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    Wolf by THarper

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    From: Thomas H Harper <th2n+@andrew.cmu.edu>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: [VF2] Wolf Guide v.3
    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 23:58:12 -0500
    version 3.0
    by Thomas H Harper <th2n+@andrew.cmu.edu>,
    a guy that likes to throw Virtua People around
    -Some General Strategies
    -Using Wolf's Moves
    -Wolf's Throws and the Side Kick Reversal
    -Low Throws
    -Wolf vs. Other Character Matchups
    -Wish List For Future Versions
    What can be more satisfying then grabbing your opponent's body and
    flinging him/her/it all over the ring? NOTHING!! Wolf throws people
    around. That's his job. He's pretty good at it, too. Wolf makes a tough
    opponent since he can throw and scrap with the best of them. Varying
    your attacks is the key to success.
    Wolf is very versatile. His forte is throws but he also has punishing
    normal moves. His body blow is excellent! Surprise your opponent with
    Wolf's capabilities... especially his slides. Keep 'em guessing. Throw
    'em. Float 'em with the Knee and his Uppercuts. Take to the air with his
    K+G moves. But don't get too cocky. Wolf has a long recovery time on
    most of his moves. Be patient, seize the opportunity, and mix up your
    attacks to be successful.
    Wolf is also probably the fastest runner in the game. Dash in and out
    and buffer throws on the way in to make life miserable for your opponent.
    The nature of Wolf's pounces and some of his attacks tend to leave
    either you or your opponent on the "warning track" of the ring,
    especially when it is small. Be careful when you are near. 
    These are taken from Chia Jin Ngee's VF2 FAQ. Next to the move name is
    the Danage Points under "normal" circumstances, i.e. if you don't hit
    with it as a major counter and get the soft sound, the Execution Time
    and Recovery Time in frames, and who can reverse the move. A=Akira,
    K=Kage, P=Pai, W=Wolf. Also remember that a frame is 1/60th of a second.
    Under Notes: S denotes a foot stance change. Remember that throws are
    usually easier to land if you are in closed stance. F denotes float
    and/or combo opportunities are possible if the move hits. G means you
    are on the ground after the move.
    Name                          Motion    Hits  Damage  Frames   Reverse  Notes
    ------                        ------    ----  ------ --------  -------  -----
    Punch                         P          H      14     12,6      PKA      F   
    Low Punch                     d+P        L      10     10,8       A       
    Kick                          K          H      36     16,20      PA
    Low Kick                      d+K        L      17     16,25      A
    Side Kick                     d/f+K      M      33     16,35     PAW
    Wolf's Side Kick has good range and always knocks down, plus a pounce is
    almost guaranteed. His Low Kick has almost as much range! Remember to
    vary your attacks to keep from being reversed. Also remember that when
    you use a low punch it only takes 10 frames for it to come out, as
    opposed for the 20 frames it takes to go into a crouch. Also, you can
    connect the Two Hand Upward Slap or the Body Blow after a Low Punch
    rather easily.
    Knee                          f+K        M      30     15,29              SF
    Uppercut                      d/f+P      M      22     13,22     PKA       F
    Uppercut from crouch          FC,d/f+P   M      22     15,22     PKA       F
    All of these can float the opponent. Use these liberally up close with
    your other moves but use the knee sparingly as it has a very long
    recovery time on the way down. However, you can execute a throw as soon
    as you land from it. The knee also changes his feet position.
    Running Clothesline           f,f+P      M      40     24,38  
    If this connects it leaves your opponent wondering "What the heck
    happened?" This move CLOCKS anyone standing up. If they duck the both of
    you will have your backs toward each other, plus Wolf will be at an
    angle to their attacks. Use the turning slide to punish them then.
    Watch your opponent's life bar if you do this move. If the clothesline
    hits a standing defender, you'll do little damage and you can't pounce
    afterward safely. If it takes a big chunk off the life bar, you've hit
    the jackpot. Pounce on 'em for more damage!
    Shoulder Ram                  b,f+P      n     20-70   19,32   
    This move does a lot of damage up close like Akira's bodycheck, and is
    also good to use in combos. However if the opponent defends you'll take
    forever to recover. If your opponent ducks you'll flip right over them
    and get up with your back toward them. Be careful when using this move.
    Backhand Slap                 b+P        H       20    20,32    PKA
    This move takes a while to come out and even longer to recover. You can
    use it on the first few CPU opponents at the start of the round
    relatively safely but that's about it.
    Scissors Kick                 K+G        H       36    20,35               G
    Wolf is on the ground after this move. It's good for being "offensively
    defensive" like Shun, plus you can get up a little bit quicker than
    after you're knocked down so it can be good to lure your opponent into
    pouncing and, odds are, missing. But if you're playing VF2.1 remember
    that you'll take extra damage from a pounce if you are pounced after
    this move. 
    Against agressive opponents this kick is great, especially against
    elbowing Akiras and rushing Laus.
    Drop Kick                     u/f+K      M        22    23,22              G
    Somersault Heel Smash         b,f+K+G    M        30    30,29              G
    Ballet Kick                   f+K+G      M        36    19,22              S
    Flying Knee Attack            f,f+K+G    H        30    23,47              S   
    Seeing Wolf airborne spells bad news for the opponent. The Drop Kick and
    Somersault Smash are excellent to use since they'll hit ducking
    opponents, which will probably be their first reaction when they see
    Wolf getting ready to attack. The Spinning Roundhouse Kick--which I call
    the Ballet Kick :)--is uncounterable if blocked. 
    Body Blow                     f+P        M        20    14,24       P      F
    This move is awesome! Use it often, but remember that Pai can reverse it
    rather easily. It moves Wolf forward a bit so you can use it to get into
    throw range, but beware of the recovery time. If it hits as a major
    counter it will float the opponent slightly. Seize the opportunity!
    Drop Elbow                    b+P+K      H        30    13,25              
    This move comes out WICKED fast and guarantees a small pounce
    afterwards! It has a very deceptive range as well. This move hits a
    crouching opponent only in closed stance.
    Sliding attack                f,d+K      L        20    16,44 
    If you can, LEARN THIS ATTACK! You'll be glad you did. The trick is to
    let the stick go to neutral before you hit down+K, and you have 20
    frames to do this motion in. It comes out fast and hits low!
    Two Hand Upward Slap          FC,f+P     M        30    12,38           
    This also has a very deceptive range and it flips the opponent over! If
    you get into a low punch or low kick fight, whip this move out and watch
    the opponent go flying. You can also use this after a connected Low
    Punch. Remember it takes 12 frames of Wolf crouching before you can do
    this move.
    And now... those oh-so-spectacular throws! Wolf's throw range is .1
    meters longer than all the other characters except Jeffry. So use it!
    The Frames column has the total number of frames the throw lasts until
    you can move again. Remember to take throw time into account if you are
    behind in energy and time is running out. You don't want to lose while
    you're Twirling and Hurling your opponent due to time out!
    Name                          Motion      Grabs   Damage   Frames  Notes
    ----                          ------      -----   ------   ------  -----
    Backfall Suplex               P+G           H       60       137     G
    Use this throw sparingly. If someone breaks out of it they'll end up
    right behind you, and you'll be asking for it then. Use your turning
    slide--down+K--to avoid their behind-the-back throws. Otherwise buffer
    in a dash or crouch dash. The best tactic is not to get in this position
    in the first place, so if you use this throw use it at most twice per
    If this throw misses you'll get an ordinary quick punch. 
    Body Slam                     f+P           H       50       178 
    Use this throw primarily up close. It's easy to execute, cannot be
    broken out of, and guarantees a hit from your Drop Elbow Pounce
    afterward! All told this plus the pounce does more damage than the
    Frankensteiner! Plus, if it misses, you'll get the awesome body blow!
    Twirl And Hurl!!!!            HCT+P         H       100      226
    Be COMPLETELY UNFORGIVING with this throw. Get good at it and fire it
    off whenever possible. The huge damage plus Ring Out potential speaks
    for itself. If your opponent is still in the ring, you can run in and
    pounce them, and on a machine with a short life bar this WILL KO them.
    Wolf throws the opponent a good distance behind where Wolf is at the
    start of the throw, so go for the Ring Out if you're in trouble. They'll
    probably have lost by damage anyway. :)
    Really punish the opponent by countering with the Twirl and Hurl. You
    can sling them after a blocked Side Kick with practice.
    If you miss with this throw you'll get the ordinary Punch.
    Ghostbuster                  d/f,d/f+P+K   H        80      213
    Go for style points and 1st grade with this throw! If they really whiff
    an attack and you have the time and practice under your belt, then by
    all means drive his/her head into the ground. 
    Frankensteiner                u/f+K+G       H        60      118
    This throw does take a bit of practice to learn, but your opponent will
    wonder how the heck you pulled this off... It's good for intimidation
    and wowing the audience but remember a Body Slam + Drop Elbow Pounce
    does 10 points more damage.
    This throw is best if your back is to the edge of the ring, since the
    opponent will end up about 2 meters in front of their current position! 
    If this throw misses you are in trouble if you get anything else but the
    Ballet Kick. So be careful if you try it.
    Double Arm Suplex             d/b+P+K+G     L        70      179
    Tombstone                     d/f+P+K+G     L        70      182
    Torso Takedown                d+P+G         L        60      109
    These low throws are PAINFUL. The Double Arm Suplex is the best since it
    does whopping damage and guarantees a Drop Elbow Pounce afterward. The
    Torso Takedown is good to use since it is relatively easy to execute,
    and you can pounce after it too. See the Low Throws section for perfect
    defensive opportunities to use them. Doing these throws are vital to get
    the higher grades in Ranking Mode--see the Making The Grade section.
    German Suplex                 P+G           B        80      176
    Full Nelson Suplex            P+K+G         B        85      169
    Excellent times to use these back-wrenching throws are: punishing Lion
    after a missed pounce, punishing Lau and Pai if they miss a pounce after
    a sweep, and punishing another Wolf after you break out of his P+G
    throw. However the Full Nelson Suplex is the only back throw in the game
    that will not grab a crouching opponent.
    Side Kick Reversal            d/f+P         M        60       83
    Wolf's only reversal is a RUSH! to pull off. Use it when your opponent
    gets predictable with his side kicks. If it misses, you'll do an
    ordinary low punch, so consider using this motion for your low punches
    instead of d+P.
    Here is a list of what Wolf can reverse. Any additions or corrections
    are welcome.
    Anyone's Side Kick--d/f+K
    Pai and Lau's Snap Side Kicks--f+K
    Kage's Heel Kick--d+K+G
    Kage's Kick in his P,P,P,K combo
    Sarah's second or third Illusion Kick--d/f+K,K,K
    Sarah's Side Kick in her Punt Kick-Side Kick combo--d+K,K
    Jacky's Side Kick in his Punch-Side Kick combo--P,K up close
    Jeffry's Big-Ass Boot--f,f+K
    Wolf doesn't get much combo opportunities, but with his damage
    capability it's no big loss IMHO. But he does have a few real doozies!
    Note the moves with an F in the "Notes" column. These moves make combos
    possible either by floating or as a "hardwired" combo like the
    Cool names for the combos are always welcome. :)
    Description                      Motions                     Damage
    -----------                      -------                     ------
    2 Punches                        P,P                           28
    2 Punches, Uppercut              P,P,P                         56
    2 Punches, Elbow Strike          P,P,f+P                       48
    Universal Punch-Kick Combo       P,K                           44
    "Bazooka Blast"
    Knee, Shoulder Ram               f+K,b,f+P                     50+
    "Bazooka Blowout"
    Knee, Punch, Shoulder Ram        f+K,P,b,f+P                   64+
    Knee, Running Clothesline        f+K,f,f+P                     70+
    Knee, 2 Punches, Uppercut        f+K,P,P,P                     86+
    Uppercut, Body Blow              d/f+P,f+P                     42+
    "Four Fists"
    Uppercut, 2 Punches, Uppercut    d/f+P,P,P,P                   78+
    "Air Canada"
    Knee, Uppercut, 2 Punches,       f+K,d/f+P,P,P,P               90+
    2 Body Blows                     f+P,f+P                       40+
    Body Blow, Low Punch,            f+P,d+P,b,f+P                 50+
    Shoulder Ram 
    Note that the Damage numbers are the bare minimum, especially where the
    combo ends with a Shoulder Ram. 
    Despite Wolf's arsenal of throws and high-damage moves, one combo you
    should learn and call on when you need it is the famed Punch, Kick
    combo. Why? Because it's fast and always knocks down. Holding forward on
    the joystick will give your initial Punch more range. It's very
    reliable, so when the match gets tough, remember it.
    Remember to properly execute a low throw, you must be standing and the
    opponent must be low to the ground. You must also be relatively close. A
    good habit is to dash in before you do the motion for the throw,
    especially after moves like Shun's Low Shoulder Backpush.
    Here are a set of opponent's moves that provide perfect opportunities
    for low throws. A 'B' before the move means if you block it a throw is
    possible. An 'M' means a throw is possible if it misses entirely, and an
    'H' means it's possible if it hits!
    Jacky's Low Backfist               M
    Jacky, Kage, Lau, and Pai's Sweep  BM
    Jacky's and Sarah's Leg Slicer     BMH
    Shun's Slow Sweep                  BM
    Lion's 2 Low Thigh Kicks           B
    Shun's Low Shoulder Backpush       BM
    Lau's double foot sweep            BM
    Shun's Fast Sweeps after drinking  B
    Pai's Scissor Kicks                BM
    Akira's Low Rising Attack          B
    Jacky's Rising Sweep               BM
    Sarah's Rising Sweep               BM
    Note that if Lau and Pai's Sweep is part of a PPPK combo it cannot be
    low thrown. Use a high throw or counter method of your choice. Also to
    grab Jacky and Sarah out of their Rising Sweep you must be fast
    otherwise you will be Kickflipped.
    Wolf's big throw range plus his versatility opens many opportunities for
    using the senbon punch. The senbon punch provides the perfect lead-in
    for any of his throws including the all powerful Twirl and Hurl, plus
    quick execution moves like the Body Blow. Also the Senbon Punch is good
    for combos. It is possible to string many Senbon Punches after a Knee,
    for example. Try using Senbons in place of ordinary Punches in the
    Combos section.
    If you Senbon into a throw such as the Twirl and Hurl start the motion
    when you tap G so you get the throw in in the 11 frame window you have. 
    See Anthony Goh's new Senbon Punch FAQ for an explanation of the Senbon
    Punch in detail plus Senbon Ethics. Do NOT use the Senbon Punch over and
    over again to ring your opponent out. DO use it in floats or to set up a
    throw or other quick move.
    Kudos to Jirawat Uttayaya and his Ranking Mode FAQ for this information.
    Remember to reach 1st Grade you must beat Dural, defeat CPU Akira within
    6 minutes and 30 seconds, and score 100 technical points. Score the
    technical points with these moves. Remember you must do each move in a
    separate match.
    5 Drop Kicks                             u/f+K
    4 Backfall Suplexes                      P+G
    3 Ghost Busters                          d/f,d/f+P+K
    3 Twirl And Hurls                        HCT+P
    3 Two Hand Upward Slaps                  FC, for+P
    3 Shoulder Rams                          b,f+P
    3 Running Clotheslines                   f,f+P
    3 Backflip Pounces                       u+K
    2 Frankensteiners                        u/f+K+G
    2 Side Kick Reversals                    d/b+P
    2 Torso Takedowns                        d+P+G
    1 Double Arm Suplex                      d/f+P+K+G
    1 Tombstone                              d/b+P+K+G
    Try to work in your Drop Kicks, Upward Slaps, Shoulder Rams, and Running
    Clotheslines in early on since the CPU is a sucker for throws late.
    Don't give mercy rounds too often since you need to beat Akira before
    6'30". If you're looking to save time back up a bit and Twirl and Hurl
    or Frankensteiner the CPU opponent out of the ring. 
    The best time to get your low throws in is against CPU Sarah, Shun,
    Lion, and Jacky. If the Bryants' Leg Slicer doesn't knock you down dash
    in and slam them. Shun gives you many opportunities for low throws so
    give a mercy round to him if you can. Lion stays low most of the match
    and Jacky is low throw fodder after a Sweep. 
    Also remember to work in your Backflip Pounces also, and get your
    Sidekick Reversals in. The easiest way to score them is against CPU Lion
    and Kage. Just keep doing the motion and eventually they'll try a
    sidekick, which you should grab easily. 
    Be completely unpredictable when you fight Akira, since has a reversal
    for every attack zone. Mix up air moves such as the Flying Knee and
    Somersault Heel Smash. Learn how far his elbows and palms move him
    forward and try to lure him in and punish him if he whiffs them. Use the
    Scissors Kick if he gets aggressive. Akira's Dashing Elbows are
    uncounterable, but if you use the Knee and Akira does anythong else but
    guard he will be hit.
    This is probably Wolf's toughest fight. Good Pais will just sit and peck
    away with fast moves and save the heavy artillery for when you get
    impatient. Low throw a blocked Sweep. If she likes her Side Kick try the
    Reversal. She can reverse most high and mid-level moves so as always
    vary your attacks. Throw at every opportunity.
    Try to keep him away from up close to you since he's got that incredible
    float potential.  He's got no reversals so try and use the Body Blow,
    Uppercuts, and in closed stance, the Drop Elbow often. If you feel the
    Rush coming crouch dash away and Uppercut. Then float HIM. 
    Ease up on using the Backfall Suplex P+G throw too often because Wolf
    has two behind-the-back throws. Know Wolf's weaknesses well so you can
    Don't use the P+G throw AT ALL because of his monstrously-damaging
    behind-the-back throw. On a machine with the highest damage setting it
    plus a pounce will KO you.  You can reverse Jeffry's Big-Ass Boot. Also
    if you block the Big-Ass Boot Jeffry can throw you as soon as he puts
    his foot down.  Use basic, quick moves often.
    A tough opponent for anybody. Vary your attacks since he's going to vary
    his. He can reverse high punches so work the Body Blow often. If he gets
    close throw him with a quick throw such as the Backfall Suplex or the
    Body Slam since he will try for the 10 Foot Toss. Don't crouch too much
    or he will stagger you with an Elbow and then 10 Foot Toss you.
    After blocking her Illusion Kicks dash in with a throw. Of course, you
    can always reverse any of the kicks... She is a fast offensive opponent
    so be ready to punish her. Her Elbow, Knee (f+P,K) and her Axe Kick
    (b/d+K+G) are uncounterable.
    Vary your attacks. Most Jackys like to go on the offensive, so punish
    him if he does. Know his moves that are uncounterable if blocked... the
    Axe Kick (b+K) and the Low Backfist (b/d+P).
    Look for the low throwing opportunity and let him have it. A defensive
    Wolf has the advantage here. Then surprise the old guy and go on the
    offensive with the Body Blow and Uppercuts.  Try not to use the Scissors
    Kick too much since he has a very fast and painful pounce.
    Work the low throws, Side Kicks, Knee, and Uppercuts. Throw up close,
    and work in a Slide if you've mastered it. He might go for Side Kicks
    often so look for the reversal opportunity. If he goes for a pounce,
    mash the G button quickly and you'll end up behind him, ready to
    rearrange his spinal column. :)
    -Many more Wolf vs. other character suggestions
    -Best thing to do after breaking out of everyone's P+G throw
    -Neat tricks!!
    -The characters' uncounterable moves
    -Comments and suggestions
    -Great Wolfs of r.g.v.a. Strategies!!
    -More combos and cool combo names :)
    This guide is still in the early stages--any help and comments would be
    appreciated! Also, an html version will be at the Digiweb site soon.
    This site RULES!!
    Version 0.0--After the call went out for a Wolf FAQ, I gladly accepted
    the challenge, since Wolf became a favorite character of mine. This was
    just mostly strategies dealing with the individual moves.
    Version 1.0--All other sections except Version Chronicle added.
    Version 2.0, posted 1/13/96--Information pours in. Version Chronicle
    added. D's changed to G's. 
    Version 3.0, posted 1/23/96--More information pours in. Frames and
    Reversals added, whole guide is updated heavily. Special thanks to Phill
    Lintern's move analyses and research, Jirawat Uttayaya for his Gamest
    translations, Michael Im for use of his Saturn, and Lars Sorensen for
    the kick-ass Home of VF.
    Chia Jin Ngee.................mcblab47@leonis.nus.sg
    Colin Leong...................leongtk@singnet.com.sg
    S. Hyun Yim...................sy2b+@andrew.cmu.edu
    David J. Wingrove.............dw54+@andrew.cmu.edu
    Michael K. Im.................sim+@andrew.cmu.edu
    "SuperDoug" Cole..............dougc@umd.umich.edu
    Phill Lintern.................pal@mas.compd.com
    Joji Suzuki...................joji.g@channel1.com
    Mason Wood....................mwood@titan.oit.umass.edu
    Darcy Brockbank...............samurai@cs.mcgill.edu
    And all my mangled opponents :)
    I don't have to insert a disclaimer here about my opinions not representing
    the opinions of my employer. The university owns me.

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