on the Gigralyph until it's pathetic little energy bar
    runs out.
    The Gigralyph and the Gigra will become one being now, and changes into it's mobile form,
    with a Traditional scope. Luckily, like most bosses, this thing has a weakpoint. Stay behind
    the Gigra until it moves you around to it's front. Then use your GUN (no lasers) on it's
    weakpoint. Get round the back again and repeat.
    If the Gigra goes underground, fire up that last shield chip because there's going to be a
    Cave-in, which can take off 3/4 of your HP. That's why you need the shield. When the Gigra
    emerges, it will change into it's defensive form.
    The Gigra's defensive form is harder to beat than it's mobile form. For one thing, there is no
    safe area, and you seemingly can't attack it's weakpoint because it puts it's arms in front of
    it's face. To solve this, fly to it's left or right and use your lasers. They'll bounce off
    (Anti-laser) but that arm will be paralysed. Do this to both arms then start the shooting of
    the weakpoint. You should be able to kill the Gigra fast.
    But it isn't dead. Instead it changes form AGAIN into a massive winged beast. To beat it,
    simply repeat the pattern for it's mobile form. Only this time be even faster, because the
    Gigra likes to use it's Rain Of Spears attack, which does 100+ damage. It isn't much of a
    problem though, and before long the Gigra is toast.
    ***MODEL CHANGE***
    Basic Wing ------------------> Valiant Wing
    At this point you'll find yourself in camp. Gash gives you a pendant and tells you to go to
    a Travelling Caravan where he knows some people. Pet your dragon and head for the caravan from
    the map.
    When you reach the caravan, everyone, except the small boy named Enkak, will just tell you to
    beat it. That is, until you enter the tent closest to the entry gate. Inside you'll meet the
    leader of the Caravan, An'jou. He'll tell you that Crayman (the guy you are out to get for
    killing your captain) headed north to the forbidden zone. You will be heading that way soon.
    Head for the tent furthest from the entrance and talk to the shopkeeper inside. Then, select
    "make a deal" and sell EVERYTHING you have EXCEPT elixirs,berserk items,status herbs
    (free action,revive etc) and a telepathy shard. Then make your way to the Forbidden Zone.
    [Forbidden Zone]
    The last part of Disc 1. Your aim here is to find all the access targets dotted around the area,
    and reconstruct the ruin in the middle of the map. It's common sense. Note that if you are trying
    to get 100% completion, you must cover this whole map before you finish this section.
    Note that you now have the ability to change your dragon's class. My recommendation for this
    area is 200 ATT,150 AGL. I'll only list the highest ratings when I make these recommendations
    to save time.
    Once the ruin is reconstructed (and you've covered the map) heal up and change your dragon to
    200 AGL, 199 ATT. Then lock onto the ruin in the middle to be taken to the final battles of
    Disc 1.
    [Forbidden Zone enemies]
    Scope: Traditional
    Tactics: You'll meet these things a lot. They are no problem. Fly around the back of them
    (where their weakpoints are and where it is safe) to activate their evasion system. They will
    now dodge lasers, but not shots. If you take out the Lazara with the big horn on it's front,
    the evasion system fails and you can use your lasers as normal. Easy.
    *Lazara Skimmers*
    Scope: Traditional
    Tactics: These things are harder. Some are underwater to start with. To take them out fast,
    fly around front (where the creatures weakpoints are) and look at the enemies. If they all
    look the same, use lasers. If there is a difference, use your gun on the one that looks
    different. This will cause the others to surface. If the different one has just surfaced, use
    your gun on him. Otherwise, more lasers will finish off the Skimmers. Piece of cake.
    *Crayman's Elite Guard*
    Black Fleet,common/midboss
    Tactics: This is your first fight against non-organic foes, but don't bottle it. Your first
    fight is against two ships called Punishers. These can be taken out with one shot each, but
    use the time you have moving into the green area behind them, charging up your gauge. Use Swift
    Wing once you have three gauges. Then open the battle menu and change your dragon's type to
    200ATT 199AGL. Use Assault Wing when three gauges are charged. Then move around front when you
    have two gauges charged and use your gun on the Punisher's weakpoints. Be careful you don't
    shoot a mine by accident, because that wastes a gauge.
    Now you'll be attacked by the flagship. Move around the back to the safe area. It quickly
    becomes dangerous when a homing mine is loaded. Move to the right of the ship, and it will
    reposition. It will then deploy the mine. Repeat this and the ship goes into Sub-Cannon mode.
    Stay in front of, or behind, it to avoid it's guns. Thats the defense pattern, just keep using
    your lasers throughout to inflict damage and soon the flagship collapses.
    *Atolm Dragon*
    Scope: Dragon
    Oh dear. Atolm is a very large, black Dragon that you'll encounter throughout the game. Luckily
    he hasn't woken up properly yet, so he's fairly easy. He's also one of the few enemies in the
    entire game to be invunerable to berserks, unless they hit his weakpoint, and even then he's
    Tactics: After the cut-scene, use Assault wing. Then wait for Atolm to move behind you. Move
    back to the side (stay in front of him and you're dead). When you have three gauges charged,
    wait for him to move, then move behind him and use your lasers on the weakpoint at the base of
    his tail. Move back round to the side quickly, otherwise he'll use Warp, and it hurts.
    When Atolm's rider says "Ne-rai" (Which apparently means "Rain Death on him") move to Atolm's
    front. Atolm will Berserker Rage behind him (or to the side if you didn't move). When he's
    finished, move to the side and repeat the pattern until he's driven off.
    [DISC 2]
    Head back to the caravan to see that Baicah, the shopkeeper, has some new items for you. If you
    have enough money, purchase both *High Vulcan* and *Sniper* gun attachments (one of each, there
    is no accumulative bonus as far as I know). Sell your *Mauler* gun attachment for 1500 dynes if
    you haven't got enough. If you still don't have enough, you will get a little more money in a
    while, so be patient. The *Sniper* is your main priority (i.e. if you only have enough for one,
    get the *Sniper*). Don't forget to sell the useless items, e.g. Shell Plates.
    Now, go to the only tent you haven't been in yet, if you've followed this guide completely. It's
    the one furthest from the entrance, not facing you. Inside, you'll meet An'jou's wife and
    daughter. Talk to the wife to be told of a village to the East. That's where you're going next.
    [Village Of Zoah,Liberal District]
    Zoah takes some explaining. It is split up into 2 districts, which in turn are split into 5
    areas. Here's the areas:
    Liberal District Gates
    Liberal District Storage
    Holy District Church
    Holy District Manse
    Holy District Well
    When you enter Zoah, you'll be in the Gates section. It'll likely be sunset. If it isn't, try to
    leave, then select "Wait until nightfall".
    Talk to the guy wearing red in front of you. He'll tell you that he's a hunter, and his names
    Radgam. This doesn't seem important just now, but it becomes important in a while.
    Note the gates opposite where you came in. They're "locked" just now, so you can't go through
    I would draw some ASCII art here, but I can't,because I suck at it. So I'll describe what you're
    supposed to do in extreme detail.
    Note that there are some stairs to the left. Go up them, and in the distance you will see a blue
    door. That's the entrance to the bar. Lock onto it, and go in.
    Inside, you'll see a girl beside the door. She's one of the owners, but it isn't worth talking
    to her. The guy you want to talk to is the guy on the left of this floor, inside the ring of
    pots. Talk to him once, and then again. He'll tell you he'll only talk if you buy a drink. It's
    20 dynes, so it isn't too expensive. Edge will feel sick upon drinking it, but the bar manager
    will ask you if you like it. Say you do, and he'll give you an *Elixir Midis* for nothing. He'll
    then talk to you about whatever you want. In this case, select the first option. You'll start a
    lengthy conversation and he'll give you an item: the Tower Picture. He'll also tell you to "talk
    to Paet" during the day. Leave the bar, and go back to the entrance of Zoah. Wait until daytime
    (select it from the menu, idiot, don't physically wait for daytime! =)  )
    Now it's daytime. Look in front of you and you'll see two men and a large amount of grain.  Talk
    to the guy in white, he's important. Talk to the other guy as well. Neither of them will really
    give you any information, but it's useful to talk to them anyway.
    Now go up the stairs that you went up previously, and walk up to the bar door. It's locked, but
    turn right. You'll see another flight of stairs (or is it a slope, I forget). Go up them, and
    look for a door to the right hand side once you've gone up. This is Abner's house. He's the
    gatekeeper during the night. Talk to him REPEATEDLY until he asks you if you can loan him 100
    dynes. Laugh at the comical thought at the bottom of the screen, then leave.
    Head back to the bar door and look to the left of it. You will see a passage. Go through it, and
    wince at the slowdown. When you are through the passage (and into the area I call "Liberal
    District Storage"), you will see a guy putting things in a box. Talk to him, then look to your
    right. There is a house (which is always locked, don't bother trying it) and behind that there
    is a well. You can go through it, to "Holy District Well". There is only one thing of interest
    here, a door behind you. If there is a small boy inside, talk to him and he'll offer you a
    *ring* in exchange for keeping quiet about his hiding place. That ring is worth 2500 dynes, so
    you should now be able to afford the High Vulcan if you don't have it already.
    Head back through the well and look to the left when you come out. You'll see a house door.
    That's the hunter that you met earlier's house. Go into the basement (walk to the left of the
    screen) and you'll find him. Talk to him repeatedly, then lock onto the gun on the wall. He'll
    tell you not to. Talk to him again, and again, and again, until he says something different.
    This will be a small test of your knowledge of monsters. The questions are simple:
    Against Baldor, where is it safe? Behind
    Which creatures do not live in the valley? Hoppers
    Name a characteristic of the Lazara? Dodges lasers
    What is the Horned Stryders attack? Paralysing Shard
    How do you kill a Lathum? Find it's weak spot
    What does a Pludger summon? Nanyds
    Magnata or Gelata, which is stronger? Magnata
    I can't remember if thats the exact order or not. Get all of them right, and Radgam gives you a
    *Tri-burst* gun attachment for free. Leave the house.
    Head as far as you can forward, past the grey wall. Turn right, and you'll see an opening. Go
    through it, and you'll see someone wearing pink servicing some sort of machine. That's Paet, the
    guy you have to talk to. Do so.
    He'll tell you to get him some parts, so lets go get those parts! If your dragon isn't at 100%,
    go to camp to restore HP and BP, then go to Georgius (beside where the Forbidden Zone was on the
    map). Make sure you're ATT/AGL type before going there though.
    When you enter Georgius, you'll see a huge cyclone. Pause the game, equip the *triburst*, and
    start flying toward the cyclone. You'll get into a few fights against familar enemies. Lock onto
    the cyclone when you've had 4 fights, and you'll descend.
    You'll see some robots around a huge great cyclone. If you want 100% of everything in the game,
    you have to cover this entire map. Get the glyph from the ruin somewhere beside the tornado, and
    start flying about.
    For some odd reason, there's a robot on the water you can't destroy (a green circle appears).
    When you lock onto it, however, water spouts form and destroy it. Weird.
    Once you've covered the map, get back to the cyclone and break open all the pyramid targets.
    Then, lock onto the robots dotted around the cyclone. After the small cut-scene, try and fly
    into one of those boulder things circling the tornado. You'll get into a fight. After you've won,
    take out the rest of the robots and the tornado dies. You'll now see an ancient ship. If you've
    played Panzer Dragoon Zwei, you will recognise it in a second. Under the ship, there's a pyramid
    target. Break it open to receive "ship parts". You'll now leave Georgius.
    [Georgius Enemies]
    You've met them before. See Forbidden Zone for tactics.
    *Lazara Hunting Group*
    Scope: Dragon
    This is one of those fights where you have two different types of enemies to deal with. Up
    front, you have the Lazara. Covering their backs are some Lazara Skimmers.
    Tactics: There are three main tactics here.
    a) Dodge behind the Lazara. When you see green stuff forming around the skimmer's heads, dodge
    to the side to avoid their ray blast. Repeat until you have 2 gauges, then use Holy Sphere.
    b) Do the above, but when you have two gauges, dive in front of the Lazara and use your triburst
    to kill the front three Lazara. They'll drop the skimmers, so they die as well. Use your second
    gauge on the final Lazara.
    c) Get behind the Lazara and use your first gauge to take out the skimmers. The Lazara go into
    Evasion mode. Use the Tri-burst to take three out, then use it again to destroy the last one.
    Dangerous: ALL
    You ONLY meet these guys if you collide with a boulder around the cyclone. If you don't do that,
    you can't get these guys and you can't get 100% Enemy Data collection rate.
    Tactics: Shoot them repeatedly with Triburst until they die. Easy. Don't let them get behind the
    boulder though, otherwise 4 Stone Slashers attack you, not 3.
    Go back to Paet and give him the parts. He tells you they are just junk, and he wants to you to
    get something better. *sigh* Back to Georgius then. Before you go, you MUST have the High Vulcan
    gun attachment. Get it from the shop right in front of the gates if you don't have it.
    The music is the same as the Forbidden Zone this time. Note that there more items dotted about
    the place. Get them. You'll also notice little, dark, pyramid shaped rocks. You can't do anything
    with these at the moment so forget about them. You'll also notice that someone has dug a hole
    into the side of the ship. Change your dragon's type to SPR 200/AGL 199 before you lock onto it,
    and make sure you have High Vulcan enabled on your gun.
    You'll get 3 massive FMV sequences, that tell a lot of the story, and you'll be then thrown into
    a massive battle.
    After which, you'll be at camp. Leave, and Gash gives you the REAL ship parts. But before you go
    back to Zoah, go to the caravan.
    [Georgius Enemies Part 2]
    Imperial, Mid-boss
    Not Safe: Front, Back
    Dangerous: Left,Right
    (This is the "Battleship" scope pattern)
    Tactics: The Gunship has some impressive armor. Your shots and lasers just bounce off really, not
    doing much damage at all. The secret is to use berserks. The Phantom Slashers are awesome for
    this. If you have Wraith Slashers, use that instead, or Prism Laser. Don't use Spiritual Berserks
    though, they don't do as much damage. Once you've got the ships energy quite a bit down, the
    beast underneath it destroys it and starts flying. Now you have to face it.
    *Guardian Dragon*
    Pure, Boss
    Scope: Dragon
    Panzer Zwei fans will be having Deja Vu. This guy was the final boss of Panzer Zwei, and he is
    just as hard here.
    Tactics: There are a number of tactics you can use against this guy.
    The first is to get to the front of him and, using your High Vulcan, keep shooting at his nose.
    From time to time, he will cease function, but he'll reactivate soon enough, so keep blasting.
    Don't bother with Berserks, they bounce off his nose. He'll attack you, but you'll do more
    The second is to get behind him and wait for the "Light Particle Charge" to start. Then, move to
    the side and use lasers. If you want to use this tactic, change back to ATT 200/AGL 199 before
    hand. When the Light Particles are released, fly behind him again. Repeat.
    If the message "Open Plate" appears, change your tactics to this. Fly behind him and shoot at
    his weakpoint. Whatever you do, don't stay upfront, otherwise he'll Tail Uppercut you. This move
    HURTS. When "Close plate" appears, revert back to your original tactic.
    When you have him down to his red energy bar, he'll go berserk and start hitting you for 100
    damage a time. The secret is to fire up Vengeance Orbs before hand, then to attack his weakpoint
    before he fires Berserk Laser. He'll fire, but you won't get hurt. Shoot again to finish him off.
    **Model change**
    Valiant Wing --------> Stripe Wing
    When you enter the caravan at night, at this point, you'll see An'jou cutting up an un-named
    monster. Talk to him and he SHOULD give you a book called the "Dragon Bible". If he doesn't,
    leave and come back.
    Now, go to the Garil Desert.
    [Return to Garil Desert]
    Now that you're buffed up, go back to the Garil Desert, and fly through it until you reach the
    Blue Ruins. Fly around the ruins until you find a part where your radar goes _yellow_ (easiest
    one is around the statues that you had to break), then fly around that area. Eventually you'll
    meet some rare enemies......
    *Sand Mites*
    Mutated, RARE
    Scope: The exact reverse of Stryders.
    Tactics: Stay behind them until they move behind you. Then, use your lasers on their frontal
    weakpoints. Repeat.
    Go back to Paet, and you'll get another cut-scene. He saw you riding the dragon (uh-oh) but he
    promises not to tell anyone as long as you give him a ride some time. Phew. He'll also tell you
    about Uru. That's where you're going now.
    Make sure you have Sniper and High Vulcan gun attachments (if you don't by now, you should be
    ashamed!). Then, head to camp, then Uru. Make sure to pet your dragon at camp to get some
    spiritual closeness points.
    This is one of the longest parts of the game. Basically, you have to activate two ruins on this
    side of a large cliff, and that will activate another ruin on the other side. Unfortunately, you
    need a key for each ruin, and they're on the other side of the cliff. Oh, and there's a rare
    monster here that you have to get NOW. You can't get it later. Basic plan:
    -Head North from starting point
    -Look for hole in cliff. Lock onto nearby whale when it's beside the hole.
    -Fly past hole, find turntable thing. Activate it 3 times.
    -Fly into tunnel
    -Fly through tunnel,
    -Come out other side,defeat enemy fleet, look around for an "access" dot on your radar (green).
    Access the ruin to get a key.
    -Fly back through tunnel, defeat enemy fleet, lock onto ruin.
    -Repeat above to get key no.2, activate ruin No.2
    I am sorry for being vague, but this is a very repetitive level, and to give you exact detail
    would bore the hell out of you. The only bits that should give you any trouble is to lock onto
    the whale (it surfaces in three places, you want the one closest to the hole), and which key
    goes to which ruin. Well, assuming that the way you are facing when you come out the tunnel is
    South, the first key goes to the ruin in the west (to the right) and the second goes to the ruin
    in the east (left). You can't get the two keys at once, you have to get them one at a time.
    Before you unlock each ruin, however, you'll be attacked by the black fleet. They all have
    weakpoints, so they shouldn't be too difficult.
    When you have activated the two ruins in the south (where you began), you'll face a boss. Go
    through the tunnel one more time (getting the Plasma Vortex berserk attack in the process, see
    Berserk list up top for details), and find the last key. Lock onto the bit of the ruin that
    sparks occasionally to complete the section, except for the boss.
    If you want 100% enemy data collection, you must find the rare monster before you go through the
    tunnel to get the second key.
    Try to be ATT/AGL type for this area.
    [Uru Enemies]
    *Lumid Swarm*
    Mutated, Common
    Nanyds, but slightly stronger. Use the exact same tactics (see Garil Desert for Nanyd tactics).
    Note that during the day, it will be a normal swarm. During the sunset and at night, the swarm
    will be all queens. In this case, use berserks. Holy Sphere works best.
    Mutated, RARE
    You saw these things in Panzer Dragoon 1.
    Safe: Behind
    Dangerous: Left,right,front
    Tactics: Have your triburst ready. If you don't have it ready, then change to it in mid-battle
    by opening up the battle menu. Charge up gauges, then let them fly behind you. Using triburst,
    lock onto the front three and take them out in one shot, then do the same for the back three.
    Note that lasers are ineffective; Dracolyths are partially _anti-laser_. Alternatively, use
    Mutated, Common
    Haven't we seen these before? Same tactics. You'll normally only meet these things at sunset.
    Black Fleet, common
    Scope varies
    Tactics: This thing relies on a large, rotatable cannon called the Reaper for most of it's
    attacks. Keep moving to avoid the Reaper, and use lock-on lasers on the front of the ship. Note
    that the reaper will overheat after a while, leading to the biological weapons being made ready.
    This gives you a poison condition, so watch out.
    Black Fleet,common
    Dangerous: Front,back
    Tactics: Dodge around them, staying out of the red, until they move in front of you. Use your
    triburst or your lasers on their weakpoints. Simple. Don't attack from the side, they just dodge
    *Aerial Attack Group*
    This is a combination fight. You have an annihilator, plus three infernos to deal with. This
    isn't so hard, pretty much the same as the annihilator fight with the front being dangerous all
    the time because of the infernos. Use Holy Sphere to take out the infernos, then take out the
    Annihilator EXACTLY the same way as before
    You've met them before, before you fought Craymen's flagship. See the tail end of the "Forbidden
    Zone" guide for details. Only this time, there's three of them.
    *Attack Group*
    Another combination fight, composed of one punisher and three rogues. The rogues don't attack
    until the punisher is totalled, so take them out first by attacking their rear weakpoints with
    lasers. Then, take out the punisher in the same way you always do.
    Pure, Mid-boss
    Dangerous: ALL
    Tactics: Ohhhhhhhhhhh dear. This guy is tough. At the start, fire up some vengeance orbs. DO NOT
    change to SPR before hand, it means you won't have enough time to defend yourself. Now, if you
    get lucky and get a third gauge, use *triburst* to attack both sides of Drenholm at once (one
    target will just bounce the shots off). When Drenholm uses Thunderstorm, and he will, ignore it
    because you've got a shield. Just keep firing at his engines.
    When both are broken, Drenholm splits into two. This is the only part of the battle where you
    can harm him. Stay behind Drenholm and attack his weakpoints with Triburst. When Drenholm fires
    Eyebeam, you'll get hit, but won't take any damage. You WILL get a stop condition though, so use
    free action to get free. When you are free, move to one of Drenholm's sides and wait for the
    "Lightning Needles". When they are fired out, move back to where you were and resume shooting.
    Drenholm will use Thunderstrike. Don't worry, it'll be directed towards the needles, which are
    at the side. They'll miss you. Keep firing and Drenholm is toast. If you don't KO him now, he'll
    repair his engines, but this just means the first bit is repeated again. No problem.
    *Atolm, Orbs*
    Pure, Boss
    Remember him?
    Scope: Dragon
    Tactics: Atolm this time has 4 orbs with him. The orange ones will increase his laser power when
    he shoots to either side, the green ones allow him to use his regeneration technique. Needless
    to say, the orbs must go. Before you go into this fight, make sure you have a SPR/AGL type
    dragon and a Sniper gun attachment.
    Now, once you're in the battle, fire the most powerful spiritual berserk you have, probably
    Judgment Day. This will severely weaken the orbs, if not KO them altogether. Use a Holy Sphere
    to finish them off, then use the same tactics you used on Atolm before, but use the sniper gun
    on his tail instead of the lasers.
    Notice that Atolm's energy bar starts at purple. This is the point in PDS where the game stops
    giving you an easy time. Purple energy bars mean that Atolm has more HP than a normal energy bar
    can show, i.e. a lot.
    When you get Atolm down to about his green energy bar, he'll change his attack pattern. This
    time he'll fire lasers at you, then use a new attack: Lightning Storm. Make sure you have the
    Vengeance Orbs up, otherwise you'll suffer. After that, he'll berserker rage. Just get to the
    front and repeat the process, attacking the weakpoint whenever you can, to defeat him.
    [Underground Ruins of Uru]
    That was good. You beat the hardest boss in the game up until now, but guess what? Now you're
    trapped underneath Uru, in the laboratories of the Ancient Age. Nice one.
    This area is different from any so far in the game. For one thing, you don't have a dragon.
    Instead, you navigate the area and fight with a "floater".....which floats. But it can also fire
    lasers. What it can't do is use berserks, so you can't use berserk attacks while you're on the
    floater. You may also notice that your laser rank has decreased all the way down to zero again.
    Don't worry, that's only temporary. Finally, you can't go UP slopes, only down.
    This is, in my opinion, the second most BORING part in the game. The music may be calming, but
    that doesn't disguise the fact that this section is 9/10ths story. Never mind.
    Like Uru, I'm just going to give you a general guide, because the long one is too......long
    Find switch for Door  #1, activate
    Go through Door #1, look for switch #2.
    Go ALL the way around the circle, not just until you find the switch, making sure you get all
    the items.
    Go through Door #2.
    Go down on the elevator.
    *If you are trying for 100%, you must go down both the hole that is now in front of you and the
    one a little bit along the corridor. otherwise, don't*
    Fly along to the end of the corridor on the right, ignoring the branch off.
    Go down the slope, then keep going.
    Activate the switch, then go down the hole.
    Make your way back up to B2F, then go forward once you are out of the lift.
    Enter the dome.
    GET THE MAP!!!!!
    Go to B3F, save game.
    Go left until you reach the switch (activate it obviously), then return and go right.
    Go to B4F. Ignore the items.
    Go forward, then right, then left, then straight.
    Take the Dome  Gate  Key.
    Make your way down to the elevator back to B4F.
    NOW get the items.
    Go back to B3f, then go to the Dome.
    Boss, Boss.
    Simple eh?
    If you're damaged, then fall through a waterway (like the one you use to get to
    B3F) then all your HP will be healed!
    [Underground Ruins of Uru Enemies]
    All enemies have this scope:
    Not Safe: ALL
    *Mutant Hoppers and Lucichs*
    Common, Mutated
    These are the common garden bad guys here. They are found in three forms: Egg, walker and flier,
    with each subsequent form being more powerful than the last.
    The big problem with Mutant Hoppers and Lucichs is that they are each only vunerable to one of
    the two attacks you have available at the moment. Hoppers are vunerable only to lasers, Lucichs
    to shots. Both are vunerable to berserk attacks, but at the moment you can't cast them. Blast
    chips take them out instantly, though, so use them if you get into difficulties.
    Azel claims that "The monsters down here are more deadly than any you've encountered so far."
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a load of RUBBISH. Hoppers inflict 8 damage per attack, Lucichs only
    slightly more. With 1200hp you can survive a long time against these guys. Beware though, if
    they evolve into their flying forms, their attacks become 200+% more powerful, but still, that's
    only 20 points for Hoppers.
    If you are going for 100%, you must fight and defeat both types of monster in all three forms.
    E.g. Small egg, Large egg, Mutant Hopper, Lucich, Mutant Flier, Winged Lucich.
    Tactics: Use your gun (NOT *triburst* mode) on any and all Lucichs you see. Then use lasers to
    mop up the Hoppers.
    Common, Mutated
    These guys are slightly harder.  They don't attack you until you attack them, as they absorb
    your laser blasts (They are anti-shot) and fire them back at you for 50 damage a time. You'll
    meet 4 at a time, so that's 50x4= 200 damage for one attack, and they take 3 attacks, so
    3x200= 600 damage. That is HALF your energy bar.
    Tactics: Use your shot on each Absorbora individually. This makes it's petals rise up to the
    ceiling. Once each Absorbora is shot, then use your lasers. The "Discharge" attack fires up at
    the ceiling, harmlessly. Fire your lasers 2 more times to defeat the Absorbora.
    *Slime Feeder*
    Common, Mutated
    Tactics: These things are rather awkward. Just throw a blast chip to win the fight in one move.
    If you have no blast chips, then use your lasers on the Mutant Fliers first, as they are the
    most dangerous threat. Then use your gun on the connections holding the Slime Feeder's platform
    to the ceiling. This is much easier than trying to defeat the Slime Feeder itself, which has a
    rather large health bar for the baddies around here.
    Mid-Boss, Mutated
    The Energ is on the ceiling; your lasers won't reach it! You have to think tactically for this
    Tactics: This fight isn't as hard as it looks. The one thing you MUST do is stay out of the red
    area on the scope. It moves around in 90 degree turns, but you get a cutscene with the word
    "aim" being displayed whenever it changes location.
    You'll notice 4 Absorbora in front of you. For once, they are actually going to come in useful.
    Shot them as before, then fire your lasers. The Absorbora fire their Discharge attack at the
    ceiling, straight into the Energ! Continue to fire your lasers at the Absorbora, all the while
    avoiding that red area, to win the fight. The Energ will get away, but he'll be back. Lock onto
    the door with the curious design to proceed.
    Before you continue, switch to *High Vulcan* gun attachment.
    Boss, Mutated
    You're back on the dragon now, so you have so many more options. First things first, change to a
    SPR/AGL dragon, majority AGL. Now charge up two gauges and activate the Vengeance Orbs, all the
    while staying in front of the Basilius. If he attacks you from the front (i.e. he's in front of
    you) then you'll get a _Slow_ condition, the only time in the game you'll get it. Charge up 3
    gauges to activate the Agility type dragon skill: Cures any status changes. If he attacks you
    from either side it's just the usual damage. DO NOT attack him while flying around him.
    After a while the green area where you began the battle will go red, and he'll throw the
    Absorbora at you that were flying around him. If you got the Vengeance Orbs up, then you'll be
    OK, plus you'll damage him somewhat.
    He'll now change his pattern, and now you can only be attacked if he is facing you. Keep moving,
    all the while charging gauges. Use a *speed chip* to increase charge speed if you want to.
    The immediate temptation is to fire at the Basilius' weakpoint. Don't. Instead, concentrate on
    the blue thing on top of the Basilius's head. That's the Energ, and he's in control of the
    Basilius. Use your shot, lasers just bounce off of the Basilius's anti-everything-but-berserk
    head. You need to be quick. If the Energ isn't destroyed fast enough, it summons more Absorbora
    and you have to do the first bit of the battle again. If you DO take out the Energ fast enough,
    then the Basilius never goes back to the first part of it's attack. Get out the Sniper
    Attachment and NOW shoot the Basilius's weakpoint. Enough hits and it's Game Over for the Boy
    **Model Change**
    Dragon Stripe Wing>>>>>Dragon Panzer Wing
    [End of Disc 2]
    [DISC 3]
    You'll be hovering over the Underground Ruins of Uru. First of all, go to Zoah.
    [Zoah (again)]
    *Unconfirmed section. I have not actually done this for myself, so this may be wrong*
    Go to Juba's bar at night, and go up the stairs. You'll find the guy who was talking to the guy
    in white as you came into Zoah before. Talk to him. It turns out he is a seeker, one of Gash's
    friends, and he'll give you the "Tower Report 1" document. Apparently, if you talk to him again,
    he'll offer to sell you a triburst weapon attachment. Refuse and he'll drop the price by 100
    dynes. Sell the attachment for some easy money.
    *End unconfirmed*
    Now that that's out of the way, look around the town during the daytime for the fat guy you
    loaned 100 dynes to. He should be beside the area where you met Paet, talking to Aldo, another
    member of the Liberal District. Aldo tells you to go away. Talk to the fat guy enough and he'll
    say "I'll pay you back, don't worry about it." When he says that, leave and head for camp.
    Somehow, Paet got here before you. He talks to you for a bit about the fog surrounding the
    tower, and something called "Mel-Kava". After he has finished talking, pet your dragon for some
    spiritual closeness points, then go back.....you guessed it.....to Zoah.
    [Zoah (yet again)]
    You'll get a short cut-scene here of some Imperial troops exiting the doors at the other side of
    town. You know, the one's you couldn't get through?
    After the cut scene, Abner (the fat guy) should be standing in front of you. Talk to him, and
    he'll give you a *Pass*. This allows you access to the Holy District of Zoah, located through
    those doors the Imperials just walked out of. Go through the doors.
    [Zoah, Holy District]
    Free stuff! Free stuff!
    First of all, look in front of you. Do you see a tree? Access it, and you'll find a Recover
    underneath it. Now, look at the granary next to you. Check the sacks on both sides of it. One of
    those sacks allows you to collect a "Zoah Harvest" item, worth some dyne. Go inside the building
    and you'll meet the man in charge of food in Zoah. He blasts you for being an Outsider and damns
    Paet's father as well. Leave while he's still relatively calm.
    Turn 90 degrees to the right and you'll see a passageway beside the church. Go through the
    passageway, and come out the other side. A little bit of walking, and you'll see that guy in
    white that bad mouthed you at the start of disc 2. Talk to him, and he'll apologise, before
    giving you 2000 dyne as a sorry! This guy must be loaded! But you aren't finished with him yet.
    There are two deals you can do here to get even more money out of this guy. Keep talking to the
    guy until one of the following happens:
    a) If you have a *Macran Jewel* item (a rare item you may have gotten from the one of the first 2
    boss fights), he'll offer to buy for 9000 dyne (3 times the price Jared in the shop will give
    you for it). Refuse. That's right, refuse. Why? Because he'll now offer 10,000 dyne! KA-CHING!
    Don't try and go for more, because he'll tell you to forget it if you do.
    b) He'll offer you the chance to buy some "Zaal nuts". These are pretty valuable. Don't try and
    haggle on this one. Buy them quickly. It's only a few dynes, and besides you can sell them for a
    tidy profit.
    Now, turn away from him and you'll see a little girl dressed in green clothes. Talk to her, and
    she'll go and hide. Chase after her and continously talk to her. Again, two things can happen.
    a) She'll give you 3 lots of Zaal nuts. That's right. THREE lots of Zaal nuts. Her father gave
    you ONE (that white clothed guy you just met is her father) and you had to PAY for it. She GIVES
    you them.
    b) If you have a save position from Panzer Dragoon Zwei on your Saturn's memory, then the girl
    gives you an "Anorak Unit". Don't worry, it isn't a coat. It's actually more akin to a music
    box, which plays two tunes from Panzer Zwei, and displays some cool dragon holograms. You can
    access it back at the camp.
    The final item here is hidden in the furnace: that's that lump of brown the girl hid behind.
    Rather chillingly, it's a bible. Bible 2 to be exact, one of the books of Zoah's bible.
    Now, head into the large house. Go straight upon entering, and you'll go in another door. Cue
    MASSIVE cut scene, with Edge talking to Paet's dad about taking down the Imperial Fleet that is
    threatening the city. When you leave, you'll have a little advance pay: 1500 dyne! If you don't
    have a High Vulcan or Sniper attachment yet then for God's sake get one! You've made at least
    13,500 dyne in 5 minutes!
    If you have both gun attachments, go to Jared's shop back in the Liberial District anyway. Stock
    up on Dual Blast Chips and Berserk recovering items. If you want, buy a *Berserk Leech* gun
    attachment. It can save you some items. Note that it is cheaper to buy one berserk minor than
    two micros, and so on. Once you have finished, it's time to go after the Imperials, right?
    WRONG. You still have one more little thing to do before then. Back to Uru we go.
    [Uru (again)]
    If it's night time, leave and come back again. You want it to be daytime or sunset.
    Your mission here is to guide the chick Tobitamas back to their mother's nest.
    There is one right in front of you when you start, there is one a short distance from the west
    ruin, and the other one is at the far north of the map. You can only do one at a time. The nest
    is at the north-west of the map (you'll see the mother Tobitama). When you've got all 3 chicks
    back home, their mother flies off with them and they leave something in the nest. Lock onto it.
    It's a *Tobitama Rock*. You can't sell it in the shops, but there is one thing you CAN do with
    it. You have one more piece of business here before you leave. That piece of business is just
    south of the Tobitama nest, and it involves rare monsters....
    [Uru Enemies contd]
    Mutated, RARE
    Dangerous: ALL
    Tactics: Switch to 200 SPR and use Armageddon on them. If you don't have Armageddon, fire your
    strongest spiritual berserk. They are practically invincible to everything else. These things
    give you lots of exp points, so you can gain a few levels by fighting these guys. Plus, if you
    get an excellent rating, you'll get a Macran Jewel that you can sell to Quitor (the whitesuited
    guy back in Zoah) if you haven't done that deal already. Even if you have, that's 1500 dynes
    from Jared's shop.
    Now the Kolba are on your enemy data list, head for the Caravan.
    Ask around the caravan and you'll find out that the caravan leader's son, Enkak, is ill with
    Meccania Fever, a fatal disease unless it is cured. Unfortunately, the cure requires a special
    ingredient, a Tobitama rock. Wait a second, you've got one! Go to Baicah (the shopkeeper) and
    talk to him. Select "talk" instead of "make a deal" and a second window will open up. Select
    "Sell Tobitama stone". Baicah is very grateful and gives you 2000 dyne! He also, on a personal
    note, gives you 5 *speed chips*. Remember you have these. They can be very useful in some later
    You've still got one more reward to get for the Tobitama stone, but you can't get it until near
    the very end of the game. Now it's time to go after the Imperial fleet. One last thing. Talk to
    Raul, the hunter sitting by the fire. He'll give you some documents about the air base. Before
    you go, ensure the following:
    -You have a High Vulcan gun attachment
    -You have a Berserk Leech gun attachment (optional)
    -You have several berserk recovering items
    -You have the 5 speed chips Baicah gave you
    Ok? Let's go.
    [Imperial Air Base]
    Damn, this place is creepy. Prepare to scared even more though. If you are going for 100% in
    everything, you have to destroy EVERY searchlight as far as you can. Like this:
    -Destroy the lights.
    -Target the base of the lights.
    -Watch the top fly off, target the base again.
    Sometimes the base can only be hit once. You also have to cover this entire map for 100%
    The goal here is to gain access to the core of the base. However, there is a large fence around
    the centre, which will only be removed if you can activate the base's red alert. Easy enough.
    Fly around, looking for docked warships. When you see one, lock onto all four targets on it.
    You will find that this gives you 3 items, as well as destroying the warship. Repeat this tactic
    on enough ships to tick off the Empire and have them send an experimental ship after you. Beat
    this ship, and you'll gain access to the centre. Trouble is, you can't return to the map once
    the red alert is going, so get to the centre very quickly. You'll have three fights before you
    get to the tower. Once there, destroy the control tower located at the very centre of the base.
    You'll then upgrade the alert to "Emergency" which is the signal to launch a very nasty missile
    at Zoah. Defeat the missile to end this quest.
    Note that there are 2 rare ships that can only be met here. If you miss them, 100% coverage goes
    out the window. The yellow area where you can find these ships is in the South West of the map,
    near the 4 docked ships. You can find them before or after red alert begins. Also, you need to
    try going over the wall at least once to trigger a Plasma Cannon fight. If you miss that, no
    One last tip. Imperial aircraft have thick armor which renders most of your arsenal pretty
    useless. Use berserks for Enforcers, as they have the thickest armor of the lot. Other enemies
    don't need berserks, but you'll encounter a lot of Enforcers, so keep your BP level up, and stay
    at 200SPR and 199AGL all the way through. And use Prism laser a lot. One Prism Laser takes out
    an Enforcer instantly.
    [Imperial Air Base Enemies]
    All enemies are Imperial aircraft.
    Scope: Gunship style (see part 1 of this FAQ)
    Tactics: I'm not even going to mess around here. Charge up two gauges and fire a Prism Laser.
    POW. One hit KO. Later on you'll meet two of these things at once. In this case, use Armageddon
    or your strongest Spiritual berserk if you STILL don't have it. Seriously though, if you don't
    have Armageddon at this point, leave the air base and go back to Uru. Kick Kolba butt until you
    have the Armageddon berserk, then return. Note that these are the things you meet if you fly
    through a spotlight.
    *Missile Cruiser*
    Common as muck
    Safe: Left, Right, Behind
    Dangerous: Front
    Tactics: These things are well armored, but they still don't need much punishment. If you have a
    berserk leech, this is a good time to get some extra BP back. Aim at the main ship (not the
    missiles) from the sides for maximum damage. If he gets behind you and attacks, he'll try and
    escape after a short time so finish him off quickly.
    Tactics: You won't meet these things very often here, but if you do, the attacks are exactly the
    same as they are for Craymen's Rogue craft. See Craymen's Elite Guard for the tactics.
    *Plasma Cannon*
    Tactics: You'll only meet these if you try and escape the base, or try and enter the centre
    prematurely. They're pretty easy to beat, but getting an "Excellent!!" rank is tough as nails.
    Switch to High Vulcan gun attachment and shoot as if your life depended on it. Keep moving,
    since it can only fire in the direction it is facing. If you want, use a high powered berserk
    such as a Plasma Vortex to finish it quickly.
    Tactics: Blast chip away!! Badda-BOOM!! Excellent!!
    Tactics: This is probably the easiest fight ever. A 200SPR Hunting Scythe does the trick here.
    Bang, bang, bang, bang. 4 KOs. Don't mess around too long charging up gauges though, because
    they have pretty powerful ion cannons.
    RARE and hard as hell
    Tactics: The anti-warships. We are talking 800 damage here if you are in the wrong place at the
    wrong time. Also, they take damage like Enforcers, i.e. very little. If you have the Dragon
    Phoenix, use it. If you don't, use Armageddon. If you have neither, use Hunting Scythe. Then use
    it again and again until they all crash and burn.
    Tactics: This is a two part fight. Oh joy.
    Part 1: You'll be circling the base of the Behemoth. Only one of the engines is vunerable.
    Assuming you are behind the Behemoth (you start at it's front), it's the one that is to the left
    of the engine in front of you. Switch to 200PWR, 199DEF. You don't need to move much now you
    have this thing's weakpoint.
    The next bit isn't very well known. Switch to sniper mode and move the sight until you have the
    "tail" of the Behemoth in sight. The "tail" is the thing hanging down just to the right of the
    weak engine. Shooting this does no damage, but fortunately it does freeze the Behemoth's
    sub-cannon, meaning they can't fire! Fire up Assault Wing, then use lasers on the engine until
    the subcannon is recharged. Shoot the tail again to stop any return fire, then return to lasers.
    Eventually you'll be on part two of the fight.
    Part 2: Now the crew of the Behemoth are ticked, and they want to use the Disintegrator weapon
    on you. This is simplicity itself this fight. Fire up a speed chip, then fire up a set of
    Vengeance Orbs. When the armor opens to fire the weapon, use your lasers repeatedly until they
    fire. Any attacks of theirs rebound off of the Vengeance Orbs. Just keep firing at the weapon
    with your LASERS (it's 100% anti-shot you see) and the Behemoth goes boom.
    Tactics: Again, this is a two part fight. After the chilling introduction the countdown begins.
    You have SEVEN (count 'em) minutes to down this bad boy, and it isn't too easy.
    Part 1: Your first priority is to ensure your dragon has 200ATT and 199AGL. Next, fire up a
    speed chip and, if you want, an assault wing.
    Now, you see the two things at the side of the Deathmaker? Those are backup craft, that will
    heal the Deathmaker if you go straight for the warhead. You have to take them out. Get to the
    side of the Deathmaker (where there is a green section on the scope) and fire lasers. 3 lasers
    will KO these guys, but, annoyingly, after two you will hear "Enemy sighted to the left/right".
    Seriously important point: MOVE. If they fire this attack it eats into your HP but more
    importantly it eats into your time. 7 minutes is not long and, even though I have actually yet
    to run out of time, I have came pretty close a few times. When you move, you'll be shot by
    machine guns which doesn't do too much damage. Hit the side panel with your third attack, then
    KO the other side. Now, if you haven't got the assault wing up yet, do so.  Use your lasers on
    the Deathmaker missile.
    Part 2: Part 2 of this fight begins when the Deathmaker has taken a good bit of damage, or when
    the time limit reaches 3 minutes. From this point on, you do not need to worry about being
    attacked. You just have to attack the missile. Use lasers on the missile, but be VERY careful.
    Wait until EVERYTHING on the missile has stopped moving before firing another shot, otherwise
    the Deathmaker's defences throw the lasers back in your face, robbing you of time. Bits fall off
    the Deathmaker but this is for show. Finish off the missile as fast as you can. If time DOES run
    out, the Deathmaker fires a 9999 damage blast that cuts through shields and any defence
    enhancements you have. In other words, instant death. You should have enough time though.
    Now, return to camp, then to Zoah.
    [Zoah one last time]
    First off, talk to the fat guy you gave money to. He'll tell you he can't pay you back, but
    you've to go to his house and take something in return for your money. His house is easy to
    find. Go to Juba's double doors, look to the right, go up the stairs and the house is on the
    right, past a few pillars. Go in, talk to the Day Watchmen, then search Juba's "rubbish" on the
    left hand side of the screen. Select "A book about the dragon" to receive the 2nd "Dragon Book".
    Great. Now head for the Holy District.
    Go to the church and you'll see Paet on the doorstep in a very bad mood. He tells you his father
    is inside. Go inside and watch the cutscene. After the scene is finished, go to Vaiman's house
    and he'll tell you to come back tomorrow. One problem though, the game won't let you change
    between daytime and night-time. What do you do? Ask Paet, he'll know. When you talk to Paet,
    he gives you a letter that says "Meet me by the airship at sunset". The game reverts to the
    front gate of Zoah, only it is now dark. Make your way to the airship and....
    It's Craymen! Watch the cutscene, laugh at the censored swear words and find yourself at the
    gate (AGAIN). Go to Paet's area again and talk to Paet repeatedly. Eventually, he will tell
    you you are welcome at his house at any time. Return to the main gate of Zoah and switch to
    Now, go to Vaiman's house, but go around the side to the alley opposite the incinerator. Move
    the "lock on" sight up and you'll see a ladder. It will drop down, allowing you access to Paet's
    room. You see, he blocked the stairs off in case his father tried to intrude. Anyways, look
    around the place for the third and final "Dragon Book".
    Head back to the Holy District gates and change to daytime.
    Go to Vaiman's house and you'll see he is talking to Quitor (the loaded guy who bought your
    Macran Jewel). Talk to Vaiman and he gives you a *Temple Key*. Good stuff.
    Head back to the gates and change to night-time.
    Go into the church and run to the other side. There's a door in the wall. Go through it and
    you'll find a large ruin that is making a strange sound. Lock onto it close up and you'll get an
    unskippable sequence. Paet comes in afterwards and promises to research the ruin.
    Head back through the gates to the Liberal District, changing the time to "day" as you go.
    Go to Aldo's house. That's where you met the fat guy just before meeting Paet at the start of
    this disc. Go into Aldo's house and you'll see it has been ravaged. Check the lamp for an item
    (worth 10 dyne, but hey...) and then go through the hole in the wall. Aldo is in there,hiding.
    Talk to him and he thinks you are an Imperial trooper. Eventually he realises that he is wrong.
    Lock onto/scan everything in the room. Eventually you'll find a hunter's braid. Talk to Aldo
    again and he tells you he used to be a hunter, and that he quit after all his friends were
    killed in a feeding frenzy. He'll ask you if he made the right decision. Say what you feel,
    it doesn't effect anything. You'll also find a Dual Blast Chip in the room.
    Go back to the Holy District one last time at night and see how Paet is doing. Talk to him and
    he'll give you a report about Mel-Kava. That's it! You've cleaned out Zoah of everything! Except
    one thing. Leave Zoah and go to the Excavation site.
    [Excavation Site]
    When you enter, you'll find Radgam (the guy who quizzed you in return for the triburst in disc 2)
    lying on the ground. Provided you answered the questions correctly, or maybe even if you didn't,
    you can take his gun. Take it back to Zoah, and talk to Jared in the shop. Talk rather than make
    a deal, and you can sell the *large gun* for 1500 dynes. At this point, buy at least 5 of every
    kind of chip except flash and shield chips. You'll need them. Leave Zoah and head for Mel Kava.
    Apparently, talking to Aldo while in possession of the large gun will trigger something.
    Again, I haven't seen this yet so I am not willing to put it in definite writing.
    There is nothing here you haven't seen before. This level is very much like Georgius in that you
    have a set pattern of tasks to complete. You must accomplish all the tasks in order to finish
    the level. Note that if you're going for 100% you shouldn't take any shortcuts because you miss
    some items, and you should break every last one of the targets you see. Keep at 200ATT 199AGL
    throughout. Here's the numbered list of tasks.
    1. Fly towards Mel-Kava.
    2. Fight off enemies.
    3. Enter Mel-Kava (use the caution lock-on, followed by enter)
    4. Fly along to the end of the passageway.
    5. Destroy the Reactor.
    6. Fly beneath Mel-Kava.
    7. Destroy the Proton Cannon.
    8. Destroy the light-emitters.
    9. Either: (short cut) lock onto the gap nearby the light-emitters position.
    Or: (non short cut) allow yourself to be sucked into Mel-Kava, fly through the corridors.
    10. Destroy the light emitting reactor (take out it's 4 nodes. Fly high, activate a shelter,
    fly underneath it, turn around, lock on.)
    11. Destroy all the break targets you see.
    12. Destroy reactor 2 and the robots around it.
    [Mel Kava Enemies]
    You've seen these before. Twice. Look at the first part of this FAQ for info on these guys.
    *Drones, protodrones*
    Common, pure
    These are new. As soon as you enter the fight they blast you with their "change light" attack,
    then position themselves. Now you can attack them. You can only shoot them from the side, i.e.
    so you don't hit the rotating strip. If you attack the wrong side, you'll get "reflected" and
    this hurts. Just keep your wits about you and pummel them with shots and lasers.
    Common (yeah right!), pure
    The only time in the entire game you encounter these things. *Weakpoints* are at the back,
    so get behind them and use your lasers to finish them in two hits.
    *Plasma  Spiders*
    Common, Pure
    These guys are SO annoying. If you want an excellent rank, fire up a shield and then attack.
    If you just keep firing your lasers it will be dead in 3 shots, but you'll always get a
    "close call" rating if it hits you.
    Mid-boss, pure
    OK, this is tricky. The reactor has 3 attack methods. At the start of the fight, fire up a
    speed chip and an assault wing, all while staying the green area. Stay in that area until the
    Reactor turns to face you, then use your lasers (it's 100% anti-shot) to punish it's
    *weakpoint*, the only place you can hurt it. Here are it's attack methods.
    Method 1.
    The Reactor forms a expanding and contracting force field around it. While the forcefield is at
    it's closest, the reactor is invincible. Otherwise, it isn't. Do as above.
    Method 2.
    The Reactor stays stationary and removes it's forcefield, but puts more pressure on you by
    turning more often. Do as above.
    Method 3.
    If the reactor gets to this point, it doesn't attack you so line up with it's weakpoint and
    keep blasting. All the while, it's going to be firing status afflictors at you: Status Clear
    (goes through shields etc, removes any status improvements such as Assault wing), and it's
    Purifier attacks (Poison condition, Pain condition and (I think) stun condition). Just keep
    blasting to destroy it. If you don't, it goes back to method 1.
    *Proton Cannon*
    Mid-boss, pure
    Stay in the green section of the scope all the time, and use your lasers to attack it's
    weakpoint. Easy. If you didn't take out the Reactor boss first, the Proton Cannon is invincible.
    You have to get hit a few times before you can escape. Otherwise, easy.
    *Atolm, Ancient,Orbs II*
    Boss, Pure
    This is it. Atolm vs (your dragon's name here) one more time. This time Atolm has some new
    tricks, but he still has the same weaknesses he has always had.
    Part 1: Atolm Ancient
    Atolm has a very nasty new weapon. It will fire an attack straight forward which can (and has
    done to me) kill in one shot. You'll notice the front part of the scope is green. Fly into it,
    and it turns red. MOVE. The attack will still fire, but it'll miss you completely. Staying at
    the side is punishable by lasers and status clear attacks, staying at the back is SUICIDE as
    he'll hit you with even more lasers. Your best hope is to fly into that green area all the time
    to remove his ability to fire anywhere but to the side.
    This is the easy part of the fight. You have plenty of time to use speed chips, fire up assault
    wings etc. Before doing anything else, do all of the following.
    -Fire up:
    =An armor chip
    =A speed chip
    -Change Dragon Type to SPR/AGL
    -Change gun attachment to Sniper
    -Recover all HP and BP
    Now charge up three gauges and fake Atolm into the Hell Storm again. When he is finished, fly in
    front of him and fire your sniper at his *weakpoint*. Do NOT waste time, it's only there for a
    few seconds after the Hell Storm. When you hit that weakpoint you deactivate Atolm's weapon and
    he is defenceless. Fly to the side and target the REAL weakpoint twice to kill him off
    Part 2: Atolm Orbs II
    This is the toughest boss in the game, according to most people. I don't find it that hard
    First things first. Using the Armageddon Berserk attack repeatedly, take out the 4 orbs Atolm
    has with him. Then, go into the same routine for the fight over Uru. Attack tail repeatedly with
    Sniper gun. Then, when scope goes red, fire up vengeance orbs. If Azel shouts "Ne-rai", get to
    the front to avoid the Berserker Rage attack.
    The hardest bit about this fight is the speed at which Atolm fires his attacks. Berserker Rage
    gives you 2 seconds of real time to get to the front. If you are behind Atolm and you're at
    200 DEF, you'll never make it. Just use the same, tried and tested tactics to win. Atolm
    plummets to the ground and you win.
    **Model Change**
    Dragon Panzer Wing >>> Dragon Eye Wing
    Zoah's just been blown to shreds by the Empire. Bummer. No going there for supplies then...oh
    well. Anyway, at the campsite, heal up, pet your dragon, save your game. Change to max AGL and
    SPR, then go back to the map and highlight the "Imperial Air Force" option.
    [Imperial Air Force]
    This is just a good old combination fight. There is nothing here you haven't faced before. You
    -Stinger Squadron
    -Dual Enforcers
    -Stinger Squadron
    -Battle group (Punisher and Stingers)
    Take them out in the usual way. Refer to the first part of this FAQ for info on the Battle Group.
    Boss, Imperial
    It's a big 'un, isn't it?
    The tactic here is to simply survive! Grig Orig will POUND you with attacks unless you know
    exactly what you are doing. You have a few possibilities for attack plans:
    1. Fire up a speed chip, then charge two gauges. Fire up a (berserk) shield, then charge your
    gauge up to full. Use the third gauge for attacking, and use the first two for a shield when the
    present one runs out.
    2. Use the Dragon Phoenix berserk attack. This will KO Grig Orig in 2 hits if done at maximum
    3. Shoot each of the gun turrets individually. This will stop the main cannons. Then continue
    shooting at each one in the same sequence you originally shot them in.
    Each of these will eventually lead to the exhaust ports opening at the sides of the main guns.
    Fly around to the side with the smoke coming out and shoot the compartment, which is the
    flagship's *weakpoint*. Drain the ships energy gauge and it retreats.
    Mid-Boss(?), Craymen's fleet
    Simple. Use your sniper gun attachment and repeatedly shoot at it. Alternatively, a single 200
    SPR Berserker Rage will finish it in one shot. That's all folks!
    Head back to the camp to heal up before heading off to the tower. Also, check Azel's blanket for
    the second letter, from Zustava and Craymen. Then head for the Tower.
    [Tower, 1st visit]
    This is the last task on Disc 3. Your mission is to get from the bottom floor, 1F, to the top of
    the tower, just beyond 15F. It is totally linear (i.e. there aren't any choices involved) so
    there is no real need for a guide. Dragon configuration should be 200 SPR, 199 AGL or vice versa.
    As you go up the tower you'll encounter lots of Imperial craft. These are chain fights; you
    can't escape and you have more than one skirmish in each fight. The possibilities are:
    Skiff Patrol Group, Infernos
    Skiff Patrol Group, Marauders, Infernos
    Infernos, Raiders
    Note that, strictly speaking, Inferno craft should be called "Pyro" craft since that is what
    they are called in the Enemy data section. "Infernos" are Black Fleet craft.
    The Infernos,Raiders fight is the very last one. Once you beat that, there is nothing between
    you and the boss. Heal up before taking on the Exterminator though, he's a tricky one. Also,
    make sure you switch your dragon's type to 200 ATT 199 AGL before the Exterminator.
    One last thing. No matter what, ensure you get the *Tower Map* on 4F. If you don't get this now,
    it's going to be very difficult later on.
    [Tower 1st visit enemies]
    *Skiff Patrol Group*
    Common, Imperial
    Comprises: A Skiff patrol craft, 4 Pyro craft
    Dangerous:Var, although Front is always Dangerous.
    The Skiff patrol group is easy to take out. If you want maximum experience though, you should
    use a blast chip (or a Holy Sphere berserk attack) at the start to take out the 4 pyro craft.
    Then all you need to do is get to the front area of the scope and use your Sniper gun attachment
    on the Skiff's *weakpoint*.
    Common, Imperial
    Comprises: 2 Marauder craft
    Not safe:ALL
    Dangerous: Left,Right
    Tactics: Initally the left and right portions of the scope will be "dangerous". Flying into
    these areas causes you to get hit in the face by a missile. This only does 7 damage, but it
    inflicts you with a *pain* condition (you take more damage from attacks). The Marauder's
    *weakpoints* are at the sides, so use your sniper (or triburst if you want) on them to finish
    them in one or two shots.
    Common, Imperial
    Comprises: 9-10 Pyro craft
    Scope: Varies
    Tactics: Infernos have high armor at the front, take moderate damage from the side and have a
    *weakpoint* at their back. But who cares? The easiest way to beat these guys is a blast chip,
    or a Holy Sphere berserk. 1 shot kills all of them, and is far less hassle than moving,
    targeting, moving.....you get the drill.
    Common, Imperial
    Comprises: 6 Raider craft
    Safe: Behind
    Dangerous: Everywhere else
    Tactics: The game calls this fight "Stingers" but you're actually up against the far superior
    Raider craft. These things are fast! They have a *weakpoint* at their backside, and they dodge
    attack from the sides. If you're in front of them and they attack, you'll get hit by tracers.
    If you're at the side, you'll get nerve gas in your face. This attack inflicts the game's one
    and only occurance of BIND (the infliction which prevents your meter filling above bar 1). If
    you get binded, AGL type dragon skill is useless, but all the other methods work fine. Besides,
    you can take these guys out with just the one bar.
    The trick is to stay behind them and "beat them to the punch" by holding down B (lasers) when
    you are moving to the behind part of the scope. They can't escape this and 6 squadrons of this
    later, that's it.
    Boss, Imperial
    Safe: Behind
    Dangerous: Everywhere at some point.
    Tactics: Man, this is a complicated fight. First, I'll explain the Exterminators pattern of
    Aim Magnetic Cannon (MC) to the left scope
    Aim MC to front scope
    Aim MC to right scope
    Arm and fire homing missiles
    The Magnetic Cannon is the Exterminators main weapon. You have to avoid that red area otherwise
    you will be attacked and it will hurt. Simple. The Homing missiles are worse, though. If you
    don't have the good ol' Vengeance Orbs up, then all the missiles will hit you even if you're in
    the safe area.
    The big problem is that the "safe" area is also the side from which the Exterminator is
    invincible. Attacks just bounce off of it (apart from berserks). It's *weakpoint* is at it's
    front, opposite the safe area. If you followed the earlier advice, you'll be at 200 PWR and 199
    AGL. Here is the pattern that works for me.
    -Sneak round back.
    -Fire up
    =Speed Chip
    =Power Chip
    -Switch to 200SPR*
    -Fire up Vengeance Orbs
    -Switch to 200PWR
    -Wait for Homing Missile warning (siren, crew members speaking)
    -Dive around the front, use all three gauges to fire lasers at ships weakpoint
    -Block homing missiles, return fire via Vengeance Orbs
    -Fire once more, get round back
    -Repeat from *
    After taking a certain amount of damage, the crew of the Exterminator start shouting and the
    captain demands level 2 attack mode. This shouldn't concern you. "Level 2 attack mode" is
    basically a faster version of the original. Maintain the pattern above and you should have no
    trouble exterminating the Exterminator.
    [End of Disc 3]
    [DISC 4]
    You've made it to the last leg of your journey. First of all, go to your campsite and rest up.
    Then head for the caravan.
    At the back of the Caravan, leaning on a wagon, you'll see a seeker. Talk to him and he gives
    you a *seeker map*. He tells you Gash is waiting for you and you have to meet him as soon as you
    can. Leave the caravan and go to the new "Camp:Seeker's Stronghold" location on the map.
    [Seeker's Stronghold]
    When you enter the Seeker's Stronghold, you'll meet Gash and he'll ask if you want the Seeker's
    to look after Azel (who passed out again at the end of Disc 3). No matter what you say, he'll
    win you round in the end. Just say Yes, it's quicker. You'll then go to the Seeker's Stronghold
    When you see the waterfall screen, just walk left until you reach a door. You'll go through it,
    and emerge on the upper floor of the stronghold. You'll see that Paet survived the Zoah
    destruction, so that's good.There are two important rooms here:
    -The weaponsmith room, ran by Jared (the guy from Zoah, he made it out like Paet) (purple door)
    -The Library, ran by Zadoc the Compiler (green door)
    The third room in the circle (brown door) is where Azel is being kept. Anyway, at some point
    around here you should see Gash. Go up to him and try to instigate a conversation. FMV starts up.
    When the FMV finishes, go back through the corridors of the Seeker Stronghold back to the upper
    level again, then go and see Zadoc the compiler. He'll tell you that the Seekers are out to
    destroy something called *Sestren*, and that Gash wants you to string along for the ride.
    Typical. Anyway, there's a couple of books here. Search the bookshelves and you'll find Tower
    Report 3. Ask Zadoc about every topic he can talk about and at some point he'll give you a book
    called "Memory Report". Leave the room and go into Azel's room. Cue more FMV.
    When it ends, go to the lower floor. Go around talking to everyone, then look for a door that
    takes you outside the Seeker's Stronghold to the left side of it. There should be a branching
    path. Take the higher branch and enter the door. More FMV, the last one for a while.
    When that FMV is finished, go to Jared's shop and "talk" rather than make a deal. He'll give an
    Assassin gun attachment*. Sell your High Vulcan if you want, but keep the rest for now. DO NOT
    BUY THE PULVERISER GUN ATTACHMENT. It ruins the game. Only buy it if you are having difficulty
    with the game. The Assassin does have one down point though. If the enemy is moving, you may
    miss, as all the energy of the attack is in one bullet.
    **UNCONFIRMED: The free Assassin attachment may require you to sell the "Large Gun" item to Jared
    in Disc 3 before it is enabled. I haven't experimented with this yet. Thanks to Solo Wing Dragon
    (Shadow Wing on Gamefaqs) for this information, and others (see credits).**
    Now that you are armed to the teeth, return to the map and fly to the Forest of Zoah.
    [Forest of Zoah]
    There is very little here you haven't seen before. The goal is to get as far north as is
    necessary to reach Grig Orig. Trouble is, there are barricades all the way there, composing of
    Lazara (AGAIN) and Drones. There is one other enemy, the Arangata plants. These things are
    trouble. They are invincible unless you take out their roots first. So, first things first,
    take out the roots.
    Fly forward for a while until you see an "enter" dot on your radar. Go down the tube you see.
    You're now under the forest of Zoah. Look at the fire! Anyway, you now need to fly around this
    area, finding the plant roots. When you find one, access it and that makes that Arangata
    vunerable. Fly around for a while taking out any and all you see. Press Y to go to the map and
    see if you missed any branches off the path. When you are satisfied that you have all the
    Arangatas, return to the surface by the route you came in.
    Start to fly north, and eventually you'll run into a fight. Follow the instructions below for
    information on how to get past the fights. Once you are  far enough north, you'll fight the
    Infested Grig Orig.
    [Forest of Zoah Enemies]
    Common, pure
    You've met these things before. Simply use the previous tactics and they work again.
    Mid-boss, pure
    The Arangata is a nasty boss. If you haven't deactivated the relevant root, then the Arangata
    will be closed and you're in serious trouble! If you did hit the right one however, then the
    Arangata is open and it's easy pickings.
    Tactics with Closed Arangata: Fire up Vengeance Orbs, and stay still. Wait for his Tornado
    attack to blow you away, then go down into the forest and find the roots.
    Note that if the Root is intact, even a barrage of Berserker Rages won't kill these things. Their
    energy bar stops going down at yellow.
    Tactics with Open Arangata: Easy Peesy! Fly to the front and you'll see a big *WEAKPOINT*
    flashing away at you. Hit this twice with any normal attack and the Arangata is toast!
    *Infested Grig Orig*
    Boss, Pure
    Earlier on in this FAQ I said I didn't think Atolm Orbs II was the hardest boss in the game. I
    think THIS is, but only tied with one other boss.
    This is a three part fight so bear with me. Before entering the fight ensure that you are at
    200 SPR 199 AGL, and you have the Assassin gun attachment equipped. Don't use your lasers during
    this battle: you need maximum spirituality for the boss and that renders your lasers useless.
    Part 1: Speed and armor chips should be fired up, in that order, as soon as you have the chance.
    Eventually the ship will open up and two insects will emerge from it. These perform a kamikaze
    attack on you if you aren't quick in dispatching them. One does a lot of damage, the other does
    a smallish amount of damage but inflicts a condition like PAIN or STUN on you. Shoot them both,
    then circle around Grig Orig looking for the hole from which an insect did not fly out of. It
    should still be open. You'll know it when you see it, it's got *weakpoint* flashing in it. Click
    into Assassin mode and fire as many times as you can before the hole closes. At this point, fire
    up a power chip. Repeat the whole insect bit until Grig Orig's first energy bar is depleted.
    Part 2: You now have to face the dreaded Imperial cannon. Oh dear. If this thing hits you, by
    the way, the damage is about 1000 points worth! The sides of the cannon are invincible, you must
    shoot your gun down the barrel. You'll see the cannon follows a pattern of announcing a charging
    up sequence before launching it's blast. The temptation is to move in and shoot during the
    charge up. This is SUICIDE. Instead, attack just after the cannon fires. That way you can get
    out of the way before the cannon even starts charging. There is a kinda time limit on this
    fight. If you don't get the cannon's energy down far enough before this time limit runs out,
    you'll get hit by a Status clear move, then a parasite will hit you with a STOP condition. The
    latter is bad news, as the cannon will now move so it can hit you and if you can't move out of
    the way then you are in the **** my friend! You should be able to move though: if you don't
    have a Free Action,don't forget about your Recover berserk spell! This will get you out of the
    way just in time. After Grig Orig's energy bar drops to a certain point, the third and final
    part of the boss will begin.
    Part 3: This attack pattern is announced with the words "Open Limiter". When this happens,
    forget everything else and fire up a shield. NOT Vengeance Orbs, a proper Shield. When the
    Limiter is open, Grig Orig's pattern changes. It charges up, then moves behind you and then
    fires the cannon. The annoying thing is you cannot move yourself while Grig Orig is moving, the
    "letterbox" borders come down and you are stuck watching. If you have a shield, you're fine.
    If not, you're in 1000pts of damage Hell. Keep two gauges full just in case your shield dies,
    which it likely will, in the middle of the ship's movement. That way you can always fire up
    another shield....after you've been hurt of course. If you are having difficulty, change your
    dragon to 200 DEF and fire up a armor chip, that way you can save your HP from plummetting so
    fast. Just fire every shot you can at Grig Orig's *weakpoint* (the barrel of the Imperial Cannon)
    and eventually Grig Orig goes BOOM.
    **Model change**
    Dragon Eye Wing>>>>Dragon Arm Wing
    [Seeker's Stronghold]
    Back in the Seeker's Stronghold, talk to Gash. He'll tell you Azel's done a runner and you need
    to find her. This seems impossible; she could be anywhere! But look at the map...could you go
    directly to the Underground Ruins of Uru before? No. You couldn't. B-I-N-G-O was his nameo!
    [Underground Ruins of Uru 2]
    Azel is located on B2F North, the one place you couldn't go in your floater. There are a couple
    of other things you should do while you're here though...
    -Go to the cave with the reject dragons in it. See the drop before it? Go down it and you'll
    find a secret floor: B?F. You can't enter the main part of this floor with a dragon, you have
    to use the floater that's lying down nearby. Once inside B?F, you have to choose your route
    through. There are 4 routes, and 4 waterdrops. 3 routes take you to B3F (and you'll have your
    dragon back), but one takes you to B??F where you can get even more items. Two words of warning.
    If you want 100,100,100,100 at the end of the game, you must take ALL the routes at least once.
    Also, when you drop into B??F, be careful you don't just leave by "enter"ing the shaft at the
    other side, because the computer will automatically lock onto it.
    -Go through the dome and down to B4/5F. You'll see a row of items you couldn't open before. Get
    them all. Also, fly around the area looking for more items. You're also looking for a final
    mutated monster: The Absorborac.
    -When you find Azel on B2F North, she's being pestered by mutants. Lock on to Azel and you'll
    fight the mutants. If you haven't seen a Winged Lucich yet, this is your last chance in the
    entire game. Use lasers on a Lucich until it evolves. That way you'll have WL on your data list.
    Mutated, Rare
    These are an improved version of the Absorbora. All you need to do is shoot the flower opposite
    you, then launch a large berserk attack to kill them all off.
    Talk to Azel if you want, save your game at the tent, then return to the Seeker's Stronghold.
    [Seeker's Stronghold]
    Talk to the first person you see upon entering the Seeker's Stronghold. You will be taken to an
    FMV sequence. Once it has finished, save your game in camp again and get ready for some hunting!
    [A hunting we will go!]
    You're nearly finished the game, but you need to get a few more items to have the best possible
    chance. First of all, you need to collect the 12 D-Units. These are unsellable items hidden
    throughout the world. If you've followed this guide, you could have up to 10 of them already!
    Here are the locations, right enough.
    D-Unit 1: Hidden inside the Conana's nest (see FAQ part 1) in the Valley.
    D-Unit 2: Hidden inside the waterfall in Canyon Deep Gulch in the Valley, beside the Energy Prism 
    berserk attack.
    D-Units 3/4: Lying around the Garil Desert.
    D-Unit 5: Uru South. It's that item that's hung up beside the tunnel to the north.
    D-Unit 6: Uru North, underneath the only island that doesn't have a Protect Key on it.
    D-Unit 7: U.G.R.U- B2F. You should have bagged it looking for Azel.
    D-Unit 8: U.G.R.U- B4F. This was one of the items I told you to get before you went looking for
    D-Units 9/10: These are hidden underneath the forest of Zoah. Just look around.
    D-Units 11/12: You can't get these.....yet.
    Return to Georgius and the computer will pan the camera around 4 pyramid structures. Access each
    one of these structures in turn and eventually you'll be pulled towards the ship's entrance. Go
    [Inside Shellcoof]
    If you have done this right, one of the doors will open to reveal a dragon made out of light.
    Fly along the passage, behind the dragon, opening the doors as necessary. Eventually you'll find
    two item containers. One is a blast chip. The other is the *Dragon Booster*, which increases
    your laser power *slightly*. Go through the next door and you'll be in the Genesis Chamber.
    Collect the two ambrosia items from the targets, then collect the crest at the back of the
    chamber.  With all those in tow, leave Shellcoof.
    Target the oddly shaped wings at the sides of Shellcoof. Each wing needs to be shot three times
    before you can shoot off it's connector to the ship. When two wings have fallen into the murky
    depths, Shellcoof's defences start up and tentacles of light grab hold of you. Target each
    tentacle at it's base. You can't escape, you can't even pause and return to the world map, so
    don't bother trying. Once all the tentacles have been destroyed, Shellcoof explodes and you
    leave Georgius. You can no longer return to Georgius, so make sure you got 100% of the items
    and map coverage.
    [Fruit Collecting, part 1]
    If you haven't already got it, you should collect the Kuo Pollen from the Garil Desert. This
    allows you to press L and freeze the speed meter at what it is at, without you having to hold
    down the B button all the time.
    Now, it's almost time for the big challenge. First of all, you need to go to the Tower.
    You are after those last two D-units...
    [The Tower-2nd Visit,part 1]
    You'll enter the tower from the top as the previous entrance, the one you used to enter the
    tower at B1F, is blocked off. Why couldn't the dragon just blow it open!? Anyway, fly down the
    tower and eventually you'll encounter a _rotor pile_. This is a security device that stops you
    going any further down unless you deactivate it.
    Fly back up to the two things sticking out of the wall and lock onto either of them. Azel will
    open them up, so lock onto them again to open them. A third lock on gets you into either door.
    If you find a wall that has a cross symbol on it, you can't go that way. Go back through the
    other door.
    Fly though the corridor until you reach an elevator. Go down. Fly along that corridor, and go up
    the next elevator. At the end of THIS corridor, you'll find a switch that activates the manual
    override on that Rotor Pile thing. Go back through the tunnels until you are at the center of
    the tower again.
    Descend to the Rotor Pile and lock onto the centre of it. It should shut down and stop moving,
    allowing you to continue downwards.
    This is 14F. There are three doors this time.  Look at your radar and enter the one that the
    line on the radar is pointing to. That is 14F north. Enter, and you'll find two item pyramids
    containing the last 2 D-units.
    If you have the other 10 D-Units, the screen will flash and you'll receive an interesting
    **Model Change**
    Dragon Arm Wing>>>>Dragon Light Wing
    [Decisions, decisions]
    Now, at this point in the game you have a tremendously difficult decision to make, based on your
    tactics so far in the game. The Light Wing transformation gives a full laser rank meter, one
    which we are about to put to use, but you have to decide whether you want the final, semi-secret
    model change to take place. The last Dragon Model in the game, the Solo Wing, can be activated
    but you might not want to. Have you been playing the game with one of the following tactics?:
    -Changing dragon type repeatedly to use 3 gauge berserk spells
    -Using your dragons skill to recover HP/BP/normal status or improve armor
    -Not raising any single dragon attribute above 150?
    If you do any of these, you should stick with the Light Wing dragon. Why?
    -The Light Wing is all types at the same time. You don't need to be a particular class to use
    a spell, you can choose from all 5 when you have a full gauge.
    -Same as above, but with all skills at the same time.
    -You can't change stats with the Light Wing.
    That is basically what makes it a hard decision. If you stay with the Light Wing, you can no
    longer modify your dragon's stats. You're stuck at PWR 100 DEF 100 SPR 100 AGL 100. If you go
    to the Solo Wing, you regain this ability, but you can no longer use all of the full gauge
    berserks without changing class. It is a fairly difficult decision so dwell on it. Also,
    onsider that the final evolution will also improve your stats slightly, and if you change class
    then a single ability will improve faster as well e.g. Power class will improve Laser Power
    more at level up.
    I personally like the Solo wing because you can customize it's abilities, but it is up to you.
    At this point, whether you are sticking with the Light Wing or going Solo (what a terrible pun)
    leave the tower to collect a few more things that will help you out.
    Remember those fans that you couldn't destroy at the start of the game? Now you can. They
    contain all sorts: Triblast chips and Gem Stones are the most noteworthy. Once you've taken
    them all out, return to the map and go to...
    [Garil Desert revisited]
    Remember the Sunken Ship in the Worm Nest part of the Garil Desert? You can now blow it up.
    This gives you access to a passage containing the fifth Extra Berserk: Plasma Swarm. Two more
    places and you can get back to the Tower.
    [The Forest Of Zoah]
    [Fruit Collecting part 1]
    Fly north. Fly around the forest looking for a access dot on your radar. When you see it, look
    at where it is. If there is a plant there, lock onto it. Then lock onto the thing that flies
    out. This is the Villatuya fruit, an item that allows you to activate the fourth speed setting
    for your dragon. This saves a lot of time in the Tower. Also, you should look for the 3 enemies
    here you haven't met yet. First, anywhere in the red section will give you Glide Dragons.
    Flying in the yellow area around the Cacoons of Naga (the tubes leading to below the forest)
    will give you a Golia Tracker (it says Hunter when you fight it, it's a Tracker) and flying
    over a particular section of the map, identified only with pollen plants and birds flying away
    (as well as the yellow radar) will give you the hardest baddy to find ever, in any video game
    since RPGs were invented, the Golia Hunter. On a side note, I had a dream where the window that
    shows you the monster's name said:
    "The impossible to find Golia Hunter"
    [Forest of Zoah enemies contd]
    *Glide Dragons*
    Pure, Common
    Scope: Traditional.
    Their side attack doesn't always hit, and that's good for a laugh, but their front attack does,
    and with great pain. Stay in the safe area and use your lasers to take them down.
    *Golia Tracker*
    Pure, RARE
    Scope: Traditional
    This thing has a HUGE energy bar, but it has a *weakpoint*, it's front. Keep flying into the
    safe area at the back, charging up gauges, then when it moves behind you, let it have it!
    After a while it's toast, just avoid it's Bio Plasma attack like the Plague.
    *Golia Hunter*
    Pure, RARE
    Scope: Traditional
    See above for Golia tactics. It may look different, but it is basically the same monster.
    Fly north until you're in the blue area, then fly towards the middle of the map. You'll see a
    cacoon you haven't been down yet. This takes you to the Red Ruins.
    [Red Ruins]
    The music may seem familiar here. Anyway, down to business.
    As well as the several item pyramids lying around, there are also 4 rotating blocks, kinda like
    the ones you used to open the Oasis back in the Garil Desert. Seek out all four, locking onto
    and breaking them, to open up the doors on the side of the central structure. Inside are:
    Two Statues, like in the Blue Ruins
    A large Dragon Crest
    A small bump
    Destroying the two statues results in the red ruins coming to life. Going through the newly
    opened hole gives you a trip to the Garil Desert...at night, oddly enough. The sky is starry,
    there's no monsters, there's no music. What is the point?
    [Going Solo]
    If you want the Solo Wing Dragon, lock onto the "bump" and activate the "caution!" lock on.
    Your dragon and the baby dragon will start spinning around madly, then they will fuse together
    to create the Solo Wing Dragon.
    **Model Change**
    Dragon Light Wing>>>>Dragon Solo Wing
    Now you're well tooled up to face Sestren. Head back to the Seeker's stronghold to pick up a few
    [The Seeker's Stronghold: Penultimate Visit]
    Go to Jared's shop and buy some power and armor chips. Also, buy some tri-blast chips, they
    could come in handy. Finally, buy some shield chips.
    There is one interesting thing on the lower floor. You are looking for the door which took you
    to the right hand side of the Seeker's waterfall. When you've found that, go in the red door
    to the left of it. Search the shelves in that room to find 2 speed chips and 3 gem lenses. Sell
    the gem lenses and buy a few more chips if you want....just don't buy the Pulveriser weapons
    attachment, because it ruins the game. Don't buy a berserk vampire either. You can find two
    of those just lying around, later.
    Let's go.
    [The Tower, 2nd Visit-Part 2]
    Now for the most irritating part in the game....
    You've already activated the 1st rotor pile shutdown. The second one is found in the east
    passage on 14F. You know that Tower Report 2 Zadoc the compiler gave you? Well, it's accurate,
    but someone made a boo-boo translating it. If you've ever seen a Feng Shui compass, then you'll
    know that the Chinese take North at the bottom of the compass and the south at the top. I think
    Japan is probably the same, but with west and east....it's the only way to explain this bloody
    Now that you've got that switch deactivated, head down through the main section of the tower and
    you will find a save device. Save your game, then head through the door next to it. It takes you
    to 13F.
    On 13F there is an elevator takes you down to 12F. Go through the door and you'll meet the
    Tower's first guardian, the Twin Guardians. Look to the end of this section for info on how to
    beat them.
    Once the battle is won, take the lower door out of the hangar. This takes you to 11F.
    11F is the first place where you find security measures. Touching one of the lasers summons
    some Scorpitara, and these things keep coming at you until you deactivate the security system.
    There's a monolith just past the laser you can't avoid that does this. Be careful though. If you
    activate the monolith when the security system isn't going off, you'll set it off.
    Also, you'll see a little puzzle. See that grab rotating above the large block that is blocking
    your way? If you access that grab while it has stopped moving, it will pick up the block and
    allow you to progress. Time it wrongly however, and you'll have to face a Sentinel before you
    can continue.
    There is an elevator that takes you down to 9F east. Once down there, you can move out to the
    middle section of the tower.
    I must say sorry here, I have not got much of a clue as to how you finish the middle part of the
    tower. All I can tell you is that you activate the object in front of you once or twice, then
    follow the newly opened door. Eventually you'll find a room with some power rods hanging in the
    ceiling. Break them with your lasers, then fly through the crack. At one point, you'll encounter
    three rooms that are candidates for this move. The switch to lower the pylons is in the middle
    of the three, but you should go down the northernmost hole to go in the right direction.
    Eventually you'll find a rotor pile deactiavator switch. Continue onwards and you'll find
    yourself back in the main part of the tower. Fly all the way up and deactivate the rotor pile.
    Then, fly back down and go into the northern door: 8F north. It should be the one the passage is
    off just now.
    Once in 8F north, you'll see an elevator that takes you down to 6F. There's a door on 6F that
    takes you to the second boss of the Tower: The Battle Droid. Again, see below for info and
    Take the lower door out of the hangar to 5F. There are lots of lasers dotted about, so watch out
    for them. At the end of all that there's an elevator that takes you to another floor with more
    of the same: 4F. Fly through, but for Heaven's sake do not forget the Rotor pile switch at the
    end of 4F, past the enclosed laser. Forget that, and you'll have to come back for it.
    The lower section of the tower is more of the upper section.  Deactivate the first rotor pile
    and you can enter 3F.
    3F is a massive circle with several branches off it. One of these branches holds the switch.
    Several of them hold items that are really worth your while getting (except for the Dinys chip.
    =P ). Find the switch by flying Anti-Clockwise around the circle, then fly clockwise back to
    the entrance door. This way you can avoid security lasers, but if you want 100% map coverage
    you'll have to brave those lasers...
    Deactivate the 5th rotor pile, and enter 2F.
    This floor is different from others. There is no switch here for the 6th rotor pile. Instead,
    you must use the two switches to release two doors. Each of these doors leads to an elevator
    going back up to 3F. The left gate is the elevator that leads to the switch, and the passage
    before it contains FORTY(!!!!!) berserk micros! The right elevator leads to a berserk vampire
    gun attachment. Once you have activated the switch, head back into the main part of the tower
    and deactivate the final rotor pile. SAVE YOUR GAME, then go into 1F East, take the elevator
    all the way back up to 15F, then leave the tower and go to the camp.
    [Tower-2nd Visit enemies]
    Pure, Common
    You meet these things when you break a security laser, and then again randomly as long as the
    alarm is still going.
    Tactics: Several.
    a) Lob a triblast chip.
    b) Use the Armageddon Berserk.
    c) Use your triburst gun attachment.
    d) Use your assassin gun attachment.
    Basically, all the Scorpitara do is sit around for the time it takes you to charge three gauges,
    then use their gravity orb attack on you, then escape. Take the free time to blow them up.
    Pure, common
    You meet these things when you break open one of the blocks that SHOULD be picked up with the
    Tactics: Move around the Sentinel, only stopping to fire lasers. Don't stop for too long
    though,otherwise you'll be on the receiving end of his claw and Shadow Flare attacks, which
    hurt. Around 670 damage a time.
    *Twin Guardians*
    Pure, Mid-boss
    Tactics: One of the two figures you see is invincible. The one on the left when you start the
    fight is vunerable, so fly behind him and fire up a speed chip before firing lots of lasers down
    on him. When the scope starts to move, fly 360 degrees around the guardians to keep in the green
    area. When the scope goes red, fire up a power chip and rain in as much damage as you can on the
    guardian before he and his partner hit you with Anguish (induces a Pain condition) and then
    Synchronise (which does 1000+ damage WITHOUT the pain condition). After these attacks, the
    resistance will switch so you have to target the other guardian. As a tip, you can find out
    which guardian is vunerable by looking for an "Anti-shot" scope in sniper mode. That's the
    vunerable one.
    *Battle Droid*
    Pure, Mid-boss
    *WARNING: When you reach this area, turn on the room light and get away from the TV.
     The Battle Droid's Laser Storm attack produces a flashing light effect which could cause a
    seizure in some people.
    Anyway, at the start you are facing the Battle Droid's back. Charge up two gauges, fire up
    Vengeance Orbs, then fly around to the other side of the Guardian. Fire up a speed chip. When
    his lasers cause you to lose your Vengeance Orbs, fire up a Shield (as in a two gauge berserk
    shield, that can take multiple hits) and then use any gauges you get to attack the Droid. He has
    a weakpoint, so shift your PWR rating to 200, activate a Power chip, then start firing. With the
    shield defending you and the lasers pouring into him, he'll be dead after about 9 shots. If you
    take too long he heals himself, so be quick.
    Head to the Caravan at night and talk to An'jou, the caravan leader. If you got the Tobitama
    Rock in Disc 3, then An'jou thanks you for saving Enkak's life and gives you a Berserk Vampire
    gun attachment. If you didn't save Enkak, you get nothing.
    Note that if you forgot to give the Tobitama Rock to Baicah, Enkak is dead at this point. You
    can still sell the rock to Baicah (he'll stockpile it in case anyone else catches Meccania Fever)
    and he'll give you 2000 dyne. He won't give you the shield chips, and you won't get the berserk
    vampire either. Note that Paet's airship is lying nearby. Bezer used it to try and get back to
    Zoah, but he verged off course and crashed...poor kid. Head to camp if you haven't done so
    Once you have healed up in camp, head back to the tower and take the East elevator back down to
    1F, then go to 1F north. After the cutscene, head down that elevator. Welcome to the Astral
    Plane,the game's final challenge!
    [Astral Plane]
    This is it. Once you're in here, you can't go back to the tower, or indeed any other part of the
    world. You've got to face the guantlet of the 5 anti-dragons all by your lonesome.
    This is the last part of the game, and arguably the hardest. The anti-dragons are basically
    mirror images of your own, one for each of your dragon's previous models (except for the Arm and
    Light wing, for reasons uncertain), Basic, Valiant, Stripe, Panzer and Eye Wing. Each Anti-Dragon
    also changes into a different class, which affects how it fights. There is one final point about
    the Anti-dragons: Although you can only use each full gauge berserk once, they can use it up to
    3 times, meaning high defence, speed or attacks are pretty likely.
    You get a break between each anti-dragon, so that you can heal up. You must fight the
    Anti-Dragons in order, from right to left, locking onto each one to start the fight.
    Here's the tactics:
    [The Anti Dragons]
    *Anti-Basic Wing*
    Pure, Mid-boss
    Scope: Traditional
    The Anti-Basic is the easiest of the Anti-dragons. His pattern is a bit like this: Laser, Laser,
    move so you're in a Dangerous area on the scope, Laser, Heal Maxis. He'll fire two lasers if
    you're in a clear area, 3 if you aren't. To beat him, simply throw your dragon into 200 PWR
    before hand, and use lots of lasers. He should be dead before he heals up. Note that the Basic
    Wing doesn't change class, mainly because you couldn't change class during Basic wing either.
    *Anti-Valiant Wing (Defence Class)*
    Pure, Mid-boss
    Scope: Traditional/Gunship
    The Anti-Basic changes into Defence class the second it gets half a gauge charged, so hit it the
    second you are in the fight to get a little advantage. Continue to fire your lasers until it
    fires it's lasers. Once it has, the scope changes so you have to move to the front or the back
    to avoid being hit by the harder attacks. Once the second lasers have been fired, the scope
    will go green, and eventually Anti-Valiant will use Protection Wing to buff up his defensive
    power. Repeat the process until the Anti-Valiant is toast. Note that it can also use Shield,
    and during the shield it is completely invincible. The Shield doesn't last long though, so
    keep your gauges until it falls down.
    *Anti-Stripe Wing (Attack Class)*
    Pure, Mid-boss
    Not Safe: Behind the Stripe Wing
    Dangerous: Everywhere else
    This is the hardest boss in the game. Bearing in mind that the A-Stripe Wing can use Assault
    Wing 3 times, that puts his laser power up so high that one shot will do 2500 damage! The secret
    is to get this over with fast. Every time the ASW repositions, there is a chance that it will
    go for Assault Wing, but it is certain that the scope will change and the less dangerous area
    will move, so reposition yourself. Use lasers, or alternatively change to 200 SPR and keep some
    shields up while using the Assassin gun attachment to rain in the damage. If your shield dies,
    and you have two gauges, use vengeance orbs and fly into a red area. That will inflict about
    2000 damage on the ASW. Finally, remember that you should still have some shield *chips*, in
    case you ever need a shield when firing lasers or you only have one gauge, instead of the two
    needed for the berserk.
    CORRECTION: See end of FAQ
    *Anti-Panzer Wing (Agility Class)*
    Same as Anti-Stripe Wing
    Hold your fire until the APW morphs into Agility class; that way your shots will do more damage.
    Stay in attack class throughout and fire laser after laser at it until it dies. It doesn't
    have any great defences or attacks, but you need to be quick otherwise it will use one of it's
    three berserks, one of which you can't use! Acceleration, Swift Wing and Blade Storm all affect
    the fight dramatically (especially the last one, it's a renamed Onslaught berserk attack!). Just
    keep firing and it'll crumble.
    *Anti-Eye Wing (Spiritual Class)*
    Dangerous: ALL
    (Be 200SPR before going into this fight)
    The second easiest Anti-Dragon. It's a no brainer fight. The AEW uses 4 berserk attacks in a row,
    then stops to restore BP (by using Berserker wing). Those Berserks are:
    Blade Storm (Onslaught)
    Plasma Swarm (Translation error, it's the Plasma Vortex)
    Berserker Rage (YOUR berserker rage, not Atolm's)
    The easy way to do this is to fire up a berserk Shield. When it's up, switch to Berserk Vampire
    gun attachment, and fire at the AEW to restore your BP. After the Plasma Swarm, your shield will
    die. Fire up Vengeance Orbs and the resulting counterattack will do some pretty serious damage.
    When the AEW stops to recharge, use your own berserk attack to get it, namely Onslaught. Use
    Onslaught repeatedly until the AEW is nothing but a bad memory. Easy. Congratulations! You beat
    the Anti-Dragons! Is it over...?
    No, it isn't. One more dragon appears in front of you: An Anti-Solo Wing (at least, that is what
    it looks like). Fire at it to begin the final battle...
    Pure, **FINAL BOSS**
    You've made it. You're about to fight the self proclaimed God of the Ancient Age, Sestren. He
    has three forms, so I've split this last part into 3 parts. This last boss is a bit
    disappointing, but he's quite difficult...not.
    *Sestren Embryonic*
    Sestren's first form is this Embryo like creature. It doesn't attack you, so charge up the
    gauges, make the necessary class changes and selections to use Protection Wing and Swift Wing.
    Don't bother with Assault Wing. Heal yourself up completely (BP and HP). Then, when you're
    ready, attack the orbs around Sestren. For each orb hit, an FMV sequence plays. Before you take
    out the last orb, charge three gauges so you have 2 remaining when Sestren changes his form.
    *Sestren Morphic*
    Sestren will charge form and in this mode, he CAN hurt you. The scope goes traditional.
    Sestren does have a *Weakpoint* oddly enough. See that dragon flying around? If you hit that
    dragon from the front, it hurts Sestren badly. Trouble is, you have to go into the red area to
    hit the dragon. So, before going in, stay behind Sestren and fire up Vengeance Orbs. Then charge
    up more gauges and fly in front of Sestren. Use your Sniper gun attachment (Assassin will miss)
    3 times and get behind him again. Dwell too long in front of Sestren and he'll use Through the
    Heart, which takes out your shield and does you damage even though you had one. Take too long
    getting behind Sestren and he'll use Laser, which does about 700-800 damage, although this will
    be repelled by the Vengeance Orbs.
    Sestren's pattern of attack is very simple. He'll just keep trying to move you into the clear
    area on the scope. Just keep repositioning yourself to beat that tactic.
    Sestren also has two alternative attack modes: Ghost Dragons and Vibration Detection System.
    The Ghost Dragons is simply a case of staying the green areas on the scope. When he goes for
    Vibration Detection, put the control pad on the floor. If you position, attack, use an item or
    berserk, Sestren uses Through the Heart no matter where you are on the scope. If you don't move,
    he doesn't attack in any way. After the mode has finished, Sestren goes back to the traditional
    attack. Remember to pick the pad off of the floor again. ;-)
    *Sestren Exsis*
    When you get Sestren down to a certain level of energy, he changes form into his Exsis mode.
    If you haven't already, throw your SPR up to 200 (unless you're still in Light Wing mode, in
    which case you're stuffed). Fire up Vengeance Orbs. Now, watch the scope. It's all green, but
    slowly the green areas will dissappear to reveal a totally red scope. If you don't have VOs up,
    you're in trouble! Sestren will now fire a "fused...." attack at you. It could be Mel-Kava, it
    could be Shellcoof, it could be the Episode 4 boss from Panzer Zwei....it could be any of 8
    things. The damage inflicted depends on the size of the object. "Fused Golia" will not do nearly
    as much as "Fused Shellcoof", for example.
    Now, if the scope was 100% red when Sestren attacked, he'll go for Status Clear. You've lost
    your extra gauge speed, as well as a shield if you had one fired up. After Status clear,
    another "Fused...." attack will be used, so make sure you have another set of VOs up.
    Now, the scope will go green and Sestren's Weak Point starts flying about. Fly around Sestren.
    If you see the *weak*, shoot at it with Sniper. It'll move, so chase after it again. After a
    while, Sestren will go back to attacking, but if you have his energy low enough (you'll see the
    final colors : Blue through Red) then you should use Dragon Phoenix to inflict the last bit of
    damage. Congratulations! You've finished Panzer Dragoon Saga!
    [The Ratings Game]
    After the credits have rolled and you see Azel running off into the Sunset, you'll get your
    rating for the game you've just played. It's split into several catagories:
    Dragon Model
    Distance Flown
    Break Target Destruction Rate
    Field Map Coverage
    Enemy Data Collection
    Spiritual Closeness Points
    Depending on what you got for the last 4, you'll get a different ranking. Here they are:
    "There is still much for you to see" (One or more catagories under 60%)
    "You have lived the adventure of a lifetime"(All catagories above 60%)
    "Your quest will live on in Myths and Legends" (All catagories above 85%, at least Light Wing
    Dragon Model)
    "You are worth to live among the Gods." (All catagories at 100%, Solo Wing Dragon Model)
    [I want 100%.......]
    What did you miss? Here are some hints for you.
    -You can't get 100% map coverage if you do not completely cover the following, one-visit areas:
    Forbidden Zone
    Imperial Air Base
    Georgius Whirlwind
    Uru Underground B3F (certain areas)
    -Did you remember these areas?
    Conana's nest (Above Excavation Site)
    Red Ruins
    Ud.Ru.Uru- B?F and B??F
    -Did you take the Mel-Kava Shortcut? That makes you miss 4 break targets.
    -Did you destroy ALL the searchlights in the Imperial Air Base?
    -Did you remember all the Rare monsters?
    -Did you give your dragon a name? Your Spiritual Closeness points will NEVER raise above 0 if
    you don't.
    -Did you pet your dragon whenever you had the chance?
    -Did you let your dragon sleep through the night?
    If you want a complete list of all the monsters, go to
    http://www.panzerdragoon.de/worldmap/read.php?f=1&i=1933&t=1933. There, you will find a list
    typed out by myself.
    And finally, the corrections and additions guide....
    ********Astral Phantoms Correction********
    As you remember, in the first part of this FAQ, I blasted the Astral Phantoms berserk attack as
    being a complete waste of time, guages and BP. In actual fact, I just didn't understand it
    Thanks to certain individuals (or in-duh-viduals as Dilbert (trademark Scott Adams) would say) I
    now know the truth. And here it is.
    The Astral Phantoms differs from the Vengeance Orbs in one simple, but very important way.
    Instead of causing damage relating to the strength of the enemy attack, it causes damage
    relating to THE AMOUNT OF TIME THE PHANTOMS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED. Example: You're up against an
    Annihilator. You fire up Astral Phantoms and you get hit immediately by their "Reaper" attack.
    The Phantoms attack and 3 damage is done. Now, imagine you fire up the Phantoms again, and they
    decide to switch to Plague Rocket mode. Obviously, this move can only fire forwards, so you go
    to the side. When they reactivate their Reaper cannon, and you dodge it all the way through the
    next run of that and Plague Rockets, when you next get hit it will do around 800+ damage! It's
    quite an incredible thing really, and I'm glad someone explained it to me. Bear in mind, though,
    that your dragon's spirituality level still affects the damage; more spirituality = more damage
    in less a space of time. Lastly, beware the fact that the Phantoms can time out, just like the
    Orbs and Shield, and they STILL won't stop Sestren's "Through the Heart" attack.
    And now, just for your amusement, some updated fight tactics, baring in mind the newly
    discovered (from my point of view anyway) Astral Phantoms power. This FAQ bares in mind the fact
    that the earliest I've ever discovered the Astral Phantoms is before I activated the Black
    Ruins at Uru for the first time (middle of Disc 2).
    (Mid-Boss, Garil Desert)
    It seems that the Lathum's Scalding Breath attack actually kills your shield, just like
    Sestren's "Through the Heart", UNLESS you fire it up about 2 seconds before he attacks, unlike
    (Boss, end of Uru Underground Ruins)
    After the Basilius throws the Absorbora at you (you should have vengeance orbs up for the first
    attack), fire up the Astral Phantoms. Avoid his Claw attack at all costs during the next part,
    constantly shooting the Energ (on top of the Basilius) with the High Vulcan gun attachment. If
    he resummons Absorbora, then watch in delight as the Absorbora smash into the Astral Phantoms.
    They've up for ages, and even though the Basilius doesn't take much damage from berserks, the
    Energ will. Bye. You can now concentrate on the Basilius, switching to Sniper attachment for
    the shots to his *weakpoint*.
    (Mid-Boss, Imperial Air Base)
    Fire up the Astral Phantoms right after you've disabled the Subcannon for the first time. Switch
    back to 200 ATT, then rain in the lasers on the weak engine. When the Deadly Rain attack is used
    against you for the first time, one of the Phantoms SHOULD hit the weakpoint, doing some fair
    damage. It isn't much of an improvement on the original tactics, but it is better than nothing.
    **Infested Grig Orig**
    (Boss, Forest of Zoah)
    At the first chance you get in the fight, fire up the Astral Phantoms. When the Imperial Cannon
    hits you for the first time, the Phantoms should do some pretty spectacular damage....
    **Anti-Stripe Wing**
    In my last FAQ, I said he could only fire up Assault Wing 3 times. I was wrong. The other day he
    did it SEVEN times. He killed me in ONE shot. That was in the CLEAR area! 6000+ damage from one
    lot of lasers! The next time I fought him, he did it EIGHT times! This time though, I fired up
    Vengeance orbs at maximum spirituality and stayed in the red area. He fired his lasers, and the
    orbs hit him for 8000+ damage, wiping him right out!! It just goes to show how important the
    Orbs are.
    **Sestren Exsis**
    Fire up Astral Phantoms when you first meet Sestren Embryonic. When he first hits you (
    as long as it isn't TTH) then it should do some pretty awesome damage, seeing as you went
    through the bit with the flashback orbs, THEN you started the fight proper.
    As before, I'll just repeat that TTH breaks your shield.
    ************Verato Side Quest***************
    A missing feature of my last FAQ was the information about the "Verato" side-quest during disc 2.
    Here is the info about it.
    As soon as you've finished Disc 1 and started Disc 2, return to An'jou's caravan. You'll see that
    they've been on a hunt (there's a carcass just to your left). If you've arrived during the day,
    change to night time by locking onto the gate.
    At night, look for Raul, the hunter. He'll likely be round back, just behind Kou and Fei's tent.
    Talk to him a couple of times and he'll say "Aren't you that hunter?". He'll then ask you if you
    can do him a little favour. Say yes. He'll then give you a *Verato Pipe* (a non-sellable item)
    and tell you to find someone from the now-destroyed village of Verato. In return, he'll reward
    The person you are looking for is Jubas, the girl who works in the Zoah bar. At night, she'll be
    on duty and won't want to talk about it, but visit Jubas during the day time (use the door
    opposite Aldo's house) and after a couple of talks, she'll recognise the pipe. Edge gives her
    the pipe automatically, making up a tale that he "just found it in some ruins".
    Head back to the caravan and talk to Raul again. In return for your errand, he'll give you
    1000 dyne. This might help you buy that Sniper Attachment you can't afford...Raul's tale of
    why he doesn't want to meet the other person is extremely touching, but I'll leave you to listen
    to it.
    ***********Palmer Amulet***********
    Basically, if you talk to Fei (the young girl at the caravan) all the way through Disc 2, she'll
    eventually offer to give you the Palmer Amulet (named after Arnold Palmer, one of the people who
    worked on the game...same as Feener Armor, Gipson Lens, Kuo Pollen, etc). She won't just give
    you it for nothing, however. You must swap her something for it. According to the FAQ at
    Gamefaqs, she will accept either the Gem Lens (found erected in the post outside the main
    entrance (at night) to the bar in Zoah, next to the Zaal nuts holders, or the Amirkhan Ring,
    given to you by Bezer if you visit him at night in his "secret hideaway" on the other side of
    the Zoah well.
    Once you obtain the Palmer Amulet, your bond with Fei grows. If you save Enkak from the
    Mechannia fever later in the game (by giving Baicah the Tobitama rock anytime before the end
    of the fight with the Infested Grig Orig in Disc 4) then Fei apparently becomes so close to
    you she offers you her hand in marriage! It's a weird thing then that Edge tells Azel he'll be
    back for HER at the end of the Tower in Disc 4, isn't it?!
    And that's pretty much that! So until next time folks....see ya!

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