Review by Mimizu

Reviewed: 08/12/02 | Updated: 08/12/02

If you like canned enemies, this is your cup of tea....kinda.

I picked this game up for $5 at a flea market in Seattle. Let me tell you, I would gladly pay more for it. This is what games are supposed to be. I think it's colorful, fun, has nice music, and reminds me of the golden day of the Saturn.

Gameplay The gameplay is rather strait forward. One button jumps and another is your weapon. Games like this remind me of the sheer greatness and simplicity of old NES games. As you tap your weapon button (much like you would hit punch with E. Honda in Street Fighter to get him to do is deadly 'Fat Palm' move) Pepperouchou [the character you are] begins to spin his body around to make the key turn. Creative. Back to the gameplay. If you like platformers, this game would be a good one to consider finding and buying. 8/10

Story Pepperouchou, a toy knight, has his girlfriend/significant other stolen. And with nothing better to do, you must find her. And in order to find her, you have to explore the house looking for her and fighting bad guys. Kind of like Super Mario Bros. Except in SMB, you didn't run through a filling sink, or fight canned-wind up toys. I guess the story is ok, nothing horrible, yet nothing insanely great either. I'll give it a 7/10.

Graphics I think the graphics are what the Saturn is all about. The 2.5-D game graphics are pretty awesome. I think the color choice/design of the surrounding and enemies are very well done. The backgrounds are decorated with building blocks and and other toys. Much like a child's room should be... except for the toys killing one another. And for a launch title, this game's graphics back about 8 years ago must have been very revolutionary. If you've ever played Baku Baku (another great game) the graphics are similar, the typical colorful Saturn-like graphics. I'll give it a 9/10.

Sound The sound. The music matches the game. That's one way to explain it. It has silly cartoon like music. And when playing thought the level, you may not notice but when you kill enemies, the noises are pretty good too. When you kill an enemy, they make little explosion noises or a dying squeak(I didn't know how else to put that). Pretty high quality if you ask me. 9/10.

Replayability I've beaten the game only once, so as far as I know there is only one ending, but this is a fun game. I suppose if you have nothing better to do, and you are looking for a fun game to play for a few hours, replaying this game is a good idea. 7/10

Buy it? Rent it? Buy it. It shouldn't be over $10 in price, so if you hate it you didn't waste a whole lot of money on it. A cheap must-have for Saturn collectors.

Overall Score 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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