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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

    Version: Lara | Updated: 07/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ________           _
    |        |         | |                         FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
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    01) CONTROLS
    02) TACTICS
              I. Caves........................................................CVS1
             II. City of Vilcabamba...........................................CVB1
            III. Lost Valley..................................................LTV1
             IV. Tomb of Qualopec.............................................TQL1
              V. St. Francis' Folly...........................................SFF1
             VI. Colosseum....................................................CLS1
            VII. Palace Midas.................................................PLM1
           VIII. The Cistern..................................................CST1
             IX. Tomb of Tihocan..............................................TBT1
              X. City of Khamoon..............................................CTK1
             XI. Obelisk of Khamoon...........................................BLK1
            XII. Sanctuary of the Scion.......................................STS1
           XIII. Natla's Mines................................................NTM1
            XIV. Atlantis.....................................................ATL1
             XV. The Great Pyramid............................................TGP1
    04) FAQ
    05) THANKS
    06) UPDATES
    07) LEGALITY
    | 01) CONTROLS                                                          CNTRL |
    L2 BUTTON . . . . . . .Sidestep left
    R2 BUTTON . . . . . . .Sidestep right
    L1 BUTTON . . . . . . .Look around (move camera)
    R1 BUTTON . . . . . . .Walk (in conjunction with D-pad)
    Triangle  . . . . . . .Draw weapon / holster weapon
    Square    . . . . . . .Jump / Deselect (when in menu)
    Circle    . . . . . . .Roll
    X Button  . . . . . . ."Action Button" / Select
    You can change the configurations to one that suits you by going into the in-
    -game menu and selecting "Controls". 
    | 02) TACTICS                                                           TCTCS |
     Use the D-pad to make Lara run
     Sidestepping has many uses as you spelunk around the game. Use the D-Pad's L2
     and R2 buttons to take a step left or right, respectfully. 
     Rolling is essential for when you're fleeing and need to get some shots off at
     attackers chasing you. By pressing the O button, you can roll in place and 
     face the direction behind you; or, you can press O as a jump finishes to roll.
     Both will be immensely useful.
     What's a tomb raider without some ups? Jumping will be, no contest, the most
     important feat to get down. Use the Square button to jump straight up. Use the
     D-Pad in conjunction with the Square button to jump in certain 
     directions, and use the X button to grab ledges when jumping (if applicable).
     If you grab a ledge, you can press the L and R buttons on the D-pad to scoot
     one way or another.
     Learning how to do running jumps will also help you, and in fact, you cannot
     complete the game without learning how to vault long distances. Lara will take
     about one-and-a-half steps from the time you press the jump button (while you
     are sprinting), so try to get as close to the ledge as possible when you jump
     off it. 
     Lara will encounter deep water in her adventures. In deep water press the
     Square button to swim quickly, and use the D-pad to twist around and
     navigate Lara underwater.
     Press Triangle to draw your weapon and Lara will automatically aim at the
     enemy. Press L1 to switch between enemies.
     To climb walls, you can press Up + X to make her jump up and catch the ledge
     just out of reach. Hold down X to make her hold on; release to make her fall.
     You can sidle left and right with the D-pad while holding X down -- this is
     a key strategy to learn when the path is out of reach.
     *Press switch . . . . Use X button in front of switch
     *Push/pull object . . Press X button in front of object, use U/D on D-pad to
                           push or pull, respectively.
    | 03) WALKTHROUGH                                                       WLKTH |
    | I. CAVES                                                               CVS1 |
    As you start the game, Lara and her guide will be climbing a mountain in Peru.
    Croft scales a rock face to trigger a large stone door's opening, only to see
    her guide get mauled by wolves that emerge from it. She guns them down and 
    enters the cave, only to have it shut behind her...
    SECRETS: 3 of 3                        MAP OF CAVES
                                           | [4] _    |_
                                           | __ | |[5] _| <- SECRET #3
                                      _____||_//  |_  |
                                     |  [3] |_/   __| |
                                     |      |    |[6] |
                                     | _____| ___|_  _|
                                     ||_____ |[7]     |_
                                     | [2]  ||         _| <- EXIT
                                     |__  __||________|
                    SECRET #2 ---> _  __||__
                 __________   ____| || [1]  |
          [START]________  | |  ____||__  __|
                         | |_| |________||
                         |  _____________|
                         | |_
                         |___| <-SECRET #1
    Follow the wolf tracks in the snow and head past the dart trap before the 
    corner. When you come to the T-junction, Lara will look up at it so the player
    recognizes it. Head down to the dead end on the map and find a slanted rock
    you can pull up on. Get up, slide down, then jump out and catch the ledge of 
    the rock (hidden, ain't it?). Pull yourself up and get the SMALL MEDI PACK and
    congratulate yourself on getting the first of the game's secrets (SECRET #1).
    Go back to the junction and vault up, then head to the left. You can see there
    is a ledge there, but you can't jump to it and grab it, strangely. Press Up and
    X to jump up and grab the ledge, kill the bat, and collect SECRET #2, a SMALL
    MEDI PACK. Head down the long tunnel into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Drop down and head towards the grassy area to find another place you can drop
    down to. Head down the stairs to the tunnel and pull the switch by the door to
    open it.
    ROOM #2
    Kill the bats and climb up in the western edge (use compass to find out if you
    can't find it). Head into Room #3 through the rocky corridor.
    ROOM #3
    Use the walkway on the perimeter to gain access to the first bridge. Snipe any
    sleeping wolves and head around to the second bridge, then take the tunnel that
    leads to Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    This room contains a giant pit with a bear in it, and four stone pieces of what
    was probably once a bridge. Do a running jump and land on the side by the save
    crystal. You can snipe the bear when it appears, but that may take awhile. If
    you happen to fall down into the bear pit, there is a cavern with a pressure 
    pad that opens back up into the bottom of Room #3.
    Crystal-side is some stairs. To the left by the columns you can find a hidden
    SMALL MEDI PACK, which you should get first. Down the stairs is the way to...
    ROOM #5
    Two wolves will immediately attack you, so gun 'em down. Instead of going 
    down the stairs to the ground floor, continue to the two white columns and
    face the foliage on the wall. You can now see that it's a ledge hidden in the
    camouflage. Jump to it and find a LARGE MEDIPAK as your reward for finding 
    SECRET #3.
    Back in the main room, there are two large platforms and some rubble scattered
    around them. One of them has a lever that opens a timed door, which I figure is
    open for about 22 seconds. Jump from the lever platform to the lower one 'tween
    it and the door platform; then, jump and pull up into the timed door. Follow it
    to Room #6, which is past the dart trap.
    ROOM #6
    Once you're past the dart trap, enter the room and kill the wolf to the left.
    Walk over the cracked tiles to fall into the room below, which I'll call Room
    ROOM #7
    Fall down via the cracked rubble and head right, into the tunnel parallel with
    the long cavern you can see through the pillars. You'll come to a broken ledge
    where you'll have to jump across. Once on the other side, run parallel again
    until you hear the "Danger! Danger!" music which heralds the appearance of a
    lone wolf.
    Once it's dead, grab the LARGE MEDI PACK sitting in the sunlight and turn the
    corner to a switch. It's a timed switch, so once it's pulled, head back to by
    the wolf and slide down from between the columns into the pit. Take the open
    door to finish the level.
    | II. CITY OF VILCABAMBA                                                 CVB1 |
    SECRETS: 3 of 3
                           |____       |
                                | [9]  |
                                |__  __|
                                   ||  ____
                             _____ ||/ ___ \
                            | ___ \||| ___||
                            || / |||||| _ 8|
                            |  7|| || || 
                            |___| [6]  |
                                |__   _|
                           |  ___________   _ |
                           | |  ________4| |3||
                           | |5|            _ |
                           | _       ____  | ||
                          _||_| [1]|_____| |_||
          SWITCH #1 ->|     |
           ___________|     |
          |  ___   ___      |
         _| |__ | |   |     |
      __|      || |   |___  | <- SWITCH #2
     |____[2]__|| |       |_| <- SECRET #4
                | |
    ROOM #1
    As the level starts, run into Room #1 and dispose of all the wolves that attack
    you. Head down into the long room by the pool (nearest where the wolves were)
    and lure out the bear. You can dive in the pool to get shelter, then emerge to
    get potshots off at it. Once it's dead, head to the northeastern corner of Room
    #1 to find a wolf and a SMALL MEDI PACK.
    In the room by the [1] icon on the map, if you climb to the top of the stables
    you can find a SMALL MEDI PACK. Head into the pool of water and take a right,
    heading to Switch #2 in the diagram. Open it to gain access to the Secret #4
    room above you, containing a SMALL MEDI PACK. There's also a switch that lets
    you enter back into Room #1 by the pool. For now, go back into the pool you
    just climbed out of and head to the Switch #1, which opens a door in Room #2.
    Swim there using the left corridor from the "S"tarting pool.
    ROOM #2
    Climb up out of the pool and take the door that opened when you flipped the
    switch, to come into SECRET #4: a SMALL MEDI PACK and MAGNUM CLIPS. Head back
    to the small pool by where the bear was and head to the "3" in Room #1. There
    is a switch by a door here, which opens the door beside it. Head into it and
    climb the stairs to find a jumping point to Room #4. Jump and hang up into the
    ROOM #4
    Before you jump down, use the look button to see a crumbling tiles beneath you.
    You need to jump onto them and run, jump, and catch the platform with the LARGE
    MEDI PACK in it. You only get one chance. When you're done, jump down to the
    ground floor and push the gray block in until it comes out in Room #5.
    ROOM #5
    Kill the bats and head forward and left (ground floor) to find a SILVER KEY, 
    then head right to get the GOLD IDOL. Climb up to the save crystal, using it
    if you please. There is a LARGE MEDI PACK by the corridor that drops back into
    Room #1. From where you are, run to the left and you'll be right by the locked
    entrance to Room #6. Use the SILVER KEY to get through, then jump through the
    dart trap until you get to Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    Kill the five wolves and run to the three doors by the stairs. Only the left is
    currently open, so take it to Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    This room is filled with water, which breaks your fall if you err in the jump
    course. Head up the stairs and do a "careful" jump and grab to the ledge, then
    do a running jump to the ledge with the doorway. Head up and you'll be back in
    the room on the third level. Kill the bat and jump across to the protruding
    platform. Climb the stairs again and get the SMALL MEDI PACK you see in the
    orange room. Pull the lever that opens the right door in Room #6, then head
    out the door to be back in Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    You'll be very high above the three-door crossroads, so jump back and hang
    to do a soft jump down to the rocks. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS right by where
    you land, then drop down to the three-door crossroad's roof. Underneath where
    you just dropped is a SMALL MEDI PACK. Drop back down to Room #6 and enter the
    right-hand corridor this time to come to Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Run up the stairs lining the pool and notice the crumbling edges. Run and jump,
    grabbing the ledge above the tiles. Pull yourself up to be level with some more
    crumbling tiles. There is a ledge right by you, so vault up it, turn around and
    get up the next to be on the highest level of the room. Do a running jump to 
    the ledge directly in front of you, then side-flip (etc.) to the one to your
    right. From the corner, jump to the doorway that takes you up to another orange
    room with a switch. The switch opens the middle door, so go back out into Room
    ROOM #6
    This time you'll be at the top of Room #6 but on the other side from where you
    enter via Room #7. Do a soft drop down to the rocky part, then to the roof,
    then to the ground. Enter the corridor you just opened to find lots of swinging
    blade traps. Watch their movements and run through when it's safe and you'll
    come to a locked door. Pull the lever by the blade trap to fall into the water
    and take the aqueduct into Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    A bear is using the pond as its hunting grounds, so get out of the water and
    shoot, then retreat back in. Repeat until it dies, then take a path by the
    columns up and you'll see a white switch in front of you. Pull it to make the
    blades stop moving. Walk onto the shelf that is opposite the switch to find a
    path downwards. At the very bottom is UZI CLIPS -- SECRET #6. Climb back up to
    the switch and head back into the pool. Use the underwater chamber in the pool
    to emerge in a room that leads up to another switch, that opens the door to the
    exit indentation. Go back to it (it's in front of the pool) and input the GOLD
    IDOL to open the door to the exit.
    | III. LOST VALLEY                                                       LTV1 |
                                                 _____      __________
                                       ________ |=|  ========       [6]
                                    | |        ||=|  __   ___        ||
                     SECRET #10 -> /  |___  ___||=| |  | |   |__________________ 
                                   |----  ||========================= 
                                          ||_________|||___|  TO DOWNRIVER -> ->
     SECRETS: 5 of 5                                        __
     "=" is the water                                       || <- MACHINE COG
                                                      |[5]   |
                                                      |__  __|         W
                                                      ___||___       S - N
                                                  ___| |    | |        E
                                                 | __         |
                                       BROKEN    ||  |        |
                                       BRIDGE -> ||  |        |_____
                                           ______||__|         ___  |
                          __              |                   |__ |_| <- SECRET #8
                     [6]  |[EXIT]         | [3]                _ |
                      ||  ||________      |  _  _  ________  S| ||
          ____________||__||====    |_____| / || |__________|   ||
    <--   ====================== [2]__  ___|  ||_______________[4] <- MACHINE COG
    <--  |_[1]__  _________________|  ||__    \__________________/
    TO UPRIVER   ||                   |___|
    Run out of the tunnel into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    This room is a stretch parallel to the river and will head upriver to the 
    mouth. For now, head left until you get to the cliffside by the waterfall,
    and into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    This room is the waterfall environs. Kill the two wolves here and head to the
    tunnel, killing the wolf there again. To the right is a dead end occupied by
    three wolves, so you can completely ignore it if you choose. Climb up the cliff
    face until you get to a skeleton and LARGE MEDI PACK. Drop down the other side
    into the jungle area to find Room #3, and it's a big'un.
    ROOM #3
    Kill the two raptors here and advance towards the broken bridge. When you hear
    the "Danger!" music start up out of nowhere, and the screen start to shake, 
    enter to the right to find a tunnel and a raptor inside. It comes out in the
    same area, so snipe at the Tyrannosaurus Rex that was the reason for the danger
    music and screen-shaking. When the t-rex leaves, find the waterfall to the
    right and drop down inside, which leads via a waterway to Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    Pull yourself up then get up on the ledge because a raptor will come out of the
    tunnel. Kill it and keep climbing up. Climb up four more ledges to find the 1st
    MACHINE COG. Go back to Room #3 via the passageway or aqueduct.
    ROOM #3
    Head up along the waterfall's wall and you will come to an entranceway with two
    raptors in it. They become less of a problem if the t-rex is already dead. When
    you kill them, head into Room #5.
    ROOM #5
    There isn't anything eventful, but you can find the second MACHINE COG in an
    underwater tunnel. Get it and save, then head back to Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Time for a secret run.
    You can go to get the third machine cog, but you might as well get SECRET #7
    which is in the corner by the waterfall that leads to Room #4. Face the falls
    (north) and head to your right to find a ledge you can climb up. Follow the
    series of mini-ledges to the secret SHOTGUN SHELLS in the crag.
    If you're in the mood to get SECRET #8, it's nearby also. To the left of the
    waterfall (facing north) is a flat ledge you can climb on. Climb it and the
    next in line, then jump diagonally to one beside the falls. A miniscule crack
    is there, so jump up and grab it then shimmy right until you're "hanging" on
    the falls. You can find a place to climb up then in a niche to your right will
    be UZI CLIPS AND SHOTGUN SHELLS. Get down by a method of your choice.
    The third secret nearby is a tricky one to find. Head west parallel to the
    waterfall's right wall and pass the big mountainous arch. After a few steps
    turn to your right and jump up on a ledge. To your left, you'll have to jump 
    and catch another ledge. The third jump is tricky as you're jumping diagonal
    and to a ledge higher than you. Once you do it, you can jump and catch the
    next grassy ledge. You can do a running jump onto the temple's roof now, and
    collect the bounties of SECRET #9: a LARGE MEDI PACK, MAGNUM CLIPS, UZI CLIPS,
    and SHOTGUN SHELLS. Whew! You can jump down to a slanted rock face that coasts
    you down to the temple side.
    Now, time to collect the third machine cog. To the south wall, past the large
    mountain arch but before the temple is a ledge up to a passage. Follow it and
    you can come out on top of the broken bridge (there's a save point before). Do
    a running jump and catch the other side of the bridge. The third MACHINE COG
    is waiting there for the taking. Strange how they get to these places... Slide
    down to the jungle floor and head back through the area towards Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Ignored for most of the game so far, you'll have to do a jump course upriver,
    using the small platforms on either side. Jump across, then repeat to get back
    across. The third jump has a nasty habit of making Lara hit her head and
    tumble into the river, so make sure you jump carefully. From there, jump to the
    platform on the same side of the river, then catch and grab up into the tunnel
    that leads to a bridge where you can put all three MACHINE COGS into place. 
    Pull the lever to dam the river.
    Once you pull the lever, hang down off the side away from the dam door and
    shimmy left until you're over some white-colored rocks that represent watery
    stones. You can jump onto these safely and find SECRET #10, a LARGE MEDI PACK,
    tucked in a nook. You can exit into the blocked channel or, if you didn't pull
    the lever yet, the waterfall. :)
    Once in the channel, appropriate the skeleton's SHOTGUN and swim down the long
    tunnel to find SECRET #11 in Room #6 -- SHOTGUN SHELLS and SMALL MEDI PACK and
    more SHOTGUN SHELLS. From Room #6, you can jump down into the empty waterway
    where the waterway used to flow. Head to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Now that the waterfall has blinked out of existance, you can go into the room
    behind it.
    | IV. TOMB OF QUALOPEC                                                   TQL1 |
                               _____     ___||_
                         _____|7]   |   |      | __
                  ___   | ______  __|   | [5]  |_|| <- SWITCH #2
    SECRET 12 -> |   ===||      ||      |__  _____|
    SECRET 13 -> |___| _||_     ||        _||  =
                      |[6] |    ||       | _| <- SWITCH #1   E
                      |_  _| ___||___   _||_    ___          |
                        ||__|        |_|    |__|[4]|      N --- S
                        |___   [1]    _  [2] __    |         |
                            |___  ___| |_  _| =|___|         W
                                ||       ||   ==='
                              __||       ||______
                             | __|       |_ [3] _|
                            [S]  _______   |___|
                             ||_|       |
                             |__   [8]  |
                                | ______|
                   SECRET 14 -> | [9] |
    Start the level and head into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Once here, head into the east passage straight ahead of you to find a corridor
    that slants up. Head up a bit to make a large boulder start rolling towards
    you. Roll (with O) and run around the corner to evade damage, and watch it roll
    into the corridor you just came from. On a side note, the east passage is shut
    from entrance, so you can't do anything.
    Pull the switch on the west wall to open the south corridor for entrance. Two
    raptors will emerge, so show 'em a good time. The north path is shut for now,
    too, so head south into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    There is a save point here, but hold off on using it -- it'd be a waste so
    early in the level. Head west into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Push the block discolored block set in the wall twice, then push the one on
    the left in as far as it can go. There is a switch ahead, and a crumbling tile
    in front of you that leads to -- you guessed it -- deadly spikes. Pull the
    switch to open a gate in a corridor somewhere, where two more remain. To get
    back over the spike pit you'll have to jump, hit the ceiling, and catch the
    edge and climb up. Head back to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Head into Room #4 from here.
    ROOM #4
    By the switch you find will be a crumbling block, and you won't be able to pull
    the switch anyhow. Use the new hole to make your way down to the room below,
    Kill the triad of wolves. Pull the block at the top of the stair out of its
    nook, then push it into the room. In the passage beyond, you can find a SMALL
    MEDI PACK in the first drop-down. Keep climbing and you'll come to a room with
    a switch and a SMALL MEDI PACK. Pull the switch to raise a second gate in the
    trio. Drop down into the hole to arrive in the passage near Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Head into Room #5 and, since the next room has spikes and other deadly things,
    think about saving.
    ROOM #5
    Don't pull the switch you find just yet. Drop into Room #5 and take the left
    passageway until you come upon a large block. Face right and start jumping up
    the ledges which will take you to a passageway that ultimately spits you out 
    above a ledge with a left and right path -- left goes back into Room #5, right
    goes to the switch you didn't pull. Head left and face the wall from the block
    again, jumping into a niche with a switch. Pull that one, jump down, then get
    back to the switch you didn't pull and do the deed. Now you have a way to jump
    across the room, so use the shortcut by the switch [the one you just pulled]
    to get back in place to jump across the room to the east niche near the spikes.
    After a few running jumps, you can get to the switch that raises the third gate
    and opens the north passageway in Room #1. Head back to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    A raptor attacks you so murder it en route to Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Take the north corridor to a save point (use it) and head into Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    There's a arrow trap here that hides SECRET #12 and one probably wouldn't find
    it without being overly meticulous. Run through the trap to the stairs and hug
    the left wall, by the dart shooter. Jump up and climb up by the statue there
    and a small door behind it will open, showing you some SHOTGUN SHELLS in a room
    with crumbling tiles. Like this:
    |[SS][CT][CT]|  Jump to the shells to get the secret. SECRET #13 is right below
    |[CT][CT][CT]|  it, too, in a spot by the spikes. Using the diagram as your 
    |[CT][CT][CT]|  guide (with North being at the top), hang over the right edge
         |  |       and move north until you can drop down by a spike and not die.
       ENTRANCE     Get the UZI CLIPS. Now, how do you get back, you ask? Remember
                    how you vaulted up in the Caves level? That's the ticket. Walk
                    slowly through the spikes and when you walk to bottom of the
    ledge, by using R1 + X, and Lara will automatically climb up, do a handstand,
    and place herself up there. Score! Head into Room #7 via the stairs.
    ROOM #7
    You'll be in the treasure room, now. If your guns are drawn, and they should
    be, Lara will point them at a mummy standing near the pedestal. Kill it before
    it can do anything and grab the SCION piece. Ceiling debris will fall and you
    can use the west entrance to exit into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Debris will fall from here, and if it hits Lara, she'll be a goner. I suggest
    walking slowly in from the treasure room and hopping onto the red carpet, then
    hopping bat. This will lure some rocks to your left. Put those rocks on your
    right and run to by the switch to make some more rocks fall in the room. From
    there, head into the corridor you first used to enter this place (the one with
    the big rock in it). Follow it to come to a save point and use it. Why would
    there be one here when you automatically get one at the end of the level...? 
    Hmm. ^__~ Jump into Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Underwater, you can find a hole that leads to SECRET #14, MAGNUM CLIPS and a
    LARGE MEDI PACK, in Room #9. Head back when you're done and you'll find Larson,
    who appears in a video if you leave the game playing at the main title, gunning
    at your face. Climb up and dispose of him, preferably with your pistols. He's
    easy pickins, but you may have to use a Small Medi Pack if you surfaced too far
    from the shore.
    Once he's down, a scene will play where a wounded Larson tells Lara that the
    Scion isn't complete and that Pierre Dupont is on the trail of the rest of the
    LARSON: "You'll have to ask Miss Natla."
    LARA:   "Thank you. I will." 
    Larson will try to lunge at Lara one last time, but will get kicked in the
    face. The level ends for the Tomb of Qualopec. Another cutscene plays where
    Lara breaks into the Natla Technologies building, breaks into some documents
    and finds a monk's journal from St. Francis' Folly. There's an illustration of
    another Scion piece. St. Francis' Folly is a monestary high above a cliff, and
    Lara finds evidence that Pierre has been camping there...
    | V. ST. FRANCIS' FOLLY                                                  SFF1 |
     SECRETS: 4 of 4           _____
               _______________|     |
        N     |              _  [7  |
        |     |             | |_____|
     W --- E  |             |  _____  __
        |     |    [4]      |_|     | || <- WATER SWITCH
        S     |              _  [5] | ||
       _____  |             | |_____|[  ] <- SECRET #17
      |     |_|             |_________||
      | [6]  _               _________ |
      |_____| |             |         ||
              |             | ____   [  ] <- SECRET #16
              |             || [2]|   ||
              |_______  ____||_  _|   ||
                     _||_     _||     ||
                    | [8]|   |   |___ ||
                    |____|   |[1] _[3] <-- SECRET #15
                             |_ _|____||
    ROOM #1
    This is the room you begin in. Run forward to the nearest ledge and vault up
    before the two lions can maul you. Kill them and jump down to the gray push-
    -block north as far as you can. Then go into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    When you enter, the door will shut you in with two gorillas. Kill them and flip
    the switch up the stairs to open the door again. Flip the switch in the middle
    of the room also and head back into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Pierre will make an appearance here and start shooting at you. Return fire 
    until he up and disappears and kill the gorilla who appears also (from doorway
    of Room #2). Once things settle down, push the gray block south to open up the
    southern ledge door, then push it as far north as you can. Now it's time for a
    climb. From the gray block you pushed, jump to the west column and pull
    yourself up. Face south and do a running jump to the column near where the
    ledge and doorway are. Jump to them to enter Room #2.
    ROOM #3
    As you enter, there will be one ledge to the left and a cluster of three to 
    the right and a ledge above them unreachable by normal methods. There is one
    with a prominent slant by the doorway, next to the one in the far corner. Here
    is a diagram.
     ___________  You need to backflip onto the "1" ledge and land at the top of
    |          4| the "2" ledge. On your "2" ledge descent, you need to jump again
    |1      |2 3| and position Lara to catch the ledge. This is so unbelievably
     ---    ----  frustrating, try not to give up on it (because it's not as
      ENTRANCE    frustrating as not knowing how to do this!). As far as I know,
                  this is the _only_ way to do this. Make sure you hold the jump
                  button also, as you may end up backflipping and ruining it.
    Once up, you'll come to a short slanted ledge and a higher slanted ledge, all
    going different ways. You need to front-flip onto the lower one, backflip onto
    the higher one, and catch the ledge as you spring off it. Surprisingly, this
    is far easier. On that ledge you can find SECRET #15, SHOTGUN SHELLS and a
    LARGE MEDIPAK. Don't use the crumbling tile to safety drop down as you'll end
    up dying.  Go back the way you came and do safety drops down that way to get
    back into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Jump from the alcove ledge back onto the nearest pillar, then jump back down
    to the one near the gray block. Stand on the edge of that column and
    jump-and-grab to the next west column, scoring a LARGE MEDI PACK in the
    process. Do a running jump to the and make your way across the ledges to the
    south door. When you come to the large slide, go down backwards and keep the
    action button pressed. At the end you'll grab the ledge and can drop down to
    another ledge. Grab the edge of that one also and pull yourself up. This jump
    is tricky since you'll be backflipping into the alcove you can't see, and you
    need to time it /just/ right or you'll fall in the water, missing completely...
    Inside the alcove is SECRET #16, a SMALL MEDI KIT and SHOTGUN SHELLS.
    Head back down into the water channel and start your swim. Keep an eye out on
    the top of the tunnel, because there is a place you can surface -- SECRET #17,
    some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Head with the flow of the water to the other end, and pull
    up to a dry spot with a switch. The switch drains the water from the channel,
    so you can now take out that pesky croc when it advances.
    Head to the other side of the channel, and enter the stairway to the right. You
    will now be in Room #4. 
    Notice the height? Notice how big the room itself it? Notice how many rooms
    branch off it? Good, because you'll be going back and forth here. On the map
    I've drawn, height won't be displayed, but I'll help you along. Use the save
    point if you've gotten all the secrets or have given up on resetting to get
    all of them in one go.
    Do a running jump to the "column" of ledges in the middle of the room. Dispose
    of the three bats that come from the ceiling and watch your step as you walk
    around. Hang down on a ledge to lure a fourth bat out. Drop down to a lever by
    and open the door to the THOR room.
    After that, drop down again to land by a save point. Two more bats will arise
    so kill 'em. A lever by the save point opens the door to the DAMOCLES room.
    From the save point, jump to the northern ledges and drop down to the east
    ledge. Follow the ledges and another bat will appear. Jump to the column of
    ledges from the east wall to come out by a save point and the THOR entrance.
    Head inside there.
    As you enter, a metal ball will shoot lightning at five places on the ground.
    Run to a corner and wait for a chance to run past it into the room behind it.
    There will be a glyph on the floor right below a giant hammer. When you make
    the hammer drop, push the block nearby north to the large ledge. Then, jump
    over the block there and push that down the ledge to a pillar. Jump up to it
    to grab a SMALL MEDI PACK, then do a running jump and catch the alcove ledge.
    Inside is the THOR KEY. Leave the room the way you came in and make sure you
    watch the lightning. ;)
    Save if you wish, and plink away at Pierre when he appears at the very bottom
    of the room. When he does his disappearing act, jump to the ledge directly 
    below the save point you used (or didn't) to come to another ledge with a lever
    and save point. Pull it to open the NEPTUNE room at the very top of the ledge
    column. ;____; 
    Enter the Damocles Room.
    As you enter, peek at the ceiling and see those swords dangling? Their shadows
    are just hanging for now, but after you take the Damocles Key from the back
    room pedestal, they'll be spinning. However, after you take the Key, climb up
    onto the ledge encircling the platform to get a SMALL MEDI PACK and SHOTGUN
    SHELLS. Back in the sword room, the swords will try to hover over you and drop
    into Lara's cranium. You can avoid them by jumping backwards, and once they've
    fallen, they can't get you again.
    From the Damocles Room, head back into the ledge column and head down, using
    the east ledge that lines the wall to hop down to a stair. At the very bottom
    pull the lever on the column to open the ATLAS room. Head up until you get to
    where the first save point in the column was, and you'll find the Atlas Room.
    Kill the gorilla and step on the pressure pad to raise the gate, which will
    close behind you. Grab the SMALL MEDI PACK in the pit by the large stone-sized
    pressure pad... Hmm! And we have a large stone sitting atop a long ledge 
    parallel to the gate. Interesting. Go towards the stone until it falls, then
    roll and run back to the pit. Back up to the ledge away from the pressure pad
    and the stone will roll onto it, opening the gate. Run back up the slope and 
    find a ledge on the wall away from the gate, which leads to another ledge with
    a ATLAS KEY.
    Go back to the column of ledges and head up towards the last door, the NEPTUNE
    room. You have to jump to the stairs on the east side of the room and work your
    way up, though.
    Swim down into the water pool and the current will whisk you to the bottom. As
    soon as you come to a semi-stop, look up at the ceiling and you can see a small
    side-path that leads to a lever. Swim to it, pull it, then go back into the
    corridor the water took you to. The gate at the very end holds the NEPTUNE KEY,
    so raid it and swim out. There's no real danger here except for drowning, which
    can happen since you have to swim all the way out without the current's aid.
    Now is a good time to get the last secret on the level, but if you want to have
    an easier time, you can head downwards and snipe the lions by the Damocles Room
    door. If you want SECRET #18, you have to do some tricky maneuvering. Jump onto
    the archway above the ATLAS ROOM and you'll find a pressure pad that starts 
    makes a timed door open on the /very/ bottom floor, on the east side by the
    stairway's foot. Inside is MAGNUM CLIPS and a LARGE MEDI PACK.
    Once you're down to the ground floor, go to the door that is blocked by four
    swords and find the four keyholes. Use the keys in this order (from the door):
    Neptune, Damocles, Atlas, Thor. The swords will retract and the level exit will
    be clear. Good riddance, I say!
    | VI. COLOSSEUM                                                          CLS1 |
                         __           __
                        |11|         |_ |
                        | _|         __||__
                        ||_         |      |_________________
                        |_ |        |       _________________| <- EXIT
                        __||  __    |      |   ____ 
                       |10 | |5 |   | [7]  |  |_6 _|
                       |__ |__||____|______|____||______
                          |                     ||  ____|
                          |                     || <___ |
                          |         ROOM 4      ||_____||
                          |                     |_______| <-- BELOW-GROUND
                      ____|                             |_______    TUNNEL
                    _|   9_____________   _____________  8 ___  |
    SECRET #21 ->  |_____|         ____| |____         |________|
                                  | ________  |
                                __||      | | |
                               |  | [3]   | |3| <- SECRET #20
                               |  |____ __|_| |
                               |  [2]      __|
                               |___      _| <- SECRET #19
                             __    |====|
                 START -> [_  ==========|
    ROOM #1
    Enter the room from St. Francis' Folly and you'll find a large aqueduct by the
    sandy soil. Kill the crocodile swimming in it and swim to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    This "room" is the front of the collosal ruins. There seems to be nothing here
    but two lions will appear when you break land and approach. Take them out and
    head to the right side of the structure, ignoring Room #3 for now -- there's
    only a lion in there. Climb up the flat rocks parallel to the second ledge, 
    then jump onto it. There will be a little stump of a rock you can use to climb
    up to the third story, although if you continue on the second story you will
    end up by a LARGE MEDI PACK.
    Once on the third story, jump of into the rocks to find a passageway. Before
    you go in there, try to get SECRET #19, some SHOTGUN SHELLS. If you look from
    the ruins you can spy them in an alcove that seems to appear after a bunch of
    slanted slopes. This is actually pretty easy, though. By the passageway you
    just jumped to is a small slope that leads to a flat space diagonal to the 
    niche the passageway starts in. Walk to the end of it and face northeast to
    find a slant in front of you (pointing at you) and a slant beyond that you need
    to jump to (it's an acute angle). Do a running jump northeast off that flat
    rock to land on the acute-angled rock. From there it's just a jump into the
    Now, back to the passageway...it leads into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    You can hear the grunts of crocodiles in the pit in front of you, so shoot
    them if you want and get the SMALL MEDI PACK lying among the loose gravel.
    Facing the pit, if you look to the left wall and up you'll find a long crack
    stretching across the pit. Shimmy across and pull up in the large part to
    find SECRET #20, some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Continue crawling and find a passage
    to Room #3. The locked door that you may have found if you killed the lion can
    now be opened for easier access into Room #1 and #2. Of course, if the lion is
    still alive...
    Head into Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    This place is the colosseum interior and it's HUGE. Start shooting at the two
    lions in the arena grounds and, while you're at it, shoot at Pierre until he
    disappears again. There's also a gorilla down below, so feed it some hot lead
    as you'll need to visit down there soon. Jump down and head to the huge mound
    of rocks at one end, killing the lion that appears. Take note of the locked
    Go to the other end of the pit and enter Room #5.
    ROOM #5
    Slide down and a lion will appear from a jail cell. You should be able to gun
    it down before it can get to you. Another will appear and give it the same 
    treatment. Pull the lever straight ahead to open the locked gate by the lion
    in Room #4, and pull the next lever you see when you turn around to open a way
    back into Room #4's pit, which has a save point.
    ROOM #4
    Pull yourself up and start ripping holes into the three lions that appear. The
    AI almost becomes intelligent when they try to swarm you! Amazing! Head to 
    the locked gate that opened by the 'hidden' lion to enter Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    When you enter, there will be two locked gates on your left. Head straight into
    the room and take a right to find a pressure pad. We're going to be doing a
    locked-gate run. Here's what you do:
    1) Press the pad and run at the doors, taking the right one.
    2) Pull the switch, roll, run back out and take the other locked gate.
    3) Enter the gate that opened (not the big one) and pull /that/ switch.
    Pulling the second switch opens a new downward door in the room. Take it and
    you will find a small pit with spikes, which is accessible from the arene right
    above you (you can drop down without dying, actually) and steer through that 
    room into the next. Use the save point in the spikes "room" if you want to,
    though. The next tunnel is a climbing course and if you follow it (easy-peasy)
    you come out in Room #4 again, on top of those big rock piles.
    ROOM #4
    Climb up into the rock pile. Behind you, with a little bit of jumping, you can
    find some SHOTGUN SHELLS in a hidden nook. The rock pile your on is at one side
    of the arena, and if you walk as far as you can to its edge, you can spy
    another smaller rock pile. Do a running jump onto it and you'll be left of the
    door you take to enter Room #6. From there, observe the manmade architecture
    facing down the arena to find a ledge within jumping range. A running jump and
    a pull-up allows you to gain access to Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    Kill the two monkeys and hold off on using the save point. Head beyond the
    skybox seats to find a giant stairway. On the left is a pushblock and, once
    it's pulled out, you can find a switch and a SMALL MEDI PACK. The switch opens
    a door in the seating lining the arena grounds. Nothing to do here now, so 
    save 'n' leave into Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    There's a rock by the large rockpile that lets you get back up into the stone
    bleachers. Good thing the door is nearby, huh? Head into the little sheltered
    doorway there to find Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Kill the bats!
    This barely consists of a room, but oh well. Enter the ground-level door to
    find a large stone sitting on a slope and a pit drop. As you enter this li'l
    passageway, the door behind you closes and the stone drops. Jump and catch the
    ledge the stone is barreling at you on and wait for it to pass before you pull
    up. Go up the stone's path to enter a small room with a lever. Pull it to open
    another door in one of these corner shelters. Head into Room #4 again.
    ROOM #4
    As you walk by the entrance you used to get into the colosseum interior, a lion
    will approach. Give it a dirtnap and you'll find Pierre, too. Shoot him to make
    him flee. The shelter you need to enter is the next one down the line.
    ROOM #9
    Kill the bats!
    Inside the new doorway will be a bunch of elevated platforms on li'l pillars,
    so...basically a jumping course. Nothing that you haven't done already. Run and
    jump to get to the switch platform, which opens a door in the last shelter.
    Hang off the switch platform and drop down.
    Time for SECRET #21.
    NOW, I know you've been achin' to get some new guns, so here's your chance. By
    the pillar near the ground-floor block is a pressure pad which opens a hidden
    door on the penultimate ledge (the one before the switch). You'll need to do
    some quick jumping here, which can be accomplished with a series of backflips
    and side-flips. 
    Stand with your back to the pillar (so the pressure pad stays pressed down)
    and get ready to jumps in this order:
    1) Forward onto the first block.
    2) Right-flip onto the next block.
    3) Backflip onto the third block. 
    4) Left-flip onto the fourth block
    5) Front jump onto fifth ledge
    It sounds difficult when you put it like that, but it's really just the same
    sequence of jumps with one alternating button each time. When you get into
    the door, you'll get two LARGE MEDI PACKs, UZI CLIPS, and some MAGNUMS! Yeah,
    this is awesome. Pat yourself on the back.
    Head to the third location in the three-part series of shelters.
    ROOM #10
    Pull the switch to open the large door in the skybox area (yes, I know calling
    it that sounds stupid) and take the underwater tunnel to Room #11.
    ROOM #11
    Pull up, take the SMALL MEDI PACK, and push the block in twice. Then, get on
    its side and pull it once. In the hidden niche, take the RUSTY KEY and retrace
    your steps to Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    Head down into the arena pit again, take the Room #6 downwards door, save at
    the spikes room (don't wanna lose those magnums!), climb up into Room #4's
    large rockpile and take out any gorillas if you didn't kill them already. Jump
    back to the little rockpile and climb up into the skybox. Almost done!
    ROOM #7
    Go to the back stairway and take the SMALL MEDI PACK and use the save point
    if you wish. Use the RUSTY KEY on the little keyhole by the water to swing open
    the bars. Jump into the channel and swim until you see a place to surface in
    the ceiling. Ignore the crocodile, pull the switch there, and coast down the
    rest of the aqueduct to the level's end.
    | VII. PALACE MIDAS                                                      PLM1 |
    N + S
      W                   ____
                         |_---'       [3] = Contains SECRET #23
                     ____ _||_        [5] = Contains SECRET #22
                    |[4] |[2] |=.
             ______ |_  _|_  _| '     NOTE: All heights are not shown here, and
    SECRET _|      | _||_ _||_  '           some sidepaths and tunnels are not
    #21 ->|_  _____||    |[1] |='           either.
            ||______|[3] |_  _|
            |       ||_  _| ||
            |       |  ||__/  \__
            |       |  |___ S  _ |
            |       |______|__|_||
            |  [5]   ___________ |
            |       |     | _____|
            |        \    ||
                     |[8] ||[9]|
                     |_  _||_  |
                      _||_||_||_   _____
           ________  |          | |[10] |
    LEAD  |        |_|   [6]    |_| ___ |
    BAR ->|  [7]    _              |   ||
          |________| |             | [EXIT]
    ROOM #1
    From the starting pool, head east into Room #1. Kill the two gorillas hanging
    around the broken architecture and take either doorway into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Three more gorillas are hanging around here, and a fourth and fifth appear if
    you wait around, too. Grab the LARGE MEDI PACK and head into the door, which
    opens automatically. Flip the switch to see a scene where a garden gate swings
    loose. Save if you want and head back to the starting pool, heading left.
    ROOM #3
    The garden is accessible now, and full of gorillas. Clear 'em out and jump up
    to the large stone awning where a LARGE MEDI PACK waits. There's also a door
    east, which takes you to Room #4 -- The Midas Room. You'll use this later, but
    don't need to go here just yet. Head back to the pool room and take the right
    path this time. A crocodile will attack, then continue on to a stairway and 
    the corridor against it. Head down the corridor to Room #5.
    ROOM #5
    Once in the spacious room, head left and take out the two lions that appear.
    Keep going until you come to a dark passage with four bats. Once they're gone
    around the walkway for a SMfALL MEDI PACK. Anyone left? Of course! From where
    you came in, head to the right on the ground floor and go all the way to the
    rock wall to find a gorilla nesting on two doses of MAGNUM CLIPS.
    The top floor isn't accessible from the ground floor, so head back to the 
    stairway and continue on into Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    A three-gorilla welcoming party will show up, so send them away. If you take
    a look around, you'll notice that there are four locked doors on the ground
    floor. Head to the western corner to the area with all the pillars and you'll
    find a large block set against a wall that you can use to jump to one of the
    pillars. From there, it's a jumping course again (tired of 'em yet?). You can
    jump from the second pillar to the north wall and do a running jump to a ledge
    The pillar jumping course goes around to the side of a ledge in the center of
    the room. Once you're on the center platform you'll find five switches, all in
    the upright position. Before you do anything, jump down into the hole you see
    and flip the switch there to make the platform accessible from the 1st floor.
    The symbols on the doors correspond with the way you're supposed to flip the
    switches, so here's the order you go for the doors (first switch is the one
    closes to the last pillar you use to jump on platform):
    North Door : Down, Up, Up, Up, Up
    South Door : Down, Up, Up, Up, Down
    East Door 1: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up
    East Door 2: Up, Up, Down, Up, Down
    The order doesn't matter, but I'll go clockwise. Head into the north door to
    get into Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    NOTE: These rooms are annoying and you may have to use your medipacks to heal
          while you attempt to get them right. If you use to many, just restart.
    Kill the two sewer rats and prepare to jump across the flame spout traps. You
    might want to use the save point here. Cross the brown line by the first flame
    trap to turn off all flame traps. They stay in off mode for about 12 seconds,
    by my count, but that's alright since the first two pillars can be traversed by
    running jumps in one stride. You'll need to do a running jump + grab to get to
    the back ledge, however. It's possible to get to the last burner on the back
    ledge while it's on and jump over it without catching fire. I don't know if 
    that's the result of scratches or whatever, but I jumped over it without being
    in flames, although I did take damage. Grab the LEAD BAR in the niche and use
    the save point, if you want. Head back to the switches.
    ROOM #6
    Put the switches in the East Door 1's order (Up,Up,Down,Down,Up) after you kill
    the gorilla. Go into Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Head past the giant pillar and into the adjacent room, taking a right down the
    stairs. Find the pillar-looking block and pull it out to bring down the large
    pillar upstairs. Take the left path this time and head upstairs to overlook
    the wreckage. Jump to right diagonally to land on a flat part of the sand,
    then jump and catch the central pillar. Jump diagonally off from there to the
    flat sand platform and pull yourself up. Jump into the doorway and climb up to
    the save point, which leads into Room #5's upper levels.
    ROOM #5
    Kill the bats and the gorillas when they walk by in front of the pool. You can
    do this without jumping over, too. Kill the crocodile in the aqueduct and swim
    all the way into the large pool that branches off from the first one. Get on
    shore and climb the rock ledges. This will ultimately lead to SECRET #22, a
    SMALL MEDI PACK and MAGNUM CLIPS. The only hard part to navigate is where you
    start sliding and need to jump over another part that points back into the pool
    area. From there, it's a mere jump to the loot. Head back to the main pool when
    you're done.
    To get the next secret, go back to where you initially jumped to the third-
    -floor pool and hang off the edge by that cliff entrance. Shimmy south until
    you are over SECRET #22, a SMALL MEDI PACK, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and UZI CLIPS. You
    get the secret sound just by hanging over the side, actually. Jump out from the
    niche and kill the gorilla that's with you on the second level.
    Once it's dead, look for a SMALL MEDI PACK by one of the pillars' dark corners.
    Then, jump across the blocked corner to the long part of the second level. A
    few gorillas will appear and they _can_ knock you off to your death, so don't
    be taken by surprise. Across the way on the rock wall you can see a LARGE MEDI
    PACK. Jump and grab the ledge by it, then inch yourself through the crack to
    a ledge right below you.
    Use the ledge to jump back to the second-story area and kill the two bats that
    are there. Follow the /long/ and winding climbing path until you come to a room
    high above the lagoon near Secret #22's area. Jump to the LARGE MEDI PACK you
    see and beat it over the breakable tiles. Slide down to the path, then do a
    few safety drops until you come back to the starting room's second story. A
    lion will attack you, but after it, the path leads back into Room #1. When you
    get to the ledge, turn right and jump to the ledge there. Head into the room
    with the pool and kill the crocodile, then swim the channel and pull yourself
    up until you find yourself back in Room #2. Jump to the roof and find the 2nd
    LEAD BAR. Save and slide down to the lions. You know what to do, so head back
    to Room #6 when you're done.
    ROOM #6
    Flip the switches into an Up,Up,Down,Up,Down position and head into Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    There are some gray blocks surrounded by spikes. Ignore them for a moment and
    head into the south room and pull out the block. You'll find a switch that 
    makes the gray blocks rise up into gray pillars. Head up the path by the block
    to find a save point in an alcove.
    From here, it's another jumping course with spikes as the consolation prize
    for falling. Jump across the rooms to the alcove, where a gorilla appears. 
    Bring it down and take the LEAD BAR on the pedestal. Jump down and head back
    into to the garden room (Room #3) and head into Room #4. Time to make some
    ROOM #4
    There's a save point in here, but you can choose to use it if you please. Go
    to the hand -- DO NOT TRY TO CRAWL ON IT OR LARA WILL DIE -- and press the
    action button to bring up your 3 Lead Bars. Select the bars and Lara will
    put them on the hand which changes them to GOLD BARS. Repeat thrice and save,
    then head back into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Search the trees to find a lever handle you can pull. It will open one of the
    gate paths which leads to two crushing traps and a crumbling tile between them.
    Jump through and get SECRET #23, some MAGNUM CLIPS, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and a SMALL
    MEDI PACK. Head back the way you came to Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    Put the switch in the Down,Up,Up,Up,Down position and head into the southern
    ROOM #10
    Kill the lion and go all the way up the stairs to a save point and some SHOTGUN
    SHELLS. Head back and enter the adjoining room with the three numbered alcoves.
    Put the three GOLD BARS into the receptacles and the door will open that leads
    to the end of the level. I'm sure you'll be jumping for joy to leave this place
    behind. ;)
    | VIII. THE CISTERN                                                      CST1 |
     N       RUSTY KEYS: ROOM 1, ROOM 3
     S         GOLD KEY: RUSTY KEY DOOR (not to Room #4; must flood room)
                                    |      |
                                    |      |
                                    | [9]  |
                                    |__  __|
                            _______  __||_
                           |  [6]  || [8] |
                           | __  __|| _  _|
                           ||__||__ _  ||
                           || [7]  | |_||
                    _______||__  __|___ |
                   |       _|  ||______||___
                   | [5]  |  __|            |  _____
                   |__  __| |__             |_|     |
                      ||_______|             _  [2] |
                      |[4]    _     [1]     | |____ |
                      |______| |_____  _____|  ____||
                                     ||_      |[3]  |
                                    [   |     |_____|
    Start the game by safety-dropping down to kill the rat. Push the block in the
    wall once, then move it under the wall switch. Climb up to pull it to open a
    trapdoor right beside the block. Kill the two rats and drop down, then head 
    into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    The raised walkway you enter the room on leads to two doors, but they're locked
    at the moment. Do a safety-drop down and start killing the vermin that inhabit
    the ground floor. Two rats will come at you, and don't forget to deep-six the
    two crocodiles in the pool. Head east to the stairway and ignore that save gem
    as you pull up in front of it. From the platform directly below the nearest
    gem, jump north and pull up on the raised walkway. You'll see another save gem
    and you can ignore that also. 
    Jump to the next section of the raised, curved walkway and you will be right by
    a long crack that goes clear across the east side all the way down to the south
    side. Ignore it and jump up to the very top of it, which is a flat walkway. At
    the end will be the RUSTY KEY. Snipe at the rat below and do a safety-drop to
    catch the crack's ledge.
    Jump into the pool if you don't like the idea of using the crack to inch your
    way. While you're down there, look for a small hole on the west side to find
    SECRET #24, MAGNUM CLIPS, in the little downward gap in the regular path. You
    can use the tunnel the crocodiles came out of to go to another room, but skip
    that for now. Head to the east side, pull yourself up by the 1st save point
    and use it. Go back to the save point on the pillar and climb up. Face east
    to find a little balcony you can jump on, which leads to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Our old friend Pierre seems to have made it safely to the Cistern, so give him
    a ride back home with your guns. When he's gone, let's go for SECRET #25. Climb
    up on the blocks set like stairs (south) away from the holes and switch. Climb
    up one, then jump and catch the curved pipe. Jump to the next pipe to get a 
    LARGE MEDI PACK and smidgen of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Back on that first ledge, turn
    around and jump straight up to catch the ledge by the SMALL MEDI PACK. From
    there, head into the corner and keep heading up to the SHOTGUN SHELLS. Drop
    down to the little slide and jump to catch the other ledge with two doses of
    SHOTGUN SHELLS. You'll slide back down into the room and take some small fall
    damage. Jump in one of the floor-holes and make your way into the east wall's
    underwater tunnel to get into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Climb up the little set of stairs, do a running jump to catch the north ledge,
    then drop down to the lower ledge adjacent to the one you just jumped on, and
    do a jump-and-catch to the RUSTY KEY's ledge. From there, the ledge leads to a
    long fall, so put your back to the drop, catch the ledge, and use the crack to
    sidle north until you can drop down. Kill the rats and slide back into Room #1.
    However, you can have a much easier time if you go back into Room #2 from here
    and pull the switch. It will let you flood the place up to the higher walkways'
    levels and you can get the second SILVER KEY without much effort. You'll have
    to backtrack if you want it, then, and it's just way longer.
    ROOM #1
    You'll need to get back onto the elevated walkway you first entered this room
    on, so jump to the nearest elevated "half-moon" platform and use it to get to
    the crack...or, rather, on top of the crack. Run to the platform with the dead
    rat and jump back to the series of elevated platforms.
    Now that you have the Rusty Keys, the two doors can be opened. Head to the
    first (nearest) one with a running jump and use the key to enter Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    Kill the two gorillas and get ready for an awkward part. Vault up on the ledge
    that the doorway is in and jump to the first western ledge. Pierre will come
    through the door, so gun at him until he's gone. Jump-and-grab at the second
    western ledge to find a LARGE MEDI PACK. Jump to the third ledge and you can
    see some MAGNUM CLIPS on a ledge below the crack you need to jump to. If you
    want them at the risk of killing Lara, walk (w/ R1) to the end of the ledge
    and take one step back. Jump and you can catch the ledge and claim your prize.
    You _cannot_ catch the crack and drop down and catch the ledge...I tried it. =(
    Once you're back on the third platform, jump and catch the crack and shimmy to
    the next ledge. Whew. Head into room five.
    ROOM #5
    Go down the twisting stone 'stair' and kill the crocodile. Run to the ledge
    by the save point and turn around, killing the crocodile you lured out from the
    tunnel. There is a third crocodile and another rat for you to kill, and they
    hang around in the tunnel. Once they've all been sent to vermin heaven, steal
    the LARGE MEDI PACK in the tunnel and go save.
    Climb up the taller platform right by the save point and do a standing jump to
    catch the next elevated one sticking out of the wall. Do a running jump to the
    next one, then another. To get to the next smaller one, simply jump back from
    the edge then run off. Use the crack to get to the doorway and use the switch
    to open it.
    This little path has spikes right off the edge, so jump diagonally to land in
    the channel. Kill the two rats, drop down into the mossy-green room and kill
    the rat, then head into Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    Kill the rat and start climbing on the gray ledges. There is an easy, natural
    order to follow them in, so you can navigate them easily. At the end is a 
    switch which opens the niche door on the bottom near the pool. Head back to
    the bottom floor and take the SILVER KEY from the niche. Shoot him to make 
    him disappear or escape via the pool (Pierre doesn't want to get his jacket
    wet, I guess....). En route to Room #1's pool, you'll find a room where you
    can't surface.
    ROOM #7
    You can't advance here unless you've used Room #2's flood switch. There are
    some SHOTGUN SHELLS, a LARGE MEDI PACK, a SMALL MEDI PACK and a save point
    above once you do. Pull the switch just under water-level, you can open the
    door to the second SILVER KEY and, in kind, a connection door to Room #1's
    lower walkway.
    Head back to Room #1 whichever way and make your way to the second door you
    can use the RUSTY KEY on. You can swim there if you've flooded the cistern. ;)
    ROOM #1
    In the second door, use the RUSTY KEY. If the room isn't flooded, go back and
    do it -- there are spikes below that can only be traversed when it's flooded.
    If you're in water up to your ears, swim down over the spikes and into a lower
    room with a SMALL MEDI PACK and a GOLD KEY. Exit on the ground-floor door that
    In the flooded main room, swim to the platform that is now accessible in the
    north. Climb up and you'll find a door where you can use a SILVER KEY. Before
    you do that, however, there is a block to the left that you can push in to
    reveal a secret room. Can't find it? You can move the camera to look behind
    that block, and there is probably white (light) at its seams. Behind there is
    a small room. Stand under the ledge, backflip onto the decline and jump again
    mid-slide to catch the ledge. This is child's play compared to the one in St.
    Francis' Folly, no? There are two doses of MAGNUM CLIPS and a LARGE MEDI PACK
    in there. SECRET #26: complete!
    Now, go back and use the two SILVER KEYs on the locks you find to head into...
    ROOM #8
    There's nothing here except for the gold-key door and a save point on a pillar.
    Save, and jump from the pillar to a small ledge from where you can jump to the
    keyhole. Once on the ledge, a gorilla will appear, so if you want to keep your
    health intact, simply drop back to the ground and get back to the ledge to
    snipe at him. Once the gorilla's gone, use the keyhole to open the door. Two
    lions will run into the room. Shoot them from the keyhole ledge and drop down,
    heading for Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    Some of the floor tiles can cave in here. Some lead to nothing, some have
    spikes beneath them. You can circumvent wasting your time with them by walking
    on the sides of the room. At the end of a room is a switch that opens the door
    to the east. Pull it and climb up, killing the three lions that stampede out.
    Once dead, pull out the push-block and position it under the eave of the roof.
    You can find a LARGE MEDI PACK and a pair of MAGNUM CLIPS. Two rats attack you
    if you try to enter the only door level with the roof. Drop down to the room
    and don't bother with the switch (it only closes the door). By where the push-
    -block was is a drop down, and that is the level exit.
    Goodbye Cistern, hello Tomb of Tihocan! By the way, I've been saving my ammo
    up to this point and this is what I had:
    Magnums:         750
    Shotgun:          40
    UziClip:           8
    Large Medi Packs: 21
    Small Medi Packs: 14
    Would have had more if I redid some secrets and all, but not bad. Conservation
    of ammo is the ticket to beating the game over the head, yo.
    | IX. TOMB OF TIHOCAN                                                    TBT1 |
    Secrets: 2 of 2
                                   ____ ____
                                  |[10]|[9] |
                     N            |_  _|_  _|
                   W + E           _||___||__   ___ ____
                     S            |          |_|   |    |
               ___________________|           _ [8]|[11]| <-- SECRET #28
              |       ____________    [5]    | |___|_  _|  ____________
              |      | |[2]   |   |          |_______||___|            |
              |      | |_  _  |   |_  ____  ____________               |___
              |      |   ||_||_    _||_  _||_           |     [12]      __ |
              |      |   ||    |  |[6] ||[7] |      ____|              |  ||
              | [4]  |___|| [3]|  |____||____|     |  _                |  ||
              |___  _| __||____|                 __| | |               |  ||
                  ||_||  ||    RM. 13 SWITCH -> |____| |               |__||
                  |___|  ||                      ______|                ___|
                         ||                     | [13]                 |
                         ||                     |______                |
                         ||  ___                       |_______________|
                         ||_|   |_____
                         |__ [1] ___  ]
                            |___|   ||
    As you start, swim all the way to the end of the tunnel, ignoring where the
    room widens and you will find a place to swim down into. At the end of the
    tunnel is a metal lever switch. Pull it and when you swim back into the widened
    room, you can now surface for air. Head up and pull the switch, which opens the
    door into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Kill the crocodile and go up the stairs. Pull yourself up to the block and jump
    to the stone "hook" that juts out of the north wall. Jumping to the top of the
    hook (which is white, rather than green) triggers a dart trap, so jump to the
    green part if possible. Do a flat-footed jump to the other platform on the 
    north wall, then do a running jump to the alcove's ledge. Pull up to a switch
    which floods the place with water. Jump into the water head under the alcove
    ledge and find the floating block. Where that block once was, a niche housing
    a SMALL MEDI PACK is available. Climb up the floating block and head into the
    passageway, which is also filled with water. The first chance you can, swim
    down (rather than going the length of the passage) to find another metal lever
    switch which activates a current. Pull it and ride the stream down the /long/
    tunnel to the next room.
    ROOM #2
    Kill the hungry rat and climb up onto the block nearby. Do a running jump and
    catch the marble-white ledge. Pierre will show up, so return fire to make him
    flee. Once he's gone, head up the passage (or use the ledge you just jumped out
    from under to ascend) until you can spy a save point and an alcove with some
    goodies. Use the top of the support pillar to jump to the save point, and I
    would advise using it here if you want to go for the blade trap's items.
    The blade trap starts as you walk forward, but don't walk all the way to the
    edge or you'll get cut down. Walk one step away from the edge and jump in when
    comes right by you to find some SHOTGUN SHELLS in it. Jump back the same way
    you can, if the camera allows it...
    If you want SECRET #27, read on. The ledge by the blade faces one blue passage,
    but you don't want to jump to that one just yet. Jump to the other one and get
    in. Pierre should probably be there, but you can chase him away. Go down the
    path and you'll eventually find a drop-down point, where a croc will try to 
    make you his lunch. Take him out and go into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    The room is an ammo dump of three SHOTGUN SHELLS. That all? Right? Wrong. The
    three corners of the room have sensitive padding that, when all are pressed, a
    door swings open into SECRET #27. There are some tricky jumping you have to do,
    but the easiest way is to head in and stick Lara between where the two ground-
    -floor jumps are. Sidestep left into the forward-pointing ledge and sideflip
    onto the right decline. Hold down the jump button and Lara will automatically
    jump over and over until she finds a ledge with SHOTGUN SHELLS and a LARGE MEDI
    PACK. Head back the way you came until you get back to the blue corridors.
    ROOM #2
    Jump to the ledge with the blade by it, where the save point is/was. The blade
    will cut you down with ease, but you need to be specific when you jump here. 
    Wait for it to pass into the alcove to walk all the way to the edge, then jump
    back as soon as you can so you evade its sharp edges. When it starts to back
    into the alcove again, jump and catch the second blue ledge. Pull yourself up
    and head into an alcove overlooking Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Hang down and shimmy through the crack to find an alcove which leads to a flood
    switch. If you approach the switch, Secret #27's door closes, and you can't get
    it that way (or at all). Drop down once it's flooded and surface again. Dog-
    -paddle to the ledge at water-level and kill the rat. Swim down in the tunnel
    you find and you'll surface in Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    A lion attacks, so defeat it. In the stairway opposite the spikes, you can find
    a lever on the wall. Pull it to open a door somewhere, with items inside. Stand
    by the save point platform and kill the gorillas above. Save once they're dead,
    then pull up. Do a flat-footed jump to the ledge above the spikes into the door
    you just opened. Take the LARGE MEDI PACK and GOLD KEY. Jump out of the alcove
    diagonally so you don't hit your head and fall into the spikes. Go into the 
    room by the save point and use the GOLD KEY to raise some blocks. Take the
    SMALL MEDI PACK and head into Room #5.
    ROOM #5
    Find the push-block and push it forward (away from the doors) twice. A door
    will open to Room #6, and a gorilla will come out. Kill it and head in.
    ROOM #6
    ROOM #5
    Push the block forward twice again (same direction as before) and the door
    beside Room #6 will open as well as the one right by the block and up high. One
    gorilla to escape from Room #7. Kill 'em and enter.
    ROOM #7
    Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS. Go back to the block and jump up into the alcove
    with the crushing trap to enter Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Collect the LARGE MEDI PACK and the RUSTY KEY. Run back out into Room #5 and
    push the block directly away from the ledge twice. Kill all the rats and run
    into Room #9, which just opened.
    ROOM #9
    Take the SMALL MEDI PACK and move the block directly away from the wall, now,
    opening Door #10...nothing comes out! Yay. Head inside.
    ROOM #10
    IMMEDIATELY run into the alcove across from you to avoid being squashed by the
    boulders that come from both directions. Take the RUSTY KEY and the SMALL MEDI
    PACK from where the boulders passed by.
    ROOM #5
    Use the two RUSTY KEYs on the two-keyhole doorway. Save as it opens and jump
    to your left when the camera changes to the bottom view. To get SECRET #28, 
    when the camera shifts, jump to one of the directions and hold down the jump
    button and Lara will start jumping back and forth between the slanted ledges.
    You want her to land just right of the doorway you slide through (from the 
    bottom view). This will lead into Room #11.
    ROOM #11
    You'll need to hop on the breakable platforms to get the secret at the alcove
    far to the back of the room. As in the Colosseum, this is best (only?) accom-
    -plished by sideflips and such. Jump to the first platform, then left-flip,
    forward-jump thrice, right-flip, then jump into the alcove. Get the MAGNUM
    CLIPS and UZI CLIPS and return to the slide. Note: the 'secret' sound does not
    play until you get to the alcove. Good job on SECRET #28.
    Slide into Room #12.
    ROOM #12
    Swim past the crocodile to the far marble-white platform. Kill the crocodile,
    then enter the tunnel behind the platform. Follow the climbing course until you
    get to a sand-filled room with a gap that leads to water far below. Climb up
    the rock that slants to the water and jump off at the last second to reach 
    another platform (don't need to grab ledge). Climb up and pull the switch to
    open an underwater passage somewhere. Slide down into the water and swim until
    you are in the main room.
    Now where is that passage? It's in a tight nook to the right of the statued
    walkway. It opens into view when you face south, so follow it up into to a room
    with a switch and a save point. The switch opens the door by the statues, into
    Room #13.
    Swim back and approach the statues to have a centaur-like monster appear. It
    spits fireballs, but you can dodge them (on land) by side-flipping. Use your
    Magnums to take it out. Head into Room #13.
    ROOM #13
    There is a pedestal here and Pierre is waiting around for you. Use your Magnums
    to take him out because he's not that much of a fighter, just really good at
    disappearing... Once dead, he'll give up a SCION piece, a GOLD KEY, and, if you
    didn't have them already, some MAGNUMS! Funny, because his dead body is still
    holding his guns... You can use one of the four pillars around the pedestal to
    jump up to the ledge lining the room. Get the MAGNUM CLIPS and, by the keyhole,
    a LARGE MEDI PACK. Use the GOLD KEY to open a door by the pedestal. Another
    centaur will awaken if you go outside, but you don't need to go that way 'cause
    the level exit is the door you opened. See ya, Pierre!
    Lara will be shown inspecting some heiroglyphs and learning that Tihocan had
    no child and his knowledge has no heritage. Lara will try to put the two pieces
    of the Scion together and will have a brief vision of what happened in the 
    past. The pieces of the Scion were sent to different corners of the globe...
    | X. CITY OF KHAMOON                                                     CTK1 |
    N + S
      W                        [EXIT]
                             ____||______________________________    PASSAGE
                            | __  ______________________________ | <-EXAGGERATION
                            ||  ||                              ||____
    Secrets: 3 of 3         ||  ||      __________             |      |
                         ___||__||_____|   [3]    |            | [7]  |
                        |       |______           |            |__  __|
                        |       |    |_|  SECRET  |               ||_
                        |  [2]  |[4]  _ <- #30    |_              |_ |
                        |__   __|____| |_____  _____| <-- SECRET #29||
                           | |             __||_____________    ____||
                           |1|            |       __        |__| ____|
                           | |            |__[5]_|  |[6]     ___|
                           |_|        SECRET #31 -> |_______|
    ROOM #1
    This is the room you start out in. Follow the tunnel to a large gap in the
    floor, and safety-drop down to the block against the wall. Jump to the ledge
    across from the pillar and don't bother shimmying to the lever -- you can jump
    to it from that ledge. Pull the switch to open the door, then pull the push-
    -block within thrice. Go into the passage the block was in to find MAGNUM CLIPS
    and a SMALL MEDI PACK.
    Position the other push-block in the long alcove so that you can pull it over
    the top of the push-block you brought through the door. Push it [alcove block]
    to the wall and against the pillar that has the same markings. Climb up into
    Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Don't stop to admire the sphinx you see in the distance; a panther attacks you
    from the right. Kill it like you would any other feline and climb up onto the
    ledge you walked under to find a SMALL MEDI PACK and MAGNUM CLIPS. Quite a 
    score already, eh?
    Head into the sphinx area and find a ledge so you can kill the mummy that you
    find prancing around on all fours. Head into the little obelisk's pool to find
    MAGNUM CLIPS and...MAGNUM CLIPS! Surface by the obelisk foliage to find a small
    step you can use to get to a ledge. From there, get the SHOTGUN SHELLS on top
    of the obelisk.
    If you pull the block from in front of the sphinx, you find a key-locked door
    you can't get to just yet...but you can in one second. Climb up the front of
    the sphinx, drop-grab one of its sides and shimmy to its back where you can
    find a save point, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and a SAPHIRE KEY [sic]. Save when you've
    gotten the other two and head into the sphinx and unlock the door.
    When you get to the turn in the passageway, climb up onto one of the ledges and
    jump to the SMALL MEDI PACK. Jump to the ledge beside it and a panther will in
    your gunsights. Kill it and take the corridor by the locked gate. Another 
    panther will spring at you, and then you'll be back in Room #2, just behind a
    high fence. Run past the save point to Room #3, kill the crocodile from the
    ledge, then save, dropping into the room.
    ROOM #3
    SECRET #29 is in a small corridor with a slope in front of it, left to the
    cat statue in the middle of the room. Do a running jump into it to find MAGNUM
    CLIPS and a LARGE MEDI PACK. The slope that leads to a locked door will drop a
    rolling boulder at you when you try to approach, so flip out of the way before
    you become a pavement stain. Also, make sure you grab the LARGE MEDI PACK that
    is in a tunnel underneath the platform you entered the room on.
    Nothing to do here now but go into the pool. Swim into the passage to find a
    metal lever that opens the door right near it. Swim into Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    A crocodile will be in here, so surface as quickly as you can. Once above water
    you can grab the ledge right above the platform to be in front of the door the
    boulder dropped in front of. Push the movable block twice towards the save
    point, then do a flat-footed jump to the ledge. Climb up to the highest space
    in the room and you'll find a hole in the ceiling with a save point in it. Pull
    it to make a large gold platform extend out of the wall. You can save now, but
    you can save yourself some time by pushing the block as far as you can parallel
    to the save point, then use it to jump to the next ledge with a pushblock. Move
    that block, then go back to the save point because a mummy will be there, ready
    to eat your face.
    Kill the mummy and get into the room where it was, which is above the gated
    passage from Room #2 to #3. Pull the switch to open a golden door, and that
    opens a trapdoor above the extended block in Room #4. Use the pushblock to
    jump onto the golden extended part, then vault up into the highest point of
    the room. Pull the switch to make the floor around Room #3's cat statue swing
    You can exit onto the roof which overlooks Room #3. Hang over the edge by the
    white statue to get SECRET #30's ringing, and drop down (you'll lose health)
    to the UZI CLIPS. You will have to do all of Room #4's climbing procedures 
    over if you get this secret, and you'll have to run away from the boulder if
    you didn't trigger it already (which you should have!).
    If you come back here after getting the secret, you can find a small ledge that
    is level with the white statue's platform. Jump to it and walk slowly to the
    MAGNUM CLIPS so you don't slide down, then slide down to the SMALL MEDI PACK.
    Do a running jump to the next rocky, jutting platform (flatfoot = freefall),
    then jump onto the roof to get some more MAGNUM CLIPS. Kill the croc and drop
    down into Room #5, through the trapdoors.
    ROOM #5
    Drop into the room via the platform, then jump to the side of it to find a 
    passage with a hole and some MAGNUM CLIPS in a mini-alcove to the side. If you
    go to the other room, you'll find a two-prong passageway that leads to some
    spikes. Do not go this way (even though there is a crack you can grab if you
    happen to fall victim to it which can be used to go to safety).
    ROOM #6
    Head down the hole near the clips you got. When you come out by the save point,
    find the niche in the wall right by it and pull the switch. Back in Room #3, a
    floor panel will have fallen through. Kill the panthers and use the save point.
    By the cat statue right by the save point, you can climb up into an alcove to
    You can try to jump to the middle pillar and ledges, but you'll fail; safety-
    -drop down. Two more panthers will come out of the door (auto-opens), so blow
    them away. Use the pillar by the newly-opened door to climb up to a ledge. Use
    the rope bridge to get access to the middle pillar's ledges and jump to the cat
    statue you find and pull up to SECRET #31, some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Kill the two
    extra panthers if you haven't already and enter the first room you opened, to
    get a LARGE MEDI PACK; in the room opposite it, there is a SMALL MEDI PACK.
    Use the pillar to climb up and take the passageway by the rope bridge. At the
    end is a room with a mummy, and a higher ledge that leads to the room above.
    This is Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    Kill the mummy and jump into the passageway which takes you to the room above.
    From there, use the passage to reach the passage that you came into from the
    sphinx's path. You'll be at the top of the room now. Do flat-footed jumps to
    the MAGNUM CLIPS, then jump to the ledge switch and pull it to drop the sand
    from Room #7 into its lower part. Head back and slide down. Make your way back
    up to the upper portion of Room #7. Climb the pillar and take the SAPHIRE KEY
    (yes, it's spelled wrong again) and drop down into the passageway accessible
    from the top of the sand mound.
    Head in and use the SAPHIRE KEY, then enter to put the level behind you.
    | XI. OBELISK OF KHAMOON                                                 BLK1 |
      _________________    _______
     |    _________     \ |       |             N
     |[8] ;;;;;;;;;| [9]|_| [10]  |           W + E
     |____|      ;;|__________  __|             S
                 ;;           ||
             __________     [EXIT]
            |          |
            |    [5]   |
            |__  _____ |    ______ _____
    ___   _____||_____||   | [2]  | [3] |
       | |       ;;    |   |__  __|_  __|
       |_|       ;;    |      ||____||__
    [7] _     [4];;    |     |          |_____
       | |             |_____|           ___ _|
       | |             __   _  [1]      |___| |
    ___| |_  _________| _| | |           _____|
           || START -> |___| |____  ____|\\
         _/  \_____              |___ |   ||
        |          |                  ||__|| <- TO ROOM #4 (NOT ROOM #1)
        |   [6]    |                  |____|
    As you come into the passageway, pull yourself up on the left edge and head 
    into the corridor. Head into Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    There are four push-blocks in the room as you enter: two on your left, and two
    on the wall ahead. Turn left and pull out the first block out to reveal a water
    passage. Jump in and head into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    Swim to your left and head along the sunken structure to find a pull-up point
    by a save point. Kill the crocodile that's probably tailing you now. Jump into
    the center pool and find a SMALL MEDI PACK at the very bottom in a niche. You
    can also find a SAPHIRE KEY (spelled wrong...again) in one of the corners of
    the underwater structure, by the pull-up point. Take the MAGNUM CLIPS that are
    on the bottom of the pool outside of the center pool and exit back to the push-
    -blocks' room.
    ROOM #2
    Dislodge the push-block by the one to Room #2. Slide down into the sandy room
    below and kill the panther. Pull the switch to open a door above. Start your
    climbing course and find a SMALL MEDI PACK on the little ledge. Climb all the
    way until you can jump into the door you opened. You can drop down from here,
    but if you jump to the ledge lining the little room, you can find MAGNUM CLIPS
    behind the door. Tricky-tricky! Drop down to land back in Room #1's passage.
    ROOM #1
    Ignore the block on the east wall nearest Room #2's pushblock as there isn't
    anything but a panther there. There is a SMALL MEDI PACK in the room beyond the
    fourth push-block, though. Once gotten, return to Room #1 and exit to the 
    passage you initially came down. Use the SAPHIRE KEY in the slot to open a
    wall corridor in Room #1. Use a push-block to get up there. Before you use the
    save point, get out your magnums and head into Room #4 and kill the mummy. Save
    and re-enter.
    ROOM #4
    Once the mummy is dead, head down the room and take the left niche to find a
    spot overlooking the large obelisk room. Pull the lever to make a walkway drop
    in the right niche and walk over it to the obelisk, taking the EYE OF HORUS
    piece you find.
    Jump into the water around the obelisk and get the MAGNUM CLIPS and the SHOTGUN
    SHELLS on the dry land. You may also notice the locked door by the Saphire Key
    slot is now open, letting you connect to Room #1. To the north, by the gray 
    blocks placed in a sequence, you can find a slide down. Use it to get to Room
    ROOM #5
    Before you enter, plink away at the two panthers from a safe distance. The
    little stairway is the beginning of another climbing course. Don't climb across
    the room because that just leads to a place where you can drop down into two
    mummies' room. Climb higher on the stairs' edge wall and you can eventually
    jump across the room to a LARGE MEDI PACK. The slide takes you into the mummy
    room, so don't take that way. Climb onto the heiroglyph-covered structure and
    do a series of running jumps back to the stairs' edge wall. Climb up the gray
    pillar. Climb up from there and jump across the room until you get to a save
    crystal. Use it (did I need to tell you that?) and jump to the gold-tinged
    platform that leads to the golden pillars you see above. A mummy will come from
    your right, happy as a lark. Once the coast is clear, pull the switch. Go to 
    the greenery hanging by the edge and hang off yourself, dropping to a SMALL 
    MEDI PACK and two spoils of MAGNUM CLIPS.
    ROOM #1
    You can get SECRET #32 if you jump to the top of the obelisk from the pillars,
    netting you some SHOTGUN SHELLS and a SMALL MEDI PACK. Score! Look north and
    downwards to see a silver statue, like the one you saw in the previous level.
    Do a running jump and land on the ledge behind it to get SECRET #33, some UZI
    CLIPS (x 2) and a LARGE MEDI PACK. If you're low in health, heal beforehand so
    you don't end up dying -- you do take some health damage from the fall. Do a
    running jump from there and land on the first bridge you lowered. From there,
    you can jump to the newly-downed bridge and get the ANKH.
    Go into the gated area behind you and use it to jump to the west side of the
    room. Take the LARGE MEDI PACK and pull the switch at the top of the stair.
    Jump down to the lining the wall (lower than switch) and jump to it. Enter the
    south room.
    ROOM #6
    As you enter, head left and climb up to the crack. Hang off, go through the
    crack, and climb up the ledge above you. SECRET #33 is a LARGE MEDI PACK and
    some MAGNUM CLIPS. There are some SHOTGUN SHELLS as a reward if you choose to
    use the three ledges to get them. From the second ledge, drop down and you can
    come back out by the crack via some stairs. Head back through the crack to the
    entrance. Use the "stair" pillars that head down to the bottom of the room.
    From the last stair, drop down then jump right back up as two mummies make 
    their last appearance. Climb back to the crack and use the stairway to come out
    between the first and second ledges you used to jump to the shotgun shells. 
    Drop down and shimmy through the crack there, then drop down at the end. Shimmy
    on the next ledge and fall to a platform in sight of a save point. Running-jump
    to it and go outside to the gated area to pull the 3rd artifact's lever. Save
    the game after this and take the route you used (shimmying) to get out, or jump
    down and climb the mummy-less room. If you didn't kill the mummies, you'll have
    quite the time trying to make a run for it, I guarantee. =p
    ROOM #4
    Straight ahead you can take the SCARAB from the third fallen bridge. Jump by
    the switch and enter Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    Climb up the stairs and do a running jump to catch the crack along the room.
    At the end is a platform which leads to a slide below. Safety-drop down, and
    enter the passage right there to find a switch. This changes the slide you just
    saw into stairs. Climb up the stairs and you'll hear a mummy on the ledge above
    you. Kill it and press the both switches to open a door in that room and to
    lower the fourth and last bridge in Room #4. A door to Room #4 opens, but that
    way is a hassle and a hazard to get down.
    Go back the way you came, down the stairs and jump to the blue platform at the
    base of the slide (used to be stairs). Exit out into Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    You can get the SEAL OF ANUBIS easily from here, opening the underwater door
    at the base of the obelisk. Jump into the water and head down the passage,
    collecting the MAGNUM CLIPS, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and the SMALL MEDI PACK. Head up
    to Room #8's pool.
    ROOM #8
    Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS and SMALL MEDI PACK...and MAGNUM CLIPS lying at the
    bottom of the pool. Climb up and give the mummy a goodbye present of pistol
    slugs. Save and run into Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    Kill the mummy before dropping in, then leave via the side "stair" pillars
    after taking the LARGE MEDI PACK on one side of room.
    ROOM #10
    You'll be back in the City of Khamoon's first room now, by the sphinx. Put the
    SCARAB, EYE OF HORUS, ANKH, and SEAL OF ANUBIS into the obelisk's receptacles
    to open a large set of doors you previously couldn't before. They're located
    by where you dropped into the room, so take them to exit the level.
    | XII. SANCTUARY OF THE SCION                                            STS1 |
    ;;  = Subterranean path
    [4] = Level Exit
                  __   ____________
                 |3 |_|             \
                 |____               |
                _|[4] |              |
              _| _____| [1]          |
    START -> |_  _____  ;;           |
               |__;;;;;;;;_____      |
                     __||     _|     |
                    |2___|   |_______|
    Start the lever by heading through the doors that open. Head up the stairs to
    find two mummies galloping towards you. Spare a few Magnum bullets to explode
    'em. Pick up the MAGNUM CLIPS in the room beyond. Vault up the ceiling to come
    out the back of a sphinx's head.
    ROOM #1
    Yeah, this place is big. Climb the wall right in front of you and pull up to
    a LARGE MEDI PACK; get down afterwards. You'll have to contend with a mummy
    when you reach the bottom level, so get down onto the sphinx' shoulders and
    snipe at it until it's dead. Drop down and get the MAGNUM CLIPS in front of
    a locked heiroglyph door. On the left side (from where you entered) of the 
    sphinx, you can find another set of MAGNUM CLIPS by a heiroglyph door.
    Time for another climbing course. Head to the cliff wall across from the 
    sphinx and you'll find a way to climb by its left paw (looking at the wall).
    You'll soon find a crack to shimmy across to another pillar. Pull up at the
    end and you'll be at the highest place on the rock wall. Do some jumps and keep
    an eye out for slanted ledges between the platforms, as they'll give you a nice
    trip down to the floor. Do a running jump to the MAGNUM CLIPS platform. Once 
    you make it across, use the save point and pull the switch to open the door by
    where you found the magnum clips at the back of the sphinx. A large flying
    monster will appear, and explode once it's done -- watch out!
    From the ledge you can spy a small platform with SHOTGUN SHELLS on it. Do a
    running jump to it (make sure you don't fall off setting up the jump) and
    take them. Do another running jump and grab another platform that has SHOTGUN
    SHELLS on it. From there, do a flat-foot jump-and-grab to the next platform,
    then safety drop down to the lower flat one. You can make it to the floor from
    there. As you near the destination door, a mummy will appear, and you know how
    to deal with them.
    ROOM #2
    Slide down the decline backwards and catch the edge. Sidle onto the platform
    and get the MAGNUM CLIPS. Climb up the large stairway and take the ramp at the
    top of the stair to find a slide down into a watery cavern. Swim down and get
    the GOLD KEY, then use the branch-stairway to go back up to the slide. This 
    time, jump at the end and grab the overarching bridge and pull up. Use the
    GOLD KEY in the camouflaged keyhole, then head across the bridge to the door.
    Kill the centaur-thing that's inside and get the ANKH and SMALL MEDI PACK. Jump
    down to the water-level stairway and climb back to Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    The ANKH can be put on top of the sphinx right now, but you can wait for a
    while, right? When you exit out of the second room, head alongside the sphinx
    and turn right, into the corner of the room with steep sand and vertical blocks
    sticking out of them. Do running jumps and follow the natural height order to
    get up by a save point and a crusher trap. Save and head through the trap to
    the SMALL MEDI PACK. Run across the platform that lines the wall and take care,
    because there is a drop that is camouflaged and that's all you need to die. 
    Good thing you saved, right?
    Go to the switch, which opens a door by a save point somewhere... I'll tell you
    where in a sec, but first you have to kill the flying creature that zooms in on
    you. Get back to the long, flat platform as the heights are treacherous and it
    can push you around...or off. Once it's dead, you can jump to a small jutting
    platform by the save point with a LARGE MEDI PACK on it, and jump back the same
    You'll have to get down the same way. Go back to the ledge you used the pillar
    to get up to and safety-drop down to it. Running-jump to the pillar, and do the
    same thing to the ledge on the wall. From there, you can simply slide down.
    To get to the newly-opened door by the save point, you need to climb the cliff
    wall in front of the sphinx once again and jump past the switch to where the
    shotgun shells were. Jump once more, then do a flat-footed jump and catch the
    next small ledge. Safety-drop down, jump across the sloped rock, then climb the
    sandy-colored blocks to a corner. At the top of the corner, you'll be facing
    the sphinx's left side. Jump to the right opening and climb up to the save
    point and door. Congrats! I would have felt bad if you died at that last jump.
    Head into the alcove to find Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Go under the structure and push the block out into the small walkway. You'll
    find another centaur-like creature. Magnum it out of existence and go collect
    the ANKH and SMALL MEDI PACK. Head back to Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    As you exit, slide down to your right to be back behind the sphinx body. Use
    the 'stump' sticking up to do a running jump onto the ledge on the back of the
    sphinx' head. Climb up and put in the first ANKH in the notch on top of its
    head. CAREFULLY jump onto the ledge on its face and put in ANKH number two, 
    which opens the door at the base of the structure. Save the game and go for
    SECRET #34, which is...THE UZIS! Peek off the head and look for something that
    is floating in mid-air...well, actually, on an invisible block. Climb off the
    sphinx' face ledge and onto its "hat" (for lack of a better word), which is
    far nearer. Position Lara so she's looking at it, take a jump backwards and do
    a running jump to it. You should land right on it. Take the UZIS and two UZI
    CLIPS and pat yourself on the back.
    Kill the two flying creatures before they knock your block off. The UZIS speed
    up this process tremendously.
    Now...how do you get down? You need to do a running jump and grab to the cliff
    wall, which you previously traversed to get to the second ANKH door. Jump and
    grab, safety-drop down, etcetera...you'll land at the bottom of the floor one
    way or another. ;)
    Head into the hole beneath the sphinx...and drop down into the water! The two
    sparkling objects sitting on the statues are SHOTGUN SHELLS and UZI CLIPS. 
    Between the legs of the jackal-faced statue is a pathway to a door and a metal
    lever switch. Pull it to be sucked into the room beyond, then surface into the
    dry room. Climb the heiroglyph'd pillar and do a flat-footed jump to the next
    pillar. Do a running jump to the ledge that lines the wall and sticks out to-
    -wards your current pillar. A flying creature can be seen flying around the
    dry room. Slide down if you want to waste uzi ammo, but you can snipe at it
    until its life's exhausted. Slide down and use the save point on the ledge.
    Do a safety drop to the ledge between the large statues, then do a running jump
    to the jackal-faced statue's ledge. Climb up to its head and on the side by the
    wall, slide down and you will eventually land right by the switch. I took some
    fall damage here, so have your health filled up.
    The switch opens a door at the base of the other statue, so jump into the water
    and swim into it. Surface in the room and run up the sandy ledge, and follow it
    up the twists until you get some MAGNUM CLIPS. Up the path are some more of the
    MAGNUM CLIPS, and at the end, a save point and the a SCARAB. The gate by it
    opens as you take it, and you will be back in the passage before Room #1, where
    you fought the two mummies previously.
    There will now be a centaur-like creature and two mummies here to keep you
    company, so break 'em in two and head to the other locked gate and use the
    SCARAB. Once they have ceased to exist, pick up the MAGNUM CLIPS (x 2) and,
    when the gate is open, the MAGNUM CLIPS and LARGE MEDI PACK.
    Climb the ledge in the wall to enter Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    As you run through the room, someone will be firing at you. Pierre, is that 
    you? Nope...it's Larson this time. Seems like he didn't get enough pain back in
    the Tomb of Qualopec. Put some Magnum lead into his face and head into the li'l
    branching path to the right and up the stairs. You'll receive the third SCION
    piece! The level ends! Yayayayay!
    However, the celebration is cut short. As Lara walks into the sunlight, some of
    Natla's goons rob her of the Scion pieces. Natla takes them and orders them to
    kill Lara, but Lara dives into the water and makes her escape. As Natla's car
    drives off, Lara tails them in a motorcycle to the water. Using her quick wits,
    Lara drives off a ramp and lands on the boat, leaving her motorcycle to sink.
    As the enemies ponder the cause of the noise, Lara climbs onto the boat and 
    hides in the hold, then takes a nap. She wakes up hearing Natla and her two
    friends taking off in a boat. She jumps overboard after them, to an island she
    has never seen before...
    | XIII. NATLA'S MINES                                                    NTM1 |
                              ||    _____
                        ______||___| ____|
                       | _____ [1] _|
                       || | __    |
                       || ||| |_  |
                       || |||   ||
                     __||_|_| __||__
                    |[3]     |  [2] | __________                     ____
                    |__  ____|__  __||        _ |;                __|    |_
                     __||____   ||___| [5]   |_||;            ___| _ [8]  _[EXIT]
                  ==| [4]    |  |_________    __|;     ____  |    | |____|
                  = |__  ____|            |  |  ;;  __|[7] | ||__|
                  =====||                 |  |  ;; | _     | ||
                       ||__        _______|  |  ;; || |    | ||
                     __||_ |      |SECRET_   |  ;;_||_|_  _| ||
                    | __| ||      |__ 36| |  | |      | ||___||
            FUSE -> ||____||          ||  |  | | [6]  | |_____|
                    |______|          ||  |  |_| _____|
                                      ||  |_____|
    ROOM #1
    No guns...but at least you have your clips and medi-packs! ;____;
    As you start, head to the waterfall and surface behind it. Look to your left
    to find a switch. Go back to the lagoon by the waterfall and pull up by the big
    red crates, near where the boat is docked. Head down the tunnel to Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    There is a red box between a ledge and a wall you can pull out, revealing a
    tunnel (surprise!) behind it. Run in, past the door you opened with the w'fall
    switch and pull the next switch, which opens another door further up the w'fall
    passage. Go back there.
    ROOM #1
    Go through the door you just opened to be at the top of Room #1. Jump to the
    ledge and careful not to get stiff-armed by the railing. Follow the winding
    tunnel to Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Lara's attention'll get stuck on a raised building, but ignore it for now. Grab
    the LARGE MEDI PACK on the ground and go into Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    Move the red box wedged in a corner parallel to the building and wall, twice
    then once towards the building. Jump onto the building and break the tile, then
    do a soft drop into it. Head up the passage until you find a right niche with a
    switch (/poet). Pull it to make the boat in the waterfall room move away from
    the dock. Slide down and (hopefully) land on the box.
    Find the locked mine door in this room and it will open for you, then close 
    behind you. Advance slowly and let the boulder go across the tracks. There is
    a second boulder on a down-sloping ledge parallel to you, but it can't hit you
    unless you pull up onto it. There is a pressure pad that triggers this boulder
    if you pass a certain part of the tracks, whether its by hanging or walking.
    When you get to the first candy-cane type obstruction, pull up and hang on the
    ledge (don't pull up). Shimmy thrice until you're over the break in the tracks,
    then pull up and the stone won't fall. Head down to where it usually rests and
    enter the path to get a FUSE. Use the save point and enter the passage. Two
    boulders will fall at different times here, so let the first pass and hide in
    the off-slope corner. Lure the second one out, too, and head up, then drop down
    into the first boulder's path of movement (it's already triggered and won't be
    able to roll on you). Pull up and enter the passage at the top of the high-up
    boulder's ledge and exit back into Room #4.
    Head to Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    Climb up the boat and jump to the red boxes. Climb up to find a tunnel lined
    with the words 'NATLA'. Narcissist much? Find the Natla crate that's all broken
    and grayed and pull it out, then push it clear of the passage behind it. Pull
    out the second Natla crate and do the same thing to find a switch. Pull it to
    make a drill in Room #2 move out of the mine tunnel. Go there.
    ROOM #2
    Push the Natla crate out and into a small room. Instead of going down the path
    behind the crate, mount the crate and climb up into the ceiling. Pick up the 
    UZI CLIPS and pull the switch, then drop down and head into the ignored tunnel
    behind the crate. Head into Room #5 to get the second FUSE, then leave again,
    back to Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    After making your waterfall climb, head into the lefthand passage by one of the
    boarded-up buildings. Head into the small room beyond and find the passage with
    the open wooden door, which leads to a switch. The conveyor belt will move for
    a moment and drop the last FUSE at the end. Pick it up and go back to Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Go up to the office and take the MAGNUM CLIPS. Put all three FUSEs in the wall
    to drop the building the crane has. Go inside the building to reclaim your two
    trusty PISTOLS, then save. Gone are the days where monsters did not roam the
    dungeons... Climb the lowered building when you're ready and do a running jump-
    -and-grab to the wall corridor.
    If you want SECRET #35, jump up to the mostly-hidden right passageway above you
    when you've just jumped into the wall space. Run towards the timed wooden door
    and slide down...TO A LAVA PIT! Oh no! Jump before you become burnt Lara and
    keep jumping and backflipping on the two slanted ledges that point to the lava
    pit. Eventually, the trapdoor will close (silently) and you can use it to jump
    to a LARGE MEDI PACK, UZI CLIPS, and a door switch to leave again. Take the
    corridor back to the waterfall room, now, and drop down to the save point. Save
    and head to Room #5, where you go the second fuse.
    ROOM #5
    The cowboy goon from before will be here to shoot it out with you. Pah! Let's
    rearrange his face. You'll only have the pistols, of course, so this fight will
    take a bit longer than usual. Use your healthy amount of medi-packs to heal and
    make sure you don't fall into any lava pits. If you keep your distance and just
    keep shooting, you'll find his aim slacks quite a bit. Once the cowboy's bitten
    the dust, take your MAGNUMS back from him. Odd how his magnums are white and 
    they turn black when you take 'em.
    By where the cowboy started out, you can drop down off the side to a ledge with
    a save point. Hang off the side of that ledge with your back to the lava, then
    drop and catch the ledge directly below the save point. Steal the SMALL MEDI
    PACK and use the crack until it ends. You can find another crack parallel to
    the lava stream, and use that until the end, too.
    Across the stream is another crack. A standing jump won't make it, so do a 
    running jump-and-grab to shimmy across (using the crack or the top of the crack
    which can be grabbed also). Follow the corridor to come out a little downriver
    by a lava spout. Stay clear of the lava spray or you'll lose health.
    Jump to the flat rock past the spout and under the cliff to come to another
    jumping course, this time with lava below. Do a running jump to the platform
    that isn't slanted (duh!), then do another running jump to the middle one. If
    you want SECRET #36, you can turn north and find a block at the end of a long
    mine track. Quickly push the block in as there is a boulder rolling towards
    you. You pushed the box in front of a ceiling hole, so once the box is moved,
    you can jump up to a LARGE MEDI PACK and UZI CLIPS. Take a side-passage and 
    drop down onto the mine track to get UZI CLIPS, a LARGE MEDI PACK, and your ol'
    trusty SHOTGUN back. To return back, climb back up from the mine tracks and use
    the drop-down point in the first treasure room.
    Back in the lava room, use the look button to find which ledge is slanted and
    which is not and jump accordingly. Once you make it across the pillars, you
    can come to a corridor with a little slide. You'll land by a lava pool, so do
    a standing jump and emerge by some TNT crates. 
    ROOM #6
    There is a old battered crate in the corner, which can be pulled. Do so, and
    move it into the adjacent room (straight ahead from doorway) by the debris.
    From the box top, jump up to a room with a save point in it. Use it and climb
    up the ledge at the top, then jump to the left or right flat spot siding the
    lava pit. A boulder will roll into the lava when you make the jump, and can 
    kill you if you're close enough. Jump into the ledge that leads back to Room
    ROOM #5
    That switch that was out of reach can now be operated. Get the MAGNUM CLIPS in
    front of it and switch it on, to destroy the TNT crate you moved. Head back to
    Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    The explosive crate paved a way through the cave-in, so head into Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    This room is filled with pale-colored pillars. There's nothing here except
    for...the backwards-hat punk! He rides a skateboard and comes from the right,
    and he's got your uzis. Put a few magnum bullets in his brain base until he
    dies, or shotgun him until you can paint the floor red. Take back your UZIS
    when bails. Collect the UZI CLIPS (x 2) you can find around the room. By one
    of the clips, you can find a water pit. Jump in and swim to find SECRET #37, 
    UZI CLIPS, a SMALL MEDI PACK, and a LARGE MEDI PACK. To exit, you have to 
    surface in the passage to the room, but not where you jumped in. Follow the
    passage back out, then leave the room via the save point passage.
    Further on is a wide passage where three boulders fall down. The first is in
    the middle, so head left. The second lands on the right, and the third lands
    on the left. You can easily dodge them if you know their paths. The passageway
    to the left will have another boulder, which you can trigger by walking around
    in the room before.
    Head into the passage and climb up, entering a small room with a climbing
    course. Climb into the sand-colored room and push in the discolored block. Once
    in the next room, head right and climb up into the ceiling to find a second
    discolored block. Push it into a third room and drop down into the hole, where
    there is another block. Pull this one then go back to the first sand-colored
    room, then push the block in further.
    There will be a side niche with a save point, a door, and a switch. Pull the
    switch but don't save yet. Head up to the 2nd room and go through the open 
    door and down the stairs. Push the block once and find the switch in the left
    alcove. Head back to the first room and save, then enter to Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    The black man who robbed your "lunchbox" of the Scion will be here, and will
    be usin' your shotgun. Of course, you can use your Uzis to take him out fast,
    but your magnums will work to the same effect. Stay out of shotgun range and
    waste your clips on him. This guy is probably the easiest of the three due to
    his gun range. =p
    Take his shotgun (you may already have one, but...) and head to the pyramid's
    entrance. You can't enter yet, but you can vault up (Up + X) the flat part of
    its awning. Do the jumps up the flat part of the pyramid, all the way up, then
    jump as far as you can to the wall. You'll slide down into a flat part by a
    cliff entrance where there's a switch. Open it then head back to the sand-
    -colored blocks. There are three entrances now: the one you entered the room
    through, the one that was by a switch you already pulled, and one right across
    from it. Enter that [third] one and take the LARGE MEDI PACK and PYRAMID KEY.
    Use the key at the pyramid to open the exit. Cowboy... Skateboarder... Shotgun
    Guy... We hardly knew ye.
    A scene will play where Natla uses the Scion and the top of the island's mount
    blows off to reveal a pyramid...
    | XIV. ATLANTIS                                                          ATL1 |
                           |  [1]   | 
                       ____|        |_____                ____||_____________     
                      | ___         |[7]| |              |  _ [2]  _________ |    
                      |________  ___|____||              | | |____|         ||
                           ;;;;||   |     |             |   | ||_||______  _||_
                           ;; _||___| [6] |             |[8]| |__||__    ||    |
                       ____;;| [2] _______|    ____     |_  |  ___\\ |[10]|    |
                      |   ________|_________  |[13]|      ||__|   || |_  ||[11]|
                     |[3]|        \________ | | ___|      |___ [9]||  |________|
                     |  _| _____ <- SECRET #38||   _____      |____|
                      ||__|     |_ ________|| ||__|     |_________
                      |___  [4]  _|  [5]  __| |___  [12] _______  |
                          |_______|      |        |_____|  _____| |
                                  |______|                |[2] ___|
    |[14]  __ [13]|
    |  ___|  |____|
    |    |
    ROOM #1
    Take the UZI CLIPS and head into the room proper. This room contains a bunch
    of...err, eggs, like the one you may have seen when Natla activated the Scion.
    Not all eggs will break, luckily. As you enter, a monster will come out to the
    left, and can be silenced with a few magnum shots. Like all these types, it
    explodes upon death. The first on the right breaks open, too, revealing the
    same type of baddie. Same goes for last on the left.
    At the end of the room, take the UZI CLIPS and veer left to a closed door. It
    opens when you approach, taking you up to the top of the room. Get the SMALL
    MEDI PACK in the corner, and head to the bridge on that side. A flying enemy
    will break out of an egg and you can snipe at it easily as it turns around in
    the air. Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS on the middle, translucent walkway. After that,
    another egg busts open to reveal another quick-moving ground-walker, so deal
    with it in the same manner as the rest (it goes up the stairs to you).
    In an alcove on the second level, is a switch. Pull it to open another door
    with a switch opposite your position. The last door on the upper level will now
    be open. Go into it, throw the switch, and the last door on the lower level
    will open. Follow the stairs down to the first level again and kill the runner
    enemy and the flier, too.
    Head into Room #2.
    ROOM #2
    This room will have lava in it. Kill the flying monster and hang down from the
    edge of your platform. Catch the ledge directly beneath and enter the passage
    to get UZI CLIPS, MAGNUM CLIPS, and LARGE MEDI PACK. Follow the passage out to
    drop by Room #2's other corridor. SECRET #37's path lets you evade some bladed
    doors, also, so there's no reason not to take it. Head into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    There will be another egg here, over the lava. You can't exit to the opposite
    ledge with a door from here, so you'll need to use the crack. Jump to it 
    flat-footedly from as far back as you can to reach it. Hang, drop down and 
    catch the ledge underneath it. Pull the switch in the corridor to open the
    door in the main room. Climb up the rocky ledges to get UZI CLIPS (x 2). Jump
    back out of the niche onto the walkway. 
    Run and catch the ledge with the door, and the egg below will hatch. You can
    leave it behind, if you're feeling kind-hearted. Head down the passage to the
    save point and Room #4.
    ROOM #4
    Climb up to the pillar and jump to the first discolored section of the slope
    (make note of the spikes if you miss, too). A boulder will roll down at you
    when you first make contact, so jump to the second discolored section. You can
    do a running jump to the lower section in front of the rest of the spikes, but
    I recommend a running jump to the next one over, which you can easily make.
    From the last discolored spot, face up the slope. You can spy flat spots that
    are not discolored. They go like this:
        [X]        The "X" spaces are flat and "D" is the discolored one you are
      [X]          one, looking up the slope. Make the easy standing jumps to the
    [X]            ledge the last "X" leads to and SECRET #38, a LARGE MEDI PACK
      [D]          and MAGNUM CLIPS, are right there for the taking. Oh, and UZI
    Slide down along the wall and make a running jump-'n'-grab to the opposite
    ledge, just above water level. Head along the south wall and do a running jump
    to the ledge with the LARGE MEDI PACK. Do the same jump to the next nearest
    ledge and pull up into a niche with UZI CLIPS (x 2) and a switch. Activate it
    and get back in the water. Find the underwater metal switch on the south side
    and pull it. You'll need to make it across the ledges of the long slope and
    to the other side where the door is (I timed it at just under 45 seconds). Of
    course, if you skip the third discolored platform and the last one, since you
    can jump right down to the door, this is easy as pie. Head into Room #5 when
    you're done.
    ROOM #5
    The door will lock you in, but don't worry about it. Do a running jump-and-grab
    to the lowest pillar of the ones bunched together over the lava rocks (don't go
    down there...). You _have_ to jump to this one, as the others are out of reach.
    Follow the pillars up and jump into the alcove with a save point. Head up the
    passage and leap over the spike pit, then jump into the water to come to a li'l
    Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS, pull the metal switch on the wall, and head through the
    door it opens to a surfacing point. 
    ROOM #2
    Watch out for the crush trap that activates as you run through to the ledge.
    Run out and take the two UZI CLIPS and start gunning at the flying monster. Be
    prepared to jump back through the crush trap so you don't get knocked into the
    lava. Once the bird's gone the way of the dodo, do a running jump to the next
    (only) ledge you see on the same wall. Take the double dose of UZI CLIPS and
    run into the watery passage to Room #6.
    ROOM #6
    Surface here to find four eggs on the walls above you. Take the UZI CLIPS pair
    in the alcove across from the shiny switch. There are three doors underwater 
    that are locked. By the save point, throw the middle and left switches, then 
    on the side with the uzi clips alcove, throw the left one. When all doors are
    open, kill any errant enemies and jump in, swimming to another corridor that
    is all fleshy-colored. Before you enter, head into the right niche to find a
    switch. Pull it to open the door into Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    Get two UZI CLIPS and a boulder will roll down on the other side of the room,
    blocking a passage. You'll be locked in here, too. Pull the push-block out and
    move it in front of the slope the boulder usually rolls down. Head into the
    fleshy-like side-passage and go through until you can come to the niche and the
    switch again. The trap will replay again when you enter, but the boulder will
    be impeded by the push-block. Enter the passage beyond to arrive in Room #2
    ROOM #2
    You'll be higher up this time. Kill the flying monster and do a running jump
    to the passageway's ledge. Save when you can and enter Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    The two eggs in the room will break open as you enter. Kill the flying monsters
    and slide down, aiming for the two fleshy-colored strips among the three brown-
    -colored strips. Jump over the spike pit to them and collect the LARGE MEDI 
    PACK, pair of UZI CLIPS, and SHOTGUN SHELLS. Head down the pulsating passage to
    Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    Kill the flying enemy that comes from the ceiling and grab the UZI CLIPS on the
    fleshy bridge across the lava. On the egg's wall, jump to the platform indented
    in the wall, then to the small one by the egg. The egg'll break, so kill the
    flyin' enemy. Go up the passage and collect the UZI CLIPS, then jump to the
    part of the fleshy bridge that looks like a spider web and sticks out a little
    towards you. Jump there and kill the two galloping beasts in a passage on the
    same wall you just jumped from.
    Jump from the fleshy bridge to the other side of the room (there is a drop-down
    point, as part of the bridge skirts the top of the lava). Pull the switch on 
    one end of that wall, then jump the little slope to get to a push-block. Pull
    and head through to be at the other end of the bridge, by the crusher trap. Go
    through and kill the two beasts if you haven't. Jump to that passage and pull
    Lara up the stone ledges to a SMALL MEDI PACK and some UZI CLIPS. You'll be 
    back in Room #2 at the end.
    ROOM #2
    Kill the flying monster and do a running jump to your only contemporary ledge.
    Run through the door and come to Room #10.
    ROOM #10
    Save the game and jump to the ledge on the same wall as the save crystal was.
    Jump into the niche and pull the switch, then head back. Jump along the per-
    -pendicular wall's pillar, then jump to another pillar. At the third pillar,
    jump into the alcove (there is a platform below opening) and pull up to another
    switch. This will change the pillar configuration and the room exit will now be
    open. Do a running jump to the next pillar, then jump from there to the last.
    Once in the passage, head to Room #11.
    ROOM #11
    There are three beasts here, but surprisingly, this room isn't as hard as it
    sounds. A bunch of their shots hit the curved ceiling, so you can just use your
    magnums to explode them. I say use your magnums because you can easily get up
    the slope and into the right room, which holds SECRET #39, a LARGE MEDI PACK,
    Head into the passage beyond Room #11 and the door will open for you. There is
    a switch in this room, but it only makes a lava flow enter the room. Instead of
    doing the obvious, pull up into the ceiling hole by the door and you will be
    back in Room #2 again.
    ROOM #2
    Jump to the platform level with yours and get the UZI CLIPS (x 2). Enter the
    passage beyond to find a beast. Kill it and take the UZI CLIPS on the floor,
    then enter where the beast came from to find a crush trap with darts in front
    of it. A boulder will come from behind the door, so watch out. Enter up the
    incline to Room #12.
    ROOM #12
    Save the game and enter. Push in the left block under the throne to get to two
    switches. The right one drops you into a hole by a boulder. Jump the lava pit
    and then quickly backflip out of harm's way to let the boulder drop into the
    pit. The left pit drops you on a decline that leads to spikes, which you can
    avoid by simply jumping over them.
    Do the climbing course a little to find a switch. This opens the door by the
    two trapdoor switches. Continue the course to drop back down behind a throne,
    then head into the door to Room #13.
    ROOM #13
    The door closes behind you. There are three eggs in the room. When you get by
    the only one on the ground floor, a centaur-thing breaks out and starts its
    fireball-shootin'. Kill it and pull the switch nearby. Another egg breaks open
    and a beast breaks out. Take the 2 UZI CLIPS in the corner by the entrance and
    head into the newly-opened door to a save point. Slide down to...
    ROOM #14
    Two beasts immediately attack and since you're backed up into an alcove with
    an incline, take out your uzis to fry 'em. A third creature will be present as
    well...and it's shaped like Lara! It mimicks her actions, so don't bother
    firing your guns. Find a mini-ledge and make your way to a pillar and, from
    there, jump to a switch platform. The other "Lara" will do this as well.
    Pull the switch to make a trapdoor on your platform drop down, showing a lava
    pool. Climb up the way the other "Lara" did before and make her get onto the
    switch platform. Stand where the trapdoor is to make "Lara" fall into the lava
    pit. You can even go and look into the pit if you're cruel. =p
    Might as well, 'cause it's on your way to the door that opens on the switch
    platform. Pull up and enter into Room #15.
    ROOM #15
    Take the UZI CLIPS and turn the corner of the fleshy-colored passage to find a
    centaur monster and one of those quick beasts. Use your uzis because this late
    in the game, you can probably spare some from your stockpile (I had 4100...).
    From where you enter, head to the right to find a switch. Pull it and it will
    open the door at the end of the lowered bridge. Quickly run to the left side
    of the pit to find a switch and UZI CLIPS. Now, quickly run across the bridge
    and into the door before either closes.
    Inside the adjacent room, you'll find the completed SCION in a rotary device.
    Grab the UZI CLIPS (x 2) in front of it, then grab the SCION to end the level.
    A flashback to when Atlantis was whole will play, and Tihocan and Qualopec are
    sealing Natla in a cryogenic chamber of some sort. Natla will exclaim that they
    don't have "one squirt of inventive juice in your heads," then tell them that
    Atlantis won't be sitting high for long either.  In the present, Natla will
    catch up with Lara and tell her that a new breed is necessary for evolution,
    that after Atlantis, humanity's survival instincts hit an all-time low.
    Lara will try to shoot the Scion as a loudspeaker announces the hatching of...
    something. Natla will tackle her off the top of the huge pit (Room #2), and 
    will fall to her death. Lara, on the other hand, catches a platform and rolls
    to safety just as the hatching begins...
    | XV. THE GREAT PYRAMID                                                  TGP1 |
                    |      __|_
                    |[6] |____ |
                    |_  _|  ___|
        ___________ __||  ||
       | [3] _  [4]| [5]|_||______
       |_  _| |_________|________ |_
        _||_                  |  [7]|
       |[2] |                 |     |
       |_  _|                 |_  __|    _____
         ||__ ____            |  [8]|___|     |
         |__ |    |   ____    |      ___  [9] |
            |||[1]|__| __ \   |_____|   |_____|
            |||    __ |__||
            |||___|  | ___|
            |||      ||    ____
            |||      ||   | _  |
            |_|      ||___||_| |_____
                     |____|_________ |
    As the level starts, you'll be fighting that giant 'thing' that hatched from 
    the egg. Stay away from the edges and roll away from it when it appears. It
    has a slow turn radius and you can really belt it easy. This is the most ammo-
    -consuming boss in the game, so don't be surprised if you waste 1000+ Uzi Ammo
    on it. It will stiffen up when it's in the throes of death and explode like all
    its brethren. Pick up the six deposits of UZI AMMO and head into the newly-
    -opened door.
    Head down the fleshy slide and come out in a corridor. Head down the stairs
    and find a push-block. Push it until a corridor opens up to your right, then
    head up. Push the block again to be back in that first corridor. Use the push-
    -block to head up to a ledge with a save point and a crush trap. Save and head
    into Room #1. Be careful on the crumbling tiles!
    Turn the corner and at the next intersection, take the path with white walls
    down to a push-block. Push it and head back to the intersection, taking the 
    other path this time. Hop over the block and push it twice towards the way you
    just came, then head back through the white-walled area. Run down the path once
    more and come to the top of the push-block you just relocated. Pull the switch
    and enter through the red door to Room #1.
    ROOM #1
    This is a fairly standard jumping course, with you jumping to the flat parts
    in the slanted slopes. Do a few running jumps after the second jump and you'll
    be good to go. If you want SECRET #40, head back through the jumping course 
    once you reach the corridor opening and you will find a small bridge spanning
    the lava. Go into the alcove and find a LARGE MEDI PACK, MAGNUM CLIPS, and
    SHOTGUN SHELLS. Don't pull the lever, as it only lowers the bridge.
    Run back across the bridge and complete the room as you already did, entering
    the corridor. There is a long slope with a dormant boulder. Jump up the slope
    backwards and run into Room #1 when you hear it rumbling. Enter up the slope
    when it's safe and you'll find a second boulder/slope setup that can be done
    in the same manner. At the end, you'll find a cracked tile. Trigger it and
    jump back. Do a soft drop down to the room below (you'll lose some health from
    the fall) and you'll be in Room #2, the last room of the Atlantis level.
    ROOM #2
    The Scion is still here, but save first. Go up to the Scion and literally shoot
    it off the pedestal. Get out your uzis and run into Room #3.
    ROOM #3
    Kill the two beasts prancing around the bridge area, then kill the one in the
    tunnel if you want. Look at the lava pool beneath the bridge to find some has
    cooled and turned to rock. Jump down there (you'll take damage) and find a hole
    to (safety) drop down into. 
    ROOM #4
    Take a running jump to the wall crack and start shimmying across. Darts will
    hit you, but since this is the last level, go crazy with your medipack usage
    if you want. When you reach the end, drop down to the ledge and backflip 'fore
    you become lava bait. Head into the next room.
    ROOM #5
    Take the UZI CLIPS to your left and overlook the mission. Lots of spikes, and
    a swinging scythe blade trap. Why can't these things ever break when structures
    collapse? Go to the right side of the room (spikes in front) and as you get
    near, a boulder will roll down the other side. Whew. A blade swings in front of
    the easiest access, and there is a boulder below it so you can't do any sloppy
    jumps. Instead, do a diagonal jump to the clear ledge and walk through the 
    spikes (R1 + X button) so you don't take any damage. A pair of lava spouts 
    appears, but they don't do very much damage if they hit you. Walk to the ledge
    nearest the broken tiles that hang over spikes. Jump to it and then quickly
    align yourself with the ledge and jump. 
    ROOM #6
    This room has a bunch of slopes over a lava pool. God, this room is annoying
    if you're bad at timing yourself. However, you can get SECRET #41 here. To the
    left is a crack, not detectable at first glance. Flatfoot-jump to it and shimmy
    until you get to a ledge (visible from starting point) with UZI CLIPS and LARGE
    MEDI PACK (x 3). Drop down onto the slope and jump to the save. Hooray! Save
    for now and jump to the little platform by the cracked tiles.
    If there wasn't a save point before this, you'd probably throw the game into
    oncoming traffic. You need to run across the tiles as the axe swings, and make
    it through before the boulder can crush you or you get your torso removed from
    your body. Once inside, you'll start at the top of a small ledge by a rock.
    You can already guess what comes next. Run down the decline and don't stop for
    the decoy SMALL MEDI PACK, as you'll get crushed if you attempt picking it up.
    The third trial for Lara is sliding down a slope between a blade and having to
    jump to the next ledge before a boulder pancakes her. Refill your health to 
    full and slide down as the blade passes the slope. You'll slide through and
    take a little damage, but at least you made it through, no? Jump to the ledge,
    let the boulder pass by and drop down to the next corridor.
    Run through and pay no mind to the SMALL MEDI PACK on the ground, as the lava
    flows will advance from sides of the room and you'll only want to make it
    across. By the door is a switch which opens the door.
    Turn right into the perpendicular corridor and take the UZI CLIPS at the end.
    Run down past the door (which closed on you ;__;) and the boulder above you
    will start rolling. Keep running and you will pass under the ledge and it will
    roll down past the red door. For the next one, do a flat-foot jump to grab the
    next boulder ledge and it will roll over you like Lara's hands are made of
    steel. ^__^
    Go into Room #7.
    ROOM #7
    PALACE MIDAS FLASHBACKS!! Ahh, brain freeze! OK, so it's not that bad, but the
    burner traps are still not fun to deal with. For the first one, you need to do
    a running jump over the flame trap and grab the ledge on the other side as you
    fall. As you get on the second ledge, a burner activates. Do a standing jump
    over it. Do another running jump-and-grab over the third burner trap to come 
    into Room #8.
    ROOM #8
    Do a standing jump to the crumbled platform. Hang over the edge over the water
    pool far below and drop if you want; or, climb up onto the crumbled tile and
    jump to the alcove beyond it, the last secret in the game (SECRET #42): a LARGE
    MEDI PACK and UZI CLIPS (x 2). To get down to the water pool, do a flat-footed
    jump off the ledge.
    Down in the water, take the UZI CLIPS from the pool bottom, then surface and
    take the four UZI CLIPS by the save point (save after you get them). Brandish
    your uzis and head into Room #9.
    ROOM #9
    A winged Natla will fly down from the ceiling and try to make this room Lara's
    tomb. She'll shoot fireballs that do mucho damage up-close, so keep your dis-
    -tance and pack some uzi clips into her face. Use your medi-packs liberally
    and you'll do just fine. Natla will lose her flying abilities when you shoot
    her down the first time, then she'll get back up and shoot at you again if you
    wait around. Kill her for good and, if you have trouble doing that, there is a
    nook with three UZI CLIPS if you really need them...which you probably won't.
    After Natla is dead, head to the other end of the room where the pillars are
    smaller. They get progressively bigger, though. Start the jumping course and
    head to the third pillar, which has a climb-up ledge over it. Follow the path
    and you will come out into the room again, this time up higher. Continue your
    climbing course. By the sixth pillar is another climb-up place, which leads
    to another entry point, again, higher up. Jump to the platform underneath the
    red passageway, then climb up.
    Just then, Natla will come back and attack you with ninety incarnations...or
    you beat the level and game when you slide down the slope. Save your game if
    you don't want to replay the Natla battle for kicks and give yourself a nice
    congratulatory pat on the back.
    A scene will play where the pyramid catches fire and explodes. Lara will swim
    to the Natla's yacht as the island explodes again, and Lara doesn't waste any
    time watching the fireworks. The entire Atlantis island sinks and is destroyed.
    THE END!
    | 04) FAQ                                                                     |
    [Q] - I hear there is a secret glitch...?
    [A] - Yes. Apparently, if you're dutiful and collect all the secrets up to the
          Great Pyramid, the last secret in the game doesn't register as having 
          been obtained. Of course, since you don't get anything for getting all of
          the secrets, this isn't /that/ much of a loss.
    [Q] - Where can I get the Magnums early?
    [A] - You can get them in the Colisseum level. When in the main room, there are
          three side-rooms that are make up the corners of the room, in that they 
          are by the bleachers. The second room you can open has a bunch of pillars
          with platforms on top. In that room, on the ground level, is a pressure
          pad that can be triggered by standing by a pillar. It's right by the
          block you use to get on the first pillar platform. Stand with your back
          to the pillar (to keep the pressure pad down) then jump to the pillar,
          side-flip right, backflip, side-flip left, then jump again to run into
          the door on the top level. Run inside and get the Magnums. Doing this
          lets you get them three levels earlier than usual.
    [Q] - Where can I get the Uzis early?
    [A] - Haha...not so fast. They're only available on the Sanctuary of the Scion
          level. The way to get them is detailed in the walkthrough. If you could
          get them that early, you'd make the game a breeze. =p
    [Q] - So...who is Natla really?
    [A] - She was alive during the time of Atlantis and was one of the three
          rulers, I guess you could say, of the continent. She abused her power,
          however, and Qualopec and Tihocan sealed her in a cryogenic chamber and
          shot her off (into space...?). At the start of the game, if you leave
          the title running, you can see a scene where something crashes into the
          New Mexico desert. That's the chamber Natla's in. I guess one could 
          assume that the scene takes place before the present time, as Natla has
          to get her company running and the like.
    [Q] - Are all the secrets listed in the walkthrough?
    [A] - I hope so. I think I listed 42 of them, if the numerical values are 
          indicative of my good counting skills.
    [Q] - Is there anything I can do after I beat the game?
    [A] - You can play back through the game with unlimited ammo for your guns,
          but that's about it.
    [Q] - Which levels take place where?
    [A] - Caves, City of Vilcabamba, Lost Valley, and Tomb of Qualopec all take
          place in Peru; St. Francis' Folly, Colisseum, Palace Midas, The
          Cistern, and Tomb of Tihocan all take place in Italy (Rome). City of
          Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, and Sanctuary of the Scion all are found
          in Egypt. Natla's Mines, Atlantis, and The Great Pyramid all take 
          place in Atlantis, which I assume is located somewhere in the the
          Atlantic/Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.
    [Q] - Hey, some of your maps don't have the secrets listed! -OR- Hey, some
          of your directions are messed up on the map!
    [A] - The maps are there just for reference purposes and are not drawn to
          scale and may only give the basic room-to-room info. I apologize for
          not having the best cartography skills, but I do hope they're useful.
    [Q] - So, are you a fan of the series?
    [A] - Yeah, I've played most of the PSX ones but haven't gotten to the PS2
          ones. I used to play them with my friend and we'd have contests to
          see who could find the most secrets. ;)
    [Q] - You should update/add in some information/clarify something!
    [A] - If you tell me what I should add/clarify/update, I'll sure try. =p
    | 05) THANKS                                                                  |
    Nic Holte     For playing the Tomb Raider series with me long, long ago just 
                  to have something to do. Inspiration for making this, in a way.
    EIDOS / CORE  For making this game quite possibly the best platformer ever.
    GameFAQs      For hostin' this.
    | 06) UPDATES                                                                 |
    July 25, 2006                    +Initially submitted guide
                                     +Walkthrough completed
                                     +42 secrets (all of 'em?)
    If you have anything to add/correct/comment on, e-mail me at:
    | 07) LEGALITY                                                                |
    This guide is intended for personal and home use only. It may not be hosted or
    edited, distributed, sold, or given away with paid packages. To do so is in
    direct violation of federal copyright law and will not be tolerated. Many FAQ
    authors have had their guides stolen and sold online, so please respect the
    work and time that has gone into making these. <3
    |         FAQ/Walkthrough (c) Shotgunnova, 1997-2006 (and countin'!)          |
    |           Tomb Raider series & characters (c) respective owners             |

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