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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NMetatron

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    SSSSSSSS                 `S'                       `S'
    $$$$$$$$                >-+-<                     >-+-<
    """""~~~             ,.sss$sss.                 ,sss$sss..
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    $$$$$$$$       ,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(,sSSSs.)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,
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    ~~~~""""   .S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S.
    ssssssss  :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:
    $$$$$$$$ ;$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;
    $$$$$$`;$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' )$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$( `S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;
    $$$$$`;S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S'    :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;    `S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;
    $$$$`,S$$$$$$'"$$$$$$$$$   .s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s.   $$$$$$$$$"`$$$$$$$.
    """" l$$SSSS" .$$SSSSS$'  `$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'  `$$$$$$$$. "$$$SSSl
    %~""'~, <'"""~> [~""~', % <'~""`> %>,`S % `"~%""~s$'    l$$$$$$$l  `$$$$$$l
    %~~~"'_ %`""~~% % $$ .} % %`"~""% % s`, # $$ #  "'      `$$$$$$$$.  `S$$$$$.
    % S l % %    ;% #=,,+>' % %     % % $$,<% $$ %           )$$$$$$$;   `S$$SSl
    sS$ ~""""'   l$$SSSSl             s$ 'SSs` Ss             lS$S$$$l    `"""""
    S$$$$$$$    >""""~~ % %      #   ) % ,~""~~" >~"""", ,~"""~" # $$l % >%,    #
     "$$$$$$     "```~< % #      % ,S,"  %"""""' %""~"~, %   ,,, % $$[ # %  `,  %
      `S$$$$    +.,,,=> # ",,.,, ">.'s$$s"+;;;;; # S   % >+,,.,< ">,,,<' #    `+<
        `~$$     ssssss          ,SS$$$$$$SSSSSS$s$$$,          $$ssss         tm
          `S     $$$$$(          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.         )$$$$$
                 `"SS$          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,         $SS"'
                   r e i d e i a n t o   s h i r u b a a g a n
    date: 2000 ad 07.16.                                   (c) Treasure 1998
    Radiant Silvergun FAQ v.2k.FINAL       And so ends the era of true gaming.. .
    started on 1998 ad 9.14.                   
    finished on 1999 ad 2.18.                  
    Optimum OS = D0S mode  <--- use edit.com   
    . . . ..: ::: ::::::::: :::::::::;;;;;;;  ;;;; ;; ;;;;;;;;;;;|||||| ||||||
    content    ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    kontento  ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    _0.5. Changes
    _01. Faq Start
        . Beginner tips
        . Radiant Silvergun
          . Scoring system
    _02. Characters
        . Buster
        . Gai 
        . Reana
        . Son Tengai
        . Creator 
        . Secretary Igarashi 
    _03. Weapons 
    _04. Level guide  
    _05. Assailant guide
    _06. Dog List
    _07. Soundtrack info
    _08. Misc.
    _09. Translations
    _10. Records
    _11. Revision  
    _12. Credits
    . . . ..: ::: ::::::::: :::::::::;;;;;;;  ;;;; ;; ;;;;;;;;;;;|||||| ||||||
    from v 2k.A,$$$$$$$$$$. to v 2k.FINAL
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄ-- Ä >$ `S$$S' $< -ÄÄÄ
                ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    changes/updates from the previous release to this one.
    -added a little information on the characters
    -important info in Revision section.
    -minor text changes
    faq start  ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄ-- Ä >$ `S$$S' $< -ÄÄÄ
    fuaku staato~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    What you need to know before you play Radiant Silvergun.
    [Beginner Tips]
    New to shooters? Play a little too much Tekken, Xmen vs. SF, or Killer
    Instinct? Here's some tips. I'm no shooter expert, but I can beat the game
    with 1 life on Normal. So no, despite posts on Usenet, it's not impossible
    to beat the game without dying. Like most Saturn games, practice is all you
    need. Please note that this FAQ talks more about getting a high score than
    just whizzing through all the bosses without dying.
    [1] = Whenever bullets are flying from EVERY direction it always helps me to
         look just at my ship. It helps me dodge bullets better. Doesn't work if
         ships are flying at you though.
    [2] = Whenever you see or hear a satellite beam charging up, MOVE! It's weird
         how most people just sit right in front of a big laser cannon when any
         idiot can see it charging up.
    [3] = Never play a game two-players if you're serious about getting a good
         score or if you want practice. Your partner will ALWAYS get in your way
         and your weapons will be twice as weak.
    [4] = Use the "smart bomb" or the Hyper Sword in Radiant's case, if you're
         scared about getting blown up.  You'll probably end up panicking about
         whether you should use it or not and end up getting killed. When you're
         better, just use the smart bomb on times where you need to in order to
         get a high score(ex: Stage 3C, those battleships with turrets.)
    [5] = Usually bullets are smaller than they seem. Don't be scared when you see
         millions of oversized bullets coming your way. Usually they have to hit
         the middle of your ship to kill you.
    [6] = Shooters are one of the very few genres that require actually skill and
         quick reflexes to play. If you've been playing RPGs or strategy games for
         the last few years, don't think you'll get good soon.
    [7] = Don't ever blink. At least not in Radiant Silvergun.
    [8] = Play alone. By that, I mean no one must be watching or even better, be
          in the house. You can just concentrate on the game. Works for me at
    [9] = Practice makes perfect. What? You thought you could just read the FAQ
         and suddenly became a shooter god? Ha! In your dreams! That only works on
         Playstation games! Just kidding... ;)
    [10] = Don't use the analog controller even in digital mode.
    [11] = Try not to talk to yourself in your head. Doing that has killed me
          several times before. For example, after beating Stage 2 or 4, don't
          start Stage 5 by saying to yourself, "Alright! I have 11 million points!
          I'm almost done!". I guarantee you will die if you say that to yourself
          in the middle of a crossfire.
    [12] = Don't use a Virtua Stick or ASCII arcade stick unless you want to get
           the arcade experience at home. The Japanese Saturn pad is always better
    -------------   ---------- --------------------------   -      --------------
    ========= =====================  =============    ============ === ==========
     --------------------------   ------------------------------------   --------
    Before you read the FAQ, here's some weapon techniques I use labeled through-
    out the FAQ with the following terms:
    Tap Tap Method = not necessarily a weapon technique, but to dodge some attacks
    just tap the d-pad in certain directions, don't hold it.
    Tap Vulcan = tap the vulcan button to shoot out one bullet. Useful for aiming
    your shots.
    Spread Field = keep tapping the C button to create a little shield around you.
    Sword Holster = hold the R button to stick out your sword. It causes the most
    damage, but you should use it on things that don't shoot or move at you.
    Left/Right or Right/Left technique = sometimes a boss will shoot a series of
    bullets that seem to have a pattern. Don't be intimidated by the amount of
    bullets. Most bullet patterns can be dodged by moving left and right. Ex:
    Ue2a-Gal's super spread, Golets2's stick vulcan(as seen below). Here's a
    +-------safety---------+----1st bullet dodged-----+----2nd bullet dodged----+
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |        | | <-bullets |            |             |          | |            |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |         |            |           | |            |           |             |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |        | |           |            |             |          | |            |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |         |            |           | |            |           |             |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |         O <--you     |            |O            |          |O|            |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |Move either right or  | Then move back to the    |Repeat.                  |
    |left.                 | opposite side.           |                         |
    -------------   ---------- --------------------------   -      --------------
    ========= =====================  =============    ============ === ==========
     --------------------------   ------------------------------------   --------
    [( Radiant Silvergun )]...........:::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|||||||||||
         Radiant Silvergun is the no doubt the best shooter of all time. It has
    more strategy than R-Type(and it's not as cheap) and more action than any
    other shooter out there. The game combines the insane action of previous
    Treasure games with gameplay elements from classic shooters. RS's weapon
    power-up system is something that hasn't been introduced to shooters, but is
    something that seems like it was taken from an RPG. Instead of collecting
    power-ups scattered around each level to strengthen your weapons, earning more
    points with different weapons will increase their strength like an RPG
    (experience points; see Weapons Section for more info).
         Casual gamers can play through the game just to see the ending which
    doesn't take too long, but some people have difficulty with the amount of
    bullets flying on-screen. Real gamers can try to compete with others for a
    high score which proves more of a challenge than just beating the game with
    one life. Thank God for internal, cartridge memory, and of course the Netlink
    (another way to backup save games as long as you have a POP account and other
    web-based email accounts).
    Arcade Mode>> Just like the arcade except you have unlimited quarters. The
    intro and ending sequences are just still pictures and there's absolutely no
    dialogue to progress the story. After beating the first stage, you can choose
    either to go to Stage 2 or Stage 4. There is no music during the final boss.
    Takes at least 30 minutes to beat on this mode.
        sub>> Difficulty Settings
        Changing difficulties will change the levels a bit. Enemies may appear
        where there weren't before. A few bosses will even attack much differently
        than before.
    Saturn Mode>> Saturn Mode gives you the ability to save the strength of your
    weapons so that you can play it over with stronger weapons if you cannot beat
    the game. The save games are NOT required to beat the game, they are just used
    to help players beat the game if they are unable to do so with however many
    credits they have.
    You start out with 1 credit, but for every 100% destructions and every hour
    you play, the more credits you get(max of 2 per game). The intro and ending
    are done in FMV(very nice FMV I might add) and there are real-time cutscenes
    before and after each level. Saturn mode also requires you to play both Stage
    2 AND 4. Plus there are 5 new bosses to fight, 20 new dogs to find, and 2 new
    songs! Well, one of them isn't actually a song, but it's still cool. Takes at
    least 45 minutes to beat on this mode. Usually an hour.
       sub>> Saturn Mode Continues
       There are many ways to gain continues in Saturn Mode, but I really am not
       sure if this information is accurate or not. One way to get 'em is to play
       for an hour in Saturn Mode. Another is to get a Perfect on a boss. Arcade
       Mode is also linked into Saturn Mode. Before I started this FAQ, I had
       about 20 continues. Then I played Arcade Mode for about 30 hrs. and now I
       have 140+ continues. Wow. Unfortunately it will not show up as the number
       140, it shows up as either ::0 or just 0. You may only get a maximum of an
       extra 2 continues every time you play.
    Here's how you SHOULD progress through the game:
    1) Arcade mode, X credits, Stage 2 Path, Normal
    2) Arcade mode, X credits, Stage 2 Path, Normal, 100% all bosses
    3) Arcade mode, X credits, Stage 2 Path, Normal, 100%, big chains
    4) Arcade mode, 1 credit, Stage 2 Path, Normal, 100%, big chains
    5) Arcade mode, 1 credit, Stage 4 Path, Normal, 100% all bosses
    6) Arcade mode, 1 credit, Stage 4 Path, Normal, 100%, big chains
    7) Saturn mode etc.
    If you want practice on levels, keep save games that have certain weapon
    levels. Then use the Stage Select with your save games. Ex: A/Lv 14 B/10 C/15
    on Stage 5A. Don't cheat and use your maxed out weapons on easy bosses. It
    won't help you become better. Scores will not be recorded when using Option+.
    [( scoring system )]...........:::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|||||||||||||
    Read Alan Kwan's RS FAQ for more ACCURATE and DETAILED scoring info somewhere
    in http://home.netvigator.com/~tarot/Games/
    Even though the scoring/exp system is innovative, it has its flaws. For a
    console game it might not matter, but as an arcade, it messes up the two
    player game. If a second player joins in while the first player is half way
    through the game, the second player starts out with lv0 weapons, making it
    almost impossible for player two to catch up or even kill enemies.
    Destruction Bonus = This amount depends on the boss you fight. The farther
    into the game you go, the higher this number is. You get 0 points if the boss
    Destruction Rate Bonus =  For every percent of destruction, you will recieve
    5,000 pts regardless of whether the boss self-destructed or not. You will get
    100,000 pts if you score 100% on the bosses which won't happen if the boss
    Chains = Shooting 3 little drones or big ships of the same color consecutively
    will give you bonuses that get higher the more you chain. The maximum point
    value per chain is 100,000 pts.  The chain difference increases depending on
    the size of the ship killed. Enemies come in many many different sizes. Also
    see Secret Bonus for information on Secret Chains.
    Red = Most common
    Blue = Common
    Yellow = Least common
    -normal drone size---------------
    1) 90 pt chain                    Chains are done in intervals of a certain #
    +270 <-----\                      for example, say a chain starts off at 60 &
    2) 360 pt   180+ chain difference say it's a drone size chain. A drone chain
    +450 <-----/                      goes in intervals of multiples of 180. 60 is
    3) 810 pt chain                   1/3 of 180 so the next chain will add 240
    --------------------------------- because 240 of 1 1/3 of 180.
    Secret bonus = destroy red, 1 blue, and then yellow and you'll get 10k. If you
    start chaining yellow, you'll get a 10,000 pt. chain which can be continued at
    10,000 pt intervals by killing more yellow.
    Weapon bonus = Fullfilling certain weapon requirements give you 10,000 pts.
    Below are VERY rough exerpts from the manual. I can only read about two kanjis
    in that section and this is what I got out of it. Once again, check the other
    sub >> vulcan        = 200 hits with 2 main bullets
    sub >> homing        = 300 hits
    sub >> spread        = 16 hits
    sub >> homing plasma = at least one locked on for 10 seconds
    sub >> back-wide     = 300 bullets not missing totally for 2 seconds
    sub >> lock-ons      = 15 seconds on at least 1 target
    sub >> radiant sword = 5 seconds with it holstered on someone
    Merry bonus = You get a certain amount of points for finding a dog with your
    lock-on weapon. Dogs are hidden around the game. CERTAIN DOGS CAN ONLY BE
    FOUND BY FINDING OTHER DOGS. The Dogmaster Rank is counted by how many dogs
    you find in 1 GAME. Download the Dog List at Gamefaqs for the locations of all
    30 dogs. You get nothing for getting all 30 except the TopBreeder Ranking.
    Those dogs are crazy in the head or something. Just look at them!
    Close calls = if you're ship gets scratched on the side with a bullet or wall,
    your score goes up depending on how much you're getting scratched.
    characters ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    karakutaasu ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    Short descriptions of the characters.
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Shooting things and racing
    Info: Player One, red hair, an optimist.
    Age: 17 
    Gender: Female
    Info: Player Two, acts like a child, sharp intuition, an orphan because of a
    political plot somewhere I don't know. Green hair.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Souping up Mecha
    Info: Gai is like hot-blooded man, wild boar dashing forward! With DOGMATIC
    SENSE OF JUSTICE! Chief Igarashi's son. Player Three(not playable), wears
    ridiculous-looking goggles.
    Age: 69
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Getting drunk and a good game of Shogi with his dog, Trevor. OK, you
    got me. Trevor doesn't exist. 
    Info: Old guy with goggles. Commands TETRA.
    [Chief Igarashi]
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Reading and raising tropical fish
    Info: Charismatic, good friend of Tengai, Gai's father.
    weapons    ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    ueponzu   ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    The key to victory in this game is to use the right weapons at the right
    times.  Not only do you have to do that, but you have to get lots of points
    to power up your weapons! Weapon bonuses are earned by using the correct
    weapon on certain bosses. You get 10pts for every damage point. Well, you know
    what they say, more chains mean more power! If you get say 10,000 pts. with
    your radiant sword, 3,333 pts. will be given to A, B, and C.
    [A] vulcan laser - just like every other vulcan in every other game. Pretty
    strong and shoots straight ahead. Probably the most used weapon in the game.
    [B] homing shot - weak, but homes onto enemies. You can get more points with
    this weapon because it's the weakest weapon. If you are able to go levels
    without dying, then you not use your homing shots in vain. If your homing
    shots don't fly off the screen, then they are saved up for the weapon bonus.
    For example, use 100 on a boss and survive until the next, and use another
    200 without missing, and you will get a weapon bonus.
    [C] spread shot - shoots two lasers sideways at an angle. When it explodes, it
    stays there for a while like the Crush weapon in Contra 3. 2nd strongest
    [B+C/X] homing-spread/lock-ons - Locks onto enemies at a certain range and
    fires a weaker version of the spread/crush shot. Powering up the B weapon will
    increase range and number of enemies that can be locked onto. Powering up C
    will increase damage.
    [A+C/Y] back-wide shot - shoots one column of vulcans forward and some more in
    a spread-like fashion in the back. Powering up A will increase damage. Power-
    ing up C will increase spread range.
    [A+B/Z] homing plasma - It locks onto 2 objects and fires lightning that gets
    increasingly stronger. You can break your current lock by just moving enough
    so that the angle of the lines can no longer reach the target. Not only that,
    but it shoots through walls and it can shoot two objects at the same time.
    Powering up A will increase damage. Powering up B will increase range. The
    homing plasma also has the same weapon bonus trick as homing shot, if you do
    not know what I'm talking about, read about homing shot.
    [A+B+C/R] radiant sword - the strongest weapon of the seven if used properly.
    Short range, but you can "holster" your sword for max damage on certain things
    (the sword is the only weapon that can destroy those medium sized missiles in
    Stage 4). The Radiant sword also cuts through pink bullets.
    [A+B+C/R] hyper sword - When you slice ten pink bullets with your Radiant
    Sword, the Radiant Sword will become the Hyper Sword, which is basically a
    smart bomb. Use the Hyper sword only in times of need. You get less points
    because of its strength. Powering A, B, or C will increase damage.
    level      ,$$$$$$$$$$. guide
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    rebaru    ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ 'gaido
    NOTE: if you see anything that says "use your hyper sword", that only applies
    to beginners or if you just want to get the battle over with. Stage 2
    strategies are still early, I suggest looking in other FAQs for info on S2.
    The level guide will guide you through some of the more difficult chains.
    Just a reminder, you will not be able to do any of the chains if you are not
    at least decent at dodging and aiming. Most of the strategies will require
    that you're weapons be pumped up from previous levels. Remember that this
    guide is towards more experienced gamers, so beginners won't get the help
    expected from a FAQ.
    Chain Difficulty[(easy)1-10(hard)]
    Get the dog, get a secret chain, continue killing yellow(before that, blow up
    the turret of the red tank), then immediately after killing the drones, get
    another secret bonus by using vulcan on red and spread on blue & yellow.
    STAGE 3A
    2521 ad 7.13. 10:50
    descent point: the suburbs y5-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 2
    1 - Kill the first wave of red drones with your homing shot.
    2 - Shoot down 1 blue drone and finish off the yellow drones. Collect at least
    three pink bullets.
    3 - Position yourself so that you're parallel with the red tank. Blow up the
    turret of the red tank with your vulcan. You must never let go of the vulcan
    button until the turret is destroyed. It should shoot out pink bullets at you.
    4 - When the pink bullets fly out of the red tank, use your sword and end your
    swing when you see that you have a Hyper sword.
    5 - Move over to the bottom left fast and kill the 6 yellow drones with your
    6 - Move over to the middle while shooting your vulcan and kill the red
    drones. It's preferred that the red tank is destroyed. Leaving out 1 red is OK
    7 - Position yourself in the top middle and wait until the blue and yellow
    tanks are almost off the screen. Use your spread to take out all the red ships
    on the side. If done correctly, you'll get a weapon bonus. Kill the last red
    ship with vulcans.
    STAGE 3B
    2521 ad 7.13. 11:00
    descent point: the suburbs u3-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 3
    1 - Kill the turrets with homing or homing plasma.
    2 - Use your homing and then spread to kill all the red ships.
    3 - Move right and use your vulcan to kill off the red ships and turrets on
    the right.
    4 - Stay low. Kill the turrets to the left with a spread field. 
    5 - Tap the vulcan button the shoot out one shot at each red ship in the drone
    6 - Go in the circle and tap the lock-on button to get a dog.
    7 - Go up to the big turret and use your spread to kill the mini-turrets and
    laser cannons.
    8 - Move over to the right and use vulcan to take out the red drones. Leave
    TWO alive if you are an expert.
    9 - When you see more turrets, use your spread /w homing or lock-ons on them.
    10 - Kill the two ships & the tank. Get ready to kill the spread gunners with
    your vulcan or homing plasma(only if no mistakes were made).
    11 - Go past the blue turrets and use your spread on the red turrets. 
    12 - To kill all three missile launchers without using an H-sword, first, go
    left and use your spread so that it'll block any missiles and hit the ship.
    While that's going on, get in front and kill him with your vulcan. Move over
    to the right and do the same. For the last one, you have to be fast. Aim your
    spread in front of him and then go up to him and start shooting your vulcan.
    When he charges at you, move and make a spread field again. 
    13 - Go in the middle and use you homing plasma on the middle 4 ships. Then go
    all the way down in the middle and use your spread to kill the reds on the
    left and right. Use your homing plasma on the last 2 red ships.. you should
    have at least 1 million points by now.
    14 - Use the spread field on the blue & yellow ship to the left. Kill the
    yellow ship in front with a vulcan. Then go around really fast to the right
    and use your back-wide on the yellow.
    STAGE 3C
    2521 ad 7.13. 11:18
    descent point: the suburbs rt-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 6
    Leaving out one small red will give you the most points.
    1 - Hopefully you saved up a Hyper sword from the previous boss. If you have
    about 1.3 million pts., use vulcan on the first ship followed by homing
    plasma on the other ships. If not use your spread on the 3 ships.
    2 - Use your Hyper sword on the big ship /w the turrets(Chain 4800).
    3 - Kill the red turrets really fast with vulcans and spreads. After the last
    turret, use your lock-ons to get the dog(the dog only gives you 1,000 pts
    though, so it's not worth it).
    4 - When the ships start coming in, go to the left side of the tunnel. Shoot 1
    bullet at each red ship. Carefully stay in-between the walls and the drones.
    5 - Kill the 3 red turrets.
    6 - Wait a little while for the yellow turrets to shoot TWICE so that they are
    turned to the left. Then MOVE in the left side of the tunnel! Use the sword if
    7 - Kill the red guns and turrets with a spread field. Aim carefully.
    8 - Kill 5 of the red turrets with your homing plasma. Don't waste too much
    time or you'll die.
    9 - Pass through between the blue turrets on the big block & the crab thing
    while holding down the lock-on weapon. You should get a dog(I gotta think of
    a better way to do this).
    Do the following ONLY if you still have a red chain going:
    I don't die here anymore, but it's VERY difficult to explain so here I go
    again(order the video to see it with your own eyes). Notice how the turrets
    shoot one at a time in each group. Just wait a little while until the first
    turret shoots WHEN IT'S NEAR THE BOTTOM of the screen. I think you have to
    wait till it shoots the third time, then get moving. At the crossfire, you
    must time your spread correctly so that it'll kill the red turrets. Follow
    the bullets and when you reach the crossfire, wait till the red turrets shoot
    two bullets then dodge go past the bullet that ONE of the red turrets shoot
    and follow the path.
    8 - If you  make it, kill all the red turrets with spread! Using a sword might
    accidently kill the blue turrets.
    9 - Get the dog, and use your spread on the big tank.
    10 - Use back-wide on the missile launcher.
    STAGE 3D
    2521 ad 7.13. 11:34
    descent point: gap of gate front
    Chain Difficulty: 4 
    1 - Kill the first set of red. No need to kill them all.
    2 - Kill one blue. Kill all the yellows. I do it by staring directly at my
    ship while tapping down. Of course you should let go of the vulcan button when
    you see that they are about to end.
    3 - When the red ships come, you should be cornered.
    4 - Make your way through all the pink bullets with your Radiant Sword.
    5 - If you have an H-sword wait for the blues to leave and use it on the
    yellows. If not, use your vulcan.
    STAGE 3E
    2521 ad 7.13. 11:52
    descent point: the celestial gate
    Chain Difficulty: 7
    This level requires some practice and strong spreads. You should have AT LEAST
    2 million by now. If not, do step 5 with an H-sword.
    1 - Go to the left, kill red. Go to the middle, kill red. Go to the right,
    kill red.
    2 - You'll arrive at a place where there are two battle ships on the side.
    Start using your spreads. Kill the next 3 red ships with your vulcan quickly,
    and keep shooting spreads.
    3 - Try to stay low. Kill the red ship in the middle with your vulcan. If it's
    dead, stop shooting your vulcans and spreads.
    4 - Stay in the middle and dodge the lasers. Repeat.
    5 - The two battleships should now be moving closer to you which exposes some
    turrets which you were not able to kill. Use your spread and they should blow
    up as well as the battleships.
    6 - Fire vulcan at the red tank. If the turret is not destroyed by the time
    the laser tanks are about to fire the 2nd time, RUN!
    7 - For the next wave of red ships, use your spread in the middle of the row
    to destroy them all two at a time + you'll get a weapon bonus.
    8 - Stay in the middle, in between the red tank's bullets and use spread to
    destroy the two tanks on the sides.
    9 - Kill the tank in front of you.
    10 - Kill all drones with spreads or figure out a way to do a secret chain.
    Apparently you use the Hyper sword on the yellows. I've seen it done before,
    though it wasn't on purpose.
    STAGE 2A
    2520 ad 7.14 21:26
    descent point: town area al-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 2
    1 - Kill the first red group that you see.
    2 - Kill the red ones in the second group with vulcans(the ones on the right)
    and spreads(the ones on the left).
    3 - Kill a blue and yellow by tapping your vulcan.
    4 - Stay at the bottom right and kill the yellow with your vulcan. Remember to
    let go of the vulcan button before the reds hit it.
    5 - Then quickly move to somewhere in the top left(above the reds near the
    yellow) and use your vulcan to kill off the remaining yellow.
    6 - Go to the bottom middle and get the dog. Kill off the first yellow tank
    with your vulcan and the other yellows with a spread/spread field.
    STAGE 2B
    2520 ad 7.14. 21:30
    descent point: central plain 1st layer
    Chain Difficulty: 4
    1 - Kill a red or more if you want
    2 - Kill a blue
    3 - Kill all the yellows and then get some more yellow while you fight the
    boss... Read Boss Strategy "Golets" for more information. Don't die.
    STAGE 2C
    2520 ad 7.14. 21:35
    descent point: ravine to 3rd layer
    Chain Difficulty: 5
    1 - Kill off the first set of red with your vulcan.
    2 - Go as far the the right as you can and use your back-wide shot to kill
    some more red(don't accidently kill blue or yellow with your front shot)
    3 - Kill the last few reds with your spread field.
    4 - Don't shoot the big blue and yellow ships. When the reds arrive, HOPEFULLY
    your weapons are strong enough to kill the reds with your back-wide shot.
    5 - When the red bomber arrives, use your back-wide and move left or right
    when the bomb launches... don't forget to move down if the barrier is about to
    touch you. 
    6 - Shoot your vulcan to kill the reds in front of you. Dodge the pink bullets.
    When the left side de-activates, move out and keep shooting the reds.
    7 - This is kind of tough to get ALL reds, but practice will help. When you
    see the barrier turn green again, it's time to move back in the middle.
    8 - Kill the rest of reds with your vulcan. If you want, end the chain with
    the big tank(use spread).
    STAGE 2D
    2520 ad 7.14. 21:42
    descent point: orbit road
    Chain Difficulty: 2
    1 - Go around in a circle to dodge the pink bullets and use your homing shots
    to kill the red. At the end, collect at least 10 pink bullets. The higher
    level your B weapon is, the more you will be able to kill.
    2 -  Wait for a bit before the yellows shed their armor, then use the H-sword
    and get in the middle. You'll only be able to get around 9000 points here...
    STAGE 2E
    2520 ad 7.14. 21:58
    descent point: e.d.a hq
    Chain Difficulty: 8
    1 - Go to the right and kill all the red ships that shoot spreads
    2 - Move left a bit and kill the line of red drones
    3 - When you see another red ship to the left, move and kill the last 3 red
    spread gunners.
    ? - Kill as many red turrets as you can.
    5 - Go right real fast and kill the turrets
    6 - Return to the middle with a spread field to destroy the missiles. Finish
    off the missile launcher with a vulcan, and kill the others with a homing
    7 - Kill the midboss without killing those wandering yellow drones and you'll
    get muchos pointos.
    8 - Kill the group of red with your homing if the midboss is dead. Kill one
    blue then kill all the yellow.
    STAGE 4A   
    2521 ad 7.13. 12:00
    descent point: the celestial gate-13
    Chain Difficulty: 3
    Check the Stage 4A demo.
    1 - Go in-between the zig-zag of drones and kill the reds. You have to start
    at the bottom and get in-between while tapping up at the appropriate times.
    2 - Blow up all the red blocks and the red trapbot with a spread field.
    3 - Kill the last red blocks with your vulcan or by holstering your sword
    (unless you have an H-sword charged up).
    4 - Go past the blue trapbot and shoot spreads at the 3 red turrets.
    5 - Get the dog.
    6 - Go in between the blue turrets on the left. Use spread on the red turrets
    on the side, dodge the bullet in the middle, kill the rest of the red turrets.
    7 - Quickly destroy the 3 red blocks with the tap vulcan method. Go left and
    destroy the red blocks with a combo of vulcan, spread and lock-ons. Be careful
    not to kill the blue trapbot on the right.
    8 - Go to the area with the laser tank and get the dog(don't kill the yellow
    trapbot to the left).
    9 - If you have time, kill the tank. If not, hide near the yellow trapbot, but
    don't get close enough to be killed. To get pink bullets, blow up the turret
    of the tank and let it shoot pink bullets, then destroy it AFTER step #10.
    10 - Ignore the yellow drones.
    11 - Stay in the middle and use your vulcan to kill the red drones. Collect
    pink bullets if needed. Start killing the red blocks.
    12 - Go through the conveyer by killing red blocks. While you're waiting, use
    back-wide on one red behind you.
    13 - In the final conveyer, kill red with vulcan, move up and get the dog, get
    back down and use an H-sword.
    STAGE 4B
    2521 ad 7.13. 12:26
    descent point: the water way 13-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 5
    1 - Kill the correct drones by tapping the vulcan button. Yes, you have to
    face them head-to-head. If you are confident about being able to beat the
    level without dying, take out red. If not, get a secret bonus. 
    2 - Kill the red drones and ships. Start by killing the ones on the left with
    3 - Move to the right and use back-wide to hit the barrier while killing the
    4 - Move to the left and use spread to get through the barriers.
    5 - When you see the blue energy field ship, go in-between the left and the
    blue turrets. Use your back-wide to take out the red ships.
    6 - Move to the right and use your lock-ons to take out the red turrets.
    7 - Use your lock-ons or spread on the electric "X".
    8 - Go to your right and use your vulcan to kill the red turrets. Make a
    spread field nearby to push away the barrier, but don't accidently kill the
    9 - Wait for the blues to shoot then move left and kill the other 3 red
    10 - Wait until there's some space for you to dodge and then use your spread
    to push away the barrier. Then move inside while going in the same direction
    as the electric (X). Right now you should be using your lock-ons and the dog
    should be acquired by now.
    11 - When there's an opening, I go to the left. Kill the drones and use a
    spread field to push down the barrier(be careful NOT to kill the blue turrets)
    12 - Go up a little so the blue turrets will try to aim at you. If they shoot,
    move past them and go to the upper-right. If you don't have an H-sword saved
    up, go in front of them and collect pink bullets.
    13 - Use the spread on the ships that "drip" out bullets either from the
    opening or from anywhere you can get a shot from.
    14 - If you did not die, use the H-sword on the weapons circle. If you don't
    have an H-sword, you can use your back-wide in a spot somewhere to the left.
    STAGE 4C
    2521 ad 7.13. 13:05
    descent point: the water tank 13-ward
    Chain Difficulty: 5
    1 - Go to the left and shoot red, but leave a few alive so that you have time
    to move to the right.
    2 - Move over to the right and get the other reds with vulcans. Use your back-
    wide or sword on the reds you left in step #1. Power up the H-sword.
    3 - Pay attention to the missiles. You can kill them, but don't bother. If
    there are lots of red missiles on the right, go to the right because there's
    going to be red ships on that side.
    4 - Kill the reds with vulcan and homing or just an H-sword.
    5 - When the green barriers come in, go to the right and kill the red(on the
    2nd group, leave a spread field).
    5 - IMMEDIATELY, after using the spread, move to the top-middle of the screen
    and dodge the blue drones.
    6 - On the left side of the middle column will be a line of red. Use your
    vulcan(I tap it just in case) on them and then go right.
    7 - The problem with this set is that immediately following the red are yellow
    so that means you have to shoot them by tapping your vulcan.
    8 - Move left again and kill more reds. Power up the H-sword.
    9 - Everyone will leave and 3 missile launching ships will appear. Kill the
    red one.
    10 - You should see 2 vertical lines of armored drones. The way you kill the
    red one is to go in between each space and shoot one vulcan at each red. Make
    sure the pink bullets aren't in the spaces.
    11 - If you have an H-sword right now, use it on the 3 spreadgunners. Use your
    spread on the battleships on the side.
    Note:  When the blue battleship arrives, you can either chain blue or red
    depending on whether you survived or not. The first set of red are on the left
    and the first set of blue are on the right.
    12 - Go over to whichever side and kill the drones. Then move to the opposite
    side and use 3 backwides to kill the drones behind you and in front. Repeat.
    13 - Two blue energy field robots will arrive. Use your spread on them. Kill
    the big blue battleship with your vulcan afterwards.
    14 - Stay in the middle of the screen. Use vulcan, then back-wide, then spread
    and don't forget to dodge or collect the pink bullets.
    STAGE 4D
    2521 ad 7.13. 14:10
    descent point: west central 1st layer
    Chain Difficulty: 6     
    1 - Kill all the red, one blue, and all the yellow. Practice.
    Method://You need to have decent aim. When you reach a yellow on the far right
    or left, make sure you move away from that area is quick as you possibly can
    after making the kill. For the hard-to-kill yellow(2nd last ones in the row),
    I time my shots to kill them.
    STAGE 4E
    2521 ad 7.13. 14:46
    descent point: west central 2nd layer
    Chain Difficulty: 8   
    1 - Stay on the right column and kill reds
    2 - Move left quickly and kill reds
    3 - Move right quickly and kill reds
    4 - Kill the red turrets.
    5 - Go in between the garbage blocks. For me, it usually takes 5 and sometimes
    6 shots for each crab.
    6 - Kill the turrets with spreads/spread fields. 
    7 - You have to shoot at the red ones, I can't explain this part. I only know
    how to do this through experience.
    8 - On the bottom right, tap your spread to kill the missile launcher, then
    move over to the left really fast while tapping the spread button to kill the
    other missile launcher.
    9 - Use your homing plasma to destroy the turret of the laser tank.
    10 - Get in the middle and destroy it. Go through the walls-on-wheels and move
    past the blue turrets.
    11 - Kill turrets on the way. Use spread fields on the crabs then move past
    them(don't forget to tap downwards).
    12 - On the last turrets, use homing plasma to kill the two on the right.
    13 - Kill and go past the crab. Use lock-ons on the last red turrets.
    14 - Stay in the middle and keep firing vulcan. When the red ship is dead,
    stop shooting. Get in between the lines of blue & yellow drones.
    15 - Stay in the middle column(but not too far down) and use vulcan. Dodge
    them by going like this:
    +-------safety---------+----watch out 4 bullets---+----safety---------------+
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |  B                   |      B                   |          B              |
    |                   Y  |             Y            |           Y             |
    |  B                   |      B                   |          B              |
    |     wait O        Y  |    +--- O   Y            |           Y             |
    |  B                   |   \|/B                   |        O B              |
    |                   Y  |             Y            |           Y             |
    |  B                   |      B                   |          B              |
    |                   Y  |             Y            |           Y             |
    |                      |                          |                         |
    |Just wait a little,   | Try going around the blue| Safe.                   |
    |then move left or rght| side. Watch out.         |                         |
    16 - Repeat.
    17 - If you are at the bottom of the screen, you better move up because the
    mid-boss will smash right into you.
    18 - Kill tanks with spread. If you can't kill that one tank that runs away in
    the bottom-right corner, kill it with your lock-ons.
    19 - Read Stage 4 Midboss strategy in the assailant guide.
    STAGE 5A
    2521 ad 7.13. 15:30
    descent point: e.d.a headquarters
    Chain Difficulty: 10, this chain is OPTIONAL! Beginners should concentrate on
    killing the core.
    1 - Please refer to Assailant Guide for both Arcade and Saturn Modes.
    2(core) - Kill the 3 reds in front. Move over to the right and use spreads on
    the tanks before the blue come in.
    3 - Move back to the middle and dodge like you've never dodged before.
    Personally I pick off 1 red from each red group.
    4 - Survive and the right side will cave in. Watch out for stray bullets.
    5 - Move to the bottom left and fire single vulcans at the 3 red kamikaze
    6 - Move to the middle and make your way to the top while dodging blue.
    7 - Go right, use back wide on the 3 reds. Dodge blue.
    8 - The walls will come in with the rolling walls. I can give you no advice
    here... Survive and you'll face a tougher challenge.
    9 - Stay in the middle, dodge, and use single back-wides to take out reds or
    use your radiant sword, which will kill more reds, but make it more likely to
    hit the wrong color. The left wall will cave in.
    10 - The next part is a lot easier, but watch what you destroy. Pick off the 3
    reds on the right line with single vulcans.
    11 - Move to the left and use 3 spread shields on the line of red. Alternate
    sides and do the same while dodging the bullets. When the line of drones end, move to the left and
    kill the red tanks. Kill the red kamikazes with back-wide and fake out the
    rest of the kamikaze ships.
    12 - Move back up, skip the 3 reds, and do the same thing you did last time.
    13 - Get in the middle of the crevices, and when the sides cave in, pray the
    blue tanks don't kill you. 
    ?? - Figure the rest on your own.
    STAGE 6A
    The Origin
    2521 ad 7.13. 17:10
    descent point: orbit satellite b3
    Chain Difficulty: N/A
    N/A, if your weapons are strong enough, you want need to use your H-sword.
    STAGE 1
    100000 bc 7.13. 18:06
    descent point: somewhere in time
    Chain Difficulty: N/A
    The only thing you can really do is scratch up against the bullets.
    assailant  ,$$$$$$$$$$. guide
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    aseeranto ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ 'gaido     
    boss.count = 24 bosses + 2 minibosses
    NOTE: I'm assuming that the game is set on Normal and that you can at least
    be decent enough to dodge millions of bullets. To tell you the truth, the
    bosses require more skill than strategy, but I hope this still helps. Stage
    2 boss strategies are still early so look elsewhere for expert strategies on
    that particular stage.
    Format>> boss.difficulty - difficulty of boss[(easy)1-10(hard)]
             weapon.bonus - weapon bonuses easily earned with certain weapons
             boss.description - description of boss
             boss.strategy >>
                expert.strategy - strategy to get a high number of points, player
                                  preferably needs expert skill.
                beginner.strategy - strategy for beginners, 100% Destruction Rate,
                                    but not as many points as experts.
    ========         --------- diagram ------------------------ 
    <3A>                 TOP                BOTTOM              
    Aka-O               +--+--+--+         +--+--+--+_                    
    Plain Shoot-Tech    | 1| 2| 3|         |  | 4|   /             
    Plain Evasion-Tech   \-+||+--+          \-+||+-/                 
    Tiny Valor              ||                 ||                 
                     1 - pink bullet launcher  4 - main component                 
                     2 - fireball launcher                      
                     3 - missile launcher                       
                     --------------- ---------------------- --- 
    boss.difficulty = 2/beg, 4/exp
    boss.description = The twitching ship you see in the beginning of the level.
    If you're expecting a wimpy boss that shoots just sits there like in Einhander
    then you're in for a surprise. It shoots really big fireballs at you while its
    right component shoots pink bullets at you. Aka-O is constantly spinning
    around and you also have a very short time to kill it. There are two parts to
    each side. The top and bottom. When he's upside-down, his bottom parts are
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = Make sure you have an H-sword. Shoot your vulcan so when it
    actually hits the boss, you'll know when to use your Hyper sword. It should
    kill EVERYTHING on the top section. Go to the right and start shooting your
    vulcans(stay close, but not too close). When the pink bullets are in range,
    grab em. Before you got the pink bullets, the right side should have been
    either destroyed or extremely weakened(A should be at lv2). Use the H-sword
    immediately and move up-left so that it'll damage its right side(#1, if it
    wasn't destroyed) and the left. If you did it right, he should be dead and you
    should be able to do 2 more steps in your red chain.
    >beginner.strategy = go right in front of the boss and shoot his fireball
    launcher(#2) with your vulcan. When he's about to shoot his fireball, move
    back a little while still firing and move to the left or right to dodge the
    fireball. Even if the launcher is still not destroyed, collect the pink
    bullets and Hyper sword the right side of him. If the top and bottom sections
    if the right side are not destroyed, then just ignore it or shoot it if you
    have time. Then go to the left again and destroy the left side with your
    vulcan. Go right and destroy the missile launcher(#3, aim for the joint). The
    battle ends when the boss reaches the ground. You will not be able to do any
    red chains with this method.
    ========       ----------------diagram-------- --------------- -----
    <3B>                  +-+ +--+--+--+ +-+                            
    Mika-L         +---+  | | | 3| 4| 5| | |  +---+                     
    Evasion-Tech   \ 1 |  |2|  \-|  |-/  |6|  | 7 /                      
    Decide Weapons  \--+  +-+    |  |    +-+  +--/                       
    Fellow Feeling                \/                                    
                   1 - spark launcher         5 - pink bullet dispenser 
                   2 - light-saber            6 - light-saber            
                   3 - pink bullet dispenser  7 - spark launcher        
                   4 - main gun                                         
                   ------------------------- ----------  ------------   
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, homing shots, spread
    boss.difficulty = 3/beg, 4/exp
    boss.description = a big laser cannon with some extra weapons on the side.
    Escorting the gun are two light-sabers that shoots out periodically and two
    cannons that shoot out bullets that can block your weapons. The laser cannon
    has two pink bullet dispensers attached to it so remember to kill them.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = Use homing plasma on the left light-saber(#2) and spark
    launcher(#1). The light saber should blow up after a while. You can either
    stay and use homing plasma again by locking on the spark launcher(#1) & pink
    bullet dispenser(#3) or move to the other side and doing the same. You will
    not have time to kill them before the main part fires a satellite beam so move
    over when it does. After the beam, go back and use homing plasma. The spark
    launcher(#1 or #7) should still be alive so lock onto them and the pink bullet
    dispensers. When all spark launchers are destroyed, get in the middle and
    collect pink bullets, granted that you didn't kill the dispensers. Then use
    homing plasma on you know what and do whatever.
    >beginner.strategy = Use vulcan and collect H-swords. 
    ========           ----------diagram----------------- --------------- 
    <3C>                   +--+--+--+       1 - side bomb launcher
    Gallop                 | 1| 2| 3|       2 - main component                              
    Anxious for Return      \-+--+-/        3 - side bomb launcher                              
    Gamely Fight       4 -> //|=5|\\ <- 6   4 - reflective laser gun                              
    Tender Hearts          // |==| \\       5 - zig-zag laser charger                              
    ========                 /-||-\         6 - reflective laser gun                              
                       ------------------------- ------------------------ 
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, lock-ons
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 5/exp
    boss.description = Gallop is an exact duplicate of the R-Type done Treasure
    style. It has a curvy zig-zag laser(pink power-up in R-Type), big lasers that
    reflect off the wall(blue), wall bombs (yellow), wall disruptors(???), a
    satellite beam(when the beam meter is charged), bouncing fireballs(charged up
    hyper meter), missiles(???), bombs (???), and laser beams(???). It has a force
    unit in front which it sometimes shoots out so that you hurt the weak point
    (#2) and to kill you with.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = Use your homing plasma. You do know how to target his
    reflective laser guns(#4 & #6) right? Just move left a bit to target the gun on the
    left(#4) and then move right to target the gun on the right(#6). Stay in the middle
    column. When he shoots his zig-zag laser, just move up or down to get in
    between. Same thing for the reflective lasers and side bombs(only if Gallop is
    also in the middle column). When he shoots pink bullets at you, get away from
    him. Start targetting his side bomb launchers(#1 & #3) with homing plasma, but
    don't destroy them. When you think they're weakened, switch to your lock-ons
    and start targetting his side bomb launchers and weak point. Experts should
    already be familiar on how to dodge the bullets and missiles. At certain time
    intervals, Gallop will shoot his normal bullets and two missiles. To dodge the
    two missiles, you usually get in between them or just try to circle them.
    >beginner.strategy = Stay in the middle column and use homing plasma(read 1st
    few sentences of expert strategy) until Gallop starts shooting out pink
    bullets. Collect a few of them and then move out of the way. Start using
    vulcan and dodge the bullets and lasers by going from side to side. Just
    remember that Gallop stops completely to shoot his lasers so having him stop
    in the middle is a bad idea. If he fires some more pink bullets, collect
    enough for an H-sword. Use it whenever you want, before or when Gallop fires
    the fireballs.
    ========           ------- diagram --------------
    <3D>                   \\-+  //         1 - semi-homing laser turret
    Undo                   | \5\/ |         2 - pink bullet turret
    Initiative            1|O || O|3        3 - semi-homing laser turret
    Cool Temper           2|O ||\O|4        4 - pink bullet turret
    Tight Discipline       \--|| \/         5 - laser gun
    ========           --------------------------------
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, lock-ons
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 5/exp
    boss.description = Undo is a big tank that shoots pink bullets and semi-homing
    laser beams.  Once in a while it'll shoot out a big laser while it rotates
    around. To dodge it you'll have to hide behind a pillar. Sometimes the pillars
    will start moving if you take too long.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = Hide behind pillars to dodge the pink bullets. While Undo
    is firing the main beam, use your lock-ons to target the turrets. After that,
    just repeat the previous step until you destroy ALL the turrets. When Undo
    goes berserk, hide behind the pillars while using homing plasma. When the time
    is just right(there's a little momentum when he tries to aim at you) move to
    the next pillar. You can even go past one pillar, but make sure you stay
    closer to the boss because it's faster to travel that way instead of staying
    >beginner.strategy = Same as above, but instead of using lock-ons, stay down
    and use homing plasma. Also collect H-swords and use them whenever.
    No Repine            
    Never Shrink         
    Satori Mind        
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, homing shots 
    boss.difficulty = 2/exp 5/exp
    boss.description = A big armored turret with many many weapons helping it out.
    Lots of crazy weaponry here. Pink bullets, satellite beams, 1/2 homing beams,
    dual lasers, control disruptors, and long lasers make up its arsenal.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = Get the dog(Saturn only) and use your homing plasma. It
    doesn't really matter what you target as long as you target something, but I
    usually target two of the same weapons. To dodge the gigantic pink bullet
    spread shot, use the left/right technique. Make sure you collect enough pink
    bullets for an H-sword(for Stage 4, but I recommend experts get them at Stage
    >beginner.strategy = the main turret spews enough pink bullets as it is. Use
    H-swords on whatever weapons scare you most, but use it sparingly.
    ========        +------- -----diagram--------------+
    <2A>            |+--+/-\ -- /-\+--+    1 - right wing
    Kotetsu         || 1|\2/ 3| \4/| 5|    2 - right joint
    Hardiness       ||  |    \/    |  |    3 - main component
    Sleight of Hand | \ |          +--+    4 - left joint
    Friend Ship        \|          | 6/    5 - left wing
    ========        |   7          +-/     6 - left tip, gravity pull
                    |                      7 - right tip(very small & weak)
                    +---------------------- ----   ----+
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, spread, homing shots
    boss.difficulty = 4/beg 5/exp
    boss.description = Kotetsu is a karate choppin' bat. Sometimes it'll shoot
    green gas out of its mouth, cover the sides with its wings and rotate at the
    same time. It also covers up the sides and fires spreads continually.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = He'll start out by trying to chop you. Move over(move over
    as far as you can because his sabers are pretty long), use your homing(to rack
    up the weapon bonus). When he shoots out the green gas, I stay on the right
    side near the tip of his wing(#6). Dodge the worm while staying near the tip
    of his wing and you'll be fine. When he shoots spreads like crazy, use the
    right/left method to dodge them while using spread(aim carefully, check note
    at the bottom). As long as BOTH spreads on both sides hit, you'll probably get
    a weapon bonus. Use homing plasma to get the joints and wings(#2,#4, & #5). If
    you have time, finish it off with homing, if not, vulcan or homing plasma.
    >beginner.strategy = Move over when he karate chops. Grab the pink bullets and
    an H-sword on Kotetsu's wings. When he's shooting green gas, stay near the
    tip of his wing and dodge the worm accordingly. Use vulcan on everything else.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: to get 100%, you must destroy the TIPS of his wings(#6 & #7).
    If you destroy the main part of the wing(#1 & #5) without killing the tips,
    you've lost your chance to get 100%.
    ========          --------  ---diagram-------------- ---------main----------
    <2B>               G1> +-+-+      1 - left laser  G2>+1----|---4----|----7+
    Golets                 |1|2|      2 - right laser    +-+-+-|-3/||\5-|-+-+-+
    High Speed Sight    +--+ | +--+   3 - left barrier     +2+            +6+
    Brave Heart         | ++-+-++ |   4 - shield gunner  1 & 7 - wings    
    Brother Love        |3|+4+5+|6|   5 - shield gunner  2 & 6 - spread gun
    ========            +-+     +-+   6 - right barrier  3 & 5 - satellite beam
                     ----- ------------------------ -----------------------------
    weapon.bonus = back-wide(golets1), homing plasma(golets1 & 2)
    boss.difficulty = #1(4/beg 5/exp) , #2(4/beg 6/exp)
    boss.description = the first "brother" speeds down an area full of obstacles
    while you chase him down.  After a while, you'll switch places and you'll
    instead of being the hunter, you become the hunted. He'll shoot satellite
    beams, green lasers, and missiles at you while you dodge him and the walls.
    The second "brother" changes into a robot and fires a flurry of patterned
    bullets at you. He also has two sattelite beams and has two probes that shoot
    pink bullets at you.
    boss.strategy =
    sub >> golets brother 1 =
    (xpert)>> Remember to wait for him to move FIRST before you make your move.
    In the beginning, start off with homing plasma, then when he starts moving,
    switch back to vulcan.  When his engines are about to open up, switch back to
    homing plasma and dodge the mini-fields. My strategy for dodging those
    mini-fields is to look at the direction it's going in and dodge accordingly.
    If you destroy the parts that create the barrier(#3 & #6), use the vulcan on
    the two guns that shoot out the mini-fields(#4 & #5). If you had started the
    secret chain in the beginning of the level and are still alive, then read on.
    The drones don't come out till AFTER the first time Golets traps you with his
    barrier. After that, start going in the opposite direction of Golets and go
    through the tunnels while shooting your vulcan. I don't really have a hard
    time doing this, but others will. Tap the d-pad real hard. Be sure that you
    don't start at the bottom of the screen because that means you will have less
    time to get back to the middle of the screen after making your way through the
    tunnels. You will only go through the tunnels 3 times. When you see the other
    brother appear on-screen, start following Golets1 until Golets 2 disappears.
    If you proceeded with the yellow chain, chances are that his two shield
    launchers in the back are not destroyed. If so, keep following Golets and use
    your vulcan. If not, go to the tunnel opposite of Golets and use your homing
    laser to damage its front guns, you're gonna follow it until he starts tailing
    you. When he's hunting you down, you obviously have to use your back-wide
    shot. After his satellite laser frenzy, you have to get ready to choose either
    to go left or right. Just pick one at random.
    (begnner)>> Same as above, but skip the secret chain. Don't use homing plasma
    in the beginning, use vulcan instead. When you get to the area where there's
    a little tunnel for you to slip into(no obstacles), go in there and use homing
    plasma on Golets's gun.
    sub >> golets brother 2 =
    (xpert)>> When you first see him, use your homing plasma. Try to stay inside
    the area of his first attack(use the left-right method). When he starts
    shooting all those bullets at you just dodge it, but don't stay in the middle
    of the boss because that's where most of the bullets will meet and because he
    will shoot satellite beams at you. If he shoots those little pills that change
    into bullets, dodge them if he's shooting sideways, and shoot them if he's
    shooting straight at you. To blow up the wings, use vulcan.
    (begnner)>> Same as above, but use H-swords.
    Brave For Enter Bosom<ew..>
    Placate To Animal
    Wild Camera
    weapon.bonus = lock-ons, homing shots
    boss.difficulty = 4/beg & exp
    boss.description = Nasu is a snake that shoots lasers and pink bullets. It
    moves around like a snake and will try to circle you. The bumps on each
    segment will kill you if you're not careful.
    boss.strategy = Nasu is just a little cheap since he is a bit faster than you.
    I use the back-wide shot, spread, and lock-ons accordingly. It's hard to
    explain how to do this, but here goes. When he first appears, go to the left
    side of him and use your lock-ons. Get ready to move up and left when he
    appears again. He'll curl up a little and go back down. When he returns, do
    the same, except don't forget to dodge his lasers. Nasu'll roll around in a
    pattern, so if he almost traps you, go in-between his spikes. Most of his
    sections should be blown up by now. So just go inside his circle and use your
    lock-ons. When he's alone, use homing.
    Decide Weapons 
    Supple Think   
    ...and luck    
    weapon.bonus = spread, homing shots
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 6/exp
    boss.description = A transforming fortress that seems to be an influence from
    R-Type. While inside, it rotates and shoots lasers through the tunnels. Set it
    on Very Hard, and ALL the lasers shoot at the same time. When it changes
    forms, it shoots bouncing lasers and fireballs.
    boss.strategy =
    expert.strategy = Use homing on the first form, and if you want a weapon bonus
    let go before each particle goes into the background. When it traps you inside
    a cross or square, keep using spread and don't let go for weapon bonuses.
    beginner.strategy = Have a Hyper sword saved up and use it on any part of the
    boss except the weak point. Use the vulcan, homing, or spread(if you're
    confident). When he traps you inside, use your spread and dodge the lasers by
    either going to a different tunnel or getting in between the laser and a wall.
    Try to collect the pink bullets. Do the same when he changes into a square.
    Don't pay any attention to what you're shooting(unless the boss is dying),
    just dodge.
    <2E> Midboss : Super Tank
    boss.strategy = not really that tough, but you have to watch what you shoot.
    The only weapons I use are my vulcan and my H-sword. Don't go on the same side
    as the yellow drone. Try to kill the laser turrets first and collect pink
    bullets whenever they're fired. Use the H-sword when the yellow drone is about
    to leave. Dodging the sun bomb is easy, but when you add in the lasers, it's
    a little harder. If done successfully, you'll get a lot of points for your
    ========        --------top------     -------bottom---------
    <2E>                3//     \\4   1 - Part   6 - Gun     //     \\
    Gedo-O              ||+-----+||   2 - Part              ||+-----+||
    Make Time             +-----+     3 - Part                |  ++ |
    Decide Weapons      ||+--5--+||   4 - Part              ||+--||-+||
    Look Over To Lines  2\\     //1   5 - Main Component     \\  6/ //
    ========       ------------------------
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 7/exp
    boss.description = during the entire boss sequence, everything is turned into
    wireframes. It shoots spreads, straight lasers, and attaches bombs to itself
    and spins around. There are two sides to destroy like the 1st boss in the
    game, Aka-O. Not only that, but you also have to worry about the probes
    which creates shapes like stars and pentagrams and follows the paths they
    create. Worst of all, if you destroy his ship, the core will attack you with
    homing lasers and bombs.
    boss.strategy = use your homing plasma on the SIDES(if you're shooting the
    middle, just break the lock by moving left and right). Use the left/right
    method to dodge spreads. Pay real close attention because it's a little harder
    to dodge because your weapons get in the way of the wireframes. If you didn't
    notice, there are 4 pieces on the corners of the boss. You can't use your
    homing plasma or lock-ons on them so use your vulcan. If you see him roll over
    to the side, that means he just turned upside-down, which means he'll fire his
    primary weapon depending on what side he's on(either spread or laser). When he
    fires his laser, dodge the first, quickly make a spread shield around him or
    use vulcan, dodge the next, and repeat. The more time you take, the faster
    he'll spin. To dodge the bombs that are attached to him while he spins around,
    look at the bomb that's going to hit you. If it's close to the boss, move
    away, If it's far, move closer, and if there's two of them, go in the middle.
    Once you blow up the armor, the core will be exposed and it will attack you
    with either pink bullets, bombs, or semi-homing shots. I use homing to get a
    weapon bonus. There's really no good way I can think of to dodge the bombs.
    Resolved To Rebirth
    Tender Hearts
    weapon.bonus = vulcan, homing plasma
    boss.difficulty = 3/beg 3/exp
    boss.description = there are three separate ship parts you must face, but if
    you don't kill them fast, they join together and bring you more trouble. Zig
    zag lasers, missiles, asteroids, pink bullets and some really small lasers
    are the only dangers you'll face.
    boss.strategy(xpert/begnner) =
    sub >> front = first part is simple. Use your vulcan and collect pink bullets.
    If you don't miss any of your vulcan shots, you will probably get a weapon
    bonus if you're weak. Experts can try adding on to the homing plasma weapon
    sub >> mid = Once again, use your vulcan. Stay inside the 3rd diamond and do
    not attempt to move. If you move, so does he. If any of those fleas or
    missiles get near you, use a spread field. Kill him before the asteroids come
    in. If they do, then too bad.
    sub >> bottom = Notice how the bullets are set up. You can use the left/right
    method if you want, but be careful of those missiles because your vulcan
    might accidently kill it and cause an explosion nearby. There 4 columns to
    hide in. Remember that.
    Ogreish Evasion         
    Safety 50 Ride
    Family Love
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, homing, lock-ons in railgun crossfire
    boss.difficulty = 4/beg 6/exp
    boss.description = you'll go through a long series of mini-battles with these
    guy. The first battle has tanks that shoot pink bullets. The second one has
    tanks that shoot green plasma that home in on you depending on the difficulty.
    The third has more tanks shooting colorful bullets that bounce around the
    force field. On the fourth, they're 4 ships that circle the field and shoot at
    you when you're in their sights. And finally on the last one, the force-field
    is gone and you have to battle a big turret that shoots fireballs and
    satellite beams(set the game on Very Hard and see how big the satellite beam
    is). The tanks that you fought before return to protect the turret.
    boss.strategy =
    sub >> pink bullets = Stay at the bottom-right so that the boss info screen
    doesn't get in your way. Kill em all except for one(use homing plasma to get a
    weapon bonus). Get a Hyper sword and save it if needed.
    sub >> rail gunner & semi-homing tanks
    (xpert)>> Damage the ship with homing plasma and switch to homing. After
    killing the ship, start using homing plasma or homing shots on the other
    (begnner)>> Use the Hyper sword on the big ship or just shoot it with your
    vulcan and use your Hyper sword when you're about to die. The other lasers are
    easy to dodge so kill everyone else with your homing or vulcan. On a side
    note, if you're touching the laser field, you'll get extra points for "close
    calls" so stay in a corner for twice as many points.
    sub >> bouncing balls = For the ball launchers, kill the 3rd one from the left
    or right. Then move over to the bottom corner OPPOSITE to the side you killed
    the tank on and use your homing. None of the bullets should hit you. Does not
    work on Hard. Immediately after a weapon bonus when there are less than 3
    ships, use homing plasma.
    sub >> rail gunners = Remember that if you're in their sights, they will
    shoot. I just circle around so that only one of them is able to shoot me while
    using my lock-ons and when they're about to shoot they're lasers, find a safe
    spot by looking at the energy they're charging up(preferably near the barrier)
    sub >> big turret & its family =
    (xpert)>> Same as above except you use lock-ons instead of vulcans. Any expert
    can dodge all the bullet patterns they throw at you. Fake out the turret once
    in a while.
    (begnner)>>Destroy one side of tanks with your vulcan or a Hyper sword
    collected from the other side. Pay attention to the big turret if you want to
    live. If he shoots a big satellite beam, move to a bottom corner and then
    move. Shoot the tanks with your spread while it's using the satellite beam.
    When everyone is dead, use your homing on the turret. With practice, it
    becomes easy.
    Festive Heart          
    Decide Weapons
    weapon.bonus = lock-ons, homing, back-wide
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 7/exp
    boss.description =  Dan-564 is a millipede which shoots a combination of pink
    bullets and green crescents for a while, then sooner or later it'll curl up
    and shoot spreads and missiles that form circles. After that, it'll revert
    back to it's original form and fire missiles with trails that can kill you
    while it shoots spreads.
    boss.strategy =
    >expert.strategy = use the vulcan to take out his the end of its tail. Collect
    pink bullets and use them whenever you can. Watch out for his legs. If they're
    destroyed, then you don't have to worry much. Stay close enough to use your
    lock-ons(next to the pillars) and dodge his bullets. Thank god for slowdown.
    When he starts shooting missiles in his first form, try to get in front of him
    by using spread fields and then use your back-wide shot. When it's laser time,
    stay a little bit ahead of him, but not all the way to the top of the screen
    and dodge his lasers... alternate the left and right side. If he rolls up, go
    all the way to the left or right and use your spread. After knocking down the
    bowling pins, use your homing until he uncurls. Dodge all the missiles and
    spreads until he stops attacking. Then his body should be vulnerable so use
    your lock-ons. You get weapon bonuses even if you've destroyed every section.
    After that, dodge spreads and missiles until he does it again. Use lock-ons,
    dodge until you get another chance for weapon bonuses and then finish him off.
    >beginner.strategy = Use vulcans on its tail. Collect any H-swords and use
    them whenever possible. Move over all the way to the left or to the right(for
    cover behind the pillars). Use spread and dodge any bullets while collecting
    pink bullets for an H-sword. Make your way through the missiles with the
    radiant sword. When he starts firing his satellite beams, alternate the left
    and right sides(don't go anywhere near the top) while firing back-wide shots.
    After the frenzy stops, go to its side and when it rolls up, go under it and
    fire your vulcans. Dodge while collecting H-swords and use them.
    ========           diagram --------------------
    <4D>                      __|__
    Penta                +--++  |  ++--+   1 - engine
    Reinforced Weapons   |  ==  |  ==  |   2 - main component
    Fight For Truth      |1 ||  2  ||4 |   3 - cockpit
    Memories Yourself    +--+ \___/ +--+   4 - engine
    ========                   |3|
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, lock-ons
    boss.difficulty = 7/beg 7/exp
    boss.description = the doppelganger of the Tetra(Penta=5, Tetra=4, Get it?
    haha) The first form is Penta itself, but after that, two black Silverguns
    are launched from the hanger and are attached to Penta by 2 cords. The black
    Silverguns have modified versions of the seven weapons. Don't kill Penta fast
    enough and the Silverguns will launch straight at you.
    boss.strategy =
    sub >> Penta(xpert) = Use a few spreads to damage the front of the ship, then
    switch to lock-ons to target the front, middle, and engine. When the missiles
    come out, dodge them if you have the skill, if not, blow them up and continue
    using lock-ons. If the front is about to be out of range, use spreads on them.
    Quickly get under the main component of Penta when the engines are about the
    rev up. Use homing plasma on the two engines.
    (begnner)>> the first thing you'll want to destroy is the front of the ship
    because after this form, it'll detach the front and you won't be able to
    get your 100% destruction rate. So hopefully you saved a Hyper sword from the
    little drones. First, use your spread to hit the front, when he starts using
    missiles, Hyper sword the weak point & front(you don't have to, but if you
    don't, use your spreads). Use your spread a little more and it should be
    destroyed. Get in the bottom middle and use homing plasma to damage the
    sub >> Penta /w Silverguns = whenever you get a Hyper sword, use it immediate-
    ly on something. The Silverguns have all the attacks you have, except they're
    better. Use the vulcan. Experts should use homing plasma during the battle,
    although it's recommended that you don't use it all the time because it'll
    probably self-destruct. When the Silverguns reach the Lock-on phase and Penta
    still has a lot of energy left, switch to vulcan.
           sub >> Vulcan = stay at the bottom and dodge.
           sub >> Homing = stay all the way down and exactly in the middle and
           stay there. Dodge the VERY LAST blue bullet.
           sub >> Spread = dodge and hit missiles with either a spread field or
           sub >> Homing Plasma = go left and right.
           sub >> Back-Wide = look directly at the Silverguns and plan ahead.
           sub >> Lock-on = Just move around.
           sub >> Radiant Sword = easy pattern. The first sword will attack high
           and the second sword will attack low. It'll repeat the pattern.
           sub >> Hyper Sword = Stay alive.
    <4E> Midboss : Walker
    boss.strategy = Whenever he fires the drones in a spread, stay at the bottom
    and pick off the red drones. When he's done, he'll shoot a spread of lasers.
    Get inside through near the middle, not the sides and the blue shots should
    miss you. Next he'll spray red drones and blue armors at you. Create spread
    fields and move side to side, but remember to stay as close to the middle as
    you possibly can to dodge the homing lasers. Finally he'll start shooting lots
    of spreads at you. First use your spread to kill off the two tanks on the side
    and then use your vulcan or homing plasma to kill him.
    ========              ----------- diagram ----------
    <4E>                         +--+        +--+     1 - foot
    Ca2-ekzo                     |1 |        | 2|     2 - foot
    See Out                      +--+\+-6--+/+--+     3 - foot
    Relaxed Sight                    5|\__/|8         4 - foot
    Hold Oneself<double ew>           |/  \|          5 - hangar
    ========                     +--+/+-7--+\+--+     6 - hangar
                                 |3 |        | 4|     7 - hangar
                                 +--+        +--+     8 - hangar
    weapon.bonus = lock-ons
    boss.difficulty = 5/beg 6/exp
    boss.description = a mini-fortress with four different "heads". The first head
    is the weak point(it doesn't shoot anything), the second is a flame-thrower,
    the third shoots pink bullets, and the last one shoots lasers that closes in
    on you. If you take too long, he'll change forms and start going clock-wise
    around the screen. The second time he does that is the last chance you'll have
    of killing it. If by any chance you destroy all his hangars and guns before
    the first spin, Ca2 will spin forever.
    boss.strategy =
    >beginner/expert = you probably didn't notice, but the guns are all colored
    differently. I suggest you destroy any gun that's red because the miniboss
    before this was red. Usually I just go for one chain because you don't get
    enough time to do two without risking self-destruct.  Use the spread or
    lock-ons if it won't hit any other colored gun. To get 100%, you must destroy
    all the legs and hangars, but remember that if all the hangars are destroyed,
    you cannot hurt the boss until he starts spinning around, which is not a good
    thing because he self-destructs on his second time around. Also not
    recommended is to destroy all the guns before his first spin. Doing so will
    result in an infinite spin. 
    Surely Return
    Shake Arms
    Smile To Answer
    weapon.bonus = vulcan on 1st from, lock-ons when its bringing in the moving
    walls & tanks. beginners only.
    boss.difficulty = 7/beg 10/exp
    boss.description = a big battle-ship with some innovative attacks. The first
    part has you dodging some homing lasers while little pawn ships shoot pink
    bullets at you. After that some big missiles will fly straight down. During
    the core battle, you'll fight lots of little ships, kamikaze ships and mini-
    tanks. Sometimes the sides will close in and a missile will fire through the
    area you're in. Add to that some crazy rotation and you've got trouble.
    boss.strategy = start off with a red(expert) or secret(intermediate) chain
    sub >> expert drone chain = Start at the left, pick off a few reds. Make your
    way to the right and when you see two consecutive lines of red, make a spread
    shield. Make your way back left while picking off a few reds and when you see
    another consecutive line of reds, make a spread shield. Your chain should be
    at about 10,000+.
    sub >> bottom =
    (xpert)>> = Reds start on the right and yellows start on the left. Destroy
    whatever color, then alternate sides and repeat. Before that though, you must
    dodge the homing lasers. Easy enough right? Keep shooting vulcan.
    (begnner)>> = Use vulcan and collect pink bullets to use H-swords. I forgot
    what level your A weapon needs to be so that you don't have to use H-swords,
    but I think anything under level 19 is about right. I dodge the homing lasers
    by moving side to side and doing other stuff.
    sub >> core =
    (xpert)>> Read Level Guide 5a
    (begnner)>> Just like the front part, you'll have to use as many Hyper swords
    as you can. If you see one of the walls twitching, move to an open spot in the
    opposite wall and keep spinning your sword to kill any nearby tanks. Whenever
    it starts bringing in the moving walls, use your lock-ons to kill the tanks
    shooting at you. You may want to try to collect some Hyper swords. If the
    kamikaze planes arrive, stay on the left or right side of the core while using
    back-wides and move either left or right when they go kamikaze. Use the
    appropriate weapons relative to the angle of the core.
    Chain Method >> Secret chains require decent timing. When trying to kill
    yellow during the two lines of drones, you must use your radiant sword. Spread
    is no good because it will kill the drones after yellow. So the only reason to
    do them would be if you died while trying to chain red.  To chain red when the
    two lines of drones come in, aim 3 shots of vulcan on the 3 leading reds. Get
    in the middle and when you see a line of red, go to that side and make 3
    spread fields or if you're confident, slice 'em with your sword. Repeat.
    SBS-33K1 <_saturn only>
    Hope Star 2
    (G3-Sky) made
    weapon.bonus = homing plasma, spread
    boss.description = Just when you thought it was over, another battleship
    arrives. Two really big laser cannons will fire continually leaving you
    trapped inside while dodging incoming fire from other ships. Then you'll
    have to go through a tunnel where lasers fire every second and then you'll
    fight a big cannon which shoots rocks, bouncing lasers, and satellite beams.
    boss.strategy =
    sub >> laser cannons = There are two ways to do first part. One way is to get
    in between the two lasers and use your spread. The other is to stay at the
    bottom and use your homing plasma. Too bad you still have to dodge all those
    lasers. Don't forget that the laser cannons move left and right slowly. Once
    the cannons have been destroyed, you can kill a red and a blue if you have
    time. That way you can pull off a massive secret chain afterwards(yellow is
    less common though). If you decide not to, just kill red. Tap your vulcan.
    sub >> big cannon = This guy really isn't that hard. When he fires asteroids
    and pink bullets, make your way through the asteroids and collect 1 pink
    bullet from each row. Use an H-sword if you're weak(only during the bouncing
    bullets). Repeat. 
    W(--)W <_saturn only>
     o -- bonus
     a -- core
    o o - bonus
    boss.difficulty = 5
    boss.description = Choose a color, any color. Three different challenges are
    available. Shoot Red if you want to try to fight 3 times, blue for 2, and
    yellow for 1. Hopefully you can hit the colors you want. When the core is red,
    kill it before it self-destructs. The first challenge has you going through
    barriers protected by red drones. The second one will have a circle of
    red/blue turrets firing at you. And the third will have you fight a big
    red/blue/yellow ship which fires lasers in patterns.
    boss.strategy = To get the most points, you'll have to shoot red ALL 3 times
    without dying. Remember to destroy the core when it is red. If left alone, it
    will self-destruct.
    sub >> drones & energy field = Do I really need to explain this? Hold down the
    vulcan button for half a second and it should kill 3 reds and de-activate the
    energy field at the same time. Repeat.
    sub >> weapons circle = er... use your spread? Try not to get cornered.
    sub >> spaceship = this guy is actually pretty simple. Just look at where the
    lasers are aiming at and move. When you see his main gun charging up, then
    you'll know that it's gonna shoot the super bomb.
    Varas <_saturn only>
    Never Despair
    Play along with
    Escape with Maron
    boss.difficulty = 7
    boss.description = This metallic shark bounces off the edges of the screen,
    shoots a whole lot of lasers, and has a weak version of the Hyper Sword.
    boss.strategy = unknown.
    Bechew <_saturn only>
    In Fighting
    Make An Effort
    15 dot TEXTURE.. oioi..
    weapon.bonus = lock-ons in spinning form, homing plasma 1st form
    boss.difficulty = 8
    boss.description = oioi! It's Tortoise Force! Three forms this time. His first
    form has him shooting 2 plasmas on the side will firing a couple missiles at
    you. Next form he'll start spinning and shooting plasma at you. Last form
    he'll trap you in a laser force-field and sometimes shoot something from the
    middle. Waste too much time and you'll face the wraith of the spiral bomb.
    boss.strategy =
    sub >> swimming = When he opens up, use your homing plasma on the two
    lightning guns. Usually if you stay in one place the missiles won't hit you,
    but remember to move whenever you feel threatened by other bullets. After
    killing the lightning guns, use your homing plasma on the missile launchers.
    By now he should be shooting pink plasma at you. Stay down and be careful
    because they have a pretty big range.
    sub >> open spinning = After defeating his first form, he'll start spinning.
    At this point, use your lock-ons. The only tip I can give you is to stay near
    the center of the tortoise when he's spinning around with lightning. BTW,
    don't touch the turrets.
    sub >> force spinning = The last form is pretty easy if you're weapons are
    strong enough. Stay vertically aligned with his core and use your vulcan. When
    he shoots at you, move a little bit away from the core and move with him.
    Getting a weapon bonus requires that you not fire your two main bullets off-
    screen. If you're lucky, you'll kill him before he uses a spiral bomb. 
    Ohtrigen <_saturn only>
    Be careless
    Go Go Heart
    yytm Strategy
    boss.difficulty = 9
    boss.description = The last force, Ohtrigen, is a phoenix. Primarily he'll
    swing one of his wings which'll shoot out lots of easily avoidable lasers.
    Then he'll spread his wings and start shooting in a pattern and he'll keep
    adding more firepower. Really long fireballs will follow as well as tons of
    boss.strategy = The first part is simple. You should be able to tell when he's
    going to dive at you and when he's going to swing one of his wings. If he
    dives, move. If he swings, move to the opposite side and dodge. When he
    spreads his wings and starts firing crystals, stay in the middle and get in
    between them(go up and down). To dodge the long fireballs, stay near the ones
    that are fading away, although sometimes it's impossible to survive I guess.
    As for the crazy spreads, you dodge them while using anything you want. Move
    away periodically because Ohtrigen will fire a phoenix shaped vulcan once in a
    Be Praying..
    Be Praying..
    Be Praying..
    boss.difficulty = 6
    boss.description = the son of God? Of all the bosses before this one, Xiga is
    the most bullet intensive of them all. Xiga also has the most forms. Whether
    it's running, upside-down, or crucified, there won't be a moment where you'll
    get to scratch yourself. Even though it looks hard, Xiga is actually not the
    hardest boss of the game.
    form.1 = running man>> the first thing it'll do is try to use his target
    spark.  Use the tap tap method and dodge its bullets while using the spread,
    and/or preferably homing(weapon bonus). When it starts using the cross bombs,
    then you better finish up the battle. After you kill it, move away from your
    current position because it's going to jump kick you.
    form.2 = upside-down man>> right when you kill the first form, stay in the
    bottom-middle of the screen. Dodge the bullets in the middle column of the
    screen by moving up and down. You can get about two weapon bonuses using
    vulcan during this form. Use a Hyper sword if you want. The second time it
    fires the buzzsaws, you'll have to move left and right while using homing
    instead of staying in the middle column.
    sub >>   shooting man>> when it's not upside-down anymore, it'll point its
    arm out to the left. You should be somewhere near it. It'll use the target
    spark so you'll use the tap-tap method to go left. On this form, use spread
    or homing, depending on your strength. Experts should use homing and should
    let go before this form ends.
    sub >>   kung-fu man>> there's a pattern, but it's hard to explain.
    Try to memorize it. First he'll shoot lots of lasers, you should be at the
    bottom right of the screen. Then he'll kick. Quickly move to the bottom left.
    He should be finished shooting his lasers by then.  He'll kick again. Get
    ready to move to your right when he does his flash kick. But don't go ALL the
    way to the right because after the flash kick, you'll have to move left again.
    He'll do a big series of flash kicks. After the first row of fireballs,
    quickly move to the middle left of the screen. After another row of fireballs,
    move to the middle top and dodge the fireballs(if you go to the upper-left,
    your stats will block your view.) After that move very quickly to the bottom-
    right and repeat. Basically, it's a clock-wise pattern.  I'm assuming you'll
    use the spread gun and homing shots correctly and that you can dodge the
    fireballs well. To get a weapon bonus, you must let go of the homing button
    when he's not on-screen.
    form .3 = spinning man>> use as many Hyper swords as you can(unless you want
    points). Dodging the circle of fireballs is easy. If it's going clock-wise,
    go in it by pressing up-left and then return to your neutral position. If it's
    going couter-clockwise, go in by pressing up-right. Or you can just press up
    whenever there's space which is more dangerous. The pattern alternates. When
    it shoots zillions of green lasers, stay in the bottom middle and look
    directly at your ship and dodge. Can't explain how to dodge the fireballs and
    blue lasers at the same time. Sorry.
    form .4 = crucified man>> Every time its heart beats, a rain of crystals will
    come down. I look at the crystals since I should know where my ship is. Watch
    out for the really big flash of light. For the first few rows trick the light
    into shooting you at the sides and then go to the middle and shoot all the
    vulcans you can. Do your best. I've done this part without dying on Very Hard
    several times. Actually I've done the entire boss without dying. You can do it
    Doesn't say anything
    Doesn't say anything
    Doesn't say anything
    boss.description = probably the most original final boss in any shooter,
    you're given exactly 60 seconds to dodge several different sets of bullets.
    Try it on Very Hard for an insane amount of bullets to dodge. If you ask me, I
    think it's impossible to do this stage without dying on Very Hard.
    boss.strategy = for the first few, just dodge. When that's over, prepare for
    the patterned sets of bullets. Don't EVER try to go in between the red bullets
    (chances of dying are greater). Go in between the crystal shaped blue ones
    instead only if you have to or if you have a few lives left(to get some close
    call bonuses). For the last set of bullets, stay in the bottom-left corner and
    dodge them by pressing right.
    If you have lots of lives left, die and while you're invincible, go inside
    bullets because you'll get points! It's not like you get a bonus for beating
    the game right?
    dog list   ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    dogu risuto ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    Locations of dogs, NOTE: to get the dogs, use the B+C weapon.
    Saturn Mode Dog Count (30 dogs)
    Arcade Mode Dog Count (10 dogs)
    Turning on LookHitArea in the Options+ will show you where the dogs are.
    Dogs marked with an * are in arcade mode.
    Practice>> 0) Target the pink bullet at the bottom of the screen.* only
    STAGE 3A>> 1) Bottom-right of the screen before the first wave of enemies.*
    STAGE 3B>> 2) Inside the blue/red drone circle.*
    STAGE 3C>> 3) Use the lock-on in the zig-zag path before the line of drones.*
               4) To the left of the blue mousetrap-like enemy.*
               5) Use the lock-on when you see the laser tank after the red
    STAGE 3D>> 6) Before the boss appears, lock-on the portal.*
    STAGE 3E>> 7) At the 3E boss, target the claw on the right(Gai's there in
               Saturn Mode.
    STAGE 2A>> 8) Bottom of the screen when the grid pops up.* 
    STAGE 2B>> 9) Destroy the right side of the big group and target the right of
               the screen.
    STAGE 2C>> 10) While Buster is talking, middle of the screen.
               11) After getting out of the barrier and killing all the ships that
               shoot red bullets target the middle of the screen while the barrier
               is shifting around.
    STAGE 2D>> 12) Before the boss arrives, target the middle of the screen.
    STAGE 2E>> 13) Target the big block on the left(do this fast)
               14) area around missile launchers(kill the launchers fast)
               15) bottom left part of the midboss
    STAGE 4A>> 16) use the lock-on when you see the box-like enemy that shoots
               blue drones.*
               17) left side when you FIRST see the tank with the laser cannon.*
               18) after the block conveyer, go to the right quickly and lock-on.*
    STAGE 4B>> 19) middle of the electric "X"
               20) after dog #18, go right & lock-on.
               21) middle of electric "(X)", do it fast.*
               22) middle of missile/laser ship circle.
    STAGE 4C>> 23) top left of big spread-shot ships(move fast cuz the dog moves)
               24) middle of blue ship circle
    STAGE 4D>> 25) before Penta appears, top of the screen.
    STAGE 4E>> 26) middle of the trash rectangle /w turrets(the crab).
               27) left side of first block(block-holding crab area).
               28) left side of midboss when you FIRST see him
    STAGE 5A>> 29) After the huge wave of drones, lock-on to the top part of the
    STAGE 6A>> 30) Target the top of the screen after Xiga's death.
    STAGE 1X>> none
    soundtrack ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    saundotoraku~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    Information about the Radiant Silvergun soundtrack+
    All tracks by Hitoshi Sakimoto
    Co-produced by Hiroshi Iuchi and Hitoshi Sakimoto
    Mastered by Hiroshi Kawasaki & Yoshihiro Kojima
    Approximate Price: $32(ouch)
    Track Listing : >>
    <"enhanced versions">                  <"original versions">
    1. Quickening[0:39/intro, not in-game? 17. Return[3:04
    2. Ruin[1:27/intro FMV music           18. Debris[3:10
    3. Return[3:08                         19. Reminiscence[3:01
    4. Debris[3:11                         20. Ruin[2:39
    5. Reminiscence[2:56                   21. Evasion[3:10
    6. Ruin[2:50                           22. Penta[3:22
    7. Evasion[3:15                        23. Space Battle Ship 130 33KI[3:12
    8. Penta[3:28                          24. Origin[3:53
    9. Space Battle Ship 130 33KI[3:19     25. The Stone-Like[2:27
    10. Victim[2:09                        26. There is Life Everywhere[2:36
    11. Origin[3:48
    12. The Stone-Like[2:27
    13. Karma[1:04/Stage 1 music without vocal samples
    14. Feel Visible Matter[0:26/pre-ending FMV music, choir
    15. Feel Invisible Matter[2:41/ending FMV music
    16. There is Life Everywhere[1:48
    The reasons there are more enhanced tracks than original are:
    - Ruin was used in the intro and then back in 2C
    - Enhanced included music from the Stage 5A cutscene, Saturn Mode Stage 1(no
    voices on the soundtrack), a crappy 30 second intro, and the ending music.
    Note about the soundtrack>> The enhanced versions of the soundtrack were
    pretty disappointing because they're really not that much "enhanced". They
    sound like they could still be done on a Saturn or PSX sound chip. The main
    differences are that different instruments are emphasized in each version.
    IMO, Tracks 11 and 16 are better than the originals. However, I like the
    new ones they added like Tracks 10, 12 and 13.
    misc.      ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    misuku    ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    Things you probably didn't know...
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Stage Select < beat arcade mode or 3 hrs   
    Game Speed   < beat saturn mode or 6 hrs
    LookHitBox   < 12 hrs. power on time
    Player Speed < 48 hrs. power on time
    [o2]] X+Y+Z+Start = Reset! Not really a secret, but not many people know this.
    [o3]] In Practice Mode, target the pink bullet at the bottom of the screen for
    a super dog! woof woof!
    [o4]] There are cool pictures inside the Radiant Silvergun CD. Just pop it in
    your PC or Mac. Great for desktops.
    [o5]] Make the credits scroll faster by pressing A.
    [o6]] Entering AAA in the Score Ranking will have BYE entered instead.
    [o7]] Skip the credits by pressing Start during the ending animation(AC/SS)
    [o8]] Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer for RS, has done music for Final Fantasy
    Tactics, Tactics Ogre and Soukyugurentai.
    [o9]] S. Murata, the person behind the sound effects for all the Treasure
    games, also did the sounds for Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force 3. I
    don't know whether he did the sounds for any other Shining game.
    [1o]] Reana's lightning from the homing plasma(A+B) is different than Buster's
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    toransurei` ~ ` $$ ' ~ 'shiyon    
    Here's part of the introduction.
    It should be noted that the translation is not 100% accurate, but should make
    the story much clearer for the average joe. The text has also been
    americanized, so if you don't like immature jokes, then you're not gonna like
    this one bit.
    AD 2520 July 14 10:35
    Universe Cruiser TETRA
    Everyone is gathered at the bridge during an unexpected transmission from
    Chief Igarashi.
    -Igarashi: As for the object excavated from the B.C. stratum, no purpose can
    be found from using its composition. However there is something about the
    excavation that baffles us.
    -Tengai:(stares at the screen)
    -Igarashi: The report from the Research Department states that in addition to
    the unknown object, a robonoid was also found, Creator Type ID00104...
    -Tengai: Before Christ? A robonoid?! THose fairies at Research are as dense as
    my testicles on a cold day! How can the ID number be the same as Creator's?
    -Igarashi: I've also had my doubts, but there's no mistake about it.
    -Gai: Why don't you make sure by examining it with a LIGHTNING ATTACK??!!!
    -Reana: Maybe he has a twin?
    -Buster:(smiles and points at Reana) That's a good one. Not only is that idea
    stupid, it's QUEER you whore!(Reana knocks out Buster with a SPOD)
    -Igarashi: At the present, the robonoid's memory data is being analyzed....
    Ahem. Well then, today was your final test day for the Silverguns. A new model
    is in the works and hopefully you did your best on the prototype tests!
    -Gai: Tsk, Tsk, Is it really necessary to test the spirit and longetivity of
    an ant? Huh, wrinkly nuts?!
    -Igarashi: Captain Tengai, how's Gai's record?
    -Tengai:(smiles) Hmph, it is crappy, like minimum wage and Puff Daddy
    -Gai: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Creator: If I remember correctly..(thinks about the matter)
    2520 AD July 14 20:45
    Earth Federal Army Science Research Facilities
    The stone-like object that was dug out of the stratum is being checked out by
    the research department. Researcher A walks into the lab. His strange walk is
    caused by his ass, which is a bit irritated, possibly from large amounts of
    erotic manplay.
    -Researcher A: OUCH! We're short of three people today. If only we could make
    some clones.. Oh... the games I could play with them...
    -Researcher B: Technically, a gay clone can be made easily by one of our
    trusty robonoids.
    -Researcher A: Pardon? Who said anything about gay? You're such a prejudice
    man Researcher B!....... Hold it..... Who is that in the memory analysis?
    Scanning the robonoid's memory remains a pointless endeavor. The only clear
    detail about the stone is that it's been buried for a long time.
    -Researcher B: It's memory has no information on the stone, let alone scantily
    clad men!.........(surprised)  Aye Chiwawa!
    -Researcher A: What kind of kanji is that? Perhaps one that symbolizes a
    The expressions of the researchers become serious for the moment.
    -Researcher A: That's not a phallus symbol at all....
    -Researcher B: Something's coming up on the computer.
    -Researcher A: Impossible! A body like this stone... they can't be one and the
    In a blinding flash, the stone-like object rises.
    -Researcher B: Oh DADDY!!!
    2520 AD July 14 21:00
    Earth Federal Army Central HQ
    (the ground shakes)
    -Igarashi: !!!!.... What was that?
    -Operator 1: An explosion was detected at the Research department!
    -Operator 2: Unknown objects sighted on radar!
    -Igarashi: What?! How many?
    -Operator 2: 8, 16, 32..... Their numbers keep increasing!
    -Igarashi: Declare a Level A Emergency.
    -Operator 1: Transferring data from the research department.
    -Igarashi:(stares at screen) The memory data.... what is it?
    Meanwhile inside the TETRA, the alarm goes off.
    -Buster: <whistles>
    -Reana: Level A?!!! ISN'T THAT THE WORST??!!
    -Tengai: (hangs his head) Report the condition of HQ, Creator.
    -Gai: Father!
    -Tengai: Pilots! Approach the base from the rear! Stay in battle formation!
    -Pilots: ROGER!
    A speck of light shines bright and in that instant, the Earth is wrapped in a
    sheet of white.
    -Tengai:(narrates)AD July 2520, the day the world became extinct. The fate of
    man now lies in our hands.
    records    ,$$$$$$$$$$.         
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    rekoodosu ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '          
    Personal and world records, for Radiant Silvergun. Something to compete
    against or compare. I play on Normal difficulty.  Japanese records can be
    found at:
    NOTE: scores bracketed indicate the world record, which is probably japanese.
    World records are not exact.
    If you want to post your scores on the Internet, go to the site:
    [http://firewall.cc/ScoreDB] <-- I don't think this link works anymore.
    Please don't put up fake scores.
    Lives : as many or as few as you want
    Extra life up : 1000000/3000000 pts. or higher
    Difficulty Level : ANY
    As of 2000 ad 01.12. 09:10 PST< 
    Total PlayTime(AC) = 75h 10m 59s
    Total PlayCount    = 499
    Dog Master         = 10 dogs / ProBreeder
    Arcade Mode>>       = 16163360 [25 million+]     chain red    = 73
        sub >> Practice = 50083890 [50109300]        chain blue   = 10
                                                     chain yellow = 14
        sub >> 3a       = 00324260 [372500]      
        sub >> 3b       = 01103510 [1220000]
        sub >> 3c       = 00851350 [1035650]
        sub >> 3d       = 00694040 [725000]
        sub >> 3e       = 01074710 [1270000]
    Stage 3X Total      = 04047870 [4623150]
        sub >> 2a       = 00511830 [597000]  
        sub >> 2b       = 01393290 [1493770] 
        sub >> 2c       = 00657940 [2100000] 
        sub >> 2d       = 00524000 [853000]  
        sub >> 2e       = 00980540 [1604630] 
    Stage 2X Total      = 03882850 [6111100]
        sub >> 4a       = 01790390 [2370000]
        sub >> 4b       = 00817260 [970000]
        sub >> 4c       = 01541500 [2100000]
        sub >> 4d       = 00744270 [853000]
        sub >> 4e       = 02017740 [3060640]
    Stage 4X Total      = 06853810 [9353640]
        sub >> 5a       = 05590060 [11444810] That's right, 11 million.
        sub >> 6a       = 00775660 [878870]
    revision   ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä >$ `S$$S' $< ÄÄÄÄ
    ribizyon  ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    I don't play games anymore. So be it. Hm. Welp. For now, visit me and my
    brother's web page at: http://apollo.spaceports.com/~dnguyen8. This is a
    temporary page for now, but later on in the coming weeks when we move to a
    better server, I might consider putting out a few Radiant Silvergun movies
    on it. YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! Short clips of me playing Radiant Silvergun! Wow.
    How great is that? This is just to say thanks to all who've supported the
    FAQ and the game.... so if you're confused right now.... let's just say you're
    going to get to say parts of the Radiant Silvergun tape for free....
    oh.... the web page is about music.... not games.
    credits    ,$$$$$$$$$$.
    kureditsu ` ~ ` $$ ' ~ '
    ASCII logo, FAQ design, FAQ writing, Translation editing
      Don Nguyen(gendo_san@hotmail.com)
    Misc. Contributions
      EVAJubei(#6 in Misc.)
      TSCHULTZ(location of 30th dog)
      CJayC, the guy at Gamefaqs(For giving me the SHift-JIS encoded versions
      of SCENARIO.DOC AND CHRSET.DOC so I could translate em)
    and thanks to all on rec.games.sega for the inspiration to write this
    Radiant Silvergun is a trademark of Treasure blah blah you know the deal.
    This version of the Radiant Silvergun FAQ is copyrighted by ME, so if I decide
    to sell it then I will! But if you decide to sell it, you die! Electronic
    distribution is fine, as long as it's free and unmodified. 
    Email gendo_san@hotmail.com if you have comments. It's important that you do
    because I need to know how many people read this thing in case I'm wasting my
    ---------------------------------------------cut off-------------------------

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