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"Great, but not worth the eBay price."

I got this from eBay just recently. After seeing all the reviews and the price/demand for it on eBay, I didn't care how much it costed. I paid 185 for a mint copy. With that said, here's my review.

Graphics - Pretty good graphics. Definitely not up to Saturn's standards however. Also the lighting was kind of awkward at times. At night time it seemed like things, for example in the Caravan, were way to dark. I actually had to make it day time to be able to see. It still seemed dark even then. The camera was for the most part good. Sometimes it is hard to see under you when you're flying around, but during battle the fixed camera locations give an excellent performance. Camera can sometimes be a bit tricky when you're on foot. Its kind of hard to turn and it turns really slow. Also I thought the cinema graphics could have been better, they still seemed blocky even though it was CG. I can understand however Saturn didn't have the greatest FMV engine.

Sound - The sound effects and music were overall good, however I don't' think they are very memorable. The voice overs were very good and helped to relieve the game of any bore factor. They don't really help unless you can understand the language. I guess that's all that's really to be said about the sound.

Controls - Perfect. I seriously could not find one flaw when it came to controls. The battle system is quick and responsive. Opening a menu to select commands is done with extreme ease. If you want you can choose to fire your gun, or your lasers, with only the touch of the A or B buttons. The L and R triggers are pretty useless throughout the game if I recall, besides controlling the camera on foot. The analog is very precise to your dragons movements.

Story/Characters - How much can I say without giving anything away. Well, I thought the story was actually very very good. The only complaint I have is that it felt like things were kind of thrown around and nothing ever really went into very much depth. I thought the characters were very well designed. They had a lot of personality, the main characters did anyway. Also their apperance I thought was very good. Azel looks cool as hell. I would have only wished for some more characters. Throughout the game there's probably 10 to 15 main characters. Most RPG games have like 50 I think.

Gameplay - Panzer Dragoon Saga is a great RPG game. Its also about as standard as an RPG gets. It has your basic HP and MP obviously. EXP system for leveling. A few of the cool features include the customizable gun used by Edge. Probably the coolest feature of the game is how you can customize not only the stats of your dragon, but also the look of it. Depending on how you allocate points your dragon will change form to whatever you set his stats to. Kind of hard to explain, but really great feature no less.

Replay Value - I think just because my copy is in such good condition I don't see any reason to replay the game. I actually feel uneasy about taking the discs in out of those sleeves. They're kind of rough =Þ.

Last Thoughts - This is definitely a great game, however, if you didn't get it back when it came out, I would suggest avoiding the eBay price. Trust me, you will be disappointed unless you're a serious collector and only care for the rarity.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/17/06

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