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Reviewed: 02/05/01 | Updated: 02/05/01

Slap your wife and sell the kids, its time to buy Panzer Dragoon Saga!

When the saturn came out way back when, it never interested me enough to want to spend 400 bucks on one. so i spent the 32 bit era going crazy with the sheer amount of awesome games on playstation, just like most of all you reading this. towards the end of '98 i decided to pick one up, since they were only 30 bucks at funcoland. i ended up spending about 60 bucks, and getting the system, and extra controller and 10 games. one's that were saturn essentials(NiGHTS etc). but there was one game, that i wanted. one game i had played somewhere, but couldnt remember what it was. one game that just caught my attenion. a year later, i found out what the game was called. Panzer Dragoon Saga. just the name alone makes one say, ''oooh, this game sounds good''. i began my search for this game. everywhere i ask, they tell me ''good luck finding it buddy''. and the places i did see it were selling it for an insane amount of money, $200+. well towards the end of 2000, i decided it is my time to own one. and 1 month ago, i bought one. and let me tell you folks, if there is one and only one game anyone will EVER need, this is it.

Graphics: first off, we are now in the 128-bit era. the era of Playstation 2. dont kid yourself by saying the grphics are ''amazing'' when you play it nowadays, because for christ sake, its saturn folks. But, to appreciate them, you must set your mind back to the 32-bit era, then your eyes will be open to the sheer amount of joy that what your looking at on-screen will bring you. because from the feeling you get when waking through a village, or the sense of height you get while on your dragon, the visuals are truely breathtaking. score: 10/10

Sound: there is only one word to describe the music in this game. ''EPIC''. i Have not heard better music in any game. EVER! screw final fantasy, Vagrant Story, whatever!!!
when you pump this soundtrack through some half way decent speakers, you'll feel invigorated. like you are really there. and the sound effects are, well, sound effects. nothing special. Score: 10/10

Gameplay: this is where the game shines. this is by far the most FUN rpg you will ever play. there is nothing that will annoy you about the gameplay. the battles arent too frequent(ahem, FFIX)to the point where it will piss you off. the battle system is top notch, like nothing you have ever played. if you play your cards right, and practice with it, you'll have a 50/50 chance you come out of a fight unscathed. now thats cool. the design of the towns are just amazing, making you want to explore everything. dont be fooled though, you have to actually PLAY this game to get a gameplay impression. my buddy was watching me play it, and just couldnt understand stand why i was having so much fun. Score: 10/10

Replay Value: enormous replay value here. you'll wanna play it over and over again, just to take that extra path here, or to see if you can accomplish that. play this game is not a chore like some rpg's. score:10/10

Should you buy it? absolutely. i fought with myself for too long on whether spending this type of money is worth it. i mean, come on, its just a videogame right? nope. its a piece of gaming history.

OVERALL: 10/10 Thanks for reading, Emotion

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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