Review by Millers C

"The best of It's kind on the Saturn"

Don’t get this game for the girl! Seriously, this game is easily one of the Most Innovative, awe inspiring, superb games for The Saturn. This was the only Saturn game I wanted to complete.
You take on the role of Archaeologist Lara Croft. You take her round the globe, to retrieve three pieces of the Incas mysterious Power giving artifact, the Scion. You are sent by a right little Cruella De vill, Miss Natla and her Bumbling Sidekicks Larson And Pierre.

There are literally HUGE Environments on offer. You travel from Rome, to Egypt to Atlantis, Battling Rats, Centaur’s and Wolves. The sense of scale is amazing. The Lost Valley level, makes you feel uneasy and tense The Brilliant music and stalking atmosphere keeps the tension superbly. The Plot is excellent (For a Game) and the Characters are Clichéd but fun. Bumbling Hit men Larson and Pierre who want the Artifacts are so stupid you end up liking them. Natla Is a great change from the evil baddie and a huge monster steals the show at the death.

The Graphics look bad now, but on the Saturn, they are superb. The Huge Environments are lovely rendered in 3d and it even makes you feel like you are there. The Water affects are stunning and there is some good lighting, too.

Gameplay is superb. You negotiate obstacles by running, jumping and shooting. It reminds you of Indiana Jones. There are elaborate deathtraps that make you want to kill Lara just to see it. The wealth of this is stunning. Lara Can drown, be impale, fall, get set on fire, get shot and even turn into a statue. Features like the Sword of Damocles and The Egyptian Sphinx’s make you savor every moment in this game.
Also, The tension is increased knowing that Hit man Pierre was round the corner. The lack of Human enemies makes it very tensional and spooky. (Tombs and everything). This sense has never returned in future titles.

The Music Is superb and the Full motion video is good. Voice acting is average but they are not on it much. The Ambience affects are brilliant. Roars, screams, running water; gunshots are all there in their glory.

This Game is unputdownable and brilliant. There is a Great challenge of 20 superb long levels and you will want to come back to find the secrets. Instantly playable and ever lasting, Every Saturn owner should have Tomb Raider. The best in the series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/29/01, Updated 03/05/02

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