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Reviewed: 03/12/03 | Updated: 03/12/03

A huge step above VirtuaFighter 1!

The depth of VF1 is back, only now theirs a good game to go with it!

The first thing you'll notice is how much better the graphics in VF2 look compared to VF1, the level backgrounds no longer look like cardboard cut-outs they even have nice looking objects to help make the backgrounds stand out-so the backgrounds of the levels look somewhat 3D and stand out nicely. the Arenas you fight on look alot better too. the fighters although vastly improved still look a little blocky. the fighters also have alot more animtaions.

Graphics my score 7.1/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 7/10

The sound-effects are just about as good as any other fighting game with the Punch and Kick sounds, IMO the music was better in VF1 though.

Sound my score 6.4/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 6/10

The controls are the same as VF1 A blocks, B is to punch and C is kicking, so the fans of the VF1 port on Saturn(all half dozen of em) will feel right at home with the control setup, nOObs won't have much trouble getting used to the button lay-out either. if your one of those people that must have it your way, you can customize the controller set-up in the options menu.

Control my score 8.9/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 9/10

Better then VF1? you bet! VF2 is faster, deeper, harder, and more challenging and better looking, as it should be-it is a sequel after all. their are many more moves to be learned. some new game modes are added such as ''Ranking mode'' and ''Expert mode'' both of those are nice additions to the game. ''Ranking mode'' being my personal favorite. with the deeper fighting system and extra modes, this CD has alot of replay value. other new things in VF2 include 2 newly added fighters ''Shun''-an old man who is a Drunken_Master and ''Lion''-I don't know much about him.

Gameplay my score 8.4/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 8/10

Final Comments
IMHO VF2 is the second best in the series VF and VF3 just can't compare(the best in the VF series is by far VF4) but for you Saturn fans wanting a complex 3D fighter VF2 is the game for you(FightingVipers is also quite good), VF2 is probably the best 3D fighting game on the Saturn(and one of the overall best games on the system). it can be found online for under $15 dollars nowadays and I think it's totally worth the price.

Game rating my score 8.5/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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