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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TWilsher

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RESIDENT EVIL (Sega version, first of the series)
    Version 1.0 (all other versions were done on paper...silly me) :)
    (c) 2001
    Todd Wilsher (todd-n-steph@cogeco.ca)/Chris Routheaux (CHRISR@o-tay.com)
    Section 1:  Introduction
    Section II:  Basic Tips
      i) Controls
     ii) Choosing to Be Jill or Chris
    iii) Weapon Use
         a) Using the Knife
         b) Using the Firearms
     iv) Blending Herbs
    Section III:  The Walkthrough
     i) Maps and Room Descriptions
    ii) Suggested Method of Attack
    Section IV:  Cheats
    This game was released quite a while ago.  Resident Evil is a well-designed 
    game(for the 'shoot everything in sight' genre), in that it went a step further 
    than the basic Doom and Wolfenstein games that came out in the ancient days 
    (before the Pentium chip and modern video game systems, like Playstation ^o^).  
    The main drawback to the original shooting games was SAVING - the few games that 
    you could save had poorly-chosen spots in which to save your progress, if you 
    could save your progress at ALL.  Given that Resident Evil was released for the 
    Sega Saturn, its graphics are fairly good quality (for the era), and the 
    storyline of the game itself is cohesive (although some of the dialogue was 
    awful..."Maybe it would be better if you [Jill], the master of unlocking, had 
    these [lockpicks].").
    As a member of an elite fighting force, your mission is to enter the mansion, 
    and discover what has happened to the missing "BRAVO" team (another elite 
    fighting force, similar to your own).  The first third of the storyline, as you 
    explore the mansion, gives you very few clues.  Later in the game, as you 
    progress to other sections of the area (the courtyard, and the guard house), the 
    clues start coming quickly, revealing the "truth" of your mission:  why you were 
    chosen, and what evil lurks in the nearby mansion you flee to...
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    i) Controls
    The controls of the Sega Saturn are fairly easy to use.  I prefer to use the 
    'default' settings, and will be referring to this set-up when explaining how the 
    actual controls work.
    The main buttons used for Resident Evil are the 'B' and 'START' buttons, as well 
    as the 'R' button.  Use START to access the item menu - this lets you use an 
    item, or equip a weapon.  Until you gain access to a storage room, you'll find 
    yourself with little inventory room - you can only hold up to eight items (if 
    you're Jill), or six items (if you're Chris :P ) at any given time (not counting 
    the maps of the various areas).
    Once in the item menu, pressing B allows you to select a highlighted item for 
    use, or equipping a weapon.  To cancel the use of an item, use the A button 
    (this can have the undesirable effect of taking you out of the item screen 
    altogether, so if you're using the menu to switch weapons in a fight, take your 
    time when you're in the item menu...the various monsters seem to have absolutely 
    no problem with waiting patiently while you reload :P ).
    Unlike some games (such as RPG games), merely 'looking' at an area where you 
    plan to use an item (again, using the B button) does not cause the item to be 
    used automatically.  Get familiar with using the item menu, as switching weapons 
    in mid-fight or using a healing herb might require quick reflexes...
    The B button allows you to open doors, as well.  Turn to face a door and press B 
    to walk through.  (The graphic for this is slow, and after a while, very 
    annoying, as opposed to suspenseful.)
    Also, if you possess more than one kind of the same item, these items can be 
    combined to keep your item menu from being weighed down quickly.  For example, 
    if you find a clip with bullets for your handgun, and you already have another 
    clip, both clips will combine automatically.  However, if you place something in 
    storage, then find the same item later, you can combine the items to save 
    storage and item menu space.  The means of doing so are described under 
    'Blending Herbs'.
    ii) Using Jill or Chris
    Each of the main characters has strengths and weaknesses.  The woman, Jill 
    Valentine (hmm...ok, maybe the names could have used some work, too), has more 
    finesse than the man, Chris Redfield.  She can use the lockpicks (which Chris 
    cannot...this can slow the first section of the game considerably), and seems to 
    shoot straighter without having to aim carefully.  On the other hand, Chris 
    seems to take less damage from getting hit.  In other words, like many of the 
    earlier games in which you could be a 'boy' or 'girl', Chris has more strength, 
    while Jill has more speed.  Base your choice of character on what you prefer.  
    (I prefer Jill over Chris...I like speed and finesse over strength for any game 
    that I play ^o^)
    iii) Weapon Use
    All weapons are used with the same commands; hold down R to 'lean back and aim', 
    then press B to slash or fire.
    a) Using the Knife
    The knife has a lot of drawbacks, but if you spend your ammunition quickly, it's 
    nice to have some kind of fallback weapon.  The knife only works well in close 
    quarters, and if you get used to close fighting, it can save bullets early on in 
    the game.  However, it is a nearly useless weapon during the last half of the 
    game.  Once you finish clearing out the guardhouse (or earlier, if you don't use 
    up ammo quickly), just leave this weapon in a storage room.  It takes up space 
    in your item menu that can be put to better use (unless you're Chris, who starts 
    with *only* the knife...no gun at all, until after the first fight, when you 
    find Jill's handgun... :P :P :P ).
    Knives can be aimed high, low or straight.  In addition to holding down the R 
    button, press up to stab high, or down to stab low, on the directional pad, 
    BEFORE you stab by pressing B.  
    b) Using the Firearms
    Most of the weapons in the game are (surprise!) firearms.  Your initial gun (if 
    you choose Jill) is a simple handgun - nothing fancy, but you can avoid the risk 
    of being hit by firing from a distance.  As the game progresses, better firearms, 
    such as the shotgun, bazooka, and the Magnum gun, will be made available to you.
    Each kind of firearm uses different ammunition...regular bullets for the handgun, 
    shotgun shells for the shotgun, and rounds for the bazooka.  This can weigh down 
    your item menu quickly, so it is best to choose one kind of firearm and stick 
    with that.  (It is usually best to go with firearms where you need them for 
    their special qualities.  Notes are made in the walkthrough, giving tips on what 
    weapon is best to use in certain situations.)  Firearms can be aimed, just as 
    you can aim your stab with the knife.
    The shotgun has several good qualities, the main one being that if you let a 
    zombie get close, and fire at point blank while aiming high, you can take its 
    head off with only one shot.  (This little tip saves you on a lot of ammo...so 
    use it!)
    The bazooka comes with various different kinds of ammunition.  The basic ammo is 
    explosive rounds (akin to shrapnel, I suppose).  Next is the acid rounds, then 
    flame rounds.  You can only have one kind of ammunition in the bazooka at a time.  
    Once you've loaded up the bazooka, ALL the ammunition must be used up before you 
    can reload with a new form of rounds...so choose what you want to load up the 
    bazooka with wisely.
    The Magnum gun functions similarly to the basic handgun, only it packs a much 
    heavier hit.  Use it as you would use the basic handgun.
    iv) Blending Herbs
    There are several different items which you can use to heal yourself, whenever 
    you get hurt (and if you shoot at everything that moves, you'll run out of ammo 
    quickly, so you *will* get hurt, sooner or later...).  Your health is shown only 
    in the item menu screen, and begins with the listing of 'Fine', in green.  This 
    can lower to yellow (some danger, unless it still says 'Fine'), orange (where 
    'Fine' is usually replaced with 'Caution'...that's a good time at which to heal), 
    and finally to red (where 'Caution' turns to the term 'Critical'....at that 
    point you should definitely heal).
    You begin the game with a 'First Aid Spray'.  This item can restore you to full 
    health, so it should only be used for emergencies (I keep them in storage, 
    mostly, unless I've reached one of the nastier sections of the game).
    Next, you'll discover the green herbs (which, by themselves, do some healing, 
    but not much).  Later in the game, you'll discover red herbs (which augment the 
    strength of other herbs), and the blue herb (used to cure poison).  Using a red 
    and blue herb together is redundant - don't bother blending the two, it's a 
    waste of a good red herb. :P
    To blend herbs, have both herbs you wish to blend in your item menu.  Highlight 
    one of the herbs, using the directional pad to move the cursor.  Press B, then 
    choose the 'combine' option.  Next, move the cursor over the second herb, then 
    press B again.  This mixes the herbs together.  While many combinations are 
    possible, the most worthwhile combinations are two green herbs, or a green herb 
    and a red herb (for greater potency).  Two green herbs provide better healing 
    than a single green herb, but the result is usually not too strong.  Three green 
    herbs can be blended together, the result being as strong as a red and a green 
    and red herb.  However, this should really only be done as a last resort.  A 
    green and a red herb, blended, give you a much more powerful healing item, 
    almost (but not quite) on a par with the First Aid Spray.  Blending herbs gives 
    you more room for new items, and gives you more healing for when you need it.
    -> You can also use this 'combine' trick with other items, as previously 
    mentioned, for more space in your item menu.  It's not required once you gain 
    access to a storage room, but it's a good precaution, nonetheless.  The only 
    items you should think about before blending are the bazooka rounds, given the 
    difficulty in switching different types of rounds for that particular weapon.  
    Maybe that's why, out of the goodness of their hearts, the game designers give 
    you a few monsters that you NEED the bazooka for before you get access to all of 
    the different kinds of rounds usable for the bazooka :P :P :P
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    i) Maps and Room Descriptions
    The plot of this video game might never win an Oscar, but it can really be 
    annoying to know the entire storyline of a game before you get to play it all 
    the way through :P .
    Therefore, I've provided maps for the various areas in this walkthrough, as well 
    as a brief description of what to expect in each room.  After that is listed the 
    recommended way to go through the game.  Various points of interest will also be 
    listed for each room, where applicable.
    If you get really stuck finding or acquiring an item, each item is listed at the 
    end of each room description.  This only tells you what room you can gain the 
    item in...not where the item is in the room, nor what other items you might 
    require to gain said item.
    And with that in mind, on to the walkthrough...
    MANSION, MAIN FLOOR (also called 1F)               
                                                      |      |
                                                 +----+  31  |              N
                                                 |    o      |              |
                                                 |  +-+      |            W-+-E
                                                 |  | +------+              |
                                                 |  |                       S
                                                 |  |     +----+
    +-------------+-------+                      |30|     |  |||          +------+
    |             o       |                      |  |     | 27 |          |    21|
    |    11       |   13  +-----+                |  +-+---+ +-o+----------+---+  |
    |         +--o+             |                |  o | 29| |  |          |22 |  |
    |    +----|   | +---+-+---+ |                +--+ |   | |28|  +-----+ |   |  |
    |    | 10 | 12| | 5 | |   | |                   | +-o-+o+--+  |     | +o--+  |
    |    |    |   | |   | | 6 o |                   |    25    o  o  23 |     o  |
    |    +-o--+---| +-o-| |   +-+                   +-o--------+--+-+-o-+-+20 +--+
    |         |   |14   | |     |                   |    26         |     |   |
    |         |   | +---+o+-----+                   +------------+  |     +-o-+
    |    9    | 4 | | 7         |                   |////////////|  |  24 |   |
    |     +---+   o |  +--------+                   |////////////|  |     |   |
    |     |||||   | |  ||||   8 |                   +------------+  |     |   |
    +---+---+-+   | |  +--+-+   |                   |               |     |   |
        |   |     | |     |E|   +-------------------+---------------+-----+   |
        | 3 +-----+o+---o-+-+   |      |=====|      |               o     |   |
        |                 o     +-- -- |=====| -- --+  17 +---------+     |   |
        +------o----------+-----+      |=====|      o     ||||||||||| 18  |   |
        |                       |      |=====|      |     +---------+     |   |
        |         2             o                   +-----+         +-o---+   |
        |                       |         1         |     |------   |     |   |
        +-----------------------+                   o  15           | 19  |   |
                                |                   |     |---------+-----+   |
                                |                   |     o       16          |
    Walls are marked using a single |, or by using the - or + signs.
    Stairs are marked as ||| heading east-west, or === going north-south.
    Doors are marked with the 'o' sign.
    Unused sections of the map are blotted out using slashes: ////.
    A number for an area refers to the entire section, unless the area is very large, 
    has a variety of close encounters, or contains a lot of different items.
    Elevators are marked with an 'E' on this map.
    1. Main entrance - This is where the game starts.  There is a typewriter by the  
       left-hand side of the bottom of the staircase, where you can save your game 
       if you find an INK RIBBON.  Other typewriters are spread out in various 
       areas (usually storage areas).
       Those who play Jill:  you will reach a point in the game where you have to 
    run around, looking for a lost friend.  If you get stuck, try running under the 
    semi-enclosed hallway that is built under the stairs, in the northern section of 
    the room.
       Viewing Tip:  When you get the chance, try leaving through the double 
                     doors... ^O^  Jill also meets Barry here later.
       Items: INK RIBBON, JILL'S HANDGUN (the Baretta) [if playing Chris]
    2. Dining room - Important to the beginning storyline, there are monsters to 
       worry about fighting in here.  You will find several items of use in this 
       area, likely coming back various times throughout the game.
       Viewing Tip:  None :( For an important area, this room could have used more 
                     things to look at.
       Items: EMBLEM, (brown) MANSION KEY (aka SHIELD KEY), BLUE JEWEL
    3. Corridor/Waiting area - You have your first fight here, to get you familiar 
       with using your weapon.  (Make sure you have something equipped for fighting 
       before you enter here!)
       Enemies:  Zombie (1)
       Items:  CLIP(x2)
    4. Animal Keeper's Bedroom - One of the first main revelations to the storyline 
       behind the mysterious goings-on in the mansion lies in this room.
       Enemies: Zombie (1)
    5. Tiger Statue Room - This room is very small, but it holds a few important 
       Viewing Tip:  The close-up of the statue when you get the item in this room 
                     is good.
    6. Greenhouse - This room holds a large number of items.  Once you manage to 
       trigger the special effect in the room, make sure you get everything!
       Viewing Tip:  A close-up when you manage to figure out how to kill the 
                     plant.  It's ok, but could have been more graphic :)
       Enemies: Plant (don't try killing this monster with weapons - it won't work)
       Items: (grey) MANSION KEY (aka ARMOR KEY), RED HERB(x2), GREEN HERB(x4)
    7. Bar Lounge - This room is a bit tricky.  Explore everything - it's well 
       worth it for the items you'll find.
       NB.  This room is LOCKED.
       Viewing Tip: A piano scene with Jill (or Rebecca, if you are Chris).  Very 
    8. Stairwell - This is just a method of egress.  (Egress?  Dictionary, 
       please... :P )
       NB. The door to this room is LOCKED.  You have to enter here and unlock the 
           door from this side to reach Room #3 (which might take a while).
    9. Foyer - The area itself is not very important, but it leads you to a place 
       which is INVALUABLE later in the game (namely, room 10 ^o^).
       Enemies:  Zombies (2)
    10. Storage Room - One of the few places where you can store extra items!  Use 
        it often, as there is also a typewriter here to save your progress, in 
        addition to dropping off 'extra' items.  Chris first meets Rebecca here.
        Viewing Tip:  If playing Chris, the scene with Rebecca is good :)
        Items:  CLIP(x2) [if not already taken from room 29], (amber) MANSION KEY 
                [if playing Chris] (aka SWORD KEY), INK RIBBON [if playing Jill]
    11. Corridor - The corridor is exactly that - nothing more.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    12. Office - There are no clues to the actual storyline in here, but you will 
        find several items that will be quite helpful.
        NB.  This room is LOCKED.
    13. Hall - One of many.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    14. Hall - See above.
        NB.  The door from Room #3 to here is LOCKED.  You have to enter here and 
             open the door to Room #3 to unlock it.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    15. Statue Room - Several valuable items are kept in here.  Only one item is 
        guarded, but given its value, you may wish to confront the zombie 
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    16. Hall - This hall has a bit of action awaiting you.  Since clearing this 
        area makes it easier to run through the mansion, your best bet is to kill 
        the dogs.  (The official name for these critters is 'Cerberus'; but 'dog' 
        works just as well.)
        NB. This door (from #15) is LOCKED.
        Enemies:  Dog (2)
        Items:  CLIP
    17. Dressing Room - This dressing room contains several items of value.  The 
        one enemy you face is easy to dispatch.
        NB. This door is LOCKED.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
        Items:  CLIP, BOX OF SHELLS
    18. Bedroom - The one enemy in this room is best avoided; they will waste ammo 
        or hurt you, if you let them.  There are several good items in here, but 
        first you need to open Room #17.
        Enemies: Zombie (1)
        Items:  INK RIBBON, GREEN HERB (x2)
    19. Secret Closet - You can't enter here unless you've already beaten the game 
        once, so if this is your first time through, just ignore it.
        Items:  For Chris:
                ***LAME!***  You can change your outfit.  You can wear the 'Harley 
                Davidson' Outfit, or the S.T.A.R.S. Outfit.  You can also change 
                back into your original outfit, but if you wasted time coming here, 
                you might as well play 'Dress-Up'.
                For Jill:
                Worse than Chris.  One outfit is camouflage pants and a skimpy top;
                the other costume is jeans with an even smaller top.  How...sexist.
    20. Hall - This twisty area is unguarded (until much MUCH later in the game), 
        but gives access to other key areas.
        Viewing Tip:  Jill has a scene in here if she tries to take the Shotgun in
                      Room #24 without solving the trick involved.  The scene starts
                      In Room #23, but ends here, so I've listed it here.
        Items:  GREEN HERB
    21. Outside Garden/Catwalk - There are a few tough enemies here, but what you 
        gain is worth more than the risk.
        NB. This door is LOCKED.
        Enemies:  Dog (2)
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x6)
    22. Bathroom - This room is empty, unless you come here as Chris.
        Items: SMALL KEY
    23. Trap Room - This room is a trap which does not trigger unless you take the 
        shotgun in Room #24, and is otherwise empty.  Since you want the shotgun, 
        however (you *really* want the shotgun), you'll have to overcome this 
        little trap...
    24. Meeting Room - This room holds one of the key weapons to the game, namely, 
        the shotgun.  LOVE the shotgun!  HUG the shotgun!  It will be your 
        *friend*...  You just have to overcome a few tricks first...
        Items:  SHOTGUN
    25. L-Room - This irregular room is home to several zombies.  There is nothing 
        to get in this room, but again, it's an important way on, so you may wish 
        to clear the way.
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    26. Painting Room - Several paintings adorn the walls.  Examine them...
        Items:  STAR CREST
    27. Stairwell - Another key area to moving through the mansion easily, you may 
        wish to kill the zombie that lies in wait here.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
        Items:  GREEN HERB
    28. Storeroom - A place of safety.  Enjoy!
        Items:  CLIP (x2) [if not taken from room #10 first], CHEMICALS
    29. Office - Unlike several later areas, this dark room cannot be searched 
        until you turn on the lights.
    30. Passageway - A dog lies in wait, protecting the main passage leading out of 
        the mansion, and into the Courtyard.
        Enemies:  Dog (1)
    31. Shed - This shed leads out into the courtyard.
        NB. This door is locked in an unusual way.  If you really need help, refer 
            to the CHEATS section.
        Viewing Tip:  When coming back here from the Guardhouse, you see a scene 
                      that introduces the 'Hunter'.  One comes running to rip you 
                      to shreds!  Take the time that is eaten up by the scene to 
                      hold down R2.  You WILL have to kill this hunter (like every 
                      other hunter you meet) FAST.
        Items:  CRANK (square tip)
        MANSION, SECOND FLOOR (also called 2F)
                                                      ||||||||  |
       +---------+    +-----+                                |==|
       |   36    |    |  44 |                                |==|
       +----+o+  |    |     |                      +-----+---+  +----------------+
       |    | |  +-+--+--o--+--+--+                |     o      55               |           
       | 35 | |  |    |        |  |                | 54  |   +---+---o---+---+   |
       |    o |  | +--+  42    o  |                |     |   |   o       o   |   |
       |    | |  | 43 |        |41|                |     |   |57 | 56    |58 |   |
    +--+----+ |  |    o     +--+  |                +-o---+-o-+---+-------+---+-o-+
    |         |  |    |     |     |                | 53          |       |       |
    |  ------ |  |    |     |     |                +----------+  |       |       |
    |  |||||| |  +----+-----+--+  |                |          |  |       o       |         
    |  -------+       o     |40|  |                |    52    |  |  60   |       |
    |    34   |  37   + 38  +--+  +----------------+          o  |       | 59    |
    +------+  +----+  +---+       |   |||    |||   |          |  |       |       |
           |       |  |39 o       |   +-+====+-+   +----------+  |       +-------+
           +-----o-+--+---+-------+   |/|====|/|   o      47     +----+--+       |
           |  +----------------+  |   +-+----+-+   +--+----+o+---+    o  |       |
           |  |       33       |  o       32       |  o  46| |///| 50 |  |       |
           |  +----------------+  |                |45|    | |///|    |  |       |
           +----------------------+  +----------+  +  +--+ + +--++----+  |  51   |
                                  |  |          |  |  |  | |    |/////|  |       |
                                  |  |          |  o  |  | | ++ +///+-+  +       |
                                  |  |          |  |  |  | | ++ +---+    +-+     |
                                  |  |          |  |  |  | |   48   o 49 ||o     |
                                  +--+          +--+--+  +-+--------+----+-+-----+
    32. Main Room, Upstairs - This area is mainly another form of egress (that word 
        Viewing Tip:  Jill runs into Barry up here, if not later in Room #1.  He 
                      gives her a useful item.
        Items:  ACID ROUNDS [if playing Jill]
    33. Balcony - This area lies directly above the dining room.  There are a few 
        enemies here, but you only really need to defeat one of them to travel 
        through the area safely.
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    34. Stairwell - These stairs lead down to area 9.  There are a good number of 
        enemies to defeat here; try to use the design of the stairwell to your 
        Enemies:  Zombie (2, 3 if playing Chris)
    35. Office - Several helpful items are in here, but the door is locked.  It may 
        be some time before you can enter, and not everything is as it seems, once 
        NB. This door is LOCKED.
    36. Hallway - A zombie is feasting gruesomely on one of its fellow undead here.  
        There are no items to be gained, so you may wish to avoid these enemies.
        NB. This room is LOCKED [from the south; only Jill can enter here from 34].  
            The way to get through this door is listed in the CHEATS section.
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    37. Foyer - There are several helpful items in here, good enough to kill off 
        the enemy that lurks here.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
        Items:  BLUE HERB, GREEN HERB (x2)
    38. Corridor - An enemy lurks here to impede your progress.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    39. Small office - There are several items worth ducking in here for.
        Items:  BATTERY, EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS (x2) [if playing Jill]
    40. Elevator - This elevator goes down to B1 (the basement) of the mansion, 
        bypassing Room #8 on the Main Floor.
    41. Hallway - Several enemies await you here.  You could run around them just 
        to get to the next areas, but clearing them out might be easier.
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
        Items:  GREEN HERB
    42. Library - This room holds a few helpful items, and a few enemies. :)
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    43. Research Room - There are no enemies here, but there is a trick to finding 
        the item within.
        Items:  MO DISK
    44. Secret Office - This is a key area to reach.  It points out your eventual 
        escape route.
        Viewing Tip:  What you see out the window is the way to escape this awful 
                      place. :)
        Items:  INK RIBBON, CLIP
    45. Hall - This leads out to the patio.  Look around if you're playing Chris!
        Items:  SMALL KEY (if playing Chris)
    46. Patio - Several crows sit silently in this area.  There's a body here!
        Items:  BAZOOKA [if playing Jill], CLIP [if playing Chris]
    47. Southern Red Hall - Be careful running through this area, it's well 
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    48. Corridor - This leads to a deadly, but necessary, area.
        NB. This room is LOCKED.
        Viewing Tip:  If you're playing Jill, you go through an interesting scene.
        Items:  CLIP, GREEN HERB (x2), RADIO [if playing Jill]
    49. Narrow Hallway - Be ready to fire when you enter; an enemy is waiting for 
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    50. Astrology Room - There are a number of helpful items kept hidden in here.
        Items:  INK RIBBON [if playing Jill], ACID ROUNDS [if playing Jill], CLIP 
                [if playing Chris]
    51. Attic - One of the tougher enemies lies in wait for you.  Search the room 
        carefully to get the items.
        NB. This door is LOCKED.
        Enemies:  GIANT SNAKE!
    52. Armoury - The armour that lines the walls is a bit distracting.  To find 
        the item hidden in this room, ware the trap.
        Items:  SUN CREST
    53. Northern Red Hall - This area is guarded up here, as well.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    54. Personal Library - Only one item lies in here, but it is a file.
        NB. The door from Room #53 to here is LOCKED.  You have to enter here and 
            leave to Room #53 to unlock the door.
        Items:  BOTANY BOOK
    55. Stairwell/Hall - This area is crawling with enemies.  Killing them makes 
        travel across the mansion much easier.
        Enemies:  Zombie (2, 3 if playing Chris)
    56. Den - Whether there is anything in this room depends on who you are 
        Enemies:  Zombie (1) [if playing Chris]
    57. Bedroom - Several good items are waiting here for you.  Go get 'em!
        Items:  LIGHTER, RED HERB, CLIP [if playing Jill], BOX OF SHELLS [if 
                playing Chris]
    58. Office - Several more items await you here.
        Items:  RESEARCHER'S WILL, EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS [if playing Jill], BOX OF 
                SHELLS [if playing Chris]
    59. Mantle Room - An unusual room.  Sometimes it has enemies, sometimes not.  
        If it does, chances are you're playing Chris. :P
        Enemies:  ZOMBIE (x2 or 3, when they are here...???)
    60. Piano Room - Not to be confused with Room #7, which also has a piano.  You 
        meet an old enemy here.
        Viewing Tip:  The snake gets nice and close before you can move.  While the 
                      scene plays, I make sure I'm holding down the button to run, 
                      or R2 to fire.  Also, Jill will meet Barry here.
        Enemies:  GIANT SNAKE!
      THE COURTYARD (also called 1F)
      |   |
      |   |
      |   |                                       +-----------------+
      |   |                                       |          63     |
      |   |                                 +-----+   +-+-------+-+-+---+
      |   +------------+                    |         |/|       | |     |
      |        65      |              ,-----+ +-------+-+       | |     +-+
      +------------+   |             /  ,---+ +-------+-+ POOL  | | POOL+-+
                   |   |            /  /////| |///////| |       | |     |
                   |   |            |  |////| |///////| +-------+-+-+---+
                   |   |   +-----+--+--+--+-+-+-+/////|       62    |
                   |   |   |     |//|66|//| | | |/////+-------+   +-+
                   |   +---+     +--+  +--+     |/////////////|   |
                   |       o                    |///////////+-+-o-+---+
                   +-------+                    |///////////|  _____  |
                           |                    |///////////| |_____| |
                           +---+            +---+///////////|         |
                               |            |///////////////+--+   +--+
                               |     64     |//////////////////|   |//|
                               |            |//////////////////|   |//|
                               |            |///////////////+--+   +--+
                               |            |///////////////|         |
                               |            +-+-------------+   61    |
                               |            |W|                       |
                               +------------+-+-------------+------+  |
                                                                   |  |
                   +-----------+                                   |  |
                   |           |                                   E  |
                   o    67     +--------------+                    +--+
                   |                 _____    |
                   | |W|            /     \   |
                   +-+-+-------+   |  68   |  |
                               |   |       |  |
                               |    \_____/   |
                               |              |
    The entrance to the Courtyard is marked with an 'E'.
    The winch-controlled elevating platforms are marked on the map as 'W'.
    61. Main Yard - A goodly number of items awaits you...once you've killed off 
        the enemies waiting to rip your throat out.
        Enemies:  Dog (2, 3 if playing Chris)
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x3), RED HERB (x2), BLUE HERB (x2), MAP TO COURTYARD
    62. Pool area - The trick is to get past the pool.  It's not too hard, but once 
        you cross over to Room #63, be prepared to run!
        Viewing Tip:  Watching the water drain out is a well-detailed scene.  Now 
                      if only there were more scenes like this for the monsters. :P  
                      Especially the dogs.  The dogs never seem to get focused on, 
                      yet they're much tougher than a zombie, given the way they 
    63. Small path - Aggh!  Snakes!  Run!  Just...run!
        Enemies:  Small snakes (infinite number)
    64. Lower Courtyard - More enemies wait for you.  If you can dodge them, go 
        ahead, but it's safer to kill them. :P
        Enemies:  Dog (2, 3 if playing Chris)
    65. Walled Passage - This is a long run to the Guardhouse.  Since there are a 
        few good items to grab here (and you just might head back this way later), 
        I recommend clearing out the enemies.
        Enemies:  Dog (2, 3 if playing Chris)
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x2), BLUE HERB (x2), RADIO [if playing Chris]
    66. Waterfall - This area can only be passed if the water level is high in the 
        pool.  So grab your thinking cap.
    67. Small yard - There is some helpful items here.  The door is welded shut, and 
        cannot be opened.
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x2), BLUE HERB (x2)
    68. Small pool yard - Entering this small pool leads you into the Courtyard 
        Tunnels.  But (you guessed it) there's a trick involved.
        Viewing Tip:  If you manage to drain the Fountain, the graphic is nice.
                      Water graphics seemed to be a specialty of the graphics
                      crew.  Still, extra monster graphics would have enhanced
                      the game that much more (even if they do slow your playing
    GUARDHOUSE, MAIN FLOOR (also called 1F)
                                |      |
                                |      |
                 +--------+-----+      |
                 |        |            +-+--+-------+---+--+
                 |   72   |            |/|76| 77    | L |80|
                 |        |          +-+-+  +---o---+   |  |
                 +        |   73     |      o   78      |  |
      +---+------+------+ |          |   +--+---+-------+  +---+-----+
      |   |//////| 71   o |          |   |      |          |82 |     +------------+  
      |   +------+------+o+-----+    |   |  81  o          |   |     |            |
      |  69                     o    |   |      |          +-o-+  83 o            |
      |   +----+-----o----+   +-+    |   +------+          o         |            |
      |   |////|          |   |      |   |                 +---------+            |
      +-E-+----+   70     | X |  74  |   o        79                 |      84    |
               |          |   |      |   |                           o            |
               +----------+-o-+------+   |                           |            |
                          |     75       +---------------------------+            |
                          +--------------+                           |            |
    The door where you enter the GUARDHOUSE is marked with an 'E'.
    The 'L' indicates the position of a ladder.
    69. Main Foyer - This area holds a few goodies.  Technically, it has an enemy 
        (marked with an 'X'), which you can easily avoid...if you figure out how.  
        You can't kill the enemy here, though.
        Items:  BLUE HERB (x3)
    70. Storeroom - Aha!  You can save here (there is a typewriter), and 
        store/retrieve items.  If you're playing Chris, this area is invaluable.  
        Personally, I think any place you can save in this game is good. :P
        Items:  FIRST AID SPRAY, EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS [if playing Jill], CLIP [if 
                playing Chris]
    71. Bathroom - This small area holds a very important item!
        Items:  C. ROOM KEY
    72. Bedroom - Watch out for the enemies!  The items in here make it worthwhile, 
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
        Items:  RED BOOK, BOX OF SHELLS, SMALL KEY [if playing Chris]
    73. Recreation room - This area is the upper half of the rec room.  There's an 
        enemy here that will attack you the moment you enter the room, if you let 
        it get close enough.  The pool table gives you a hint to a future puzzle.
        Enemies:  Giant Tarantula
    74. Recreation Room - This area is listed separately because there's a lot to 
        this room.  Yet another enemy lurks nearby, dropping on you a few seconds 
        after you enter!  Be careful!  There are also a few good items in this 
        lower half of the rec room.
        Enemies:  Giant Tarantula
        Items:  INK RIBBON, CLIP
    75. Hallway - There is not enemies waiting in here for you.  At one point in 
        the game, you'll see a scene here.
        Viewing Tip:  Once you beat 'Plant 42', this area has an interesting scene.
    76. Alcove - No enemies, but a few good items.
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x3)
    77. Bathroom - The enemy in here is worth killing for what you find.  Ammo!  
        And you'll want all you can get, for this game. ^o^
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
        Items:  CLIP
    78. Dorm 001 - Several good things are just waiting to be taken from 
        here...once you kill off those zombies!
        NB.  The door to this room is LOCKED.  (Guess where the key is...) :P
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
    79. Large Room - There's really no hints as to what this room was originally 
        used for.  The main area is safe, but beware the wasps that *will* 
        eventually fly out from Room #80.
    80. Alcove - A nest of wasps is in here, possibly to guard that item...
        Enemies:  Wasps (infinite number...like the small snakes, just run!)
        Items:  DORM KEY 001
    81. Chemical room - This is an important area for Jill.  It's not too helpful 
        for Chris, though.  Here, you get to play 'Zee Mad Zientizt'...muahahahaha!  
        A friend of Chris', namely Rebecca, would find this place helpful, though.
        Items:  BOTTLE (x4) [if playing Jill, or using Rebecca if playing Chris]
    82. Bathroom - Avoiding the 'Enterprise Bathroom' scandal, where the designers 
        of the Enterprise only made one bathroom for 430 crew members, the 
        designers at Resident Evil made many places to make potty.  Apparently, a
        lot of scientists were in the loo when they went all dead and stuff. :P
        There's another enemy in here.  Kill him to get more ammo. :)
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
        Items:  FLAME ROUNDS [if playing Jill], CLIP [if playing Chris]
        ***Side note:  Flame rounds in the -bathroom-?  What?  Did the scientists 
                       eat nothing but chili?  It boggles the mind.
    83. Dorm 002 - There's an enemy.  There's also a little trick to use in here, 
        but be careful that you didn't miss anything before you come to this dorm.
        Enemies:  Zombie (1)
    84. Meeting room - There's a big bad nasty in here, waiting to bash your brains 
        in.  You...did...come prepared...didn't you?
        Viewing Tip:  If Jill comes in here without making V-Jolt, you see a good
                      scene with Barry.
        Enemies:  PLANT 42!
       GUARDHOUSE BASEMENT (also called B1)
                                                   | L |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   |
                                                   |   +---------------------+
                                                   |    85                   |
       +----------+--------------------------------+----------+----------+   |
       |          |                                           |          |   |
       |    89    o                                           o          |   |
       |          |                  86                       |   90     |   |
       +--+-------+                                           |          |   |
          |       o     +-------------------------------+     |          |   |
          |       |     |                               |     +----------+   |
          |   88  |     |               87              |     o              |
          |       |     +-------------------------------+     +--------------+
          |       |     |                               |     |
          +-------+     |                               |     |
                  |     +-------------------------------+     |
                  |                                           |
                  |                                           |
                  |                                           |
                  |                                           |
    The ladder is marked on this map with an 'L'.
    85. Corridor - Nothing but another dreaded trick awaits you here, just begging 
        to be solved.
    86. Giant water tank room - Ack!  (doo-do...doo-do...doo-do...doo-do...doo-
        do...doo-do DOO-do doo-do DOO-do doo-do DOO-do doo-do DOO-do...)  Ok, 
        enough of the 'Jaws' music.  This area can be safely explored until you get 
        close to Room #89 if you're Jill.  If you're Chris...RUN!  (Yes.  Run.  
        Through water high enough to tickle your pectorals.) :P
        Viewing Tip:  If you're playing Jill, the scene with the sharks first 
                      appearing is pretty cool.
        Enemies:  Big shark (1)
                  Little shark (2)
        ***Side note:  I learned this the hard way, although I should have known 
                       better.  I'll note it here because it's too important to NOT 
                       know.  You CAN'T shoot underwater!  You'll see the shark get 
                       hit, and blood, but it takes NO damage.  This will waste 
                       ammo, and result in your untimely death.  (Thanks for 
                       letting us see the blood, oh designers of Resident Evil...it 
                       makes this room harder to beat.  Maybe too hard, for less 
                       persistent players?)
    87. Giant water tanks - Displayed on the map that you can access of this area 
        under the 'MAP' command in the item menu, these tanks are not really 
        anything.  You can't go in them (Wouldn't sniping from these at the sharks 
        make life grand?  Ah well.  I can dream.).  You can't get any items from 
        them.  Yet they're clearly marked on the map generated for the game, so I 
        include them.  Even if they -are- useless.
    88. C. room - I assume the 'C' stands for 'Computer'.  If you have the key for 
        this room, you're in great shape!  If not...why are you down here?  To see 
        the sharks?  They don't play nice, so make sure you have that key!
        NB.  This room is LOCKED.  (I just like repeating myself.)
    89. Ammunition room - Woohoo! Lots of ammo...mostly waterlogged...mostly 
        useless...oh...darn.  Wait!  There's still some real good stuff here.
        NB.  This room is LOCKED.  It doesn't need a key.  There's a trick to 
             opening this door, and if you're really having a hard time of it, 
             check the CHEATS section.
        Items:  CLIP (x2), BOX OF SHELLS (x2), DORM KEY 002
    90. Meeting room - This room has been renovated by Plant 42.  Its roots hang 
        down here, presumably for a little drinkie-poo.  You'll want to make a 
        mental note of the fact that the roots of Plant 42 are down here.  It helps 
        you later...
        Items:  SMALL KEY [if playing Chris]
    Now, after all that, you want to head back to the Mansion.  (Eep!)
    SPECIAL NOTE:  You WANT to know this.  EVERY MONSTER that was in the Mansion is 
                   replaced by 'Hunters'.  These are very NASTY.  Avoid them if you 
                   can.  If you have to kill them, do it quick, do it fast, do it 
       MANSION BASEMENT (aka B1)
       (This map is not out of order.  It's not included with the main Mansion 
    because you won't be able to come here until after the Guardhouse is done.  I 
    know, that's also true of some of the areas in the Mansion, but those maps are 
    necessary for doing the first part of the game.)
                                                                 |        |
                                                                 |   +----+
                                                                 |   |
               +---+-------------+----------------+--------------+   +----+
               |   o ||||||||||  |     92         o        91            L|
               |   +-------+--+--+   +------------+-----------------------+
               |   +-----+ |94|  |   |
               | 93+-----+ +--+  |   |
               |                 |   |
               +-o---------------+   +-----+
               |                           |
    The entrance to the Basement is marked with an 'L'.
    91. Passageway - Enemies.  Stuff.  You can try to grab the item without 
        fighting, but that takes the fun out of it. ^o^
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
        Items:  BOX OF SHELLS
    92. Passageway - More enemies.  More stuff. 
        Enemies:  Zombie (2)
        Items:  GREEN HERB (x2)
    93. Kitchen - There's a few enemies in here.  The one in front of the elevator 
        is particularly annoying.  The stairway leads up to Room #8.
        Viewing Tip:  When you approach the stairs, a cool scene starts, 
                      displaying...the smartest zombie in the game!  Why is
                      it the smartest?  Because it can open doors... :P
        Enemies:  Zombie (3)
        Items:  SMALL KEY [if playing Chris]
    94. Elevator - This will take you up to Room #41.
       (Again, this is placed in order of how you go through the game.  It's for 
    easier viewing.  If you don't like it, try making your own maps.  They ain't 
    easy with ASCII art, I'm telling ya!)
                            |           |
                            |   +---+   |    +-----+-----+
                            |   |   |   |    |     o 99  |  +----+
                            |   |   |   |    |   +-+ +-+ +--+    |
                            |   |   |   |    |   |/| |/|     100 |
                            |   |   |   |    |   |/| +-+ +--+    |
                            |   |   |   |    |   |/|     |  +----+
                            |   |   |   |    |   |/+--+  |
                            |   |   |   |    |   |////|  |
                            |   |   |95 |    |   |////|  |
                            |   |   |   +----+   |////|  |
                            |   |   |   o 96     |////|  |
                            |   |   +-L-+----+   |////|  |
                            |   |            |   |////|  |
               +------------+-o-+---+---+    |   |////|  |
               |B           101     |   |    |   |////|  |
               | +------------------++ ++    |   |////|  |
               +-+                   | |     |   |////|  |
                                     | |     |   +-+--+  |
                                     | |     |     o 97  |
                                     | |     +-----+---+o+
                                     | |               | |
      +---------------------+ +------+o+------+        | |
      |B         106        | |               |        | |
      | +-------+ +-----+ +-+ |      102      | +---+  | |   +--+
      +-+       | |     | |   |               | |104|  | |   |  |
                | |   +-+ +-+ |               | |   |  | |   |  |
          +-----+ |   |105  +-+------+o+------+-+o+-+  | +---+  |
          |     o |   |     o        103          |    |  98    |
          |107  +-+   |  +--+---------------------+    +--------+
          |     |     |  |
          +-----+     |  |
                      |  |
    Boulder placement is notated on the map with a 'B'.
    The entrance, a ladder, is marked with an 'L'.
    95. Tunnel passage - Just up and around the bend is a typewriter.  This is a 
        good thing.  If you can do the first section before you have to save, 
        great.  If not, I hope you've been saving up your Ink Ribbons - especially 
        if you are Chris, who gets less of them than Jill.  You will also see a 
        strange trap around the corner from the typewriter.  You can't be hurt by 
        it, but it makes getting to that far door oh so annoying.
    96. Tunnel corridor - Hmm.  If you're Chris, check this area out.  You get a 
        very nice toy.  There are no enemies here initially, but a few come out to 
        play later.
        Viewing Tip:  Jill has a scene with Barry here.  You're asked a few 
                      questions.  Answer wisely, and bravely.
        Enemies:  Hunter (2) [these show up later]
        Items:  FLAMETHROWER [if playing Chris] muahahahaha!
    97. Tunnel passageway - This tunnel connects to several areas.  You don't meet 
        any enemies when you first come here, but they'll show up later.  (Isn't 
        that nice?)  The hunter from Room #99 will join the one here pretty 
        quickly.  (What?  You say you already killed the Hunter in Room #99?  Read 
        Room #98 below. :P)
        Enemies:  Hunter (1)
    98. Tunnel - This tunnel leads you to Enrico.  After seeing Enrico, you'll find 
        a hunter in the passage leading back out.  Oh, and anywhere that you didn't 
        meet hunters before...they are there now.  Also, just for fun, if you've 
        killed off the Hunter from Room #99...it's back.  (Goody.) :P
        Viewing Tip:  The scene here is not very well thought out.  Actually, it's 
                      kinda annoying.  Someone gets shot in the head, and keeps 
                      talking anyways.  The dialogue after the shooting is 
                      atrocious.  (You see someone get shot, and then Chris decides 
                      to yell out:  "Is anyone there?"  NO!  Of course no one's 
                      there!  Bullets materialize out of nothing and fire themselves 
                      all the time!  AGGH!  Brain...hurt...)
        Enemies:  Hunter (1)
        Items:  CLIP, CRANK (hexagonal tip)
    99. Pit room - There's a small pit in the middle of the room.  There's also a 
        Hunter, and some goodies.  The Hunter is worth killing to get to Room #100.
        Enemies:  Hunter (1)
    100. Power Generator - Someone thoughtfully left you a few goodies here.
         Items:  FIRST AID SPRAY, SHELLS 
    101. Tunnel - This tunnel seems to lead nowhere, at first.  Maybe the boulder
         is a clue...
         Enemies:  Hunter (1)
         Items:  MAGNUM ROUNDS [if playing Chris], FLAME ROUNDS [if playing Jill]
    102. Spider Room - Exactly what it sounds like.  This spider can be RATHER 
         nasty...it's not quite a boss monster, but close enough!
         Enemies:  GIANT SPIDER!
         Items:  COMBAT KNIFE
    103. Snake Tunnel - If you tarry in here, an infinite number of little snakes
         will drop from the ceiling.  So don't tarry!
         Enemies:  Snakes (infinite)
    104. Storeroom - Woohoo!  Just what you need.  And there's some items in here.
    105. Anteroom - This area leads to the Courtyard (the lower part).  There's not
         much here.
    106. Tunnel - Another boulder!  Unfortunately, Indiana Jones is nowhere to be
         found, so you'll just have to figure this trap out.  Hmm.  What is that
         thing on the wall?  Two tricks in one room?  How utterly fiendish!
    107. Statue Room - There's a statue in here, and a button.  Wonder what they do?
         Items:  EAGLE MEDAL
       LABORATORY, LEVEL ONE (also called B1)
               |//|L                    |
               |//+-+                   |
               |////|                   |
               |////|                   |
               |////|     108           |
               |////|                   |
               |////|                   |
               +----+                   |
               ||||                     |
    The door leading out to the helicopter pad is marked with an 'o'.
    Stairs leading up to the fountain in Room #68 are marked as '|||'.
    The ladder is marked with the letter 'L'.
    108. Large Storage Room - Whatever was once stored in here is now gone.
         However, the ladder leads down to the lower Laboratories.
         Viewing Tip:  Jill has a quick scene here with Chris and Barry, near
                       The end of the game.
       LABORATORY, LEVEL TWO (also called B2)
             |                     |   L   |
             +---o---+       |=====|  109  |
             |       |       |=====|       |
             |  111  |       |=====+---o---+
             |       |       +-----+       |
             |       |    110              |
    Stairs leading down are marked as '='.
    The ladder is marked with the letter 'L'.
    109. Storeroom - No extra items are here to grab, but you can switch your 
         inventory around, which is nice.  You can't save, though.
    110. Hall - There are a few zombies in here.  You could probably run around all 
         of them, if you wanted to spare ammo, but killing them can be fun, too.
         Enemies:  Zombie (3)
         Items:  MO DISK
    111. Boardroom - There's a projection screen on one wall, which might be fun to 
         use.  There's also a few other items of interest.
         NB.  The door to this room is LOCKED.
       LABORATORY, LEVEL THREE (also called B3)
       +--------+          +--+
       |        |          |==|
       |  +--o--+----------+==+-----------+
       |  |     |          |==|           |
       |  | 127 |  114     |==|   116     |
       |  |     |          |==|       +-o-+
       |  +-----+--o-------+==+-------+   |
       |  126   o   113    o     112      |
       +--------+-------o--+  +-------+   +-------+----+---+
                |          |  |       |   | 119   |    o E |
                |  115     |  |   120 |   |       | +--+---+
                |          |  +---+   |   |       | |      |
                +----------+      +-o-+   +---o---+ | 118  |
                           |              o     117 o      |
                           +--------------+-------+ |      |
                                                  | +------+
                                                  | |
                                                  | |
                                                  | |
                                          |         121    |
                                          +--+  +---+ +--+ |
                                          |//|  |///| |//| |
                                          |//|  |///| |//| |
                                          |//|  |///| +--+ |
                                          +--+  |///|      |
                                          |122  |///+----+o+
                                          +-----+////////| |
                                          |//////////////| |
                                          |//+-----------+ |
                                          |//|     123     |
                                          |//| +---------+ |
                                          |//| |/////////| |
                                          +--+ +----+/+--+ |
                                          |         |/|124 |
                                          |                |
                                          |  +----------+  |
                                          |  |//////////|  |
                                          |  +----------+  |
                                          |      125       |
    112. Squared Corridor - Numerous zombies run around here.  There are no items, 
         so blast away with the shotgun, and go for a door!
         Enemies:  Zombie (5 to start, then 2 each time you re-enter; these are
                   replaced by Critters near the very end)
         Items:  FAX
    113. Corridor - This corridor is empty.
    114. Junk Room - Several zombies lurk here, waiting for you.  Perhaps they're
         protecting something...?
         NB. This door is LOCKED.
         Enemies:  Zombie (4)
         Items:  PASS CODE ONE
    115. Research Room - There are a few good items in here.  There's also a riddle.
    116. Laboratory - This lab holds an item for your perusal, and a computer.
         Items:  SLIDES
    117. Corridor - There are a few zombies lurking in here to impede you.
         Enemies:  Zombie (3)
    118. Storeroom - Your last refuge!  Use it when you need to.  You can save here.
         Items:  FLAME ROUNDS [if playing Jill], MAGNUM ROUNDS [if playing Chris],
                 BLUE HERB, GREEN HERB
    119. Laboratory - This room holds a few items, and yet another riddle.
         Items:  SHELLS, RED HERBS
    120. Morgue - Why is this place so hard to get into?  Must be something 
         important in here.
         Items:  PASS CODE TWO
    121. Corridor Maze - A few enemies are waiting on the ceiling for you!  Run!
         Enemies:  Critter (3)
         ***Side Note:  These creatures are very wierd.  There was no booklet with
                        the game to name them; I just call them 'critters'.
    122. Power Relay - There's a panel here.  Hmm.
    123. Hall Maze - More enemies!  Gah!
         Enemies:  Critter (2)
    124. Desk Corner - There's an item worth getting here.
         Items:  PASS CODE THREE
    125. Power Room - Lots of machinery is in here.  Maybe press something...?
    126. Passageway - This passage leads to a secluded area, and is unguarded.
    127. Jail Cell - "At last, I've found yoooooo...".  Your "other half" (Jill, if
         you're Chris, or Chris, if you're Jill) is held hostage here!
         Viewing Tip:  This is brief and to the point.  I like that, especially when
                       you're playing through the game for a 'best time'.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    ii) Suggested Method of Attack
    specific part).
    You get the best out of this game when you can beat it in under three hours.  
    Since the items you can get are listed in the room descriptions, and the locked 
    doors are detailed in the CHEATS section, this suggested method of attack is 
    only designed to minimize time.  If you find this path difficult, examine the 
    maps and room descriptions.  You may find a method of attack which better suits 
    you.  If you want to beat the game under three hours, use Jill!  Being a bit 
    pragmatic, I've based the initial estimated time to complete each goal on Chris.
    And now, on to the method of attack.
    MANSION, Floors 1F and 2F
    Goal One (Estimated Completion Time [ECT]:  10 minutes;
              Current Total Time [CTT]:  0 minutes)
    Your first goal should be to clear a path to a storeroom.  Whether you're 
    playing Jill or Chris, your inventory is limited.  This will help free up space.
    Note here that there will also be a notation, 'JCT', for "Jill's Completed Time", 
    at the Goal headings, should you try to stay in the time limit.  If you choose 
    to do this, ignore headings reading 'Note For Those Playing Chris', but
    pay close attention to headings reading, 'Note For Those Playing Jill'.
    ECT, CTT, and JCT will be rounded up to the closest five minutes.  So aim under 
    this as much as you can!
    Start the game (in Room #1).  After the scene plays, you'll go to Room #2.  From 
    there, enter the north corridor to the scene in the west end of Room #3.  Skip 
    through the scene if you've already seen it.  Grab the clips from the body on 
    the floor, quick, and go back to Room #2.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***In Room #2, you go through a quick scene with Barry.
    Run like a bunny back to Room #1.  Get Jill's handgun, if you're Chris; 
    otherwise run behind the stairs to clear the scene with Barry.  Grab the Ink 
    Ribbon by the typewriter, too.
    At this point, your inventory should hold:  First Aid Spray, Combat Knife, Clip 
    (with 30 ammo), 2 Ink Ribbons, and the Baretta gun.
    Go up the stairs to Room #32 and head west to Room #33.  Run to the right side 
    of the screen, down that narrow path.  A zombie will face off against you.  Take 
    him down.  In the future, run down this side of the balcony, and you can avoid 
    the second zombie.  Go to Room #34.  Run in, and gun down the 2-3 zombies in 
    here.  You'll want this area free of zombies in the future.  Head down to Room 
    #9 and duck into Room #10 fast.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Chris will meet Rebecca here.  Take her with you.  Otherwise, you're asking 
       for trouble.  (This isn't a concern for Jill.  She has that *dreamy* hunk, 
       Barry.  Yeah, right.)
    Take the two clips in the storage box.  You can never have too much ammo.  
    Finally, take the Sword Key off the bed if you're Chris.
    Goal Two (ECT:  20 minutes; CTT:  10 minutes)
              JCT:  10 minutes
    Starting Goal Two, you should have:  First Aid Spray, Combat Knife, Clip, and 
    the Baretta Gun (plus the key, if playing Chris).  Jill will have four spots 
    open, but Chris will have only one.  Chris should consider leaving the First Aid 
    Spray; with practice, he'll kill everything without getting hurt.  Alternately, 
    you can use one of your two Ink Ribbons to save, and in either case leave the 
    Ink Ribbons behind.
    Having started with 15 ammo in the gun, plus 30 from clips, then killing those 
    four zombies, you should be down to 20-28 bullets.  This assumes you do the 
    smart thing, and switch to the combat knife to stab zombies when they fall down.  
    It saves bullets, and is a very handy technique for the future.
    Now, you want to liberate that Armor Key in Room #6.  For that, you need the 
    Chemicals.  (Doh!)
    Run out and shoot the zombie walking towards you.  (The one from the bottom of 
    the screen, not the one under the stairs.)  Run down the right-hand wall to #11, 
    past the dumb zombie there, to Room #13.  Shoot the two zombies that come at you 
    from the bottom of the screen.  Then run down the hall (Room #14) hugging the 
    left-hand side, away from the alcove that leads to Room #5.  You can unlock the 
    door to Room #3 from this side, another time saver.  Run to Room #2, then Room 
    From here, run into Room #15.  Slip into the hairpin turn behind the tank and 
    grab the Ink Ribbon (I suggest you let the zombie there gnaw on you, and tap B 
    fast to squish his head).  Jog back out and through the door to Room #16 after 
    unlocking it with the lockpicks/Sword Key.  Run forward, but as soon as the 
    screen angle changes, turn around and walk backwards down the centre of the hall.  
    Why?  Because you get the drop on the dog that crashes through the window behind 
    you!  After dispatching it, run around the corner.  Again, when the angle 
    changes, centre yourself in the hall, but walk down forward.  Take out the 
    second dog, then move the empty case against the wall to get the Clip underneath.
    Go into Room #20, and grab the Green Herb.  Run around to Room #25 and kill the 
    two zombies inside.  Go into Room #27 and kill this zombie, too.  If you have a 
    free spot, grab the Green Herb in here as well, blending it with the first Green 
    Herb for a quick, strong heal.  Then enter Room #28 and grab the Chemicals.
    After fixing up your inventory to only the baretta, fully loaded, and the 
    chemicals(go grab that herb from Room #27 if you haven't already; once blended, 
    it takes less space), head back the route you used to get here:  Rooms #27, #25, 
    #20, #16, #15, #1, #2, #3, #14, #13.
    From here, head down to #6.  Dump the chemicals in the tank, then grab herbs and 
    blend, blend, blend!  The optimum mix is red/green twice, then the last two 
    Green Herbs together.  Go get the Armor Key from the crest on the glass wall, 
    then head back to storage; #13, #11, #10.
    Goal Three (ECT:  10 minutes, CTT:  30 minutes)
                JCT:  20 minutes
    Once you adjust your inventory, you should have:  one of the blended herbs (save 
    the First Aid for later...it brings you to full, always), the Baretta gun (fully 
    loaded), and the Armor Key.  You don't even need the Baretta, but play it safe.
    You should still have a maximum of 10 bullets.  The 20-28, minus 8-12 for the 
    zombies in #13; minus 10-14 for the dogs; plus 15 from under the case; minus 8-
    12 for the zombies in #25; minus 3-5 for the zombie in #27.  If you're all out, 
    bring the Knife instead of the gun.
    The next goal is grabbing that shotgun!  With that, the rest of the Mansion is a 
    piece of cake.
    Run out to Room #11, then unlock Room #12.  Inside is a Clip and the Broken 
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***Since you have the lockpicks, unlock the desk and get the shells within.
    Now you have a little more ammo, as well as a very important item.  Back out 
    into Room #11, then into Room #13.  Go down to Room #14, then follow:  #3, #2, 
    #1, #15, #16, #20.  From here, go into Room #23, then Room #24.  Grab that 
    shotgun!  Then use the Broken Shotgun to replace the shotgun you took.  Aha...!
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***If you're playing Chris, pause here to duck into Room #22, and grab the Small 
       Key in the tub.  It will unlock otherwise impossibly locked desks, but it is 
       discarded automatically after one use.  You can find one of these keys for   
       each of the especially locked desks.
    Run back to the storage area -> #22, #25, #27, #28.  Use an Ink Ribbon to save.
    Goal Four (ECT:  35 minutes; CTT:  40 minutes)
               JCT:  30 minutes
    Your inventory should now be adjusted to hold:  one blended herb, the shotgun, 
    the Armor Key, and (if you have taken Chris) the Sword Key.  This leaves two 
    spaces open, minimum:  you'll need them.
    You should have up to 25 bullets for the handgun, and 7 shots for the shotgun.
    Now, you want to blitz the house for ammo.  You'll need to get it now.  Later, 
    there's too many Hunters to bother.  You'll also want to grab three of the four 
    Run out to Room #27, then to Rooms #25, then #21.  Use the Armor Key.  Run back 
    to Room #25, then Room #27, and up to Room #55.  Use the shotgun at close range, 
    tilted up, to take down the two zombies up here, pausing to unlock the door to 
    #55 from this side (it's just latched, no key is necessary).  Use the Armor Key 
    on Room #56.  Go in.  If you're Chris, be ready to blast the zombie inside.  Go 
    into Room #57 and grab the shells (if Chris) or Clip (if Jill) behind the far 
    bed.  Also grab the Red Herb, which you can now see at the head of the closest 
    bed.  From here, head into Room #58.  Examine the picture to your left, and 
    press the button.  Move the now-empty tank to the right, then move the cabinet 
    down towards where the tank was.  Behind is a second box of shells, if Chris, or 
    Explosive Rounds, if Jill.
    Ammo is good. :)
    Run down to Room #28 and drop off the Red Herb (and Explosive Rounds, if Jill).  
    Run into Room #26 and after solving the picture trick, grab the crest.  Back to 
    #28 and drop it off.  Then run around to Room #17 and use the Armor Key.  Don't 
    enter, though.  Run up the main stairs, and into Room #47.  Kill the zombie.  
    Use the Armor Key on Rooms #48 and #52.  Now that the Armor Key is useless, you 
    should discard it.  Head in.  Cover the vents and press the button to get your 
    second crest.
    Continue around to Room #53 and kill the zombie, if necessary.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Head back down to #28 to drop the crest off.  You should still have two spots 
       open, minimum.
    From here, hightail it over to Room #7, unlocking it.  Now head across and 
    around to the cabinet, and move it to get the music notes.  If you're playing 
    Jill, use them (facing the piano) right away; otherwise, Rebecca shows up again.  
    Have her practice.  In either case, go from here to #3, then #2.  Grab the 
    Emblem, then go out to #1, then head up to Room #33.  Push the statue until you 
    can drop it over the balcony, into Room #2.  Head back to Room #7.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Rebecca plays the Moonlight Sonata correctly for you (good thing!), which 
       takes over 30 seconds (bad thing!).  This opens the secret passage.
    Inside, swipe the Gold Crest, replacing it with the Emblem.  Head out to Room #2 
    and put the crest where the Emblem was, then grab the Shield Key and Blue Jewel.  
    Run over to Room #14 and kill the zombie in the alcove.  Inside Room #5, use the 
    Blue Jewel to get the Wind Crest.
    Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.
    Now:  you should have 5-6 items in your inventory.  Run over to Room #10, 
    dropping off the crest(s) and the Shield Key.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Grab the Small Key (if you are Chris) and head back to Room #12.  Unlock the 
       desk and get the shells. :)
    Run out to Room #11, and go for Room #4, discarding the Sword Key if you are 
    Chris.  Go to the desk to get the zombie to leap out of the closet.  Kill it, 
    and scoop the clip on the bed, as well as the shells in the closet.  Back to 
    Room #10 to drop off the clip, then go to Room #1.  Head up to Room #45.  If 
    you're Chris, get that Small key on the shelf!  Then go into Room #46.  In here 
    is either that bazooka for Jill, or a clip.  Grab, and run.
    Head down to Room #17.  Kill the zombie inside, grabbing the clip from the 
    dresser.  Unlock the desk behind the shelf to get more shells, then run into 
    Room #18 to grab the Ink Ribbon.  The zombie in here can be run around easily.  
    Also grab and blend the two Green Herbs, if Jill, or just grab the one herb, if 
    Chris.  Now run over to Room #28!
    Whew!  It's a lot of running, but not much killing.  This part goes much faster 
    with the shotgun, which is why you use it.  If you run, you can make this area 
    in the time that is estimated, give or take.  Don't go over twenty minutes, 
    using Jill.  If you do, reset.
    Goal Five (ECT:  20 minutes; CTT:  1 hour, 15 minutes)
               JCT:  50 minutes
    You should have in your inventory:  the shotgun (or bazooka, if Jill), the 
    shells (or the explosive rounds, if Jill), two blended herbs, and the Shield Key, 
    for this next area.  Leave the rest for now.
    For ammo, you should have about 29 shotgun shells (22 with Jill, plus 6 
    explosive rounds), and about 55 total bullets for the Baretta.
    The next goal is to get the last crest, and get out to the courtyard!
    Head up to Room #55, then go to #48.  Jill has to do a scene immediately to get 
    Serum.  The fastest route is to head: #47, #32, #33, #34, #10, then back.  Chris 
    doesn't have to do this, but after he fights the snake, Rebecca will have to do 
    this 'Run For the Serum'.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***Get the Clip from the body on the floor in Room #48.  Also, blend the two 
       Green Herbs nearby.  You'll receive the Radio at this point, too.
    Go into Room #49 and kill the zombie waiting.  Then head up the steps and use 
    the Shield Key to get into #51, discarding it.
    Tips on the 'BOSS':  running is useless.  Aim low when it gets close and FIRE AT 
    WILL.  If Jill gets hit twice, heal.  If Chris gets hit three times, heal.  
    (This assumes you entered with full health.  You did, didn't you?  After all, 
    it's a Boss fight!)
    The last crest is in the hole where the snake runs away.  The shells are in the 
    lower north-west corner on the map.  Grab both, and head out.  You, as Rebecca, 
    run for Serum at this point, if playing Chris.  Jill, already having killed time 
    doing the Serum run, is rescued by Barry and taken to Room #10.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***On the way out, snag the Clip on the corpse in Room #48.  Also grab and blend
       the two Green Herbs.
    No longer poisoned in either case, you want to get to Room #28.
    Dump everything but the Baretta, your combined Clips, and the four crests, and 
    head over to Room #30.  Kill the dog, use the crests, and presto!...the shed is 
    open!  From here, go straight to Room #21.  Turn around the corner, kill the 
    first dog, blend the six Green Herbs into three blended herbs, kill the second 
    dog on the way back, and go to #28.  Save your progress with an Ink Ribbon, 
    making sure you have in your inventory:  the shotgun, one blended herb, a fully 
    loaded Baretta, and the combined clips.
    Now you've completed the first of five major parts to the game!  Don't worry 
    about the time you've taken.  The ammo is worth it, regardless of what anyone 
    says, and at this point, you should still have about 25 shotgun shells total, 
    and about 55 bullets for the Baretta.  Not bad.
    THE COURTYARD, 1F (ECT:  15 minutes; CTT:  1 hour, 35 minutes)
                       JCT:  1 hour, 5 minutes
    The courtyard is a quick blitz, and the second of the six segments to the game.  
    No other section goes this quickly, so enjoy it, and don't dawdle, for pity's 
    In Room #31, grab the Crank on the shelf, using the stepladder.  Head out into 
    Room #61, and kill the dogs with the Baretta.  You are much lower on shells, and 
    the Baretta can kill the dogs...it just uses up ammo.  Expect 'Dead-Eye Jill' to 
    use up to 10 bullets.  Chris, on the other hand, will probably use 21 or so (he 
    has an extra dog to kill, and since his aim is lousy, he takes an extra shot 
    more than Jill for each kill, minimum).
    Head out to Room #62 and use the Crank.  If you want, let the scene run.  It's 
    one of the better scenes in the game.  Then go back to #28 and reduce your 
    inventory to just the Baretta.  Run back, grabbing the Green and Red herbs, 
    blending them.  This puts your inventory back up to a total of four items (after 
    blending), but it's okay.  Besides, you might need the healing if you still 
    haven't gotten the hang of shooting.  Go down the ladder, across the walkway, 
    and up the other ladder to Room #63.  RUN past the snakes.  You could kill them, 
    but they come back ad infinitum, so save the ammo.  Go to the winch-operated 
    elevator, descend on the platform, and  get ready to kill more dogs.  Switch to 
    the shotgun, and run over to Room #65.  Kill even -more- dogs.  You need this 
    area clear for later.
    At this point, you'll be down to about 10 shells and 25 bullets.  Oh, goodie.  
    Fear not, though, for soon, thou shalt find yon third storeroom, and it shall be 
    a good thing...
    Grab a green herb or two (if you need it), leaving one space open in your 
    inventory, and head on over to the Guardhouse.
    THE GUARDHOUSE, 1F and B1 (CTT:  1 hour, 50 minutes)
                               JCT:  1 hour, 15 minutes
    Goal One (ECT:  15 minutes; CTT:  1 hour, 50 minutes)
              JCT:  1 hour, 15 minutes
    For this goal, you want to clear out most of the Guardhouse.  The items you get 
    will go a long way to making this area easier.
    Run through Room #69, pausing to grab a Blue Herb, and head to Room #70.  Drop 
    off everything but the shotgun and a blended herb.  While you're at it, blend 
    the Red Herb you have in storage with the Green Herb you just got.  Scoot over 
    to Room #72, and kill the zombies within.  Get the Red Book, the Small key on 
    the far corner desk (if Chris), and then unlock the other desk for the shells 
    inside.  Yes!  More ammo!  Now go into Room #71, and get the C. Room Key from 
    the tub.  Go back to Room #70 and reduce your inventory to the shotgun, fully 
    loaded, and the C. Room Key.  Next, go to the statue by the entrance, and push 
    it over the hole near the entrance to Room #75.  This keeps that nasty tentacle 
    from slapping you all the time.  Head into Room #75, then over to Room #79.  Get 
    the key at Room #80 (the alcove), then run back to #75 before the wasps can hit 
    you!  If they do happen to poison you, run back to Room #70 and grab that Blue 
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***Having more inventory room than Chris, pause during the next jaunt to #78, 
       grabbing the two Green Herbs at #76 and blending them to conserve space.
    Now, go up to Room #78 and unlock it, tossing away the key in the process.  Kill 
    the zombies inside, and shift the left-hand cabinet back.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***Since you have the lockpicks, snag the shells from the desk after you unlock 
    You can move the other cabinet to the right, revealing the ladder that heads 
    down to Room #85.  Go down, and push the box back until you can shove it against 
    the far wall.  Push it down a good distance, but not too far.  Then push the 
    boxes into the water to cross.  Pause to scoop the two Green Herbs, blending 
    them.  Head into Room #86.  Run...like...heck, over to Room #88, and unlock it, 
    discarding the key, then get in the room QUICK!  The far left computer panel 
    drains all the water out; the button by the door unlocks Room #89.  In Room #89, 
    scoop up the key, Clips, and Shells.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Head over to Room #90 to snag a Small Key.  The key is used on the desk back
       up in Room #78 for Shells.  You should also grab two of the Green Herbs in
       #76 and blend them, since it's on the way back.
    Head back up to Room #70, unload the goodies until you've only got the shotgun, 
    a blended herb, shells, and that Blue Herb (if you didn't use it; there are more 
    Blue Herbs at #69, if you did).
    At this point, I wholeheartedly recommend you save again.  
    Goal Two (ECT:  20 minutes;  CTT:  2 hours, 5 minutes)
              JCT:  1 hour, 25 minutes
    Now you have most of the good stuff, it's time to do some last-minute clean-up 
    and kill off that dastard, Plant 42!
    Charge into Room #74 and kill the tarantula!  It's better to let it drop, and  
    try to keep it at bay with the shotgun/bazooka.  If this fails, you have the 
    blended herb to help you.  The second tarantula in the area marked #73 will 
    likely scuttle over as well.  Do not shoot it if you can help it.  You only want 
    the first spider dead.  When it dies, a lot of baby spiders pop out and run 
    around.  Head for the door!  Heal when outside if necessary (and likely, it is 
    necessary).  Don't heal any poison status yet, though.  Run back in.  Hmm.  No 
    little spiders are in the room anymore! :)  It's time to go and kill that there 
    ornery second spider.  Then, you heal the poison, and loot the room!  The clip 
    is on a barrel in the southern half of the room; on the table nearby is an Ink 
    Ribbon.  Get both, and drop them off in Room #70.  Switch around your inventory 
    until you have your Shells, the Shotgun, a blended herb, the Red Book, the Dorm 
    Key (and if Jill, the bazooka).  Nip over to Room #83 and unlock it, discarding 
    the key.  Kill the zombie inside and put the Red Book in the missing spot on the 
    shelf.  Ignore that tempting door, get the V-Jolt Report on the desk, and slip 
    into Room #82 if you're Chris, killing the zombie and getting the extra clip, or 
    Flame Rounds, if Jill.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***You have to head over to Room #81.  The code to get in varies, but it can 
       usually be solved in less than a minute.  If not, you saved. :)  Inside are 
       four Bottles, of which you only need three.  You want to mix chemicals here 
       to make the V-Jolt, so BE VERY CAREFUL.
       Fill one Bottle with water from the tap, and another Bottle with UMB-2 from 
       the shelf on the east wall.  Combine them to get UMB-3.  Fill two Bottles 
       with UMB-4 from the northern shelf, and blend one with the UMB-3 for UMB-7.  
       Fill the empty Bottle with UMB-2, mixing it with the other UMB-4 for UMB-6.  
       Combine UMB-6 and UMB-7 for UMB-13.  Now, fill one Bottle with water, and one 
       Bottle with UMB-2, combining them (again) for UMB-3.  Blend UMB-3 with
       UMB-13, and you have V-Jolt!
       Zombies say it tastes great, but hunters say it's less filling. :P
       Run down to Room #90 and use the V-Jolt on the roots, then head to Room #70.
       Substitute the Baretta and Clips for the Bazooka and more rounds, and you're 
       ready for that tempting door in Room #83...
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Give in to the temptation to run right through the door to #83.  Inside 
       is Plant 42!  Rebecca comes in through the south-western door somehow (?), 
       and then has to run off to mix the V-Jolt and use it (just like Jill; see 
    Now that the game comes back to an easier mode of explanation...KILL THE PLANT!  
    Aim up and fire, run, repeat process.  Avoid the acid dropping from the ceiling, 
    if you can, and don't get too close to the Plant.  If you do, it picks you up 
    and slams you down very, VERY hard.  Once you manage to kill off Plant 42, get 
    the Helmet Key from the fireplace, and...
    ...are you ready for this...?
    You have to go back into the Mansion!  AAGGHH!
    There is a quick scene for Chris with Rebecca.  She gives Chris the Radio, then 
    walks over to Room #81.  If you follow, she can heal you up to full!  This kills 
    time, though.  After going out to the corridor (#75), both heroes have a scene 
    with Wesker.  Stop by Room #70, heal, and have:  the Shotgun, shells, the Helmet 
    Key, and a blended herb.  Save, and head on back...grabbing a Blue Herb from #65 
    on the way, for your inventory.  It never hurts to kill a few seconds if you get 
    something you'll need in the future.
    MANSION, PART II:  F1, F2, and B1 (CCT:  2 hours, 25 minutes)
                                       JCT:  1 hour, 30 minutes
    Well, you're halfway through the game, and only a wit bee over the halfway time 
    mark.  Right?
    When you go back into Room #25, a scene showing a Hunter comes up.  You have to 
    kill it, or get a lot of headaches later.  Your choice.  Better yet, every 
    monster is now replaced by a Hunter in the Mansion.  Joy.
    If you do the Mansion correctly, this can go quickly, even for Chris with his 
    limited room for items.  If you do this wrong, you will likely die.  If you die, 
    just remember:  taking a hammer to your Sega Saturn is a good way to make it 
    stop working.  Of course, that means you won't be able to play any other games 
    on it, but then again, sometimes therapy is expensive.
    Goal One (ECT:  30 minutes; CTT:  2 hours, 25 minutes)
              JCT:  1 hour, 30 minutes
    In this first goal, you want to get to the Basement.  What Basement, you ask?  
    Why, read on, and you'll see.
    From where you are, this isn't gonna be easy.  It starts to get easier for Chris 
    at this point, because he takes less damage.  Jill, on the other hand, dies 
    quite fast from getting hit by Hunters.  But you can do it!
    Go into Room #27.  Blast the Hunter inside with your shotgun so you have clear 
    access to the storeroom; you'll want it.  If you're feeling really brave, 
    substitute the Shotgun and shells with the Baretta and combined clips.  Hunters 
    usually take 4 shell shots or 7 bullet shots, so you might be able to survive, 
    and keep your ammo relatively balanced.  You'd better have a lot of healing on 
    you if you do this, though, because you *will* need it.  You should also save if 
    you choose to do this crazy thing (which I managed to succeed in, after many 
    attempts), assuming you didn't save before coming back here.
    Your ammo situation should be (approximately):  15 shells and 80 bullets, hence 
    the wacky 'switch to the Baretta' idea.  If you get used to killing Hunters, and 
    have a lot of healing, it is very possible to succeed...with practice.
    Ready, Freddy?
    Here we go.  Walk back to Room #25, then unlock Room #29 and step inside.  Turn 
    on the light on the desk.  Grab the Doom Book and examine it in the item menu.  
    You can get the Wolf Medal from the book, which then disappears.  Get the Magnum 
    rounds and head back to Room #28.  Whittle down your inventory to the Baretta 
    (Shotgun), the Clip (Shells), two blended herbs, the Helmet Key, and the Magnum 
    Rounds.  Out to #27, and head up to #55.  There's three hunters up here in all; 
    just kill the one blocking the way to #53.  Kill the hunter to your left, then 
    RUN past #47 to get to #32.  Now use a blended herb - you'll need your health.
    Enter #33.  If you run to the right-hand side and hug the balcony when the 
    camera angle switches, you can sometimes get past the Hunter without being hit.  
    RUN over to Room #34.  This is where it gets kind of hairy.  Inside are two 
    Hunters.  For lucky Chris, one is positioned to tackle you when you enter.  Turn 
    right, fire your weapon for all you're worth, then turn the corner and get as 
    many shots off as you can, before the second hunter attacks.  You might need to 
    heal during one of these fights; always check your health after you're hit.  If 
    you ever see red, or orange two checks in a row, heal with the second herb.  Now, 
    stroll on over to Room #35 and unlock it.  Get the Red Jewel, the Shells, and 
    the Magnum Rounds.  (If you are playing Chris, and need room for this, heal 
    yourself.)  The next step will be to run back into #33, hugging the far wall to 
    the right to avoid the Hunter (he'll probably hit you anyways, but if you've 
    been careful, you'll live).  Go into #32, then down to #1.
    From here, scoot into #2, then #3 quickly to avoid the Hunters.  Run up to the 
    alcove that leads to Room #14.  The Hunter in this alcove might not hit you at 
    all.  In Room #5, use the Red Jewel, and GET THE MAGNUM!
    Now, you're well-equipped.  Forget being wounded.  You have a weapon that takes 
    no more than two shots to kill a Hunter!  Duck out and kill that Hunter.  A 
    second comes down from Room #13; kill him too.  (Why not?  You have all those 
    extra Magnum rounds.) :)  Run to #3, then to #2, and #1.  Once there, go up to 
    #47 and kill the Hunter.  Run around to #53 and duck into #55.  Kill the Hunter 
    with his back to you down the hall, then head downstairs to #28.  Reset your 
    inventory to have:  the shotgun, shells, two blended herbs (even if they are 
    your last two) the Helmet Key, and the Magnum gun, fully loaded.  SAVE.  
    (Getting to this point should take 15-20 minutes.)  Go back up to #55.  There 
    might be a Hunter guarding the door to #59; if so, kill it and go in.  There's a 
    Green Herb in here, if you need some healing.  Unlock Room #60 and dispose of 
    the Helmet Key, then enter.  Inside is an old buddy!
    Go over to the piano, and the giant snake from Room #51 comes out of the 
    fireplace!  Fire the Magnum into it until it's empty, then switch to the Shotgun 
    and kill it.  You might (actually, you will) need to heal during the battle, but 
    the snake can no longer poison you.  Once it's dead, go back down to #28, 
    changing your inventory to only the shotgun and shells.  You'll see why soon 
    enough.  Once back in #60, jump into the hole it made in the floor, during its 
    initial attack.  (Jill gets to use a rope.  Barry helps her.  No, I don't know 
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***Press the 'B' button several times to make Barry reappear when he drops the
    Press the button by the base of the grave marker to reveal the ladder, which 
    descends into Room #91 - the Basement.
    Goal Two (ECT:  20 minutes; CTT:  2 hours, 55 minutes)
              JCT:  1 hour, 50 minutes
    Wow!  Wasn't that fun, boys and girls?
    (Don't hit me.  I'm not insured.)
    Your ammunition should be at:  about 7 shells, and (in storage) about 50 bullets.  
    (If you have any Magnum Rounds, kudos!)
    The rest is a cakewalk, by comparison.  Duck around the corner and kill the 
    zombie.  Then grab the shells there!  YES!  Go back and kill, or run around, the 
    second zombie to #92.  
    Special Note (optional):
    ***ONLY if you think you'll need the healing (chances are you won't), get close 
       to the zombies in #92, to lure them from their feasting.  Kill both, and grab 
       the two herbs, blending them.  Now you can heal if necessary...even better!
    Go into Room #93.  If you're Chris, kill that first zombie, grab the Small key 
    on the far counter of the kitchen, then head over to the zombie in front of the 
    elevator.  Believe it or not, it's best to let him gnaw on you, and hit B 
    repeatedly; it saves ammo.  It is possible to dodge around the zombie; if you 
    can, so much the better!  Enter Room #94 (the elevator) and ride it up to Room 
    #41.  Kill the zombie nearby, then kill the one coming towards you from the 
    northern corridor.  If you feel the need to heal (and have room in your 
    inventory), get the herb in the alcove directly north of the elevator and use it.
    Nip in Room #42 and kill the close zombie.  Then go unlock the desk against the 
    north wall.  (This frees up a space for Chris, using that Small Key.)  Inside is 
    Magnum Rounds (!), which you can grab.  Open the way into #44, and if playing 
    Jill, grab the Clip.  There is an Ink Ribbon here as well; grab this also.  Back 
    in #42, go over to #43 and grab the MO Disk.  Now, head out to #41, and across 
    to #39.  Inside are more Shells (if Chris), or Explosive Rounds (if Jill), plus 
    a Battery.  Get all of this.  If you're Chris, this will fill your inventory, 
    but that's ok.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***You can save yourself a LOT of time here.  Follow this path:  Room #'s 41, 
       94, 93, 92, 91, 60, 59, 55, 27, and 28.  This makes up for the time you lost
       with the scene involving Barry, after the snake.
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Go back into #41, down to #94.  Head across to the way to the door that leads 
       up to #8.  You'll encounter a zombie; kill it.  Once you are in #8, open the 
       way into #3 (it was latch-locked on this side), and hug the left wall, 
       running down to #14.  This resets the position of the Hunters.  Duck back out
       into #3, then #2, until you're at #1.  From here, head up to #32, and through 
       Room #'s:  47, 53, 55, 27, and 28.
    Strip down to the (fully loaded) Magnum, the (fully loaded) Baretta, your 
    combined Clips, a blended herb, the crank and the battery.  Go out to Room #'s 
    27, 25, 30, 31, 61, 62, 63 and 64.  Put the battery in its niche, then ride the 
    elevator up.  Use the crank in Room #62, then go back to #28.  Drop off the 
    crank and save.  You're finally (!) done with the Mansion, for good.
    THE COURTYARD TUNNELS, B1 (CTT:  3 hours, 15 minutes)
                               JCT:  2 hours, 10 minutes
    Now we're getting to crunch time.  But this part can be done quickly, if you do 
    it smart.  Your ammunition should be approximately:  6 Magnum Rounds, 25 Shells, 
    and 50 Bullets.  The Shells are better to use later, in the last section (past 
    the tunnels), so get ready with the Magnum, and if you have to, use up that mass 
    of Bullets you have for the Baretta!
    Goal One (ECT:  10 minutes; CTT: 3 hours, 15 minutes)
              JCT:  2 hours, 10 minutes
    The goal to this area is easy - get to the next (and third last) storage room.
    First, head out to #61, and use the elevator you activated with the battery.  Go
    Over to the middle area in #64 where the water was cascading down.  There's a 
    ladder!  This leads down to Room #95.
    From Room #95, go through the door nearby, into Room #96.
    Note For Those Playing Jill:
    ***When you run into Barry, follow him!
    Grab the flamethrower on the wall, if you're Chris (this locks the door back to 
    #95, until you replace it again).  Take the passage that leads around to Room 
    #97, then run to the door for Room #98.  Go around the bends, and after the 
    scene with Enrico, go back around the close bend.  A Hunter is waiting for Chris 
    (use the flamethrower!), and in either case, it seems that the shooter of Enrico 
    has dropped a Crank!  Grab it.  You need it.
    Duck back out into Room #97.  There's a Hunter awaiting you, and the Hunter from 
    Room #99 also decides to stroll down.  Kill them!  (I prefer to use the Magnum 
    on one, shoot the second Hunter once with the Magnum, then use up the flame-
    thrower on it.  It conserves bullets and hey, it's fun.  Jill, on the other hand, 
    should use the Baretta, or run, giving up the goodies in #100.)  Now head over 
    to Room #100, since the Hunter from #99 is kaput, and grab either the First Aid 
    Spray (for healing), or the Shells.  Jill can take both (if she went this way), 
    but Chris will have to choose due to restrictions on inventory.  Doesn't that 
    Head to Room #96, and come out running!  Two Hunters are here; one close by, 
    near the door to #95, and the other coming down the hall from guarding the door 
    into #99.  Chris will have to replace the flamethrower to unlock the door, and 
    likely will take one hit; Jill need not worry about this.  Once back in #95, 
    head around the bend and use the new Crank to get to Room #101.  Go up to the 
    boulder, then turn around and run, ducking into the recess.  The boulder smashes 
    a way open to Room #102.  If you want, grab the Magnum Rounds (if Chris) or 
    Flame Rounds (if Jill) in the alcove that was hidden by the boulder.  This will 
    make a Hunter appear, but you can take it down easily, and you might want the 
    spare ammo for Room #102...
    There's a very nasty huge spider in here!  So run around it, shooting with the 
    Magnum, and then (if necessary) the Shotgun.  Once it dies, lots of little 
    spiders will come out, so grab the Combat Knife on the northeast barrel, and 
    slash away the webbing to Room #103 as fast as possible.  Run down to Room #104, 
    and you're in the Storeroom!  Use the Blue Herb if you're poisoned from the 
    spider.  Switch around your inventory to hold a blended herb or First Aid Spray, 
    the shotgun, shells, the new (hexagonal) Crank, and then save.
    Goal Two (ECT:  10 minutes; CTT:  3 hours, 25 minutes)
              JCT:  2 hours, 20 minutes
    For this part, all you need to do is get to the lower section of the courtyard.  
    Note For Those Playing Chris:
    ***Jog back to Room #101 and grab the flamethrower.  Head back to Room #103, and
       put the flamethrower on the hooks by the door to #105.  This unlocks the
    Head into Room #106, and use the Crank to open the passage to the left (south).  
    Then go up to the boulder, and run away.  Duck into the new passage, then go out 
    and grab the MO Disk in the alcove that was behind the boulder.  Go into room 
    #107, and move the statue so that it is pushed out by the wall, when you press 
    the button.  Push the statue onto the button on the floor, and get the Eagle 
    Medal from Doom Book II.  Go back to Room #104, and readjust your inventory to 
    hold:  the shotgun, shells, the two medals (Wolf and Eagle), and a blended herb 
    or First Aid Spray.  Now, back to Room #105 and down the small passage that 
    leads to the ladder.  It's time for the Courtyard!
    THE LOWER COURTYARD/LABS  (CTT:  3 hours, 35 minutes)
                               JCT:  2 hours, 25 minutes
    The Courtyard is quick, and leads into the Labs, so both are melded together to 
    create the last section in this FAQ.
    Goal One (ECT:  5 minutes; CTT:  3 hours, 35 minutes)
              JCT:  2 hours, 25 minutes
    Once in Room #67, you'll find two green herbs.  Blend them for extra healing, if 
    you have the free space.  Ignore the door; it can't be opened.  Use the two 
    medals on the fountain in Room #68, and descend the stairs to the elevator, 
    which leads to the Labs.
    Goal Two (ECT:  30 minutes; CTT:  3 hours, 40 minutes)
              JCT:  2 hours, 30 minutes
    There's not much left to the game, so here we go...on to beating RESIDENT EVIL!
    Now, to descend into the Labs.  Level One of the Labs is small.  Just run over 
    to the ladder that descends to Level Two.  Run through the storeroom (unless you 
    really need something), to Room #112.  Blast your way to Room #116, and use the 
    computer to open the locked doors on Levels Two and Three of the labs.  Head 
    back up to Room #110, grab the MO Disk, go into Room #111, grab the Lab Key, 
    then go back down to #112.  Use the key to access Room #117, and blast more 
    zombies.  Slip into Room #118 to rearrange your inventory as:  the shotgun, all 
    3 MO Disks, and a blended herb.  Make sure to grab the Magnum Rounds (if Chris) 
    or Flame Rounds (if Jill), and the Green Herb in here, as well.  Go into #119 
    and cover the vents with the crates, then situate the ladder to get into the 
    vent.  Aha!  It leads into #120, where you can swap an MO Disk for a pass code, 
    and grab...Magnum Rounds!.  Head out into #112, back to #117, and brace yourself 
    to RUN a LOT.
    Go into Room #121 and to #122.  Turn the power on.  A few creatures will drop on 
    you from the ceiling.  Do your best to dodge them, going to Room #123.  Run down 
    to #124 to swap another MO Disk for another pass code, then run like crazy to 
    #125.  Inside, you may want (or need) to heal.  Connect the power circuit in 
    here, then RUN all the way back to Room #117.  Run over to Room #114, blast more 
    zombies, and swap the last MO Disk for a pass code.  Talk to the sensor on the 
    right-hand wall in Room #113, by the door to Room #126, then run back to Room 
    #117.  Duck into Room #118, and grab the Magnum gun, as well as any extra Magnum 
    Rounds you may have.  You may want to save; you're close to the end, and doing 
    the run through Rooms #121-#125 is not fun to repeat.
    Head north in Room #117 and go right around the north-eastern corner, to the 
    elevator.  Here, you meet Wesker, who leads you underground to the grand 
    creation of the scientists...Tyrant.  Once you defeat Tyrant, not everything is 
    done just yet.  Rebecca (or Barry) sets the whole place to destruct.  Nip over 
    to Room #127 to free the prisoner.  Next, go up to Room #108, and head out that 
    door to the Helicopter Pad.  You enter a twisting corridor - grab the Battery 
    along the way.  At the end of the corridor you must use the Battery to go up to 
    the pad, and a 3-minute countdown starts.  At the top of the elevator, you hear 
    the radio one last time.  Grab a Flare from the box, head out into the pad 
    landing area, and use the Flare.
    A new, giant monster leaps up through the concrete!  This is a massive Tyrant.
    Shoot it several times with the Magnum or Shotgun - but mostly, just dodge!  At 
    the 30 second mark, you are dropped a Rocket Launcher.  One shot from this baby 
    kills the massive Tyrant, and guess what...you've beaten the game!!!
    Now, if you've managed to beat the game in the time limit, resave the game after 
    the credits, when given the option.  Using this new save file, you'll see your 
    reward...a Rocket Launcher (it's called an 'R. Launcher', actually) with 
    unlimited ammo!  NICE!  You also get the key to Room #19 just for beating the 
    game, regardless of time, but the consolation prize within is very disappointing.
    Using this FAQ as a guide, I first beat the game with Chris in 4 hours, 28 
    minutes, and 29 seconds (I was off in a few places in regards to timing, near 
    the end; I used more healing than I should have, and didn't bother to reset, 
    mostly to confirm estimated time for each goal). :P  I got the Special Key, but 
    no Rocket Launcher.  I don't believe it's possible to get it without using Jill.  
    If anyone out there knows otherwise, email me!  Tell me what time you had to 
    score, as well, please.  I couldn't get better than the score above. :(
    Using this FAQ for Jill, I first beat the game in 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 14 
    seconds.  There were some areas where I was slowed by the numerous doors.  If 
    you need to, you can skip the giant tarantulas in room #74.  Don't mix the 
    V-Jolt either (go in and try it...it's a special scene, and you save a goodly 
    amount of time; BRING AMMO THOUGH!).  You will get very close to the three hour 
    mark using this FAQ for Jill.  Sometimes you go over the mark, sometimes under.  
    I recommend saving often, so you can backtrack and try different ways to save 
    time.  Getting the best possible ending in the game, plus beating the three hour 
    mark, is not very easy, so take heart.  On my second attempt, my time lowered to 
    2 hours, 55 minutes, and 55 seconds.  If all else fails, just aim for speed to 
    get the Rocket Launcher, and -then- go for the good ending (where Chris rescues 
    both Jill and Rebecca, or Jill rescues both Chris and Barry).
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    For the few areas that gave you a hard time, this section is included for easy 
    use.  However, this part of the FAQ should ONLY be used if all else fails.  
    While you get the best out of the game by running through, sometimes it's fun to 
    just puzzle everything out yourself.
    If you're still reading, you must really need help.  Below, I've listed places 
    where you may need help by room number.  Some of these cheats are detailed in 
    the walkthrough, but as you may not have used it, the answers are repeated here.
      2    Getting the key...you need to play the Moonlight Sonata in Room #7, using
           the notes behind the far shelf in that room.  (Rebecca will play for 
           Chris.)  Once the secret area is open, grab the GOLD CREST, and use the 
           EMBLEM from Room #2 to replace it.  Now take the GOLD CREST back to Room
           #2, and presto!  The grandfather clock moves.  (Sneaky clock.)
      3    The doors to Rooms #8 and #14 are latched on the other sides.  You have 
           to go into Rooms #8 or #14 and unlatch them from that side first.
      4    This door requires lockpicks, or the Sword Key in Room #10 if Chris.
      7    This door requires lockpicks, or the Sword Key in Room #10 if Chris.
     16    This door requires lockpicks, or the Sword Key in Room #10 if Chris.
     17    This room requires the Armor Key in Room #6.
     19    This room requires the Special Key.  You have to beat the game and rescue
           both Barry and Chris (if Jill) or Rebecca and Jill (if Chris).
     21    This room requires the Armor Key in Room #6.
     23    The shotgun trap room.  This isn't too bad.  Assuming you have the Key 
           from Room #6, unlock Room #12 and grab the Broken Shotgun.  When you
           take the shotgun from Room #24, replace it with the Broken Shotgun.
           This prevents the ceiling in Room #23 from squishing Chris.  (Jill does
           not have this problem; Barry kicks the door in and pulls her out.  What
           a guy!  Why can't Rebecca be that manly?!)
     25    The door to this room, from Room #27, is latched on Room #25.  Enter Room
           #25 and unlatch the door to get into Room #27.
     26    To get the Crest in here, push the buttons under the pictures in this
           order:  newborn, infant, young boy, man, middle-aged man, old man.
           Then examine the plaque at the end with the phrase:  "Give me the 
           gift..." and press the button.
     29    The Wolf Medallion be obtained by examining Doom Book I in the inventory
           menu.  Turn the book so that the spine is away from you, and press B.
           This room requires the Helmut Key from the Guardhouse, Room #84.
     31    You need the four Crests to open this door.  They are in Rooms #6, #26,
           #51, and #52.  They shouldn't be too hard to get, with the available
           clues.  Room #6 requires the Blue Jewel from the statue in Room #33.  
           Just shove it over the balcony and grab the Jewel in #2.  Room #26 is
           described above.  Room #51 only requires that you beat the snake, then
           follow it when it retreats.  Room #52 is described below.
     35    The Red Jewel?  Yes.  Tricky.  Move the ladder so that the top is just
           under the moose head.  Turn the light in the room off.  Now go back and
           look at that moose head.
           This room requires the Helmut Key from the Guardhouse, Room #84.
     36    Jill is the only one who can get through here from Room #35.  She needs 
           the pass code number, which she gets in Room #60 from Barry, after he
           brings her the second rope.  (When he dropped the rope, you should - if
           you didn't - wait for him to show up, and press the 'B' button.  If you
           didn't do so...reset to your last save.)
     43    The MO Disk area opens when you press the button, and push the statue
           onto the illuminated area.
     44    To get into the secret office, just move the shelf.
     48    This room requires the Armor Key from Room #6.
     50    To get the Acid Rounds (if Jill) or Clip (if Chris), light the candles
           on the table with the lighter from Room #57.
     51    This room requires the Shield Key from Room #2 (see above).
     52    Move the Statues over the vents before pushing the button in the floor.
           This prevents the poison gas from escaping into the room.
           This room requires the Armor Key from Room #6.
     53    The door to this corridor is latched on the side of the corridor marked
           as Room #55.  Go into Room #55 and unlatch the door from that side.
     55    The door into Room #54 is latched on the other side.  Enter Room #54 from
           Room #53 to unlatch it.
     56    This room requires the Armor Key from Room #6.
     59    Use the lighter from Room #57 on the blank parchment over the fireplace 
           to get the Map.
     60    This room requires the Helmut Key from the Guardhouse, Room #84.
     68    Use the Wolf and Eagle Medals on the fountain (opposite sides) to gain
           access to the Labs below.
     69    To avoid being hit by the tentacle, just push the statue by the entrance
           over the hole.  Once there, the statue stays in place, even if you leave.
     78    Looking for the ladder?  Push the left cabinet back, and the right
           cabinet to the right.  Voila!  There you go.
           This room requires Dorm Key 001 in Room #79.
     81    Making V-Jolt:  There are several hints on this, in this very room, as
           well as the V-Jolt report.  Here's the quick method.  Grab three of the
           four Bottles (you can find them by the glittering shine they make).  Fill
           one from the tap (water) and the other two with UMB-2 (directly behind
           you when you face the sink).  Combine the water and the UMB-2 (this 
           empties a Bottle for re-use).  Go over to the other shelves; UMB-4 is on 
           the left-hand side.  Fill your empty Bottle with UMB-4, and combine it 
           with UMB-3 (made from adding water to UMB-2), to make UMB-7.  Fill 
           another Bottle with UMB-4 and mix it with the UMB-2, to make UMB-6.  Now,
           mix the UMB-6 and UMB-7 to make UMB-13.  Fill the last two bottles with
           water and UMB-2, and remake UMB-3.  Combine this with UMB-13 for V-JOLT.
     83    This door is locked by Dorm Key 002, down in Room #89.
     88    This door requires the C. Room Key from Room #71.
     89    To open this door, just push the red button in Room #88, near the entry.
     95    The Hexagonal Crank, used on that plate on the left-hand side of the
           tunnel, turns the wall so you can pass forward to the door.
    101    Walk up to the boulder, then run away, ducking into the recess.  This 
           will reveal the way on, when the boulder crashes through the fake wall.
    105    This door is locked for Chris.  Run back to Room #101 and grab the
           flamethrower.  Run back to the door and remount the flamethrower.
    106    Same as 101, only use the hexagonal Crank first on the plate in the left-
           hand wall.  It opens another place to duck into, and it's necessary.
    107    To get the book from its secret recess, you need to keep a weight on the
           button in the floor.  Press the button in the wall, and notice where the
           wall moves out.  Now shove the statue up to the shifting wall, and press
           the button (once to move the wall out, then once again to retract it).  
           With the statue moved thus, it is easy to shove it onto the button in the
    111    This door is opened by the computer in Room #116 (see below).
    113    You require three pass codes to enter through to Room #126.  Each 
           requires an MO Disk - from Rooms #43, #106, and #110.  Hope you were 
           thorough.  The disks are used in Rooms #114, #120 (the way in is from 
           Room #119; see below), and #124, to gain the pass codes.
    114    This room is opened by the computer in Room #116 (see below).
    115    Move the cabinet to reveal a special switch.  Turn off the main light and
           look at those symbols on the wall again.  They're letters!  Careful 
           deliberation reveals the code word, but this is a cheat section...so the
           answer is 'mole'.
    116    The Login for the computer is 'John'; the Password is 'Ada'.  To unlock
           the electronically locked areas, you need to input a second password.  
           The answer is in Room #115 (see above).
    117    You say the Elevator won't work?  Oh dear.  Turn the power on at #122, 
           and connect the power circuit in #125, first.  Now try again!
           The door that leads into the series of hallways marked as Room #117 is
           locked by the Lab Key up in Room #111.
    119    To use the ladder to get into the vent, cover the vents in the floor with
           the crates first.  After the floor vents are covered, you can slide that
           ladder over the button in the floor, and no nasty poison will come out.
           This takes you into Room #120.  (Ahhh.........)
    This FAQ, quite frankly, was created originally because I'm interested in making 
    FAQ's for future games.  I've learned a lot in devising an 'FAQ style'.  (For 
    example, the odd spacing - I realized some people may wish to print this FAQ, so 
    I set the FAQ to read easily, if printed.  Little details can mean a lot!)  My 
    good friend Chris Routheaux owns the Sega Saturn; he turned me on to this game.  
    It's a good run, overall; every game has its little undesirable quirks, so the 
    few comments you might find peppered throughout the FAQ are mostly frustration.  
    Since I've developed a reputation among my friends as a "game wrecker", a game 
    that can frustrate me is a good game, as far as I'm concerned.
    Anyone who wishes to borrow this FAQ may do so - just please keep the credits 
    intact.  If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, please feel free to 
    contact me via the email address on the first page of the FAQ.  I'm always 
    looking for feedback regarding my writing, whatever the format (especially as I 
    have finished writing a book recently, and continue to write poetry, RPG stories, 
    short stories, etcetera).  It would also be nice to hear from anyone who has 
    consulted my FAQ; if it helps you, then great!  The whole purpose of this FAQ, 
    ultimately, is to help other players of the game.
    Resident Evil was a fun game to play.  I hope it gives you the same pleasure!
    - Todd Wilsher

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