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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JMoore

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    Blazing Heroes
    Developed by Micro Cabin
    for the Sega Saturn
    SEGA  Jan.-Feb. 1996
    Original Price $59.95
    FAQ Vers. 1.00
    by: Jeremy Moore
    e-mail bird33@pa.net
    --- LEGAL CRAP ---
         This FAQ is written by ME, copyrighted by ME, and owned by ME. =)
    All names are copyright to SEGA and Micro Cabin respectively...
         If you would like to use this FAQ on your site... just e-mail me and ask...  
    more than likely I'll say yes... unless of course... I've been deprived of my 
    ever so precious 7-UP... well, then I'm just mean   ;)
         However, in no way will you change this FAQ, or profit from it in anyway.
    9/3/00 ressurected ancient FAQ I've been dabbling at over last six months  it 
    *IS* the #1 saturn game people want a FAQ for after all, and the Saturn does 
    rock   =)   v: 0.10
    9/7/00 finished game again, Walkthrough's coming along swimmingly v:0.50
    9/19/00 Finished this sucker WHOOOOHOOO!  v:1.00
    9/20/00 Ack! ..forgot some bonehead info, fixed it right up now the FAQ's  
    complete...  V:1.01
                 Twelve must fight together!
         "Many years ago, the legendary Twelve Warriors fought against the War-Mage, 
    Bane, to stop his plans to take over the continent of Oldeland.  But Bane was 
    not defeated, he was only forced to retreat to his own kingdom."  
         "Ten years have passed, and his army, commanded by five super-powerful 
    leaders has managed to abduct the queen of the realm before retreating.  Prince 
    Aragon, the Queen's only son and the hero of our story, has lost his rightful 
    throne.  But in Queensland's Darkest hour he knows he is the only hope left, and 
    will fight to the end to win back his homeland."
         "Prince Aragon needs help.  The five leaders under Bane's command are 
    powerful adversaries.  Aragon must enlist the aid of eleven adventurers, the 
    strongest warriors he can find.  He must travel through the lands of Oldeland, 
    fighting Bane's legions as he gathers his group together for the Final Showdown- 
    against the dreaded War-Mage Bane himself!" - text taken from the manual...
    -helpful stuff for those of you who don't want all the answers just hints on how 
    to get started.  
         Blazing Heroes (Mystaria) is a Strategy/RPG.  You take a party consisting 
    on a set number of characters (depending on the map the number of characters you 
    can take may change) into a battle map area.  Map areas include your overworld, 
    Town, area(battle), cave (battle), dungeon(battle), and Castle (battle)
         Battles consist on a battle area map, each character is capable of a 
    certain range of movement.  Depending on how far you move, your character may 
    not havethe remaining ability to use certain skills.  ie: the further you move 
    the less skills available to select for an attack.  Fighting consists of basic 
    attacks, Magic, Technique or Item use.  You can skip your turn, Defend or open 
    treasure chest if you find them.  The player, and enemy teams each go full turn, 
    to end your turn simply select End Turn from your menu.  After the enemy units 
    turn is over you will be free to start again.
         Techiques are essential to victory in this game.  By attacking you 
    eventually learn new skills, be it Magic or Battle Techniques.  You then may 
    allocate these skills to your battle menu, taking the best of your skills with 
    you into a combat area.  You may allocate up to 9 skills.  All other skills may 
    still be learned but you will need to allocate them if you wish to use them.  
    examples: selecting a heal spell several times, the character will learn a new 
    spell such as a group heal or a ressurection spell (Same goes for offensive 
    spells).  Selecting defend consistantly will gain you better defensive skills, 
    and attacking will eventually glean special attacks, pretty straightforward huh?  
         Towns are essential stops for your party, not only to buy new weapons and 
    armor, but speaking to people may gain you special items, bits of useful 
    information, and some areas only become available to enter after selecting 
    certain conversation paths.  In short, talk to everyone.  Each town also has a 
    Bulletin board which sometimes holds bits of useful information.  Some towns 
    have fighting arenas (great way to build up weak characters... *and to make some 
    serious cash with powerful fighters* =)
         Battle areas, be careful when entering new areas, especially at the 
    beginning of the game, some areas hold enemies much too powerful to fight early 
    on.  If you enter an area with enemies you just can't beat, try selecting the 
    retreat command in your options menu.  If you can't retreat, well frankly, your 
    screwed.  Reset the game and avoid that area until you've A. leveled up a bit, 
    or B. upgraded your weaponry.  Remember, theres no shame in retreating... come 
    back later and pound them like they pound you now   ;)
         Blazing Heroes is far from being an easy game, take it slow, don't bunch up 
    your characters and try to learn techniques and magic as early as you can, it 
    can mean the difference between winning or losing any battle.
         Basically its a save the kingdom/world Scenario, you are Aragon, Prince of 
    Queensland, and you've been away, and Bane the evil WarMage has taken over the 
    Continent of Oldeland, basically your pretty much an ex prince of an ex-
    Kingdom... and you want it back.  There are 4 Kingdoms in Oldeland, Queensland, 
    your home and the Kingdom you recently lost.   The Kingdom of Dragoon in the 
    west,  Rossom to the east, and Midy to the South.  Each country has several 
    towns and battle areas.
         ARAGON - Hero
    Aragon is the Hero of the game, Prince of Queensland and probably the most well 
    rounded member of your party, he has strong Magic, and is a great fighter. 
         RAIKO - joins after first confrontation with Bane
    Raiko is a ninja, he has great movement range and is a strong fighter.
         SAURA - in party from start
    Saura is a Priest, her Magic is very powerful, a great healer, she'll be in your 
    party for the duration.
         HECTOR - in party from start
    Hector is an old soldier, and the greatest archer in Queensland. He is the 
    Hero's mentor.
         FERRAL - in party from start
    Ferral is the last of the Lion-men, a INCREDIBLE fighter, and he has faced Bane 
         ALETHA - joins after capture by Juza
    Aletha is an archer, and she learns some great status effect spells such as 
    sleep, shieled, and raising ground.
         KATZHAI - joins after capture by Juza
    Katzhai is a Birdman, he's not that strong of a fighter, but has good range and 
    can fly over otherwise unaccesible areas such as rivers.
         ASHE - joins upon entering the Dragoon castle
    Ashe is great, he has the ability to change into a dragon, which increases his 
    Att./Def. and lets him fly over rivers, holes and such.  Even in human form he 
    is a great fighter and is always a good addition to the battle party.
         ZERETH - joins after scaling the Muldiv tower
    Zereth is a strong mage, attack magic is devastating.  but I find Zereth went 
    down to easy from attack.
         KORD - joins inside the ancient cave
    Kord is an animal, this Giant can do massive damage with a punch, let alone once 
    he gets a weapon in his hand... look out!
         FEONA - joins after shipwreck on island and island forrest 
    The Pirate is another good fighter, using her has its downside though... she 
    seemed to take damage rather easily.
         GALFORD - joins after finding him in Sibone after much looking
    Galford (aka Hawk) is a thief... he has good range and is strong enough to hold 
    his own in a fight...
         VARGAS - Joins after the rescue of Galford
    Vargas the wise man is a badass, his magic is by far stronger than any you have 
    up to that point, and if it isn't it soon enough will be, He and Saura can do 
    mass damage when they start casting Holy Avenge...  =)
    HEY!.... but thats MORE than twelve characters.....hmmmmmmm....   ;)
         White Ray - (not really a character, but its essential to your party) get 
    it after the finding the twelve...
    Item             cost            effect
    Heal             10              Restore 100 HP
    Heal +1          200             Restore 500 HP
    Heal +2                          Restore all HP
    Mana             100             Restores 50 MP
    Mana +1          1000            Restores 200 MP
    Mana +2                          Restores 500 MP     
    Amlita           50              Repairs status abnormalities
    Good-Luck charm  ?               increases luck(small magic increase?)
    T. Claw                          Deathblow Chance increases
    R. Leg           460             Luck increases
    W. Shoes         640             Speed Increase
    B. Orb                           Protects againts confusion and fear
    Wing 1           1700            Increase in characters energy
    P. Glove         500             Att. Up +20
    Gauntlet         900             Def. Up +25
    Ball +1          ?               ?(hand grenade)
    Ball +2          150             Att. 100 (Hand grenade)
    Ball +3          ?               ?(hand grenade)
    Armor            cost             effect
    Round Hat        15               Def. + 2
    Hairband         10               Def. + 3
    Tao Band         4100             Def. + 12
    Cone             2100             Def. + 8(Protection by wind spirit)
    Sallet           20               Def. + 5
    Trakia           120              Def. + 12
    Armet            420              Def. + 23
    Tunic            5                Def. + 5
    Cotton           25               Def. + 14
    Chain            15               Def. + 16
    Scale            400              Def. + 33
    Plate            3300             Def. + 55
    Priest           50               Def. + 22
    White            1900             Def. + 47
    C. Glove         5                Def. + 4
    L. Glove         20               Def. + 12
    M. Glove         2700             Def. + 35
    Wood             12               Def. + 8
    Battle           170              Def. + 19
    Round            260              Def. + 22
    Silver           2300             Def. + 37
    WEAPONS          cost             effect
    Long bow         36               Att. + 27
    Crossbow         190              Att. + 41
    Gazelle          ?(varies)        Att. + ? (magic laiden)
    Long Sword       20               Att. + 25
    Baster sword     190              Att. + 43
    Paradin sword                     Att. + 75
    Ninja Katana     30               Att. + 20
    Bizen Katana     105              Att. + 30
    Izayoi Katana    450              Att. + 50
    D-Knife                           Att. + 70
    Battle Spear     35               Att. + 29
    Gallant Spear    250              Att. + 43
    Herbert Spear                     Att. + 68
    PacoPaco         6700             Att. + ?  (confusion on enemy)
    Master           ?                ?
    Knight           ?                ?
    Desband          ?                ?
         First things first, you need to realize, this game does NOT offer many 
    options,(There are a whopping two! optional quests) you really do need to do 
    these things all in specific order, trying to do them out of order will more 
    than likely get you killed instantly (I found out the hardway my first time 
    through when I went straight from Mt Burgeon to Ortoma to fight the pirates... I 
    made it to the island, saved and then got into an unwinnable battle 
    AAAHHHHGGGGHHH    5+ hours down the hole.... ah memories....)
         ... and without further ado, the quick walkthru, fear not Spoilers will be 
    kept to bare minimums...
    --- Face to face with Bane
         Aragon, Ferral, Hector and Saura stand against Bane and his men.  Raiko, 
    Katzhai, and Aletha are with Bane here...  Theres no way you can win here, just 
    advance, and after a turn or two Bane will cast a Hellfire spell, wiping out his 
    own men.
    --- Escaping Bane
         You awaken in the forest to find that you narrowly escaped Bane, Ferral 
    also has brought the injured Raiko along.  Raiko, disgusted Bane would slaughter 
    his own troops, offers to join you to bring Bane down.  Your goal here is 
    simple. go through the woods following the path, and escape.  Bane's men here 
    pose little threat.
        Upon reaching the end of this area you will come to an abrupt halt in the 
    following area, Juza, Raiko's former master will now face you.  This fight is 
    unwinnable. let him kill you, and you will be captured and thrown into the 
    ---  Escaping the Dungeon
         The dungeon you awaken in is pretty easy,  you find Bane gloating to you at 
    the beginning.  As Bane leaves, you here sounds of battle from outside your 
    cell.  Aletha and Katzhai have come to rescue you, both of whom seem a bit 
    peeved at Bane for trying to off them. =)
         Move west the North  fighting guards along the way, some guards seem strong 
    to physical attack, use magic to finish them quickly.  Make a quick detour with 
    two characters to grab the two treasure chests in the Southwest room (all the 
    other chests are unatainable at this time) Two Heal's will be yours.  as you 
    travel towards the stairs (and freedom) you will face Juza again, you can't beat 
    him, so check the door now in the very north west area of the map, after several 
    checks by characters, you'll find the correct key and escape.  Do NOT fight Juza 
    or whoever faces him is dead... and won't get any Exp. when you leave the area.  
    --- Finding the old Wise Man (Vargas) of the Clouds
         Your next destination is Mt. Burgeon, buy a few Mana's in Queensheart 
    before leaving for the Mountain.  The battles here are tougher than your 
    previous fights.  A good strategy is to advance halfway through the area then 
    retreat.  Do this several times to gain a few levels and some cash.  The higher 
    your level the better, this game is unforgiving and you won't regret doing some 
    mindless leveling up.  Level 5 or 6 would be good to reach for now.
         When you reach the summit the wise man will speak to you telling you of the 
    twelve Legendary heroes that battled Bane long ago, he will tell you that the 
    only way to defeat Bane is to recruit eleven companions to help you in your 
    battle, only twelve can defeat Bane... (personally I'd send about 500 and watch 
    him drop then, but its not a game option... so you have to follow along with the 
    ole' wise man's legend.   ;)
    --- More mindless leveling up
         Before bothering starting your companion hunting, time to do a little more 
    leveling up...  The worldmap is yours to explore at will now.  There are borders 
    you must traverse to go from Kingdom to Kingdom, travel west. to the Dragoon 
    Kingdom, travel into the town of Zarma and upgrade all your equipment.  Zarma's 
    weapon and Armor shops have some nice equipment for the time being... make sure 
    to upgrade everyone as soon as possible.  
         Now travel south from Zarma,  and enter the Forrest Here you can find plent 
    of monsters, fight through the forrest get the treasures.   Then retreat from 
    the woods, there is a crystal in the forrest, but its useless for now. Repeat 
    the fighting to level up more if desired,  next travel back to Queensland, and 
    then east to Rossam.
         Travel south east in Rossam and reach the eastern forest which is much like 
    the one you were in, over in the Dragoon Kingdom.
         Fight your way through collecting the treasures.  Repeat until level 10 or 
    11... Then travel back to the Dragoon Kingdom.
    --- Your first recruit
         Enter Zarma and buy all the Mana's you can, and a few Heal's as well if 
    you're low on them.  Then enter the Dragoon Castle.  Upon entering you will see 
    Bane's troops everywhere pillaging the Castle,  One small Knight stands against 
    them.  This little guy is Ashe the Dragon Knight, your first recruit.  He will 
    join you and ask for help.
    --- Dragoon Castle
         Your goal are the stairs on the eastern side of the castle, getting there 
    is far from easy, use Ashe's special ability to change into a dragon, it will be 
    quite helpful, it ups his Att/Def a bit and he's already pretty strong to begin 
    with.  Fight only if necessary and keep moving, ignore the Dragoon's  and keep 
    heading for the stairs, you'll be pretty battered as is, without sidetracking to 
    speak to the Knights.  
         Once on the second floor,you will be captured, as you wait in the dungeon, 
    Ashe will be forced to bring water to the cell guard... the downside is... the 
    guards don't like you and will shove you if you touch them.  You may spill some 
    water once.  The second time you must start the whole floor over... ugh...  it 
    becomes a bit tedious...   watch the enemy for patterns in there movement, and 
    only go when you are sure to be out of a guards reach (check the guards movement 
    by examining there move range).. go down the two floors to the dungeon (easier 
    said than done... but you'll figure it out after a few tries) it seems a bit 
    random as how the enemies will move too... so its impossible to say for certain 
    how to do it.  In the basement level get the treasure chest, wine, walk up to 
    the guard and he'll take it, getting himself drunk and passing out in the 
    process.  Take the jailkey off him and open up the cell, and walah! ya got your 
    party back. Now get ready for a REAL nasty battle   =)
         You face the first of Bane's warlords (Juza didn't count....yet   =)  
    Selene...   Selene can be insanely hard or very easy depending on how you fight.  
    To win this fight, ignore her guards and focus soley on Selene, Heal when 
    necessary.  Selene becomes difficult when you let your party get divided and 
    spread out working over her guards.  So just ignore the fodder and go after her.
    --- Mindless leveling up
         Yep, more leveling up, hey don't despair... those levels will be much 
    needed soon enough.  Also keep using those Techniques and Spells in battle, you 
    will keep learning new ones as time passes.
    --- Back to Rossam
         Head to Kolby the village in the Northeast, Get any Equipment necessary, 
    alot of Mana potions and Healing items if necessary ( I always found healing 
    magic to be enough, but its good to keep a few Heal's just in case).  Then head 
    south then a bit west to the Tower.  the Specters here are immune to normal 
    weapons, so use magic, or magic weapons (If you can find any...) Use Magic and 
    hurry through the area...  The dungeon is straightforward, get through this 
    area, and in the second area get a character to stand on the teleporter on the 
    floor at the one end of the area, once back outside you'll meet your next 
    recruit, Zereth, a mage, and a strong one at that.  
          Save your game, and do any necessary armor/weapon upgrades at either 
    Kolby, or head down to Midy and check the Port town of Ortoma.  After your ready 
    head into the hole (aply named Ancient ruins) North of the tower you were just 
    in, This level is also straightforward (they all are!) just get to the exit, and 
    get ready for a boss fight.  On this level you will meet Helius, on of Banes's 
    lieutenant's, compared to Selene, Helius is a wuss,  off all of his guards 
    first, get the treasures and then take him out, Helius is cake, if your level is 
    over 15 with each character, you should have no worries, hit him with strong 
    attacks, and Heal when necessary, if nobody needs healed have Saura cast her 
    strongest current Attack Magic on Helius, for nice damage.  After whooping 
    Helius, Kord will join your party, he is a VERY strong fighter.  The next area 
    is simple, kill the enemies and get out of there.
    --- You know the Drill
         Level up, upgrade equipment, blah, blah, blah...  =)
    and...when I say level up.... I mean get your characters up to like level 20... 
    at least... and head to Ortoma.
    --- Nastiest series of battles in the game
         Once in Ortoma, talk to everyone, someone will mention that they're town is 
    plagued by pirates, and they need help, well your a hero, ain'tcha?  time to be 
    all heroic... tell them you'll help them, you will be taken onto a boat, which 
    will promptly be boarded by pirates.
         The Pirates aren't too tough, skip one or two turns, let them get into 
    striking distance, then hit 'em hard with everything you have, advance through 
    them and take out there captain.  This battle is pretty much cake, its just a 
    setup for the nasty stuff.  
         Your battles caused a bit of damage to the ship, and you find yourself 
    stranded on an island in the Northwest corner of the map, the area here is 
    EVIL!... hope your at level 20 like I told ya to be... =) 
    The goal is to head west, but there is a LARGE number of enemies in your way, 
    and their those damned kind that flash and are invulerable to attack (use magic) 
    an when they become solid attack normally.  Use Ashe to grab the treasures in 
    the water, but keep moving, the enemies keep getting "reinforcements" (blah... 
    theres already more than enough already... the game is going into overkill 
    here)... make sure you grab the treasures though, there is a Holycrown in one of 
    the chests.  If you can make it through this area easily... you're in pretty 
    good shape for the next few battles.
         When out of the area, control Feona and grab all the treasures you find, 
    then exit her area.  In the next area Feona will join, and just kill all the 
    enemies and head back to Ortoma.  Talk to the person that asked you for help, 
    and he'll give you a reward.  Save your game now... trust me, that island ain't 
    worth going through again... and go through the Dragoon Kingdom then Nothwest to 
    --- Return to Queensland, and completing the twelve
         First things first, check out shops in every town you pass, depending on 
    your level they will have new equipment.  I reccomend hitting the ancient ruins 
    and do a little more leveling, but its your call, then head into the Occupied 
    town of Sibone just a bit west of Queensheart.  This is a bridge battle, and its 
    pretty straightforward... just kill all the guards and free the town.  =)
         Talk to the Bartender in Sibone about Hawk, then have the bartender post on 
    the billboard that you'd like to meet with Hawk (you need to look at the message 
    board *sign in the back of town* an talk to the bartender a few times...  then 
    head over to Dragoon, and then come back, check the board, Hawk wants to meet up 
    (annoyed with all the back and forth crap yet? good =)   yay... you'll go to the 
    spot, and be attacked, this battle is cake, a few weak enemies will jump you, 
    nothing to get your panties in a twist over.  Afterwards Hawk will talk to 
    Aragon but then he leaves.  
          You'll find yourself in a familiar dungeon from early in the game, and 
    those treasure chests are attainable now =)   You have to save Hawk before the 
    enemy takes him out in this area, Raiko will most likely get there first, so 
    don't sidetrack your longer range characters with treasure hunting... just get 
    to Hawk.  Once safe, the Thief will join you, his real name is Galford.  He is 
    indespensible and should be used often.  
          Zereth will disapear and you will wind up on Mt. Burgeon and the ole wise 
    man will join you, his name is Vargas, and he is a strong character his magic is 
    even better than Saura's...  OK folks, you now have control of the White Ray, 
    and can fly anywhere ya need to go.
         Fly over to Battlum (the only town that can't be accessed by ground)  and 
    upgrade your stuff.  Also go to Natis in Midy and talk to the people about the 
    missing girl, fly to the castle and rescue her in the relatively easy battle. by 
    now you should be in the mid to high 20's in level so the enemies there should 
    be little threat you.  Back in Natis the girl will give Raiko a good luck charm 
    after speaking to her a few times, you will also get some monney as a reward.  
    Then get ready and fly to the island a bit to the side of Queensheart, with a 
    cave on it.  
         These were the only two sidequest areas ( rescuing the girl and going to 
    Battlum), in the game folks, hope you enjoyed it cause its all "straight on til 
    morning" now... that means its just like before the wonderful two sidequests, 
    and the game goes back to its incredible linearity... which isn't all bad... at 
    least ya can't get lost ;)
    ---  Onward to Bane
         The cave here is easy enough to navigate Vargas will instruct you to use a 
    switch in the area, do so, and advance through, this cave is a decent place to 
    build levels, but fighting in the arena is just as good, but the only problem is 
    the arena level building takes a bit longer   =)
         The next area is cake, all you need do is kill the enemy here, and grab the 
         The following area is a bit harder, a poison cloud causes damage each 
    player turn.  but if you have both Saura and Vargas with you (and you should!) 
    then it shouldn't be a problem.  just grab the treasures and move on.
          The next area sports more of those damned reappearing enemies, just keep 
    using holy avenge and head up the stairs
           Bane, Juza and a lot of Bowman guards wait for you as you enter this 
    area, frankly, this fight is a joke, Hit the archers with Vargas and or Saura's 
    mass damage magic, all fighters should focus on that bastard Juza (finally   =D 
    )   then turn all your characters to Bane, he has a lot of HP's but really is no 
    threat... hit him with your strongest stuff an he'll go down in a few rounds.
           After the battle you'll discover a few things about those crystals from 
    the forests earlier in the game (remember them?) and alot of plot points are 
    tied up... but even more are now unravelled   =)  
    --- The center of Oldeland
         Take White Ray and land in the clearing in the clouds in the middle of the 
    continent.  As you enter this are Galford will take off.  For the battle here I 
    reccomend Vargas and Saura and Ferral along with Raiko and Aragon, or taking 
    either Kord or Feona if you're more the beat em up type.
         The first real area that you will have any problems with here is an area 
    with switches that raise and lower the platforms.  Its not as bad as it looks 
    though, I have seen worse... (Wild Arms 2 puzzles come to mind *shudder*... and 
    WA2 is pretty easy... so... you should have very little trouble after a little 
    trial an error, just move everyone together onto the platforms, save one to move 
    the switch, rinse...repeat....  The worst part of this area is the enemies... 
    they can confuse you, so hit them fast.  once  out of this area, move Galford 
    around an grab the treasures, then continue east to the fairy...
    --- Out of this world   
         Load up with Mana's and Heal's then head back to the forest and you will 
    see a gate. when you aproach it you will be at battle menu select... take your 
    preferred group (Vargas and Saura for there magic, and Ferral is a good choice 
    for a strong fighter)... The battle here is rather tough, enemies can freeze you 
    (bad thing) so keep moving, and take out enemies as fast as possible, mass 
    damage spells are the way to go.  keep moving to the exit of the area, grab the 
    treasures if your strong enough to, but if you're hurting my advice is just to 
    get through there as quickly as possible.... 
         Once in the next area, touch the crystal ASAP! you'll be transported back 
    to one of the forests from early in the game, get out of the forest and load up 
    on any items you may need, upgrade any equipment you need to, and SAVE your 
    game!  The next area is painful...
    --- Endgame
         Head back into the forest, kick the crud out of the puny enemies here... 
    touch the crystal and head back to the evil place you just left (comments such 
    as "the dark side" come to mind   ;) 
         Aragon will confront the Queen (mommy I'm home =) so you don't have him for 
    this next battle... straightforward area, not too tough enemies, just head right 
    through, and head into the next area.... and an unexpected... (ok... everyone 
    and there grandmother should have expected this....) encounter...
         WELL GEE!!!! I bet you were real surprised </sarcasm>  now a Boss fight 
    ensues Ceresa is tough but not impossible, she *can* freeze members of your 
    party... so hit her as hard as possible as fast as possible, don't hold back, 
    and you should beat her in two to three rounds.
         Meanwhile... Aragon will have a little side quest, all you need to do is 
    follow your mother EXACTLY as she walks... simple huh?  afterwards she'll tie up 
    some loose ends and you'll get a few items and the Desband sword.  Equip this 
    ASAP! (first round of the next battle is as soon as possible btw  =)...  
         This battle begins with Aragon coming back to the party, then they will 
    face Bane's 4 lieutenants... first off do NOT bunch up in the center and get 
    surrounded, focus on one Lieutenant at a time.  The best order to fight them 
    that I can reccomend is, take out Juza and Helius, and Selene first, they seem 
    to hit harder than the others, Juza in particular is a wimp by this stage of the 
    game =)
         After the Lieutenants go down you'll face Bane, he's a smarmy sonuva.... 
    nevermind... just hit him with your strongest attacks, and he'll go down soon 
    enough, frankly he *is* strong, but the real threat in this battle are his guard 
    creatures, take them out with mass damage spells from Varkas and or Saura.  Keep 
    hitting Bane wit your best attacks from your fighters, and when the guards are 
    dead focus the spells on Bane, keep your party healed and you should suffer no 
         The next area is plain and simple, escape the castle before it falls apart.  
    Just head straight for the crystal, ignore all the enemies if possible, touch it 
    and get out of there.  
         Meanwhile the group still back in Oldeland get themselves into a battle, 
    this is at best a cakewalk, and at worst its you wishing you bothered leveling 
    up your less used characters (but even if they only got the menial exp. from 
    sitting out of battle, by now they should be able to take care of themselves 
    --- Cleanin' up the mess
         One more battle awaits you, take out as many enemies as possible by 
    throwing mass damage spells from Vargas and or Saura, your fighters should go in 
    then and clean up the survivors, take out all the fodder quick, then heal up and 
    recharge MP's with mana's, Ceresa is your next focus, hit her as quickly as 
    possible by all your fighters strongest attacks, it should ony take a round or 
    two to defeat her, another way is to have your fighters head straight at Ceresa, 
    while your magic users focus on the fodder, if your lucky you can kill off all 
    the enemies in two rounds and have Ceresa extremely weakened (but this could 
    cost you a character or two if more than one or two enemies survive) still the 
    option is up to you, once the fodder and Ceresa are dead, heal and focus on 
    Rastigan next.
         Rastigan is a freaking JOKE! he has high Hit Points, but his attacks did 
    nearly no damage, nothing a Mega Heal didn't cure right up anyway.  Rastigan has 
    around 10,000 Hit Points (pretty damn tough for a chancellor huh?  maybe I 
    should go into politics...) but you'll eat through them fast. =)
    ***THE END***
    oh guess not... heres the hint section...
         Careful crossing the borders, bandits can jump you, if you lose you'll lose 
    half your money... worse yet, the Characters selected to fight the bandits is 
    random, you can be in for a world of hurt, early in the game...
         Against strong enemies or bosses,send in a front line consisting of strong 
    fighters, followed by a  line consisting of a Mage or priest, and an archer, 
    this will allow you to cast strong spells without worry of the enemy walking up 
    and pounding your priest, meanwhile, your fighters can hit him and take the 
    brunt of the punishment, and the priest can heal them as needed, having an 
    archer there for extra support and increased damage without the threat of 
    immediat retaliation, this doesn't work as well, but is still effective against 
    magic using enemies.  *whew*
         Build UP your characters, equip them with the best equipment possible, and 
    level up as much as possible... cause you WILL need it.  
         Don't be afraid to retreat from an unwinnable (is that a word?) fight.
         Kill ALL enemies... every bit of experience helps  =)
         Send a scout to snatch treasure chests while the rest of the patry 
    fights... saves time.
         Save for a very few select items, most things you find in treasure chests 
    in the battles can be bought from towns when you reach certain levels, so if its 
    a choice between life or death to grab some treasure, or survive the battle, 
    just leave it, chances are you can buy it in Battlum later in the game.
         In Battlum there is a Trials Maze, if by some stroke of luck you survive 
    long enough you can find some nifty items in there... (all I ever seemed to find 
    was Mana + 2's darnit....)  but *supposedly there are some sweet items further 
    in*   have a go at it, and good luck.
         And have fun.... its a great game...  
    Jeremy Moore
    check out my other FAQ's too:
    Blazing Heroes for the Sega Saturn (oops thats this one)
    Alien Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar
    Thats it.... game over man........ GAME OVER!!!!!

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