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    Boss FAQ by DaNuguy

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 10/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             ____ ____               ____
       =    /    /   / /\      /  / /     =
    = =    /__  /   / /  \    /  / /       = =
    = =      / /   / /    \  /  / /        = =
       = ___/ /___/ /      \/  / /____    =
             3333333333  DDDD
             33333333333 DDDDDD
                  333333 DD  DDD     |\   |      /\    ---- -----
                   33333 DD   DDD    | \  |     /  \   |      |
                  333333 DD    DDD   |  \ |    /    \  |      |
             33333333333 DD     DDD  |  / |    |    |  |      |
             33333333333 DD     DDD  | /  |    |    |  |---   |
                  333333 DD     DD   | \  |    |----|     |   |
                   33333 DD    DD    |  \ |    |    |     |   |
                  333333 DD   DD     |  / |    |    |     |   |
             33333333333 DDDDDD      | /  |    |    |     |   |
             3333333333  DDDD        |/   ----         ----
                                    Boss FAQ!
    (So the ASCII art can't hold a freaking lump of candle wax to Dark Phenomenom's.
    Gimme a break, dis my first time, yo.)
                         -----===== Menu du jour =====-----
    (1)..........Introductorial section.
                    1.1 Versions, list of updates.
                    1.2 Me, my current situation.
                    1.3 Why did I write this? I mean, specifically.
                    1.4 About the guide.
    (2)..........In which we kick-a ass.
                    2.1 How's this work?
                    2.2 The actual boss guides.
                      2.2.1 Green Grove
                      2.2.2 Rusty Ruin
                      2.2.3 Spring Stadium
                      2.2.4 Diamond Dust
                      2.2.5 Volcano Valley
                      2.2.6 Gene Gadget
                      2.2.7 Panic Puppet
                      2.2.8 The Final Fight
    (3)..........Ce n'est qu'un au revoir!
                    3.1 Final word and thanks.
                    3.2 Contact info.
                    3.3 **COPYRIGHT INFO, LEGAL ISSUES.**
                    3.4 Others, and final final word.
                               Let's begin, shall we..
                ==(1) INTRODUCTORIAL SECTION! or, duction of intro.==
    <1.1 Versions, list of updates.>
      Current version: 1.0.1
      1.0 (12/29/2002):  -Wrote all o' this.
                         -Discovered that all zones have letter pairs for initials.
                         -Dude... trippy....
      1.0.1 (10/23/2003): -Corrected the damn shameful typo "drop my a line".
                          -Added a statement about one of the Final Weapon's
                           attack patterns.
                          -Made it "spiked shoulders", that's more accurate.
                          -Apologized to CJayC for such a minor (but most probably
                           last required) update.
                          -Apologized to readers for some of the humour in this
                           text, which I today deem somewhat dubious. You know
                           what they say: You always feel smarter than yesterday,
                           and are always dumber than tomorrow.
    <1.2 Me, my current situation.>
      Ah, Christmas has passed, now I gotta get to work on the "writing a book"
      project I chose to do as a last-year-of-high-school creation. Yeah. But see,
      I'm a naughty, naughty boy.. and I somehow keep getting sidetracked in
      whatever I do. Sometimes I start looking for music on WinMX, sometimes I
      read random stuff I find in the house and on the Internet, other times I'll
      just start staring at my hands in 20-minute stretches interspersed with
      2-minute breaks in which I drool in strategic spots on the floor. And of
      course, there's the ever-welcome parental intrusions. Those always succeed in
      taking my mind off work for a while.
      Anyway, yeah, I always get distracted and start on something else whenever
      I'm planning to do something important.
      However, this time, I've really outdone myself. I've decided to write a FAQ
      (my first one, by the way) and call it "practice for the writing project".
      Hypocritical, aren't I? (And modest, too.)
    <1.3 Why did I write this? I mean, specifically.>
      Well, Sonic 3D Blast wasn't the most incredible, mind-blowingly beautiful,
      spectacular, tight-controlled, sweet-musicked, healthily challenging game
      I'd ever played back in the Sega Saturn days, but I never discarded it from
      my memory for some reason. Perhaps I just love all Sonic games.
      More recently, I got Sonic Mega Collection for Christmas, and eventually
      decided to play Sonic 3D Blast, just cause, you know, I felt like taking a
      stroll down memory lane. To my surprise, I 0wnz0r3d like all hell at it.
      "Whoa, thought I. It does seem like I 0wnz0r4t3d that game. I have a feeling
      I should do something now. Hm, what could it be?"
      Overlooking the 100-page project I had yet to begin, I decided, in my
      infinite goodness, that I should write a boss FAQ for S3DB and share my
      0wnz0r4g3 with gamers around the world. Plus, I was bored.
      So basically, I'm writing for this game 'cause it just came out again
      (in Sonic Mega Collection) and people might need help with it. Plus, I was
      REALLY bored.
    <1.4 About the guide.>
      -As you've seen already, it's pretty text-heavy. i liek too ritel olz.
      -I assume, writing this, that you already know how to play the f00gin' game.
      -In the event that you do not know how to play the f00gin' game, read the
       f00gin' manual (RTFM)...
      -...or refer to Dark Phenomenom's great, big-ass FAQ.
      -Although I may be assuming you know how to play, sometimes the descriptions
      will get so in-depth that you might think I take you for a retard. This...
      isn't the case, for most of you. I only go to those depths 'cause I'm having
      fun writing this, and it might interest some people.
                              "Overture, curtain, lights,
                           This is it, we'll hit the heights,
                            And oh, what heights we'll hit!
                             On with the show, this is it!"
                                               -Looney Tunes
                 ==(2) IN WHICH WE KICK-A ASS! or, ment of develop.==
    <2.1 How's this work?>
      Under each zone name, there's going to be an in-depth text describing the
      boss and how to beat it. It'll look a little like this.
      <BOSS' MADE-UP NAME> <Number of hits it can take>
      <Difficulty out of 10, in "if you follow my guide" numbers>
      <Visual scan report (what's it look like)>
      <Shape of the battlefield>
      <Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield>
      <Boss' attacks>
      <Ways to beat it (as many as 3 ways: Easy, Normal, 3v1l l33t)>
      <Additional notes>
      Note on Easy and 3v1l l33t: Those 2 sections may not always be very
      elaborate. It's not always easy, making those bosses easier or harder!
      Also note that although 3v1l l33t is usually harder to perform, it often
      makes the battle much easier on top of stylish. So.. the easy sections are
      mostly empty...
      Eh.. let's go.
    <2.2 The actual boss guides>
      <2.2.1 Green Grove>
        Difficulty: 1
        Visual scan report: It's the eggmobile. With a spiked ball on the bottom.
        Shape of the battlefield: Diamond-shaped place, medium size ('bout 2
        screens long, 2 screens wide, I'd say). The ground is uneven: little peaks,
        plateaus and valleys are all over. Nothing dramatically sloped though, and
        you can still run around without too much trouble. Ya can't miss the rings.
        Check in the 4 directions.
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -When you jump from a slope, you don't go as high, but you move much faster
        horizontally. This is both good and bad: bad because if you're not careful,
        it can make you unable to dodge the boss' attacks properly (by tossing you
        into it instead of over it) and GOOD because that extra speed means
        extra style, which you'll need if you're gonna do this the 3v1l l33t way.
        Boss' attacks:
        -His one true attack is dropping his big ball near or on you. The ball will
        bounce a couple of times, always in your direction. Then it'll stop.
        -His "kinda-sorta" attack is lowering himself on top of the ball to grab it
        again. If you're standing right next to the ball, he WILL hurt you.
        And I'll laugh. Cause you knew that was coming.
        Ways to beat it.
        -Easy way: Well, this one's a bit too easy to have an easy way. Skip.
        -Normal way: Get out from under the eggmobile's shadow when the fight
        begins. Good. Now go grab a ring or two and start running around, always
        keeping the eggmobile or its shadow in a corner of your screen. Eventually
        it'll stop and drop the ball. The ball will follow you. Keep running around
        and make sure you always see the ball. When you see it stop, stand half a
        screen away from it. When Robotnik comes and lowers himself on top of the
        ball, whack him in the windshield. With proper timing and advantageous
        terrain, you could get two or three hits in, but that's better left to
        the 3v1l l33t gamers. Oh, one last thing: be careful if you're gonna try
        to jump while on sloped terrain. It can propel you into what you were
        trying to avoid or hit and you'll be the one taking damage then.
        -3v1l l33t way: Pretty much the same as normal, except that for added
        coolness, stay close to the ball as it follows you and make every dodge
        a close one. You can use the horizontal-speed boost bestowed by sloped
        terrain to move a bit faster around the ball, which is sure to make anyone
        who's watching you play go "oooh" or "aaah", or even "your mom is hot".
        Additional notes:
        -The ball doesn't seem to be affected by the terrain, by which I mean it
        can bounce as many times uphill as downhill.
        -Update: after a bit more research, I have determined that the height loss
        on your jumps from jumping off sloped terrain is far from being as dramatic
        as I thought it was. But the small speed boost does exist. Take that into
      <2.2.2 Rusty Ruin>
        Difficulty: 2
        Visual scan report: In a burst of inspiration, Robotnik went and embedded
        his eggmobile in the helm of a big armor statue made of a material that
        seems to be.. stone. The statue is, for whatever reason, equipped with a
        ball gun in the center of its base, and has two elongated tiger paws
        connected to the main body by long arms. Two of Sonic could stand on the
        Shape of the battlefield: Diamond-shaped, small. When you stand in the
        center of the battlefield, you can see it all. The terrain is flat.
        The rings are on the side opposite of the boss.
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        BEWARE THE ARMS. They're only dangerous because you never suspect them
        until it's too late...
        Boss' attacks:
        -His first attack consists of bringing one of his paws down fast, then,
        usually, bring down the other right after. Then the paws stay on the ground
        for a few seconds before going back up. This attack usually only hits you
        if you're wandering under the paws on ... purr-paws (sorry).
        -His second and last attack is shooting balls from the gun at the base of
        the statue. He shoots in a fan-shape, either from left to right or from
        right to left. He usually shoots when one or both paws are on the ground.
        The balls he shoots don't bounce.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: Again, I don't have a super-special trick that makes it easier.
        And again, you wouldn't exactly need it.
        -Normal: When the battle starts, walk away a bit and grab a ring. Now stand
        near the right paw (the BOSS' right, not yours) and watch it carefully so
        it doesn't move to right above you, which should be easy considering all it
        does is move back and forth without ever moving sideways.
        Eventually it should pound the ground underneath (which is why I told you
        to make sure you weren't directly under it) and the gun will begin to shoot
        balls. Hop on the paw (CAREFUL not to slide off into the arm, because
        that'll hurt you) and wait till it goes back up. Use the extra height to
        jump and reach the eggmobile's windshield. When you fall back down, watch
        out for the paws and gun, and repeat till you win.
        -3v1l l33t: Again, same as normal, but when you're standing on the paw and
        about to attack, wait till the other paw slams down on the ground before
        attacking. That way, as soon as you land you can hop on it and there will
        be fewer breaks in the action, meaning added coolness. Ha. Alternatively,
        you could drop down every time and dodge whatever's coming at you (paws,
        balls) in a close, fast, skilled, frantic way, which is sure to
        impress the chicks too, eheh.
        Additional notes:
        -The paws don't always wait till you're under them to attack... blah
        -BEWARE THE ARMS! I wonder why I keep saying that, they're not even that
        dangerous.. eh well.
      <2.2.3 Spring Stadium>
        Difficulty: 4
        Visual scan report: The eggmobile is now equipped with its own tigerish
        paws, mounted on arguably freakishly disproportionate spiked shoulders.
        The paws are smaller than Sir Suck-a-lot's, but are spread almost
        (ALMOST, not really) as wide, thanks to the shoulders.
        Shape of the battlefield: Diamond-shaped for a change, there are spike
        holes on the edges and in the center. I consider this stage to be large.
        About two and a half screens length and width, and there are two levels of
        height. That's right: in the top corner, there's higher ground that can
        only be reached by a spring at the base of the cliff. On that higher ground
        you'll find nothing but spike holes and total refuge from Robotnik's
        attacks. The rings are on and to the left and right of the center on the
        lower level of the arena.
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -VERY IMPORTANT. The spikes don't activate if you spend less than a half
        second on them. Therefore, when treading spiky terrain, NEVER STOP JUMPING.
        Simple as that; the spikes will never activate if you don't stay on them
        long enough.
        Boss' attacks:
        -Simple enough. He lowers himself a bit (to "cockpit reachable with a jump"
        height) and starts pounding the ground with his right paw, his left paw,
        his right paw, his left paw, etc., while following you as well as he can.
        The more damaged he is, the faster he moves. This attack can't hit you if
        you're on the second level of the arena.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: This is long and tedious, but do it right and you can't get hit.
        When the battle begins, grab a few rings then go to to upper level,
        using one of the springs. Once you land up there, keep jumping so the
        spikes never activate, and stick close to the edge of the platform you're
        on. Stare at the bottom of the screen. If you see the eggmobile's
        windshield, jump at it. You'll hit and probably bounce back into some
        spikes, so keep jumping, go back to the springs, reach the upper level
        again, and repeat. Mind-numbing and slow, but as I said, do it right and
        you're invincible, though uncool. Why did you need an easy way anyway?
        -Normal: From the start, you'll need rings in this battle. Grab one. Then
        keep away from Robotnik and the spikes on the edges and in the center until
        the eggmobile starts flying lower and mutilating the poor ground. Jump at
        the windshield. Repeat from start. With every hit he goes faster though, so
        -3v1l l33t: Same as normal, except you gotta move all over the arena,
        including the spikes and upper level, jumping the whole time and never
        slowing down. When you visit the upper level, make sure you jump off it
        into the eggmobile's windshield. Much more stylish.
        Additional notes:
        -The shoulders can hurt you too... sometimes it can be risky to jump at the
        eggmobile from anywhere else than the front or back.
      <2.2.4 Diamond Dust>
        Difficulty: 3
        Visual scan report: The eggmobile, with 8 klaxon-shaped ice-blast blowers
        arranged in belt formation on its sides. The blowers spin.
        Shape of the battlefield: What do you think its shape is? Medium-small,
        approximately one and a half screen length and width. The ground is flat,
        and the rings are located in the upper, lower, left and right corners.
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -To escape being frozen, jump repeatedly.
        -When you're frozen, you slide well.
        -Being frozen, as such, doesn't hurt you.
        -Getting rammed while frozen, does hurt you.
        -Those damn snowmen explode when you walk next to them, after a certain
        amount of time, or if you spin-dash into them. The latter case does not
        hurt you or throw chunks of snowman around.
        Boss' attacks:
        -Lowering himself to attackable height and moving towards you, ice-blasting
        all around, with the firm intention of freezing you and ramming into you
        right after.
        -Dropping a snowman that will detonate after a few seconds or if you walk
        right by it. He drops one after every hit you deal to him, and if he ever
        lowers himself and you don't hit him for a while and he goes back up, he'll
        drop two.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: Come on now.
        -Normal: Always have at least one ring, duh. When the battle starts, move
        away from the shadow, duh the second. Keep away from him til he comes down,
        and then take a running jump at his cockpit. You should hit, get bounced
        back safely away from the ice-blowers, he'll lose an ice-blower, and he'll
        drop a kamikaze snowman after going back up to his "untouchable haven".
        Keep away from it. It'll disappear eventually. Just concentrate on keeping
        away from Robotnik until he can be attacked, then jumping way over the
        ice-blowers to attack him.
        -3v1l l33t: Eh, same thing except that whenever he drops a snowman, brush
        against it or roll into it to destroy it faster. Oh, and run around a lot,
        never stopping.
        Additional notes:
        -Ice cream good!!
      <2.2.5 Volcano Valley>
        Difficulty: 6
        Visual scan report: The eggmobile's landed in a big thingamajig in the
        middle of the arena.. well, whatever it is, it has 4 pipes branching out
        from it in the 4 diagonal directions and it shoots fire from the center and
        from holes in the pipes.
        Shape of the battlefield: This one's a bit different. Sure, it's
        diamond-shaped too, but there the similarities to other arenas end.
        In the center, you'll find a big contraption with the eggmobile sitting on
        top. Spreading out from the center, 4 pipes that go up-left, up-right,
        down-left, and down-right. In the upper, lower, left, and right corners,
        there are little chunks of land. Between the chunks of land (meaning on
        either side of each pipe) there's lava. You can easily jump from one chunk
        of land to the other, with a running jump. The pipes spout fire straight
        up about halfway between the center of the arena and the outer edge of each
        pipe. I think I'll draw you a picture.
                                                        S = Your starting point
                                          .             EGG = Eggmobile
                                         / \            X = Lava
                                       /  O  \          F = Fire-spewing cracks
                                     /  O   O  \        # = Areas you can't step
                                   /             \          on or jump over
                                 /       /#\       \        (invisible wall)
                               /X\     /#####\     /X\  O = Ring
                             /XXXXX\ /#########\ /XXXXX\
                         / \XXXXXXXXX###########XXXXXXXXX/ \
                       /\    \XXXXXXX###########XXXXXXX/    /\
                     /XXXX\    \XXXXX###########XXXXX/    /XXXX\
                   /XXXXXXXX\    \XXX###########XXX/    /XXXXXXXX\
                 / \XXXXXXXXXX\    \X###########X/    /XXXXXXXXXX/ \
               /     \XXXXXXXXXX\   F\#########/F   /XXXXXXXXXX/     \
             /       /############\F  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  F/############\       \
           / O     /################\/         \/################\     O \
         / O     /##################|    EGG    |##################\     O \
         \   O   \##################|           |##################/   O   /
           \       \################/\         /\################/       /
             \       \############/F  \_______/  F\############/       /
               \     /XXXXXXXXXX/   F/#########\F   \XXXXXXXXXX\     /
                 \ /XXXXXXXXXX/    /X###########X\    \XXXXXXXXXX\ /
                   \XXXXXXXX/    /XXX###########XXX\    \XXXXXXXX/
                     \XXXX/    /XXXXX###########XXXXX\    \XXXX/
                       \/    /XXXXXXX###########XXXXXXX\    \/
                         \ /XXXXXXXXX###########XXXXXXXXX\ /
                             \XXXXX/ \#########/ \XXXXX/
                               \X/     \#####/     \X/
                                 \       \#/       /
                                   \             /
                                     \         /
                                       \  S  /
                                         \ /
                    Cool, that pretty much sums up the whole paragraph..
            (Note: this picture uses the upperscore ( ¯ ) character... sorry,
                     I couldn't have made it any other way... -_-)
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -Lava bad!
        -If you hurt the boss after jumping at it without much momentum, you'll
        bounce right into the fire-spewing cracks.
        -You can't jump over the fire shot by the cracks. You have to time your
        Boss' attacks:
        -This one's fun! He shoots a little snake of fire at you, and it follows
        your every move, even your jumps (meaning you can't jump over it) for
        about 4 seconds before dissolving. Then he waits a while. And makes another
        one. After which he waits a while before making another one. That's all
        he does for the whole battle. Whee.
        -The four fire-spewing cracks take turns spewing fire. You can't jump over
        the fire, even though it looks like you should be able to.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: I think there was only one boss for whom I had a really easy way..
        This section is pretty much useless now, so I'll use it to convey secret
        messages to you! The first one: Ziggy's swiss cheese is the best!
        -Normal: At the start of the fight, you have a few seconds. Get a ring.
        When the eggmobile touches down in the center, start running around (oh,
        and try not to take all the rings yet). There's gonna be a snakey fireblast
        after you before long. Keep it in your field of vision (shouldn't be too
        hard, it's not exactly slow). Once you see it disappear, hop on the closest
        pipe, check to see if it's blowing flame, and if it isn't, attack the
        windshield. Then run around again to avoid the next fireblast. Repeat.
        -3v1l l33t: This is more complicated. Sure, the battle starts the same way;
        grab a ring, and avoid the firesnake. But then it gets different. Better,
        if you will. To attack, instead of hopping on the pipe then attacking,
        which makes you vulnerable to falling in the lava due to bad controls,
        here's what you do. Follow me on this one. Stand on the outer edge of one
        of the corner platforms, take a running start, jump towards a pipe, and
        once you're over it, make a mid-air turn towards the center and fly to it.
        You should hit it with so much momentum that you'll bounce back all the way
        to the edge of the level, ONTO THE PIPE, EVERY TIME, provided the freaking
        pipes didn't blow fire while you were headed for the cockpit at full speed.
        So basically: take a running jump over a pipe, and when you're over it and
        still high in the air, move towards the center. You'll hit the weak spot
        and bounce back far away, safe and ready to dodge the next fire snake.
        If you do this right, you're practically invincible here. And if you take
        that as being true, which I'm assuming you do because you haven't had time
        to think about it, that makes you the coolest person to have ever fought
        that boss, apart from me of course, haww.. *giggle giggle* .. I lack sleep.
        Additional notes:
        -While taking the running jump described in the 3v1l l33t way, careful not
        to take too many rings. Just in case. You might need them later.
      <2.2.6 Gene Gadget>
        Difficulty: 3
        Visual scan report: The eggmobile has a "twin-missile" launcher on it's
        bottom, and you're on a treadmill that keeps pushing you into the spikes
        situated down-left, and there's a big machine behind the eggmobile
        (situated at the upper-right) that periodically spits out spikes.
        Shape of the battlefield: A rectangle-shaped treadmill carpet. To the lower
        left are the rings, and further down left are the spikes. To the up-right
        of you, the eggmobile is floating, high enough that you can't hit it.
        Behind it there's a machine mouth that will sometimes release spikes on the
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -If there's something to the up-right of you, don't try to jump over it.
        You won't go far enough because of the treadmill.
        Boss' attacks:
        -At first the eggmobile is high up, swinging left and right with pendulum-
        like regularity. Little spiked boxes will roll out of the machine behind
        it. Don't try to jump over the spikes. Dodge around them, without jumping.
        -Eventually it comes lower, still swinging left to right, and shoots
        missiles straight ahead. Nothing dangerous. And it's your time to attack.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: Secret message #2: I am the Eggman, I've got a master, master plan!
        -Normal: While the treadmill isn't moving, go down-left and get a ring.
        Come back up-right and start running slowly when the treadmill begins
        moving. When spikes start coming your way, walk between them slowly and
        carefully, but don't take too much time or the spikes down-left will get
        you. About 5 seconds after you see the first spikes, the eggmobile will
        come down. Run to its left or right (depending on which side it's on) and
        attack the cockpit from the side, ensuring that you reach it. It'll go back
        up. Repeat.
        3v1l l33t: Instead of walking carefully around the spikes, run, run all the
        way! Run the whole time!
        Additional notes:
        -Of course, don't be in front of the eggmobile when it comes down.
        It does shoot missiles, you know.
      <2.2.7 Panic Puppet>
        Difficulty: 4
        Visual scan report: 3 forms, each form has two arms whose shoulderlights
        you gotta bust with 4 hits each. Whenever you beat a form's arms, a
        trapdoor will open to the lower subchamber where you'll fight the next
        form. The arms are, in order of appearance: Spiked mace arms, Flamethrower
        arms, and Bouncy-ball-shooting arms.
        Shape of the battlefield: All 3 subchambers are U-shaped, and in the center
        of the U is the tube and its arms. The rings are on the sides.
        Things you need to know in this battle/battlefield:
        -When one out of two arms is destroyed in any form, it can still hurt you.
        Don't step on it, genius.
        Boss' attacks:
          --First form--
            -Stand under or near one of the hammer arms and it'll move over your
            head, make a revving-up noise (that's your cue to move away fast) and
            smash down. It'll stay down for a while and the shoulder light will
            flash. Attack it.
            -If you stand JUST out of the range of the arms (and I mean JUST out of
            the area where it would detect you and move over you), the shoulder
            guns will start shooting balls that will always miss unless you run
            right into them. Not exactly life-threatening.
          --Second form--
            -First, the right arm (ITS right, not YOUR right) will stop moving in
            circles, its shoulder will flash (HIT IT!) and it'll shoot one of those
            annoying homing fireblasts. Then when the fireblast dissolves, the left
            arm will do the exact same thing. Etc.
          --Third form--
            -The right arm (ITS right again) will start shooting blue balls that
            bounce around A LOT. While it's shooting, its shoulder is flashing.
            If you hit it at the very beginning of the attack, it won't shoot
            anything. Then the left arm will do the same thing. And they'll repeat.
        Ways to beat him:
        -Easy: Secret message #3: If-it-won't-stop, there will be no future for us,
        its-heart-is tied down by, all the hate, gotta set 'im free!
        -Normal: Gawrsh, Mickey, I don't know. This time you're gonna have to do it
        MY way...
        -3v1l l33t: Take a ring. Wait for Robotnik to come settle down in the
        center. Stand near the right hammer arm. It'll move over your head and make
        a revving-up noise. MOVE. TOWARDS ITS SHOULDER. When it pounds the ground,
        its shoulder will flash. Hit it. Go near the left hammer arm. Do the same
        thing to it. Then go to the right one. Then the left one. Then the right
        one. Then the left one. Then the right one. (It dies.) Then the left one.
        (It dies too.) Congratulations! You've beaten the first form! Grab any
        rings left behind and hop in the trapdoor. IMMEDIATELY go stand under the
        right arm's shoulder (THE MACHINE'S right, not YOUR right, as always) and
        jump continuously until the arm flashes, meaning you hit it. Be careful
        though, it shot a homing fireblast. Dodging the homing fireblast, make your
        way QUICKLY to the other shoulder, stand under it and jump repeatedly again
        till it gets hurt. Run to the other shoulder, avoiding the blast, ETC.
        Eventually you'll have beaten that form too. Grab any extra rings and drop
        down to the last form. RIGHT AWAY, NO TIME TO LOSE, run under its right
        shoulder and jump repeatedly, exactly like in the previous form. Except
        that this time, it's way more important that you hit it. Because if you hit
        it before it starts shooting balls, it won't shoot AT ALL and you'll never
        have a chance of getting hurt. Once you hurt the right arm, run to the left
        one even faster than in the previous form since you have less time before
        it fires. Bash it, you should know how. Then move quickly to the right
        shoulder, etc. Simple, really. You beat-a it.
        Additional notes:
        -I don't know why I used so many caps for such an easy boss. I just like
        adding emphasis to my words, I guess ^-^
        -Funny thing: If at any given moment you DON'T jump into a trapdoor when
        it's open, after 10 seconds Sonic will move to it and jump into it by
        -Remember that dead arms, if the other one is still alive, can hurt you.
      <2.2.8 The Final Fight>
        -THE FINAL WEAPON- 10 hits, 5 forms
        Difficulty: 4
        Visual scan report: Well, it has the color of an egg, it has a Robotnik-y
        face, it has the shape of an egg, and it has multiple arm/hand/weapon
        attachments that change in each part of the battle.
        Shape of the battlefield: A 6x6 arena at first, where rings are in the
        lower-right corner, and they're the only rings you'll get in the battle.
        Then an 8X8 arena, an 8X2, another 8X8, a U-shaped arena where the center
        of the U is pointed up-left, then it repeats from the start.
        Things you need to know about this battle/battlefield:
        -THIS IS IMPORTANT, I guess. Once you get a hit in, the Weapon will move
        to another part of the arena, and a sparkly orange bridge will appear
        somewhere on your platform. Once it appears, you have 10 seconds to cross
        it into the next part of the battle, after which you die. So, when a
        bridge appears, do hurry up in crossing it. Shouldn't be too much of a
        problem but still...
        -You don't get more rings. The 6 rings you see at the beginning are the
        only ones you'll get. Don't take them all the first time though, 'cause
        you'll visit this area one more time during the fight. The second time
        you visit, go ahead and take 'em all.
        -Don't jump towards the Weapon to attack before you're sure you'll hit it.
        Example: If you jump too early (before he moves into the battlefield),
        you will land in front of it, he'll move forward, you'll get hurt, and it
        won't get hurt. If you jump too late however, you won't hit it because
        it'll go back off the arena floor before you reach it and it will restart
        its attack sequence.
        Boss' attacks: One per form.
        -First: His hands will make beeping noises for 4 seconds, and they will
        always be moving to line up with you. After 4 seconds, they will shoot 3
        lasers each. Then they'll start beeping again, try (again) to line up with
        you, and fire again. Then the Weapon will move forward into the arena
        floor, which means you gotta hit it.
        -Second: The Weapon will appear in the up-left corner, shoot a homing
        firesnake, then he'll appear in the up-right corner, shoot another snake,
        then he'll appear in the up-left corner again, shoot another snake, and
        come forward. HIT IT.
        -Third: Two spiked hands will be above you. They'll beep and try to line up
        with you, then they'll make a revving-up noise for 2 seconds and pound
        where they think you are. (But you moved, right?) They'll do that again,
        and again, and the 4th time they will each land on the edge of one of the
        two 8-squares-long rows and they'll dash forward. Jump over that. The
        Weapon will then come in the arena for a short time, hit it.
        -Fourth: The Weapon will shoot about 5 radar-guided missiles straight up.
        You'll see shadows where the missiles will land, and they'll always try to
        land on the square you're on. While the last missile is landing, the
        Weapon will come into the field for a really short time. Attack.
        -Fifth: The Weapon will shoot lots of bouncy balls, three times, then come
        forward. Hit it, and its attack pattern (and the arenas you visit) will
        start over for one last cycle.
        How to beat him: I think I pretty much covered that in the "attacks"
        section. But I can give you the secret message, and tips for some forms.
        -Easy: Secret message #4: Don't let it hit you, move, don't let it hit you,
        move, move, don't let it hit you, move.
        -Normal: First form, I don't have a tip for it. Try to make it so the hands
        are both in the center. That way, you'll see 6 beams being shot all next to
        each other, and that looks funny. Second form, well, here's something to
        consider when dodging the snakes: they don't start homing in on you until
        they've crossed 3/4 of the arena. Before that, they go straight ahead.
        Third form, here's a kinda-useful tip. Stand in the center, and one hand
        should come over your head. Let's pretend, in this example, that it's the
        right hand. So, the right hand is over your head and you're in the center.
        When it starts making the revving-up noise, wait one second then run to the
        right (up-left) corner. The hand will pound the center, stupidly. Fourth
        form: Run around the outer edge of the arena, the missiles simply cannot
        hit you. The only tough thing here is hitting the Weapon in the very short
        time it comes forward. Fifth form, easy. Stand in one of the branches of
        the U, in the corner of the branch that is closest to the Weapon. When he
        shoots balls, every time he shoots, there should only be ONE BALL coming
        your way. Jump over it. Or if you're really deep in the corner, don't jump.
        It might not even hit you. Easy as hell. But remember to come back forward
        to hit the Weapon after it shoots thrice. Then the whole pattern starts
        over as you go back to the first arena.
        3v1l l33t: Don't get hit once. Or something.
        Additional notes:
        -That "Final Weapon" doesn't look quite big enough to take over the world..
        1.0.1 UPDATE!
        -About the bouncy-ball attack... remember what I said about standing in the
        corner, and maybe not having to jump over the incoming ball if you're deep
        in the corner? Simple geometry, common sense and sparsely profound research
        leads me (and should've led me in v.1.0) to tell you that it's not just the
        corner that provides sanctuary. Stick as close as you can to the inner edge
        of one of the branches of the U and you won't get hit, ever. Knowing this
        comes in handy if, say, you didn't have enough time to reach and attack the
        Weapon because you'd sat deep in the corner with your head between your
        knees for the whole duration of his attack, you pansy. Anyway.....
                           Apparently, you've beaten the game.
            ==(3) CE N'EST QU'UN AU REVOIR! or, this is just a goodbye.==
                          (you know, as in, just for now?)
                                      (as opposed to farewell forever?)
    <3.1 Final word and thanks.>
      Hope you enjoyed this. Blah blah, etcetera etcetera (of its correct spelling
      et caetera) and stuff. I had fun writing this too, I guess. My eyes hurt now.
      -I wish to thank Dark Phenomenom for inadvertently inspiring me to write my
      first FAQ. Maybe he'll read this and go "huh?" but that doesn't matter, heh.
      -I would also like to thank CJayC for hosting this,
      -I'd like to thank God because even though I fancy myself an atheist,
      everyone thanks God and it just seemed like the right thing to do,
      -I insist on thanking Seanbaby for being so bad-ass,
      and here is where the names of any useful contributors to my FAQ will go.
      In the event that anyone contributes usefully of course.
      Which is unlikely, since almost no one could ever have the patience to read
      this whole thing. Whatever.
    <3.2 Contact info>
      Why would you wanna contact me? Isn't this guide complete enough?
      I'll give you a fancy "Info square" about myself,just like
      Dark Phenomenom's, though. Should've put it at the beginning...
                                Written by DaNuGuy
      Guide Version       : 1.0.1
      Real Name           : Guillaume Desgagné   <--- d00d, accented e, careful
      Email               : ...
      Last updated        : October 23th, 2003
      Homeland            : New Brunswick, Canada
      Current Residence   : Quebec, Canada
      What? You still wanna contact me? Maybe my guide isn't complete enough for
      you? You want me to add to it? Dude... fine, if you really really want to
      drop me a line, you won't mind spending a while deciphering my phonetically-
      written e-mail adress:
      jee - vee - kay - I - en - dee - I - jee - oh - ess - tee - ay - dee - zee
                             hot[opposite of femail]
                                    dot  com
      There. Have fun.
      (Let's see... What did CJayC recommend..)
      This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
      private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
      publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
      web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
      violation of copyright.
      The only site currently allowed to display my guide (and the only one I think
      would be willing to display it) is www.gamefaqs.com . If you see it displayed
      on any other site, please! Tell me, and I'll, well, do something.
      For example, if I catch anyone making money offa this, I'll sue their ass so
      I worked a lot on this thing, I don't want people changing it or whatever.
      Oh, oh! and
               Sonic 3D Blast is a registered trademark of Sega Enterprises
              All other copyrights are properties of their respective owners
      Thanks, Dark!
    <3.4 Others, and final final word.>
      Well, I absolutely HAVE to get to work now.. wasted enough time... gotta
      work. Too bad we bought Timesplitters 2 yesterday.. I really wanna play...
      AGH! I'll play at night, when the computer is shut down and I have nothing
      else to do. For now, I GOTTA WORK!!! D00d..  this sucks...
                        Happy New Year, y'all.. nice meeting you ^^
    -------------------------------end of 1.0 file..-------------------------------
    Hey, there's an SSBM tourney in a few days, and in the stead of my skillful but
    predictable Marth, I'm planning to use a blue Kirby. I shit you not, kids.
    My Kirby-playing is so damn cheap I've been forbidden to use him (as well as
    Marth, Ganondorf and Jigglypuff) by my friends. It predictably revolves around
    one easily-guessable trick (the suck-n-drop) but includes surprisingly
    effective "normal" combat as well, lest opponents counter too easily.
    Hey, Quebec's top SSBM players aren't as sucky as I made the mistake of
    thinking last time. Pro is pro, no matter what region of the world you live in.
    They could definitely hold their own against elite Statesian players. And,
    in the case of the more travel-inclined pros, they HAVE. For example, the guy
    who won last year with Yoshi and this year's May with Jigglypuff?
    That wasn't because everyone else sucked.
    He was just fucking HARDCORE.
    You may wonder why I'm "secretly" putting this at the end of my FAQ.
    You may even ask the question aiming to satisfy your above-stated curiosity
    in a disrespectful manner, such as "Why the hell is that dumbass saying
    stupid, useless and uninteresting stuff like that at the end of a FAQ?"
    Well, you sir aren't, as per the level of culture indicated by your
    second reaction, the type of person I'd like to communicate with. In other
    words, I'm not talking to you, drop dead.
    No, but if you're the type to just idly wonder, and possibly ask such questions
    in even a slightly more polite manner, I'll answer with this: some people
    go out of their way to make Livejournals and Blogs, I have this.
    Pictures of my being to be thrown in the great emotional nothing of the
    Why do we write such stuff? Do we even care that no one cares?
    Do dedicated Livejournalists wonder whether anyone reads what they write?
    Why do we use message boards? Other people generally care as much about our
    opinion as we care about theirs, and with a little introspection, we often find
    that we do not, as a matter of fact, give any importance to them.
    Why do we go on?
    Well, in any event, if you give a shit about how the tournament went, my
    e-mail's up there.
    Hey, spot the irony.
    -------------------------------end of 1.0.1 file..-----------------------------

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