Character DesignShin Yamanouchi
Character Graphics & MoviesKeisuke Futami
Character Graphics & MoviesP.E. Jareth Hein
Character Graphics & MoviesShigeki Kimurua
Character Graphics & MoviesMeiko Koguchi
Character Graphics & MoviesJunko Nakamura
Character Graphics & MoviesKaru Shimada
Character Graphics & MoviesToshiaki Tanaka
Game DesignShuji Shimizu
Game DesignAyumu Shindo
Game DesignYusuke Sugimoto
Game DesignDaisue Takagi
Game DesignHiroyuki Takahashi
Map & Effect GraphicsFumihide Aoki
Map & Effect GraphicsMitsuru Fukumoto
Map & Effect GraphicsMasayuki Hashimoto
Map & Effect GraphicsShigeki Kimura
Map & Effect GraphicsMitsumasa Muraishi
Map & Effect GraphicsHiroto Nakashima
Map & Effect GraphicsJunichi Ochiai
Map & Effect GraphicsAyumu Shindo
MusicMotoi Sakuraba
Music GuestTakeo Shimoda
ProgrammersP.E. Jareth Hein
ProgrammersKaruki Kodera
ProgrammersYasuhiro Matsumoto
ProgrammersTakeshi Nohara
ProgrammersKenji Numaya
ProgrammersAkiko Sato
ProgrammersKaoru Shimada
ProgrammersYasuhiro Taguchi
ProgrammersYutaka Yamanoto
Sound EffectsSatoshi Murata


Data and credits for this game contributed by Skye7707, steamliner88, chrono trigger fan, Cosmic!, odino, Mookiethebold, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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