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"A pretty good racer for the Saturn"

In middle school there was only one kid who had a Sega Saturn and no one ever went to his house. I bought my Saturn a few years later due to me being bored one summer with all of my other consoles and I was in need of some good role playing games and I had heard the Saturn had them. Plus the Saturn and its games were dirt cheap then as its final games were just coming out. Daytona USA is a game I never played in the arcade or on the Saturn until today. Does it withstand the test of time? Is it a classic that perhaps should be brought back? Read on!

Graphic wise this game really shows its age. So step back to the age of the Sega Saturn. It must have looked good. The cars look nice, all of them look different and the clouds are shown in the rear window. Nice little touches like that. The tracks themselves look really good and have nice locations. Only real problem with the graphics and it might just be from all games at this time but the draw distance and jaggies are rather bad at times. Thing just pop up in front of you as you drive. Besides that the game looks fantastic.

Sound wise the game was amusing. I honestly don't remember any sound effects of the cars now that I think about it. The best thing is the music. It has a very Japanese karaoke sound to it. It's really fun though and keeps with the arcade feel of the game.

Control in the game took me a little while to get the hang of. I thought I would need to really turn but that isn't the case. Just tap left or right and you slide over. It's simple. C is gas and B is brake. Very easy to remember and if you're playing this after the Saturn's death then it may take a few moments to get the hang of the control not being more realistic.

Game play itself is a little lacking in content. We get arcade mode or Saturn mode. I'll cover them separately here.

Arcade mode is a port of the arcade game. There are three different tracks. Easy, normal and expert. It refers to how long and difficult the tracks are and with only three it's over quickly. The thing is that each track has a time limit, reach the check point and you gain back some time. I'm not a fan of that kind of racing. Also, there seems to only be two car choices. Manual or automatic.

Now we have Saturn mode. It's exactly the same as arcade mode but it has a few changes. There is no longer a time limit on the stages. This is real nice and fits the type of game I am. Also, you can get a few more cars in this mode. What I didn't mention for arcade mode and it's the same in both modes is that lap numbers and car numbers change per the track. Easy has 6 laps or something and 30 cars on the track. Then Expert has 20 cars and only 2 laps. Little things like that seem odd but it makes more sense with the tracks being difficulties themselves.

The game is short with only three tracks. Well six if you want to count the same three in the other mode. The game doesn't have any two player modes so that's a let down. Replay is a bit low for this game.

I'd recommend Daytona USA to anyone who has a Saturn and hasn't played this or doesn't own it. It's a fun little title and I was really in a funk about gaming and this just felt like a breath of fresh air.

Story - N/A
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 10/10
Replay value - 3/10

Final Score - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/27/07

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