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"The most realistic fighting game to date, and very darn good!"

Most Saturn owners have the 3 disc set of VF2, Virtua Cop, and Daytona USA. The best out of these games is without a doubt VF2. For all you out there not acustomed to fighting games (is that anyone?), they run the gamet from firing various forms of energy at one another to swordplay to brutal blood combat to a mix of both. I am an avid fighting-gamer, and even though I am a hard-core Street Fighter fan, VF2 is the most realistic fighting game out there. Being more realistic than Tekken and Mortal Kombat, this may turn some fans off to the idea of not being able to fire super energy blasts or brutally and violently finishing their opponent. Still, this also presents a genre that has not been explored. Also, this is not to say the VF2 is in any way realistic; there still is the problem of being able to get 40 ft. high with one jump. Anyway, on to the review.

Gameplay - Very responsive control, and the controls are simple enough: move, punch, kick, defend. By pressing various combinations of these, you can pull off special moves like throws (P+D) or for some characters sweeps (Down+K+D). The character diversity is wonderful: you have the kung fu hero (Akira), the ninja (Kage), the wrestler (Wolf), the American hero (Jacky), etc. Although the basic moves are essentially the same for each person, you will discover that everyone has their own unique fighting style once you play the game for a while. The damage is well-balanced, and there actually is a lot of strategy involved for playing with each character, which is very very cool! The game offers an arcade mode, expert mode, team battle mode, versus mode, and ranking mode (you play as far as you get and then get ranked on style and skill by the computer, which is an interesting part of the game).

Story - As with most fighting games, the fighters are competing in a tornament. No real dramatic life-or-death or save-the-earth deals here, just hard core fighting.

Sound - Sounds are appropriate. They fit the caliber of the game quite well, down to the character's finishing taunts.

Graphics - Graphics are very well done, as I expected. The action is smooth and 3-D. No problems here!

Replayability - I find that the computer often employs "cheap" tactics to defeat you, which will happen often on the expert level. Still, the ranking mode is pretty fun, and is also quite difficult. The arcade mode is decent, although you are not able to switch to a different character if you lose the match. Versus mode is cool, and when it comes down to it, all fighting games are most fun when you are playing against a human opponent.

Overall - No blood, no fireballs, no finishing moves, no problem! The gameplay and combat are very well done, and the ability to realisticly reverse a few moves is innovative for a fighting game. This is one of the best domesticated games for Saturn, if not the best.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/00, Updated 01/05/00

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