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"A very good version of this classic game"

I first played this game in the late ninties, and I really liked it. now, I finally got a copy, for the best system I own. It was originally developed for the saturn, until Gold pressured Eidos into making it PSX first. Well, I don't know if it would be better or worse as a Saturn only, but it will always be a classic, PSX or Saturn.

Graphics ~ 7/10

The Graphics are in my opinion where this game lacks. The Charactor models look pretty good, although you can really see where the polygons end sometimes. The textures look great, although I think Lara's skin color is a little too dark. Sometimes you can back her into a corner and see her face, and a neat detail is when she fires her gun her mouth twists open and her eyebrowes move. not nessisary, but neat still. The backgrounds look good, with none of the polygon breakout seen in the playstation version. In both versions, though, the textures are really..Jumpy. they move and jump and bend and it really doesn't look to hot. Almost everything has two textures, a very low quality version with no detail for when your far away, and a higher quality version. when they change the jump is visable.

Sound ~ 7/10

The sound is pretty good. the music is CD audio, so it sounds good. the only problem is, some voice samples are low quality, and there is hardly any music. Barely any. and most of the music sounds the same.

gameplay ~ 9/10

I love The gameplay. the controls are tight, and responsive. the camera is great, and its fairly easy to control. Although, Sometimes its hard to line yourself up, and sometimes I'll hold the walk button, and lara will run right off a cliff, which is aggrivating.

FMV ~ 8/10

The FMV is pretty good. Its pretty blocky and obviously compressed, but still pretty good for the time. the actual FMV is obviously very early game FMV.

Overall ~ 8/10

I love tomb raider. its a great game, And everyone should get it, for one console or another. Rent it, or Buy it, its up to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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