General FAQs

FAQ 06/05/98 DSolomon 15K
FAQ/Move List 02/24/99 CMurdock 2.0 22K
FAQ/Move List Kao Megura 0.5 71K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 01/15/98 ByWay 1.00 55K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 03/13/98 KTanaka 1.0 78K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) PFu 2.0 57K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 05/10/98 RTaylor 1.1 38K
Move List 07/08/98 RJStreety 13K

Character FAQs

Anakaris 11/18/99 MKim 1.0.1 37K
B.B. Hood (ARC) 08/16/97 Neil 0.5 10K
B.B.Hood (ARC) afroshouji 0.2 56K
Demitri (ARC) 11/18/99 MKim 1.0.1 41K
Hsien Ko (ARC) 01/17/98 Neil 0.5 19K
Jedah (ARC) JCulbert 2.0 32K
Lilith (ARC) 11/18/99 MKim 1.0.1 39K
Morrigan (ARC) 11/18/99 MKim 1.0.1 41K

In-Depth FAQs

Character Endings (ARC) 05/25/97 Darklancer 10K
FAQ Appendix 05/05/98 CHarback 0.1B 15K

Foreign Language FAQs

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