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" PDS is a true masterpiece that should be cherished and preserved., with less than 10,000 copies released, misusing it would surely be a crime."

Story 10/10

The Panzer Dragoon series is known to have unique and complex story lines, that really make you stop and think about its universe and the events that take place within it. Panzer Dragoon Saga is no exception.With a story like none other, the third entry of this amazing series delivers an unforgettable tale. After watching his friends die at the hands of his sworn enemy, Craymen, a young mercenary named Edge and an ancient dragon, set out on an adventure of epic proportions. Determined to Chase after Craymen's Fleet and a mysterious girl named Azel, the only thing on Edge's mind, is revenge. Edge and the dragon will meet many interesting people and go to many unique places. His adventure will soon sway from one of revenge to one of legend. With the Will of the Ancients looming over mankind's freedom, Edge will stop at nothing to free mankind from its ominous grip.

Music, Atmosphere 10/10

The music in Panzer Dragoon Saga is very unique and fits the many different settings in the game perfectly. The music also plays a major role in setting up an incredible atmosphere, like none other. The atmosphere in the game is very original and just plain draws you into its amazing world and setting. An evil Empire, Floating airships, ancient ruins and technology, a legendary dragon, many different and just plain beautiful locations, a variety of unique and interesting Bio-engineered creatures and unforgettable characters. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Graphics 10/10

I'm not one to judge the graphics of older games by today's standards. I tend to judge a games graphics by what was possible on the system a certain game was released for, at that certain time. Looking at the Sega Saturn and its capabilities in producing 3D graphics, its safe to say that Panzer Dragoon Saga was the only game to truly max out the limits of what the Saturn could produce graphic wise. The developers put all of their souls into making this games world come alive, sweat and blood included. Lush valleys full of enchanting crystal clear waterfalls, Deserts full of Sand Worms moving about every which way, burrowing into the ground, underwater ruins laced with many unique sea creatures, day turns to night as you watch the sunset over the amber colored sea, forests full of life and wonder, a traveling Caravan never staying in one place always changing, a town called Zoah, full of many people and many sights to see, the Stronghold of the Seekers is illuminated by the gentle light of a massive waterfall. Everything in the game at the time it was released, was just pure beauty in motion.

Game play/Battle System 9/10

The game contains a fun and enjoyable battle system. Basically when in battle, you have the option of moving a full 360 degrees around your enemy. The space in which your enemy is in, is indicated by a green circle. Any red area within the circle is considered a danger zone. While in the red area you are open to the enemies stronger attack. Certain sides of the enemy will most likely have a "Weak" message appear. This means your oncoming attack will take considerably more HP than normal. The dragon itself is indicated by a pointer which you can move around the enemy with. There are also 3 bars located in the bottom right hand side of the screen. When one bar is full you can shoot edge's gun, by pressing the "A" button, fire dragon lasers by pressing the "B" button, or open the menu with the "C" button. The menu contains the options to both fire Edge's gun and the dragons lasers, as well as the option to select items, special attacks, and the ability to change dragon forms. The different dragon forms also give you different affects in battle like increased speed, stronger laser power, or stronger defense. This is where a mix of strategy can come into play, when trying to decide which dragon form is best for a certain situation. When 2 bars are completely full, you are then able to use a special attack. Once 3 bars are full, you are granted a special ability which is determined by the dragon form you are currently in. The battle system would have been perfect if you had full control of your dragons movement as well as the target pointer, like in the Panzer Dragoon shooters, preferably Orta. Orta's battle system during boss battles, gave you full control of your dragons movements and the ability to control your target pointer, selecting which ever area on the enemy you saw fit. You could also move a full 360 degrees around your enemy while being able to change dragon forms, Just like in Saga. It would have been simple to just add the option to bring up a menu containing special attacks and item selections and this would be the perfect formula that could have made Sagas battle system truly amazing. I only gave the battle system in Saga a 9 because I thought Orta's battle system is exactly what Panzer Dragoon Sagas battle system should have been. All in all Sagas battle system offers a variety of different attacks, is very fun and enjoyable and throws in a good deal of strategy into the mix as well.

Closing Comments and Final Score

Panzer Dragoon Saga is a true masterpiece that should be cherished and preserved. With less than 10,000 copies released, it would surely be a crime to damage or misuse a copy of this legendary game. With a compelling story, atmospheric music and environments, the greatest graphics produced on the Saturn and an enjoyable battle system, I have no Choice but to give this game what it deserves, a perfect 10/10. Worth every penny you dish out for it on eBay!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/05

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