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"Still the best Saturn fighter after all these years."

Yu Suzuki and AM2, one of Sega's arcade/Saturn development teams, has cranked out hit after hit over the years. Although the first Virtua Fighter was a hit in the arcades, it bombed dismally on the Saturn, because of poor...well...everything. They released Virtua Fighter Remix a few months later, still, it was a disappointment because of slowdown and again, ugly graphics. The expectations for VF2 were not high before the game was released, but when it was released, woo boy, did AM2 ever produce. This is one of the most perfect arcade ports ever created in the history of man.

The greatest jump from VF to VF2 is the graphics. The backgrounds look and move great as you jump around and such. If you are a die-hard Virtua Fighter 2 player, you can notice some of the stages have been downsized to compensate for slowdown due to the lack of power in the Saturn. This doesn't detract from the gameplay any, though. The animation is also very smooth. It runs at a constant 60 frames per second, and also uses the Saturn's dual chipset, which is why this game looks so good. The last thing which has been improved, is the amount of polygon clipping, which has been reduced to almost 0.

The sounds are arcade perfect. The music, sound effects, background music and all the rest have been translated to the Saturn with no noticeable differences at all.

The Virtua Fighter series has and will always be known for the mass amounts of moves and combos for each character, and VF2 doesn't stray away from that. Each character has between 50-70 moves each, plus various counters for punches and kicks, etc. The 2.1 revision is also included, and you can switch between 2.1 and 2.0 whenever you want if for some reason you favor one over the other.

Virtua Fighter 2 is best comparable to chess. It takes 10 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. At release, it was the leading 3D fighter on the Saturn, and to this day, it still is leaps and bounds over the other 3D fighters released on the Saturn, even the great Fighters Megamix. This is the reason the Saturn has stayed alive so long, especially in Japan, where it is still one of the most popular games over there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/04/00, Updated 04/26/01

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