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    Akira Vs. CPU by DCole

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    Virtua Fighter 2
    Akira vs. CPU FAQ
    by Douglas Cole
    	Well, I did this in IBM's "edit" and when it uploads it looks 
    crappy.  You'll still be able to understand it but it just looks bad.  
    Sorry.  :(
            Well, since everyone has been asking about Akira so much lately
    I've decided to post a little guide for him.  I was just playing against
    a bunch of people who played a lot of different characters so I'm going
    to enlighten :) you all about what I've discovered. 
            I've never written a "so-and-so" guide before so if this is cruddy, 
            Oh, and this is especially for Joji G who wanted to make an "Akira FAQ"
    or something.  I hope he can use this. 
    Versus Akira: 
            This one can be pretty tough.  The main thing I try to remeber is, 
    DON'T CROUCH.  I always stay standing (to avoid his rushing elbows and 
    palms) and then try to beat him to a throw (the suprise exchange always 
    works the best for me). 
            I would go easy on the counter moves, unless he is being unusually 
    predictable.  What's tricky about countering Akira is that you have to go 
    down/back+punch to counter a rushing elbow, and back+punch to counter a 
    single palm, and it's difficult to know which one is coming at you.  (on top 
    of that, the rushing *double* palm cannot be countered at all!) Oh, another 
    thing.  It's kind of hard but a thing to watch for countering is when Akira 
    does a *down+punch*, for+punch for a palm.  If this Akira likes to press 
    that down+punch before he goes into a rushing palm, then you can usually
     counter it with the def,down+punch to catch that first low punch.  Just 
    something to watch for. 
            I guess that's pretty much it.  Keep blocking high, and if he gets 
    close, throw him, or if you block a rushing elbow or a palm, do a quick 
    f,f+punch to counter it.  Don't be too predicatble with what you do, 
    especially sidekicks and the like, or else you'll find yourself getting 
           Also, try for the HIDDEN MOUNTAIN OF STEEL (aka backwards uppercut) 
    when Akira is in long recovery.  Good times are after a missed f,f+k,[k] or 
    after a missed or blocked double palm.  Try to get good at this throw because
    if you can tack on the combo after it it is probably the most damaging.  
    Versus Pai: 
            If the Pai you are playing is totally spazzing (button pounding), then
    it should be a cake walk.  Just double-palm her senseless out of her punches 
    and kicks and send her sailing out of the ring.  Also use the back+punch counter
    if she likes those punches and/or the back,kick move. 
            If your Pai isn't so spazzy, then she could give you some trouble. 
            For the most part, ducking at close ranges isn't too dangerous, so you
    can do it, but, as usual, don't do it all the time.  If things heat up at 
    close range it might be a good idea to duck, wait for Pai's attacks to go 
    sailing over your head, then unleash a double palm. 
            Against a smart, non-spazzy Pai counters could be a bad idea because 
    the kickflip and scissors (swallow) kick cannot be countered, and Pai will 
    probably try to use them against you if you start countering her too much. 
            All in all, palm her out of her moves, and if she gets tentative, run 
    in and slam her.  If she likes to make you eat her back,kick move when you run 
    into slam her, run in, duck, and then palm her or slam her.  I persoanlly 
    think that Pai's back,kick is the best move in her whole arsenal so watch for 
           Sorry I don't have more advice but I don't play very many Pai's. 
    Versus Lau. 
          Counter, counter, counter.  Most Laus are combo happy and even if they 
    start off their combo with an elbow or a rising palm (countered by 
    down/back+punch), you can still catch one of the punches that follow with a 
    back+punch.  Just counter with the back+punch a lot because even if he's not 
    trying to punch/kick you, the jab that comes out will most likely interupt any
    power move that he has. 
            And for God's sake, don't duck.  His *two* kinds of rising palms will 
    nail you.  At long range, watch for that nasty double footed sweep he has,
    but other than that, standing is a pretty safe idea (beat him to the throw
    if you can). 
          Against Lau (or indeed, anyone) it's a good idea to start going aggressive
    after you've tried to counter a lot.  After you've had your fill of 
    def,back+punches, start up those rushing elbows and palms.  Even try a f,f+k,k
    if you think Lau is ready to come at you.  Just mix up defensive countering and 
    aggressive moves and you should bamboozle mostLaus.
    Versus Jeffry: 
            STAY AWAY.  PLEASE, STAY AWAY.  Stay away, and then casually counter
    Jeffry's long range kicks (his sidekicks and his f,f+kick) with your def, 
    down/back+punch.  If he keeps coming at you and backs you to the edge of the 
    ring, go for the suprise exchange and bodycheck his ass out of the ring before
    he can get a chance to throw you himself.  You'll find that most Jeffrys are 
    prone to throws themselves because they usually just stand there, waiting to 
    throw *you*. 
           If you stay away (did I remember to tell you to STAY AWAY?)
    you should be allright.  To mix it up a little you can throw your rushing
    elbows at him but just DON'T sit there after you do it, follow it up in 
    case he blocks it.  If you DO just sit there after a blocked elbow, then
    get ready to kiss your spinal column goodbye. 
            Also remember that Jeffry is too slow to counter a rushing single palm
    (got this from the gamest book) so that's a pretty safe move to do against him
    too.  But, just like the rushing elbow, don't just sit there after you do it, 
    follow it up with something. 
            Another thing to look for.  If you see Jeffry's head rapidly bobbing up 
    and down and he's coming at you, WATCH OUT.  This is a tell-tale sign 
    (we call it the "Crucifix Twitch") that the infamous Crucifix is being
     buffered in (he's hitting down/for, down/for, down/for...) so look for it.  
    Sidekick him out of it, palm him, SOMETHING.   Just don't get caught in it.
    Versus Wolf: 
            Sort of like playing Jeffry, try to stay away and catch those sidekicks
     at long range.  (Jeffrrys and Wolfs have always come to count on there 
    sidekick,pounce "combo" to take away almost half of a lifebar just like that.
    Don't let them do this to you, counter that sidekick and make them think 
    twice about trying it again)
            Another not-too-bad idea if things get sticky at close range and you 
    just have this feeling that a big slam is coming up, duck.  Usually you'll 
    see a jab go over your head (where a twirl and hurl would have caught you 
    if you were standing) and then execute a double palm while they're still 
    wondering why you didn't get thrown.  As usual, don't duck too much 
    and/or duck predictably because then smart Wolfs will open up their
    load of slams versus crouchers on you. 
            Most Wolfs are twirl and hurl happy.  Get into medium range, 
    linger there a second, then do a rushing elbow.  They can just TASTE that
    twirl n' hurl so nail them out of the control motions while they're doing them. 
            Wolf has a ton of dropkicks but I wouldn't be too concerned with them.
    Just don't get caught standing and not defending (duh).  I would be more 
    worried about getting thrown or sidekicked.  Don't stand still!  But, if you 
    are standing still, get ready to throw Wolf first.  (Time for your trusty 
    suprise exchange)
            Also, Wolf, Like Jeffry, is too slow to counter the single palm after
    he blocks it.  So, once again, it's a "safe" thing to do.  But, and as you can
    see I keep stressing this, DON'T just stand there after it's blocked, or 
    you'll soon find yourself sailing head first out of the ring. 
    Versus Kage: 
            Ugh.  I hate Kage.  I've never really played any kind of good Kage 
    player so I'll try to give you all the advice I can think of. 
            I wouldn't try to counter that much because most of his moves are
    weird and unpredicatble, and even MORE of his moves are just flat-out
           A solid game plan would probably be to stay on him and don't let off.
    A lot of Kages seem to rely on their f,f+all and f,f+kick+def moves at 
    far range.  Don't let them run away to a far range.  If you do, then you 
    have to play a guessing game whether to block high or low versus 
    either a corkscrew kick, or a jumping double footed dropkick (nice name). 
            You really have to get used to what Kage's moves look like and 
    where they hit you at so you can block them.  After Kage misses MOST
    of his moves, he's WIDE open.  After a corkscrew kick, for example, 
    even though it looks like he's spinning toward the ground after you block
    it, you can throw him no problem.  Take this time for the HMOS
    (backwards uppercut) or any throw at your leisure.  :) After a ducked
    f,f+all, nail him with the now-infamous sidekick, rushing elbow, 
    down+punch, double palm.  Like I said, DON'T waste an opportunity
    to nail Kage when he's recovering from a missed or blocked move. 
            Another little tidbit.  Verteran Kages are used to backing up 
    and trying to get far away from you so they can do those two moves
     to you.  If you have them on the "warning track" of the ring, please,
     don't run at them.  If you get caught in a 10 foot toss they'll
     kickflip you right of the ring.  There are a lot of ways out of this,
     just remember NOT to get thrown when Kage's back is close to the
     edge of the ring.  I know it's tempting to try to knock them out, just
     be crafty about it.  Kages really look for this opportunity so don't give
     it to them. 
            One way around this might be to run in, do a down+punch, 
    (Kage then does the back+punch control motion, which doesn't throw
     you because you're crouching) then WHAM, back, for+punch, they get
     smacked out of the ring.
    Versus Sarah: 
            Good Sarahs are a nightmare.  If the Sarah you are playing is mixing
     up her kicks very well, don't try to counter too often.  If not, counter like
     crazy.  Remember to go down/back for her illusion kicks and back+punch
     for her feared down+kick, kick. 
           Try not to crouch too much against Sarah, either.  Most Sarah's try
     to get you to crouch so they can unleash their kicks on you, but don't let
     them do it.  Stand there, like a steel mountain, unmoving, and let her come
     at you with her 2 kinds of lowkicks (either down,kick or down+ kick+def)
     and counter them with the def,down+punch counter. 
            I usually try not to do any rushing moves against a careful Sarah, 
    because if she blocks one she will do her down+kick,kick move on you and yes, 
    it will always hit while you're recovering.  It's that fast. 
            However, against one of those Sarah's that mix up her kicks well, 
    rushing palms and elbows are a good idea.  Since you really won't be able 
    to do much, this is an aveunue you have to persue.  Sarahs that mix up their
    kicks usually spend a lot of time kicking the air, hoping you'll come at them.
    Just double-palm them out of it. 
            Remember, Sarah's up+kick, kickflip, up/toward+kick, up/toward+kick +def
    and knee all can't be countered.  If she's using a lot of these then just 
    forget about countering.  Work on palming her out of it or slamming her 
    if she's just sitting there. 
            If you're recovering from a move, do a def,back+punch to counter her 
    down+kick,kick  or a down/back+punch to counte an elbow/knee combo. 
    Try to guess which one's she's going to do and pick a direction. 
            A lot of this guide probably contradicts itself, so, I'm sorry.  :) 
    There are just a lot of different ways Sarah can play.
    Versus Jacky: 
            Hmm.  Remember that Jacky can go high, medium and low all very easily
    so don't guard high or low predictably.  If you feel like you can counter him, 
    go for it.  But I've found that the good Jackys are rough to counter against.  
    You have to know to rush at him when he's doing moves, and throw him when
    he's just sitting there. 
           Pour it on him, make him nervous.  If he blocks one of your palms or 
    elbows, go for a quick down/back counter to stop his (most likely) on-coming 
    elbow/kick combo. 
            Against bitch-slap-happy Jackys, do the f,f+kick,kick.  It will 
    usually beat Jacky to his beatknuckle. 
          Whatever you do, make sure that you get *at least* one suprise exchange,
     bodycheck in there, so you can slow motion it and say, "Heh, just like in the
           Remember, above all, remember Jacky is a chump.  I mean, look at that 
    haircut.  Really.  He's just a big dork with a bitchslap.
    Versus Shun: 
            Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Versus a good Shun who really knows 
    what he's doing: 
           Okay.  Hmm.  Screw countering, his moves are too weird.  Alternate 
    running in and elbowing, and running in and throwing.  Good Shuns usually 
    wait for you to come at them and then counter attack.  Bad Shuns button 
    pound.  If you play a bad Shun, try for a new time record with rushing double 
            Don't duck that much, either.  His cartwheel kick and lunging punch 
    will get you.  (And they take a lot more damage then they look like they should)
    Just stand up most the time, watching for his down/back+kick,kick move.
    If you feel that he's ready to try something, rushing elbow him.  That will
    usually catch him. 
            Against Shun it's a good idea to use only slams that use the punch+def
     buttons.  Why?  Because you DON'T want to get sucked into Shun's punch+def
     throw.  So, escape it.  The suprise exchange is great for this because if you
     don't pull it off you have a good chance of escaping an in-coming dances
     with punches. 
           There is no "guide" against a truly great Shun.  Just mix it up. That's
    what he's doing.  Good Shuns play totally unpredictably.  When in doubt, 
    though, opt for the double-palm.  You'll be delighted to find out that 
    Shun is one of the lightest and most aerodynamic characters in the game.
    Go for the ring out.
    Versus Lion: 
            Low counters!!!!! 
            Also, against a ducking Lion, sidekick, palm, and elbow him into
     oblivion.  Once he starts standing, he'll get nervous, so throw him.
            Don't let him move back and forth the screen like a little twerp, 
    elbow and palm him.  Keep pushing him back.  Then start throwing.  
    (didn't I just say that) All the while throw in the def,down+punch 
    counter to give Lion some spinal adjustment. 
            This is all I can think of against Lion.  Sorry.
    General Tips:  If I've said this once, I've said this 1000 times.  Mix it up.  
    Don't be predictable.  Mix in counters, rushes, and throws.  Keep him guessing 
    what you're going to do.  Don't fall into a pattern.
            With most people you can keep those elbows and palms coming, and 
    once they start blocking high, run in and throw them.
    Combos:  After a rushing elbow, always go for a down+punch, back, for+punch. 
    Sometimes the elbow will float them enough to pull this off, and when it does,
    whoa nelly, check out that damage. 
           Hidden Mountain of steel, sidekick, rushing elbow, down+punch, back,
     for+punch.  "Ticketed and Towed" combo.  Go for it. 
            When the suprise exchange gets stale, don't forget about the "meta-combos."
      Briefly, a metacombo is a defense breaking throw, then the control motions for
     another power move.  For example. Back+punch+def (shakemup), f,f+k,k. 
            Do the shakemup then IMMEDIATELY do the motions for the jumping double
    kick.  It should all be one smooth motion, like it were one move.  You should
    be finishing up the f,f+k,k right before the shakemup is being shown on the 
    screen.  Yes, do it that fast.  The motions buffer.
    Some "Don'ts":  
    Don't:  Use the power uppercut, unless you are way ahead and want a very
    small chance to end the match looking cool.
    Don't:  Use the bodycheck too often.  It will just get you in trouble.  
    Don't:  Brutally pummel them the first time.  Make it look like you're 
    still learning, so they keep coming back.  :)	
    	There you have it, a wealth of knowledge.  :)
    Douglas Cole

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