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Reviewed: 11/30/00 | Updated: 11/30/00

Still the best fight game ever

Personally, I had never liked fight games. Be it 2D or 3D, I thought that they were all junk. That notion of mine changed when I bought my SEGA Saturn on May 1, 1997. On that day I played Virtua Fighter 2, and my respect for the fight game genre was established.

Gameplay: The main reason why I loved Virtua Fighter 2 right off the bat was because of the control. Instead of quick button-smashing, VF2 required a little more finesse. Even though there are only three buttons to the game (A-Defend, B-Punch, C-Kick), there are literally over 40 moves per character and each character has his or her own style. VF2 is the kind of game that needs to be mastered. A player doesn't just turn the game on and start winning. There is a lot of strategy and depth to the matches. From the main menu, players can choose from Arcade, VS, Expert, Ranking, Team Battle or Watch Mode. From the Options menu, players can even change the type of game from 2.0 to 2.1 depending on which version was better for them in the arcade. Both versions have their own unique feel as well.

Story: Fighters fighting to become the best fighter (or something like that). Seriously, if someone is looking for a dynamic and engaging storyline in a fight game, maybe they should look into a different genre.

Audio/Video: I love everything about the audio aspect of Virtua Fighter 2. The SFX are clear and dead-on, and the music is fabulous. Each character has their own music theme which fits them perfectly. In fact, this is the only fight game that I bought the soundtrack of. I enjoy the music of VF2 that much (of course, I also enjoy the music of the Irish, bubblegum-pop group B*Witched, so maybe my opinion isn't the most reliable). The graphics in VF2 are beautiful (especially since the Saturn isn't exactly a 3D, polygonal graphic powerhouse). Using the console's dual Hitachi processors, the Saturn version of VF2 is as close to its arcade counterpart as it could be.

Replayability: Virtua Fighter 2 has the most replay value of any fight game in my opinion. Just trying to master a single character, and their unique style, will bring players back to this game. Also, with the VS mode, a player and a friend will have the time of their lives trying to out maneuver one another.

Yu Suzuki and everyone at AM2 and SEGA really outdid themselves with Virtua Fighter 2 for the SEGA Saturn. With no slowdown, a steady framerate, solid control, and excellent graphics, VF2 is a masterpiece of videogame perfection. In my opinion, it will always be the benchmark by which other 3D, 32/64-bit console fight games are measured against.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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