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    Gen by GLeong

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 04/17/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: markng@io.org (Mark Ng)
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2
    Subject: [SFA2] Gen FAQ v0.2
    Date: 17 Apr 1996 03:53:07 GMT
    Gen FAQ v0.2
    by Gene Leong (gene.leong@utoronto.ca)
    Gen is by far the wackiest character in SFA2. Having 2 styles only makes 
    him more confusing to play. This preliminary FAQ is written with the 
    intention of clearing up the confusion and hopefully encourage more 
    others to give him a try. Be prepared to spend quite a bit though, Gen 
    takes a while to get used to. This FAQ is by no means complete or 100% 
    accurate. If you find any inaccuracies or something new, I would really 
    appreciate it if you send me an e-mail.
    CRANE STYLE (All punches)
    -Juggling leg thrust-
    forward, down, down-forward, kick 
    Gen thrust upwards a kick. Your opponent will "float" briefly after 
    being hit, at this point tap kick for extra hits (6 hits max.). 
    -lightning punches-
    Tap punch repeated
    Like Chun's lightning kicks but with punches
    -Rushing Super Combo-
    QCF x 2, punch
    Gen rushes across the screen, distance of rush is determined by level of 
    super combo. I am unsure about it's invunerability though, I've been hit 
    out of it when I did it early and even when late (level 3) when going 
    under fireballs.
    -Finger of Doom Super Combo-
    QCB x 2 + punch
    Gen does a series of punches ending with a poke. Does a little damage and 
    a counter appears over opponent's head. Opponent will flash red and his 
    life meter will drain very slowly. When the counter reaches zero, the 
    opponent will dizzy. To stop the counter, the opponent has to hit Gen  
    with an attack, blocked attacks don't count.
    Regular moves:
    Crane style Gen has regular moves with excellent range, speed and 
    priority. Good for poking. Gen can also "chain combo" in this style 
    S.strong, S.fierce, S. roundhouse (in corner)
    S.strong, S.fierce
    S.fierce, S.roundhouse
    S.roundhouse, S.fierce
    C.jab, C fierce
    S.short, S.forward, S.roundhouse
    S.short, S. forward, S.roundhouse
    C.jab, C.short, C.forward, S. fierce
    MANTIS STYLE (all kicks)
    charge back, forward, punch
    Gen rolls and hits opponent many times. Goes under fireballs (even 
    Sagat's low fireball) during the roll but before or after so time this 
    -Wall Dive-
    charge down, up, kick
    Gen flies to the side of the screen an bounces off. You can contol his 
    flight with the joystick. You can bounce off the side without attacking, 
    fly to the other side of the screen and attack or come straight down on 
    -Air Throw Super Combo-
    QCF x 2, kick or QCF x 2, Jab
    Gen flies up and throws opponents down. It might be possible to use this 
    after a juggling leg thrust. Weird thing about this is that you can only 
    do it with jab but not with strong or fierces. The SC donw with jab 
    seems to have more range at level one than the one donw with kicks.
    -Maximum Spider Super Combo-
    QCB x 2, kick (in the air)
    Gen homes in on opponents and bounces off walls for more hits. You can 
    control Gen's bouncing with the joystick.
    Regular moves:
    Mantis style Gen has really strange and seemingly useless regular moves. 
    I will only mention the more unusual ones here.
    S. Strong    : This is an overhead move, hits twice but really slow. It's 
                   best used when there is some distance between you and the 
                   opponent since Gen will rush forward slightly. 
    S. Fierce    : This is a "below the belt" move. Gen swings his hand down 
                   while standing, and hits LOW. Another slow move.
    C. Fierce    : This is another very slow punch, does indecent damage.
    S. Short     : A quick kick, hits LOW, ala Morrigan of DS. Excellent for 
    C. Short     : A quick kick that launches opponent into the air. A setup 
                   for an air throw super combo or juggling leg thrust if 
                   you are fast.
    C. Forward   : Ducks under strong and fierce sonic booms. Excellent range 
                   and speed.
    J. Forward   : Weird looking kick but with excellent cross-up range. 
                   Best in the SF series.
    J. Roundhouse: Hits twice in the air if you tap it twice. Very useful, 
                   can kick early and still nail opponent for a combo 
                   because of the second hit.
    C. Roundhouse: Anti-air.
    Dan Wells(ladiflyer@aol.com),
    for his SFA2 faq
    Mark Ng(markng@io.org), 
    for use of his internet account and discussion of SFA2
    Kenneth Wu,
    for contribution to Gen's chains
    J Chensor(jchensor@ucla.edu),
    for contribution to Gen's chains
    for info about the C. forward. 
    Robert Beck(whitetrash@usa.pipeline.com),
    for Gen double kick in the air.

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