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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by DAdler

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Langrisser 5 Strategy Guide
    Written by David Adler
    Version 1.2
    Copyright:  Don't reproduce this without my permission.
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    \_____|       Contents         |__{ O }/////
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    Version History
    Langrisser Overview
    Purpose of this Guide
    Getting the Girl
    Menu Explanation
    Walkthrough Scenarios 1 through 30
    Class Changes
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    \_____|    Version History     |__{ O }/////
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    V 1.0 - 9/4/01    Overview, purpose, menus, first 10 scenarios.
    V 1.1 - 10/1/01   Added graphics, extra commands in menu section, combat
                      section, strategy section, character creation details,
                      and scenarios 11-20.
    V 1.2 - 10/25/02  It's been a while.  I added 10 scenarios to the
                      walkthrough, and the Strategy, Class Change, 
                      Items, and Spells sections.  Made corrections and 
                      clarifications in other sections.  
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    \_____|  Langrisser Overview   |__{ O }/////
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         Langrisser 5 is a strategy RPG released in Japan for the Sega Saturn.  It 
    is a traditional tactical RPG in the vein of Shining Force or Vandal Hearts but 
    mixes up the gameplay by allowing you to control several leaders and their hired 
    troops.  The Langrisser series is relatively unknown outside Japan, and only the 
    very first game in the series was translated into English as Warsong on the 
    Genesis.  Langrisser 5 is a direct sequel of Langrisser 4 and contains many 
    recurring characters and locations.   Unfortunately, Langrisser 5 is not very 
    import-friendly.  The plot is an important part of the game, and it is rather 
    hard to tell how and why some things are happening since everything is presented 
    in Japanese text.  On the plus side, almost every line of text is voice-acted so 
    you can at least tell if someone is happy, sad, or angry.  In addition, menus, 
    spells and items are all represented with Japanese text.  These hurdles can be 
    overcome, and the gameplay of Langrisser is interesting enough to make this a 
    worthwhile game.
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    \_____| Purpose of this Guide  |__{ O }/////
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         There are no other complete guides to Langrisser 5, and I do not understand 
    Japanese.  These two factors will severely inhibit the completeness of this 
    guide.  Instead this guide is meant to make Langrisser 5 playable and enjoyable 
    to someone who does not read Japanese.  
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    \_____|   Getting the Girl     |__{ O }/////
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         90% or Langrisser 5 is fighting battles (and I'll talk about that plenty), 
    9% is listening to people talk, (which I don't understand) and the last 1% is 
    rather unusual.  It is your job, as Sigma, to hit on the females in your party.  
    Towards the end of the game, you get to confess you love for any of the three 
    ladies and if they like you enough, well I'm not sure what happens because I 
    haven't gotten there yet.  To manipulate them into falling in love with you, 
    whenever you are given the choice of what to say, just say the thing that will 
    make them happiest.  It sounds like it would be simple, but this is hard to do 
    because women are hard to please and more importantly, these women, as well as 
    Sigma himself, speak in Japanese.  In the walkthrough below, I point out each of 
    these choices and which response I think is best judging from Sigma and the 
    girl's tone of voice.  So it is certainly not 100% accurate and further 
    frustrated by the fact that the leading lady Lambda speaks in a monotone for 
    most of the game.  Other things can effect your friendships too.  Saving all the 
    civilians in some scenarios will make everyone like you more, or letting a love 
    interest attack someone they really hate will make them happier.  Though hitting 
    on the girls is not central to the gameplay (it only effects one scene at the 
    end), I just put it up here to point out something unique about Langrisser as 
    well as ask for help from someone who can read Japanese or who knows of a source 
    of information about this area of the game.
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    \_____|        Combat          |__{ O }/////
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         Langrisser 5 features possibly the most complicated battles in any strategy 
    RPG.  Judgment, revision, pinpoint movement, charge time, unit affinities, all 
    must be taken into account.  I'll get to all of these things, but I'll start 
    with the smallest unit in the art of war, a single attack.  This is also known 
    as "Why did my guys all just die?"
       When one unit, a general or group of 10 troops, moves next to the enemy unit 
    and selects the attack command, some people are gonna die.  Here's how to 
    predict who and how many.
    ( Attack and Defense Stats  )
         The difference between your attack and their defense is how many of them 
    are going to die; the difference between their attack and your defense is how 
    many of you are going to die.  Say your men are soldiers which have 20 attack 
    and 14 defense, and their men are pikemen with 18 attack and 18 defense.  You 
    should lose 4 and they should lose 2 (for now, I am ignoring everything
    except the bast stats of these two units).  I say "should" because there are
    actually  10 separate hits, one from each soldier.  Each hit has a 2/10 chance
    of killing an enemy, and each of his has a 4/10 chance of killing one of your
    guys because  of the stats of the two groups.  However, there is always a very
    small chance that a  soldier will die, even if their defense is higher than
    their enemy's attack.  Also, there is always a chance that a soldier will
    survive, even if their defense is 10 lower than the enemy's attack.    So, 
    having an attack power 10 greater than the enemy's defense does not guarantee
    that the enemy unit will be wiped out.  To sum it all up:   attack minus
    defense is the amount of guys killed, with a bit of randomness thrown in.
    (      Modifying Stats      )
         There are three ways to temporarily increase the stats of your troops, and 
    these are key to making sure that you come out on top.
         Revision:  If a group of troops is standing within their commander's 
    command zone (the area outlined in colored lines) they receive bonuses to their 
    attack defense and move.  These revisions are added to the troops' base stats.  
    Soldiers (20, 14) commanded by a general with +2, +4 revision have stats of (22, 
    18) while in range of their general.  Troops are tied to the general that hired 
    them; they don't receive revisions from any other generals.  Troops should
    almost always stay within their general's command radius because without the
    revsions, they are much poorer fighters.  This is not extremely important early
    in the game, when your revisions and the enemies' revisions are small, but
    when revisions get up to about +15, +10, a unit that is outside it's general's
    command radius gets only a small fraction of the general's revision, and is
    almost useless.  Also, a unit that is on the edge of the radius, so that it is
    part in and part out, only gets part of the the full revision.  
         Troop Affinities:  Some types of troops receive bonuses when fighting a 
    certain type of troop.  The most important affinity is the paper, rock, scissors 
    relationship between soldiers, pikemen, and cavalry.  Soldiers are strong 
    against pikemen, pikemen beat cavalry Braveheart-style, and cavalry run right 
    over the sword-wielding soldiers.  The unit with the advantage gets a +5, +5 
    bonus to their stats.  For example, the (20, 14) soldiers fight like they are 
    (25, 19) if their opponents are pikemen.  This is a big difference, and having 
    the troop-type advantage is the best way to win most battles.  The other 
    affinity worth mentioning is the advantages and disadvantages holy troops
    and evil units have.  Evil things, like wraiths and ghost armors get a +5,
    +5 bonus against everything that isn't holy.  Holy troops like monks and
    angels get a +5, +5 bonus againt the evil units.  
         Land effects:  Some types of land formations give defensive bonuses to 
    troops standing on them.  These range from 0% for flat areas to 40% for castle 
    walls, with forests and hills sporting bonuses somewhere in between.  Water-
    based troops and generals get bonuses for being in water.  Taking advantage of 
    land effects isn't very vital because most enemies won't attack if you are well 
    fortified.  You'll have to move off your defensive terrain to attack them.  
    Revision and affinities are more important, but if you must fight from a 
    disadvantage, terrain can help.  
    (       HP and Health       )
         Every unit has a maximum of 10 HP and as they lose HP, their effectiveness 
    goes down.  A group of troops with 10 HP has 10 men, but with only 3 HP, there 
    are only 3 men left and the unit is 3 tenths as effective.  They have only 3 
    chances to kill an enemy (the chance of killing depends on their stats as 
    always), whereas a healthy unit has 10 chances.  Injury to generals also affects 
    their attack power:
    HP:     Max Damage:
    10      10
    8~9     9
    6~7     8
    4~5     7
    2~3     6
    1       5  
    (     Attack Animation      )
         The last thing that effects a unit's combat ability is the way in which 
    they move in the battle scene.  If one soldier can kill his enemy before the 
    enemy hits him, it is a big advantage.  When regular soldiers, pikemen, and 
    cavalry fight with each other, they trade hits at exactly the same time, so even 
    if your guy gets killed, he may have killed the enemy as well.  But some other 
    troops have the ability to hit first, and they will only be hit back by the 
    enemies that survive.  The most common example of this is the fighter general's 
    Sword Blaze attack.  In the battle scene, the fighter charges up, shoots a 
    shockwave, and then shoots the blast of fire that does the damage.  Pikemen walk 
    slowly and they will all be caught in the fire; the ones who do not die proceed 
    to the general and attack.  Soldiers are a bit quicker and 2 or 3 will reach the 
    general and attack before the fire blast hits them.  Cavalry race across the 
    screen, and most of them will get their hits in before being hit themselves.  
    Their speed gives them an advantage not reflected in their stats; they will 
    still be hit, but at least all 10 of them did their damage before dying.  Also 
    keep in mind that a unit's projectile attack is different than their regular 
    attack.  Troops throw their weapons or otherwise shoot something at enemies that 
    fly or are otherwise out of reach.  There are an almost infinite number of 
    combinations of units but I'll point out some important ones:
    Magician Generals:  Most mages have very slow attacks that allow enemy 
       soldiers to attack first.
    Sword Blaze, which most fighting generals have, is great because it is 
       quick and the general stays on the ground.
    Flying generals attack very quickly; most troops can't throw their
       weapons before being hit.
    Soldiers throw their weapons slower than pikemen or cavalry so they are
       bad at fighting flying enemies.
    Archers have very slow attacks; anything but pikemen will kill them
       before they can string their bows when the archers are attacked from 
       close range.  
    Troops on a wall throw their weapons at troops attacking from below, 
       in a first strike.  The enemies must climb the wall to attack.
    Caterpillars have a fast attack, beat them with faster cavalry or 
       archers to avoid their attacks completely.  Or use heavy armor to 
       withstand the attack and then hit the enemy.
    Omega's assassins have a near-instantaneous attack.  Hit them with 
       Archers from a distance. 
    Various ghosts attack very quickly.  Very heavy armor or holy troops 
       are needed to survive long enough to attack.
         Here ends the combat section.  Things to remember: base stats, revision, 
    affinity, land effect, HP, and attack speed.  These all determine the outcome of 
    a single fight.  But victory requires that each individual fight be part of your 
    grand plan, your . . .
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|       Strategy         |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
         The strategy of Langrisser boils down to moving your men around the map, 
    yet it is one of the most complex battle systems in any RPG.  This section will 
    talk about everything from creating a plan for the whole battle down to being 
    cheap with the Judgment system.
    (    Pre-Battle Strategy    )
         Once the cheerful "battle preparation" music starts playing, the first 
    thing you should do is check out what you're up against.  Use the "Place 
    General" command and take a look at the enemies and terrain around the map.  If 
    you use my walkthrough, you'll know what might show up later, too.  
         Figure out what path each of you generals will follow through the battle, 
    this way you can plan which enemies each of your generals will fight.  Plan your 
    paths so that you can take advantage of troop affinities and terrain formations.  
    For example, if there are lots of cavalry on the east side of the map, send a 
    general that can command pikemen up that way.  Or, if there is a wall that 
    blocks an enemy, send your archers that way so they snipe over that wall.  Take 
    into account how fast each of your groups can move because you'll want several 
    generals to converge on the boss of the battle.  Remember that cavalry and 
    fliers move slowly in indoor battles.  Also plan how you'll get the secret 
    tiles; you don't want to spend an hour moving a mage from one side of the map to 
    a secret tile in the opposite corner.
         Once you have that planned out, hire your soldiers and buy equipment.  Hire 
    only the troops that you need to get the job done.  Money isn't too tight in 
    this game, but there are times when the store sells several rare, expensive, and 
    awesome items, and sometimes you just need a full army of dragoons.  So save 
    your money when you can.  Don't buy phalanxes if pikemen will do the job.  Don't 
    buy a new sword if it'll only raise your attack by 1.  
         Place your generals so they can carry out your plan, save, and then begin.
    (      Battle Strategy      )
         These are a bunch of tips rather than step by step instructions like the 
    previous section.  Almost all of them apply to every battle in the game.  I'll 
    spare you the obvious, like, "heal when you get hurt," and other stuff that you 
    can figure out on your own in 30 minutes of battle.    
    -- Cowardly Enemies --
         Enemy generals move along scripted paths until they meet your forces.  If 
    he thinks that he can win an individual battle, he will send his troops to 
    attack.  Otherwise, he'll just sit there.  Enemies seem to define "win" as "My 
    troops will lose less than five hp and he'll lose more than me in a single 
    attack."  These rules aren't set in stone, but enemies will generally only 
    attack if they think they have the advantage.  So, if your troops are superior, 
    the enemy will do nothing and you can destroy them at your leisure.  Be careful 
    if you have more than one type of troop though.  An enemy that won't attack your 
    soldiers will attack your archers if given the chance.  Or, horsemen enemies 
    won't attack your pikemen, but give them a shot at your soldier-type general and 
    they'll surely take it.  
    -- Double Teams --
         Fighting 2 enemies at once can be a pain, especially if they have 2 
    different types of troops.  When your soldiers attack their pikemen, it leaves 
    them open to the other enemy's horsemen.  It's best to avoid this type of 
    situation:  If you see two enemies heading toward the same spot, like a narrow 
    bridge, get to them before they group up.  Or you could pin one with your 
    magic(I'll get to that technique later), so he gets left behind.  
         Of course, you can use double-teams to your advantage, too.  Two fighters 
    together isn't the most effective double-team, a mage/fighter team is much more 
    useful.  Spells don't do much damage, but they are great for softening up 
    enemies so fighters can go in for the kill.  Most mages can hire archers, which 
    gives them added firepower from a distance.  And don't neglect spells that help 
    allies or hinder enemies; their effects don't last long, but can be quite 
    potent.  What's great about mage support is that spells have such long range 
    that several allies and opponents are within reach, so they can help out where 
    it is most needed.  
    -- Mixing Troops --
         Most generals that are class 2 or better can hire 2 different types of 
    troops.  Doing so is not always useful because enemies usually only have 1 type.  
    But sometimes you have to because one general needs to fight more than one type 
    of opponent.  And sometimes you want to.  Hire three legions and 3 soldiers to 
    save some money.  Use the legions to do the real fighting and use the soldiers 
    to kill weakened units.  Armored cavalry are big and have small attack ranges, 
    so if you hire 6 of them, you'll never be able to have all 6 attack.  Trade 2 or 
    3 of them for centaurs, which don't have to get right next to the target to 
    attack.  But protect your weaker units.  An enemy that is afraid to attack your 
    heavy cavalry will jump at the chance to hit the centaurs.  
    -- The Little Squares --
         The battle-field is divided up into squares like in most strategy rpgs, but 
    in Langrisser 5 they are really little.  
    Foot soldiers take  Generals, cavalry, and fliers  And really big stuff
    up a 2 x 2 block:   take up a 3 x 3 block:         like golems and 
        O O                    O O O                      O O O O
        O O                    O O O                      O O O O
                               O O O                      O O O O
                                                          O O O O 
    It can be very annoying when you want to move your general somewhere, but one of 
    those 9 spaces where you want him to move is blocked by the corner of a troop.  
    So plan your moves carefully so that there is always room where you want to go.  
    Oh yeah, the cursor moves square by square, but it is a bit over-sized so it is 
    not a good judge of space.  I still count out spaces to make sure there is room 
    for my troops.
    -- Moving and Attacking --
         Troops can move, then attack, then move again if they have range left.  You 
    can use this ability to attack an enemy several times because the unit that 
    attacked can move out of the way to leave room for another to attack.  So it is 
    often best to have the unit nearest an opponent attack first so that he has 
    movement left over to move out of the way.  If you attack with a distant unit 
    first, he may be stuck where he attacked and get in the way of your other 
    -- Pin Enemies with Magic --
         When an enemy general has 7 or fewer HP, he will ALWAYS rest or cast a heal 
    spell.  Even if your general has 1 hp and is right next to him, he will heal.  
    This can be exploited to prevent him from moving or attacking.  If some cavalry 
    are headed right for your soldiers, hit the general with a Wind Cutter spell and 
    knock him down 3 HP.  He'll stop dead in his tracks to rest.  Keep hitting him, 
    and he'll be pinned there until he dies or you run out of MP.  Use this tactic 
    on enemies that are chasing civilians or are trying to escape.
    -- Pin Enemies with Their Own Magic -- 
         This one is a lot like the above, but not quite as useful.  When one of 
    your generals gets near an opponent, they will try to cast a spell on you if 
    they have magic.  Of course, they have to stop moving to charge and cast the 
    spell.  As long as you survive, and they still have MP, they won't move.  
    -- Judgment --
         Judgment is how the game determines when a general will get his next turn 
    (it's also a word that I misspell every time, but that's another story).  The 
    higher a general's judgment stat, the quicker their next turn will come.  Mages 
    have the highest, and knights and fliers have the lowest.  The actions your 
    general takes during his turn effects the time until his next turn, too.  
    Basically, the "biggest" action that the general or any one of his troops take 
    determines how long it will be.  "Small" actions would be casting a spell with a 
    small charge time or waiting.  "Big" actions are moving and attacking, resting, 
    or casting large charge time spell.  So, if your general casts protect, which is 
    nearly instantaneous, and you move one soldier, that move is the biggest action 
    and you will have to wait a while for your next turn.  If you do not move that 
    soldier, the biggest action is the spell, and you'll get another turn right 
         You can see this effect on the screen.  When you are about to confirm an 
    action, you see some numbers that look like:
       0 -> 8 / 13
    The 0 means that the unit is active NOW, the 8 means that if you take this 
    action, this general will be 8th to move out of 13 generals on the map.  If you 
    take this action, then tell another member of the group to take a bigger action, 
    you might see:
       8 -> 13 / 13
    This means that if you take that action, this general won't be able to move 
    again until all the other generals on the map have had their turns.
    -- Making Judgment Work For You -- 
         There is only one way to cheat with judgment, and it is due to the fact 
    that summoned creatures can do whatever they want and it doesn't cost judgment.  
    Have your general start charging a short spell, then have your creature do 
    whatever it wants.  Make any other troops wait.  The general will get her next 
    turn right away, and the creature can do whatever it wants again.  Cancel the 
    spell, (Select the general, press B, then choose No) start charging the short 
    spell again, and do it all over.  
         These next ones aren't cheap like the last one, but they'll help avoid 
    wasting Judgment.
    1.  If you're casting a short spell, don't move your troops.  You
        can move them when the spell is cast.
    2.  The wait command is weird.  If the general waits, the next turn 
        will occur in a short while (it actually uses up a small amount of
        judgment).  But if you give the wait command to the troops, the troops
        (but not the general) do nothing and waste no judgment.  So if you only
        want to wait for a very short time, move the general a small distance, and
        move the troops an equal or lesser distance, or tell them to wait.  This
        way, the small move it the "biggest" action, and the next turn will come
        very soon.  By carefully selecting how far you move, you can choose exactly
        when that general's next tur will occurr.
    3.  If you want a general to do nothing for a while, tell him to rest.
    4.  The wait command for troops has an additional effect: it lets the "store
        up" judgment.  If your general does an action that uses up judgment, and
        the troops wait, the time in which they are doing nothing is carried over
        to their next turn.  On their next turn, their movement range is multiplied
        by up to about 1.5 times their normal range, depending on how much judgment
        they stored.  This is added to their move-and-attack range too.  
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|  Menu Translation      |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    This section is a very dry read, but hopefully it is useful in navigating the 
    game's menus.
    (    Battle Preparation     )
    This is the menu that appears before every battle.  
    |                      | 
    |  Hire Troops         |
    |                      |
    |  Store               |
    |                      | 
    |  Place General/Map   | 
    |                      | 
    |  LOAD                | 
    |                      | 
    |  SAVE                | 
    |                      | 
    Hire Troops:  Choose the general, choose the type of troops, then press left and 
    right to add and subtract troops.  Some generals can command multiple types of 
    troops at once, in which case you choose two types of troops, one right
    after another.  Once you have selected the troops you want, select the bottom 
    option to confirm and return to the general-select menu, or the
    second-from-the-bottom option to cancel not hire those troops.
    Store:  You go to the store, where you can
            Buy: Choose the item you want, select "yes" to buy it, 
                     then choose who gets it.
            Sell: Sells an item that is not equipped.  Prices are 3/4 of the buying
            Equip: Lets you equip weapons, armor, and accessories in that
                     order.  The first option on the item list removes
                     the equipped item.  The second option doesn't change           
                     the equipped item.  The rest of the list is items you
                     have in stock.  Select one and it is equipped.  After
                     one weapon is selected, the menu changes to armor,
                     then accessory.
    Place General/View Map:  This lets you put generals in their starting position 
    as well as view the whole battlefield and enemy statistics.  You must place a 
    general in order to move the cursor around the map, but you can still hire 
    soldiers for that general or move them to another position later.
    LOAD:  Allow you to load or save to the Saturn's internal memory or memory 
           cartridge.  You get (in order):  3 slots to save in between scenarios,
           one pre-battle save slot, and one in-battle save slot.
    Start Battle:  Select this, and then choose yes to start.  Yes is always the top 
    (       Battle Menus        )
    (       Screen Bottom       )
    This display appears at the bottom of the screen when the cursor is over an 
    empty space on the map.
    |                        Scenario #                               | 
    |     Defense Bonus                      Judgment Bar             | 
    |                        Turn #                                   | 
    Scenario #:  Number of the current Scenario (simple!)
    Defense Bonus:  The percentage bonus to defense given by the type of land the 
    cursor is currently on.
    Judgment Bar:  Fills up as "time" passes.  When it fills up, the turn is over.  
    Characters with high judgment move first, and more frequently.
    Turn #:  Self explanatory.  Troops next to their general recover at the end of 
    each turn, and some events take place on a certain turn.
    (    Screen Bottom Plus     )
    The information presented changes when the cursor is moved over a character or 
    squad of troops.
    |  Move/Att Bar     Character name        Class Name              | 
    |  Defense Bonus                           AT+Rev     Exp Bar     | 
    |  Move Bonus      Move Order    Level     DF+Rev     HP     MP   | 
    Move/Att Bar:  Visual representation of the character's movement range and 
    attack range.  The longer the bar, the farther the general or unit can move.  
    The marker shows how far the character can move, and then attack.
    Defense Bonus:  Same as before, it shows the defensive bonus given by the 
    current terrain.  It does not show unit-specific bonuses, such as the big bonus 
    lizardmen get when in the water.
    Move bonus:  Shows how the current terrain affects the movement range of the 
    selected unit.  This is specific to the unit type.  A negative percentage slows 
    down the unit, positive speeds it up.
    Move Order:  Is a ranking that shows in which order the groups will move.  It is 
    currently the 0th general's turn, the next is ranked 1st, the one to move after 
    that is 2nd, and so on.
    Level:  The current general's level.  Get to 10, and go to the next class.
    At+Rev:  Two numbers that display the selected unit's attack power, and if it 
    isn't a general, its revision is displayed as well.  
    Df+Rev:  It's the same as above, but with defense.
    Exp Bar:  The current general's experience.  Fill it up and go up a level.
    HP:  The unit's current hit points.  Every unit in the game has a maximum of 10 
    HP.  A group of troops can only do as much damage as they have HP, generals are 
    weakened as well, but not as much.
    MP:  The general's magic points.
    (   Action Menu (Generals)  )
    Select the active General and you will see this menu.
    |                             |	
    |   Move          Magic       |   
    |                             |    +-------------+
    |   Attack	  Recover     |    |             |
    |                             |    |  Troops AI  |
    |   Summon        Strategy    |    |             |
    |                             |    |  Wait       |
    +-----------------------------+    |             |
    Move:  This brings up the graphical representation of where you can move.  If 
    you move in the clear area, you can attack, but if you move into the darker 
    area, you will not be able to attack.  Once you select where to move to, if you 
    are in range of an enemy, you can choose to attack by moving the cursor onto an
    enemy and pressing C.  Leave the cursor on the general and hit C to stop there
    but not attack.   Basically, moving and attacking both require judgment; 
    if you use them all to move a long distance you won't be able to attack.  Also, 
    if you move only a very short distance and attack, you have judgment left 
    over and can move some more after the attack.  
    Attack:  Lets you attack before moving; you can move after you attack.  
    Summon:  Some magic-oriented classes get the ability to summon a
    creature.  Choose the creature to summon, and then press C on the
    general.  Each summoner can only have one creature in existance at a time. 
    Magic:  Selecting this brings up the spell list.  Select the spell, and then 
    target it.  You cannot move and then cast a spell.  Different spells take 
    varying amounts of time to charge.  Once the spell is charged, the caster get
    another turn.  Select the caster, then select the target to cast the spell
    on.  If you don't want to cast the spell yet, select the caster, then press
    B.  Select the top option to keep the spell charged and wait for the next turn,
    or select the bottom to cancel the spell.  Pressing B at this choice is makes
    no decision, the spell is not canceled, and the caster is not waiting for the
    next turn.  
    Recover:  The general will regain 3 hp and 2 mp.  Resting takes one full round,
    so if the general has high judgment, they'll still be resting when their next
    turn comes up.  They can't move, but their troops can.  
    Strategy:  This lets you choose the automatic tactics for your troops.  This is 
    what your troops will do when you give them the "Troops AI" command.  In order,
    the tactics are:
         Move:  Indicated by boots.  Troops follow their general, and
              attack anything that they end up next to.
         Aggressive:  Indicated by a small sword.  Troops will move and 
              attack anything within their range and their general's 
              command range.
         Defensive:  Shown by a small shield.  Troops follow their general,
              and will not attack anything.
         After you choose Move or Aggressive, you get another set of three
         options, but I haven't figured out what they do.
    Of course, if you move your troops yourself, you don't need to bother with these 
    Secondary Menu:
    Press left while in the left column of the main menu, or right when in the right 
    column to display the secondary menu.  It has these options:
    Troops AI:  Your troops do their thing according to the strategy you set.
    Wait:  This is the "Do nothing" command.  The general and troops hold their 
    position.  Uses up a small amount of judgment.
    (    Action Menu (Troops)   )
    Select an active unit of troops to issue these commands.
    |             |
    |   Move      |  +-------------+ 
    |             |  |             | 
    |   Attack    |  |  Troops AI  |          
    |             |  |             |        
    +-------------+  |  Wait       | 
                     |             | 
    These are all exactly the same as for the generals, except "Wait" uses no
    (      General's Stats      )
    Select a General during battle to see their stats.  Other information such as 
    attack, defense, and hp still appears in the info bar at the bottom of the 
                      |             | 
                      |     ???     |
                      |     ???     | 
                      |     ???     | 
                      |             | 
    |                               | 
    | General's name  A+     M+     | 
    |                 D+            | 
    |  MP #/#    Move    Judgment   | 
    |                               |
    |  Magic Defense Chart          | 
    |                               |
    | Fire lightning earth dark     |
    | Ice  wind      light physical | 
    |                               |                    
    A+:  General's attack revision.
    D+:  General's defense revision.
    M+:  General's move revision.
    MP:  General's current MP and max MP.
    Move:  General's movement range.
    Judgment: General's judgment rating.  Higher judgment means the general is 
    Magic Defense Chart:  Lists the general's resistances to various types of magic.  
    Check this on enemy monsters, as they can have special strengths and weaknesses.
    Pressing start at this menu cycles through spell and skill lists:
    Spell list 1
    Spell list 2
    Summon list
    Skill list
    (      Battle Options       )
    Move the cursor to an empty spot the map to see this menu.
    |                      | 
    |  Map/Judgment Order  |
    |                      |
    |  Win/Lose Conditions |
    |                      | 
    |  Options             | 
    |                      | 
    |  LOAD                | 
    |                      | 
    |  SAVE                | 
    |                      | 
    Map/Judgment Order:  Shows a zoomed-out map of the battle and displays several 
    generals in the order in which their turn will occur.
    Win/Lose Conditions:  Displays how you can win and lose, in Japanese of course.  
    They're usually easy to figure out.  To win, kill all the enemies, or kill the 
    leader.  To avoid losing, don't let Sigma die, and protect any NPCs around.
    Options:  Same options as on the main menu.
    SAVE:  Saves to the In-Battle save slot.  There is only one slot.
    (      Other Controls       )
    While in battle:
    Right Shoulder Button:  Cycles though active general and troops
    Left Shoulder Button:   Cycles in other direction
    X Button:  Hold down for fast cursor movement
    Y Button:  Toggles HP display on/off
    Z Button:  
    Select unit with A button:  Display's its movement range. 
     _____|========================|___) \______
    \_____|      Walkthrough       |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    (    Character Creation     )
    The game begins with the character creation quiz.  Gizarof's assistant (or is 
    she more like a computer interface?) asks you questions about how you want Sigma 
    (the main character) to be created.  
    The first question sets Sigma's "metal" and determines which 5th class he can 
    get.  The options are:
    Gold   -> Hero
    Silver -> The class that follows Sigma's 1st element (choose that next)
    Bronze -> 2nd element
    Iron   -> 3rd element
    My advice is to go for Hero.  
    The next several questions allow you set the order of Sigma's elements, which 
    effect which classes he can become.  No matter what you choose, the foot-soldier 
    path will be available.  The elements are:
    Earth -> Cavalry
    Water -> Serpent Rider
    Fire  -> Magician
    Wind  -> Flying Knight
    You get to select them in order, so first choose his primary element from the 
    list of 4, then his secondary element from the remaining 3, and then his third 
    element from the remaining 2.  I'd go for wind or earth depending on how I want 
    to develop my other characters.
    (Credit for the metals and elements stuff goes to 
    <http://popup.tok2.com/home/langrisser/> and <http://babelfish.altavista.com/> 
    for translating it.)
    Next you are asked a series of questions that determine Sigma's starting 
    abilities.  The questions have a branching structure with about 50 possible 
    questions, so I can't tell you the effects of each one.  The best you can do is 
    guess.  To get a decent Sigma, I did this:  The rest of the questions will have 
    4 choices, so choose the 1st response, then 2nd, then 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd, and so 
    on.  Sigma will end up with decent attack, defense, spells, MP, and revisions.  
    Choosing 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 also worked well.  If you try something else 
    and it turns out well, let me know.  At the end you get a random choice, too.  
    Don't choose the same response throughout the quiz(1, 1, 1, 1. . . ); Sigma will 
    turn out with really weird stats like lots of spells but no MP(I tried this).  
    Once you answer all the questions you get to look at all of Sigma's stats, 
    spells1, spells2, summons, skills, (a single short word in the top left means 
    "none") and class change chart.  At the end of these, you get a yes/no choice.  
    You can always identify a yes/no choice because a small box pops up with two 
    short words one above the other.  The top choice is yes.  Choose yes if you are 
    satisfied with Sigma, choose no if you want to answer the questions again.  
    Scene:  Sigma is awakened by Lambda, and the lab comes under attack.
    Sigma insists that his name isn't Sigma, and you are given the chance to rename 
    him.  The cursor starts on the "end" option, so just select that if you want to 
    remain "Sigma."  Otherwise, make up a new name.
    Eventually, the view changes, and Rainforce and Aizer show up.  They're bent on 
    destroying the lab and are both much stronger than you, so you have to escape to 
    the exit in the top left. 
    (        Scenario 1         )
    Opponents:  Rainforce
                2 Fighters
    You don't get to prepare for this fight at all; you go straight to fighting.  
    The basic idea is:  Don't get attacked by Aizer (the big guy) and definitely 
    don't get attacked by Rainforce (the effeminate one).  You do want to kill the 
    two green fighters for the experience.  Have Sigma and Lambda move toward the 
    general to their left.  Lambda should cast her fire spell on him, and Sigma 
    Should finish him off.  On turn 4 a fellow clone named Omega appears on the 
    right side of the screen.  Rainforce will go and kill him, and this gives you 
    the chance to kill the other fighter.  After that, move around the tree to the 
    exit in the top left.  If Sigma gets there first, you get to choose how to tell 
    Lambda to hurry up.  Once both heroes escape, the battle is over and Aizer is 
    pissed off.
    Scene:  Lambda explains some stuff about combat.  She asks some questions, just 
    choose responses until the lecture is over.
    Scene:  Virash and Brenda watch you pass.
    (        Scenario 2         )
    Opponents:  Aizer   2 Centurions
                Fighter 3 Soldiers      Sword1
                Fighter 3 Soldiers      Sword1
    Aizer has cut you off at the pass (or bridge in this case) and you'll have to 
    fight your way through.  At least you get to prepare this time.  It's a good 
    idea to buy a knife for Sigma, and hire as many troops as you can for both 
    protagonists.  You don't get to pick starting positions.
    Just have Sigma and Lambda kill the Fighters nearest themselves.  Your revisions 
    are higher than the enemy's so your soldiers should have the advantage.  Use 
    Sigma's strong attack and Lambda's spells especially when attacking the 
    generals.  Don't worry about Aizer; he can smash you easily, but on turn 7, or 
    when you defeat the fighters, Wheeler and Selena approach from the south.  
    Wheeler sends his girlfriend to take on Aizer and her dragoons will run right 
    over him.  If you get Lambda close enough, you might be able to finish off Aizer 
    with a spell and earn some more experience.  When he retreats, the battle ends.  
    Wheeler and Selena leave too, and Lambda informs you that as Caconsis soldiers, 
    Wheeler and Selena are enemies of Gizarof, and therefore your enemies as well.  
    Scene:  Rainforce and some guy talk.
    Scene:  Alfred's father is dying, and he is looking for a particular medicine.  
    After the store turns him away, Claret offers to help.
    Scene:  Claret and Alfred incur the wrath of Goldry and the toll-collectors.
    (        Scenario 3         )
    Opponents:  Goldry (Knight)  4 Horsemen
                Fighter          3 Soldiers
                Fighter          2 Pikemen
    Buy soldiers, and buy a staff for Lambda (it shortens spell charge time).  Put 
    Sigma to the left and Lambda to the right.  
    Claret will fly to the right and eventually leave the map.  Alfred will run to 
    the right and then down through the trees.  You want to get Lambda near him as 
    soon as possible because he will join you, giving you control of him.  Have 
    Lambda move up and right to intercept Alfred, and kill the Fighter with pikemen 
    along the way.  Foot-soldiers can climb the stockade, but horsemen can't.  Sigma 
    should kill the other Fighter who chases Alfred.  Goldry will ignore Sigma until 
    Alfred joins you, then watch out; Goldry's horsemen are strong against soldiers.  
    Once Alfred joins, use his pikemen to kill Goldry and his horsemen, but be 
    careful because Alfred himself is a soldier and weak against cavalry.  
    Scene:  King of Regenberg(?), Ranbert, and Alvince.  Alvince and Alfred are both 
    sons of the sick king.
    (        Scenario 4         )
    Opponents:  Commodore Wheeler (Fighter) 1 Pikemen
                Caconsis Knight             2 Horsemen
                Goldry (Knight)             2 Horsemen
                Fighter                     2 Soldiers
                Fighter                     2 Pikemen (appears on turn 4)
    Buy a weapon and armor for Alfred.  Equip the accessory you found; it increases 
    defensive revision.  Hire troops, Alfred should take pikemen.  Place Alfred near 
    Goldry, Sigma should take on the other Fighter, and start Lambda in the topmost 
    Wheeler is your enemy in this scenario, but since he is such a terrible fighter, 
    he will run away to the north.  If he escapes, you lose.  Sigma and Alfred 
    should kill the enemies near their starting positions quickly and then chase 
    Wheeler.  Lambda should get in spell range of Wheeler and pin him down by 
    continually casting fire or wind cutter on him.  Even if you don't do this, he 
    moves slowly so you shouldn't have trouble running him down.  Alfred is the best 
    choice to fight the Knight and Wheeler; Sigma can help finish Wheeler.
    Scene:  Wheeler and Goldry regroup with Selena in the northern part of 
            town.  The villagers rat on Goldry for attacking Claret and 
            Alfred, and Wheeler chews out Goldry for doing it.
    Scene:  Alfred asks for Sigma and Lamda's help and won't take no for an 
    (        Scenario 5         )
    Opponents:  Aizer    2 Soldiers
                Fighter  3 Pikemen
                Fighter  3 Pikemen
                Goldry   3 Horsemen
                Knight   2 Horsemen
    You got an Armor+2 in the last battle, the store sells Hammer+3, and you can buy 
    boots with 1 defense.  Do I really need to tell you to fight the cavalry with 
    your pikemen and to fight the pikemen with your soldiers?  I didn't think so.  
    Aizer is still very strong, but when he attacks you the first time or when you 
    kill Goldry, Brenda and her female knights show up with heavy horsemen to take 
    Aizer out.  You can kill him with Sigma for extra experience and a challenge.  
    In order to do that, don't get attacked by him and don't kill Goldry until you 
    are ready.  Have Lambda pound him with fire spells, then cast Attack1 on Sigma 
    when he goes in for the kill.  
    Secret Tile:  Move onto the fruit in the tree in the top right.  You get a 
    1:  +3 to MP max
    2:  +2 to MP max, +2 to a stat I can't identify
    3:  +1 to MP max, +2 to a stat I can't identify, +2 to another stat
        (those stats are possibly magic range, area, or charge time)
    4:  Nothing
    Scene:  You get to see a nice shot of Brenda, then when she asks you 
            something, don't choose the last response; it makes her angry.  
    Scene:  Sigma and Lambda report to Gizarof, who sends them on a mission 
            and then chuckles evilly to himself.
    Scene:  I think this is what happened.  At some point before, Alfred 
            got the medicine, and now he has given it to the King, who 
            promptly died.  Alfred is accused of the poisoning, and 
            Alvince goes to hunt him down.
    (        Scenario 6         )
    Opponents:  Alvince (Gladiator)  4 Soldiers
                Knight          3 Horsemen
                Knight          2 Horsemen
                Fighter         3 Pikemen
                Fighter         2 Pikemen
                Fighter         3 Soldiers
    Equip Brenda and buy troops; there's a new accessory, too.
    Brenda could almost do this fight herself.  Have her lead the way toward the 
    fort Alfred is in.  You can leave the Fighter with the pikemen to someone else, 
    or Brenda can just kill the general.  Once you get close enough, Alfred will 
    come under your control and he can pull the lever to open the door.  Do that, 
    and have him flee from all the soldiers.  You get a choice of responses at one 
    point; the second answer seems to be good.  Brenda can mow down Alvince and the 
    Fighter generals, but some help from Sigma or Lambda to kill the pikemen would 
    be good.  The battle ends when you beat Alvince, so finish your other business 
    before you do so.
    Secret Tile:  Step on the snorkel in the lake and answer NO to increase your 
    troop maximum by 1.
    Scene:  Brenda's spy.
    Scene:  In a scene from Langrisser 4, Landius kills Bozel.
    Scene:  Sigma and company arrive at Bozel's lair, but miss Landius.
    Scene:  Landius kills Gizarof.
    (        Scenario 7         )
    Opponents:  Aizer      2 Soldiers
                Mage       2 Elves
                Priest     2 Elves
                Knight     2 Horsemen
                Fighter    2 Soldiers
    Not much to do to prepare here.
    The smoke in the tunnel does one damage every turn, but it's not going to kill 
    anyone.  Getting near the tunnel exit is enough to be safe from the smoke.  The 
    enemies wont move until one of your generals enters the room, so bust in all at 
    once.  The archers are only dangerous to people with low defense, so Alfred is a 
    good candidate to take 'em out.  Just watch out for Aizer because his revisions 
    are still potent.
    Secret Tile:  Get the little sparkly thing on top of the left staircase.  First 
    option seems to give you something, but I can't tell what, second choice gives 
    you 500 gold, third choice is nothing.  
    Scene:  Landius and company talk about stuff.
    Scene:  Another of Brenda's spies reports that Gizarof is dead, and 
            Sigma's party decides what to do.  There's a speaking choice
    Scene:  Tell Alfred to hurry up, I'm not sure if what you say here
            makes a difference, and then Lambda talks to a tree.  You get
            to choose something to say here, and I think the first choice
            is good (but Lambda's mood is hard to read).
    (        Scenario 8         )
    Opponents:  Knight     3 Horsemen
                Knight     3 Horsemen
                Fighter    3 Pikemen
                Fighter    4 Pikemen
                Fighter    3 Soldiers 
    Buy new stuff, hire troops, and put your generals in the obvious places.
    This battle is a piece of cake, until Emily shows up behind you with dragoons.  
    This will happen on turn 5 or as soon as all your troops cross the bridge.  
    Emily WILL destroy you if you let her catch you, so you'll need to run to the 
    bridge in the southwest.  She moves slowly through the forest, so you shouldn't 
    have much trouble.  
    Secret Tile:  Go to the crack in the ground in the bottom right and choose the 
    third option, then answer yes.  This can be hard with Emily pursuing you, so use 
    Lambda's spells to pin her down, and sacrifice soldiers if need be.  Then go to 
    the vine hanging off the chasm and select yes.  This takes you to . . .
    (        Scenario ?1        )
    Opponents:  3 Aniki (Anikis?)
                Weird Woman  1 Frogs
                Weird Woman  1 Tigers
                Weird Woman  1 Slimes
                Weird Woman  1 Caterpillars 
    Buy the better boots, and you can also buy the chain that increases command 
    radius.  Make sure your generals are in top fighting form because you get no 
    troops for this fight.  It's a weird one.
    The objective is to get to the bottom of the screen before the Anikis (the 
    dudes) and buy an item.  But you should just kill everything.  Move downward and 
    go to work on the Anikis.  If you're smart, you made Lambda into a cleric and 
    she got the Fairy summon.  Use that.  Anikis are strong, but weak to magic, so 
    have Lambda fireball them and have Sigma or Brenda finish them off.  Soon, the 
    women will show up.  Their pets are very strong so avoid them.  The women have 
    good stats, but they have the "civilian" animation in battle so they don't do 
    any damage.  You can hit the pets with spells to prevent them from attacking, or 
    just take out the women.  If an Aniki gets away, race him to the bottom.  You 
    can use the fairies to get in his way and slow him down.  
    Move a character in front of the counter at the bottom of the screen.  When you 
    stop, you get three choices:  
    Buy ->   Maid Troops 1000P
             ???         800P
    Other -> Bad Hammer  500P
             ???         30P
    Info repeats the conversation at the beginning of the battle; describing how to 
    buy stuff.
    Talk ->  ???  you say something and the turn ends.
             ???  you say something and the turn ends.
             End battle.  Choose this when you're done.
    The maid troops let you hire maids as troops.  They only cost 20P, but they have 
    0 attack and 6 defense, and are worthless.
    The Bad Hammer has attack power of 1 and slows you down by 2.
    Every ??? here, I have no idea what it is.  I really tried to figure out the 
    800P one, but couldn't see that it did anything.  It might be a skill.  I bought 
    the maids, at least they're cute.
    Scene:  You return to Gizarof's headquarters and find a message from
    Scene:  Lambda thinks the town looks familiar, and goes looking around. 
            She finds a painting of what looks like her as little girl (and
            with blonde hair).  
    (        Scenario 9         )
    Opponents:  Golem     4 Skeletons
                Sea Nymph 4 Lizardmen
                Tiger     4 Scorpions
                Barbarian 4 Wolfmen
                Big Slime 4 Slimes
    Gaiel threatens the villagers, forcing Jessica to hand over Alhazard and 
    Langrisser.  He takes them, and leaves the monsters behind.
    Set up Lambda in the top spot and hire monks for her.  Whoever's got the longest 
    movement should be next.  Put people who need experience in the bottom two 
    The objective is to save the villagers, you get relationship points for this.  
    Just keep all the civilian generals alive, the civilian troops don't matter.  
    The only ones in danger are those near the tiger and scorpions.  Move Lambda to 
    the right as fast as you can until she's in spell range of the scorpions and 
    then hit them with whatever you have to stop them from attacking.  The monks are 
    strong against the slimes, so kill them along the way.  The knight should follow 
    to clean up the scorpions.  Just kill everything else.
    Scene:  Alfred accuses Claret of giving him poison instead of medicine.  
            Jessica says that isn't true.  Claret and Jessica leave to
            retrieve the swords.  Makure shows up looking for Jessica (just
            missed her).  He is about to leave, and recognizes Lambda as     
            Mariendel, his sister who had disappeared.  Lambda is surprised 
            and runs off.  Take the second choice to go and talk with her, 
            otherwise you send Alfred to do it.
    Scene:  Ranford, Emily, and the new Queen of Regenberg talk.
    Scene:  Rainforce introduces Omega and Aizer.  Either the Omega that 
            Rainforce killed in the first battle has recovered, or this is 
            a different Omega.  Sigma and Lambda both had numbers after 
            their names, so its possible there were more of them, too.
    (        Scenario 10        )
    Opponents:  Knight   4 Horsemen
                Knight   4 Horsemen
                Fighter  4 Pikemen
                Fighter  4 Soldiers
                   When 3 of the above are defeated:
                Baron Craydo  4 Horsemen
    Before the fight starts, you get to say something to Lambda and I think the 
    first response is the best.
    All the enemies will go after Claret and Jessica, so two of your characters will 
    have to go and cut off the two knights.  The other two characters should take 
    out two fighters.  When the battle begins, you get to tell Jessica and Claret 
    what to do:
    Stay put
    Claret runs
    Jessica runs
    Both run
    If you tell anyone to run, when their turn comes up, you can tell them where to 
    Middle path
    You can tell Claret and Jessica to run different directions.  I suggest making 
    Claret move down, and Jessica move left.  They'll be safely out of the way when 
    the Baron Craydo (I think that is his name) shows up when 3 enemy generals are 
    dead.  He and his 4 horsemen have strong attack, so back up your pikemen with 
    spells and healing.  But don't kill him too quickly, first get the. . .
    Secret Tile:  Step on the loose tiles in the top right.  
    1 Troops can paralyze enemy (rarely).
    2 General can paralyze enemies (rarely).
    3 Leave it.
    Scene:  Claret joins and tells you all about her problems.
    Scene:  Ranford, Ranbert, and some other dude.  
    Scene:  Gaiel recruits Grove to his cause.
    (        Scenario 11        )
    Opponents:  Fighter      3 Pikemen
                Fighter      3 Soldiers
                Warlock      2 Elves
                Warlock      2 Elves
    Turn 6:     Hawk Knight  3 Griffons (top left)
    Turn 10:    Baron Craydo 4 Horsemen (bottom right)
                Hawk Knight  4 Griffons (bottom right)
    Some townsfolk need saving again, and this time it's going to be a bit tricky.  
    The gimmick to this battle is the bridge that can be extended by hitting the red 
    switch.  It is not vital to do so, but I did.  Have you flier equip armor and 
    accessory that increase magic defense, and station them in the middle starting 
    point.  Put you knight on the top.  Put someone who needs more mp on the bottom.  
    Put your pikemen second from the bottom.  
    As the battle starts, you get to choose what to say to Claret, choose the first 
    option.  Then you get a yes/no question about the bridge switch, but I don't 
    know what effect answering this question has.  Then you get to choose where the 
    civilians will run.  Choose the first option to have them run around the top of 
    the map, choosing the second answer will have them run across the bridge and 
    give the enemies a jump on them.  
    Your knight should race towards the civilians and take out those fighters.  The 
    flier should head right for the switch and activate it, then take out the mages.  
    Lambda should summon the fairies to heal the fliers as they are pounded by 
    spells and arrows.  The pikemen should cross the bridge and head straight for 
    the right of the map.  They should intercept the Baron and Hawk Knight when they 
    appear on turn 10.  
    Secret Tile:  Flowers in the bottom left.  
    1 Nothing
    2 +2 MP
    Secret Tile:  Stick in little hole in center of the map.  Only a flier can get 
    1 ???2   I can't figure out what they are
    2 ???
    3 nothing
    4 leave it
    Scene:  Claret and Duke Salrath, she is asking for his help
    Scene:  Rainforce, Ranbert, and Alvince.
    Scene:  Omega finds Sigma and a flashback to Omega and Gizarof.
    (        Scenario 12        )
    Opponents:  Fighter 5 Pikemen
                Fighter 5 Soldiers
                Knight  2 Heavy Cavalry, 4 Pack Animals
                Knight  2 Heavy Cavalry, 4 Pack Animals
                Fighter 2 Pikemen, 4 Pack Animals
                Fighter 2 Soldiers, 4 Pack Animals
    There are some nice new weapons and armor to buy, otherwise this battle is a 
    total cakewalk.
    The generals with the cargo will run to the right and then upwards.  I think 
    they will escape if they reach the top right, but there is no way that should 
    happen.  Send some your forces to the right, then down to block them.  Your 
    other characters should fight through the groups of soldiers and pikemen, then 
    catch the cargo units from behind.  The pack animals aren't helpless, but 
    present no real challenge.  Just watch out for the heavy cavalry buried in 
    Secret Tile:  The nest in the center of the screen must be reached by a flier.  
    None of the choices has an immediate effect, but the third choice (which has the 
    longest response, 1st has next longest response) will let you hire dragons 
    starting in scenario 20.
    Secret Tile:  Thanks to Masaki:  "Just move your flier general to a 
            flower middle right of the map, answer yes for the first question. but if 
            you want a healing skill just answer no then yes for the second one"
    Scene:  The villagers verbally abuse Claret, then Alfred and Brenda
            join in, and Claret runs off.  You get to comment on this, but I
            can't tell what effect it has.
    Scene:  Alone, Claret mopes for a bit then comes up with a great idea. 
            I don't know what it is, but she seems pleased with herself.
    Scene:  Emily informs Ranford of what Rainforce, Ranbert, and Alvince
            are doing.
    Scene:  Virash's forces.
    Scene:  Claret proposes her plan to the Duke, his army will create a
            diversion while she rescues some prisoners.
    Scene:  Duke's army does its part.
    (        Scenario 13        )
    Opponents:  Knight   3 Horsemen
                Fighter  4 Pikemen
                Fighter  4 Soldiers
                   When the above are defeated or turn 10:
                Baron Craydo 4 Horsemen  (right)
                Fighter      4 Soldiers  (right)
                Fighter      4 Pikemen   (bottom)
                Priest       2 Monks     (bottom)
                Hawk Knight  4 Griffons  (left)
    I'll stop saying to check the shop every battle, but there is almost always 
    something new to buy.  Anyway, place someone with high movement on the right to 
    stop the Knight form escaping, and place foot-soldiers in the middle to 
    infiltrate the jail.  The guy who goes to the right will see a lot of action, 
    make sure they can fight well against soldiers and cavalry.  Heavy cavalry and 
    centaurs are ideal for this.
    As the battle begins, you can say something to your troops.
    1:  Makes Claret happy.
    2:  Makes Brenda happy.
    3:  Makes Lambda happy. 
    As soon as anyone moves past the horizontal line formed by the bottom edge of 
    the moat, the guards will notice you and the Knight will try to escape to the 
    right.  Destroy him before he gets to the edge of the screen.  
    When the guards are defeated, or on turn 10, Craydo's men surround the jail and 
    the cells open.  You get to tell the prisoners where to run.
    1:  Stay in you cells.
    2:  Move
    If you select 2, then tell them where to go.
    1:  East exit.
    2:  South exit.
    3:  West exit.
    They're safest in their cells if you can keep the enemies out of the jail.  
    Secret Tile:  Cross in the water in top left.  No choices, it just gives you an 
    Scene:  Conversation with prisoners, Brenda takes Claret aside and 
            offers Virash's help because the present situation has something to
            do with Langrisser and Alhazard.
    Scene:  Ranford and Emily prepare to fight Alvince's army.
    Scene:  Brenda talks with Virash.
    Scene:  Kharhaz's army.
    Scene:  Brenda returns with the flying ship.  There's choice of things
            to say to Alfred, but it can't tell that it effects anything.
    (        Scenario 14        )
    Opponents:  Dragon Knight        4 Griffons, 2 Sky Archers
                Hawk Knight          5 Griffons
                Hawk Knight          5 Griffons
                Hawk Knight          4 Sky Archers
                Hawk Knight          4 Sky Archers
                Hawk Knight          4 Rocs
                Eric (Dragon Knight) 4 Griffons
    Put Claret in the top position.  If Sigma is you flier, put him in the top left 
    position.  This is a good time to hire rocs since they have a bonus against 
    flying units.
    Have Claret move toward Eric and he will recognize her and not fight you.  The 
    bum doesn't go as far as to help you, though.  The Hawk Knights are almost no 
    threat due to their tiny revisions.  Let them move onto the ship and take them 
    out.  The Dragon Knight has much better revisions, but shouldn't be too hard if 
    you use your Rocs against him.  The scenario ends when all enemies are defeated.
    Secret Tile:  Circular thingy on ship's bow.  Answer yes to get a 
       skill.  The general's troops regenerate 1 hp every turn.
    Scene:  Eric tells Duke Kharhaz about Claret and the ship.
    Scene:  Magician guy outside castle.
    Scene:  Emily and Ranford vs. Alvince.
    Scene:  Magician and Empress.
    (        Scenario 15        )
    Opponents:  Gladiator     4 Soldiers, 2 Pikemen
                Figther       5 Pikemen
                Knight        5 Horsemen
                Mage          3 Elves
                Priest        4 Monks
                   When the above are defeated, or on turn 15:
                Brave Knight  3 Heavy Cavalry
                Brave Knight  3 Heavy Cavalry
                Brave Knight  3 Heavy Cavalry      ( one in each corner )
                Brave Knight  3 Heavy Cavalry      ( of the map         )
                   One turn after that:
                Dragon Knight 4 Griffons, 2 Sky Archers (top center)
    This is by far the hardest battle yet; you can lose a general or two if you get 
    caught with your pants down.  Your flier should have a mix of griffons and rocs.  
    You'll want a full army of pikemen, and one of heavy cavalry and centaurs.  
    Bring some archers for your mages.  From left to right, set up your generals: 
    pikemen, mage, flier, mage, then knight.  
    The first 4 enemies are class 1 pieces of poop so kill them and get inside the 
    fort.  Get the secret tile, but don't worry about the gladiator yet.  Put your 
    heavy cavalry and pikes at the two entrances to the fort and put your archers on 
    the walls where they are safe since horses can't climb walls.  Your flier should 
    hang out near a mage and also be the northernmost general.  Do this before turn 
    The Brave Knights have a big +10 attack revision and armored cavalry, which 
    makes them extremely dangerous. If you funnel them into heavy arrow and spell 
    fire from the walls and block their advance with pikemen and your own heavy 
    cavalry then you should take them out.  Meanwhile, your flier will be fighting 
    the Dragon Knight again and hopefully the rocs will be enough to make up for 
    your lower revisions.  Make sure everyone is within range of a heal spell.  Once 
    that is over, take your time killing that cowardly gladiator in the middle. 
    Secret Tile:  Have a general go to the black square just below the fort.
    1:  Nothing
    2:  Asks another question: 1:  Shade Troops
                               2:  Nothing
                               3:  Nothing
    3:  Leave it.
    Thanks to Masaki and Final_Flare for infomation on getting to ?2:
    Station one general on each of the five bronze-colored plates inside the fort
    at the same time.  Answer yes to get access to ?2.
    Scene:  Kharhaz is fighting and Eric informs him of Claret's victory.
    Scene:  Brenda explains something to the group.
    Scene:  At the temple.  You get to choose what to say to Claret, the first 
    choice is good.
    Scene:  Destruction of the flying ship (is its name something like Stutego?), 
    but Eric thinks he knows who did it.
    (        Scenario 16        )
    Opponents:  Gladiator    2 Pikemen, 2 Elves
                Knight       5 Horsemen
                Knight       4 Horsemen
                Hawk Knight  4 Sky Archers
                Fighter      4 Soldiers
                Fighter      3 Soldiers, 2 Pikemen
                   Appearing on turn 13 at the bottom of the screen:
                Baron Craydo 4 Heavy Cavalry, 2 Centaurs
                Fighter      4 Pikemen
                Fighter      4 Soldiers
    When the fight starts, you get to send someone to the top right of the map to 
    attack from behind.  Selecting a female will make them like you more.  The 
    choices are:
    1 Lambda
    2 Alfred
    3 Brenda
    4 Claret
    It makes sense to choose someone who can fly or swim.
    When you reach the halfway point of the bridge, the enemies will all charge you.  
    Get to the top of the bridge because you don't want to fight the horsemen and 
    pikemen right next to each other on the bridge.  
    On turn 7, the character making the end run appears.  The enemies would rather 
    kill their prisoner than let her be rescued, so you must protect her.  Have the 
    character who just appeared block the ramp to her cell.  Craydo should fall 
    easily to your pikemen and the two fighters with him are worthless, so get the 
    secret tile.
    Secret Tile:  Round white rock on island in bottom left.  It gives you an item.
    Scene:  Ranford leaves the battlefield.
    Scene:  Claret's speech.
    Scene:  ??? throne-room.
    Scene:  Kharhaz's army.
    (        Scenario 17        )
    Opponents:  Baron Craydo    4 Heavy Cavalry, 1 Soldiers
                Dragon Knight   4 Griffons, 1 Sky Archer
                Shaman          3 Elves
                Shaman          3 Elves
                Priest          3 Monks
                Fighter         5 Pikemen
                Fighter         5 Soldiers
                Fighter         5 Soldiers
    This fight is straight-forward.  The only real threats are Craydo and the Dragon 
    Knight, but by now you should good enough revisions that you can take them 
    without trouble.  
    Secret Tile:  Go to each stick in the water in order of right to left.  Then go 
    to the bamboo shoot in the water.
    1 Nothing
    2 ---------->yes   skill
    3 Nothing    no
    4 Leave it.
    Scene:  Kharhaz's army.
    Scene:  Lacer (is that his name?) arrests Ranford.
    Scene:  Emily's army loses, a messenger reports to Alvince.
    Scene:  Brenda's spy causes some in-fighting behind the lines.
    (        Scenario 18        )
    Opponents:  Goulot (Mage)  2 Ballistae 2 Pikemen
                Shaman        3 Snipers
                Priest        4 Monks
                Knight        4 Horsemen
                Knight        4 Horsemen
                Knight        4 Horsemen
                Knight        4 Horsemen
                Fighter       3 Pikemen, 2 Soldiers
                Fighter       3 Pikemen, 2 Soldiers
    This battle should be easy enough.  You're almost to class 3 by now, and these 
    enemies are all class 1.  The snipers above you aren't have good attack and long 
    range, but hit them with a spell and you'll see their weakness.  Once you climb 
    the stairs to the sides of the starting points, the fighters and knights at the 
    bottom will charge you.  
    Goulot's Ballistae should be killed with magic from outside of the final room.  
    When you attack the knights in that room, Jessica and Makure will enter the 
    castle.  They try to dissuade Lacer from whatever he is doing, but to no avail.  
    They will rush to attack him, but you don't need any help, so just finish of the 
    remaining enemies.
    Scene:  Goulot's grunts overhear that he was defeated, and surrender to
    Scene:  Omega, under heavy attack, gives up the search for Langrisser.
    Scene:  Jessica restores Lambda's memory, but fails to help Sigma.  The
       game refers to Lambda as Mariandel from now on, but I'll keep using
    Scene:  Lambda talks to a potted plant in a nobleman's office.  It 
       tells her that the lord was killed by someone looking like Sigma and
       Grove had something to do with it.   
    (        Scenario 19        )
    Opponents:  Grove (Mage)  4 Cockatrice
                6x Phantom    2 Ghosts
                   When Grove reaches the graveyard in top left,
                Wraith        3 Ghosts
                Ghost Armor   3 Zombies
                Phantom       2 Ghosts
                   Every few turns, defeated Phantoms regenerate at the      
    Holy troops like exorcists and angels will be nearly invincible in this battle.  
    If you do not have them, use crusaders, rocs and sky archers.  Bring pikemen too 
    because the cockatrice count as cavalry.  Otherwise choose troops with high 
    defense because the ghosts attack very fast.  You must survive their hits in 
    order to hit them back.
    Your first objective is to save the town from the phantoms that appear at the 
    bottom of the map.  Place you flier and knight in the top starting positions, 
    then have them move directly to the right and intercept the phantoms.  Send a 
    healer or fairy after them because the phantoms have an ice spell that hits a 
    whole group.  Don't waste time killing troops.  Phantoms can move through walls, 
    so kill them before they reach the town, and shoot arrows through walls if you 
    have to.  Once they are destroyed, stake out the graveyard at the bottom.
    Grove will summon monsters from the other graveyard, so send your holy troops 
    that way.  The ghost armor will rush toward the town, so pin him with magic 
    until you can reach him.
    The Phantoms will only regenerate 3 times, and then only grove is left.  Let 
    Claret get a hit in; smacking around someone she hates will make her happy.
    Secret Tile:  Fly onto the statue in the church.  It opens up secret
       scenario 3.
    Scene:  Aizer and Omega converse near a flying ship.
    (        Scenario ?3        )
    Opponents:  Succubus          4 Gargoyles
                Serpent Knight    2 Merwarriors, 2 Nixies
                Shaman            2 High Elves, 2 pikemen
                Knight            2 Horsemen, 2 Pikemen
                Goldry(Assassin)  2 Dragoons, 2 Grenadiers
    There are good and expensive weapons in the shop here, I hope you saved your 
    money.  (The new orb is available next battle, too, so don't buy that if you are 
    short of cash)
    You meet Goldry in an arcade, and challenge each other to a game of Langrisser!  
    You send one general to fight until they lose, and then the next in line goes.  
    The five enemies appear one at a time in random order, but Goldry is always 
    last.  They will appear in the doorway on the top of the screen, except the 
    serpent will appear in the water.  You probably spent all your money on weapons, 
    so it is a good idea to beat all the enemies with one general.  A flier with 
    angels is a good idea because they aren't weak against anything.  The knight and 
    shaman are easy, the serpent is easy if you lure him onto land, the succubus is 
    weak although her gargoyles are really mean, and Goldry is strong, but nothing 
    you can't handle.  I'm not sure what class Goldry is, his attack is weird, and 
    the grenadiers are unusual.  The fact that he has dragoons is even more 
    I was able to beat the whole shebang with Claret as a Dragon Knight with 3 
    angels and 1 sky archer.  A helpful trick is to kill the enemy general with the 
    first unit on your turn.  That way, when the next enemy appears the rest of your 
    units can get the first attack.
    (        Scenario 20        )
    Opponents:  Tiger         4 Caterpillars
                Tiger         4 Caterpillars
                Phantom       5 Ghosts
                Golem         5 Skeletons
                Golem         5 Skeletons
                Minotaur      5 Wolfmen
                Dryad         3 Evil Elves
                Water Nymph   2 Lizardmen, 2 Kobolds
    Save the supply caravan.  They will all move across the bridges and then upward.  
    Block the monsters from crossing the bridges.  The most dangerous spot is the 
    top left bridge where the tiger and golem will reach the caravan.  Send your 
    fastest unit there.  At the other bridges, pin enemies with magic, block them 
    with your own units, equip boots to move farther, or heal and protect the cargo 
    with spells.  If a general ends a turn near a bridge-post, select yes to 
    collapse the bridge (do it only if the caravans have crossed).  The enemies are 
    pushovers for your fighters, except for the caterpillars.  They have a quick and 
    powerful attack.  Save ALL cargo units to make your lady friends happy.
    Secret Tile:  The Zweihander(7) is on lily pad in top left.
    Scene:  The Jessica and Makure discuss Bozel and Alhazard.
    Scene:  The combined Kharhaz, Jessica, and Makure army.
    Scene:  Aizer versus Grove.
    (        Scenario 21        )
    Opponents:  Omega (Ranger) 2 Assasins
                Brave Knight   3 Dragoons, 3 Centaurs
                Brave Knight   3 Dragoons, 3 Centaurs
                Knight         5 Heavy Cavalry
                Knight         5 Heavy Cavalry
                Shaman         2 Elves, 2 Soldiers
                Shaman         2 Elves, 2 Soldiers
                   Turn 5:
                Hawk Knight    4 Griffons  (bottom)
    This fight can be tricky because of all the knights, not to mention that Omega 
    is quite dangerous.  Those Dragoons are very strong, and the centaurs can pick 
    off your generals if they have low defense.  Send your best fighters to take 
    them on.  They Heavy Cavalry should be no problem for your Class 3 generals, and 
    they can be taken out easily with magic.  The Shamans' troops are worthless and 
    their spells aren't much better, and the Hawk Knight is entirely trivial.  Leave 
    these for last.  Omega is another story.  His assassins have good power and an 
    extremely quick attack, so it is best to attack them with archers.  Omega 
    himself is an archer so hit him with your best troops, probably Dragoons.  The 
    battle ends only when all enemies are destroyed, so hit Omega ASAP and clean up 
    the rest later.  
    Scene:  Aizer retreats from Grove.  
    Scene:  Sigma rejoins Jessica and Kharhaz
    (        Scenario 22        )
    Opponents:  Grove (Mage)    4 Ghost Armors, 2 Witches
                Succubus        4 Gargoyles
                Succubus        4 Gargoyles
                Hell Apparition 2 Blood Shades
                Wraith          2 Shades
                Wraith          2 Shades
                Golem           5 Skeletons
                Harpy           5 Imps
                Tiger           3 Caterpillars
                Tiger           3 Caterpillars
                Minotaur        3 Wolfmen
                Minotaur        3 Wolfmen
    You've got lots of monster type enemies here, but the only one that is dangerous 
    is that Hell Apparition.  It will hang back and cast Zone on you which isn't 
    bad, but its little Blood Shades are mean, with their 39 attack, bonus against 
    regular troops, and quick attack.  Weaken them with Decrease and fire spells 
    before you kill them and the apparition.  I love Grove's reaction when you kill 
    On turn 6, Grove resurrects the regular enemies you've killed.  Not a big 
    problem, those minotaurs would have been dangerous in scenario 5, but not 
    here!  The last thing to watch out for are Grove's witches.  They are very-long 
    range archers with good power so don't let them pick off anyone with low 
    defense.  Let Claret get in an attack on Grove; she enjoys smashing his face in.
    Scene:  Virash shows up.
    Scene:  Goulot fires the ancient cannon.
    Scene:  Eric sacrifices himself to prevent it from firing again.
    (        Scenario 23        )
    Opponents:  Goulot (mage)   4 Ballistae, 2 Warriors
    		Priest          4 High Elves, 2 Crusaders
                Priest          4 High Elves, 2 Crusaders
                Ancient Machine
                General         6 Phalanx
                Brave Knight    4 Dragoons, 2 Centaurs
                Brave Knight    4 Dragoons, 2 Centaurs
                   Turn 3:
                Dragon Knight   4 Griffons, 2 Sky Archers (center bottom)
    Goulot is holed up in a little fort, and he's actually in a pretty good position 
    to repel an attack.  Nothing you can't handle, though.  First, ignore everything 
    inside the fort, even the General won't take a step towards you.  Take out the 
    Brave Knights, and be prepared for the Dragon Knight (yes, THE Dragon Knight 
    you've fought several times before).  He's only packing griffons, so just don't 
    let him surprise a soldier-less mage.  The machine likes to blast the area right 
    in front of the fort even if none of your guys are there, and injure the General 
    in the process.  When you're ready, kill the General, and cast decrease and a 
    few spells to take care of the machine.  Send in Sigma to finish him off if you 
    need to.  Goulot only casts Attack2 on the General's group, and then casts Zone 
    when you get close, which isn't too bad.  The Priests' high elves don't have 
    good power, so the ballistae are the only threat left.  Weaken them with magic 
    as you send in your group with the highest defense.  Mages and maybe snipers can 
    stay outside the fort and hit enemies within.  Goulot's death returns the 
    kingdom to its rightful heir.
    Scene:  Erik dies.
    Scene:  Emily distracts the prison guard while Landius rescues Ranford.
    Scene:  Virash has an ancient weapon of his own, and puts it to good    
            use by shooting down Aizer's flying craft.
    Scene:  Lacer gets word that Ranford has escaped.
    Scene:  Clared addresses her new subjects.
    Scene:  Landius and Ranford complete their escape and plan their next 
    (        Scenario 24        )
    Opponents:  Omega (Ninja)   2 Assasins
                Dragon Knight   4 Angels, 2 Sky Archers
                Dragon Knight   4 Angels, 2 Sky Archers
                Brave Knight    3 Dragoons, 1 Soldiers
                Brave Knight    3 Dragoons, 1 Soldiers
                Battle Master   3 Warriors, 1 elves
                Battle Master   3 Warriors, 1 elves
                General         3 Phalanx, 1 Soldiers
                General         3 Phalanx, 1 Soldiers
                Mage            3 Snipers
                Priest          3 High Elves
    The mission is to race Omega to Langrisser.  The legendary sword is in the 
    second shed from the top on the left, but Omega's troops don't seem very 
    interested in opening the doors unless you give them plenty of time.  The area 
    between the storage rooms counts as "indoors" so cavalry and fliers move slow 
    there.  Have two fighting units advance upward, back them up with your magic 
    users, and have another fighting group bring up the rear to fight off the enemy 
    fliers that will flank you.  The contents of each room are revealed if any troop 
    steps inside, but only generals can open the chests.  Don't worry about them 
    until you've got the enemies under control.  Omega will charge you after you 
    kill an enemy general or two, take him out before he con do any damage.  The 
    battle doesn't end until all enemies are dead, but don't forget to grab all the 
    chests before you finish them off.  
    Scene:  Rainforce arrives with his crimson knights, but leaves when a 
            messenger arrives.  Brenda chases him, then Virash shows up and
            runs after her.
    Scene:  Brenda catches Rainforce, but he promptly knocks her out and
            hands her over to Virash.
    Scene:  Flashback to Brenda's past.
    Scene:  Virash's cabin.  Brenda recovers, and Virash explains some 
            things about Crimsonia.  It's pretty clear that you don't want
            Rainforce to get his hands on anything to do with Crimsonia.      
    (        Scenario 25        )
    Opponents:  Goldry (Ranger?)  4 Grenadiers, 2 Snipers
                Brave Knight      6 Dragoons
                Brave Knight      6 Dragoons
                General           6 Phalanx
                General           6 Phalanx
                Dragon Knight     4 Angels, 2 Sky Archers
                Battle Master     6 Warriors
                Mage              3 Snipers
                Mage              3 Snipers
    Here you have to help out Landius and Ranford.  They're both quite strong, so 
    they'll last pretty long.  None of the enemies here are difficult, and they're 
    spread out so it should be no problem.  Goldry is an unusual class and his 
    bandits are interesting, but they're basically regular soldiers who throw their 
    Scene:  Ranford joins, but Landius goes his own way.  You get choose two class 
            promotions for Ranford.  He makes a good foot-soldier, 
            knight, or flier, so make him into whatever you don't already 
    Scene:  Brenda reminisces about the past and Sigma talks with her.  You get a        
            choice of responses here:  
    1) The first seems to be the best, Brenda closes her eyes and smiles.
    2) Seems like the worst, Brenda just gives a short answer.
    3) The third seems good too.
            Goldry shows up with a last-ditch attempt to kill Sigma and Brenda, but 
            Sigma puts a stop to it.
    Scene:  Brenda brings news of Sigma's sacrifice, and everyone but Brenda wanders 
            off.  Then Sigma stumbles back, and you get a choice of what to say to 
    1) Definitely the worst.
    2) Has the same response as 3).
    3) Seems like the best, since Sigma sounds like he's not about to die.
    (        Scenario 26        )
    Opponents:  Alvince (Marshall)  3 Legions, 3 Phalanx
                Mage                3 Longbowmen
                Priest              3 High Elves
                Brave Knight        4 Dragoons, 2 Centaurs
                Brave Knight        4 Dragoons, 2 Centaurs
                General             6 Phalanx
                General             6 Phalanx
            When one of your generals moves to the north of the Mage and Priest:
                Golem               4 Mud Men, 2 Gargoyles
                Golem               4 Mud Men, 2 Gargoyles
                Metal Golem         2 Mud Men, 4 Gargoyles
                   (The statues come to life)
    This is a simple battle until one of your characters moves to the north of the 
    alcoves that contain the enemy Mage and Priest.  Then the three groups of 
    statues to the south come alive (gee, didn't see that coming), and Alvince sets 
    the whole castle on fire.  The fire moves inwards slowly from all four walls, 
    and you have to escape to the exit in the center.  Alvince runs there too, and 
    you must kill him before he gets away.  On his turn, Alvince opens a door on the 
    North side of the central room.  He will run southward towards the exit, so kill 
    him before he get there.  The battle is over once he is dead, but your generals 
    can escape by stopping near the exit.    
    Secret Tiles:  Two chests on two tables in the top left and right.  Two items.
    Scene:  Alvince is dead, but nobody's very sad about it.  
    (        Scenario 27        )
    Scene:  Rainforce and his underling talk.
    Opponents:  Mastaza (Knight Master)  4 Dragoons, 2 Legions
                Brave Knight             6 Dragoons
                Brave Knight             6 Dragoons
                Battle Master            6 Legions
                Battle Master            6 Legions
                General                  6 Phalanx
                General                  6 Phalanx
                General                  6 Phalanx
                Mage                     3 Longbowmen
    Here's a wide open, army versus army battle.  The enemy cavalry is way behind 
    the other soldiers, but they all charce straight at you, making a big pile of 
    troops where the two armies meet.  As usual, the trick is to take advantage of 
    troop affinites, but it's harder than usual in this battle.  Attack when you
    have a troop-type advantage, and then pull your general back when they're done.
    It's also a good chance to use some big area-effect spells.  
    Secret Tile:  Little blue doodad in the top right corner.  You get 3 choices:
    1) Skill or stat by 2?
    2) +4 MP
    3) Item?
    Scene:  Mastaza dies.
    Scene:  Virash's army gets some bad news about Rainforce's army.
    Scene:  Virash's forces face off against Rainforces.  The battle goes well as 
            Virash's giant robots attack.  But Rainforce's stronger bots arrive and 
            turn the tide. 
    Scene:  Two of Virash's soldiers investigate a structure.  Rainforce puts a stop 
            to it with the help of two Crimson Knights.
    (        Scenario 28        )
    Scene:  Your crew meets Lacer (the guy who tossed Ranford in jail), but it turns 
            out he was a fake.
    Opponents:  Shapeshifter (Dark Priest?) 4 Ghost Armors, 2 Imps
                Succubus          4 Gargoyles, 2 Ghosts
                Succubus          4 Gargoyles, 2 Harpies
                Succubus          4 Gargoyles, 2 Wraiths   
                Metal Golem       6 Mud Men
                Saber-Tooth       6 Lions
                Saber-Tooth       6 Lions
    When one of your Generals moves into the reflecting pool:
                Orochi            4 Serpents, 2 Frogs   (Appears behind the statues)
    The shapeshifter runs upward to the top of the pool, and then to the west.  It 
    seems like shes trying to escape somewhere, but there aren't any exits at that 
    part of the castle.  Maybe she can teleport from that crystal.  The enemies in
    the courtyard are a good source of experience.  They'r enot too dangerous, and 
    the lions and tigers count as cavalry, so the counter is obvious.  The Succubi 
    can cast some basic spells like freeze, just to annoy you.  The Shapeshifter's 
    imps and ghost armors are both evil, so watch out.  Even though the shapeshifter
    seems to be some sort of mage, her lightning attack is much quicker than the
    usual mage attack.  
    Secret Tile:  Chest in the small room.  It's a cheap robe.  Doesn't seem like 
                  the chest in the larger room can be opened. 
    Scene:  Rainforce and Ranbert.
    Scene:  Virash reports his failure, and then tells Brenda how far Rainforce has 
            gotten in harnessing the power of Crimsonia.
    (        Scenario 29        )
    Scene:  Ranbert sacrifices himself.  Whether this plays into Rainforce's plans, 
            or against them, I'm not sure.   
    Scene:  The shapeshifter runs back to Gaiel.  Interesting that she mentions 
    Opponents:  Omega (Ranger)          4 Assassins
                Crimson Knight          4 Dragoons
                Crimson Dragon Knight   4 Angels
                General                 6 Phalanx
                General                 4 Phalanx
                Battle Master           6 Legions
    Appearing on turn 3:
                General                 6 Phalanx  (Right near your lop-left 
                                                    starting position)
    On turn 4:
                Being near Langrisser allows Omega to become more powerful.  
    When you defeat Omega:
                Rainforce               4 Centurions, 2 Elite Cavalry
                Crimson Knight          6 Elite Cavalry  
                Both appear right in your starting position.
    Allies:     Makure                  4 Phalanx
                Villager                4 Civilians
                Villager                4 Civilians
                Villager                6 Civilians
    Before the battle:
    You get to choose something to say to Lambda:
    1)	Not good, Lambda gets quiet . . . 
    2)	This is definitely the best choice
    3)	About the same as 1)
    On Makure's first turn, you get to tell him where to go.  
    1)	North
    2)	East
    3)	South
    4)	Southeast
    On a villager's first turn, tell them where to go.  This order is for all the 
    1)	North
    2)	East
    3)    Southeast
    4)	Stay in place.  You can tell them to move on their next turn. 
    To win this battle, you need to defeat all the enemies except Rainforce and his 
    Crimson Knight.  Those two are supposed to be very hard, but they aren't too 
    difficult if you're expecting them.  Rainforce has 49 attack, and a whopping 50 
    defense, but he's far from unbeatable.  Decrease, and a barrage of spells is the 
    best way to kill off his troops, since he has a very strong defensive revision, 
    too.  If Sigma is well-armed, cast Attack 2 on him and he can finish off 
    Rainforce.  The Crimson Knight with him is very strong, as well.  Tell Makure to 
    go north, he can take care of the enemy General up there.  The civvies should 
    stay in place; there's no safe place to run.  You can tell them to move later, 
    when there is someplace safe.  Omega was dangerous about 10 battles ago, but he 
    isn't much stronger here, and when he powers up, he only gains one more attack
    If you don't want to fight Rainforce, then take out the others quickly.  Makure 
    can handle that General, but it will take him a while to finish it off, so send 
    one of your own to do it.  
    Scene:  Discussion with the villagers, Makure runs off.
    Scene:  Party splits up.  Choose one character to go with Sigma:
    1)	Lambda
    2)	Brenda
    3)	Claret
    4)	-->        1)  Alfred
                       2)  Ranford
                       3)  Back to first choice.
    Each of the women blush if you pick them, pick the one you want to score points 
    Scene:  At the Crimsonia entrance, Ranforce, his henchman, and some Crimson 
    Knights are frustrated by the barrier.  
    (        Scenario 30        )
    Opponents:  Gladiator              6 Soldiers
    When you kill the Gladiator:
                Omega (Ranger)         4 Assassins  (Middle of big church)
                Crimson Knight         4 Dragoons  (inside big church, on right)
                Crimson Dragon Knight  4 Angels  (inside big church, on left)
                General                6 Phalanx  (building to right of church)
                General                6 Phalanx  (east side of town, halfway up)
                Battle Master          6 Legions  (just northeast of town's entrace)
                Dragon Knight          4 Angels, 2 Sky Archers (far southwest)
                Wizard                 3 Longbowmen  (just west of statue)
    Sigma and the character you chose will do most of the work in this battle.  I
    guess the idea here is to be sneaky, but you don't even have to do that.  The
    Gladiator can see a short distance in all four directions from where he is
    standing, so you can get to the church without being seen if you skirt around
    the outside of town.  But if the Gladiator sees you, he'll just chase you and
    try to fight.  He doesn't raise the alarm until he dies.  Then the rest of the
    enemies will appear.  Your other generals won't appear for about 10 more turns.
    Omega and his Crimson Knights are pretty strong.  I like to bring a mage along
    with Sigma to hit the knights with some spells and shoot Omega's assassins with
    archers.  Some phalanx troops with Sigma will be good for fighting the
    Dragoons and Angels the Crimson Knights have.  Omega's stats aren't so
    impressive any more, but has a good bow and he'll kill your mage if you let
    him.  Sigma and his partner will have probably have to fight off another enemy
    before the rest of you army shows up to finish off the remains of Omega's
    If you don't think Sigma and his partner can take Omega and his Crimson
    Knights, you could kill the Gladiator and retreat to the bottom of the
    map.  Omega will advance on you, but it might buy enough time for your allies
    to join the fight.  
    Secret Tile:  Signpost in ground in top left.  Choose yes or no:
                  Yes:  Nothing?
    Scene:  Makure confronts Rainforce at the Crimsonia barrier.  Rainforce is 
            holding Makure and Lambda's mother hostage.  Lambda agrees to remove the 
            barrier in exchange for her mother.  
    Scene:  Back in town, Rainforce returns Lambda's mother, then Virash arrives.
    Scene:  At the entrance to Crimsonia, Rainforce's lackey (still can't figure out 
            his name) walks in, but locks Rainforce out.  
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|  Class Change Chart    |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    --- Sigma ---
    Class 1    Class 2       Class 3       Class 4        Secret Class
                                           Sword Master   Gold (Hero) 
                             Battle Master
               Gladiator                   Element 3      Iron
    Fighter                  Element 2
               Element 1                   Element 2      Bronze
                             Element 1
                                           Element 1      Silver
    Sigma's metal and element priority are chosen during character creation
    before scenario 1.  You choose 3 elements in order, and those determine
    which classes Sigma can become.  The elements are:
    Earth      Silver Knight Brave Knight  Knight Master  Royal Guard
    Water      Captain       Serp. Knight  Serpent Lord   Serpent Master
    Fire       Shaman        Mage          Arcmage        Hermit
    Wind       Hawk Knight   Dragon Knight Dragon Lord    Dragon Master
    Of course, Sigma always gets to choose the class appropriate to his class
    level.  What I mean is, after Sigma promotes from Battle Master, you get
    the choice between Sword Master and the third class of Sigma's third
    element, not the weakest class of the third element.  
    Sigma's metal determines which one secret class he can access.  Gold gives
    you Hero.  Silver gives you the secret class corresponding to Sigma's
    first element, Bronze:  Sigma's second element, and Iron: Sigma's third
    --- Lambda ---
               Shaman                      Arcmage        Hermit
    Warlock                  Mage
               Healer                      Saint          Avatar
                                           High Priest
    --- Alfred ---
                                           Ranger         High Master
               Gladiator                   Marshall
    Fighter*                 Serpent Knight
               Captain                     Serpent Lord   Serpent Master
                             Brave Knight
                                           Knight Master
    --- Brenda ---
                                           Arcmage        Hermit
               Sorceror*                   Wizard
    Knight                   Brave Knight
               Silver Knight               Knight Master  Royal Guard
                                           Marshall       Queen
    --- Claret ---
                                           High Priest    
               Healer                      Sage           Princess
    Pegasus Knight           Paladin
               Pegasus Lord                Dragon Lord    Dragon Master
                             Dragon Knight
                                           Ranger         High Master
    --- Ranford ---
                                           Sword Master
                             Battle Master
               Gladiator                   Marshall
    Knight                   General 
               Silver Knight               Knight Master  Royal Guard
                             Brave Knight
                                           Dragon Lord    Knight Master
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|       Classes          |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    (          Class 1          )
    --- Fighter ---
    Judgment:        50    Attack    +5   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        12    Defense   +4   55 for all elements
    Command Radius:   6    Att. Rev. +4   
    Max Troops:       4    Def. Rev. +4
    MP               +2    Mov. Rev.  2
    Troops:  Soldiers                     Abilities:  none
    Attack Style (ground):  Sword Blaze 
                            (One big burst of flame.  Medium speed) 
    Attack Style (air):     Fire Spray
                            (10 projectiles in succession.  Slow)     
    --- Warlock ---
    Judgment:        60    Attack    +4   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        10    Defense   +2   70 for all elements
    Command Radius:   5    Att. Rev. +5   
    Max Troops:       3    Def. Rev. +1
    MP               +6    Mov. Rev.  1
    Troops:  Soldiers                     Abilities:  Fireball
                                                      Wind Cutter
                                                      Attack 1
    Attack Style (all):  Mage's Wings
                         (Sprouts wings, then fires 10 projectiles.  Slow)
    --- Knight ---
    Judgment:        40    Attack    +5   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        19    Defense   +3   45 for all elements
    Command Radius:   7    Att. Rev. +5   
    Max Troops:       4    Def. Rev. +2
    MP               +2    Mov. Rev.  2
    Troops:  Horsemen                     Abilities:  none
    Attack Style (all):  Knight's Charge
                         (Jumps in the air, then flies across the
                          screen with a shockwave.  Fast, flying)
    --- Pegasus Knight ---
    Judgment:        40    Attack    +4   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        20    Defense   +2   40 for all elements, except Wind 30
    Command Radius:   8    Att. Rev. +4   
    Max Troops:       4    Def. Rev. +2
    MP               +2    Mov. Rev.  2
    Troops:  Griffins                     Abilities:  Flies
    Attack Style (all):  Sky Dive 
                         (Surrounds self in energy, then dives on
                          enemies.  Fast, flying)
    (          Class 2          )
    --- Gladiator ---
    Judgment:        50    Attack    +5   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        12    Defense   +4   65 for all elements
    Command Radius:   6    Att. Rev. +4   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +4
    MP               +2    Mov. Rev.  2
    Troops:  Soldiers                     Abilities:  Mix Troops
    Attack Style (ground):  Sword Blaze 
    Attack Style (air):     Fire Spray
    --- Silver Knight ---
    Judgment:        40    Attack    +6   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        19    Defense   +4   55 for all elements
    Command Radius:   7    Att. Rev. +6   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +2
    MP               +2    Mov. Rev.  2
    Troops:  Horsemen                     Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Heavy Cavalry
    Attack Style (all):  Knight's Charge 
    --- Shaman ---
    --- Healer ---
    --- Pegasus Lord ---
    --- Captain ---
    (          Class 3          )
    --- Battle Master ---
    --- General ---
    Judgment:        52    Attack    +5   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        11    Defense   +6   75 for all elements
    Command Radius:   7    Att. Rev. +2   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +3
    MP               +6    Mov. Rev.  4
    Troops:  Phalanx                     Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Pikemen                                 Heal 1
             Elves                                   1 more spell
    Attack Style (ground):  Sword Blaze 
    Attack Style (air):     Fire Spray
    --- Brave Knight ---
    --- Dragon Knight ---
    --- Serpent Knight ---
    --- Summoner ---
    --- Mage ---
    --- Priest ---
    --- Paladin ---
    (          Class 4          )
    --- Sword Master ---
    Judgment:        51    Attack    +9   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        12    Defense   +6   87 for all elements
    Command Radius:   8    Att. Rev. +5   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +4
    MP               +4    Mov. Rev.  4
    Troops:  Legions                      Abilities:  Mix Troops
             High Elf
    Attack Style (ground):  Sword Blaze 
    Attack Style (air):     Fire Spray
    --- Marshall ---
    Judgment:        52    Attack    +6   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        11    Defense   +9   87 for all elements
    Command Radius:   8    Att. Rev. +3   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +6
    MP               +5    Mov. Rev.  4
    Troops:  Phalanx                      Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Legions                                  Heal 1
             High Elf                                 1 more
    Attack Style (ground):  Sword Blaze 
    Attack Style (air):     Fire Spray
    --- Knight Master ---
    Judgment:        41    Attack    +10  Magic Defense:
    Movement:        20    Defense   +6   82 for all elements
    Command Radius:   9    Att. Rev. +6   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +4
    MP               +3    Mov. Rev.  4
    Troops:  Dragoons                     Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Longbowmen                               Attack 1
    Attack Style (all):  Knight's Charge
    --- Dragon Lord ---
    Judgment:        31    Attack    +8   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        22    Defense   +6   Fire 90  Earth --  Thund 87  Dark 87  
    Command Radius:  10    Att. Rev. +5   Ice  90  Wind  60  Light 87  Phys 87
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +3
    MP               +6    Mov. Rev.  6
    Troops:  Angels                       Abilities:  Mix Troops
    Attack Style (all):  Sky Dive 
    --- Serpent Lord ---
    Judgment:        46    Attack    +8   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        17    Defense   +7   82 for all elements
    Command Radius:  10    Att. Rev. +6   
    Max Troops:      +1    Def. Rev. +3
    MP               +3    Mov. Rev.  4
    Troops:  Lizard Warriors              Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Mer Warriors                             Heal 1
    Attack Style (ground):  Water Column
    Attack Style (air):     Focused Jet
    --- Wizard ---
    Judgment:        60    Attack    +7   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        10    Defense   +5   90 for all elements, except Dark 94
    Command Radius:   6    Att. Rev. +4   
    Max Troops:      -1    Def. Rev. +3
    MP              +15    Mov. Rev.  5
    Troops:  Soldiers                     Abilities:  Mix Troops
             Pikemen                                  Attack2
    Attack Style (all):  Lightning Strike             3 more spells
    --- Arcmage ---
    Judgment:       61    Attack    +8   Magic Defense:
    Movement:        10    Defense   +5   Fire 94  Earth 94  Thund 94  Dark 98
    Command Radius:   7    Att. Rev. +5   Ice  94  Wind  94  Light 94  Phys 94
    Max Troops:      +0    Def. Rev. +3
    Troops:  High Elf                     Abilities:  Mix Toops
             Ballista                                 5 spells
    Attack Style (all):  Lightning Strike
    (       Secret Class        )
    --- Hero ---
    --- Royal Guard ---
    --- High Master ---
    --- Queen ---
    --- Princess ---
    --- Dragon Master ---
    --- Serpent Master ---
    --- Hermit ---
    --- Avatar ---
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|    Item Reference      |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    ( I made up the names, it's either this or Sword1, Sword2, etc. )
    Items sell for 75% of the listed cost.  You can figure out what you have by 
    seeing how much it sells for.  
    (          Weapons          )
    Knives Equipped by all classes
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Dagger         |   1    |                               |  30       |
    | Dirk           |   2    |                               |  200      |
    | Main Gauche    |   1    |   Defense +1                  |  350      |
    | Machete        |   3    |                               |  620      |
    Swords  Equipped by all classes except Priests and Mages
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Foil           |   3    |                               |   750     |
    | Cutlass        |   4    |                               |  1000     |
    | Broad Sword    |   5    |                               |  2300     |
    | Cold Blade     |   5    | Allows Freeze and Frozen      |  4000     |
    |                |        | Maiden spells, Ice Mdef +10   |           |
    | Thunder Striker|   5    | Bolt and Thunderstorm spells  |  4000     |
    |                |        | Spark Mdef +10                |           |
    | Zweihander     |   7    | Defense +1                    | 11000     |
    | Scimitar       |   6    |                               |  5000     |
    | Alhazard       |   3    | Sometimes allows ranged attack|     0     |  
    | Langrisser     |   8    | Def +1  AttRev +1 DefRev +1   |     0     |
    |                |        | All Mdef +10  Light Mdef +20  |           |
    Lances  Equipped by Knights and Flying Knights
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Long Spear     |   4    |                               |  1100     |
    | Steel Lance    |   5    |                               |  2250     |
    | Glaive         |   6    |                               |  5000     |
    Hammers  Equipped by all classes except Mages
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Flail          |   3    |                               |   150     |
    | Mace           |   4    |                               |   750     |
    | War Hammer     |   5    |                               |  1100     |
    | Giant Hammer   |   7    | Move -2                       |  6500     |
    | Mjollnir       |   7    |                               |  8000     |
    Axes  Equipped by fighting classes on foot
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Hatchet        |   2    |                               |   160     |
    | Battle Axe     |   5    | Move -1                       |  1600     |
    | Double Axe     |   5    |                               |  2100     |
    | Evil Axe       |   8    | Def -4 Move -2 Light Mdef -15 |  2350     |
    Staffs  Equipped by mages and Priests
    ( usually affect the range, size of effected area, and charge time of 
    spells ) 
    | Name           |                Effects                 |   Price   |
    |                |                                        |           |
    | Staff          |  Attack +1                             |   150     |
    | Focus Rod      |  Range +4                              |   800     |
    | Divining Cane  |  Range +5                              |  1200     |
    | Resist Staff   |  Range +9, Area +1,   All Mdef +5      |  2000     |
    | Unknown Staff  |  Nothing?                              | 10000     |
    Bows  Equipped by Ranger classes
    | Name           | Attack |        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Short Bow      |   0    | Def -1  Move -2  Short Range  |  3000     |
    | Long  Bow      |   0    | Def -3  Move -3  Med   Range  |  4500     |
    | Short Bow      |   0    | Def -7  Long  Range           |  8500     |
    (          Armors           )
    Robes  Equipped by everyone
    | Name           | Defense|        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Cotton Robe    |   1    | All Mdef +2                   |    50     |
    | Priest's Robe  |   2    | All Mdef but light & dark +5  |   560     |
    | Mage's Robe    |   2    | All Mdef +8                   |   600     |
    | Aura Robe      |   2    | All Mdef +8, all troop Mdef +8|  7500     |
    | Old Coat       |   1    | All Mdef +10                  |   290     |
    Armor  Equipped by everyone but Priests and Mages
    | Name           | Defense|        Other Effects          |   Price   |
    |                | Power  |                               |           |
    | Chain Mail     |   2    |                               |   440     |
    | Plate Mail     |   3    | Move -1                       |  1000     |
    | Blessed Armor  |   2    | Move -1  may cast forceheal1  |  4000     |
    |                |        | Earth Mdef +12 Ice Mdef +8    |           |
    | Heat Armor     |   3    | Fire Mdef +12 Ice Mdef +5     |  2700     |
    | Great Helm     |   5    | Move -3                       |  3800     |
    | Dragon Armor   |   4    | Move -1                       |  4000     |
    | Borin's Mail   |   4    |                               |  4800     |
    | Gold Armor     |   5    | Move -2, all Mdef +5          |  4200     |
    | Winged Helmet  |   5    |                               |  6000     |
    (        Accessories        )
    Chains   Equipped by anyone
    | Name           |               Effect                     |  Price  |
    | Magic Chain    | MP +6 All Mdef but light and physical +10|   800   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Resist Chain   | Defense Revision +1                      |   200   |
    |                | All Mdef and troops' Mdef +2             |         |
    |                | and light and dark Mdef +5               |         |
    |                |                                          |         |
    |Chain of Command| Defense revision +1                      |   620   |
    |                | Command radius +2                        |         |
    |                | max hired troops +1                      |         |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Defense Chain  | Def +1  Def Revision +1                  |   850   |
    |                | all Mdef +5  troops' Mdef +5             |         |
    |                | and light, dark Mdef +8                  |         |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Magic Void     | Mdef +20  troops' Mdef +20               |   700   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Strength Aura  | Att revision +2, Def revision +2         |  3750   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Adept Chain    | MP cost reduced by ~20% (rounds down)    |  4000   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Magic Barrier  | All Mdef +20                             |   920   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Art of War     | Attack revision +3, Def revision +2      |  4600   |
    |                | Command radius +3                        |         |
    |                |                                          |         |
    |Unstoppable Force Attack +4, Attack revision +2            |  5000   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Immovable Wall | Defense +4, defanse  revision +2         |  5000   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Rune Armlet    | When class changes, you return to class 2| 15000   |
    |                |                                          |         |
    | Psychic Charm  | MP +12, Women only                       |  3000   |
    Orbs  Equipped by Priests and Mages
    | Name           |               Effect                     |  Price  |
    | Ether Orb      | Max MP +50%                              |  1350   |
    | Aggressive Orb | Att revision +3  Def revision +1         |  1600   |
    |                | light and dark Mdef +5                   |         |
    | Defensive Orb  | Def revision +3                          |  2300   |
    |                | light and dark Mdef and troops' Mdef +10 |         |
    | Burning Orb    | max MP +50%  fire Mdef +20               |   620   |
    |                | max hired troops +1                      |         | 
    Boots  Equipped by anyone not riding an animal
    | Name           |               Effect                     |  Price  |
    | Sturdy Boots   | def +1                                   |    40   |
    | Armored Boots  | def +2                                   |   400   |
    | Swift Boots    | Move +4                                  |  2700   | 
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|     Spell List         |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    (       Damage Spells       )
    | Name           | MP Cost |Charge Time| Range  |     Learned By      |
    | Fire           |    1    |     13    | Medium | Warlock, Dragon Knt |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+ 
    |                |  Medium fire damage to one enemy                   |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Wind Cutter    |    2    |     13    | Long   |     Warlock         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Medium wind damage to one enemy                   |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Lightning      |    5    |     14    | Long   |      Shaman         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Small lightning damage to one group of enemies    |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Fireball       |    3    |     18    | Medium | Shaman, Dragon Knt  |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Small fire damage to a small area of enemies      |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Thunderstorm   |    7    |     27    | Medium |       Mage          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Medium lightning damage to a medium area of       |
    |                |  enemies                                           |
    | Tornado        |    9    |     29    | Long   |       Mage          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Medium wind damage to a large area of             |
    |                |  enemies                                           |
    | Thorned Halo   |    6    |     23    | Medium |       Saint         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Medium holy damage to a medium area of            |
    |                |  enemies                                           |
    | Frozen Maidens |    7    |     24    | Medium |     Cold Blade      |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Medium ice damage to a medium-large area of       |
    |                |  enemies                                           |
    (        Heal Spells        )
    | Name           | MP Cost |Charge Time| Range  |     Learned By      |
    | Heal 1         |    2    |     1     | Medium |  Healer, General    |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Restores 3 HP to a medium area of allies           |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Cure           |    3    |     5     | Medium |      Healer         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Removes detrimental status from a medium area of   |
    |                | allies                                             |
    | Force Heal 1   |    3    |     1     | Medium |      Priest         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Restores 3 HP to one group of allies               |
    |                |                                                    |
    (       Support Spells      )
    | Name           | MP Cost |Charge Time| Range  |     Learned By      |
    | Attack 1       |    2    |     1     | Medium | Warlock, Shaman     |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Raises the attack power of one ally group by 3     |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Protect 1      |    2    |     1     | Medium |     Healer          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Raises the defense power of one ally group by 3    |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Shield         |    3    |    14     | Medium |     Healer          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Raises the magic defense of one ally group by 20   |
    |                |                                                    |
    | Haste          |    1    |     4     |  Short |     Priest          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | The target ally group gets their turn immediately  |
    |                | after the spell is cast                            |
    | Attack 2       |    4    |    14     | Medium |      Mage           |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Raises the attack power of one ally group by 5     |
    |                |                                                    |
    (       Status Spells       )
    | Name           | MP Cost |Charge Time| Range  |     Learned By      |
    | Silence        |    3    |     20    | Medium |      Shaman         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                |  Prevents spells from being cast by 1 enemy group  |
    |                |  Good chance of success                            |
    | Sleep          |    6    |     60    |  Short |      Fairy          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Each enemy in a small area has a chance of falling |
    |                | asleep                                             |
    | Decrease       |    4    |     25    |  Long  |  Cleric, Shaman     |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Reduces the magic defense of one enemy group by 30 |
    |                |                                                    |
    | MP Drain       |    1    |     2     | Medium |      Shaman         |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Steals ~25% of enemy general's MP, and adds        |
    |                | it to the caster                                   |
    | Zone           |    6    |    23     |  Long  |       Mage          |
    |                +---------+-----------+--------+---------------------+
    |                | Cuts the attack and defense revisions of one       |
    |                | enemy group in half                                |
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|     More to Come!      |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    Complete walkthrough
    Complete Spell list
    Complete Item list
    Complete Class change charts
    Troop list
    Relationship info
    ______|========================|___) \______
    \_____|     Contact Info       |__{ O }/////
          |========================|   ) /
    Any comments or corrections can be sent to dadler18@netscape.net 
    I'd really appreciate help completing certain aspects of this guide, help with 
    translation is very much needed.  Suggestions and questions are good, too.  
    Thanks for reading!

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