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    FAQ/Walkthrough by hypertailz

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic Gems Collection 
    Sonic R FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Copyright Information-
    This FAQ is the sole property of its author (Christian Royer) and cannot 
    be copied by anyone without direct permission by the author.
    Copyright 2005
    (Search is your friend!)
    Table of Contents
    1A Controls
       1B Game Screen
       1C Game Modes
       1D Options
       1E Items
       1F Characters
    2A Finding the Sonic Tokens
    3A Finding the Emeralds
    4A Shortcuts/Fastway
    5A Glitches *COMING SOON*
    6A Credits and Thanks
       6B Contact info
    1A Controls
    1. UP or B/X Button.................Accelerate
    2. Left of Right....................Cornering
    3. L button.........................Sharp Turn Left
    4. R button.........................Sharp Turn Right
    5. L + R Button.....................Brake
    6. Y Button.........................Change Views
    7. Start/Pause Button...............Pause (who would of thought!)
    8. A button.........................Depends on character
    1B Game Screen
    O 126 (Number of rings)                     (Total Time) 00:30:90
                                                    (Lap Times) 00:00:00
    | Knuckles 1st |
    | Tails    2nd | (Current Ranking)
    | Sonic    3rd |
    | Eggman   4th |
    | Amy Rose 5th |
                                                          |              |
                                                          |              |
                                                          |      Map     |
                                                          |              |
                                                          |      ^_^     |
                                                          |              |
    O 1/5 (Number of Sonic Tokens)
    1C Game Modes
    Grand Prix-
    Enter the Grand Pix from the beginning screen it is the picture of the 
    flags. Then select a character and select a course to race in. This is 
    wear you unlock other characters
    Time Attack-
    Time Attack has for modes, Normal, Reverse, 5 Balloons, and Tag.
    Normal: Three laps of time trial, can be used to train courses.
    Reverse: Three laps of tune trial in reverse.
    5 Balloons: Hunt for five balloons scattered along the course
    Tag: Try and tag four other characters.
         |                     Ghost Characters                       |
         | Create a ghost of your first race in the Normal or Reverse |
         | Modes, and keep competing with your fastest ghost by       |
         | selecting Retry at the end of the race. Note that the Ghost|
         | setting in the Options must be turned on to run against    |
         | your ghost.(Ghost is deleted once you return to Main Screen|
    There are 2 multiplayer modes, Race and Get 5 Balloons, each playing must 
    hit the A button at the start of the multiplayer to join.
    1D Options
    Times: Check your records based on each character and course. Move the 
    Control Stick Left/Right to select a character, and Up/Down to select 
    Load/Save Data: Save your progress, load a previously saved data, or 
    create a new game data. Move the Control Stick Left/Right to select one of 
    the three options, and Up/Down to choose your data.
    Sound: Adjust various sounds settings or testplay the music or sound 
    effects. To test the sounds, select either SFX TEST or MUSIC TEST and 
    change the track number moving the Control Stick Left/Right then press A 
    button to play. (I suggest during the SFX down a couple notches if you use 
    Tails because his propeller noise might bug you)
    Game: Adjust game settings
    Difficulty...............Change the difficulty level of the game
    Ghost....................Allow ghost to appear in Time Attack
    Weather..................Change weather during races
    Catch Up.................Handicap option that lets stragglers go faster
    Guide....................Trail mark option of the main path
    Map......................Course map on or off
    2P Split.................Makes screen go Vertical or Horizontal in Multi
    Back.....................Return to options menu
    Exit Game: Go back to menu screen in Sonic Gems
    1E Items
    Rings: Used to open up doors, or on the Accelerator (up to 50 coins may be 
    used on the Accelerator)
    Item Panels: Touch the panel to gain rings or a power up...
    |Speed Boost: Shape of Sonic's Foot, makes you go fast            |
    |Lightning: Makes coins near you come to you                      |
    |Water: Lets you walk on water, disappears when you step off water|
    Sonic Tokens: Collect all five tokens and place in top three and you will 
    race against a secret character.
    Chaos Emeralds: Collect all 7 to unlock Super Sonic, you must place in 1st 
    if you want to keep the emerald.
    1F Characters
    He has the best Top Speed and Jump out of all the starting 
    characters, his turning and grip isn't as hot though
    o Double Jump
    Allows you to jump a second time in the air (A to jump)
    o Spin Attack                                 |Top Speed         A |
    Push the stick down while running             |Acceleration      C |
                                                  |Turns             C |
    o Spin Dash                                   |Grip              B |
    Push stick down while standing, then push B or|Jump              A |
    X to spin and release the Control Stick       ----------------------
    He has the best grip of the starting characters, even though he isn't as 
    fast as Sonic and Knuckles his flying ability can help with a lot of 
    o Flying
    Press A button to jump, then again while      ----------------------
    holding A. Use Control Stick to go in the     |Top Speed         C |
    direction you wish.                           |Acceleration      B |
                                                  |Turns             C |
    o Spin Attack                                 |Grip              A |
    See Sonic                                     |Jump              B |
    o Spin Dash
    See Sonic
    Knuckles is actually the all around character, and gliding can help with 
    some shortcuts.
    o Gliding
    Press the A button to jump, then again while  ----------------------
    holding it, move in the direction you want    |Top Speed         B |
    to glide.                                     |Acceleration      C |
                                                  |Turns             B |
    o Spin Attack                                 |Grip              B |
    See Sonic                                     |Jump              B |
    o Spin Dash
    See Sonic
    Amy (she can drive on water)
    The worst character in the game, her Turbo Boost doesn't help that much.
    o Turbo Boost
    Press the A button when the tire appears near the top portion of the 
    screen                                        ----------------------
                                                  |Top Speed         D |
                                                  |Acceleration      A |
                                                  |Turns             D |
                                                  |Grip              C |
                                                  |Jump              F |
    Hidden Characters
    Dr. Eggman (can drive on water)
    The 2nd worst character in the game, his little homing missile is also 
    o Homing Missile
    The target will appear on another character once you have collected more 
    than 10 rings, press the A button
                                                  |Top Speed          C |
                                                  |Acceleration       B |
                                                  |Turns              A |
                                                  |Grip               D |
                                                  |Jump               F |
    Metal Sonic (can drive on water for a limited time)
    On the near top tier of Sonic R, his turning and grip suck though. Plus he 
    doesn't have a double jump.
    o Jump                                            
    Press A to jump....yea                        -----------------------
                                                  |Top Speed          B |
                                                  |Acceleration       D |
                                                  |Turns              C |
                                                  |Grip               D |
                                                  |Jump               B |
    Evil Tails Doll or It (can hover over anything because never touches the 
    The 2nd worst of the hidden characters, its Top Speed is really really bad, 
    I couldn't beat Super Sonic on Hard with all the shortcuts!!!
    o Jump                                        -----------------------
    Press A to jump....                           |Top Speed          C |
                                                  |Acceleration       B |
                                                  |Turns              B |
                                                  |Grip               C |
                                                  |Jump               C |
    Metal Knuckles (can drive on water for a limited time)
    Same bracket as Metal Sonic, a pretty good character, glide can help with 
    some shortcuts.
    o Jump
    Press A to jump                               ------------------------
                                                  |Top Speed           B |    
    o Gliding                                     |Acceleration        B |
    See Knuckles                                  |Turns               B |
                                                  |Grip                B |
                                                  |Jump                B |
    Egg-Robo   (can drive on water for a limited time)
    The worst of the hidden characters, his little laser doesn't help. Plus he 
    can't jump!!
    o Laser Shot
    See Dr. Eggman                                ------------------------
                                                  |Top Speed           C |
                                                  |Acceleration        C |
                                                  |Turns               C |
                                                  |Grip                C |
                                                  |Jump                F |
    Super Sonic 
    (can drive on water for a limited time, unless you jump forward when you 
    about to fall)
    Wow the cheapest character in the game. No character even comes close to 
    how fast he is, I lapped "It" and Egg-Robo and almost Metal Sonic on Hard 
    o All his moves are same as sonic....         ------------------------
                                                  |Top Speed           A |
                                                  |Acceleration        A |
                                                  |Turns               A |
                                                  |Grip                A |
                                                  |Jump                A |
    2A Find the Sonic Tokens
    Resort Island
    To unlock Metal Sonic
      1. On the top of the rock in front of you
      2. Being the waterfall in front of the rock you are on top of.
      3. In the 20 Ring door near the ruins
      4. Right when the ruin and tunnel merge there will be islands in the 
    water, on top of one of the coins is the coin
      5. Once you go up the mountain and have 2 choices, take the longer way 
    (the left)
      How to do it with SxPxExExD ^_^
    (I will do this all the Speed ones with Super Sonic because...it will be a 
    lot easier, so get the Emeralds before you work on getting the other secret 
       You want to go on top of the rock, then go behind the waterfall. Keep 
    running towards the ruins and go to the island. Then take the long way and 
    get that coin. Now you have 4 out of 5. Go on the loop to get some coins 
    then run to the 20 coin door and get the token. Now instead of taking the 
    mountain path, go behind the trees, and do the race with the shortcuts. 
    Radical Highway
    To unlock "it" or Tails doll
      1. After the rock tunnel, drop to the very left.
      2. Crash through the construction stuff near the 2 way intersection into 
    the pinball land.
      3. Near the end of the race, go through the 20 coin door.
      4. Take the left path after the rock tunnel (not the one you fall) and keep 
    going straight all the way you can't miss it.
    5. Take the left path after the rock tunnel (not the one you fall) and look 
    to your left hand side till you see construction stuff go through it (with 
    speed) and you will land on this platform with coins and the token.
    How to do it with SxPxExExD ^_^
    First double jump at the top so you don't have to go down near the water, 
    then fall off after the rock tunnel. Get that one then keep going till you 
    see a wooden floorboard (its not passed the water) now run and jump straight 
    over the guardrail (nice glitch) now go in reverse and get the token over 
    there. Now go the correct way while paying attention to your ride hand side. 
    Once you see the construction stuff break through to pinball land and get 
    that token. Now keep going and go through the 20 coin door and get that token. 
    You have four out of the five. Now take the left path after the rock tunnel 
    (not the one you fall) and look for the construction stuff on the left hand 
    side, and break through (with speed) and get that token. Now beat the rest 
    with the shortcuts.
    Regal Ruin
    To unlock Egg-Robo
    1. Stay on the left side and get the token there.
      2. Get the one on top of the mountain.
      3. Get the one on top of the spring (first 3 are before you have to go up 
    that huge slope)
      4. Keep going down the twisty part and stay on the path, now go up the 
    steep and get that token.
    5. Go straight through the water into the tunnel, then go up the stairs to 
    get the coin on the left.
    How to do it with SxPxExExD ^_^
    First go on the left and get the coin up there, now go and get the one on the 
    mountain, then go to the spring and get the one there. You have 3 so far, 
    keep going on the path till you can go up and get the 4th one on the slope. 
    Now keep going till you comeback to the one you got on the mountain, go 
    through the water into that tunnel. (Super Sonic can walk on water forever by 
    jumping while pushing forward so don't worry about the water just don't stop 
    moving) Now go up the stairs and turn left and get the coin through there. 
    Now take short cuts the rest of the way.
    Reactive Factory
    To unlock Metal Knuckles
      1. Go to the submarine right in front of you
      2. In the kinda hidden area with the pool of water, its right in front of 
    it. (near start next to the arrow sign)
    3. Go on the left path up till you get to the 20 coin door and get the token 
    4. Go on the right path and get the coin there (3 and 4 paths are after the 
    Accelerator if you keep going straight and don't turn right)
    5. Near the end in the corner cant miss it if you stay on track.
    How to do it with SxPxExExD ^_^
    First go straight and get the one at the sub, now once you have to jump to 
    get to the loop, instead hold R and right on the control stick till you land. 
    Now don't go on the accelerator and keep going straight. Take the left path 
    and get the token in the room in there. Now a little past the finish line 
    there is a kinda secret room next to the arrow sign it has a pool of water 
    get the token in there. Now go in the room and spring back on course. Now use 
    the R+right trick again and go straight and take the right path this time. 
    After you get that token get the one near the corner, and finish the rest 
    with the shortcuts.
    3A Finding the Emeralds
    *Note* If you are a beginner I recommend you try to get 1 emerald at a time 
    in each level as opposed to both of them (excluding resort island)
    Resort Island
    Blue Emerald: Through the 50 coin door
    Radical City
    Green Emerald: At the very beginning of the level near the water on the left 
    hand side, there is a 20 coin door.
    Purple Emerald:  Near the right hand construction thing, if you don't fall 
    into the pinball land there is a 50 coin door, go through it.
    Regal Ruin
    Yellow Emerald: On the left hand side near the token keep following that path 
    and go through the door, the crystal will emerge out of the pyramid like 
    thing. 50 Coins
    Orange Emerald: At the top of the very first slope there is a door go through 
    it. 20 Coins
    Reactive Factory
    Red Emerald: After the look there is a 50 coin door go through it and the 
    emerald will pop out of the thing. 50 Coins.
    Gray Emerald: Before the Accelerator go on the left side (not on the course) 
    and go through the door, it will pop out of the submarine. 50 Coins.
    4A Shortcuts/Fastway (these are for Grand Prix, because some involve coins)
    Resort Island 
    My Fastest Lap 0:16:63
    My Fastest Time 0:50:93
         If you character can go on top of water it's faster, now go through the 
    water into the ruins, then turn as fast as you can so that you can go through 
    the trees, then instead of going through the loop, go on the right side. 
    Rinse and repeat. If you character cannot go through the water then go the 
    normal way but make sure you go through the ruins/forest.
    Radical Highway
    My Fastest Lap 0:25:16
    My Fastest Time 1:24:70
         First you want to double jump right when you get out of the tunnel, then 
    once you are in the rock tunnel take the one on your right side and keep 
    going till you are at the water, do go through the water yet go to the wooden 
    floor to hop over the railing, now look on the right hand side for the 
    construction stuff and break through to pinball land. Now keep going and go 
    through the 20 coin door, now instead of going through rock tunnel go through 
    the door, and go onto the wooden panel and repeat the above steps. During Lap 
    2 and 3 you may use the Accelerator if you have enough coins.
    Regal Ruins
    My Fastest Lap: 0:17:70
    My Fastest Time 1:00:56
       Go straight till you get to the top of the mountain, jump so that you land 
    on the land near the hidden tunnel or if you character can make it the hidden 
    tunnel. Now once you are in the hidden tunnel go up the stairs and take the 
    left. Rinse and repeat....it's really that easy.
    Reactive Factory
    My Fastest Lap 0:24:0
    My Fastest Time 1:14:80
       Keep going straight till you have a choice to take the left slope or right 
    slope, take the shorter right slope, then once you get to the jump hold the R 
    button and right on the control stick till you are safe to land (its such a 
    cool shortcut...computer Amy showed me) now if you have enough coins go 
    through the accelerator, but don't go straight go right instead. Hop over the 
    water and keep going straight and just jump over the obstacle instead of 
    turning left and going around it. Rinse and repeat.
    Radiant Emerald
    My Fastest Lap 0:35:40
    My Fastest Time 2:07:23
      "Go through the first lap getting as many rings as possible and take the 
    second door. Ideally, you should open the first door during the second lap 
    with 90+ rings so you can use the booster for its full 50. Repeat for lap 
    three." Suggested my Gamefaqs member Scizor CT
    5A Glitches *COMING SOON*
    Please e-mail me any glitches you encounter, read my Contact Info on how to 
    reach me
    6A Credits
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO you are now at the bottom of my FAQ, must have been 
    hard to read all that.
    First of I would like to thank CJAYC for making gamefaqs so that this FAQ my 
    be posted
    I would like to thank my loving mom, my sisters, and my grandma (I'm 
    surrounded by woman!!!)
    I would like to thank the creator of Sonic, for making my favorite game 
    franchise of all time (I like it even more that Harvest Moon!!)
    I would like to thank Tails for existing because you are the coolest video 
    game character ever!!!
    I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to this FAQ!
    If you would like to reach me about this FAQ, please put that in the subject 
    space....please. My e-mail is Hypertails@sbcglobal.net or you may reach me on 
    AIM with Hypertails. I would really appreciate it if you would also like to 
    tell me a faster time to beat a level, or some glitches! Thank you very much.

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