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    Death Punch Guide by SirGalahad

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      By: Chris McCullough
         The following is info on a new type of move on Mortal Kombat II.
    Since it looks like mk2faq16 is the last of the MKII faqs, I felt it
    necessary to make a mini faq on this topic.  But enough bantering, on with
    the subject...
         The 'Death Punch' (as it is being called around my parts) is a
    powerful jab that takes a large amount of energy away from the opponent as
    well as setting him up for a combo move.  It is basically done with timing
    and correct placement of the characters.
         The 'Death Punch' is easiest to learn by playing aginst the computer
    on the Player one side on the Very Hard setting.  Walk up to the compute
    and jump away before you reach him.  As you jump away, press any KICK
    button.  If done right, the computer will stop for one second, then jump
    into you, leaving him open for a combo move attack.  It is here that the
    'Death Punch' can be done.  The correct distance between the two character
    should be three steps outside of sweeping range.  When the computer goes
    past the peak of his jump and begins to descend, press the HIGH PUNCH
    button.  If done right, the character will not jab, but leave his fist out
    long enough to get hit by the computer.  It is here where timing is
    crucial.  If you punch too soon, you will miss and the computer will land
    next to you.  If you punch too late, you will just jab the computer and
    take off the normal damage for a punch.  If you punch just right, you can
    take off the equivalent of a kick up to the equivalent of Scorpion's
    Spear-and-Uppercut move.
         As said earlier, the 'Death Punch' can be used for the start of a
    combo move.  As far as what is known so far, the only way not to use the
    'Death Punch' in a combo move is when it takes off the maximun amount of
    energy possible.  This is because:
     a.  Your character will stumble backwards.
     b.  The opponent will fly back nearly a screen's length
     c.  Because of a. and b., there is no time to connect with anything
    Well, that's basically it.  If you have any more info on this or any new
    moves (or rumors, kudos, complaints, etc), mail them to
    25096.ef.gc.maricopa.edu.  Special thanks to Mitch Keller for teaching me
    the move.
    (THE END?  III)
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