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    Taunt FAQ by DChan

    Version: 0.5A | Updated: 07/01/95 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VF2 Taunts FAQ v0.5A
    I'm *not* too fluent in Japanese! Send me your comments about
    this text file and I'll revise it. I'm especially sensitive to
    *grammatical errors* in the Japanese quotes. Also, I'm not
    absolutely sure which button controls which quote.
    Win       The player wins
    Loss      The player loses and doesn't continue the game
    Time      Time out
    A         The player wins flawlessly (the character has 100%
              energy at the end of the round) and doesn't press any
    G         The player holds Guard button
    P         The player holds Punch button
    K         The player holds Kick button
    All quotes marked with a [?] are uncertain or unconfirmed.
    If the player fights an AI enemy and the player loses, the
    player can use the other player's set of buttons to choose the
    AI enemy's quote.
    Announcer (Not a VF2 character)
    "Fight one."
    "Fight two."
    "Fight three."
    "Ring out."
    "Time out."
    "Sudden death."
    Akira Yuuki
    Win,A     "Yosshaa!" [?]
              "All right!" "Yeah!"
    Win,G     "Motto tsuyoi yatsu to tatakaitai!"
              "I want to fight a stronger gal/guy!"
    Win,P     "Juu nen hayain dayo!"
              "You're ten years early!"
    Win,K     "Hora, hora, hora!" [?]
              "Listen!" "Look!"
    Loss      "Juu nen hayakatta ka?"
              "Was I ten years early?"
    Loss      "Motto kufuu wo tsumanakute wa..."
              "I should practice more techniques..." ("Kufuu" = "kung fu")
    Time      (Akira kneels, bends over, looks down, shakes his head,
              and pounds the ground with one fist.)
    Jacky Bryant (Sarah's brother)
    Win,A     "No way you can stop me!"
    Win,G     "I look forward to our next bout!"
              (Not "I look forward to your next order!")
    Win,P     (Jacky single jump kicks.)
    Win,K     (Jacky kicks one leg twice.)
              "I'm faster than lightning!"
    Loss      "I'm just waiting for my sister."
    Loss      "There's no way to stop here!"
    Jeffry McWild
    Win,A     "I win!" [?]
    Win,G     "I win!"
    Win,P     "I win!"
    Win,K     "I win!"
    Loss      "My next adversary is waiting for me."
    Loss      "You and I aren't finished yet! I want a rematch!"
    Time      (Jeffry kneels and repeatedly pounds his head into the ground.)
    Kage-Maru ("Kage" is pronounced as "kah-geh", not "cage" or "kah-gay")
    [?]       "Makegoto wa motan zo."
              "Don't make any excuses when you lose."
    [?]       "Nakigoto wa mousanu zo."
              "I would not cry."
    [?]       "Saraba ja."
              "Farewell." "So long."
    Win,A     [?]
    Win,G     (Kage makes a weaving motion with his fists as he crouches.)
              "Too soft/weak."
    Win,P     (Kage stands straight and gestures with one hand.)
              "Yuu ga tarin."
              "Not brave enough."
    Win,K     (Kage spins.)
              "Namu." ("Namu Amida Butsu.")
              "Amida Buddha."
    Loss      "Dame da."
              "No way."
    Time      (Kage kneels, looks down, and puts his hands on his thighs.)
    Lau Chan (Pai's father)
    Win,A     (Lau claps his hands, puts them behind his back, and bows.)
              "Shuugyou ga tarin wa."
              "Your training isn't enough."
    Win,G     (Lau stretches his arms and crouches.)
              "Shuugyou ga tarin wa."
              "Your training isn't enough."
    Win,P     (Lau stacks his forearms at chest height.)
              "Shuugyou ga tarin wa."
              "Your training isn't enough."
    Win,K     (Lau puts his hands behind his back and kicks one leg.)
    Loss      "Konna wakamono ni makete shimau nante!"
              "I lost to this kind of youth!"
    Time      (Lau sits down cross-legged, folds his arms, looks to
              one side, and shakes his head.)
    Lion Rafale (Lion McFly?) ^_^
    Win,A     "What a knucklehead!"
    Win,G     "Aren't you about ready to go home now?"
    Win,P     "I don't make it a point to fight the elderly."
    Win,K     "Think you can win at that level?"
    Loss      "I want to fight more!"
    Loss      "I refuse to believe that I am that weak!"
    Time      (Lion gets down on one knee, looks down, and shakes his head.)
    Pai Chan (Lau's daughter)
    Win,[?]   "Chotto kurai chikara ga tsuyoi kara de, watashi niwa
              touyoshinai wayo!"
              "Even if you are a bit stronger, you are not my match!"
    Win,A     (Pai punches the ground, then does the SF2 Hadouken stance.)
              "Anata niwa kufuu ga taranai wa."
              "You don't have enough techniques."
    Win,G     (Pai does the bird stance.)
              "Anata niwa kufuu ga taranai wa."
              "You don't have enough techniques."
    Win,P     (Pai back flips, raises one fist, and looks up.)
              "Anata niwa kufuu ga taranai wa."
              "You don't have enough techniques."
    Win,K     (Pai bounces, then looks up and raises one fist.)
    Loss      "<Sob>"
    Loss      "Tsugi wa kanarazu katte miseru wa."
              "Next time, see that I'll certainly win."
    Time      (Pai gets down on her knees and holds her hands to her
              face, shaking her head as she weeps.)
    Sarah Bryant (Jacky's sister)
    Win,[?]   "An amateur like you could never defeat me..."
    Win,A     (Sarah claps her hands, then puts one hand behind her
              head and the other on her hip.)
    Win,G     "Better run home to mama now!"
    Win,P     "Better run home to mama now!"
    Win,K     (Sarah brushes her thigh with one hand, then points
              with her other fist.)
              "Even good guys blow it! <Laugh>"
    Loss      "I still want to fight."
    Loss      "Imagine losing to this bozo!"
    Time      (Sarah sits down and shakes her head while
              intermittently hitting the ground with her fist.)
    Shun Di
    Win,A     [?]
    Win,G     "Hic. Onushi ga ikura agaite mo, washi niwa katenno ja!"
              "Hic. However much you struggle, you can't win against me!"
    Win,P     "Hic. Onushi ga ikura agaite mo, washi niwa katenno ja!"
              "Hic. However much you struggle, you can't win against me!"
    Win,K     "Na... Hahahaha..."
    Loss      "Aitatata..."
    Loss      "Wakaino, tsugi wa mou sukoshi ote yawarakata na."
              "Young lady/man, next time soften your hands a bit more."
    Time      (Shun sits down cross-legged, grabs his feet, and rocks
              back and forth.)
    Wolf Hawkfield
    [?]       "Oh, to picture you winning..."
    Win,A     (Wolf squats and rocks his hips.) [?]
    Win,G     "Come back again in about a year!"
    Win,P     "Awoooooh!"
    Win,K     "Awoooooh!"
    Loss      "One more time... Just one more, I want to fight!"
    Loss      "So there was someone stronger than me..."
    Time      (Wolf sits down, looks down, and pounds the ground with
              one fist.)
    [?]       (Dural does Akira's "step back and pose.")
    Win,K     (Dural does Akira's "double jump kicks.")
    Mai Shiranui (Not a VF2 character) ^_^
    Win       (Mai waves her fan and "bounces.")
              "Nippon ichi!"
              "Japan's best!" "Japan's number one!"
    ak431112@peabody.iusb.indiana.edu (Derek Wade)
    Drew Davidson <davidson@mercury.interpath.net>
    Fatts Mann <ngk@mordor.stuy.edu>
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    Johnny Larkspur <jmanning@oitunix.oit.umass.edu>
    leongtk@merlion.singnet.com.sg (Colin Leong)
    lordbbh@aol.com (Lord BBH)
    miyairi@ix.netcom.com (Jiro Miyairi)
    Paul Michael Price <pallyboy@grove.ufl.EDU>
    rbalioth@aol.com (RB Alioth)
    rkanzaki@netcom.com (Rey Kanzaki)
    Sergey Asvadurov <asvaduro@jove.rutgers.edu>
    seth@cie-2.uoregon.edu (Master NetHacker)
    tbilsborrow@datatrek.com (Todd Bilsborrow)
    tskwong@hka.online.edu (Tony SK Wong)
    Wolverine <dmtruema@acs.ucalgary.ca>
    YAT W IN <n1316958@student.fit.qut.edu.au>
    yupasawa@aol.com (Yupasawa)
    The lot of VF2 players at Funland Arcade (334 Yonge Street (on
    the west side of Yonge Street, 1 1/2 blocks north of Dundas
    Street), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (not USA))
    When VF2 first came out, I was one of the first blokes in r.g.v.a
    to ask for a transcript/translation of the VF2 characters'
    quotes. No one volunteered to do it. In early June 1995, some
    blokes in r.g.v.a were again asking for a transcript/translation.
    This time I decided to assume the initiative. Since I don't
    subscribe to Gamest, I'm doing this compilation the hard way.
    To those who don't get the "Lion McFly" joke: It has something to
    do with his life vest. Watch the sci-fi movie _Back to the Future._
    No, Shiranui Mai the bouncy and cute kunoichi (FF2, FFS, KOF94,
    FF3, KOF95) is *not* in VF2! I wish she is though, thank you very
    much. If you've seen Tom Woof's pics, you'll know how Mai-chan
    looks in three-dimensional solid-modelling.
    Don Chan (Lau/Pai/Sarah/Kage)
    July 1995

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