"A short but fun game."

Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn is known by very few because it was released in the end days of the segasaturn. I heard that only 5,000-10,000 were made, which is a pity.

Gameplay: PDS has one of the best battle systems I've ever seen, it's kinda like playing an action game because the turns go by so fast. Your on a dragon and your able to fly around the enemy to attack it, but you will do the best damage if you find it's weakpoint. You have a safetyzone kinda chart telling you in which area around the enemy is the safest. Green=Safe, White=ok, Red=danger. Even if your in the green zone you can still get hit but it won't be as much damage as if you were in the red zone. Once you get the hang of the battle system it get's pretty fun, and won't bore you with repitious battles like other RPGs.

Story: Not a complicated story, but is very deep. Your Edge a secruity type guy who works at an ancient mine. Monster comes, you see a girl, get beat up and is now searching for revenge. You get a friend along the way, which is the dragon that you use in battle. It's got great characters that you will grow fond of. For the most part is a original story.

Graphics: The graphics are probably the best on the sega saturn, actually doing 3-d good on the ill'fated console. Everything moves well expecially the dragon, but sometimes the games will slow down but it doesn't affect the gameplay. My biggest gripe about the graphics is the draw distance, which is too close for my liking. I got lost in a couple parts of the game because the drawdistance was too far in. It's not too bad, but it will be something you could live without.

Sound: Everything sounds good. Music is awesome. Sound effects good. Has alot of voice acting which is cool, but it's in Japanese with sub titles. Takes a little while to get used to but once after I adjusted I didn't really notice. Makes you feel like your in a different world, which is great.

It's a great game that not alot of people played which is not good. It's really pricy to get but if you got the money by all means get it. It's kinda short but you'll replay it alot because it's awesome.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/01, Updated 07/11/01

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