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"The Best Saturn Fighter, Disagree, and You Will Get a Twirl 'n Hurl!"

Virtua Fighter is one of my favourite games ever (even though It is poorly criticised for its graphics etc., but hey the music was good!), and one day when it stopped working, I was in shambles. For a year and a half I searched for a new one, but to no avail. Then, one of my friends from school had a Saturn, and they told me that they had Virtua Fighter! I was happy like no tomorrow, so the next day when he brought it, I found out it was Virtua Fighter 2. I was a bit disappointed, but when I arrived home, it was better in almost every aspect. This is a fantastic fighter, and the quintessential Saturn Fighter. Its game play time!

Game play: 9/10

The Virtua Fighter fighting system is third (in my opinion) behind Namco's fighters, and the Mortal Kombats. The controls are very easy to use, and are very noob friendly. However if you want to start using more complicated moves (such as the Twirl 'n Hurl), you have to think outside the box and use controls that are a bit more complicated. The nice improvement in game play over the first VF is that there are a lot more modes now. Aside from arcade, ranking and VS., there are now Team Battle, Expert, and Watch modes. Team Battle was a little primitive in these days, thus it isn't as good as other team battles, but what are you going to do? Game play is A-1. Story is next.

Story: 7/10

The story is a little confusing, and you have to follow it through sources not found in-game, and that is a bit of a downer. I do not know much of the story, however from what I do know, it is a very well developed story, just like Mortal Kombat and the Namco fighters. Story is good, however due to it not being followed in-game docks it 3 points. Graphics are next, and may I say a VAST improvement.

Graphics: 10/10

Wow! These are Saturn graphics? Leave it up to Saturn to prove all the Sega nay-sayers wrong. The graphics are just stunning. The Backgrounds are as good as the early Tekken games, and the Characters while still not as good as they had the potential to be, are still good looking, especially on the Saturn. Watching the intro movies of how the characters looks have changed are truly outstanding. They went from horrible to marvelous. Sound is next, nothing new here (except for 1 thing).

Sound: 10/10

The same old sounds are in game with punches kicks etcetera, only now... the characters have more than one winning dialogue! Were you annoyed with Wolf's Aoooooooo!! in the first game? Well now he says something new, as does every character. The music is still the best fighting game music I have ever heard (except for Tekken 3). The announcer's voice is still the same so that's a plus (in my book anyways). What was lacking in the first game (apart from graphics) was replay ability. Did that change?

Replay ability: 10/10

While there still aren't any unlockables, there are the three new modes that will make you play this game (alone or with some buddies) for a long time. Between the Arcade, Team Battle, VS., and Ranking modes, believe me there will be a lot for you to do.

Buy or rent?

As with every game I review, the chances of renting this game are slim to nil, and I am still offering; to anyone who has seen this game for rent anywhere, please email me and tell me. As for buying, you must buy this game. It is just too good to pass up, so load up ebay!

Virtua Fighter will always have a special place in my gaming heart because it is just too memorable, and this game will overtake it soon, because it is just a brilliant piece of software... then again, anything by Yu Suzuki is a brilliant piece of hardware.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/17/06, Updated 09/11/09

Game Release: Virtua Fighter 2 (US, 12/31/96)

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