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"Oh crap, a tea bag kicking my ass."

Clockwork Knight was released as one of the first titles for the Sega Saturn back in May
of 1995. CK is a 2D side-scrolling platforming game much like Super Mario Brothers, or
Sonic the Hedgehog. CK places you in the role of Pepperachou, a toy soldier who is out
to save his captured princess. Yeah, I know, the storyline is in a realm beyond original.
CK was developed and published by Sega, and it shows. Sega’s classic character
disigning is in full force in this game, how many other games have giant evil tea bags? Or
monkeys who bowl in order to knock down bowling pin enemies? What’s that? None?
Well, that should come as no surprise. Anyways, CK pits you against an army of toys
(3D0 must have loved this game, now would they PLEASE do a “homage” to it, and base
their games on it.) But I digress... Now then, without further ado, let’s get onto the

The most notable thing about the graphics, other than the absolutely hilarious character
design, is that the game’s characters and levels are in 3D, but the game takes place in a 2D
plane. This means that objects that would normally fall appear flat, now have depth, and
such. This might not sound like much, but it makes a world of difference in the actual
game. The game also makes use of a very diverse color pallette. Pretty much any and all
colors are used in the game, the surprising thing is, they are all used well. The game’s
backgrounds and characters all have a lush look to them that really makes the game stand

The game’s sound is another hight point of the game. The game’s music has a very
upbeat, cheery, and lighthearted sound to it that fits the game perfectly. During boss
battles, the music gets a faster tempo to correspond with the on-screen action. The
game’s sound effects are as zany as the character designs. For example, during “monkey
bowling” when the mokey knocks down the pins, the sound effects sounds like a strike,
and a little siren goes off in celebration. Also, when you kill metallic enemies with your
key, a metallic explosion sound effect will be used. The sound effects used for enemy
deaths are all totally different.

The gameplay, as I mentioned earlier, takes place on a 2D plane. You spend the majority
of your time in the game managing jumps and defeating ememeis by hitting them with your
key a few times. At the end of each stage, you will fight a boss, if you defeat the boss,
you move on to the next level. Well, it’s not too original, but it’s done well.

The game’s control is quite simple. A and C are used to jump, and B is used to attack
enemies with your key. The control is very responsive, and it makes the platforming parts
of the game a breeze.

The game’s presentation is tricked out. For example, the title screen features a big picture
of Pepperachou, you can choose from two options “Start” and “Optoins”, if you pick
Start, his right eyebrow will move up, if you pick Options, his left eyebrow will move up.
It’s a nice little subtle touch, but it adds a lot to the feel of the game.

CK’s challenge varies really well. The basic enemies throughout the game are easy as
could be, but the bosses are hard as hell to beat. Especially the final boss (who must be
seen to be believed, what in God’s name was Sega on when they came up with THAT
character, it’s so funny.) All of the bosses have varying patterns that you must figure out.
Good luck, you’ll need it.

CK’s replay value is through the roof, the game is just flat out fun to play, you’ll never
get too frustrated by it, and the gameplay is as addictive as any I’ve played. If you’re
looking for secret stuff, you won’t find much here, all you’ll find is some of the most
rock-solid gameplay of the last decade.

Well folks, this game is in a realm beyond awesome, it’s as simple as that. CK employs
some of the unique graphics I’ve ever seen, with some of the best gameplay and control
ever. Not to mention that the game is one of the funniest ever.

Score Rundown

Graphics- 10/10- The character design is hilarious. The unique gameplay style works very

Sound-10/10- The game’s music fits the game perfectly. The sound effects are
ever-changing and never get old.

Gameplay-7/10- Tried and true gameplay works like a charm in this game.

Presentaion-10/10- The little touches are what make this game so special.

Challenge- 9/10- The basic enemies are a breeze, while the bosses present the challenge of
a lifetime.

Replay Value- 10/10- Fun to play, any day. You’ll never get tired of Pepperachou and his
zany game.

Overall- 9/10- BUY THIS GAME. It combines tried and true gameplay with some of the
most tricked out characters ever. The tea bag enemy is worth the price of admission.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/13/01, Updated 05/13/01

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