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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Jonx5

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    Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 17:38:01 -0500
    Sonic R strategy guide for Sega Saturn and PC
    BY: Jonx5 (Jonx_5@hotmail.com)
    Copyright 1999 Jonathan Brown. All rights reserved.
    Hello! Welcome to my Sonic R FAQ. It s my first, but I think it s pretty good. 
    Hope you like it! Check out my web page at, www.angelfire.com/ga/jonx5/ Thanks.
    Table of contents:
    2.Secret characters
    4.Charicter tricks & tips
    5.Walkthrough (Coins emeralds and all)
    7.time attack
    He s the main character of the game. He s fast and has an excellent jumping 
    ability. His turning is good for a fast racer. He is a good choose for an 
    intermediate or expert player. Try to use Knuckles or Tails if you re a 
    He s Sonic s sidekick. Pretty good though. In some ways he s better than sonic. 
    He can jump or fly and he s a fast accelerator. Good handling too. He s just not 
    as fast as Sonic though.
    He s the best of them all. He s got a pretty good speed, perfect handling, an 
    excellent special move and just rocks! He s a great choice for anyone, no matter 
    how good they are.
    She sucks! She s so slow that she barely even moves and the only thing the 
    special move does is make her move fast for a few seconds. You can t even steer 
    when you use the speed boost! Only good thing about her is that she handles 
    well. Oh yeah, let your little toddler sibling use her. She goes so slowly that 
    you have to steer right.
    2.Secret Characters
    Boss of: N/A
    Strength: Average
    How to get him: get 1rst place on radiant emerald 
    He s not all that great of a racer. He does have missiles and flies over water 
    but his speed s slow and he turns badly. Still pretty cool though. Use his robot 
    twin Egg Robo instead. 
    Mecha Sonic
    Boss of: Resort Island
    Strength: Hard
    How to get him: Get all coins on resort island and beat him
    The only good things about him are that he runs a little faster than Sonic and 
    jumps high. That s it though. No double jump or anything. He accelerates slowly 
    too. And he has bad handling. Use his good twin Sonic instead of him.
    Puppet Tails
    Boss of: Radical city
    Strength: Easy
    How to get him: Get all coins on Radical city and beat him
    He s not that good either. He runs and accelerates fast. And he can fly forever. 
    But he has horrible handling and can t move well. He doesn t fly high enough 
    either. Be his good twin Tails instead.
    Mecha Knuckles
    Boss of: Reactive Factory
    Strength: Very Hard
    How to get him: Get all coins on Reactive Factory and beat him
    He s Knuckles s evil twin. He s pretty good too. He can accelerate fast and run 
    fast too. He can glide just like Knuckles. He can t turn as well though. If you 
    can beat him in reactive factory then use him.
    Boss of: Regal Ruin
    Strength: easy
    How to get him: Get all coins on regal ruin and beat him
    He s a pretty good robot. He s Better than Robotnick. He has fast acceleration 
    and high top speed. He can shoot missiles just like Robotnick. He can t go on 
    water though. Use him instead of Robotnick.
    Super Sonic
    Boss of: N/A
    Strength: very hard
    He s the best racer of all! He takes the place of Sonic when you are him, but in 
    the races he and Sonic both play at the same time (CPU racers)
    He runs ten times faster than Sonic too. He is the best!
    Resort Island
    The golden rule of all Sonic games is that the first level must be a forest 
    beach place. That s what this level is. Explore it for secrets.
    Radical City
    A big city level that s got cool music and tons of secrets.
    Regal Ruin
    An ancient tomb that takes an expert to navigate it s mazes.
    Reactive Factory
    Huge factories from the future with oil in the water and machinery every where.
    Radiant Emerald
    The hidden course. It's like Rainbow rides from Mario Cart only better.
    4. Characters tips and ticks
    Against him:
    He s one of the best racers. Try to use as many short cuts as you can to pass 
    him. Or you could jump over him.
    As him:
    Try to turn early on sharp turns. Use short cuts to make sure you re really far 
    Against him:
    His flying and acceleration pose problems. Try to use short cuts.
    As him:
    Fly as much as possible to make short cuts over obstacles or water.
    Against him:
    He can be a problem. His turning and gliding abilities pose problems. He s 
    usually better than Sonic. Try to use short cuts to beat him.
    As him:
    He s the best racer to be. He accelerates slowly so when you start running he ll 
    be left behind. Glide across water or over their head to get back in the race. 
    Use short cuts to make up for his speed.
    Against her:
    She s so slow that she won t even get in your way.
    As her:
    Try to use short cuts as much as you can! Without them you have no hope.
    Against him:
    He s fat and slow. He won t be any trouble. But, watch out for his missiles.
    As him:
    Same as Amy but use your missiles when ever you have 10 rings. When an aimer 
    appears on another character, press the jump button to shoot.
    Mecha Sonic
    Against him:
    He s tough. He s faster than Sonic and knows SOME of the short cuts. Use the 
    ones he doesn t know to beat him.
    As him:
    Use his long jump to make short cuts over water or obstacles. He can t 
    accelerate fast so you ll need to use short cuts to catch up.
    Puppet Tails
    Against him:
    He s fast and has good acceleration, but he doesn t take the short cuts. Just 
    use them and you ll have no trouble.
    As him:
    Use his fast acceleration to get a head start. His bad control and freaky 
    movement will make him hard to use. Fly over the water to make your own short 
    Mecha Knuckles
    Against him:
    Wow! He s the hardest of all! When racing him one on one (Reactive Factory), 
    there will be a time in the track were you "Bounce" over a missing part of the 
    track. Instead of making it to the other side, land right in it. You ll hit the 
    water. Swim quickly to the back at your right, get out and hit the boost. After 
    the boost ends, turn to the right on the fork in the road. That s the short cut. 
    If you get lost, try to follow Mecha Knux. He knows all the short cuts.
    As him:
    He s a blast to be! His acceleration and speed will get you in 1rst fast and use 
    the short cuts to make sure you stay there. Glide over water to make your own 
    short cuts.
    Against him:
    He s pretty easy if you know the short cuts.
    As him:
    Use his 10 ring missiles to stop other racers. Try not to go on water, he can t 
    go over it like Robotnick can!
    5.Track hints Emeralds and coins
    Resort Island
    Get all the coins and finish in 1st -3rd. Then you have to challenge Mecha 
    How to get the coins:
    1.Run up the rocky Grey hill instead of under it at the beginning (This is a 
    shortcut). The coins on top of it.
    2.Fowlow the arrow to the left down the hill. Run under the waterfall. The coin 
    is down there.
    3. After passing under the waterfall go past the bridge. You should see a 20-
    ring door. If you have the rings, go into it and get the coin. If not, go 
    straight ahead and back to the main track (This is a shortcut).
    4.Go straight ahead to the main track. Cross a bridge. After it there s a sharp 
    turn with a power up and then another bridge. Jump off into the water. There 
    will be some little islands back there. On one of them there s a coin.
    5. Get back on the main track. After the speed boost, turn to the left at the 
    fork in the road. A coins on that path. Now go get in 1st place!
    For the emeralds (When you get all seven you can be Super Sonic!) You must get 
    them and get in 1st place! The trick is to get 50 coins on the 1st lap, get the 
    Emerald on the 2nd and win on the 3rd. If 2 Emeralds are on a level, get one per 
    1.right before the boost, there s a 50-ring door. Go into it and find the 
    Radical city:
    1.At the beginning of the level, there some water. Jump in and swim to the left. 
    You ll see a 20-ring door. Go into it. Come out the other side of it and get the 
    2.Take the short cut to the left next to the cliff. You will see an opening in 
    the wall with a barrier in front of it. Bust through it. You ll land on a road 
    with a ton of rings. The coin is right in the middle of them. This is a great 
    short cut.
    3.Instead of going through the barrier keep going down the short cut track. You 
    ll find a big mess of buildings with arrows pointing the right way out. The coin 
    is down there.
    4.Right before the 50-ring door there is a barrier at the right. Smash through 
    it and you ll fall down into a pinball machine. The coin is in the middle of it.
    5.At the end of the race, right before the speed boost, there is a 20 ring door. 
    Go into and there is a coin inside.
    1.At the 20 ring door in the water (Where you get the 1st coin) there is an 
    2.In a 50-ring door right after the pinball machine.
    Regal Ruin
    1.Go up the hill to the left. Right in front of a 50-ring door there is the 
    2.On a hill at the right on the main track there is a coin.
    3.To the left of the steep part of the track there are two boingers. Jump up on 
    the 2nd one to get the coin.
    4.Fowlow the main track. There is a part of it were it gets real high up. The 
    coin is there.
    5.At the beginning of the track to the right of the big steep part of the track 
    jump across the water and go into a passage. Run up it and when you come to a 
    fork in the road turn to the left. That s were the coin is. This is a huge short 
    1.Go up the steep part of the road. There is a 20-ring door there. The emeralds 
    in there.
    2.At the beginning of the race go up to the hill on the left. The 50-ring door 
    is up there. The emerald is inside it.
    Reactive Factory
    1.At the beginning of the race go straight through the cones. A submarine is in 
    the water. Jump on it to get the coin.
    2.At the beginning to the right there is a little room. A pool is in there. The 
    ring is behind the pool. After you get it run ahead to a little room with a 
    springy couch on it. Jump on the couch to get out.
    3.After the speed boost go straight ahead instead of to the right. Jump across 
    the water. When you come to the fork in the road go to the right. It will take 
    back to a short cut path (The one on the right after the speed boost). The coin 
    is there.
    4.Run around on the short cut path. At a sharp turn a coin is right there.
    5.Go the long path after the boost. You will see a 20-ring room. A coin is 
    1.Right after the loop there is a 50-ring room. Go into it and get the emerald 
    that pops out of a big chimney thing.
    2.Instaed of hitting the speed boost go a little to the left down another path. 
    There is another 50-ring door. Go in it and jump on the yeller submarine and an 
    emerald will come out of it.
    Radiant Emerald
    Short cuts
    The only ones are in the 50-ring doors. Try to use them both.
    On the main menu select multi player. This will let you play in two players. You 
    can t have other racers though.
    7.Time attack
    Select time attack on the main menu. You can play the game by your self-
    backward, frontward, play a balloon race, or even hide and seek tag.
    I hope you liked this FAQ. It s my 1st.
    This FAQ is copyright 1999 Jonathan Brown. All rights reserved.

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