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    Lion by JTanaka

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/11/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: BigCat *meow* <usagi@cs.mcgill.ca>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: [VF2] BigCat's Lion FAQ v1.1
    Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 23:50:02 -0500
    BigCat (Jon Tanaka)'s Lion FAQ
    Version 1.1...
     - Added an Okizeme section
     - Added the dodging attacks
     - Tweaked up some combos and verifications on combos/m
    Lion Rafale
    Date of birth  : 24th December 1979
    Sex            : Male
    Blood type     : AB
    Height         : 1.71 m
    Weight         : 61 kg
    Job            : High School student
    Hobby          : Collecting knives
    Nationality    : France
    Fighting style : Toru-ken/Seven Stars Mantis Fist
    What i'd actually like to do is:
    1. a run over his moves
    2. dodging and dodging attacks
    3. the two "styles" of Lion
    4. combos *grin*
    5. Okizeme techniques
    Just so you know:
     P = Punch button ; K = Kick button ; G = Defense button
         (the G is because D is taken for holding down)
     u, d, f, b = tap up, down, forwards, back (respectively)
     U, D, F, B = hold up, down, forwards, back
     / = diagonal, eg. d/f is tap down/forwards
     FS = From standing ; FC = From crouching
    1. Moves... actually, Alan's Lion FAQ covers this VERY nicely, but i'll 
    do it again, because i love to be redundant.
    * PP combo:  [P, P]     (12+14 = 26pts damage)
    * PPP combo: [P, P, P]  (12+14+15 = 41pts damage)
    * PK combo:  [P, K]     (12+30 = 42pts damage)
       These three combos actually go together quite a bit, because they are 
    usually all used in the same circumstances.  The main difference is that 
    PPP and PK both finish with knockdowns, neither of which can be followed 
    with a pounce.  These are reliable counters for Knees, Single Palms (which 
    *aren't* preceded by crouch dashes), Heelkicks and other "barely 
    counterable moves" (ie. anything that can't be countered with a throw).
       Although none of these allow a pounce, a DEEP PPP combo will allow a 
    swipe kick (d+K) float.  So when deep, PPP, d+K is actually the best 
    reliable counter.
       The PP combo should be used if you're not sure whether the move you've 
    just blocked is counterable or not.  However, this is not exactly the 
    safest route, because if the move was not counterable, a crouch dash or d+P 
    will allow your opponent to avoid this combo entirely, and counter YOU 
    with a throw (*ouch*).  The other reason for using this combo is to keep 
    your opponent on their feet, since there is no guaranteed pounce on any 
    of these combos.  A clever opponent with a more energy may opt to stay on 
    the ground as long as possible (and mash the buttons to avoid a pounce, 
    should you decide to try that) to wind down the clock.
       Delaying the K in a PK combo can sometimes also reward you with an 
    interrupt, and hence a pounce.  It is often worth the trouble, especially 
    against aggressive characters.  This is also very effective on 
    turntowards attacks.  Most opponents duck and guard when you turn your 
    back, expecting a high attack to whiff or a low attack to be blocked.  
    When they try to "counter" your missed turntowards punches, they could be 
    greeted by your boot.  *smile*
    * Uppercut:     [FS, d/f+P]  
    * + Down Swipe: [FS, d/f+P, P]
       It is important to note that d/f+P, P is NOT always a combo.  To the 
    best of my knowledge, it only combos if the Uppercut interrupted a move. 
    (Major Counter) ... i still don't have a verification on this.
       While this uppercut is no Yoho, it is one of Lion's best moves.  It 
    hits mid-level, is uncounterable, and comes out very quickly.  Alone, it 
    serves as a great set-up move.  First off, there is NO GUARANTEED 
    FOLLOWUP to this move.  Your choice of follow-up should be based on your 
    knowledge of your opponent.  A Knee, PK combo, Sidekick, Throw and Sweep 
    are ALL valid follow-ups.  Against stronger players who would rather 
    avoid combos like -Knee, Pounce-, following up with a Frontal Face Grab 
    is often very effective... I got away with this WAY more than i should 
    have at the MoaT.  Against the CPU, by the way, Uppercut then Knee hits 
    an awful lot more than it should.
       It's also a marvelous follow-up to a Sidekick stagger... see the 
    combos section for that.  
    * Low punch/peck [d+P]
    * Creeping Pecks [FC, d/f+P, P]
    * Lunging Pecks [FS, d/b+P, P]
       These are all the so-called "Harassment Pecks" that some Lion players use 
    to wittle down their opponents' life bars.  All three are blocked low, 
    but all three are also (altho see below) uncounterable, and reversed at 
    different levels.  They do between 8-12pts of damage each, so make sure 
    you hit a LOT of them, since the consequences of whiffing or getting 
    reversed are huge.
       If Akira blocks both creeping pecks, an IMMEDIATE single palm will 
    land you on your butt.  Since this is a Bad Thing (tm), you may want to 
    go easy on the pecks against the big guy.  However, being just a little 
    bit slow means that you will be able to block it.  Don't chance it, and 
    hold G right after you complete your pecks.
       The Low punch is reversed low, the lunging pecks are reversed high, 
    and the creeping pecks are unreversable.  It is, however, worth noting 
    that against Akira, he has about a 1/3 chance of guessing the level 
    right, but does about 5 times as much damage if he guesses the reversal 
    level right... *shrug* Food for thought.
    * Thrusting Jab [f+G+P]
    * Dodging Jab   [b+P]
    * High Kick     [K]
       Just as an aside, for clarity's sake, i'm calling the two-handed 
    thrusts "Jabs" and the one-handed thrusts "Pecks"... you'll notice 
    they're two completely different kinds of moves, in usage and effect.
       Here are three moves you'd LOVE to hit people with.  They do 30pts a 
    piece, and have a guaranteed pounce afterwards.  Always do a high pounce 
    in this case, by the way.  This basically means that they do 70pts if 
    they hit.  This is the reason i've classified them together.  Only the 
    High Kick is reversable (high, duh ;>...) and none are counterable.  
    Unfortunately, the Jabs are quite slow to come out, and are often 
    uneffective as counters.  They all also hit high, which causes problems 
    if your opponent likes to crouch dash everywhere, instead of walking 
    straight legged like most normal human beings.
       The Thrusting Jab recovers deceptively quickly.  Although you are free 
    to roll your own combos, i find that Thrusting Jab - Handstand Kicks 
    works quite well, because of how fast the kicks come out, their 
    deceptive range and attack level.  It also combos if the Jab hits, albeit 
    for less damage than a pounce (the handstand kicks basically kill all 
    chance of a pounce).
       The Dodging Jab dodges some high and mid-level attacks.  A general 
    rule is that it dodges short range mid-level attacks.  Most notable of 
    these is Akira's Dashing Elbow, which is dodged, then countered.  This 
    also works like a charm against standing elbows, and PK combos, if your 
    opponent isn't wary.
       The High Kick comes out much more quickly than one would expect.  It 
    also recovers quite quickly.  In fact, i would venture to say that it is 
    sometimes a better counter than a throw.  Against a slow recovery move 
    like Sarah's Punt-Side Kicks, High Kick-Pounce may just be a better 
    choice than a Face Grab against skilled opponents.  Both do 70pts.  
    Against a good opponent, you will never hit a pounce after a Face Grab 
    (you can roll out of the way by tapping G), and attempting one could 
    have you eating a low rising kick (and maybe a pounce).  As well, the 
    controls are MUCH easier.  Of course, the Face Grab is stylish... but so 
    is hitting a high kick against a good opponent ;>
    * Spinning Punch [u+P]
       This move hits high in a closed stance (feet aligned), and mid-level in 
    an open stance (feet opposing)... just thought i'd fill you in.  The 
    pounce is only guaranteed if it hit as an interrupt.  You can tell by a 
    louder BISHing sound than the regular hit.  This is not really a clever 
    move, since it takes forever to recover, but it has very long range, and 
    comes out quickly.  There is a small region in which a P-combo will not 
    reach your opponent for a counter, but this spinning punch will... try 
    and find it... i have yet to ;>
    * Hopping Downwards Thrust [u/f+P]... and [u/b+P]
       Geez... there's gotta be a better name for them than that... Oh well.  
    Just for the record, don't do the u/b+P move... VERY BAD.  Big-time 
    recovery time, and i've never seen it hit.  I can't even think of any way 
    to get it to hit *shrug*
       The other one, however, is the ultimate Okizeme attack :> Using it on 
    an opponent who is doing a low rising kick will crush them soundly, 
    likewise for an opponent who rises and remains guarding in a crouch.  
    This move is also a "bounce" move (like hopping hammers, and Kage's 
    Corkscrew Kick), meaning if you hit your opponent on the ground (ie. they 
    weren't hopping/jumping), they will "bounce" once when they hit the 
    ground the first time.  This means an automatic pounce.  Again, BIG 70pt 
    combo.  For style points, d/f+G+K also combos... but does less damage... 
    but looks great!
       Otherwise, tho, this move is not terribly effective, since it is 
    * Back leg trip [G+P]
    * Long trip     [d/f+G+P]
       The back leg trip seems to me as just a punishment for missing your 
    throws ;>  Use it if you want to flip your opponent when you finish them 
    off, but otherwise, it is a very difficult move to use in regular combat, 
    since it comes out slowly, can be reversed, and has no good follow-ups.  
    'Course, it /is/ uncounterable, so maybe there's potential someplace 
    *shrug*  Lars suggests a Sweep (d+K+G) follow-up.  For some reason, i 
    found that this hits a lot too.
       The Long Trip is actually the staff of my repetoire.  First, it is a 
    great initial attack (ie. how to begin an attack on your opponent) 
    because of it's long range, and because only Akira can reverse it.  It is 
    uncounterable, and is an automatic knock-down.  This also makes it a 
    great Okizeme attack.  The greatest potential in this move lies in the 
    follow-up.  Many considered this move to be an unreliable one, because a 
    pounce doesn't always hit... Here's the deal:
       A low pounce will hit (if buffered) unless your opponent rolls (tap 
    G) /inwards/ (ie. towards you).  If they try to Kip, sumersault away, roll 
    the wrong way, or just lie there, they will be hit.  HOWEVER, if they do 
    roll inwards, you can get thrown... from behind (ouch).  This is without 
    a doubt THE worst position to be in... big risk.  *shrug*  It's 50 very 
    easy points of damage to inflict. (20+30 for the pounce)... actually, it 
    may be more than 30pts, due to an interrupt... more details as i get 'em.
       A high pounce will hit unless your opponent rolls inwards or (believe 
    or not) just lies there.  Anything else and they will EAT a high pounce.  
    Again, i think this is more than the regular 40pts damage because of the 
       You can also jump over your opponent to get behind them using the 
    Lunging Poke (f, f+P).  I'll go over this later.
       Oh yeah... the bad news.  If you whiff this move at close range, you 
    can be thrown (as if standing), but they have to be quick.
    * Elbow [f+P]
       This is a great move to add to your arsenal if you are a 
    harrassment-Lion.  It has big range, is uncounterable, but unfortunately 
    has very few followups.  It can also be done from crouching OR standing.  
    If you play a pecking Lion and like to mix up your pecks, you might 
    realize the importance of this... basically, this is important because 
    many of Lion's moves are specific to his posture.  That is, some can only 
    be done from standing, others only from crouching.  This is a safe way to 
    continue your "assault" and end up standing.
       However, like the Long Trip, if you whiff, you can be thrown while you 
    are "pulling back"... again, tho, it takes a quick opponent.
    * Lunging Poke [f, f+P]
       Another great move... sort of.  It is strong (40pts), uncounterable, 
    recovers quickly even if it whiffs, hits midlevel (sometimes) and allows 
    a pounce (sometimes).  It only hits midlevel if you are in a closed 
    stance.  It hits high otherwise.  As far as a pounce goes, you are 
    guaranteed a pounce unless your opponent was crouching (blocking or 
    otherwise), with no interrupt.  This, all in all, makes it a great 
    Okizeme move.  Actually, if timed correctly, it can be used to counter 
    both a high and low rising kick.  That is, as long as your opponent did a 
    rising kick, it will hit them, and also guarantee you a pounce.
       The problem is that it comes out slowly.  Some very nasty Akiras at 
    the MoaT confided in me that if an Akira expects this move, they will 
    listen for the "Huah!" cry from Lion, then unleash a Bodycheck.  This is 
    a guaranteed interrupt, and could make you eat half or more of your 
    lifebar (*ouch*).  Similarly, everyone else can feed you a PK combo if 
    they hear you coming.  Next problem is that it is reversable, by Akira, 
    Kage and Pai.  This can definitely be bad news if you rely on this move 
    too much, especially for Okizeme.
    * Knee [f+K]
       What can i say?  This comes out slowly, is counterable, only hits high 
    and seldom floats for worthwhile combos.  However, it can be used as a 
    sucker move like other people's knees.  Try Knee, PK from midrange 
    sometime.  A hit knee (if you knock down) also results in a guaranteed 
    pounce, no matter what the circumstances of the hit.  Check the combos 
    section for nice knee combos.
    * Rolling Kick [u/f+K]
       This comes out slowly, people can see it coming from a mile away, 
    NEVER guarantees a pounce, and does piddly damage.  It's decent for 
    keeping enemies at bay, and is a sucker move for SOME opponents:
       If your opponent likes to throw, hit a shallow rolling kick (which you 
    can assume will be blocked).  If they rush in for a throw, buffer a throw 
    of your own (Face Grab is good) and the kick's quick recovery time will 
    almost always assure you a throw.  Otherwise, tho, it's not a good move, 
    since people can always use some midlevel counter and blast you :>
       Here's the bad news... Like a lot of falling attacks, your opponent can 
    grab you if the attack whiffs. *huh?!* The millisecond you hit the floor 
    during the move, you can be grabbed.  It's a very tiny window, but it's 
    possible.  It's also possible after a lot of sacrifice moves... try it 
    out. Eg. Wolf's drop kick (u/f+K), Shun's sacrifice kick (b+K).
     * Sidekick [d/f+K] or [D/F+K]
       Staple move... you might want to ease up on it against Wolf, Pai and 
    Akira (so as not to get reversed).  Hits midlevel, avoids low attacks in 
    the early stages of attack, staggers low blockers, is uncounterable, 
    recovers quickly, has deceptive range, interrupts well... it's just a 
    good move :>  Try replacing it with an Elbow against Wolf to frustrate 
    reversal happy players.
       If it knocks down (ie. interrupt), you have a guaranteed pounce.  This 
    pounce MUST be buffered, however, if you interrupt a low attack. (ie. 
    they float low)  Stagger followups, as well as floats, are dealt with in 
    the combo section.  
    * Low Swipe Kicks [d+K] or [d+K, K]
    * + Hopping Fury! [d+K, G+K]
       Another good harrassment move... however, a couple of notes worth 
    mentioning.  If one whiffs, you can be crouch thrown rather easily.  Do a 
    second, and you can be crouch thrown VERY easily, especially if blocked.  
    The second kick will not combo unless the first kick hit as an 
    interrupt.  If this is the case, you are NOT guaranteed a pounce.  If the 
    /second/ kick hit as an interrupt, you can pounce.  While most experts 
    point two swipe kicks out as a fatal mistake, most good players take for 
    granted the fact that Lion will only do ONE swipe kick and sometimes get 
    interrupted by the second.  As well, a sweep (d+G+K) comes out even 
    faster than a low swipe kick (whoa!)
       Hopping Fury is my name, by the way :> It's a totally useless combo... 
    pretty much.  I guess if you're really good at delaying, you could delay 
    it to the max and hope for an interrupt *shrug* it's a guaranteed pounce 
    if you hit it.  As far as style points goes, the only way to COMBO this 
    move is to finish off your opponent with a Swipe Kick while they are 
    standing.  Then, a quick G+K will combo Hopping Fury! *woo woo!*
    * Sweep [d+G+K]
       This move comes out VERY quickly, but never guarantees a pounce.  
    Instead, it should be used to set up an Okizeme attack, or if you need to 
    switch sides quickly, follow up with f, f+P to hop over your opponent.  
    If it is blocked, you are toast ;> You can be thrown as a counter... 
    which is not good.
    * Lunging Spin Kick [f, f+G+K]
    * Lunging Sweep     [d/f+G+K]
       Ouch... common moves for medium grade Lions since they operate like 
    Kage's Rolling Kick and Corkscrew Kick.  However, both take a while to 
    come out (often resulting in a PK interrupt), and both are counterable 
    with a throw (or just about anything else).  The only circumstance under 
    which a pounce is guaranteed is an interrupt.
       One note worth mentioning.  Off the opening bell, the "GO!" from the 
    announcer will actually muffle the sound attached to any attack done 
    right off the beginning.  This means that when you do one of these 
    attacks, you _won't_ get the trademark Lion "Huah!" or "Heii!", so it 
    might be tougher for your opponent to guess and block the attack.
    * Hopping Kick   [u+K]    (25pts) aka. Happy Dance :>
    * + Dancing Kick [u+K, K] (30pts)
       A single hopping kick avoids low attacks in the /late/ stages of its 
    attack, and guarantees a pounce.  For this reason, it is seldom practical 
    to do a dancing kick, since it cannot be delayed long enough to see 
    whether the Hopping kick interrupts before executing.  The Hopping Kick 
    is unreversable, making an adequate short range substitute for a sidekick 
    against reversing opponents.  It can also be used as an Okizeme attack 
    against low rising kicks.  The only way to guarantee hitting the Dancing 
    Kick is if the Hopping Kick interrupts high.  After this, i don't think a 
    pounce is guaranteed, although it may be if buffered.
       A single Hop Kick also recovers quite quickly and so may be used for 
    quick followup attacks.  I often do HopKick - Turnaround HopKick.  Other 
    suggestions include HopKick - Lunging Poke (from mid-range), and HopKick 
    - HopKick - Dancing Kick as a sucker move.
    * Turnaround Punch    [b, b+P]   (14pts)
    * Turnaround Kick     [b, b+K]   (30pts)
    * Turnaround Hop Kick [b, b+G+K] (24pts)
      Y'know, i think it's a cryin' shame that Lion doesn't have a mid-level 
    Turnaround attack... oh well.  Anyhow, while all three of these moves are 
    valid attacks, i feel that only the kicks are worthwhile because the TA 
    punch doesn't float.... usually... i'll get back to that in the combo 
    section.  If a TA Kick of any kind floats, these are, i find, the two 
    best follow-ups: Low Turntowards Kick, Pounce  (30+40= 70pts) 
                     Turntowards double punch, Kick  (12+12+30= 54pts)
       Frankly, i'm not sure whether that pounce is guaranteed.  I also find 
    that the second is more useful, just in case the TA kick does not float.  
    This is especially good if you can delay the kick in the hopes of 
    interrupting a counter.  Success will reward you with a pounce.
       The bad news?  If they duck under the TA attack, a quick G+P will give 
    them an automatic behind throw.  This is also good to know if you ever 
    face a TA-player.  Any TA move except the Shun-puri (Sarah's instant 
    turnaround: FC, b+K, G-cancel) and Kage's TA sweep can be so countered.  
    Another thing... turnaround kicks, in any way, shape or form (including 
    the PK combo) is counterable.
    * Turntowards Backhand Swipe [PK, immediately after a turnaround attack]
       This move doesn't have a nice name because it sucks *grin*  It must be 
    comboed into a turnaround attack.  Any efforts to use it after about 10 
    frames after you complete your turnaround attack will result in a 
    turntowards punch.  It CANNOT be comboed into more punches or his 
    heelkick.  It is a move in its own.
       This move is like a backhand thrust.  It's similar to the dodging jab, 
    in that he thrusts with the /back/ of his hand.. like a reverse palm 
    strike.  The move takes quite a while to come out (it just screams out 
    "interrupt me!") and does about the same damage as a regular punch.  It 
    only hits high, and, all in all, pretty much sucks.  There's a way to 
    combo it into a turnaround hopping kick, but don't bother unless you're 
    showing off. *smile*
       If anyone can find a use for it, email me... i'd love to hear it.
    * Handstand Kicks [d, d+K]  (24+24pts)
       As you can see, this move hits twice.  It has good range, and despite 
    it's appearance, hits low.  Because it is two hits, it also had a long 
    "contact time", wherein you can hit the opponent.  It also comes out very 
    quickly.  This is about it, as far as /good/ characteristics go.  It 
    takes FOREVER to recover, never allows a pounce, and is counterable with 
    a (standing) throw... with time to spare.  It's not a bad move to finish 
    with, especially because of its decent damage, or in a deep float combo, 
    but is otherwise not so good.
    * Advancing Trip  [G+P]        (50pts)
    * Single Leg Trip [b+P+K]      (50pts)
    * Launching Throw [f, f+G+P]   (50pts)
    * Front Face Grab [f -> b+G+P] (50pts)
    * Piggyback attack [G+P, behind] (50pts)
       NONE of these throws guarantee a pounce.  In fact, for 4 of the 5, it 
    is actually dangerous to pounce.  The sole exception is the Front Face 
    Grab, which allows a pounce, which will hit unless the opponent kips, or 
    rolls (tap G).  In the case of a roll-out, the only way to successfully 
    counter you would be a low rising kick.  When weighed against the chance 
    of inflicting 40 extra points of damage, this may not be a bad idea.
       In case you're wondering, the motion for the Front Face Grab is forward, 
    semi-circle roll to back and P+G.  One thing you'll want to make 
    ABSOLUTELY sure of is that you don't roll past back... not only will you 
    miss the throw, but you'll get the dreaded Back Hopping Downwards Thrust!!
       See Turnaround attacks for something on throwing from behind.
    Wow this is long... *whew*
    The Front Dodge (d/f+G)
       This gets by most high and midlevel attacks.  Its most effective use 
    is dodging sidekicks at the edge of their range.  If the sidekick and 
    dodge commands are entered about simultaneously, a throw is guaranteed 
    for Lion (and can be buffered).  Other attacks are less likely to be 
    countered with throws.  However, one can dodge by Elbows, Dashing Elbows, 
    single high punches, single High kicks, and some other attacks.  
    Basically, unless you're either out to annoy your opponent, or you KNOW 
    when a sidekick is coming, don't use this dodge ;>  ... this is mostly 
    because you can be thrown /while/ you are dodging... and you cannot throw 
    until after your dodge is completed.
       If you manage do dodge a move (like a sidekick) DEEP, you will end up 
    beside them, facing the opposite direction as them... Kind of like in a 
    square dance, where you're ready to link arms and swing around :>  
    Anyhow, this is NOT a good position, as you cannot hit each other.  What 
    i suggest is yet another dodge forwards.  That way, you KNOW where you'll 
    be.  Barring any really strange moves by your opponent, they will be 
    behind you, and a turnaround attack should be in range.  Read the section 
    about turntowards attacks and take your pick... but remember... nothing 
    is guaranteed.
       Oh yes... one more use of this is to evade the ever-dreaded Surprise 
    Exchange, Crouch Dash - Single Palm combo.  After the SE, dodge 
    /forwards/ but away from Akira.  Actually, doing a second will leave you 
    standing beside him, facing the same direction.
    The Back Dodge (d/b+G)
       This is useful for avoiding ringouts, annoying your opponents, keeping 
    away from opponents as the time winds down, and avoiding heelkicks.  Off 
    the opening bell, this is often a wise move against Kage, Lau and Akira 
    in order to align the match along the longest line in the ring (across 
    the diagonal) to avoid ringouts.  At a distance, continuous back dodges 
    will keep an opponent from running at you.  They will only be able to do 
    repeated forward dashes.  This move also ducks under heelkicks, and with 
    proper anticipation, allows a PK counter (although you're probably better 
    off just blocking it high).
    Spinning CHOP! (tap G, f+P)
       Ok... lemme just put my BIG disclaimer here.  I didn't include the 
    dodging moves in my previous version because i don't feel they're useful 
    enough.  Actually, that's a lie, i just forgot ;>  They're great style 
    moves :>
       The forward Dodge and Swipe (looks like Wolf's b+P ;>) comes out really 
    slowly.  REALLY slowly.  The good news is that after a very short period 
    at the beginning of execution, it will dodge a lot of attacks.  The bad 
    news is that it recovers slowly too.  In fact, i think if it hits without 
    an interrupt, your opponent actually has time to PK you afterwards. 
    (anyone have a confirmation of this?)  In any case, if it's blocked, you 
    can be thrown... with time to spare.
       The good news: if it hits as an interrupt, it knocks down... that's a 
    guaranteed pounce as well. *yay!*  You can also create nice combos.  I'll 
    add these into the combo section.
    Dodging Trip (tap G, d/f+P)
       This is THE cutest style move for Lion.  Unfortunately, this pretty 
    much sums up its positive qualities.  It takes some time to come out... 
    you could eat a sidekick interrupt.  And because you fall sideways when 
    you get hit out of a dodging attack, a pounce (even a high one) is quite 
    inevitable.  It also takes forever to recover.  If it is blocked, you 
    WILL be thrown.
       It does have positive qualities, tho... certainly more than the CHOP!  
    It always knocks down, but because of its horrible recovery time, you can 
    NEVER get a pounce... ever.  It dodges MANY attacks, most notably elbows 
    of all kind, especially Akira's infamous Dashing Elbow.  The advantage of 
    the dodging trip over a normal dodge to avoid the Dashing Elbow, however, 
    is that if you dodge it, you will ALWAYS get a trip.  This can be useful 
    if Akira is putting pressure on you to ring you out, and is pressing with 
    many Dashing Elbows.  (which /i/ shoulda thought of at the MoaT  *sigh*)  
    As well, this changes the angle of attack by about 45 degrees or so, and 
    could give you the time to dodge and move yourself away from any ring out 
    The Two Styles of Lion (as i see it...)
    1. The Pecker ... :>
       No subtleties here... I'm sure most people have, at one point or 
    another, encountered the pecking Lion.  This style is characterized by 
    many "Pecks", elbows, occasional sidekicks, and lots of throws.  I 
    find that this style is well complemented with dodges, and what i call 
    "annoy combos", like PPP as a counter.  While it does less damage than 
    PK, often the sheer length (time-wise) of the combo is irritating to your 
    opponent.  Staple combos are things like Sidekick [stagger] PPP and 
    following up knockdowns with d+K, K instead of pounces.  Because of the 
    powerful interrupting potential of pecking attacks, this style can be 
    very frustrating for opponents.  However, this style is often stopped 
    cold by Pais and Akiras because of their reversals.  As well, a skillful 
    Jeffrey or Wolf will crouch throw missed low punches and likewise punish 
    other mistakes.  When you compare throws that do 80+ damage to the measly 
    10pts of Lion's pecks, the trade-off is difficult, and often opponents 
    with clear minds will prevail over pecking Lions.  Another tool is the 
    frequent use of throws, especially f, f+G+P, for its ability to rush in 
    and throw quickly.  This throw is especially important because it cannot 
    be reversed.  The pecking Lion can also use lots of dodges, especially as 
    a tool of frustration.
    2. "High Impact"
       This is the Lion that i took into the MoaT, and basically the main 
    point of this FAQ.  Instead of pecking attacks, this style of Lion 
    focuses on big combos, doing damage quickly, and rattling, instead of 
    irritating, your opponent.  In this form, d+P is only used to avoid 
    standing throws, since it (1) represents a crouch throw threat (2) 
    doesn't do squat, damage-wise :>  The trade-off is that this style is 
    VERY high risk, and you will usually win or lose within the first 10 
    seconds of the round... if you're doing it "right". (ie. the way /i/ do 
    it :>...)
       This style focuses on the pounce.  In the end, knockdowns must end in 
    a pounce, or do enough damage to justify foregoing a pounce.  In this 
    style, moves like d+G+K; PPP; d+K [K] are seldom used because they 
    represent no concrete or consistent damage potential.  Even PK is used 
    only for two reasons (1) it is the most reliable counter (2) it does its 
    damage *quickly*.  Staple attacks are the Sidekick, Hop Kick, High Kick 
    (!), Long Trip, and throws.  The first three guarantee pounces on 
    knockdowns.  A sidekick stagger is also a valid way of setting up a 
    throw, although these, save the Face Grab, are secondary since they 
    forego a pounce.  Also, the P+G throw is often preferred over others 
    because it does damage quickly.  This Lion often crouches a lot in order 
    to P+G after every missed high attack.
      TA Kick attacks are useful because they set up large floats.  The 
    TurnTowards Double Punch-Kick combo is the most useful...  it also looks 
    great :>  TA Kick, TurnT low Kick is also acceptable, since a pounce 
    often follows.
       The High Impact Lion is also marked by almost constant Okizeme 
    attacks.  This is why PPP and PK attacks are not so valued.  Okizeme is 
    most effective when the opponent is down, on an angle, and close by.  In 
    fact, Long Trip - Short pounce sets up an almost perfect distance from 
    which to do your Okizeme attacks.  Another popular move is to knock down, 
    then use f, f+P to hop over your opponent's body.  If the rising Kick 
    comes too late, or if you are quick enough to take one forwards dash away 
    from your opponent, a Turntowards Low Kick - Pounce is a VERY high impact 
    technique.  d+G+K is actually a useful move for setting up Okizeme attacks.
    * Note... I'm VERY biased towards the High-Impact style.  Please don't 
    take my word as law, as some people make better peckers than others ;>... 
    I personally just don't have the patience for it. *smile*
    PPP, Single Swipe Kick
     ... Good reliable combo.  The PPP must start DEEP and then the kick is 
            guaranteed.  This does more damage than a PK combo!
    Sidekick [DEEP stagger], PPP, Single Swipe kick
     ... great one... works on pretty much everyone.
    Sidekick [stagger], PK
     ... reliable, guaranteed, staple combo.
    Sidekick [stagger], Uppercut, Pounce
     ... if the d/f+P is buffered, then the pounce is guaranteed.
    Sidekick [stagger], throw
     ... not 100% reliable, but good against opponents who struggle out of 
    Sidekick [DEEP stagger], Handstand Kicks
     ... also not 100%, but very reliable against strugglers.  Damage is also 
    Sidekick [stagger], Spinning Punch
     ... the CPU's favorite combo.  Not guaranteed, no pounce... only for show
    Sidekick [stagger], Elbow
     ... Sometimes you get lucky and get a pounce.  Pretty reliable.
    Sidekick [float], Uppercut, DownSwipe
     ... Good style combo, no pounce... akin to Jeffrey's Uppercut - Starfleet
            Maneuver Combo :>
    Sidekick [float], Uppercut  *IMPORTANT*
     ... Unfortunately, the pounce is no longer guaranteed, in contrast to a 
            Sidekick [stagger] Uppercut combo.  So be careful not to pounce 
    Sidekick [high float], Sidekick.
     ... VERY good... only against Pai i think
    Sidekick [high float], P, G-cancel, Pounce
     ... Again, very good damage, and only against light characters.
      * note... i removed one punch because i don't think the pounce is 
            guaranteed with two punches... any verifications?
    Sidekick [non-low float], low punch, Pounce
     ... Guaranteed... another good staple combo.
    Sidekick [float], Dodging Trip.  [d/f+K, G, d/f+P]
     ... VERY cool style combo, and kinda useful when the sidekick is 
            blocked.  The dodging trip often evades the counter, and could
            set up Okizeme.  Unfortunately, the trip will whiff if you 
            stagger.  This means you will be thrown.
    Knee [high float], Knee, Pounce
     ... BIG combo... Pai/Sarah only, i think
    Knee [deep float], Uppercut, Low punch, Pounce
     ... Saw it on Gamest... cool, eh? :>
    Knee [high float], Long Sweep (d/f+G+K)
     ... Purely style combo... also a Gamest combo.
    Knee --- actually, this is almost exactly identical to the sidekick 
            floats... see them for reference.
    Downwards Hopping Swipe [bounce!], Lunging Sweep
      (u/f+P, d/f+G+K)
     ... Big style combo :>
    Turnaround HopKick [float], Turntowards Double Punch, Kick
      (b, b+G+K, P, [pause!], K)
     ... My personal favorite :>... i think it shoulda been on the Gamest
            Video *grin*   It works on EVERYONE!
    Turnaround HopKick [float], Turntowards dbl Punch, 2nd punch, pounce
      (b, b+G+K, P, [pause], P, g-cancel, u+P)
    Turnaround Kick [float], Turntowards dbl Punch (only the second hits!)
      (b, b+K, P)
     ... This is important.  Even on an interrupt, a turnaround Kick will 
            very seldom give you the height you need for a good combo.  For 
            this particular combo, you might be able to slip in a low 
            swipe kick... i haven't tried it out.
    If you can catch your opponent hopping, you can do this nice Lau 
    impression: Turnaround Punch [float], TT Double Punch, PP...
      (b, b+P, P, pause, P, P)... that's 5 punches in all :>
    Turntowards Hop Kick [float], PK.
      (back turned, d+K, P, K)
     ... a good float off a turntowards Hop Kick will result in a 
            sidekick-like float.  See that section for funky ideas :>
    Spinning CHOP! [float], Sweep.
     ... This is yet another style combo... just looks nice to combo a 
            sweep.  You should actually be doing a pounce.
     ... The CHOP! will give you a knee-like float.  Refer to the Knee combos 
            section :>
       As you may or may not know, Okizeme refers to the style of keeping 
    your opponent on the ground.  In this way, you gain a huge advantage by 
    getting your opponent onto the ground.  This is highlighted by particular 
    pressure techniques, primarily made up of mid-level and low attacks meant 
    to knock your opponent back down moments after they get up.
     * Initiators... these are moves which place you in especially good 
    positions to begin your "Oki Press" (short for Okizeme pressure).  This 
    is because (1) They leave you close to your opponent (2) They place your 
    opponent in a position where their rising kicks are less effective 
    because (a) their bodies are positioned at a funny angle (b) they are 
    flat on their face... Here they are:
       Sweep (d+G+K)        Advancing Trip (P+G - throw)
       Long trip (d/f+P+G)  Back Leg Trip (b+P+K - throw)
       Coincidentally, all these moves allow you to hop-over, using the 
    Lunging Poke (f, f+P) if your opponent doesn't roll quickly.  The result 
    is that you are behind them (or at least, your back is turned to them).  
    If you're lucky, any rising kick they do will go flying off in some 
    godforsaken direction... that's always nice :>.  In that case, do a 
    turntowards hop kick (d+K), and pounce.  Otherwise, it might be wise to 
    take a step out, as your opponent may decide to take advantage or youur 
    exposed back.
       Actually, almost any move is a good initiator to an Oki Press, but 
    these are especially good.  BAD moves for initiators are the Torpedo 
    Throw (f, f+P+G) and the Face Grab, because they leave your opponent VERY 
    far from you.  Other bad initiators are PPP, or any other unpounceable 
    move, as they often don't leave you with enough time to gain an 
    advantageous position.
     * Advantageous Positions.  What's an advantageous position?  Any 
    position that you tried to get using an initiator.  Face down at an angle 
    is usually too good to be true :>  Face down is not so easy to accomplish 
    through your own actions (often you have to count on your opponent to 
    mess up ;>...), but at an angle is easy.  The best way is to push into 
    their prone body (go right up against it) and dodge back (d/b+G).  This 
    will place you at an angle that may cause some of their rising attacks to 
    miss entirely.  This puts you in great position for...
     * The Attack.  There are guidelines for attacking moves in Oki... 
    Mid-level attacks are best, since they ignore whether an opponent is 
    standing or crouching, and go through a low block.  Low level attacks are 
    great since they go through a high block and standers and crouchers, but 
    are seldom powerful enough to get you a pounce or significant damage.  
    Throws are great, but only work if your opponent blocks, or whiffs a high 
    rising attack.  In general, Lion has some better Oki attacks:
       HopKick (u+K) - this goes over low rising kicks (altho only for a 
    short period during his attack), ALWAYS gives a pounce (which is 
    important), but leaves you open for high rising kicks.  Getting hit could 
    be no problem, but probably won't be... You can be floated for a PPPK 
    combo, or nailed with some high pounces.
       Lunging Poke (f, f+P) - this can be timed to counter EITHER rising 
    kick.  It will also almost always give you a pounce (see the move list 
    for specific cases).  However, no one said your opponent HAD to do a 
    rising attack, and reversals can come aplenty if they can see it coming.
       Long Trip (d/f+P+G) - this move ducks under high rising kicks, 
    sometimes interrupts low rising kicks, and hits low... what more could 
    you ask for?  For pouncing details, see its section in the move list.
       Hopping Kick (u/f, K) - there is a slight delay between the u/f and 
    the K, but you must still hit it while ascending.  Otherwise, you'll get 
    the hopping trip, which is cute, but doesn't allow a pounce.  This is 
    just an improved version of a HopKick.  Try it once you get used to the 
    controls, as it usually does a better job of hopping low rising kicks.
    ... Anyhow, you get the idea.  Attacks are centred around (1) doing LOTS 
    of damage (ie. fitting in a pounce) and (2) knocking your opponent down 
    and into a good Oki position.
     * Knowing your enemy.  All this is good and well, but research and 
    practice are essential.  KNOW which of your enemy's rising kicks have 
    inherent weaknesses and play off of them.  Akira, for instance, has 
    horrible rising kicks and very few ways to punish you if you are hit by 
    one (by virtue of a slow pounce and few float combos off his rising 
    kicks).  The Bryants can pounce after almost any successful rising kick, 
    but have a couple of rising kicks that just scream out to be punished.  
    Shun is the ultimate rising kick guy, and Oki might not be the best way 
    to go against him.  You get the idea...
    As usual, i'd love feedback.  I'd just like to take this chance to thank 
    all those who bothered to write to me and tell me what i did wrong in the 
    first FAQ ;>  I missed the CPU cheesing section again, but i don't think 
    anyone really cares about that. :> ... it's pretty much the same for all 
    characters anyhow.  Anyhoo, shout-outs and thanks to:
            Henry, Lars and Alan for their expertise...
            Tristan, Lee, Dent and Noah for their constructive feedback...
            and all of y'all who flooded my inbox with FAQ requests :> ... i 
                    LOVE fan mail *grin*
    Anyone who wants the old FAQ's written by Cleo Saulnier and Alan Tan can 
    write and request... i don't mind.

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