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    FAQ/Walkthrough by M.Andersson

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    Mystaria - The Realms of Lore
    Written by Magnus Andersson, in August 2000.
    About this walkthrough
    This document is the walkthrough to "Mystaria - The Realms
    of Lore" for Sega Saturn (I believe this game was
    called "RinglordSaga" in Japan, or something similar).
    Please note that my English is far from perfect (Iīm from
    Sweden), but I have tried my best. :)
    You may spread and copy this document in any way you like,
    and you may upload it anywhere on the Internet, as long as
    you donīt make any changes to it, and as long as you donīt
    sell it for own profit.
    Not all techniques are mentioned here, because it would take
    up too much space to describe every technique. I have just
    described the most imporant ones here, so I leave very much up
    to you to discover them. :) I have also not described
    everything in detail, about what happens between the battles.
    It is more fun for you to discover and read the dialouges
    yourself. They are often interesting, funny, serious, and
    more. I will only tell you what you have to do, and where you
    have to go. Nor have I described the items in the game. You
    can read about the items, if you select "Items" from the
    menu (by pressing B-button, when you arenīt in battle).
    I have given numbers to the battles: 1, 2, 3 etc. and the
    battles that are related to each other, I have called 1a, 1b,
    1c etc. When there is a new number, then you will for sure be
    able to rest and buy items in Mystaria (Mystaria is the great
    land that you are walking around in). If you have the
    opportunity to save the game between for example battle c
    and d, then I suggest you to save the game on another file,
    that is safer, in case you would need to go back and get
    more EXP points. When a new number of fights begins, you will
    be able to save the game again, and then you can over-save
    the game on your first file again. But if you are lacking
    memory space in your Saturn, then it canīt be helped.
    A few hints before we begin:
    1. When you get a new better weapon, donīt sell your old
    weapon, if there is something special about it (for example
    that it contains magic, or that it has special protection).
    It could come in handy for later.
    2. Planning is everything in this game. You can decide
    yourself in what order you want the party to move (you can
    chose between the characters in the battle with the L- and
    R-buttons above on your joypad). Plan how you can get the
    best effect of your attacks, for example, if one character
    is standing next to two enemies, so that he is "blocking"
    the way for another character that can strike two enemies
    in one strike, then move over the blocking character first
    (if you have the opportunity to move him), and out the
    other character next to the enemies and attack.
    3. You gain Experience points when you are fighting (EXP),
    and when you have gotten enough points, you will raise a
    level and become stronger. But except for these EXP, you
    can also gain Technique EXP. For example, if you are
    fighting with a spear plenty of times with Ferral, he will
    learn a new better technique with the spear. As soon as
    your characters learn a new move, check the move at the
    technique menu, and see what effect is has, and how powerful
    it is. The stronger techniques will be needed later in the
    game. When Saura has made enough of healing, she will learn
    how to bring back a dead member to life: RAS DED. Around
    level 7-8, she will also learn Mega Healing, MGA HLG, which
    also will come very useful later. She will also learn another
    very important healing attack (it belongs to the healing
    category, but it is an attack against enemies: Holy Avenger,
    HLY AVG. The Holy Cure, HLY CUR, cures sleeping, ice,
    confusion and other similar things. This spell is a very
    important one as well.
    Note that you canīt train harder than level 30. When you are
    at level 30, then you canīt get any stronger. You can train
    the technique levels up to level 20.
    4. Save the game as often as you can (of course), after
    every battle. But sometimes you have to play several battles
    in a row before you get the opportunity to save the game.
    I hardly need to tell the background story of the game. Just
    check the intro. :) You (prince Aragon (all names can be
    edited)), Ferral the lion warrior, Saura the priest, and
    Hector the Archer are fighting Lord Bane (who is the arch
    enemy in this game) in the very first fight, but nothing
    happens there, no matter what you do, or how you move. Lord
    Bane throws a fire spell, and your party retreats.
    Battle 1a.
    In this battle, there is first a talk with Raiko, (he was
    saved by Ferral) and then he joins your force. After that,
    the battle begins, and what you have to do, is simply to
    fight your way through here, so that you reach the exit in
    the north. First of all, get rid of the three soldiers (two
    gray and one green) to your left side, and then keep going
    up as fast as possible. New troops will arrive from the
    south entrance over and over again, so you had better get
    going up as fast as possible. You will see that the troops
    are moving like idiots: When they are following you, they
    are *really* trying to take the shortest way to reach you,
    and they donīt walk around an obstacle, if there is one
    blocking their way. You will see what I mean about it. The
    grey soldiers in this fight are sometimes quite hard to
    beat. The best way to get rid of them is with fireballs.
    When you reach the north part of the battle, three green
    soldiers arrive from nowhere, so be careful there.
    Battle 1b.
    This is a kind of suicide-battle, you canīt win it. You will
    meet Juza, one of Lord Baneīs 5 leaders (he was also Raikoīs
    master), and another two Assassins. Since you canīt wain this
    battle, just walk up to Juza, and let him kill everyone in
    the party.
    Battle 1c.
    No, the game is not over yet. :) You are just brought to a
    dungeon. There will be some talking with Lord Bane, and then
    he goes away, and Aletha and Katzhai appears and opens the
    cell door. They join your party. Now you get your first
    opportunity to save the game.
    Now you must escape out of the dungeon. Your health is
    completely restored. Go south first of all, through the door.
    Here you will face three grey soldiers, and one of them is
    a very strong one, while the other two are weaker. There
    could be a risk that you lose one of your characters here,
    but if that happens, then it canīt be helped. There is
    another door going south, but you canīt open it. Instead, go
    left as far as possible, and kill all guards on your way.
    Four of the guards here, two above you and two below, are
    very strong, and you should use magic to get rid of them.
    Go south, and open the door to the treasure room in the
    southwest corner (the room with two treasures). You will
    find two "heal" here. Now, go north, and put one of the
    characters in front of the door (if you try to open it,
    you will get a message that a special key is needed).
    Kill the reamining guard up here, and you will get some
    keys. However, Juza appears, so you must escape through
    the gate in the northwest corner. Start checking the door
    with the character who you put next to the door, and if
    possible, try to put another character there as well to
    check the door. It will take three atempts before you find
    the right key to open the door. As soon as the dorr is
    open, go up north and exit. It is enough that one single
    person reaches the exit. Then the entire party escapes.
    It will be the same in all battles.
    Now you will find yourself outside, in the land of Mystaria,
    in the Queenland area. Enter the city here (Queensheart) and
    buy as much armor as you can afford. Look around in the city
    if you like, read the Bulletin board, visit the pub etc. to
    gather information. When you are done here, exit the town,
    and go west to reach Mt. Burgeon. Enter the mountain.
    Battle 2
    You need to climb your way up the mountain to reach the old
    man, who could help you in your adventure. But there are a
    lot of enemies here, and you have to kill them all to get
    up the mountain. It is a hard battle, and there is no chance
    that you will be able to get up here on your first attempt.
    Your equippment is not good enough, and your EXP level is
    too low. What you have to do is simply to play as far as you
    can in this battle, and retreat over and over again, to
    gain EXP levels and money, so that you can buy new
    equippments in Queensheart. Be sure to not lose any
    characters, because if you lose a character, he/she will
    only get half of the EXP points. When your levels are
    raising, the armor and weapon shop in Queensheart will have
    new better armor and weapons for sale. Buy anything you
    like, if you can afford it. It is also a good idea to buy
    items from the item shop.
    As you train up levels, first make sure that the animations
    are off (you can select this from the Options-menu (you
    canīt access this menu in battle)), and also turn off the
    sound-effects. Now the fight goes much quicker, and your
    training-time becomes more effective.
    Hint: Even when Saura doesnīt need to heal anyone, let
    her heal anyway. She will still get her technique points,
    and will learn better healing spells sooner.
    When you feel ready to go for the entire fight, then simply
    go for it. When you have reached the top, you will have a
    talk with the wise man on the mountain. He tells you that
    12 fighters will be needed to fight Lord Bane. Since the
    party contains 7 members so far, you next quest is to find
    another 5 members.
    Your first party member is located to the eastern part of
    Mystaria, but you shouldnīt go there yet, because you need to
    gain some more EXP levels. When you are down the mountain,
    follow the way east as far as possible. You will pass the
    border to Rossam. It is possible that you will run into
    bandits every time as you pass a border. If this happens,
    then the computer choses three characters in your party, and
    then you have to fight some bandits. If you win, you will
    get some EXP points, and also some money, but if you lose,
    you will lose the half of your money. Keep following the road
    east as far as possible (you will see Kolbe Village here),
    then south, til that you see an entrance to the Ingress
    Forest (you can see the red squares on the map they indicate
    that there is a castle, cave, town, or something else). Save
    the game. You can only bring five players with you inside the
    forest (chose any you like, but make sure to have Saura with
    you). Enter the forest.
    Battle 3
    There is not very much you can do in the forest, except for
    fighting the monsters to gain money and EXP points, and
    collect the treasures. At the north of the forest, there
    is a crystal, but ignore it for now, you will have use for
    it later in the game. Note about the yellow monsters, the
    Gales: When you see that they are "twinkling", then he can
    only be attacked with magic spells, normal attacks wonīt
    work. The Flugels (the birds) can also make you confused,
    so be careful.
    You can play this fight and retreat any time, and play it
    as many times as you like to get EXP points. The treasure
    in the north in the beginning contains a D-knife. The treasure
    in the south-west corner contains a Pacopaco. The last chest
    beyond the crystal contains B. Orb. The D-knife is cursed,
    so I suggest you to not equip it. Sell it instead, and you
    will get 2700 gold (I think). It is better to buy armor for
    the money. The Pacopaco is an axe, but nobody in your party
    can equip it yet. But keep it, it will come in handy later.
    The B. Orb can be given to anyone in your party, the person
    who uses it will not be confused or afraid.
    Save the game, and follow the way southwest, into the Midy
    area. Continue west and you will reach the Dragoon area (feel
    free to stop by in the city in Midy if you like). Continue
    on your way, and you will see a similar entrance to the
    forest on this side. This forest is called "Spirit Forest".
    Enter, and chose six characters.
    Battle 4
    This forest is the same as the Ingress Forest. Fight your way
    through and collect the treasures (ignore the crystal). The
    first treasure chest, the one to the east of the beginning,
    contains a Paradin. The next chest contains Herbert, and the
    last one contains Paper. The Paradin is a good weapon for
    Aragon, and the Paper is also a weapon for Aragon. His attack
    goes down, but his speed goes up by 20. You can chose what
    weapon you want to equip, but I think that the Paradin is the
    best weapon. You can sell the other weapon in a city (if you
    want to use it for later, then keep it). The Herbert is a good
    weapon for Ferral.
    Continue fighting in the forest til that you have reached some
    higher levels. Training the characters is a bit boring, but it
    pays off. Try to get everyone on level 12 before you continue,
    it will be needed (Level 10 is absolutely needed, donīt try it
    if you are on a lower level)! When you have reached this level,
    be sure that you have bought all weapons and armor that you
    can afford. Also, buy some grenades (Ball +2) at an item
    shop and other healing items and Manas. If you donīt have the
    money, then fight a bit longer til that you have the money. The
    items will be needed sooner or later. When you are
    completely prepared, then save the game, and continue to the
    castle, in the northwest corner of the Dragoon Kingdom.
    Battle 5a.
    Inside the castle, you will meet Ashe, a dragon knight. He
    joins your party. The castle is in a real mess with enemies
    everyway, so you have to fight your way through, to the stairs
    on the east side. When you have the opportunity to use Ashe,
    first transform him into a dragon (use the technique DRG SHP,
    and always do this with him first of all, when he is in your
    party, he is much stronger as a dragon). When you have
    the opportunity to fight with him next time, use ACD SPI, it
    causes major damage, and you can use it over and over again
    (he will only turn back to human when he has gotten major
    damage, but can turn back to dragon again, if you heal him up
    again). In the battle, you will also see some other
    dragonmen fighting. Ignore them, they can not be saved, they
    are just like sitting ducks to give you more time to reach
    the stairs. If you have the opportunity to talk with
    another dragonman, then donīt do it. You will just lose
    one opportunity to attack, and the dragonman says nothing
    of interest. Try to keep the team together, so that you can
    use Sauraīs mega healing (healing everybody). When you have
    reached the staircase, and gone up, the battle is over.
    Battle 5b.
    When you walk up, you will fall into a trap (but this is
    supposed to happen), and you will find yourself in a dungeon,
    but Ashe is not there. You now have to perform an idiotic task
    with Ashe, and that is to bring water to the guard at the cell
    door in the dungeon. It isnīt as easy as it sounds like,
    because guards are trying to push you around, and if they touch
    you, you will spill some water. You are only allowed to spill
    once, but if it happens twice, then you have to start from
    the beginning again.
    Planning is everything. Check how far the guards can walk, by
    high-lighting them and pressing C-button, and be sure to not
    stand next to one of the squares that shows how far the guard
    can walk (if you do that, the guard will touch you in the next
    round, and you will spill water).
    On the floor where you begin, there is a treasure room. Try to
    get them all, it doesnīt matter if you spill the water, you
    will simply start from the beginning of the room, and you will
    keep the treasures even so. In the chests, you will find
    W-killer, W-shoes, R. Leg and M. Piece. When you have gotten
    the four treasures, then go for it!
    It shouldnīt be any problems in going downstairs without
    spilling any water. Just be careful with the guards in the
    tresure room. The level below is harder. The only way you can
    go here, is down, and then west and then up the passage to
    the staircase down. To avoid the first guard on your way,
    go down into the corner, in the room just next to the first
    guard. When it becomes the guardīs turn, he will move into
    the corner as well, on his own side. In your next move,
    enter the room with the guard, and go up into the top-corner
    in the room with the guard (in the next round, the guard will
    not reach you). Then go west in the next round as far as
    possible. It is more difficult to pass the next guard, you
    have to fool him a bit, so that he moves out of the way, so
    that you can enter the next room on the west side. Look how
    far he can walk and try to walk around him. The same goes
    for the next guard, you have to fool him a bit, to get rid
    of him (the two guards from the previous room will slowly
    approach from behind, so you have to hurry up a bit). In the
    passage to the stairs, there is another guard. You canīt
    avoid getting touched once, but thatīs OK. Just get away
    as far as possible from him in the next round, and go
    downstairs. In the dungeon, there is only one guard. First
    keep going and pick up the treasure, the Wine. Be careful
    with the last guard, about how far he can move. If you were
    standing next to the treasure chest, then go one step right.
    In the next round, you should be able to reach the guard.
    Walk up just next to him, and talk with him. He will take
    the wine, get drunk, and fall asleep! You will get the
    jail key. Go up to the cell door, and open it (check the
    door to open it). You will get an opportunity to save the
    game now (I suggest you to save on another file, but if
    you donīt have enough memory in the Saturn, then it is no
    disaster. Just make sure to be on level 10 or higher).
    Battle 5c.
    Now you are back in the throne room, and you will fight the
    first of Lord Baneīs 5 warlords: Selene. Her HP is 1600. For
    this fight, I suggest that you simply go for it, without
    paying any attention to the guards. Just kill her as fast as
    you can. When she is beaten, the battle is won. Keep the
    party grouped together, so that you can use Sauraīs mega
    healing on the entire party.
    When the battle is over, you are outside again. Equip the
    items you found in the castle in any way you like. Before
    you continue on your adventure, stop by in the town closest
    to the castle. Train Ashe at the area to get money.
    Transform him into dragon shape, and the battles will be
    easy for you. You shouldnīt fight any harder enemies than
    the Flugels. The enemies that come after the flugels are
    very hard, and the risk is high that you lose those
    battles. But fighting the flugels, as dragon, gives good
    EXP points for Ashe, and you get fast money. When you have
    enough money, buy the rest of the armor that is available
    at the armors shop. Now you could also train Sauraīs
    healing techniques. Fight the easiest fight, and let
    Saura heal herself over and over again, and use as
    powerful healing magic as possible (they give more points).
    When she gets a new healing spell, start using that spell
    over and over again, and try to do this til that you reach
    level 20 for her healing techniques. She will learn the
    HLY AVG spell (read above), and you will need this spell
    later. When you are training, just make sure so that you
    have enough MPs left to kill the enemies, since you canīt
    make nomal attacks. If you have run out of MPs already,
    then try to stay away from the enemy. After 20 turns, the
    fight will be a tie, but you will keep your EXP. Continue
    to the city Queensheart, and buy some special items for
    everyone in your party, I suggest you to buy guntlets,
    they are not too expensive, and they give a very good
    protection. Now, head back to Ingress Forest in the western
    part of Mystaria, but donīt enter. Just to the west of the
    entrance to the forest, there is a castle, Muldiv Tower.
    Enter this place.
    Battle 6
    In here, there is only one way to go, so fight your way through
    this level. You canīt attack the ghosts here with normal
    weapons. You need to either use magic, or use magical
    weapons. For example, in Kolbe Village (north of Ingress
    Forest), you can get a Gazelle for Hector and Aletha, if you
    are on a high enough level (12). A lot of magic will be needed,
    so be sure to carry plenty of Manas with you, and also
    Amlitas, because the ghosts are using dirty tricks against
    you. There is also a second level that you have to play
    through. After this level, you arrive to a room with
    wooden floor. Let one of your characters walk into the middle
    of the circle on the floor, in the down-left corner. You will
    be teleported outside, and the next person will join your
    party, Zereth the wizard. Check his tactics, he has many
    useful magic attacks up in his sleeves.
    Go back to Kolbe Village and check for new weapons and armor.
    Most likely, you gained a few levels in the previous battle,
    so there are a lot of new armor for you. But it costs a lot
    of money. Buy as much as you can (If you like, you can stay
    and fight with Ashe to get money). Your next battle is in the
    acient ruin, just north of Muldiv Tower.
    Battle 7a.
    On the first level, there is only one way to go. When the
    birds are twinkling, you can only attack with magic. In the
    treasures you will find M. Piece, Lunhaim, and Aqua.
    Battle 7b.
    On the next level, you will meet the next one of Lord Baneīs
    five leaders, Helius (HP 3500). First of all, get rid of the
    monsters that more or less are surrounding you in the
    beginning. When they are gone, go downstairs, and get rid of
    the monsters, but donīt start attacking Helius! First, try
    to grab the treasures. When you have gotten them, then
    start attacking him (well, of course you can start
    attacking him before getting the treasures, but make sure
    that you donīt kill him!). The treasures contain Luck and
    T-bolt. When you have gotten the treasures, then kill
    Helius. When the battle is over, Kord the giant joins you.
    But you are not done here yet.
    Battle 7c.
    In the next level (your party is healed up now BTW), there
    are two ways to go, but you have to get rid of all monsters
    in any case. Be careful, in the begiining the monsters will
    attack in all directions! Fight through this fight and pick
    up the treasures: Light, G. Orb and D. Fang.
    Now you are brought outside again. Save the game. Let Kord
    equip the Pacopaco, and equip the rest of the party with the
    items as you like. Go back to Kolbe village and buy as much
    new armor as possible. A good idea is to pass borders over
    and over again (sometimes enemies appear), because you get
    quite a lot of money if you win a fight (you will also gain
    some EXP this way). If you do this, then save the game
    everytime you win a fight. If you lose, you lose the half of
    your money.
    After this, go to the city which is located in the
    middle-south part of Mystaria (as south as you can go), the
    city is called Ortoma. Talk to the bartender, and ask about
    pirates. He tells you that the town is troubled by pirates,
    and asks you if you could help to get rid of them. If you
    feel ready, then accept. If you want to prepare yourself a
    bit further, then decline for now, and go back again when
    you are ready (train more EXP levels, get better armor and
    get all items you can get from the item shops. You should
    at least be on level 19 before you continue). If you accept,
    you will continue to the next battle, aboard a ship. Be sure
    to bring Ashe with you.
    Battle 8a.
    In this battle, donīt move too much in the beginning, let the
    pirates approach to you instead, and then kill them. When the
    pirates arenīt approaching anymore, then walk over the bridges
    to the other ship, and kill the pirate woman. When this battle
    is over, there will be some talk and stuff, and you will
    find yourself on an island. Walk into the djungle.
    Battle 8b.
    In this djungle, you have to fight your way to the west side,
    where you can see small rocks blocking the way (when you reach
    these rocks, destroy them, and you can continue west). Turn
    Ashe into dragon and pick up the treasures in the water,
    Mana +1 and M. Piece. The chests on the other side of the
    river contain H. Glove and Holycrown. When the Gales are
    twinkling, kill them with magic. If you need to train a bit
    further to gain EXP levels, this is a pretty good fight,
    since you can retreat and go back as many times as you like.
    Exit on the west side when you decide to go for it.
    Battle 8c.
    This is actually not a battle. Simply move up Fiona, the
    pirate woman, straight north and get the treasures. Then
    continue north.
    Battle 8d.
    Now you have an opportunity to save the game. Fiona joins your
    party. In the next battle, simply get rid of all enemies on
    the boat. Be careful, some of enemies are absorbing energy
    from time to time.
    Go back to the village Ortoma, and talk to the bartender
    again. You will get a reward, 10.000 gems. Save the game
    and go to Queensheart, and from there, go west and then
    south (so that you go south from the mountain where you
    were talking to the wise man). Soldiers are blocking the
    way to the town of Sibone. Fight the soldiers here (there
    is nothing special to say about this battle, just be sure
    to transform Ashe into dragon, so that he can attack when
    he is flying over the water (the bridge will be crowded
    enough). We can call this battle 9.
    In Sibone, buy any armor, if you find something new, and
    if you can afford it. Read the billboard in the back of
    the town. Go into the bar and talk to the bartender. He
    tells you about a thief called Hawk, and he shall join you
    later. Walk outside and look at the billboard again, and talk
    to the bartender another time. The bartender sets up a note
    on the billboard that you want to meet Hawk. Go outside the
    city, and then go inside the city again (it is possible that
    you need to stop by in Queensheart first, but most likely it
    wonīt be neccessary). Read the billboard. Now it is time to
    meet Hawk at a river. Select six memebers for the next
    Battle 10a.
    In this battle, there are only four killers. Just kill them off,
    this fight is simple. You will meet Hawk after the fight,
    but he doesnīt want to join you yet, so he leaves. In the next
    battle you will be inside the castle dungeon. Open all the
    chests (in the room with six (I think) chests. Here you will
    get Mana +1, sorcerer, T. Claw, Light B., Spengen, and Heal +1.
    Go upstairs.
    Battle 10b.
    Simply kill everybody in theis fight before the enemies kill
    Hawk. You canīt get any of the treasures here.
    After this battle, Hawk joins you, with a new name, Galford.
    Zereth suddenly vanishes, and your party is sent to the
    mountain. The vise man, Vargaas, joins your party. Check
    his techniques, and put some of them to his menu. Go back
    to Queensheart and buy armor and weapons. Save the game.
    Now, if you press A-button, you will be able to fly over
    Mystaria. Land on the island with a cave, west of the castle
    next to Queensheart (you need to land on the grass, you canīt
    land on the cave itself). Be sure to have plenty of the best
    grenades (Ball +3) with you. Enter the cave.
    Battle 11a.
    In this cave, you should stay and gain *plenty* of EXP levels
    before you continue on. After this battle, there will be four
    hard fights in a row. You will have the opportunity to save
    after battle 11b, but if your level isnīt high enough, then
    you wonīt be able to continue on. You should train at least
    so that the party has reached level 25, but if you can go
    the entire way up to 30, it would be great, even though it
    is a boring proccess. In this cave, you first have to
    switch the green switch in the north-east corner. Vargaas
    tells you how to do it, but you donīt need to type down
    the instructions on a paper. When you reach the switch, your
    player will do it correctly (if it of any reason wonīt work,
    let Vargaas do it).
    Battle 11b.
    In the next fight, you will fight a spider-monster, but
    before killing it, try to get the treasures, Moon S. and
    Master. Be careful, enemies are appearing from the teleporters
    over and over again, so you need to hurry. Get rid of the
    spider when you have gotten the treasures. When the spider is
    dead, check the door in the north to continue north.
    Battle 11c.
    The next room is cruel. Poison gas causes damage in every
    round, so you have to get through quickly. Your goal is to
    reach the upgoing staircase in the north. Keep the party
    grouped together and use Sauraīs or Vargaasī mega healing
    to heal everyone up. Even though it will take longer, try to
    get the treasures (where three magicians are standing). The
    treasures are Knight, Darkness, Holy, Illusion, M. Stone, and
    Battle 11d.
    Here you must reach the upgoing staircase on the east side.
    Enemies are appearing over and over again, so you need to
    hurry in this fight as well. You will see how a couple of
    magicians will group together down in the longer passage.
    Here, throw a couple of grenades against the magicians,
    but be careful, so that you donīt blow yourself into pieces
    (at least I think it is possible). The HLY AVG (Saura or
    Vargaas) attack is also effectful against them. Try to get
    the first treasure on the left side, it contains M. Stone.
    The other chests on the left side only contains Manas. It
    is not worth to take them. On the right side, the three
    treasures are Wing 1, C. Mind, and Heal +2. Continue
    Battle 11e.
    Now you will fight Lord Bane (6900 HP) and Juza (4500 HP).
    The places is crowded with archers! The best way to get rid
    of the archers (thatīs the first thing you should do), is
    to use Sauraīs and Vargaas HLY AVG attack (plan the attacks,
    so that you hit as many enemies as possible in one hit),
    they are very useful against the archers. You can also try
    throwing grenades against them. But donīt approach too far
    up! After a while, the down area should be cleared. Let the
    entire party go down a bit and let them heal up. Then
    continue up again and get rid of Juza, and then contniue
    for Lord Bane. Be sure to keep the party grouped, so that
    you can use Mega Healing on them.
    When you have killed Lord Bane, the game is not completed,
    because it wasnīt the real Lord Bane you killed! You will
    get some information about the crystals in the forests. Now,
    equip the new items you have found, in any way you like and
    buy new grenades and all other items you already have used.
    Now fly down to the city north of Ortoma (the village is
    called Natis). Read the billboard in the city, and walk
    into the house to the right, and talk to the woman twice.
    Exit the city, and fly north-east a very short distance
    (where you see a green cube). Land here (you canīt land on
    the cube itself, but you can next to it), and enter the
    manor. You must save a girl who is captured inside.
    Battle 12a.
    The team has decided to split, so make sure that they
    meet each other. But first, let Raikoīs party take the
    treasures nearby, before they go and meet Aragon (You will
    get Dream and Mana +1). When they have met, continue your
    way downstairs to the east side.
    Battle 12b.
    On the level below, walk around and get the treasures. Put
    Ashe in the front, he is the strongest one (as a dragon).
    When you have gotten the treasures (Wisemen and Amlita),
    continue down.
    Battle 12c.
    In this fight, let Ashe go in the front again and kill the
    leader. After this battle, the girl is saved.
    Walk back into the house where you were asked to help the
    girl. After that, you will leave the house automatically
    again. Now, enter and exit the house a couple of times, and
    you will get a Good-Luck Charm (the second time you enter
    the house, you will also get 10.000 gems). Buy a couple of
    P. rings in the item shop in the city, they will be needed
    later. Save the game. Be sure to have plenty of the best
    grenades with you. Fly up to the middle part of Mystaria,
    where you can see a big white cloud. There is a hole in the
    cloud now. Land here, and enter the forest (Galford gets
    upset and vanishes). Bring Vargas and Saura with you into the
    Battle 13a.
    Simply walk through the forest and go inside the crypt in the
    south. In the chest in the north-west corner, you will find
    Mana +1, and in the other chest, you will find Heal +1.
    Battle 13b.
    This battle is extremely confusing, because you have to hit
    switches in order to lift and sink plattforms. Your goal is
    in the south. When you are about to move a switch, make
    sure that everyone is standing together on the same
    plattform, and that nobody is standing on the dark-brown
    area (if this happens, and you move a switch, then the
    character will stuck there). When you are fighting, get rid
    of the Paenites first, they have dangerous confuse magic.
    Using Sauraīs and Vargaas HLY AVG is extremely useful here,
    and you can also try throwing grenades on the Paenites
    from afar, when they are standing on another level.
    First, hit the first switch to the left. Walk down on the
    level that dropped, and put everybody on this level. Hit the
    switch on this level. The next floor down will drop. Put all
    your characters on this level, and hit the left switch. The
    floor to the right should drop now. Put everybody, except
    for one character on that level. Let the remaining character
    hit the other switch on this level (I think. If it doesnīt
    move, then it doesnīt matter). Then go down, and pick up
    the two treasures in the down part of the room. Hit the
    switch on this level (the very south-east level). Then, hit
    the switch on the south-west level. Now the others in your
    party should be able to walk up on the top-right level. Get
    the treasures and hit the switch on this level. Then let
    the remaining party go down to the middle-right plattform.
    Hit the switch. Now you should be able to contniue south
    and exit south, out of this room.
    Phew! I hope I wrote everything correctly. Please donīt kill
    me if I wrote something wrong...this room *is* confusing...
    Items in this room: Warrior, Comet, Exorcism, Moon Stone,
    Wing, Mana +2, Dark, and Mana +2.
    Battle 13c.
    This is not quite a battle. You simply have to move Galford
    around, and pick up all treasures on your way. Go up, right,
    right, down, down, right, up, and right, and you will meet a
    When you are outside again, save the game. Fly west, and you
    will reach the city Battlum, it is located on the west part
    of Mystaria, you can only reach it by flying there. Buy
    armor and weapons if you find something new. Before that you
    continue with your adventure, you could enter the Maze of
    Trials here. You can read the rules for the maze in the
    city. The difficulty level is cruel, and you canīt retreat
    right away, so this place is really a hard place. I have
    only been able to bring out a few things, but they havenīt
    been that useful, so IMHO, it is not worth to enter the maze.
    But I leave that decision to you. Buy new items to the
    maximum, grenades (the best grenades are available in the
    city next to the castle where you met Ashe), Manas,
    healings, everything! You will need every item you can
    get, because the next fight is a nightmare! Equip the new
    items you have gotten, in any way you like, but be careful
    so that you donīt equip a dark weapon. Equip the H. Rings
    (if you donīt have these rings, then use P. rings) to your
    party members, and make sure to have these members with you
    in the next battle. When you are ready, go back to the
    forest. You will find yourself in front of a door. Walk up to
    it, and chose your memebers. Bring Vargaas and Saura with you.
    Battle 14
    Your goal is the top of the area, where you can see the
    treasures. It is extremely difficult to get through here
    (this could be the hardest fight in the entire game!),
    because enemies are arriving over and over again. Hurry
    forward as fast as you can, and let Saura and Vargaas use
    their HLY AVG magics to get rid of several enemies at the
    same time. The Pastons are more dangerous than the white
    creatures, because they can make you turn into ice, and they
    can also cause major damage. Grenades are almost useless
    here, so donīt use them yet.
    Unfortunately, I canīt give any other advise. Luck is
    also needed, that your party doesnīt freeze over (no, that
    wasnīt a joke, it could happen!). Try it over and over again
    til that you reach through. In the chests on the other side,
    you will find Demon, Mana +2, H-toga, Dazzling, Wing 2,
    Lucifer, Wise, and Holy-M.
    When you are on the other side, go north a bit, and touch one
    of the crystals. You are now teleported back to Mystaria to
    one of the forests. From here, use the retreat option to
    escape from this battle. Buy new items to the maximum, (you
    need all grenades you can get). Go back to the forest, fight
    your way through to the crystal (we can call this battle 15)
    touch the crystal, and you are back again on the chaos side.
    You should keep one of the healers in Mystaria, and only bring
    either Saura or Vargass with you. Vargassī MP is higher than
    Saura, (the HP is pretty equal), but Sauras HLY AVG is
    stronger than Vargass. You can chose whoever you like. Be
    well prepared, because now there will be seven battles in a
    row! The end is close!
    Battle 16a.
    Well, nice music in here! :) Aragon suddenly gets contact
    with his mother, and he goes away. The chests in this battle
    contain Evil, Arc, Lune, and Anti-M. Be careful with the
    ninja magic that could shrink you, it makes you weaker for a
    couple of rounds.
    Battle 16b.
    On the level above, simply fight your way through, til that
    you reach the door before Zereth. First pick up the
    treasures: Mana +2, Wind B. (I think), Mana +2, Spirit, and
    M. Stone. If you already have nine Mana +2, but that
    someoneīs MP isnīt on the maximum, then use a Mana +2, and then
    pick up the other Mana +2, so that you can use it even so.
    And if somebody is small, then wait til that he/she has grown
    up (you know what I mean...). Now open the door...and a
    surprise awaits you!
    Now you must fight Ciresa. Her HP is 4000. You need some
    luck, because her freeze magic is very cruel, but if you are
    lucky, then you wonīt even notice it.
    Battle 16c.
    This isnīt quite a battle. You simply have to move Aragon
    in exactly the same way as your mother is moving. If you
    move wrong, then you have to start from the beginning of
    the room. Just follow her exactly, and you will talk with
    her, and you will get Astral, Earth and Desband Sword. Now
    you can save the game.
    Battle 16d.
    Aragon is now re-united with the others, and now you
    must fight against the four leaders! But it isnīt as
    terrible as it looks like. First, when it becomes
    Aragonīs turn, equip the Desband sword (you will lose
    one round, but it canīt be helped. Move him as close to
    Helius as possible). Then, go hard for Helius in the
    down-right corner, and move your characters as far as
    possible in that direction. Keep the party grouped together,
    so that you can use mega healing. Listen carefully to what
    Helius says when he dies, because he says something
    funny... :) When he is killed, you can either go hard for
    Juza, or Caliban, or Selene. Kill them one by one. When they
    all are beaten, you will face Lord Bane himself...
    Battle 16e.
    Here is the best music in the game IMHO. :) But the fight
    is very hard. Except for Lord Bane (6900 HP), there are also
    plenty of Pastons, and War Mages. First you have to get rid
    of the Pastons and the War Mages, because they are very
    dangerous. Walk up just a tiny bit, and throw away a Ball +3
    in the middle way up, so that you hit four mages and two
    pastons. Do this with five of your characters (donīt do it
    with the healer!), so that you get rid of the four mages. When
    this is done, put up the healer to the right side as far up
    as possible, and use HLY AVG. With some luck, you will get
    rid of two pastons. After that, simply try to get rid of the
    rest of the monsters with attacks (donīt use the Balls),
    and with Sauraīs / Vargaas HLY AVG. When they are killed,
    then go hard for Lord Bane. When he is beaten, you can save
    the game.
    Battle 16f.
    The castle is collapsing! Hurry south and touch a crystal
    before the ground collapses behind you! Only fight if you
    absolutely have to (or if you wonīt lose any time in doing
    it), if the enemy is blocking your way completely. In other
    case, run south to the crystals as quick as you can. It is
    enough that one person touch the crystal. Now you save the
    game again.
    Battle 16g.
    This fight is a fight for the party that you left behind in
    Mystaria. There is not very much to say about this fight,
    simply fight your way through, to the fairy in the north.
    Enemies are appearing over and over again, so just hurry to
    the fairy as fast as you can. Avoid using Amnesias, they
    will be needed in the next battle. After this battle, you
    can save the game.
    Battle 16h. - FINAL BATTLE
    This is the final battle. You must select six players to
    fight the final battle. Except for Raiko and Aragon, I
    suggest that you bring both Saura and Vargaas (because of
    their magics), Ashe (because of his dragon power) and another
    person (you decide. I always bring Ferral with me, because I
    like him, he looks cool, and he is also strong and useful).
    Luck will be needed in this fight, because the enemies can
    use confuse magic.
    First of all, you must get rid of all wizards in the beginning.
    The easiest way is to use the HLY AVG spell twice with Saura
    and Vargaas (you wonīt be able to hit them all, but try to
    hit as many as possible). You donīt need to kill exactly
    everyone, because new wizards will appear from above as well,
    so you must also advance forward quickly. If it ever happens
    that Saura or Vargaas has nothing special to do (quite
    unlikely, but it could happen), then use your strongest Mana,
    because the magic will be needed. You could also let someone
    else stand next to Saura or Vargaas and "feed" them with the
    Mana. Get rid of the rest of the wizards and continue
    forward. Go hard for Ciresa (4000 HP), and continue forward
    as fast as you can (try to keep the party grouped, so that
    you heal them up at the same time), keep fighting the wizards
    that are blocking your way. You will finally reach Rastigan
    (9900 HP). Surround him if you can, and strike him like
    crazy til that he dies (if a wizard appears, and comes too
    close to you, kill him first). When you are fighting him,
    it could feel like that you are fighting forever...but you
    can beat him. Be strong!
    The game is finally completed! A very nice ending awaits
    you. :)
    I hope that this walkthrough has been useful for you in
    some way. If there is anything that isnīt clear enough,
    just send me an e-mail, and Iīll help you out. :)
    Other walkthroughs I have written are "Shining Wisdom" for
    Sega Saturn, "Guardian Heroes" (strategy map) for Sega
    Saturn, "Tails Adventure" for Sega Game Gear, and
    "Prince of Persia" for Sega Mega CD. If you are interested
    in reading any of these, just e-mail me. :)
    Good luck with Mystaria, and thanks for reading this
    walkthrough! :)
    Magnus Andersson

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