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"An excellent conversion of the arcade classic."

Virtua Fighter 2 was released for the Sega Saturn during the winter of 1996 (Dec.95-Jan.96 to be more precise.)
It was given high praise for the many enhancements it had over its prequel Virtua Fighter 1, among them much better graphics (this was the first thing many people noticed about the game, it truly was a night and day difference), more moves (I believe they added about 250-300 more moves overall), better sound (this was mostly in the voices, the sound effects remained the same for the most part), and the two new characters (Shun and Lion) that were not in the first game.
Now on to the review.

Graphics-10/10- This truly was the biggest enhancement made to the series, graphics like this were unheard of in 1996, let alone on the Saturn, it ran at a silky smooth 60 fps.(frames per second) and ran in high-resolution, the characters also had many more details than before (they actually had faces and their bodies were smoothed out tremendously, the outfits flowed and (most notably Lau's outfit) and the outfits were overhauled (before they were very blocky with little detail, now they had huge amounts of detail abd were smooth), also the animation for some moves (mostly throws) was increased.

Sound-8/10- The music was another great feature in this game, before the music was bland and repetitive, now it was vibrant, the music is among the best ever in any fighting game, the voices were also minorly enhanced (they were clearer), too bad the sound effects were the same.

Control-10/10- Flawless, most moves can be done without hesitation, most moves have no lag time whatsoever, some of the best control ever in a fighting game (the Saturn's controller worked wonders for this game, the layout was identical to the arcade.)

Story-2/10- The same story that was used in the first one (as well as just about every fighting game since 1992), you know, a group of fighters fighting for the title of the best fighter in the world. It doesn't detract at all from the game though, seriously, who buys a fighting game for its story? The backrounds of the fighters are interesting though.

Gameplay-10/10- Perfect, the game engine is excellent and allows this game to stand the test of time well, the moves have lots of animation and most (about 90%) of the moves are easily executed.
Truly a classic game no matter what genre you enjoy.

Overall-10/10- It's low-points are few-and-far-between and are in the least important parts of a fighting game, while the high-points are were they need to be for fighting games.
Without a doubt one of the best fighting games of all time, it even beats out some of the fighting games out there now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/29/00, Updated 05/29/00

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